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YVBS ANDREPONT, - Busineu Manager
r sterad at the Post Offce at Opelounas,
La,. s a econd-class matter.
We are authorized to announce the
candidacy of E. S. KERR for re-election
to the office of City Judge at the prima
ry election to be held in January, 1916.1
We are authorized to announce
as a candidate for member of the Low
er House of the General Assemby of
the State of Louisiana, from St. Landry
parish, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
As most of our readers are aware
this is Exposition year; two great
expositions are being held on the
Pacific Slope to commemorate the
completion of the Panama Canal.
Many inquiries have conmen t, u:
S about these two expositi,,:., a,
the best routes the probable cost,
that we have determined to put a
special correspondrlent in tne field,
who will furnish data to prospec
tive visitors. There are several
routes that pass through some of
the sublimest scenery and afford
side trips to some of the greatest
natural wonders in the world.
This week we will start with what
we call the Southern Union Pacific
to San Francisco, Los Angeles and
San Diego and return. Tickets for
this route on sale daily until Novem
ber 30th for $57.50, limited to three
months from date of sale, but in no
case later than December 31, 1915:
stopovers are permitted anywhere
enroute upon application to the con- 1
ductor. t
The following is an elegant route: i
Opelousas to Kansas City or Omaha, a
thence over the Union Pacific to 1
Ogden to San Francisco to Los An- d
geles to Santa Fe to San Diego over t
the Southern Pacific and return by
the Salt Lake route to Salt Lake z,
City, then the Union Pacific to St. a
Louis, Kansas City or Omaha. Free cm
'' side trips issued from Denver to w
Colorado Springs or Pueblo and re- to
turn, from Ogden to Salt Lake City la
and return, from Salt Lake City to cc
Yellowstone National Park for $53.50 di
for the full tour, consuming five hI
days, with stage and hotel accom- or
modations, while in the park are in- of
o*tded in this route. Detailed to
itinerary of the park trip, will be wi
given in subsequent articles. ac
Opelousas, La., April 3, 1915. vaI
To the Editor of the Clarion: we
The Governor announces he is go
ing to suggest to the Legislature the GO
necessity for a Constitutional Con
vention. In my opinion there is
not the slightest necessity therefor, I
and I have never heard anyone ad- wh
vance a sound reason for the same. lar
It will unsettle ocnditions now ex- sta
isting, without a resultant benefit. nor
The Item, is the only paper in din
this state that was frank enough For
to admit that the necessity existing se
was to get more money. The state ton
being unable to dragoon the Legis- and
lature, nor the people into adoption thai
of the proposed tax measures of the to d
present administration, was going to por
insist upon a Convention whereby how
to obtain this money. the
A costly experiment indeed! A senc
thousand dollars a day, or more, in plac
an endeavor to whip the taxpayers tion,
in line and make them further dis- Gra
gorge. c
gThese have said at the polls, we 'a
are sufficiently taxed.
Their representatives in 1914 have good
said the same thing,
Why further experiment
:at. the peoples' expense? Vhi
this period of depression further Fo
bear down upon the overburdened the
taxpayers? Road
The politicians want more mon- ing :
4ey. The people are at their rope's drear
Their representatives should say wad
:-to the Governor: "We will not per- p
.mit you to further tax our ronstit
uents. We will adopt an appropri- ing,
,atIon bill and then adjourn." goo
The people must bestir them-hi
aeelves, else their .representatives
might vote against them. " road,
out of the difficulty, is for the peo- e
jil of this parish, of every parish in ve
the state, to assemble in mass meet
:tags and instruct their Senators and travel
.Reprgaentatives in the General As- h
rembly to vote against the holding much
of the Convention. I am timely tent I
warning the people. Failure to act,
w1!, as eertaiffi' as the night folows
S imnpose upon them new offices, WOI
: di$nal taxati"ii " 'f Woc
'the AMaie to set is now., cents
:i.'.I,'. .U R .-e. Phon
;.? '; ,'5 .' . ; . ", . , ', " - ,,.' .," % .. f -:".
[nager There i no se; talkin ~,
blood will always instill new ideas
FlOPS. and vim. When the Honorable Saim
a^I Evans, distinguished police juror
from the first ward, recently elec
ted to fill the vacancy in the police
jury, caused by the death of the late
cthe lamented Diomel Durio, stepped in
lection to the police jury room on Monday
prima= morning and announcced that he
y, 1916.,
would make a demand on his col
leagues to appropriate one thou
Low- sand dollars to re-paint the court
aby of house, he was told that there was
on no money in the parish 1riasury.
"Uncle Sam" how v ,r was d<,&r
mined to make the cour.hous3 ].,ok
more respectable and finaily ".lug
up" some funds, which his col
aware leagues were unanimously willing
great should be used to beautify the
n the
J. J. Healey, clerk of the police
nal. jury, will be busy for the next few
days, endeavoring to find the best
paint which will be suited for re
put a painting the historic old structure.
put a
It is expected that when the court
e, house will have been re-painted
that it will look more like the prop
erty oi the grand old parish of St.
ifford Landry, than at present.
acific Following the adjournment of the
and Board of Aldermen of the City of
.s for Opelousas on this date, the mem
vem- bers thereof assembled informally
three and unanimously passed the follow
in no ing resolution:
1915: Whereas, Jos. G. Lawler, for
there many years a valued citizen of Ope
con- lousas, is being urged from all sec
tions of the State by those who re
)ute: alize the importance of the position
laha, and the qualifications of Mr. Law
to ler to fill same, to become a candi
An- date for Commissioner of Agricul
over tuire and Immigration;
a by And whereas, we as fellow-citi
Sake zens of Mr. Lawler, know him, his
St. ability and integrity, better than
Free can the citizens of the State as
to whole, we feel it a common duty y
re- to Opelousas and to the State at
City large, to urge on behalf of his home
y to community, that he become a can
3.50 didate for this position, and, in case
five he does sd, to add our word of roe
>m- ommendation o'fThim to the voters a
in- of the State, and more particularly tl
iled to the farmers and business men s,
be who are vitally affected by the *
activities of this State Department. aI
Therefore be it resolved, That we o1
)N- believe the said Lawler is pre-emi- PI
i. nently qualified for this position
and will fill it to the credit and ad- at
vancement of this State, and that
we urge him to announce his cari- la
is lai
or, Police Juror Thomas McCaffery, Ca
Ld- while in the city to attend a regu- pu
te. lar meeting of the police jury, T.
x- stated the people of Grand Prairie the
nt. now boasted of one of the finest
in dirt roads in St. Landry parish. thE
gh For several weeks during the rainy pre
ng season the Grand Prairie-Washing- Co
te i ton road was practically impassable co0
s- and the weather was so adverse
)n that it was almost an impossibility I,
e to do any effective work on this im- fro
to portant highway. Mr. McCaffery, rui
7however, decided that as soon as cor
the weather would permti he would ha
A send a delegation of laborers to Mi,
n place that road'in a splendid condi- rec
tion. For the past several days the No.
Grand Prairie road has been in such Bro
a condition as to make one believe rec
e that it is just as substantia las a No.
good gravel road. by
r For over a quarter of a century doll
1 the people of Mallet and Prairie unl{
Ronde have been wishing and hop
ing for a good road connecting apr
these two places and finally their
dreams have been realized.
Police Juror Guillory of the first
ward has accomplished for his peo
ple just what they have been want
ing, but on account of the lack of
good road funds in the first ward,
have been unable to obtain beolero
this month. The road, while a dirt
road, is a godd one compared with
the crooked and 'muddy highway
over which the people of Mallet and
Prairie Ronde were conpelled to
travel in order to frequent one an
other. While it is not 'complete
the Mallet-Prairie Rondce road is so
much improved as to entirely con
tent Mr. Guiliery,s constituents.
Wood at n. o bllar and Fifty'
cents ($1.50)p r load deliveredl
stove .lengtli .COlKLIN , BROS°
Phone No. 282., april 10-f4t ,J
* ·r: I
Soetime s ,we ronicled
hetle D rilat,, 4 ney had
reams suit to rieiove ? mn office A.
Sarp lv,.in,,,tt, u jt. 9f.the Peace,
uror The allegations are, he was elected
alec- to the office when ineligible thereto.
)lice for nqt having paid his poll tax for
late the year 1910 and ._-foom .: having
I in- changed his residence from the 9th
iday to the 7th Ward.
he D)eendant filed an exception in
col- sisting the complaining citizens
au- should have been m'ade parties to
urt- the suit. The District Judge main
was tained the exception, and rejected
plaintiff's demand.
ýuy. The District Attorney promptly
',r- appealed the case, which was ar
I.;'k gued Tuesday morning in Baton
lug Rouge before the Circuit Court. On
col- Wednesday morning, Judge Dupre
received a telegram announcing the
reversal of the I)istrict Court's rul
the ing.
The State was represented by
lice Judge Dupre; the defendant by
few Morton H. Thompson.
re- Last Sunday the College boys fin
ure. ished their annual retreat, under
the guidance of Rev. F. MacDonnel,
rtS. J., of New Orleans. The instruc
ited tions were practical and interesting
'op- and all pronounce the retreat a
St. great success.
After getting off with a bad start,
the College Nine hopes to sound the
cry of victory on Sunday next,
when the Carencro team appears on
our diamond. Daily practice is
wearing off the rough edges of play
the and with hettter. support, our net
of pitcher will show up to better ad
-m- vantage. Team work is needed.
ally On Wednesday last the Junior
Champs. sent a challenge to the
Varsity Seconds and after much d
lay, it was agreed that a contest be
for arranged. For the first time in two
pe- ars the Juniors suffered defeat,
ec- losing by the score of 11 to 5. In
re- tense interest was aroused and now
hat the Invincibles met their doom,
ion all look forward to the next game, a
.W- which will draw out more .enthug -7
di- siasm than a College Series.
ul- ------
an Versus O
tY No. 20,288, Civil Docket, 16th Ju
at dicial District Court, Parish of
ne St. Landry, La.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and
sale issued out of the , Honorable.
c' Sixteenth Judicial District Court, in
rs and for the parish of St. Landry, in'
ly the above entitled and numbered
a suit, and to me directed, I :have
e seized, and will offer for sale, for
cash, at public auction, to the last
t. and highest bidder, at the front door
'e of the Court House of St. Landry
I- Parish, at Opelousas, La., on
n SATURDAY, MAY 15th, 1915, 4
at 11 o'clock a. m., the following de
scribed property, to-wit:
That certain tract or parcel of
- land situated in St. Lanudry Parish
La., in Section Twenty-Eight (28),
Township Five (25) acres, more or
less, and bounded on the north by
land of the Estate of Cleophas Co
meau, on the east by land of Jeff
Caldwell, on the south by land of
- purchaser, formerly owned by Mrs.
, T. J. Lacy and Mrs. Cooke, and on
the west by land of the Estate of
SCleophas Comeau, together with all
the building s and improvements
thereon, being the south half of the
rproperty acquired by T. J. Lacy &
Co., from the Estate of Joseph La
combe, deceased, on February 9th,
1871, as per proces verbal of sale re
corded in Conveyance Book "Y" No.
I, at page 255; acquired by vendor
from said T. J. Lacy & Co., on Feb- p
ruary 5th, 1873, by act of sale re
corded in Conveyance Book "A" No. th ro
2, at page 67; the undivided one- -
half conveyed by vendor to Ezekiel
Mixer, on January 20th, 1880, by act
recorded in Conveyance Book "G"
No. 2, at page 610; transferred by
said Mixer to Mrs. Charlotte E.
Broster, January 19th, 1883, by act
recorded in Conveyance Book "N"
No. 2, at page 142, and re-acquired
by vendor from said Mrs. C. E.
Broster, on June 21st, 1883, by act
recorded in said Book "N" No. 2, at
page 632.
Terms: Cash, to pay and satisfy
the sum of fourteen hundred
dollars, debt with interest and costs,
unless the same is immediately paid.
M. L. SWORDS, Sheriff.
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Merchants and Farmers Bank,
Located at Melville, La., Parish of St Landry.
Report furnished to the State Examiner of State Banks by the above bank at the
close of business on Mar. 16, 1915.
Demand loans........................ ............................. . ..... g000
Loans secured by mortgage......................... ............ .. .18... .
Otherloans and discounts.. ................... ........................ 5,500.8"
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.................... ..................... .I
Other bonds, stocks, securites etc ......... ............. .... 2-,000.
Bankitng house, furniture and tre ......................... .O0
Due from banks and banker ................ ............................... g-,~ p
Cheks and other cash items...................--................ ..... .. 48
Silver, nickel and copper coin... ........................... - ... .- .. ..... ,
Port Barre State Bank, Port Barre, La............... 1,7004K)
Stupense aeceount, Port-Bacre State Bank..,.......:...... :..:. _ .. 0'::
Capital stock paid in.................:......... $.I000.0
Ufndivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid.. .......... ... , 49.48:
Indlvidual deposits subject to cheek.. ....L............... ............ 38,12 1
Time certificates of depo......_ ..................... ... . 57"
State of Louisiana, Parish of St .,dry. ... 8
1, Gordon Morgan, President, and I: Jdr . W. Heap, Cashieroftahe a.ove
-namedbank do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of
mynowledge, and beliief.
bed and sworn rd before mIethis~ 1 da of Mtr., 1914.
S - S. JOSEPH, Notary Publ. I

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