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The St. Landry Clarion
LAWRENCE A. ANDREPONT............Editor
YVES ANDREPONT..........Business Manager
THE CLARION CO. LTD., Proprietors
One year .................... .............. ...................... 1.00
Six months. . .................... ... ....... 50
All Postoffice, Express and Bank Money Orders,
Checks, Drafts, Etc., for subscription and advertise
ments must be made payable to the order of the St.
Landry Clarion, or to the Business Manager.
Official Journal of St. Landry Parish
The St. Landry (La.) Clarion is without
doubt one of the best edited and printed
weeklies in the whole South.-AMERICAN
Entered at the Postoffice at Opelousas, Louisiana,
as second-class matter.
1 March '14
If the above appears on the
address of your paper it
means that your subscription
expires Mch 1, 1914. Sub
scriptions are discontinued
promptly on date of expira
tion. Renew
Opelousas will once more break into the
newspaper columns in every portion of
the United States when the famous Walters
Dunbar case will come off in this city on
April 13th.
Well, we simply cannot expect to have
sunshine twelve months out of the year.
We need a shower once in a while, and we
presume that the few that we have ex
perienced this week will come in handy for
the truck farmers in old St. Landry.
Dr. Oscar Dowling is making it hot for
the quack doctors in New Orleans. It would
be advisable for him to start a crusade
against the so-called doctors in other locali
ties, although we are sure, that he would
p t find any quacks in this section of the
Any one who doubts that our town is
not right up to the notch let him come here
and see for himself. Very few cities i
L uisiana can boast of the progress Opelou
s' s has made in the last twelve months.
_: Evb the citizens themselves cannot real
Ire the fact that Opelousas is getting so
William C. Walters, alleged kidnaper of
little Robert Dunbar of this city, who will
be tried in the St. Landry District Court on
the 18th of April, will most positively get a
fair trial. When a court, as distinguish
ed as the local court, appoints an attorney,
as noted and as famous as Hon. Edward B.
Dubuisson, to assist in defending the ac
cused, there is no doubt in the minds of the
citizens of the community that nothing but
:,. justice will be meted out to the prisioner.
Every one in Southwest Louisiana, and
throughout the state, know that Mr. -Du
. buisson is an attorney of the highest calibre;
the people here are positive that this honor
able and distinguished lawyer will do all in
his power, by honorable and legal methods
'to have the accused acquitted. He will fight
as hard as he always does, whenever he
takes up a case, and Walters will get a fair
There is no danger of suspecting that
the alleged kidnaper will get anything but
a just trial. The Opelousas court is as hon
orable courc as there is in the United States
and most assuredly the several distinguish
ed and notable lawyers, who will prosecute
the accused, will not use any dishonorable
methods for convicting Walters. On the
contrary every possible means by which
Walters can prove his innocence will be
tried by the authorities. The police jury c
has appropriated sufficient money to have
several witnesses brought to Louisiana to
testify in favor of the alleged kidnaper.
Walters will have a fair and impartial ,
trial and no one knows it better than the
accused's lawyers, as well as the prisoner t
Whilst it is the concensus of opinion
In Opelousas that we should have a Muni
cipal Sanitarium no one, thus far, to our re
gret, has strived to push the movement on
forward to success.
We have had occasion to interview sev
eral, -although not all, of the prominent
physicians in this city concerning the ad.
i viability of converting the building now
b(neg occupied by the St. Landry High
Sehool, but which will soon be vacated, into
S~: sanitarium, and thus far no one has, as
yet raised any serious objection to the plan.
(Ma the contrary they all agree with the
i ar0on that Opelousas should have a Muni
ipali Sanitarium and that the above build-1
ig is an ideal plee.
This city needs a hospital and should'
have one immediately. But in.taese days of
k: la- t of living and taki ng . t con
·Itn the several thousands of diers
ei: t ` at present expended for pubelir J
provement the city cannot afford to spend
thirty or forty thousand dollars to erect a
sanitarium. With about five thousand dol
lars, which we are confident, could easily be
secured from the revenues of the town, the
St. Landry High School building, which is
the property of the city, can easily be made
into an up-to-date and sanitary hospital.
We cannot afford thirty thousand dollars,
just at present, but we can spare five thou
sand dollars for the safety of the commu
nity. In the course of a few years, then,
perhaps Opelousas will be in a position to
erect one of the best sanitariums in Louis
Every progressive and thriving town
and city boasts of a sanitarium owned either
by private individuals or by the municipal
ity. Eunice, the western metropolis of St.
Landry has an up-to-date hospital, and sure
ly Opelousas should be able to follow this
example of a sister town of many years its
A municipal owned sanitarium is what
Opelousas must have in order to make it a
success, though individuals might make a
great success out of it. But if Opelousas
erects a sanitarium the tax-payers here, as
well as the people of the surrounding coun
try will feel more assured that it will be an
enterprise which will remain here -and will
be for the sole putpose of assisting the thou
sands of citizens of this community.
The Clarion would advise the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen to.lbok into this matter
and to appoint a committee to confer with a
committee, composed of doctors of this city.
In the next three months the building will
lay idle and it is high time that this propo
sition of establishing a Municipal Sanita
rium here be looked into by the authorities,
if they are disposed to do what is right to
wards the people of Opelousas, as we earn
estly believe they are.
1 There is a great future in sight for
Louisiana; the entire United States concede
that fact. The South in General will pros
j per as soon as the Panama Canal will be
, opened for navigation. But unless Louis
iana reaches out for her share of prosperty
we are liable to be forgotten when prosper
' ity comes around after 1915 to distribute
e its dividends.
' The five million dollar exposition, which
- is proposed to take place in the city of New
SOrleans sometime in the latter part of this
- year, will greatly increase Louisiana's
chances of becoming some day the most
powerful export state in the Union.
Louisiana needs to put up only two of
the five million dollars, which are to go on
F the Exposition of Ideas, the other Southern
I states will contribute the rest. The work
for placing the proposed exposition on a
t sound basis has been started in earnest and
the country no doubt will soon be called
upon to give all the assistance possible to
the metropolis of the South. Yes the coun- 1
try will be asked to contribute to the cause
and we should certainly go the limit, as this
exposition will boost Louisiana up, not only
as one of the most progressive states in the
United States, but also as one of the great
est agricultural sections in the world.
Louisiana must not let this opportunity
of becoming a powerful factor in the finan
cial world slip by, it cannot afford to do so,
and it is up to the New Orleans people to do
what they can in promoting this great en
terprise, whilst, at the same time it is up to
the country citizens of this great state to
assist the Crescent City to our utmost ca
Now that Southwest Louisiana, in gen
eral, is reaching out for immigrants, it would
certainly not be out of place to mention the
fact that this section of Louisiana, and es
pecially St. Landry parish, which we hope
in time to come, will, be the leading agri
cultural as well as financial parish in this
state, needs to offer something better than it
can show at present, in order to induce the
scientific farmers from Northern states to
settle in our midst.
It is true that Southwest Louisiana is
the Garden of Eden of the United States,
and St. Landry the center of it. And it is
true that we have everything desirable to
make this country the greatest agricultural
section in the world. Southwest Louisiana
rightfully boasts of the very finest farm
ing lands in the entire United States. The
climate is the most agreeable and favorable.
All that, we now possess' and more, too.
But what this country needs, especially St.
Landry, is drainage, which is invariably
followed by good roads.
Nature, with her geneious hand, surely
intended to make this the real and true Gar
den of Eden. It blessed St. Landry, partic
ularly, with the best natural drainage, with
out doubt in the State of Louisiana. With
scores of streams on the east, west,- north,
south and in the center, this parish is geo
graphically speaking the best drained in the
But unhappily, alas! through careless
ness, no doubt, these many streams have
been clogged up and are now insufficient to
carry away the water from off the alluvial
farm lands. Through the lack o~ drainage
the farmers of St. Landry, ad particularly
those living short distances from Opelousas
in the Bayou l Mallet and Plaquemine sec
tions lost considerably over a million dollars,
during the rainy season of last October and
November. The Union Irrigation Com
pany's loss alone amounted to over three
hundred thousand dollars. This is money
lost, which will never, never, as long as the
world ro'is on, return to St. Landry parish.
The farmers have suffered, so have the
bankers, merchants and professional men.
There is but one way to prevent such a
heavy loss occurring again, and that way is
drainage. With about three hundred thou
sand dollars, roughly estimating, this par
ish could be drained thoroughly, from one
end to the other, simply by dredging sever
al bayous.
Can the farmers afford to lose millions
of dollars each year, simply because they
are afraid to invest a few hundred thousand
dollars in drainage? The first expense will
be the last, whilst if this parish is not well
drained the farmers stand the chances of
being overflowed any time of the year.
When good roads and good drainage
will be secured for St. Landry we will not
need to spend hurdreds of thousands of dol
lard each year in an endeavor to interest
prospective settlers to come to our section.
On tne contrary immigrants will be pouring
into this section by thbusands at the time.
The opportunity is at hand and it is up to us
to seize it.
The taxpayers in the two road districts
of the sixth police jury ward have a chance
to say whether or not they desire to get out
of the mud or -remain on roads which be
come impassable for three or four months
each'year. The two progressive members
of the police jury from that ward have call
ed an election to vote a three mill five year
tax in both districts. This election is due
to come off on the 19th of .thd present
It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that
the roads west of Opelousas to Eunice can
not be worked in any condition,
whatever, with the momey which
the sixth ward receives from the po
lice jury as its share of the road fund. Last
year, especially, could be noted how difficult
this task was. Even until to-day these
roads are not in a condition which could be
called excellent, though they are very good,
on account of the splendid weather which
we have been enjoying during the month of
Both Dr. Foster and Mr. Gournay are
making a hard fight for the tax and are
both optomistic, although Dr. Foster admit
ted that the people were making it hot for
the tax in his section, on account of certain
restrictions which were not included in the
ordinance adopted a few weeks ago by the
police jury.
The sixth ward is badly in need of bet
ter highways and it is now up to the resi
dents whether or not they will get good
roads. The tax will be a small one
and in a measure will do unbounded good in
that section of St. Landry in the way of
bettering the condition of the roads be
tween here and Eunice, and at the same
time drain the lands adjacent to the public
No one knows better than the people
living in the sixth ward how difficult it was
to make it to town during the months of
September, October, November and Decem
ber. In some places on the road it was
nothing but one continuous mile of mud
holes. What could twelve dollars a mile do
in improving such highways, when the
farmers had to wade to the axle in order to
come to Opelousas, as well as to go to Eu
nice? Surely good roads will not impover
inh those already prospergus farmers.
The question of levying a three mill tax
for five years in the sixth ward for the pur
pose of improving the public roads should
be given due consideration, as that section
of theparish is in dire need of good high
Morals And Manners Not In Educa
tion Now.
Boston, Feb. 10-"The public school is
not producing good morals orgood manners,"
declared Bishop John W. Hamilton, of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, in an address
last night before the Eastern alumni of
Wilbraham Academy.
"The respect that your fathers used to
have for womanhood is not apparent in the
present output of out public schools. The
Roman Catholic Church has better educated
in manners and morals, the children in the
Latin countries than have the public schools
we have today. The greatest problem for
this country is the necessity for an ethical
Mr. Editor: The above clipping con
tains much food for thought Are the con
ditions hinted at by the New England bishop
not unfortunately too prevalent in Louisiana,
in St. Landry? For one thing, are not most
of our young people sadly lacking in good
manners?- Are a majority even civil? Can
they be expected to respect anybody when
they are not even civil? And who is to
blame? The parents, the teachers or the
system? Society, as well as the highest
school authorities, should look carefully into
thequestion . XXXJ
State of L alsla, Parish of St
By virtue of the authority
vested in as by law, and in ac
cordance with the ordinance of
the Police Jury of the Parish jf
St. Landry, La., of date Jan'y.
5th, A. D., 1914 calling for an
election to be held throughout
the limits of Road District No.
One of the Sixth Police. Jury
Ward of the Parish of St. .Lan
dry, La., for the purpose of vot
ing a 3 mill tax for five years
beginning with the year 1914. to
be levied on all taxable property,
for the purpose of constructing
and maintaining the public roads
and bridges in said Ward and
Road District, and to that end
we hereby order an election to
be held throughout the limits of
the First Road District of the
Sixth Police Jury Ward of the
Parish of St. Landry, La., on the
19th day of February, A. D.
1914, and appoint the following
named persons to serve as com
missioners and clerks of election
at the several precincts in said
First Road District of said Sixth
Police Jury ward of the Parish
of St. Landry, La., to-wit:
Eunice: Commissioners, Mayo
Miller, H. E. King, A. B. Picou;
clerk, J. J. Lewis.
Faquetaique: Commissioners,
Martin Mc'Gee, Benj. Courville,
Pete Brown; clerk, Oscar B. Co.
Witness our hands, this 21st
day of Jan'y. A. D. 1914.
Board of Supervisors of Election.
jan 24 4t
State of Louisiana, Parish of St.
By virtue of the authority
vested in us by law, and in ac
cordance with the ordinance of
the Police Jury of the Parish of
St. Landry, La., of date Jan'y.
5th, A. D. 1914, calling for an
election to be held throughout
the limits of the Road District
Number Two, of the Sixth Po
lice Jury Ward of the Parish of
St. Landry, La., for the purpose
of votirng a three mill tax for five
years, beginning with the year
1914, to be levied on all taxable
property for the purpose of con
structing and maintaining the
public roads and bridges in said
ward and road district, we here
by order an election to be held
throughout the limits of'the Sec
ond Road District of the Sixth
Police Jury Ward of the Parish
of St. Landry, La., on the 21st
day of the month of February,
A. D. 1914, and to that end we
have appointed the following
named persons to serve as com-e
missioners and clerks of election
at the several voting precincts
in said Second Road District of
said Sixth Police Jury Ward of
the Parish of St. Landry, La.,
Mallet: Commissioners, Allen
McCoy, C. N. Bertrand, C. T.
Bihm; clerk, J. N. Andrepont.
Plaquemine Point: Commis
sioners, A. W. Dejeon, Denis
Hargroder, Joe Boone; clerk, A.
M. Young.
Witness our hands, this 21st
day of the month of Jan'y. A.
D. 1914.
Board of Supervisors of Election.
jan 24 5t
State of Louisiana, Parish of St.
In accordance with the proc
lamation of the Hon. L. E. Hall,
Governor of the State of Louis
iana, of date Jany. 3d, 1914, call
ing for a special election to be
held on Tuesday. the 24th day
of the month of Februtry, A. D.
1914, for the purpose of voting
for a Police Juror in and for the
Fourth Police Jury Ward of the
Parish of St. Landry, La., and
by virtue of the authority in us
vested by law, we the under
signed Board of Supervisors of
Election in and for tho Parish of
St. Landry, La., do hereby br
der an election to be held
throughout the limits of the
Foarth Police Jury Ward, for the
purpose of electing a Police Juror
to All the unexpired term of the
Hion. W. F. Clopton, deceased,
and to that end we haveappoint
ed the following named persons
to serve as Commissioners and
Clerks at the several votiag pre
cincts in said Fourth Poliee Jur
Ward, to-wit:
Bayou Curret. Comnmissio .
er: EF. Berge, W. B. Rgers,
S. W. Kelley; Clerk, James B.
Melville. Commissioners. F.
M. Able, C. W. Stone, C. C.
Johnson; Clerk, Ira Westbrook.
-Waxia. Commissioners, R.
Lee Hawkins, Carl Woods, Ed
gar Dejean; Clerk, Lee Duck
Palmetto. Commissioners B.
C. Taylor, A. D. Hawkins, Jake
Mayer; Clerk, Wesley Budden.
Big Cane. Commissioners, L.
A. Havard, W. C. Jackson, Chas.
E. Mixer; Clerk, J. E. Hicks.
Morrow. Commissioners, Ar
thur Fogleman, H. E. Lowrey,
Letter BIlbrM e; Clerk, B. W.
Pet &Brre. Coamiusioeera,
A. J. Cormier, 0. 3. Thompson.
Oscar Robin; Clerk Chas Dejean.
Witness our hands this 21st.
day of Jan. A. D. 1l14.
Board of Supervisors of Election.
)~). 19618, 16th Judicial Distrlct Court,
Parlsh of St. Landry, La.
By virtue of a writ of selsureand sale Is
sued out of the Hon. 18th Judicial Distrlct
(curtof Louisiana. In and for the Parish
of St. Landry, in lhe above numbered and
entitled sult.and to me directed, I lave
seized and will offer for sale, for cash,
at public anction. tothejast and highest
bidder, at the front door of the Court
liouseof St. Landry Parish, at Opelousa-,
La., on
Saturday, Feb. 28, 1914,
at 10 o lock a. m., the following described
property, to-wit:
A certain tract or parcel of land situated
at Mallet In this parish of St. Lantry, with
all the buoildings and improvements there.
on, containing seventy-five (75) arpents
bounded north by J. 8 .ulory0I1, south by
public road leading to Prd'homme City,
east by J. B. Guillory and west by' Allen
l cOoy or lane leading to Mallet woodb.
i'erms-Cash to pay and satIsfy the sum
of 50uu; debt, with Interest and cost, unless
the same Is Immediately paid.
Jan 24 St M. L. SWORDS. Sheriff.
Julien Zacher.,
No.4064 . Probate DpekeI th JudictaM
trict Court, Partas of St. LandryLa.
fly virtue of an order of the Uon. B. H.
aavy judge of the l6th Judlcial District
Oouri, In and for the Parish of St. Landry,
State of la., there will be sold, for cash. at
public auction, to the last and hignest bid.
der, by the undersigned auctioneer on the
emises, in Prairie Bass, hear Coulon's
Saturday, Feb. 28, 1914,
at 11 o'clock a. m. the following described
property, to-wit:
1st. A certain tract or parcel of land with
all the buildings and improvements situ
ated thereon, in Prairle Basse near tUou
ion's bridge In this parish, containing one
hundred acres more or less, and bounded
north. by illse Perrault, west by Dr.
Charles . Boagni", east by Bayou Teche
and south by public road, and being same
property acquired by thedeceased at par
tition suit as appears by act duly recorded
In Conveyance Book R 4. pages 68 and 06
of the Clerk's offce ofthis parish.
I2d. One heifer, one filly -ard two colts
one mule, five head of hogs, about six head
of chickens, lot of geese two beds and
beddings, two rockers and two chairs, one
toilet, one washstand, two agi¢oirs, two
small tables, two sales, one stove and
I.Itchen utensils, one large p. onet tb,
one small bed, one bowl anu ptchir, ape
agon, one bugg.,onelsurreyt . one saddle,
erof harness, four barrele pottoes, one
small table, two cockL, 1 lamp-and ilasses,
one double batrel shot gun, one plow, har
row. and disr, three hoes and a lot of old
plows, two mosquito bare, two woolen
blankets, one statue, about fortybushelsof
corn, one ton hay, one corn planter, Shbout
50 posts.
Land to be subdivided into 4 lots as ap
peors by plat annexed to the petition pray.
lag for the sale and to be exhlbited to the
purchasers on the day of sale.
Terms; Cash.
jan 21 St .t. R. PAVY, Auctioneer.
No.6057, Probate DoDket, 16th Judlilcal Is.
trict Court. Parish of St. Landry,Ia.
fly virtue of an order of the -a8. B. W:
Pavy. Judge of the 16th JudlcuDilstwt
Court, in ana for the Parfsh oft lSt. a .
Lotlslana, there , w1l be: sold, at
public auction to the last and hignest bid
der. by the undersigned administrator,
or any duly licensed auctioneer, a thet
principal front door of the courthouseo , a.
opelousas. La., on
Saturday, Feb.:.21, 194- ,
at 11o'elock a. m., the following desribed
property, to-wit:
A certain tract of land
.ttuate.d in the woods on BayOur
Negro Foot In St. anitdry parish, ontain.
Ing forty (40) peres with all the Improve.
ments thereon, bourde north and east by
lands of estate of Phelps, south by Mile
Daniel, west by land of J.X. Rutledg4 and
beipg same property acquired by Eman
uel 1avid during tb ekistne on le com
munity between him andtthe decedent, La
appears by act passed before L. G0. upre
Notry Public April24, 19112.
Terms: Cash.
Jan 17 6t Adminaistrator.
• i l m am m a m
No. 19948, 16th Judicial District Court,
Parish of St. Landry, La.
By virtue of a writ of seitare and sale is.
sued out of the Honorable 16th Judiciat
Distrlct Court, in and for the parlsh of t.
Landry, in the above entitled and nam
bered suit and to me directed, I have seised
and will ofer for sale, for cash, at public
auction, to the last and highest bidder, at.
the front door of the courthouse 4t Ope
lousas, La., on
Saturday, March 21, 1914,
at 11 o'clock a. m., the following desrlbeda
property, to-wit:
Their Electric Light and Power Plant,
consttngof an enalne, boiler, generator,
switch board, exciter, and all apaurto
nanres thereto belonging, situated on the
west half of Blockl 9 of the FUsilier and
Lewis adJltion to the Town of Esuise, Par.
iaeh of St. Landry, state of Louisiana, also
their P0ole line consisting of poles and
wir.e, withtUal apprtenances thereto be
longng and situated in the Town of Eu.
-niceatoeesLid alLo a franoehise grgti b
theTown of Eunite, La., on the l.thday of
July A, U. 1912,to William VIquhart, oy
Urquhart and Oscar Melancon, grMting
the right and privilege for the oe tio
and maintenance of an Electric L tk a4
Power Plant, Pole lines, etc., aid tow
for a period of 26 years. the said franchise
betin. ow (then exclusively owned by the
said William and Roy Urquhart.
Terms: Cash.
feb 14 St K. L. SWORDS, Shetri ,
No, &85t, Probate Docket 16th Judicial +]Dis
trict Court. It, ldry Parish, La.
Bfjirtue of an order of the Boa, the
6uth Jadllal District Court of Louisiana, In
and for the Parish of St. Jandrr, La.,
signed B. H. Pav, J of said
-there will bis1od at public AariO, tot h
last an" higs bidder by tanndesta
administrator. on the premses a
bare, La., on the batte of thse Courta.
blean, a
Saturday, March 21, 1914,
at sI o'loct a. m,. the follwring Odseribed
property. to-wit:
itt. 5- arpente with .- pearei ts
bounded north by BayOu Co htable,,
south by IH. L. Garland. das , B P. l Masa
and west by J. . Arenesu.
54. liaoree bounded north h Oma
bleun, snith by B. L. Garand, east ~ J.
C. Areenema, west by WtidoWr A. !td
8d. one mule, one mar, one horse colt,
three cows, 2 heifere, hoase farnature,
kitchen utensils.
Terms: Cash.
feb 14 7t Administrator.
For Constipation, Billoosbsi, H dt
ache, Royaiae Liver Regulator I bis
and cheapest. 15 eents. Money back
NST I am applying for a pardon. Joe
Valmont feb 14 2t
UP11WE I am applyl for a lardos.
Malvin Valmont efeb 14 2L
haise More
By planting
Toole Cotton Seed has been thora
oughly tried out and tested, asnd
is satisfactory,
I am now soliciting orders
for above seed for February- e
livery. Send us yourorders no
to insure prompt delivery.
For further information tall
or write to I
Isidor Isaac.
No. 11980, 16th Judictal D.strtet f.aurt, Pa
leh of at. Landry, La.
By virtue of a writ of aerl fhlas. is-l
sued out of the 16th Judicial 1D strlt'
Court of Louillana ln and for the PartRli
St. Landry. in the above entitled and .
bered ualt, and to me directed, I have eIed4.
and will oier for eate. for cash, at poil
auction to the last and hiheast btlG'.
at the front door of the Court House of
St. Lrandry iarlehM.c ou .usL., ot;
Saturday, Fp b.; 21, 1014,
a-tl b'clock a. m. the following da.dibibe
propertyS to-witt
The Went Half of the property described
uasfollows,to.wtt: One artatui plaeUati
aitn.a ,d on Bayou Te. i ts.h Parlel.tr
he neighborhood ca 'Petit'' 15aI
_measuar., two hundIre and twenty T-me
.-;al; r ceial arpents (2s it), havli..- ,
front of tour ailt 60 arprnts (4.4SS ).
Bayou Teche and o01e arpent a oinin the
prperty elonging to Wdow. I. Ar
nesux by ad pth of forty six arpents o.
the $t aide un4 thirty nrarpat -o0n thom
West side, stur tingrfr om the lLnds of - Mr.I
hiearnd impro~Temela ts thereon, and be*.
fng bounded as follows, vis: tin the NOrt
bº Bayou ceche aand- the, lands of Mr..
Wtdow°P. ._Ar .ceneaux. Bouth by Is ofr
Napoleon HoIto and landsa of 4eJat y."
.ast by lands of Lawrence Oarrlere, f.tR
tad ePme nl tre forty arpoes t woin!-f
wneroof said lad. to Louts Talor J.rv.,
aor!rded In eanveyanc.Boolk a.No , p ag
,:9a, pased befor W.e C, W rrault, Not ar
-Te"rms: Cash,
$sn 1161 M. L. SWORDS, Sheriff.
Tama Mmw
Remember that I have a boll weevil
machine which is Improved and which
wilithelp youto make your crop, re*
aof bad weather If your crop
well cultivated. It is no longsr a
question to catch the weevil the mas.
chine does it, and it is easy o operate
and will not daumag your crop. Our
country is a cotton country for amoney
rop. It is not a abbae nor a sweet
pot to, not even a cane country
ra money crop. I Tlk for the peo
Jan 17 0. de KERLEGAND.
Onu Saturday Jan. 10. 1914, I
purchased lof Edmod Buillard.
Straight Advice 2:056
weight 100lSbs at a cost of $1000. I
wil stand him at my place, between
Lafayette and Carenero, during tae
1914 season, fee $15.00.
I will also stand
The Admiral 2:07 1-4
at the same place, during the 1914 sea
saM, at a fee of $12.0LC©N
Jan2t-4t Carencro, La.
ittI.UHI is a liver medicine. The
IAver is the head of many troubles.+
To correct these troubles use LL£fE-W
I at Shute's Drug Store.
or Weakness sad Loss of Appetite
A4rm seasu,. a.td da edM. Ste

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