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High School Team Twice De
feats Rayne.--Other
School News.
On last Saturday the Rayne.
High School's basket ball team,
came over on the morning "0
Gee" to meet the team of the1
Opelousas High School. They
met it, also a young lady called
Miss D. Feat. The local team
of which Miss Etta Obier is Cap
tain and Miss Pearl Lewis is
Manager, has been faithfully
coached by Miss Josephine Ward,
the most active and light-footed
member of the faculty, and the
Rayne team now knows that it is
a hard one to beat. The visiting
players, of whom Miss Beulah Mo
rales is Captain, made a brave
fight, and for a while were filled
with confidence by their success
in winning the first three goals
in the first half. But before this
half was over, the Opelousas
team had the lead, the score then
being 49 to 37 in favor of Ope
,lousas. During the second half,
the Opelousas team work was
too much for the Rayne girls,
and these could secure but one
goal in every four. The final
score at the close of the game
was: Opelousas 82, Rayne 52.
It is conceded by all that Miss
Uetta Mornhinveg, one of the
smallest players on the Opelou
sas team, was the star of the 1
game. She played as left for-b
ward guard and made most of
the goals.
On Thanksgiving day, last
Thursday, the Opelousas team
went to Rayne in charge of its
popular coach, Miss Ward, to
n play the return game, and if
need be to take medicine. As I
we go to press we hear that the
final score at Rayne was: Ope
l ousas 48. Rayne 40. It is now
too late to get the particulars of I
the game, but we are told that
our girls were hospitably re
ceived and came back well
pleased with their trip.
Last Saturday two picked 1
players from the Washington E
High School came over and met a
Messrs. Howard Voorhies and a
Edward Estorge in a match t
game. The Opelousas players c
won both sets, the score being a
S6-1 and 6-0. A student charges t
that this result was due to How- a
4"'ard's good luck, combined with t
Ithe excellent, though sleepy, t
i playing of Estorge. ac
Work on the new High School
building is progressing rapidly,
and it does one good to see the
, laborers hustling about like bees
and the elevators and conveyors
rapidly carrying up and deliver
Sing the final layer of concrete
upon which the roof will be con- c
structed. The basement and
two main floors are now prac- c
tically complete as to outside
*ork, and the roof will soon be 1h
on and the finishing ofi the in- f
terior started. The Foreman of
" Construction, Mr. Henry Ewing, a
i f Abbeville, appears to be a C
c apable and conscientious work- d
Ser, and Mr. Mason, representing
the Architects, Messrs. Stevens
& Nelson, is giving his constant
supervision to the work.
It is hard to say just when we
will be in the new building, but
certainly this session's com-d
L mencementwill be held in the
Snew auditorium, and next ses- a
oian will find us in ournew and 1
palatial quarters, with every n
comfort we could expect except
that little diversion from the
Spassing trains which we have
Sgotten accustomed to.
Mr. C. A. Ives, the State In- d
stitute Conductor, was here last c
week on a tour of inspection of :
the State's High Schools under;ir
orders of Hon. T. H. Harris, b
State Superintendent. S i n c e ti
the return of Mr. Ives to Baton d
Rouge a communication has a
come from Mr. Harris in which ci
the latter states that Mr. Ives
reports our school in very fine tl
shape and quite up to the il
standard, li
Annual Financial Report of Clerk of City of Opelousas
Continued from page two
From Octhber 1, 1912, to October 1, 1918.
Earnings Collections
; 1912 Water. Light. Labor and Material. Per Mo. For Same Period.
O$ober......-.-..----...--$ 527.55 $ 1003.80 $110.20 $ 1641.55 $ 1312.09
November-.-- -......... 511.16 1182.95 40.80 1734.91 1215.11
ecember----......... 447.58 1357.95 13.70 1819.23 1297.12
January.....- ..... -.......... 428.14 1241.65 .50 1670.29 4217.63
February--.-.-- ---....-...... 445.46 1151.05 38.75 1634.76 1373.30
March.--....- --............-... 533.28 1064.50 86.45 168L23 1314.96
April ..--- --.........------ 478.54 929.30 3.25 1411.09 1734.87
ay .......................... ......... 566.19 869.20 10.98 1446.37 1176.01
June .-.. .... . ... .................... 566.60 890.15 15.00 1471.75 1153.55
July ......... .........- ...................- 588.40 978.80 52.00 1619.20 1058.20
August-....... ............................. 592.64 1079.86 9.00 1681.50 1291.46
September....................... 6:47.56 1015.40 1652.96 1246.75
$6323.10 $12764.61 $380.13 $19467.84 $18391.08
Note-Public Service for May, June, July and August, 1912, aggregating $1379.30, was paid by
the Cityti.A; uaryl-A9183. The amount due the Power Plant for Public sry~q; fir the mont;hs of
Februit., March, April, May,;'J.aa Jily, August andSeptember, 491s, aggregating $27Fi-b eing.
unpaid is not included in the collections of the above statement.
Grand Coteau.
Grand Coteau, La., Nov. 26.-- E
The marriage of Miss Florence a
Barry, the sweet and charming a
daughter of Mrs. F. A. Barry, s
to Mr. Albert Levet, of Garden '
City, La., formerly of this place, i
'was celebrated at the Sacred
Heart Catholic Church this
" (Wednesday) morning at 10
n o'clock at a nuptial mass in the I
) presence of a large number of
e relatives and friends. Very
Y Rev. M. A. Grace, S. J., Presi
d dent of St. Charles College, offi- 1
f ciated. The bride was robed in
an imported satin charmeuse,
s with veil artistically draped with 1
' orange ulossoms. Leaning on
K. the arm of her brother, Dr. W.
B. Barry of Alexandria, she !
e marched up to the beautifully I
5decorated altar to the melodi- t
g ous strains of a beautiful wed- E
- ding march played by Mrs. S. 1
e Feucht, sister of the groom, on E
d the organ, and Mr. Chaussier, I
s musical professor of St. Charles t
s College, on the violin. The t
s bride's cousin, Miss Lucille Cas
s tille of Opelousas, acted as c
n bridesmaid, while her brother, c
Mr. F. L. Barry, was best man. t
, After the ceremony refresh- t
s ments were served at the resi
, dence of the bride's mother to
e the immediate family and Rev.
l1 Father Grace, S. J., and Rev.
e Fathers Fontan, S. J., and c
Moore, S. S., the two pastors of c
's the Church. The wedding cake
e was cut and the ring went toic
- Mr. Roy Edwards of Opelousas, I
e the dime to Mrs. Des Mizzi of r
Op ,lcu ;as and the thimble to Mrs. y
f Angele Durio. The couple then
motored to Lafayette, accompa- c
t nied by the bride's brother and
a sister, Mr. Frank Barry and Miss t
s Edith Barry, where they boarded r
Q a train for New Orleans on a c
f bridal tour. A long life of hap- t
s piness and prosperity is the wish f
z of their many relatives and (
friends. c
S'Ihe jubilee exercises in com- 'I
memoration of the sixteenth c
t hundredth anniversary of the r
proclamation of the edict of Con-1r
stantine will be held at the a
Sacred Heart Church on Dec. 1
5th, 6th and 7th. There will be a
I beads, sermon and benediction
each night at 7:30 o'clock. The
t sermons will be preached by P
I some of the Jesuit Fathers from g
the college. On Dec. 8th, feast 1
of the Immaculate Conception t
and the day the jubilee closes j
there will be a solemn high mass v
and a sermon by one of the Jes- t
uit Fathers. On last Saturday, t
the feast of St. Cecilia, the choir
of the Sacred Heart Church were
royally entertained at the col- I
lege parlor by Rev. A. Fontan, r
S. J., pastor, and Rev. J. P. I
Moore, S. J., assistant pastor.I
They reported having had a
grand time.
Mr. Lawrence Elmer of La- c
fayette was here a few days re
cently. a
Mrs. J. M. Barry of Beaumont I
come in Monday.
Miss Lucille Castille of Ope
lousas visited relatives here a c
few days this past week.
gMr. Lloyd Franques and Mr.
and Mrs. L. B. Arceneau of r
Church Point were in town Sun- I
day. t
Dr. W. B. Barry and family of
Alexandria visited here this
Mr. W. A. Barry of Lydia
visited relatives here a couple of
days this week.
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Castille a
and Mrs. Dan Edwards and son, v
Mr. Roy Edwards, of Opelousas,
were here during the week.
The Rosary. s
Whatever else may be said of
I Rowland and Clifford's new pro
duction "The Rosary," which =
comes to the Sandoz Opera House I
Monday Dec. 15th the charge of
imitation of otlher plays cannot
be made. "The Rosary" vir
tually breaks new gronnd in the
dramatic field and should prove
a veritable surprise when the i
curtain rises upon it. t
The play is built upon a
thoroughly modern theme, viz:1
the influence of thought upon the
lives and well being of the men LI
an d women of our present day.
That thought, intangible and
evanescent as it is, is still a force,
a power; a theory that has for
5 some time past engaged the
serious actention of our foremost
1 psychologists, but its portrayal
Supon the stage has been neglect
i ed heretofore.
"The Rosary" attacks the
P theme boldly, it deals with the
lives and fortunes of a little
f group of people living in the
West Chester country near New
- York City. The husband is a dis
- believer in all religion, his wife a
Swoman of serious conviction re
garding faith in the things of
1 life unseen.
1 Strong in his belief and thor
. oughly human, a priest moves
e through the subtle story of the
V play, and when doubts come and
- the lives of the man and woman
are shattered,,seemingly-.beyornd
human poweroi repair, t priest
2 analyzes the situation and by the
power of his faith brings both
3 the people whom he loves back
e to happiness.
I Mingled with the darker col
s ors of human tragedy is a vein
of natural comedy evolved from
the events which occur during
the action.
Dorothy Alice McClelland
Just after midnight of Thurs
I day, and in the first hour of Fri
f day morning, Dorothy Alice Mc
Cleland, the beloved daughter
> of Odebert H. McClelland and
his wife, born Miss Minnie Du
F rio, died at the tender age of 4
months and 17 days.
The Clarion and the whole
community in which we live has
I a most heartfelt sympathy for
3 the stricken parents. There is
I no more popular young married
a couple in Opelousas, and a blow
to them is reflected in us all. The
1 father is a son of Mr. J. B. Mc
i Clelland, and the active manager
of the Opelousas Motor Car Co.
-The mother is. the attractive
daughter of our veteran citizen,
Mr. Eraste Durio. Few bereaved
- parents could have the sympathy
and receive the kind words of a
greater number of close relatives
and sincere friends.
On the evening of Friday,
r Nov. 21, a number of young men
1 gathered at the home of Dr.
t Theo. Chachere to celebrate the
twenty-first birthday of his son,
Josie. Delicious refreshments
were served, and the mirth of
the young people continued un
til far into the evening. Those
present were: Eugene Chachere,
Harold Lastrapes, John Brown,
Irl White, Willie Major, Law
rence Andrepont. Ix Fruge,
Robert Brower, O'Connor and
Sidney Roos.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Trewhitt,
of Chattanooga, Tenn., arrived
- in Opelousas a few days since
and will reside here in the future.
t Mrs. Trewhitt will be remember
ed by her friends as Miss Eleanor
Smith. We welcome them in
our midst.
We call the attention of our
F readers to the card in the City
Directory of Mr. J. M. Sanders,
the Satsuma orange tree agent.
Mr. C. W. Reed, of Whiteville,
was a visitor at the parish seat
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Berhard
and little son, of Rayne, were
visitors in Opelousas Thursday.
Hon. H. G. Dupre, of New Or
leans, spent the week in Opelou
Q By the undersigned
Tat Eunice, La., ired
Scow; has been in
The owner is hereby notifed to come
forward, prove property pay costs and
take same away.
REED, Eunice, La. nov 29 5t
Do away with constipation by using
LI-VEUI-AI at Shute's Drug Store.
Pleasure and Protection
"One of the best reasons why I would not be
without telephone service," writes a Georgia far
mer, 'is the pleasure it gives my wife and the
knowledge that while I am away, she has the pro
ý tctiornthat1 A e(phone gims"
On the farii the telephdne~dispedI16d iiiss
and is the means of bringing help in any emer
gency that may arise.
If you haven't a telephone on your farm see
the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or write for
our free booklet and learn how little this service
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Company
Ville Platte
Stop at the new
Hotel Kingsburry
Special Attention paid to Auto
mobile Parties and Com
mercial Travelers.
Call Phone 29 Before Leaving.
No. 6647, Probate Docket, 16th Judicial Dis
trict Court, Parish of St. Landry, La.
By virtue of an order of the Ho1. the
16th Judicial DistrictCourt of Louisiana; In
and for the Parish ot .t. !.andrv, Ia.,'
signed by B. H. Pavy, Judge of said Court.
there will be sold at publte autioi,. to the
last an' hi¢hest bidder by the undersigned
auctioneer, on the premises at I eshotels.
La., in the Parish of St. Landry La., on
Saturday, Dec. 13, 1913.
at 11 o'clock a. m., the following described
property, to-wit:
All the contents of the store lately oc
cupied i)y Lou's A. Deshoteis. deceased,
with fixtures therein, consisting of dry
goods, groceries, ihardtarye, glassware,
notions, hats, one iron safe, etc., also a
lot of notes and open accounts.
Terms and conditions: On a credit for
what it will bring; said purchase price to
be represented by a 12 months' bond with
good security, to be executed by the pur
chaser and to be approved by the admlinis
nov 29 at Auctioneer.
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Premium Lists
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Cash Checks
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Mail Order House
Opelousas, La.
Notice is hereby given that 1 have
applied to the Mayor and Board of Al
dermen of the City of Opelousas, La.,
for a license to operate a saloon for
negroes for 1914, in the building now
occupied by me as a saloon, 220 West
Landry Street.
nov 29 4t BENJ. DONATO.
Store Building for Rent
on Landry St., adjoining Dietlein's
Jewelry Store. Possession given Jan.
1st, 1914. J. J. HEALEY. 11-29-13
Notice is hereby given that I will ap
ply to the Board of Aldermen of the
City of Opelousas, La., for a license to
operate a saloon for white people at
Opelousas, La., Cor. Cherry and Union
Streets, during the year 1914.
nov 294t JNO. NICKO.
Notice is hereby given that I will ap
ply to the Mayor and Board of Alder
men of the town of Melville, La., for a
license to operate a saloon for negroes,
for the year 1914, in the building on
Front Street near Church Street, at'
present occupied by me as a saloon.
nov 29 4t PAUL ARTALL.
Notice is hereby given that we will
apply to the Police Jury of the Parish
of SLLandry for a license to operate a
saloon for whites, for the year 1914, in
the same building now occupied by
Simon Higginbotham as a saloon in the
town of Lewisburg, La.
No. -. Probate Docket. lth Judicial Dis
trct Court, Parlsn of St. Landry., La.
Whereas, Theophile Sam
of St. LandryParlsh, La., has applied by
his petition to be appointed administrator.
of the above numbered and entitled estate.
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given to
all parties interested to show cause, If asy
they can or have, within ten days from the
first publication hereof, why the prayer of
the said petitiorer should not be granted.
By order of said Court.
nov 29 St Clerk of Court..
I, 1 I
Always in Front-
Forced to Enlarge-
Must Be a Reason-
When You
Think of
of Me
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Magazine and
Mail Order House
Opelousas, La.
Wht Are "Just Ready to Drop."
When you are "Just ready to drop,"
when you feel so weak that you can
hardly drag yourself about-end be.
cause you have not slept well, you
get up as tired-out next morning as
when you went to bed, you need help.
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lone, N. Y., saying: "I was in a bad.
ly run-down condition for several
weeks but two bottles of Vinol put
me on my feet again and made me
strong and well Vinol has done me
more good than all the other medi
cines I ever tooL"
If the careworn, run-down women,
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Mies Dumas' exam ie, they, too, would
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P. S. For any trouble try o.m
Saxo alve. We ntee it.
SIUTE'S Dl OpluNsas, la.
a y the undersined,
n e a r Lawtell, La.
one unbranded two
year old bull calf. Color, dark dun;
has been in my neighborhood over a
The owner or owners are hereby
notified to come forward, prove prop
erty, pay csts or same will be disposed
of according to an ordinance of the
Police Jury relative to estray animals.
nov 22 2t Opelousas, R. F. D. 2.
a."jne I want to get a home m
Louisiana and have
some valuable property
on Park Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana,
which I want to exchange for same.
There is a beautiful 17-Room Home and
a 5-Room House situated on said prop
erty. W.G. ZERFACE, Elwood, Ind.
nov 29 2t
For Constipation, Biliousness iaead.t
ache, R#lRUiEli st $qgeblaOer is it
ads cheapest. 15 cents. Money back
Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.
It looks right
Parish Surveyor. it ts right
P. 0. BOX 152. 131 W Landry St ~DelBUONO "None Better Bread"
Telephone 5s, or Flag the Wagon
Waldorf Restaurant A. L. LaCOMBE
Ade:in Durlo, Prop.
REGULAR DINNER Everything in
Lanary Street. iLandry Street - Phone 14
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Licensed Architect Staple and Fancy
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Opelousas, La Opelousas, - - Louisiana
Real Estate and Abstracts W. H. I BURGESS
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stract business and guarantee prompt
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OR WEEK Prompt Attention to All Orders
Short Orders A Specialty JAME. . Box DERS
Sandoz Opera House Monday,
Ed. W. Rowland and Edwin Clifford (Inc.)
A New Production of Human Interest `
TEThe Great New York Chi
cago and Boston Success [
Founded Upon an Emblem of Purity
Written and Staged by the Authur of more Successes 1
Than Any Other Playwright in the World
Prices: $1,. 75e and 50c.
'- -. -I
For Service I
Your Patronage Is Solicited and Appreciated
Go Fishing at Second Lake and Half-Moon
Local Agent Gen'l Freight and Pass. Agent
Phone 145 ' Opelousas, La
D. D.D. 0pre lNew Era
In Cure of Skin Disease
refessor wBdlouo case of eceuma
bas ktown to almost overy hospitia
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StaHou specific se D. D. ., Precripion.
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sand means.l I sap led bit two bot
lee of the Prescr'ion;-r kl w'
for~gL~'~ tr t~~)U~
SHUTh'S DIKuaur1uzIL.
than one month"--Prat. C. . Du..lo
Bouth Lyme, Conn.
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Precriptlon. e'll tell yu it llSys
the itch iSasrtm 7-t. d soon there are
sigss of cure.
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