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· Experience
Convinced Ml
of. its Value
"One of our sales
men demonstrated the
yalue of the Long Dis
tance Telephone to us.
He was at Huntsville.
Ala., and up'on his own
, . responsibility put in
Long Distance calls for fiftee'nmcrchaint within a
radius of several hundred mnild,
" . "In less than one hour he had so! ll.Qarrels
of flour at a total cost to us of less than six dollars.
r "Since then we hve, appied th Long Distance
tl ý.nit 'very featut~f our business with
t ?ofitable resulti The service is fine, the
g es reasonabl~ and there is more satisfaction
in one Long Distance Telephone talk than in half
's dozen letters".
Ah r Far Tears of Isca r agg
c-rr. , Mt. .blck G.m
UpsDiespafr. Ihma
Ca l. to Rescue.
Cairo, Ky.--In a interesting letter
Irom this place, Mrs. Bettie Bullock
writes as follows: "I suffered for four
as, with omanly troubles, and during
i1ds time, I could only sit up for a litle
whie, and could nmt w* awywhere at
A3. At tmes, I would have severe pains
b my letl side.
The . doctor wa acled a, adt b tret
mgt relieved me for a whliebs I was
o coahAed to my bmd lin. Ater
, .ao g seemed to do me any good.
rUMLE rnuulEmS cuOU rm amaut
SZ Wiest sasdo and Most Practical
Courses in Business, in Shorthand and
in nglish. Best Equipments. Un
equaled Facilittles. Complete College
ank. Only School with Actual Store
pIwMIMrd aM&pirs and Actual Money, in which students
keep the bOok and balance easoh.
8 Ioia soommodathoes for bdte. Personal itstruction.
No ni ist ,t! IItion to scr!l. r- ddat1 I gen deman
I have just opened an up-to-date and modern tin shop, carrying a
full line of stock and fully able to take care of the big and small
wants of the people of Opelousms and surrounding country.
Try us and see how cheerfully we will accommodate you.
PHONE NO, 137. R. J. KLEISER, Proprietor.
Postoffice Department, Washington,
June i, 1916.
Better knowledg' of the postal
conditions and requirements on the
part of the public means improved
service rendered by postal em
ployees. A copy of the Official Pos
tal Guide, issued in July annually,
should be a part of the necessary
equipment of every business con
cern, of every school or institution,
and, in fact, of all who may use the
postal service. The Guide is es
pecially essential to users of the
parcel post, as the list of post of
fleces arranged by States contains
the unit numbers. Zone keys are
obtainable from local postmasters.
Heretofore the Postal Guide has
been sold to the public by the pub
lishers at $3.50 for the cloth and
3.00 for the paper bound copies,
including monthly supplements.
Beginning with the issue for the
month of July, 1916, the Guides
will be sold to the public by the
Post Office Department at greatly
reduced Ifrices.
As the price of any single copy
id so small, it is suggested that,
where possible, clubs be formed,
one remittance covering the com
bined subscriptions.
Remittances should be made by
money order. Currency is sent at
sender's risk. Po4age, foreign
' money, defaced or sriooth coin will
;t be accepted. All orders for
eI Postal Guide, in its various
together with remittances i
I had gotten so weak I could not stand,
and I gave up in despair.
, At last, my husband gotme a botle of
Cardul, the woman's tonic, and I com
menced taking it. From the very fst
dose, I could tell it was helping me. I
can now walk two mIles wilhat ts
tiring me, and am doing all my work."
If you are all run down from wonmnly
troubles, don't give up in despair. Try
Cardui, the woman'stoalc. It has helped
more than a million women, in Ite 50
years of continuous success, and should
surely help you, too. Your druggist has
sold Cardud for years. He knows what
it wim do. Ask him. He will recom.
mend t. Begin takg du, d t day.
L covering subscriptions, should be
made payable and addressed to
"Disbursing Clerk, Postofice De
partment, Washington, D. C."
The Guides will not be ready for
Ildistribution until the latter part of
e July, but subscriptions should 'be
d forwarded as soon as Possible to
enable the Department to place or
- ders for the publication.
All the Effectiveness, Not the Effect
of Calomel
Liv-Ver-Lax is one of the most im
portant medical discoveries of re
5 cent years. For a long time medi
cal experts, realizing the harmful
effects of calomel, have been striv
iing to find a liver cleaner ' that
would be just as effective as calo
I mel, and yet be absolutely -harmless
in its action. Recently this remedy
was actually put forth by L. K.
Grisby, in his Liv-Ver-Lax.
Liv-Ver-Lax is a harmless vege
table compound, designed solely for
the treatment of liver complaints.
The immediate favor it has met
with in thousands of homes is proof
positive.of itsc real value.
If you feel worn. out, tongue
coated, and skin sallQw, don't delay
until it becomes dangerous, nip the
trouble in the bud with Liv-Ver
Lax. Insist on the genuine, bearing
the- signature and likeness of L. K.
Grisby, which is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money. refunded.
For sale by Shute's Drug Store.
june 24- - adv
No. 20,443, Civil Docket, 16th Ju
dicial District Court, Par
ish of St. Landry, La.
By virtue of a writ of fieri facias,
issued out of the Honorable
Sixteenth Judicial District Court,
in and for the parish of St. Landry,
in the above entitled and numbered
suit, and to me directed, I have
seized and will offer for sale for
cash, at public auction, to the last
and highest bidder, on the premises
of the Defendant, in the Parish of
St. Landry, said premises being
near Pitreville, La, on
SATURDAY, JULY 8th, 1916,
at it o'olook A M., the following
described property, to-wit:
One second-hand potable engine
and holier.
Terms: Cash, to pay and satisfy
the sum of Five Hundred Dollars,
with 8 per cent per annum interest
thereon from March 8, 1915, and 10
per cent on principal and interest
for Atty's fees and colts, unless the
same is immediately paid.
June 24-3t Sheriff.
Plantation half mile from Ope
lousas containing about 124 arpents
land with large two-story residence,
electric lights connected with Ope
lousas plant. Deep well, thirty
bearing pecan trees, large dairy
building, barns, cabins, good fenc
ing, situated just off gravel road
leading to Bellevue. Price.
$7,000.00, cash payment $1,000.00,
ten years terms balance. Six per
cent annual interest. H. D. Lar
cade, Jr. Opelousas, La.
Two furnished rooms. Apply to
Mrs. Julia Redditt, 430 Union Street.
june 24-- mo
aimination for teachers' certificates
will be held July 24, 25, 26, for
whites; and July 27, 28, 29, for
Examinations will be held on the
above dates beginning July 24th, at 1
8:30 A. M, at the High School
Building, Opelousas, La.
Teachers who expect to take spe
cial first grade subjects must no
tify the Parish Superintendent of
the subjects they expect to take be
fore July 15th, so that questions
may be prepared.
Supt. Schools of St. Landry Parish. i
july 1st, 4t
*___ 1
It is a great risk to travel with
out a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, as
this prepartation cannot be ob
tained on the trains or steam
ships. Attacks of bowel complaint
are often sudden and very severe,
and everyone should go prepared
for them. Obtainable everywhere.
:1----:--- ..
WiUl cer Rheuniatjsm Neu.
w NiraW Headache vramps, Colic
s n ru,.,uCut,, rna, d
sema, etc. Autiaqtie A tedesip,
used internally Or externally. 25c.
Every family without exception
should keep this family prepara
tion at hand during the hot weather
of the summermonths. Chamber
lain's Colic Oholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy is worth many times its
cost when needed and is almost cer
tain to be needed before the "sum
mer is over. It has no superior for
,the purpose for which it is in
tended. Buy it now. Obtainable
anywhere. july 1
"I have used Chamberlain's Tab
lets and must say they are the best
I have ever used for constipation
and indigestion. My wife also used
them for indigestion and they did
her good," writes Eugene S. Knight,
Wilmington, N. C. Chamberlain's 1
Tablets are mild and gentle in their
action. Give them a trial.- You
are certain to be pleased with the
agreeable laxative effect which they
produce.: Obtainable everywhere.
There are a few people in any
civilized part of the world who
have not heard of the well-known
kidney remedy, Doan's Kidney Pills.
The story of the introduction of this
remedy from country to country
until the globe has been girdled
would read like romance.
It is a strong testimonial to the
merits of a remedy which has now
been on the market for fifty years
and for the progressiveness of 8
typical American business firm,
Foster-Milburn-Company, Buffalo,
N. Y, who have inspired confidence
everywhere, in their advertising, by
the use of local testimonials. adv
Loans and Discount, Eto..............-........2....54,687.94 Capital Stock - ............. ....... ............_....... '5,000.00
Stook in Federal Reserve Bank--.........- .... 38.000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits Earned 86,690.86
Redemption Fund...............................-............ 2,500.00 Semi-Annual Dividend No. 19........................ 2.000.00
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation................. 50,000.00 Circulation................ ................ 49,000.00
Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures....... 30,000.00 Deposits ......... ..................... ........ ............... 200,321.865
Cash on hand and with Banks ................. 48,063.77 Bills Payable and Rediscounts............... None
Real Estate owned...... ................ .........1.. . 1,260.80 Amount set aside on account 1,916 taxes...... 1,500.00
$389,512.51. $389,512.51
Parish of St. Landry.
I,.A. Leon .Dupre, Casehier of the above-ntamed bank, do solemnly swear that
the above Statement is true to the best qf my knowledge and belief.
A. LEON DUPRE, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this let day of July, A. D., 19106.
E. B. DUBUmsoN .,
Four per cent Iaterus ,,Paid on.T.lCerficar.ats apd s-. Depo.i
State of Louisiana,
Parish of St. Landry.
Pursuant to authority contained
y in an ordinance of the Police Jury
of the Parish of St. Landry, of date
d the sixth day of June, 1916,!, F.
Octave Pavy, President of said body,
r hereby give notice that an election
will be held in the Second Road
District of t'he Fourth Police Jury
Ward of the Parish of St. Landry,
on Tuesday, July 25th, 1916, as set
a forth in the following abstract of
L said ordinance:
"Section One. Be it ordained, by
the Police Jury of the Parish of St.
- Landry, in lawful session convened:
That an election shall be and is
r hereby called to be held in the Sec
ond Road District of the Fourth
e Police Jury Ward of the Parish of
t $t. Landry, on the 25th day of July,
1 A. D. 1916,at which election the
majority of the property taxpay
ers of the said Second JRoad Dis
r trict of said Fourth Police Jury
- Ward of St. Landry parish, in num
ber and amount eligible to vote and
voting at iaid election, shall de
termine the propositions:
First. To aJthr'*:-e Ihe S3e;ond
Road District of tlh, Fourth
St. Landry through its governing
authority to incur debt and issue
bonds to the- amount of Seventy
Five Thousand Dollars, ($75,000.00),
to run for a period of 23 years,
bearing interest at the rate of five
per cent per annum, payable semi
annually; the funds thus derived to
be used for the purpose of con
structing, maintaining and repair
ing the public roads and bridges in
said Second Road DistricSt of the
said Fourth Police Jury Ward;
Second. Whether a special tax
of not more than 10 mills on the
dollar per annum, in addition to the
Vehicle and Per Capita tax levied
under existing ordinances, shall be
annually levied on all taxable p{iop
erty in the Second Road District of
the Fourth Police Jury Ward of
the Parish of St. Landry, to an
amount sufficient to extinguish
such debts as the governing body of
said Road District may incur and
to pay such bonds in principal and
interest as it may issue under the
authority herein proposed to be
granted it. The balance of said tax
after the payment of said bonds in I
principal, and interest, to be used 1
by the proper authority of said
road district. n constr·cti'g, <
maintaining and repairing the roads
and bridges of said Second Road
District of the said Fourth Police I
Jury Ward."
The said election shall be held j
at the following polling places, and
by the officials named, each being a
registered voter:
1st: At Melville: Election Com
missioners: A. Rosenberg, Lud
Darnall and J. B. Cason; Clerk:
Sidney Deloach.
2nd: At Palmetto: Election Com
missioners: Charles Mayer, West- I
ley Budden and Harry Mayer;
Clerk: J. M. Carriere.
Notice is hereby further given
that 1
On Monday, the Seventh day of (
August, 1916, the eleventh day fol- 1
lowing such election, at i o'clock, ,
a. m, the Police Jury will meet ait
Opelousas, La, in its rooms and
there in public session open the I
ballot boxes, examine and canvaas
the retturs and declare the result
of said election, and promulgate
the same. I
Given on this, the 10th day of
June. 1916, at Opelousas, in said
A true copy.
President of the Police Jury of te
Parish of St. Landry, La.
J. J. HEJALEY, Clerk.
6-t7-'i6-4t 1
Feder al Inquiry or
Railroad Strike
Faced by demands from the conductors, engineers,' firemen and balenmen:
that would impose on the country an additional .burden·in transportation c.=sts of .
$100,000,000 a year, the railroads propose that this wage problem be settled byT
reference to an impartial Federal tribuial.
i With these employes, whose efficient service ist acknowledged, the, railroads
have no differences that could not be considered fairly and decided justly by suchi
a public body.
Railroads Urge Public Inquiry and Arbitration
The formal proposal of the railroads to the employes for the settlement of
the controversy is as follows.:
"Our conferences have demonstrated that we cannot harmonize our direrences of opinion and that eventually Athe
matters in controversy must be passed upon by other and disinterested agencies. Therefore, we propine that yor.
proposals and the proposition of the railways be disposed of by one or the other of thd' following methodi:
1. Preferably by submission to the Interstate Commerce Commission, the only tribunal which, by reason o its
accumulated information bearing on railway conditions and its control of the reveno. of the railwaysi is is a posi
tion to consider and protect the rights and equities of all the interests affected, and to provide .additioai reruei
necessary to meet the added cmst of operatie. in case your proposals are fooud by the Commission to be just. ain
reasonable; or, is the event the Interstate Commerce' Commission cannot, under existing laws, act in the premiseN
that we jointl request Coitres to take such action as may be necessary to ea~ie the Comhaission to eseaiderj I
promptly dispose of the questions involved- or
2. Sy arbitration in accordsace with the provisions of the Federal law" (The tNewlands Ac).
Leaders Refuse Offer and Take Strike Vote
Leaders of the train service brotherhoods, at the joint conference held in New r
York, June 1-15, refused the offer of the railroads to submit thie issue to' arbitration
or Federal review, and the employes are now yoting on the question whether
authority shall be given these leaders to declare a otion-wibde strikes
The rinirstate Commerce Commission is proposed by the raitoadsd as the
public body to which this issue oight to e riefered forir tie reasosd:
N. sithr body with such an h ntimste kpedee pleyes aswagss; sad themesey M pay inezesasd wages
of railroad conditions haa seek as ugas uelesed poas can em feel a s ehram e hma the maas paidl
ties i the puble esaSldece. y the sbIe
traasportatieoo aw now largely med by this Gover*- na ever eat lie b a po d. to i m - a $10
Meat heartsed
ow 1 ievery defier rereled oth wrairoads freeIEVE
the panli neatldy ee.half is paid diaetly to the e* oft the tlr ads st A bli.
A Question For the Public to ece
The railroads feel that they bacv no tilt to rant a w+a r er
$100,000,000 a year to these a loges, gow hsghly p ik
one-fifth of all the employes, without *' clei ma i date arout a .ju.lie
shall determine the merits of the case after a review of 1aUthe facts.
The ing;l issue befistc " citry `is ,htr e sy is Ie -i.ettlud
imspartial Gweruneut issir or it 6st M Fie iia4 ird fVd.
Naeanal Cmere Cr.mlsmibe d ' t
,LISiA LEr Chair.ma
P. . ALRIGT GYrl . en'e s...'di. ' ,,"
Ad asic Cshss Use Ruhd URabinees . siI.
I' .. .I ,. . a.r. Pa..,sen H.W. W. ASTR . L,.I' Y MS . . l. . CID~om, £
. York Ceutral k)·,e. WeeliaA L ABr . Ralikd... a , "
I'OR SALE A well improved 40 acre
farm. Four miles from the corpor
ate limits of the city of, Opelousas
on gravel road leading from Opelou
sas to Port Barre.
Fo'r further particulars apply to
this office or write or call on
S. BORDELON, Opelousas, La.
june 10-6L
Opelousas, La., June 28th, 1916.
Pursuant to the direction of the
president and he provision of the
charter, a meeting of the stock
holders of the St. Landry Cotton Oil
Co., is hereby called to be, ield at
the office of the company at Ope
:lousas, La., on Tuesday the the 1st
day of .August, 1916, at 10. oaclock
A. M., for the purpose of electing
members of the board of directors
for the year ending on the first
Monday in June, 1917, and for the
.iriher purpose of transacting
sues other business as the stock
holders may iteem of benefit or ad
vantage to the said corporation. In
faith whereof I have ihereunto set
Ply hand and afled Athe seal of
said corporation, this 28th day of
June, A. D., 1916.
Why Burdn a Friend with the
Care of Your Estate'?
Unquestionably it shows confidence in' your
friend's ability and integrity to name him as ex
ecutor and trustee of your estate% but is it fair
to place on him such a burden of responsibility? . :a
Can he aff.ird, from tie standpoint of his own
personal interests, to accept. such an appoint
Why not consider the, selection of an execu
tor and trustee as a business matter, and appoint
the Union Bank & Trust Company, which is or
ganized especially to undertake the duties of
It is the Company's business to be thoroughly
familiar..with.all the phases of trust business,
and its organization is so complete and so well
systematized that all details of administration
are promptly and correctly attended to.
A fact not generally understood is that the
highly specialized and competent service ren
dered by: this Company costs no more than the
service of an individual executor, trustee or
admpinistrator and there is no charge for a surety
The officers of the Company will be glad to
falk with you, or to send you information in re
gard to any trust or banking matters you may
;have in mind.
Resourees $300,O.OLJ.

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