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- a. , i' 1.
time fore cio i:n cn us.
Lh L ( _i'j itnstiution rai I,
u.i,:r. buy a iae or more. It
is a saeC invstment, will serve
the farmer, th i-uby the country
generally and be a patriotic act,
that will return a substantial
dividend. Let every bank, mer
chant, doctor, lawyer, public
officia!, educational institution,
cotton gin, public warehouse,
railroai. garage, new:spaper,
postmaster, saloon, and last but
not least, cotton broker, and
every other business dependant
on public patronage, buy a bale.
If this is done and a reduced
acreage is planted in cotton next
year, which the farmers will .do,
if they see that the country
is willing to help them, and not
exploit their product as is too
often lone, the situation will be
eased. My "Buy-a-Bale" is No.
198, weight 512 lbs.
In closing I want to warn the
farmers about a letter that is be
ing sent out by a cotton firm of
N. O. They state that they will
advance $25 per bale of over
500 lbs. and state further "we
will hold your cotton until we
notify you otherwise."
That means that they will hold
your cotton until they notify you
that it is sold, or until they re
fuse to hold it any longer. If
this is a fair sample of what the
cotton brokers will do, during
these trying times, the farmers
had better be careful.
Yours truly,
Aged Lady Expires.
Mrs. Caroline Lastrapes, wife
of W. C. Olivier, of Grand Point,
St. Martin parish, expired at the
home of her aunt, Mrs. H. L.
Garland, in this city, Monday
evening at 6:30.
Mrs. Olivier was a native of
this parish, being born in the
Little Teche country fifty-six
years ago. She was a member
of a prominent St. Landr; family
being the daughter of the only
sister of the late Captain Henry
L. Garland, of Opelousas.
a The remains of Mrs. Olivier
were placed at rest in the
Catholic Cemetery in this city on
Tuesday evening at 5 oclock.
A Baseball Game.
The Coteau and Prairie Basse
teams waged a battle royal on
the farmers' diamond last Sun
day afternoon. The Prairie
Basse with Ulysse Rider and
Ciess Dearbonne doing great
battery vwork won the contest by
the score of 11 to 4. Antonio
Hollier and Martin Collins were
the batteries for the strong Co
teaon club. Both Manager Roy
of the Coteau team. and Manager
Lcojold ('arr-ier of the P:rairie
.t.Bass lb were satisifikd ,vitih
then t` a:.m's v,,.:rk.
Aiol r those troi era l(9 'oI)U:i
'! ,itf:es ed the a'mnc wer,
L iari I.onti'a.t ano
'i,. iE-zaucie to Be
1 i.enedtct, h
Sthe e.......wa utment of their
(.1 :o:!n'., 5 (iss C(atherine Marga
re to ','. Louis Dezauche.
M cr. Dozauche is well known in
() lousas. having resided here
for a number of years, during
which time he formed number
less friends. He was connected
with the Jacobs News Depot for
several years and is the brother
of Messrs. Allen and Felix De
zauche. of this city.
The wedding of Vfiss Bier
mann and Mr. Dezauche will
take place at the Holy Name of
Jesus Church. New Orleans, on
Wednesday, October 7th, at half
past five o'clock in the evening.
Official List of Prizes.
The Contest Manager of the
St. Landry Clarion announced
the revised official list of prizes
to be offered in the Clarion
school popularity contest as fol
lows: First prize $400 Kings
bury -'iano, 2nd prize $75 Graph
onola ctiinet and six st indtar,
av,' .,J niia:erirx S I"'flil ,'
prize '5 in ca;e. with ( rand
S-'e;..1i Prize of a $60 schoi::
hiu o eorgke SO o & Son Busi
ness College to be awarded by
the school board to the student
in thfe parish turning in the most
subscriptions for his or her
College Notes.
Grand Coteau, Sept. 2S.
Early in September the old his
toric college flung wide its por
tals to a large number of youths,
thirsting for knowledge. From
early morn, trains, autos and
other means of conveyance, sped
fast through Sunset and caused
Grand Coteau to reecho with
new life and gayety. The steady
increase during the month has
been gratifying and now most
of the old boys have returned
with a large quota of new ones
making the attendance a record
breaker for the famous institu
Home sickness was dispelled
by the old reliable national pas
time and the ever pleasant dip
in the great swimming pool: The
spirit of work is in evidence and
promises of a very successful
year are in sight. Most of the
baseball material, which brought
such laurels to Southwest Louis
iana is still with us and the priv
ilege of a traveling team adds
zest to the athletic spirit. Foot
ball is inaugorated this season at
St. Charles and through the ef
forts of Coach Andrepont, for
mer Spring Hill fullback, the
heavyweights will soon show
speed and improved team work.
We hope a few weeks hence to
record to these pages, the first
fruits of hard training, and a
success that crowns "a good be
"The Wilderness Mail"
A two reel Selig featuring Kath
lyn Williams.
"The World and A W.-man"
A beautiful Biograph drama.
The eleventh release of "Dollie
of the "Dalies"
"Dollie at the Helm"
Featuring Mary Fuller.
The fourth of the Alice Joyce
"In Wolf's Clothes'
Featuring Alice Joyce. In two
Vitagraph day.
"Bread Upon the Water"
A two reel drama featuring Lil
lian Walker.
"Temper and Temperture"
A Lubin comedy; you know it is,
Our big feature day. Look and
watch for our feature on Wed
i':' day of ti,, eohls events
"Hearst Selig News."
. n of iteres to every one.
"he Sv eL_ sed.
. c :, l draoe, ,at: .ain g Lubin
'Tie Winning Trick.'
Vitagrap o comedy.
"Letters From Home,"
a two part Essanay featuring
Francis Bushman.
Selig day.
"A Woman Laughs,"
a two part Selig featuring their
"Gwendolyn The Sewing Girl."
A beautiful comedy drama.
The Seventh District
Baptist Industrial
The Institute will oper its 14th
annual session Monday, October
5, 1914. We are expecting a
much larger crowd this session
than last; for this reason we
urge that every student will en
ter the first day.
Our work is thorough, in
5:i'm- on you_ Ret,_-_. . now,, yoV I
il be the large i
me,( ,,{ them the at:ttnti on
they rn0-ed, you will cnsidier
worthy to tell neighbors ablcot.
My operations give patients a
pleasure that doesn't fade_
away. It is well for 'you to
know the condition of your
teeth, and I am anxious to tell
you. A delayed call lost many
a tooth.
JAS. A. SHAW, Dentist.
every particular. The boarding
department is being remodelled
to meet the approval of the pa
trons and friends who send their
children to us.
We hope that every negro par
ent who has any self respect and
racial pride will see that his boy
or girl attends school. In order
that, that girl or boy might make
useful citizen, and a worthy
B. J. HURD, Prin.
Notice to the Public.
All news agencies and post-l
masters' commissions will he
suspended during this contest.
From Monday, September 28th
until the end of the contest no
commissions will be paid for sulb
scriptions and all subscriptions
must be receipted for on official
school popularity contest re
ceipts, which will be furnished
to the heads of the various
schools entering this contest, by
the Contest Manager of the St.
Landry Clarion.
Business Manager.
The Misses Poulet Enter
Misses Mina and Helen Poulet
entertained a few friends at Five
Hundred at the home of their
sister, Mrs. Jessey Barnett, on
Thursday night, in honor of Miss
Fanny Bowden, who left Friday
with her mother for Lake
Charles, where they will in the
future reside.
The prizes were won by Miss
Judy Breaux and Dr. A. J. Per
Delicious refreshments were
served and all present had a
splendid time.
Confederate Veterrn
Edwin Charles Hebert, Con
federate veteran and a promi
nent citizen of Alexandria,
eighty-years old, died suddenly
at his home in Alexandria on
Tuesday night of last week. He
was a native of 1Riapides parish
but resided for a while at Gar
land, St. Landry parish.
Mrs. Charles M. Kilpatrick,
wife of a prominent Washington,
planter, is one of the daughters,
who survive tie oid Confederate
vc t=r-an.
;. .or 1..n. to
1Secov'd Nandl Autoes
For Sale.
Any one desiring to purchase a
second hand automobile would do
well to look over those I have for;
sale at my garage. Just think
of this: 2 Studebaker touring
cars, 1 Ford touring car and 1I
Ford runabout for sale cheap and
all are in good condition. Step
in and let me demonstrate them
to you, the price is so attractive
and the cars in such good condi
tions that seeing is buying, For
any information apply to
9-19 121 N. Court Str. Opelousas.
All Instruments Taught. Lessons given
in Classes. Also Perivate Lessons.
Terms Reasonable. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
Apply Band Auditorium.
Hours from S to 10 a. m.-3 to e p. n.
Former Profeseor St. Charles College.
L./? ..........-., ,
, .. . ý" i.. . .: ..... :-. .... .',.. ... °.. :s. . 5ý3....... _ `.. . :' - :.1 ýý : -. - .. "_ .: __._',--fsy.'';'x F . F . _-. ýT ;.Y .ý . .: "- .-ý ! . ý--. .. " '_
Our service to ac, from New Orleans and
Houston is the most convenient. " . .
2 D aly "T ..each Way
F. Tillotson, Agent
Fosfl"ted'o n
i' L9
~~Y -'' , ,··· `o- nr. ' '~; c; 7;' F~F~~:s~t~yY _s~~F~
The World at Home Will Entertain
State Fair Crowds Nov. 4 to 11.
A new form of entertainment will
amuse the visitors to Gladway at the
1914 Louisiana State Fair. It will be
known as The World at Home.
This is a twentieth century amuse
ment enterprise, and is under the per
soanai supervision of men of years of
prnatical exterlence. The attractions
nill be of extraordinary character, and
it is guaranteed that they will be clean
and inoffensive. Features, novel at
tractions and exhibitions gathered from
all parts of the universe will make up
the. ar;gregation of shows. There will
als I. I:plenty of strange and curious
Miople, an abundance of excitement
and samples of everything else a per
on coul!d waish in the amusement line.
'hP' \Vorld at Home is composed of
ter.n I , ,'.c aond three riding devices.
o.,r+, oaf the Fair: November 4 to 11.
1Ai:: to Secretary L. N. lruegger
ht:ff f 'r atalo:; and premium list
Louisian* State Fair Meet This Year
Prowm.;.>s to Attract Fine Animals.
As tol, brso racing will cone in
- a ..t.are , spice on the tmuse
a,, ruitl at the Lut:isiana
St. c t ,, a ,year. Inquiries indi
C ' ,' :. 0f th- lt:e tS rtulin . Si
a.,'i wa . : r.ees in the c.ountry ,ill
..The first . r:.g-ram will be given on
the ,,i ninm day iof the Fair. N ',n 'ber
4 ', - Otite r:lt:c days ar^: Novemlber
; , iti and 10. Saturday and
S:d:;n a, Not emrber 7 and S are skipped,
I't'turday being School and College Day
and Sunda;: being Labor Day.
There. will be it least two running
events and as ma' 'tharness races each
afternoon. It is expected that there will
be a large number of entries in each
event, judging by the applications for
information about the big annual meet.
Heretofore some of the best obtainable
have been attracted here. They re
ceived good treatment, and promised
to return, and it it; iafe to say that
plenty of fine racers will be seen again
this year.
In the matter of inducement the man
agement has set aside $3500 in purses.
For additional information write to
State Fair Secretary, Louis N. Breug
gerhoff, Shreveport, La. Also ask for
catalog and premium list.
Dates of Iouisiana. Fair: Nov. 4 to
Will Be Record-Breaking This Year
Premium Offers Liberal.
With inducements to the exhibitors
including prizes aggregating $3.i5 . in
cash to be dis;tributed among different
breeds, antid conv,.Ji.nces among the
best to be found anywhere. the ,:attle
show at the Louisiana State IPair thi'
year promises to be a recor -l:reak er
for the South. The number of inquiries
about space reservations indi'a.t.-s that
breeders of fine blooded stock wi!l he
on hand from \variotus sections of the
country, and visitors to the cattle
barns v-ill he assured of splendid ot
In increasing the premium money
anti giving Particular attention to the
other fe tures necessary for Dutting ion
a real blrg how, the State Fair manage
l met! is' r u, tanizing the importance of
the c::itle t :ihlustry in Louisiana and
the Siithwies generily. D)uring the
past few years there has ,ieern an
amazing growth of interest in regard
to raising etttle of pure. first class
breed. T're industry is hbecoming
known as one wsr I the farm,,r'es at
tention, not only fo-r the c-i-njrment of
mili: and 1ehef and the ,:th-er - rodtllc:
f .r horn , r ptt I il)tion, b!tiu its a sar'
k,,tah- ;1,in(:s The State F. Iair e::
til : t ": de.ini r P .str titinl:: of the nat it
f". , :'..., 1l :.ed pro~in ,ie t , rt
s, t -" - i O
, "" - .n t re a..i -i
-for tis i on
In , . a or , , the prizes, there will
. ' t: "" ,:,t. '-n] nt -" i ; the w o. i
p ed r. , . also for assen s to
the: fair.
ITh-e i.iil als b ' two big auction
"r" ' t *ro win h eld Nsvember t on
jerse:-s. Abeot sixty head of r.mgister
ed cattt s-.ili be ff- ire to the h:i.g"
bi;iders. ti simiar sal- last y.ear wa:
a gigantic su-eess. A catalo-ne, shohw-.
ing tha registrations will he irovireidcu
upon appiic:tion.
The ither ,-:!e will be on beef breedst
and rn::y fire larins art e expecteil.
,The lrt.le -livision will be in clutar~
of experts. C. " i. Staples of them sit:n
{niversity will I,7 slterintenld.ent. He
Ia also head of lit State Jc:'ra: d :-tr
ers' Associ:tion. II. o i
Shelb"r tille. ry., wsill Ire jtu "fe '-f
breids. and i i.U Van Felt y ar
loo. tl'in xili ji l the tair;t l ret t Isw
Catatloue and e trmniium list rvi ,e
furnished upon application to Luis N
BreIl-gerhoff. secretary of the Louis
tan i-anir Associatiorn, Shre venprt, Ia.
Iheimermber the dates of the tair. Nov.
Time and tide waits for no
natt, get busy and cast your
votes in the Clarion school popu
-niaritv contest.
Do away with constipationi by using
I IV -VER-LAX at Shute's Drug Store.
Only Real Wild Animal Show on Earth
Big 3=Ring Wild Animal
"The Show That's Different"
600 Performing Animals 600
65 Big Sensational Animal Acts 65
Performing Jungle-Bred Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Pumas, Jaguars, Grizzlys, Cinnamon, Siberian arid
Polar Bears, Elephants, Camels, Zebras, Hyenas, Sacred Cattle, Kangaroos. Orang-Outang,
Apes, Chimpanzees, Monkeys, Mountain Goats, Dogs, Etc., Etc.
S Tom, Dick, Harry, Horse-Riding Sea Lions
Big Bill, Wrestling Grizzly
Mlle. Florines, Performing Leopard
Tot and Tiny, World's Smallest Performing Horses
Aeri 1 Dogs and Monkeys
Bob Chocolate, Tango Dancing Horse
Tom, Jerry and Louie, Horse Riding Lions
Spunk, the Good-Night Pony
Romeo, Mathematical Pony
Danger, Dyna:nite, Mileaminit, Just Mules
World's Only Educated Bengal Tigers
'?1 Full Grown African Lions in One Act .24
Wor 4's Cha `enge Groupe. Value $50,000
L -AERIAL 'LION, rides in balloon surrounded by
S 1 O 4 Shooting Sky Rockets. Most amazing wild animal act extant.
5U0012 HORSES and PONIES ...dd
40 Animai Clowns .506 People 4 Concert Bands
100 Animal Trainers 2 Big Special Trains
t, ov 'j .Iyet Hiherr d e and Mot Practical
". U. . Courses in B)usines(, in Shorthand and
vs. n Enlish Best Equipments. Un
I A LN ieequaled Facilities. Complete College r ia
No. -, 4th Justice's Court. I a e Bank. Only School with Actual Store
jKa e be e kep the books and balance cash.
T he 'S, o S r through their superior training. OIBO 50113 b SONS, New r Orlea, .
La. ,ln the above entitled -- - - - - - ...
ceed to sei at p auct DR. J. J. STAGG, President DR. YVES ARDOIN, V.-President
and hIghest bIdder, at the J. , -
Peace sffice at Grand Coteau ,'nry J. LEER LACOMBE, Sec'y-Treas.
risatLay, o . 3, 13 n4, n 0 t u
- sept I.,sat F. : AILIicA, Constabit. Modern and Complete In Every Particular.
Reputable 'hysicians of St. Landry and surrounding parishes are invited t4
Cottage for rent. Apply to J. " bring their medical and surgical cases to thle sanitarium.
J. Healey.o nov. 15 tf RATES--2.50 to $4.00 per day for whites. $2.00 per day for negroes.

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