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"Here Shall Tre Press The People's RIghts Maintain, Unawed by Inuwenel and U:brIbe by Cain."
Withdrawal from Delegate Race
Is Deplored by Lewis' Friends
Sure of Election Hon. John W.
Lewis Deelines to Run as Dele
gate to Convention
This morning in open court room.
John W. Lewis made announce
ment to me, he had retired from
the race as a delegate to the Consti
tutional Convention.
His retirement when' his election
was assured beyond peradventure,
leads me as one who was an aspir
ant for the same office, to assert
that it is a pity he could not see his
way clear towards continuing in the
I have been soliciting votes, hav
ing canvassed the parish some, and
I am thoroughly convinced he
would have been elected.
I regret his' retirement. I had
promised him my vote and an
announcement of this fact was in
a measure beneficial to his eandi
his retirement is the parish and
state's los. He would have been
I and brilliant member of
.Convention. He is young, He
may yet see his way clear to as
pire to of lcc, when- the writer
hopes to. support him. I have not
heretofore done so, and I hoped
uSpinthis occasion to help him
a'lre-wltbout antagonizing other
ojpeients, which I am not doing.
SLewijs' retirement is unt.
tvektily deplored by his supporters
wii were confident of his election.
Yours truly.
The above letter is self-e.plan
stor.y In common with Mr. Lew
s' ,supporters, the Clarion regrets
his, retirement. He would have
bien elected. The Clarion force
ware supporting him. Both fao
tb,: rather the leaders of both,
had tendered him ,their support.
His reasons for retiremeit are suf- i
Rient. They are purely personal. e
It is a disappointment to his ad- c
mirers to see him forego the race
far an office to which he was cer- (
tain of election.
Let our big sister send three of
her ablest citizens to the conafltu d
tional convention. ii
The old reliable Sam Gardner of p
Ville Platte, is a candidate to the v
constitutional convention,. Sam is p
well liked by the people of Evange- o
line and will no doubt get a very f
flattering vote. p
Chicot is now connected by pfnoV'
with Ville Platte; should any one a
want to call up Chicot he can do so z,
hl phoning Mr. L. I. Ortego, The a
Gazette, Sheriff Fontenot, Dr. Lit- ta
tell, or DrDr. Milbirh. We have g
no: central as yet but will shortly h
make arrangements for one. The tl
phone company is called the Evan- it
geline Telephone Company, which h
was organized last week.
Judge Gilbert Dupre should bbe 1
sent to the constitutional conven- ir
times from St. Landry on account of h
fearless stand he took in the late tt
extra session of the legislature. Dit- f!
to Hon. Austin L. Fontenot .
If you want to get on the damin- a
istration ticket ask the Boss and a
:ou may get the permission to run.
Several new candidates were lni
ated into the Woodmen of the a
World here last Sunday. m
Chicot received a pleasant call as
last week from Capt. Sam Haas, D. ca
D. Has, Sam Haas, Jr, W. . Er
liheh of Alexandria, Cashier Marshall o
of the Merchants & Planters Bank sb
of Bunkie and Mr. Jos. Fredlander de
of the Climax Lumbber Company Of m
Crops of all sorts are good in this s
parish and in line condition. Rain, St
however, is very much in demand se
here. iE
The people should elect to tRl
constitutional convention men who an
will.not be dictated to by the Boss; te
-men who will go there and cast im
their vote against any mesue
whtieh will rise to prolong the teew of
Ot aftee of present omslcbbldders a.
Uzed- they do otherwise it will or
telStbe~i a step in the wreug di- R
itzb. Not only that but It willn
ease a upheaval amons me o.- le
fee seekers, who have already an- g
nouaced their candidacies. air
Citizens of St. Landry Invited to Meet Government
Engineer Schulz and Discuss Bayou
Improvement Proposition
The citizens of St. Landry are
offered an opportunity to meet Ma
jor Schulz, government engineer, a'
Washingon on next Wednessay af
ternoon at 2:30 to discuss the prop
osittion of improving bayousCourt
ableau, Cocodrie and Boeuf. Con
gressman tazaro secured an appro
1. priation from Congress for the sur
- veying and investigating of these
n streams. The people of St. Landry
- are expected to show Major Schulz
that the Government would derive
n some beneflts if these bayous would
, be dredged out and cleaned.
- If these three important bayous
t would be dredged St. Landry would
a be given an opening to the Gulf and
e water transportation would once
more be revived.
Following is a letter received
Sfrom Congressman Lazaro on the
a snbject:
Waahingtou, La., J i 30,. 19i6.
I Editor of St. Landry Cla$,
z Opelcusas, LouisianC
M My cg Mr. Andrepent:
U. p. the seritation of' many
citizens of the Parish, during the
i last sesion of Congres I secured a
a provision, in the River and Harher
r Bill for a survey and investigation
bf Bayoms Courtablean, ca
codrie and Boeuf, with a view of
improving them. I have since had
the mater up with the U. . Engi
Diesese Atteaks ARMi Amses o
Fam aMl Is Tiean1eb
e to Manlt.d
-. The prevalence of charbon in
L certain sections of the state is call
- ing attention to the best method of
lease, but there yet seems to he
- combatting the spread of the die
e general ignorance on that suject.
One means of spreading the dis
ease is the custom of skinning and
selling the hides of. anima which
have died of the disease. This it
absolutely prohibited by the sani
tary code of the state.
t Chapter IX of the code has to
deal with althrax or charbon, and
it is made the duty of the munici
rpal or parish health officer in
[ whose jurisdiction the outbreak ap
i pearsto promptly take steps for its
control, based on the well known
Sfacts that the disease is especially
prevalent in the lower Mississippi
valley, and along the Gulf littoral
and coastal prairies, where it is en
zootic and attacks all farm animals
and is transmissahle to mankind
through inoculation by the horse
fly or misquito, or through tne
handling of affected a.:i.'als
through food and water contamina
ted with the spores, and by the in
halation of dried spores.
The spore retaining its vitality for
long periods in surface soil, manure,
infected food stuffs, blood, hides.
hair and wool, and animals contract
the disease while grazing over in
fected areas. The disease is widely
distributed by car,.nrm crows and
small farm animals also distribute
the malady by running at large, or
by dying and establishing fresh foci
The symptomt of the disease are
explained in the code, and it is
made the health officer's duty when
an animal dies without apparent
cause during the warm weather to
have the body isolated and protect
ed from flies with fish' oil emulsion,
or by covering with netting. He
shall obtain immediately after
death half of the ear of a large ani
mal, or a foot of a small animal,
and placing it in a striiue bot
tie, properly sealed and packed,
ship it to the State Experiment
Station at Baton Rouge for micro
scopic examination. He shall also
immediately inject the carbuncular
swellings in the live animals with a
5 per cent solution of carbolic acid,
and promptly vaccinate by the Pas
teur or Soberheim method all an
imals that have been or are likely to
be infected. In the eveat of the
death of an animal, it it the di
of. the health officer to stop all
fees of the body with i twavstae
or moss, to prevent the escape orf
fle~fs als then to cremate.- the
body an the spot, wi& ermd petro.
loom. It cremation is found to be
Impractical.thebody must be buried
in a deep trench overed with af
satratm of lime. Ina s eseaaboald
re neer Maj. Sechulz of N. Orleans and
a- with the appropriation carried in
a. this last bill he is now ready to
i- make his investigation and report to
p- Washington. I am today in re
t- ceipt of the following telegram:
1- from him:
a- "New Orleans, La., 6-30-15.
r- "Dr. L. Lazaro,
se Washington, La.
y "Will come to Washington on
lz the 7th, Frisco train. Arrive at
re Opelousas 1:15 P. M. Would sug
Id gest holding meeting at 2:30 P. M.
that day.
Is "SCHULZ, Engineer."
td I have accordingly made arrange
d ments for him to hold a public
e meeting in Washington, on Wed
nesday, July 7th, at 2:30 P. K., to'
d which everybody is invited. At
Le this meeting, everybody interested
in the development of these bayion
will be given an opportunity to be
heard, and sincee it will largely de
pend upon Mr. Schula' recommend
ations in his report to Washington
y whether or not Cgress will make
e appropriation for these streams, I
a would earnestly request our people
r to attend this meeting and give the
Engineer the benefit of their in
, formation.
Very truly yours ,
Dana Jenkins, the. phenminial
e.nag athlete of u :iwi)lt prb
ably be one of the rrepresentative
of the- Southern Athletic Associa
tion at the San Franeisco Eposi
tine, where the best athletes in the
United States. will meet to battle.
for national honors.
According to reports and accard
ing to the spectacular showing
made by the young Eunice athlete,
it is expected that Dana Jenkins.
should. acquit himself with hon
or at the Frisco meet. Bis friends
expeet- him to capture either the
hundred or the two hundred yard
On"account of the misplacing of
copy Hon. IL. Lee Garland was not
given credit, in the sehool article,
for making the feature talk of the
convent exercises. The speakers for
the occasion were- Rev. Father Eng-
berink, Mayor Loebb andDistrict
Attorney Garland,
As usual Mr. Garland was emin
ently fitted for the occasion and
delivered one of his well known
masterpieces. It was through no
intention of ours that the Clarion
failed to state that Mr. Garland had
spoker on this occasion: In the
shuffle, somehow, the copy of the
article which gave an aeeeunt of
the Garland oration was lost anr in
'le rush to gel he- paper out on
time, the error was not caught in i
the proof.
Senator Leon Haas recently took
over the agency of the Overland
cars and ts determined to supply
this parish with these fine cars.
Mr. Haas is a hustler and a good
business man and there is no doubt
bf his making a success in his new I
Rene Fontenot, a prominent
planter of the Grand Prairie sec- 1
tion, transacted business in Ope
lousas Monday. While here Mr. c
Fontenot had occasion to meet I
many of his Opelousas friends.
Reports from way of California 8
are to the effect that Dr. Fred J. '
Mayer, of this city, ex-president of E
the Louisiana State Medical Asso
ciation, is spendnig a most de~ght- 8
ful summer vacation, taking in the 8
expositions at San Diego and San i
away for over a month and will
robably not retun for some time
to come.
Miss Lena Lveh will leave this
afterneon for erowley; where she
will spend sometime as the nguest
of her mule4 Aaron Loeb, Mayor c
Pr'o Tern of the rice meetrj i '-
the health oficer permit the body Ir
to be dragged through pastures or
-eass -ubli o o reade.
The skinning or sale of hides g
traon Jiseased animal is absolutely
Little Teehe Farmer Kills Self in
Front of Uncle's Gate
[n Louis Devillier, One Time Well-ta
Do Farmer, After Visiting Town,
3- Shoots Brains Out Saturday
Because he could not stand to
face his uncle, Guilmar Sonnier,
who had been a father to hus and
n tired of a misspent life, Louis De
villier, one time prosperous young
farmer, with a bright future,
L blew away his brains at his uncle's
front gate in the Little Teche sec
tion of this parish, early Saturday
o Young Devillier was at one time
looked upon as a good citizen and
e a promising young man. A few
years- ago however, he began to
d lead a wild life, took up, with Mary
STimmons better known as Mrs.
e Laverene, about a year ago, lear
- ing his wife and two children be
-hind and going, to. Baton Rouge,
" where he engaged in the butcher
e usinese. A disagreement, however,
with the wonman in the case which
8 resulted in the woman takiig near
a ly a dozen harmless shots at him
Sin. Baton Rouge and which finally
culminated in the. return of .De,
villier to his family fve. miles from
SIt. reported th at the time of
his suicide young Devillier and his
wife were parted. This and the
fact that he was under a cleaer of
Sforgery in Baton Rouge caused the
act of his self dstruction.
Devilliers was seen in Opelouase
between the hours of three and four i
Saturday morning, having spent
pearly all night in a gambling
house here, where it is reported l. h
lost heavily. Returning home, when
he arrived at the front gate of i
Guilmar Son~ier's farm he placed "
the revolver end on his right tem- n
ple and pulling the trigger was In
stantly blown into infinite.
Relatives and neighbors rushed to
the spot where they had heard the
shot and were startled to find De
villier lying dead. The news of the
suicide spread like wild fire
through Little Teche.
Interment was made in the Cath
olie cemetery, where a few friends I
and relatives of, the suicide assem
led to seni i mirir to Almighty
God for the soul of one who mis
used the plivileges given mortal
Superintendent of public schools,~
C. J. Thompson, announced during
the week that he had perfected ar- e
rangements for the establishing of t
a modern commercial adid business
cdurse at the Opelousas High
School. A large number of the Ope- T
lousas students are forced to go to
New Orleans and other places to se- c
cure a business education and for v
that reason Mr. Thompson was
the local school, which will un
doubtedly be of material benefit to y
the students as well as the parents,
who ar presently compelled to send
their children to distant cities for
commercial training.
P. P. Hidalgo, one of the most a
progressive farmers in this section,
recently purchased a cream sepa
rator, probably the first in the par
'ish, which he has been using to
great satisfaction. Mr. Hidalgo 3
claims that the increase of his P
butter is suflficent to pay for the
separator in no time. His butter is
always in.demand by the local mer
chants, who pay him more for his
product than any other farmer. 's
There is no doubt that more pro- a
gressive farmers will realize the
)great benefits derived from a cream L
separator and consequently secure p
this modern farm machinery..
For the past two or three weeks
whooping cough, a dread disease to
children, has been prevalent in this
i~ty. While therr bas been no so
rirs cam reported, all mothers
wimth young ehildr are particu
la:r these daysawhen they go visit
Louis MEr r ha: returned rot
New Oriesoa whers he has heeai
ameleges at the Rors' Hiha schoo
ates hrnant
Service Corporations Are Not Assessed Eneaough and
State Needs Money to Operate Its Many
Worthy Institutions.
Hon. L. Austin Fontenot, one o1
* the administration leaders in the
fight for the passage of the consti
tutional convention bill, told the
farmers of St. Landry, who had as
sembled at West Bellevue at the
Farmers Union picnic, why the peo
Sple of St. Landry should vote for
the constitutional convention.
SMr. Fontenot stated that -some
demagogues would have the farm
ers of Louisiana believe that the
[constitutional convention was call
ed for no other purpose than to
r raise the taxes of the land hold
ers. He flatly denied this, admit
3 ting, however, that the adminis
I tration was very anxious to have
the assessments of the railroads and
service coiporti4,nst Increased, so
that these money-making concerns
would justly help in defraying the
expenses of the state.
The well known St Landry repre
sentative who was the chief orat
at thd pizce elaims that the rail
iroads, the .telephones and 8tehiap
compJaies. and the various miing:
coneerns would not be o-eraS
li their lassesment wedb e le
creased by mudtS 0ooe ;intaio.l
"The only way thatrwe cabnJustl
assess the service or.perat.esais
by electing the memberms of thr
State fiard of Appraisers. W,.
voters, knew that when we ilect
our plie jnron our assesor an
our member of the lar of i i
Iitton Mat- our. intessaet war as
'safe-amded Te. r h seas re
elected by the peple anal have to
Sil the will of their foltins
ett haw in rthe world can we e.r.
pect a beneftial result from the
VfE t I
mesns elvile and mle: Wal'
PinasAe AimEfiLie
Walar -im
Since our stal issue, the following
letters have been received by iudgee
From one of the leading business
men at Eunice.
"I see no reason why you are not -
eminently qualified to represent
this parish, if a Constitutional Con
vention hi held"
From a Jusice of the Peace in the
Eastern portion of this parish:
"I received your letter and you
can depend upon me on the day of
the primary. I hope that you will
get the position."
From a merchant-planter at
Whiteville, La.
"Yes, you can count on my sup
port and hope the other candidates
are men that I can support with as
much pleasure"
From another farmer-merchant
at Dubuisson, La.
"I am going to vote for you and
do what I can towards getting oth
ers to do so."
From which it appears that
Judge Dupre is running some. The
Jtudge visited Melville on the 23rdI
and 24th, and spent the day of the
30th at Eunice. He informed a re
porter of this paper, his friends
asserted he would carry both pre
bincts. '
The Clarion feels certain that the
Judge is going to be elected. It is
supporting him with knowledge full I
and complete he will do his dnty
regardless of consequences. That
is his greatest asset. uDty wrjl
performed" has been with him a
ruling passion Hisa past renord an
Judge, as fepresenativ4, is an am -'
suraneesof what he can and willt
do if elected. That he is gingtto'
be elected this paper beieves i.s.'
af.or.egone coneson .
The ninee a feaated the'
pes abll tens aa h1
, Board of Appraisers, the members
[of which are appointed by anothez
- board, and not by the people. The.
owe absolutely nothing to the pee
pie and they give nothing to the
people. The court has no Juris
diction over the borArd, no other
board has any power to review the
work of this board..
"If the constitutional convention
does nothing more than make the
members of the Board of Apprais -
ers elective to my mind it will have
accomplished enough to justify its
By assessing the railroads andm
other corporations -their just =ror
portions, Mr. Fontenot asserts that
during the term of the inscming
administration Loultsia wIlP have
uflicient money tor p allt,.
ets, mataitn every pfubie : to
stitution in the stato, and will hI
in a decade in, a position to -hui
model roads from the Gulf to tie
Arkansas line and from
,.pi to Texas.
If the can iotalle as eagenhea
i held the Queaei ot t fe
be taken up aoeu
her w-r.i tten ni osf thy it
stato The so .the e.
a~toner of u hcra 'rsadi~a be
show thpe fa iet wai t a
reisard know. It wll h . s
that a farmer in St.Landay t
t loatr of tany feait
i prodt--. t ch.e abe t~ o :
S oteat 'thi poem
thu faor ne o
tan. Rbt.e Roht o ufta
Andous and harl sz4
past weit sot8ti nh a e
the voters k of" CI
Mno La provider is bI i
was, wherne he hatee adrn the
at frien days tne iha er p
evtr the .. a.e r gegg
aracw vote al thsi toeta
.There are constltutlonu coner
tione tfar awnn unce prl b the
n ° held-by Ho Thiruse ise
Rete bo i Jnly ai R ale ay
AndrT s and t Lha d w
The registrationd o bk s
closed taby Clerk of Cav tag ptest
strape* Jr., on faneamistatten
noon, as- provided libP taw.. The
was nbeomash gwhater .ed ig e
last few days tohe briOly aoach-p
practicatlly as thosewdels at ist tp
ticipatei litici esna for the in
gaiste to the cokt usahion tepove
tion which will take: pere on t
27t of July havring yurenad.irit
The voters of wa Landr who are
subjiect to registrati, did not a
state to take advantage of Ol Ian,
thus becoming ft -fledgede voter I.'
in time for the raieff approahii
the Uon.Bst, ak &ell as:t mapsat
aontest, which wi . deide te flater
of parigh eoitkoficiahs for ting.
folr ofieafrst
of Mrse Chalesf Thfodmplonwas
married on maydnesd bemorniuf to
Gteortee Bienvena, the etient an
the rnion t Bahey wi Trl Cmd paev y
where thea Binrestd erade
asti:~ltall tim s·;~~iabedrii
at. IA"LL
f -
First Attempt at- Model Roa
stuction on Large Seale
Graffl Roads wiat in th, Pai
, Pmvnglry Satisfactolr nd
Expec to Be C t
St. Landry has practically =
pleted its 5rst attempts at med
roads on a large.. 0e S
Barre highway nearitý do n :
There have been bilt duriatbe&
past year na ly thiy mit
modern and substanst ia
1oad4, connectiug Opelousan
the prhicipttpoieldiefa it~s
When the olice jury
atod over one hundred
olarf the erection of
-ad4 many taxpqpers hin i it
iwaw opse to theg$s,
evel critiesing the perial
ers for their supposedl l ast
mopey. Now, howver. am
people are among the oneaa
erssetly pralsang the
oPrjr xalth this hzat.
ý outoftheusd
Widl iti retata
dege not boag of pesaga
-e( maog!frada in the
oue'caa deny the fee
rawl roads built by the
a peal relef to the 1
altO.sasad miles of mad aV
d bring
.a ket during the irU a t
sense~t lawlell, Weahingston
Nort Barre byr gravel
waawhich can be used du**nsg
wePtP as well an the dry
Wh*r trwers could only
one base`o cotton to ,arbet
`e nomw in a sition to br
lunui six4-all of this on a`oouM
the pereent police sury
4al fth Arst to begin
-he earso t i he-a
bae sot net atise,
IDedittle and mnh etr
11at# mardeciddu(ii eaw
roads d sth -efk
delL angoods hadveeat W
a thetni the pric
heeo the 4ansbh loat of~
k igtsui the cbie(
cor dsiable frwnearly avery td
the perlEsk~ byLI means oF gu~
Teo wonth of eat ;a`t
houehats maedrng reseclaloe
ood oadst seean godasate
$wurtaenbeo& whurhe lsei&
contact. fir rheptainingshd lewe
lqags the chistroi bullie M
turn over ~iswrk fo
easeie fr..46om nearlyev
bythe parish fartmeans o g
Wthin thet neveral day
conrat orrgexpaintetuand
en tire lsr buildingwti saI
masby the prs ate
er thil thve tht ew ra
eTire building, withno adob
adbythe pur o utose frafwyara 4a
honites itwl tbe tapyers o
Lanry will bae finisae oathioao
frl the mosedt todord and
cThr building il the state.
ather Andeose on e e
tuat preast. hasi theutxaes
Leu~andr asistae nt pasitor to#~
forthe ot moern an
beourn bsen ignt the stMe
ofather cidtyo , wpelese
a iv iestht hais beena ainbe
lend, are deligstant lpastr
mabwfiens l here bSb
NEf~iad o this ity citi, whie t
them, ~are~ de·sp6~;·lshe Id t ears et $1
[email protected] p~e,~iio:.~sit~ion give hes"
orai~. Aadeso solmnse his~ 1ht
-Ser sntaeen -undrnt
crowded the Opelassedh

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