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England, Germany and
France Agree
on one thing,if on no other. They all prohibit
the sale of alum baking powders.
There must be a good reason for this.
It is because alum was found to be un
Royal Baking Powder is made of cream
of tartar, derived from grapes, a natural
food product, and contains no alum nor
other questionable ingredients.
New York
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money trust and that it will pre
vent nation-wide panits and stabil
ize commercial, financial and indus
trial conditions in the Uziited States.
I supported the Rural Credit Law,
which will enable the farmers of
this country to borrow money on
longer terms and at a cheaper rate
of interest and thereby help to build
1i1P our agriculture.
I supported the Lever Cotton and
~Orain Law, the Lever Warehouse
.Law, the Smith-Lever Agricultural
Extension Law, and the law cre
sating the office of Markets.
I supported the Good Roads Bill.
# believe in the principle cif Fed
"?eral aid in the construction an
maintenance of good roads through
out the country.
i voted for an appropriation for
investigating the question of Fed
eral aid for vocational education
and for recommending a measure
to Congress. The Commission sub
*mitted the Smith-Hughes Voca
tional Bill, which is receiving my
hearty support.
I voted against the propdsed
amendment to the Federal Consti
tution to give women the right to
vote on the ground that it is a
State and not a Federal question.
I also voted against the Hobson
amendment for National Prohibi
tion on the ground that this is also
.a State and not a Federal question.
I believe that these questions
'Shouki be left to the vote of the
people of each State without inter
ference from the outside.
I supported the Anti-Trust Bills,
which include the Clayton Anti
Trust Law and the Federal Trade
CGommission Act.
I voted for the Labor and Farm
'ers' Union amendment to the Clay
ton Bill, for the bill prohibiting the
.mportation of goods made by con
eict labor, and also for the bill pro
teoting our goods made by free la
tor as against goods made by con
vict labor within the States. I sup
ported the bill creating a Bureau of
Safety in the Department of La
bor, and voted for the amendment
ereatiýg a Bureau of Industrial
Accidents. I also voted for the Ar
bitration Bill, the Bill creating the
Children's Bureau, and the Child
Labor Bill.
I voted against the original Im
'migration Bill because of certain
.recognized defects in it, but .voted
;for the last Immigration bill modi
:fled to meet conditions arising from I
and which follow, the present Eu
Topean war.
I supported the Phillipine Inde
pendence Bill.
I supported the Army and Navy I
"Bills, providing for an adequate and
flficient Army and Navy to pro- ']
feet the lives of our people and I
their property in case of trouble
.with any foreign power.
·., TROL
SI voted for every meritorious ap- 0
tp'ropriation for the improvement of I
.our waterways and heartily sup- I
ported the Flood Control Bill. I t
Becured appropriations for govern- b
;nent surveys with the view of im- d
!proving Bayous Plaquemine Brule, e
Foures, Courtableau, Boeuf, Coco
Arie, Shallow Bayou, Mermentau II
giver, and tributaries, and the re
-noval of the Mermentau Dam. The
present River and Harbor Bill also or
icontains appropriations for the In- o0
,Id Waterway, Calcasieu River, ni
ermentau River and tributaries, f
'nd the removal of the wrecked jo
.)ermentau Dam.
i I supported the Panama Canal gi
TIl Bill, to compel ships belong- to
to private corporations,-but j as
givernment ships,- to pay toll Ci
the Canal in order to help m
pay its maintenance, instead of
further taxing the people to pay it.
I supported the Shipping Bill, the
Ship Registry Law, and the Insur
ance Bureau Law. all tending to
build up our American Merchant
Markets, so that we will not have
to continue to depend on foreign
ships at exhorbitants rates to carry
our markets to the world.
I introduced a bill to establish a
Fish Hatchery in Louisiana, and the
measure has received the indorse
ment of the Bureau of Fisheries. It
has been reported favorably by our
Committee, and is included in the
omnibus Fish Hatchery Bill which
we hope to enact into law.
I supported the Pat*Harrison In
dian Bill. I consider the measure
a just one, and will continue to give
it my hearty support.
I have had 22 aidditional rural
routes created during my service,
including three automobile routes,
covering 615 additional miles of
country roads and serving 3630
families. I also have nine more
routes pending before the Depart
ment, which, when established,
will serve 1485 families more. I se
cured appropriations for $40,000 for
the completion of public buildings
in the District. I am supporting
the War Claims and Cotton Claims
Bill without other Southern mem
Necessarily, in this announce
ment I. have had to treat the matters
touched upon very brieflly, but I
intend to submit my work and rec
ord more in detail to you later.
Before coming to Congress I
served four years on the School
Board of my home Parish and five
years in the State Senate. Since
I have been in Washington I have
made many friends in Congress.
I have been made chairman of a
'ommittee and occupy positions on
two other important committees.
In view of the service I have ren
dered the people of the Seventh
District, and because of the ex
perience I have gained, which will
enable me to render greater service
in the future, I believe I am justi
fled in asking you to re-elect me.
I promise that if elected I will be
as faithful to the people I repre
sent and to my duties here as I
have been in the past.
Very truly yours,
:o: -
Baton Rouge, June 6.-The consti
tutional amendment of Senator
Johnson of Washington, giving
women the right to serve on any
board connected with educational,
eleemosynary, penal and correc
tional systems of the state, was to
day finally passed by the Senate.
As originally introduced the bill
gave women the right to serve as
notary publics, but this provision
was stricken. out in the committee.
The vote in the Senate was 29 yeas,
nays 6.
Only two speeches, both short,
were made in favor of the bill.u Mr.
Johnson spoke for his measure and
Mr. Louque of New Orleans, sec
onded the motion for final passage.
He called attention to the fact Mrs.
Dibert had recently g.iven $200,000
to the Home Institute and it would
be unfair to take this money and
deny women the right of service on
educational boards.
The members of the local order
of Elks *|'joyed a "Dutch Supper"
on last Tuesday night. Quite a
number of the members turned out
for the little feast and a most en
joyable time was reported.
NOTICE Public notice is hereby <
given that application will be made C
to the next session of the general e
assembly for a new charter for the
City of Opelousas. E. L. LOEB, 1
msay 6-6t L.... Maeor.
Notice of Admluistration
No. -, Probate Docket, 16th Ju
dicial District Court, Parish
of St. Landry, La.
Whereas, Dr. Ertemon Lafleur,
of St. Landry parish, La., applies to
be appointed administrator of the
above numbered and entitled es
Now, therefore, notice is
hereby given to all parties inter
ested to show cause, if any they
can or have, within ten days from
the first publication hereof, why
the prayer of the said petitioner
should not be granted.
By order of said Court.
june 10-2t Clerk of Court.
Opelousas, La., June 6th, 1916
The Board of Aldermen met in re
gular session. Preseni - .. . irocb,
Mayor, presiding; Aldermen: GG.a
selin, Fields, Danel, Stelly and Hol
Upon motion duly seconded and
carried the reading of the minutes
of the previous meeting was order
ed dispensed with.
Opelousas, La, June 6th, 1916.
Hon. Mayor and Members Board of
Aldermen, City of Opelousas, La.
Ibeg to report that I have receiv
ed from the 1st to the 31st of May
1916, 10 prisoners to work out their
fines on the streets to wit: Total
time worked 31 3-4 days. Ihave
worked 130 squares of streets;
hauled 140 wagons of dirt on streets
hauled 30 wagons loads of gravel;
hauled 9 wagons loads of brick bats;
cutting weeds and hauling it off the
City Court yard; one half of day;
put in 10 wooden street bridges; 4
new foot bridges;put on a new floor
on the bridge big across Rawls gul
ley on Landry street; and patched
a number of other bridges; buried
ond dead dog; swept the paved
streets three times per week;
sprinkled streets 9 nights and 8
days. The approximate cost of
work done in each ward is as fol
First ward ...... ..... ..$ 20.50
Second ward..... ....... 44.00
Third ward...... ....... .. 31.70
Fourth ward...... ....... 75.25
Total ...... .......$171.45
Respectfully submitted,
M. Halphen, Street Comm.
Upon motionduly seconded and
carried the report of the Street
Commissioner was read and order
ed filed.
Report of Electric Lights and
Water Works for May 1916.
From Electric services...$811.46
From Water service.... .. 419.95
Expenses: s
Pay roll................$ 534.50
Fuel, oil used 155 bbls. at
$.150 ....... ........ 232.50
Lubrication and inciden
tals........ .. ..........100.00
STotal..........$ 877.00
Revenues.._ ........... $1231.41
Expenses...... .. .....877.00
Profits..................$ 354.41
Public services not includ
ed above..... ........$ 398.60
Respectfully submitted,
A. C. JONES, Supt.
Upon motion duly seconded and
carried the report of the Supt.
was received as read and order
ed filed.
Opelousas, La, Jine ist, 1916.
Hen. Mayor andBoard of Aldermen,
I beg to report that I have collect
ed during the month of May, 1916,
the sum of $2285.50 for the various
accounts as follows:
Corporation tax 1915......$ 220.85
Sewerage tax 1915....... 43.41
Market ............... .: 11625
Interest. ............... 3.50
Power Plant...... ...... 1473.99
Fine................... 82.50
Power Plant Insurance .. 300.00
License............... 45.00
I beg to report further, balance
on hand to the credit of these ac
counts to wit:
Corporation tax 1915. .. $ 3205.37
Corporation tax 1915.... 14965.54
Sewerage tax 1915 ...... 43.41
Interest................ 1.43
Power Plant .......... 119.20
Fines................. 19.72
Power Plant Insurance.. 4411.10
License 1916 ........... 86.37
Less Market A-C over
drawn...... ........ .97
Respectfully submitted,
H. U. CALLAHAN, City Clerk and
Tax Collector.
Upon motion duly seconded and
carried the report of the City
Clerk and Tax Collector was receiv
ed as read and ordered filed.
Statement of J. J. Perrodin, City
Treasurer, City of Opelousas, La,
for the month ending June 1st, 916.
May 1, 1916. To ballance
on hand as per last re
port...... .... ......$28104.81
June 1st 1916 To cash from
H. U. Callahan, City Clerk
& TC ............... 2285.50
May 1st to June Ist 1916. By
sundry warrants paid since
last report, as per warrents
here to attached.........$ 7540.81
June 1st, 1916. To ballance
on hand....:........ . .. .. 22849.50
Respectfully submitted,
J. J. PERRODIN, City Treas....
Upon motion seconded and carri
ed the report of the City Treasurer
was refered to the Finance Com
mittee, who, after examining and
finding same correct ordered that
the Treasurer be credited with tVie
u:iiiu of $7540.81 and vouchers for
said amount ire cancelled.
Motion by Mr. F'ields: That an ap
i rooriation of $1500.00 he umade for
the purpose of clen.ing gulleys,
iatera!s and disposal plant :u.d ihat
the mayor and Finance Committoe
be authorized to effect this loan, to
be paid out of the License revenues
of the years 1917 or 1918. Motion
duly seconded and carried.
The Mayor appointed the whole
Board as a committee to look into
the matter of City Hall site.
Motion by Mr. Hollier: That the
Mayor appoint a committee of three
to confer with a committee of the
Fire Department to look into the
advisability of purchasing a motqr
fire truck and report at the next
meeting of the Board.
Motion duly seconded and carried.
The Mayor appointed on above
committee Messrs. Gosselin, Fields
and Hollier.
The committee report of Messrs.
Danel and Stelly relative to the
opening of Franklin st., across the
M. L. & T. R. R. was read and upon
motion duly seconded and carried
the recommendations therein were
ordered looked into.
Ordinance No. 2 of 1916
To ratify the purchase of an oil
engin, parts and appurtenances for
the Municipal Electric Light and
Power Plant, to authorize the issu
ance of a certificate of Indebtness
to represent the purchase price and
to designate and dedicate funds for
the payment of the said Certificate.
Whereas, the Mayor and Board of
Aldermen, after duly receiving and
considering bids, have purchase for
the City's Electric Light and Power
Plant a new Mietz and Weiss oil
engine of 150 horse power, vertical
three cylinder type, with air com
pressor, air starter and other parts
and appurtenances, for an aggre
gate price of $6250.00 payable on
favorabe terms of credit and it is
necessary to issue a certificate of
indebtness to represent the said
purchase price, to fix the terms of
payment thereof and to designate
and dedicate the funds out of which
the same shall be paid.
Now Therefore, Be ordained by the
Mayor and Board of Aldermen of
the City of Opelousas, in regular
session convened:
Seetion One: That the purchase
heretofore made by this Body of
one new Meitz and Weiss oil engine
of 150 horse power vertical three
cylinder type with air compressor,
air starter and other parts and ap
purtenances as per specifications on
file for use in the Municipal Ele
ctric Light and Power Plant, at an
aggregated price of $6250.00 payable
on the terms hereinafter set forth
in this ordance, from August Meitz
or his succesor, be and is hereby
ratified and confirmed.
Section Two: That the debt of
$6250.00 be and the same is hereby
incurred by said City for the pur
chase aforesaid, said indebtness to
be payable on the terms and condi
tions hereinafter stated, and to be
represented by a Certificate of In
debtness dr'awn substantially in the
form following to wit:
Known all men by t'ese presents;
That the Mayor and Board of Alder
men of the City of Opelousas, State
of Louisiana, acknowledge said City
to be indebted and hereby promises
to pay to Bearer the sum of Six
Thousand. Two Hundred and Fifty
Dollars($6250.00), payable in Twenty
Five(25) monthly installments of
.$250.00 each, on the twentieth (20)
day of each successive month, com
mencing on the 20th. day of July
1916 and ending on the twentieth
day of July 1918, both inclusive,
together with the interest thereon
from June 20th. 1916 until paid at
at the rate of Five (5) per cent
from date until paid, interest to be
paid at the maturity of each month
ly installment hereof on portion of
the debt t'en matured and there
after run only on the unpaid bal
Both principal and interest of
this certificate are due and payable
in the City of Opelousas, La., at the
Office of the Mayor and Board of
Aldermen thereof
This Certificate issued to reprb
sent the purchase price of one new
Mietz and Weiss oil engine of 150
horse power, vertical three cylin
der type with air compressor, air
starter and other parts and appur
tenances, as per specifications on
file in said office, for use and to be
installed in the electric light and
power plant in said city, and is se
cured by vendor's lien and privi
lege on said engine, parts and ap
purtenances, and pledge of the rev
enues of the said electric light and
power plant to an amount sufficient
to meet the payments herein pro
vided for as they mature until the
full and final payment and surren
der of this certificate.
It is hereby recited and certified
that this certificate is issued in
full conformity to the provisions tf
the Constitution and Statutes of the
State of Louisiana in such cases
made and provided and that all
acts, conditions and things required
by said Constitution and Statutes
as precedent to and necessary in
issuing this Certificate has been
regularly , 'ne' and performed.
In testi.to y .laerof, the said
Mayor 9:!.1 La.,-d of AKdermen of
't~h City of Opelousas, State of Lou
;i," "ra. have ceusRd this C'ertificate
t: be se:rn d by ci;m PiY7or and Clerk
of said Ci!.y a_:d its Seal to be here
to affixed on this 20th day of June,
A. D, 1916.
E. L. LOEB, Mayor.
H. U..,CALLAHAN, Clerk. "
That the Mayor and Clerk be and
they are -hereby authorized and di
rected to make and execute said
Certificate, to affix the seal of the
City thereto, and to deliver same to
the vendor of the above described
engine, parts and appurtenances to
represent the purchase price
price thereof.
Section Four: That all the rev
enues to be earned by the electric
light and power plant of this City
from and after the passage of this
ordinance, be and they are hereby
pledged for the payment of said
Certificate in principal and inter
est, and all funds received there
from be and they are hereby des
ignated and dedicated to said pay
ment, to an amount sufficient to
meet the payments provided for in
the above described certificate of
indebtedness as they mature until
the full and final payment and sur
render of said certificate.
Section Five: That for good and
sufficient reasons this ordinance
shall take effect from and after its
promulgation, and that all resolu
tions or ordinances of the Mayor
and Board of Aldermen of this City
contrary to or in conflict with, this
ordinance, be and the same are
hereby repealed.
Adopted, Opelousas, La., June
6th, 1916 .
E. L. LOEB, Mayor.
H. U. CALLAHAN, Clerk.
The above ordinance, after hav
ing been read section by section
and adopted in a like manner, was
adopted as a whole by the following
Yeas: Gosselin, Fields, Danel,
Stelly and Hollier.
Nays: : None.
Ordinance Number Three of 1916.
To prohibit the running at large
of dogs within the corporate limits
of the City of Opelousas, La, un
less equipped with a muzzle; de
fining what shall constitute a suf
ficient muzzle within the intend
ment of this ordinance, and author
izing the killing of such unmuz-,
zled dogs by the police officers of
this city.
Section One: Be it ordained by
the Mayor and Board of Aldermen
of the City of Opelotisas, La., That
it thall be unlawful for dogs to
run at large within the corporate
limits of the City of Opelousas, La,
unless such animals are properly
muzzled as prpvided for in this or
Section Two: Be it further or
dained, etc., That no dog shall be
deemed to be sufficiently muzzled
,within the intendment of this or
dinance unless the muzzle shall be
of such form or strength, and so
attached and fastened to the head
of 'such animal, as will effectively
prevent any such animal from bit
ing. z
Section Three: Be it further or
dained, etc., That it is hereby made
the duty of the Police officers of
this city to kill any or all dogs
found running at large within the
corporate limits, that are not
equipped with the proper muzzles
as provided for in Section 2 of this
Section Four: Be it further or
lained, ete, That all oidinances or
parts of ordinances in conflict
herewith, be and the same are here
by repealed.
Section Five: Be it further or
dained, etc., That for good and suf
ficient reasons this ordinance shall
take effect from and after its first
publication in the official journal
of the City.
The above ordinance after hav
ing been read section by section
and adopted in a like manner, was
adapted as a whole by the follow
ing vote:
Yeas: CGosselin, Fields, Stelly and
Nays: Danel.
Adopted June 6th, 1916,
The opening of the bids for the
oil contract for the city was taken
tpo and considered.
bid of the Pierce Oil,Corporation
for the oil contract for the City be
ing the lowest that same be
awarded them and that the Mayor'
be authorized to enter into con
tract with said Pierce Oil Corp. Mo
tion duly seconded and carried.
Motion by Mr. Fields: That the
Mayor be authorized to issue a
Certificate of Indebtedness to the
Layne & Bowler Co., for $1330.00 for
balance payment of contract for well
and pit, said certificate to be datea
April 8th; 1916 and made payable
April 8th, 1917, to be paid out of
the License revenues of the year
1917. Motion duly seconded and
Motion by Mr. Fields: That Mr..
J. J. Perrodin be elected City Treas
urer of the City of Opelousas for,
the ensuing term. Motion duly sec
onded and carried.
Motion by Mr. Gosselin: That the
bid of the St. Landry Lumber Co., of
$51.40 for material to build room
over well at Power Plant being low
est that the same be awarded them.
Motion duly seconded and carried.
Motion by Mr. Gosselin: That the
bid of August Amy to furnish labor
to build room over well at Power
House being lowest, that same be
awarded hime at $63.75. Motion
duly seconded and carried.
The comihunication of the Ope
lousas Enterprise relative to bid for
City Printing was read and re
ferred to the regular meeting in
Motion by Mr. Gosselin: That the
Mayor be authorized to advertise
for bids for the City printing ac
cording to law.
The above motion was lost for
the want of a second.
Motion by Mr. Danel: That an
appropriation of $15.00 per month
for a period of three months be
made out of any available funds
for the purpose of taking care of
the new St. Landry High School
property. Motion duly seconded
and carried.
Motion by Mr. Fields: That the
Board of Health having appointed
Mr. A. L. Hollier Sanitary Inspector
for the City and being agreeable to
the Board of Health to use their
inspector when not busy iespect
ing as a Special Day Police, that
Mr. Hollier be appointed to act in
this capacity at a salary of $60.00
per month, said salary to be effec
tice commencing on July 1st, 1916.
Motion duly seconded and carried.
Motion by Mr. Fields that a com
mittee of two be appointed to look
into all bills presented for approval
and all such as are'not found O. K'd
by the Mayor or any other official
duly authorized shall be referred
to the entire Board for approval.
Upon motion duly seconded and
carried the following bills were ap
proved and ordered paid:
1425 Dietlein & Jacobs ......$ 6120
1426 Leopold Dejian ...... 4.50
1427 T. F. McKinney ...... 22.78
1428 R. M. Hollier ......... .8.00
1429 Jacobs News Depot Co 3.15
1430 H .P. Robin .......... 1.50
1431 St. Landry Clarion .... 12.00
1432 Western Union Tel Co 3.68
1433 Dardeau & Fields .... 16.15
1434 Dqrdeau & Fields .... 0 6.05
1435 W. R. Lacombe ...... 10.00
1436 J. A. Dejean .......... 1.00
1437 Henry Lastrapes, Jr. ..4.50
1438 H. Bodemuller ........ 6.25
1439 La. Oil Ref. Co........ 28030
1340 Chas. F. Boagni ...... 80.00
j441 Shutes Drug' Store .... 4~9
1442 Auto Supply Co ...... 60.60
1443 Warren Meginley ...... 42.00
1444 A. L. Hollier ......... 27.00
1445 Carroll Mornhinveg .. 42.00
1446 Pierce Oil Corp ...... 13.00
1447 Fairbanks Co ......... 5.40
1448 August Mietz .......... 173.86
1449 Texas Oil Co .......... 142.45
1450 Woodward, Wight & Co 190.16
'1451 St. Landry Lumber Co 42.00
1452 St. Landry Lumber Co 9.13
1453 J. B. Sandoz .......... 19.45
There being no further business
and upon motion duly seconded and
carried the meeting was adjourned
subject to call.
E. L. LOEB, Mayor.
H. U. CALLAHAN, Clerk.
• " -:O:--o:
No. 6796, Probate Docket, St. Landry
Parish, La.
By virtue of an order of the Hon.
irable the Sixteenth Judicial Dis
trict Court of Louisiana, in and for
the Parish of St. Landry, signed by
B. H. Pavy, Judge of said Court, and
in pursuance of a commission to me
directed, there will be sold at pub
lic auction, to the last and highest
bidder, by the undersigned testa
mentary executor, or any duly qual
ified auctioneer, at the residence of
Gaton Horaist, Sunday on
SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 1916,
at t11 o'clock A. M, the following de- i
scribed property, to-wit:
All of property belonging to the
estate of Alfred Delorme, No. 8796,
consisting of 8 volumes, works of
Victor Hugo (in French) 8 volumes
of Dumas; 2 volumes of Veugnot; i
Gem Safety razor: 1 gold watch; I
pair cuff buttons; 1 pair of gold eye
glasses; I shot gun; 2 armours; 2
chairs; i rocking chair; 1 old re
frigerator and 1 sulky. :
Testamentary Executor.
Office on Landry street,
Postoffice Lot
I am applying for a pardon.
Drives Out Malaria, Builds UpS
The Old Standard general streng
Ialatra,enriches the blood.and buildsnpth
tem. A treetonic. For adults and childe.a
ota metaltic oems, seased with 31
Ibbo. Tr* so otm. o Ir _w
years egarded as Uat,Safest, Always
FOR A trained nurse, a
sour Graduate Mid-wife,
or phone Mrs. W. N. Da
Phone No. 859, Residence N
661 Vine Street, Opelo
The Streetg. Withstand the Heat
Summer Better Than the Weak ,,
Old people who are feeble, and
peoplewhoare weak, will be stren
and enabled to go through the pess
fig heat of summer by taking
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It
and enriches the blood and b
the whole system. 50c.
FOR SALE--At a bargain. The
located Modern Ginnery in St. Lang
dry on R. aI. D. near depot, consist.
ing of four Gin Stands, with plem
Boiler power, Press, Condensef
everything in complete running t
der. Also One- large Building
for an Ice Plant, and two
Wells, with inexhaustible supp..
of Water. For particulars apply tea
J. W. BAILEY, SR., Washngton`i
La. may 6
Whaever Yes Need a Gae Ts'
Tahe Gseve's a
The Old bandaad Goese's Tasige
rhill ToaIo Is egUly valuable as
General Toaei bemaes it ou taWlte
wel lkanwa teosIe peirrsfeQDIi
and IRON. It acts an thei m , lu
emt Makria, rrickhe the D l4 -f:
'Wilis up the Whole 4ysm. 80o e r.
FOR RENT a residence in the est
ern part of this city on the stre ,
leading to the race track, threi
rooms, dining room, kitchen and
pantry, a large lot and a big barn
Cheap. Apply at this office.
feb 26-tf
No. 666
Tis is a preswripbies p tats epei
or MALARIAy r CHILLS to an r .
is atnes thso as cae pIs e theeer
utarm. It aet ona the eer boen
Calsmel and does ms uiperd istses.
NOTICE is hereby given that I wit '
apply to the Mayor and Board o':
Aldermen of the town of Port Bauie
for a license or permit to operate i
saloon for colored people, for the
year 191w, at Port Barre in tsi
building known as the John rs :
Bland building. LEON PTT .
June 3-6t4
is hereby given that the r ptaa
ship conducted under the style
SLarcade & Litton, heretofore
gaged in the insurance business ha
expired by limitation, and Kwas dis
solved on May 31, 1916.
pnod Swift Reliefs From Allmunit
Years' Standing With First
Dose of Treatment
Many Texans needlessly suffer
stomach ailments and disorders of
digestive tract which appear to
particularly prevalent in the
Many others have found a way
health by the use of Mayr's Wond
The rst dose of this remedy
what it will do.
St., Houston, Texas, wrote: "I
your treatment last sping. I
think I will have to take any r
it comrpletely cured me."
a. L. RANDEL, laredo, , er -
wrote: "I have just fnished my Slk
bottle of your treatment and t
several gall stones. Your preprsi
has worked simply wonderfully dt'
lug my course of treatment." i
O Mayr's Wonderl Remedy gives
manet results fior stomach, liverpa
Intestinal ailments. c at as much
whatever you like. No more dilS
after eating, pressure of gas taOte
stomach and around the heart. Get.e~
bottle of your draugist now ad try
en an absolute guarantee- if not
taetory money will be returned.
FOR SALE A well irhproved 40 s5C
farm. Four miles from the corpor",
ate limits of the city of Opelo
on gravel road leading from Op
sas to Port Barre. -
For further particulars apply 1
this office or write or call on0
S. BORDELON, Opelousas, LS=
iMuitediaricn atheblbodedbetidicd~ii~LI~
tem. Atree~d tests or abspl sd

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