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"Here Shall The Press The People's Rights Maintain, Unawed by Influence and Unbribed by Cain."
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Filed Nomination Papers With
Chairman Dossmann
Spirited Contest Promised In
Sixteenth District-- Candi
dates Getting Active
On last Saturday P. R. San
doz and Jno. W. Lewis, candi
dates for District Judge and
District Attorney for the Six
teenth Judicial District, filed
with Chairman Dossmann of
the Democratic Judicial Com
mittee, nomination papers, and
from now until election day,
which is September 12, the
• voters of this district can look
for interesting and exciting de
velopments along that line.
Both Judge Pavy and District
.Attorney Garland are seeking
re-election. Mr. Garland is
now serving his fifth term in
the District Attorney's office,
while Judge Pavy has been on
.. the bench something over six
On July 4th, the campaign
was opened at Bayou Chicot,
when Messrs. Sandoz, Lewis,
Garland and Pavy annouinced
' their candidacies. It was pro
mrised by all to eschew person
alities and adhere strictly to
i the issues of the campaign.
Both the judge and District
Attorney stated that they
would seek re-election and
stand on their official records.
&--Messrs. Lewis and Sandoz an
nounced that they would criti
cize the records of their oppo
nents, as that was a legitimate
Ssubject for criticism; that they
would not inject bitter person
Y- alities into this fight-forget
ti; ig Pavy and Garland person
ally, only remembering them
,as Judge and District Attorney
int well remembering them in
`their respective capacities, and
will demand that they giveac
:ount of their stewardship to
.the ,people of this district.
SMessrs. Lewis and Sandoz
=: are aggressive campaigners.
'They both feel confident of the
f"inal result, as they are meet
i- ng with every encouragement
throughout the whole district.
The 'people are agreeing with
ilJefferson on the proposition
;<that too long in public office
!has a tendency to make one
Slack in. official duties. From
ione end of this district to the
iother the people are demand
Ing a change. They want a
n.:ew deal, and what the people
want they generally get.
Speaking of the judicial elec
S::tion the early part of the week
a non-partisan voter said:
'Peyton Sandoz and John
;:Lewis are two of the most able
lawyers in the state. They are
jboth honest and clean-cut
young men. With their per
oz.onal popularity and the gene
r:al demand for a new deal,
:conditions are certainly flat
.e4ering". Reports coming in
from.all sections of both pari
shes point to a Sandoz-Lewis
\. victory.
SF. Fogleman of Morrow Brings
Editor of Clarion First
Cane of Season
The popular Member of the
Parish SSchool Board of the
. Morrow section, visited The'
Clarion the early part of the
week and brought this office
the first stalks of cane seen
' here this season.
The cane was of an excellent
:quality, and Mr. Fogleman re
,ports that the cane crop this
, earin his section is one of the
:best that he has ever seen; in
fact, the crop in that section,
t1generally, will be a record
Contractor T. H. McKinney,
is now making preparatIions for
the erection of the new build
ing which is to be occupied by
The Jacobs News Depot Co.
and the Kandy Kitchen. Car
penters - are - removing - the
building from the lot and as
:soon as the material arrives
Contractor McKinney will
`start work on the new build
The arcade of the Princess
Theatre which was on the
:Jacobs lot has been taken
Ao.wn and the theatre entrance
is now on Court Street.
Calls Primary to Nominate Party
Candidate for Sheriff
Be it Resolved by the Democratic
Executive Committee of the parish of
St. Landry, that,
Whereas, a vacancy has occurred in
the office of sheriff of the parish of
St. Landry by reason of the death of
the late Marion L. Swords; and,
Whereas, his Excellency, Ruffin G.
Pleasant, governor of the state of
Louisiana, has called a special elec
tion to be held throughout the parish
of St. Landry on the 12th day of Sep
tember, 1916, to fill said vacancy;
Whereas, it will be necessary for
the democratic party of the parish of
St. Landry to select the nominee of
said party to be voted for at said
special election; therefore, be it
Resolved, that a white democratic
primary is hereby called to be held
on August 15, 1916, for the purpose
of selecting the nominee of the dem
ocratic part for the office of sheriff
of the parish of St. Landry. Be it
Resolved, that all persons desiring
to become candidates for said office
of sheriff at said primary election
shall file with the chairman or sec
retary of this committee their written
notification of their intention to be
come a candidate for said office at said
prima1y, on or before 12 o'clock mid
night August 8, " 1916, accompanied
with his declaration of his qualifica
tions to enter said primary under the
laws of the state of Louisiana; that
each candidate desiring to enter said
primary shall, at the time of filing his
notification, deposit with the chair
man or secretary of this committee
the sum of one hundred dollars
($100.00), to be used in defraying
such expenses as this committee may
be called upon to defray. Be it furth
Resolved, that in the event no can
didates receive a majority of the vote
east at' said priinary election for said
office of sheriff, then and in that event
a second primary is hereby called to
be held -of the 19th day -of August,
1916, at which primary the two re
shall be entitled t6 become canmd
dates. Be it further'
Resolved, that this committee meet
again on August 10, 1916, for the pur
pose of selecting the commissioners
and clerks of election and that each
candidate who has qualified himself
to enter said primary shall, on or be
fore noon, the 10th day of August,
1916, submit to the chairman or sec
retary of this committee the names of
such persons as he shall have belected
as commissioners and clerks of elec.
tion, and that this committee shall
proceed to select the commissioners
and clerks of election in accordance
with the manner provided by law
Be it Resolved, by the democratic
executive committee of the parish of
St. Landry, that,
Whereas, it will be necessaly fo
elect one member of the school board
from the first police jury ward, one
member from the third police jury
ward, one member from the fourth
police jury ward, one member from
the fifth police jury ward and one
from the sixth police jury ward at the
Igeneral election to be held in the
month of November, 1916; and,
Wheras, a democratic primary elec
tion has been called to be held on
September 12, 1916, and it will be
necessary at said primary election to
select the nominees of the democratic
party for the office of member of the
school board from said wards; there
fore be it
Resolved, that all persons desiring
to become a candidate for the office
6f member of the school board from
said police jury wards are hereby re
quired to file with this committee noti
fication of their intention to .become
a candidate for said office on or before
August 18, 1916, and shall deposit with
the chairman or secretgry of this com
mittee, with such notification, the sum
of two and 50-100 dollars, to be used
in defraying such expenses as this com
mittee may be required to do under
the law in the holding of said primary
election. Be it further
Resolved, that in the event there be
more than two candidates for said
office from said ward, then there shall
be held a second primary on the same
date fixed for the holding of the judi
cial and congressional primary elec
tion, at w-hich said second primary
those who have received the highest
number of votes shall be entitled to
become candidates.
o --
At the last election the voters of
the Opelousas precinct enjoyed the
inexpensive lunch served by the
ladies of the Manse Circle.
On Sept. 12th, this same organi
zation will serve coffee, sand
house square.
Candidate for Judge of the 16th Judicial District Court
Body Taken Snap Judgement In Sheriff's Primary
Allows Thibodeaux But Two Weeks Campaign
-Action of Body Tuesday Shows Spirit
of Partisanship Unheard
Of In Parish
The parish democratic executive
committee Tuesday established an
unheard of precedent in the matter
of taking snap judgment on a'candi
date for office. Sheriff Swords was
killed on July 17. On last wqek the
governor issued a call for a §pecial
election to fill the vacancy, fixing
said election on September 12, teie
day of the judicial and congression
al primary. The committee met
Tuesday and fixed the nominating
primary for Tuesday, August 15,
when the 22d or the 29th would
have been a more appropriate date
and certainly showed a more liberal
and fair spirit toward Mr. Thibo
deaux, whose candidacy was only
formally announced on the day be
fore the committee met.
The action of the committee was
undoubtedly "cut and dried" before
hand. The majority of the body,
Lazaro Returns for the Campaign
Congressman Ladislas Lazaro, re
turned to his home at Washington,
La., Wednesday and will plunge im
mediately into the campaign for re
election. Mr. Lazaro is opposed by
Judge A. M. Barbe and District At
torney T. A. Edwards, both di Lake
Charles. The first primary is set for
September 12th.
Congressman Lazaro is now serving
his second term in conigress and has
made for himself an enviable record.
He has been a tireless worker in the
interest of the farmer and the wage
earner. He worked unceasingly for
the rural credits bill which has re
cently been enacted into law and the
establishment of twelve land banks
throughout the country, authorized,
New Orleans will most likely secure
one of these banks which will prove
of inestimable benefit to the farmers
favoring Mr. Thibodeaux's oppo
nent, who had been in the field
since the very morning of Sheriff
Swords' murder, thought tQ throt
tle every chance Mr. Thibodeaux
might have in a longer campaign
to meet the voters and present his
candidacy to them. The democrats
of this parish who are not swayed
by partisan prejudice should frown
on such unwarranted action by the
committee, which is supposed to
be the representative of the de
mocracy and not the machine and
organ of a one-man 'faction.
Mr. Thibodeaux, however, is not
weakened before the people by the
committee's action for the hundreds
of people in this parish who wish
to see a fair and square deal ir
respective of factional alignment
will come to his aid on election day
and right a wrong which the com
throughout Louisiana. The Gazette's
editor who was appointed by Gov.
Hall as a member of the ,Louislana
rural credits commission secured
from Congresman Lazaro last year
!quite a lot of valuatle information and
data upon this subject and we are
therefore in a positi~n to know the
!great service rendered in congress by
Mr. Lazaro upon this long needed leg
Mr. Lazaro during the forty days
Intervening between this and the
election will address the voters in
every city, town, village and hamlet
in the eight parishes of this district
and give an account of his steward
ship. He has a legion of friends who
will be glad to greet him and assure
him of their former loyalty.--Kinder
mittee has attempted to perpetrate
on a candidate for the party's nomi
nation. The news of the commit
tee's self-evident action in favor of
one candidate will quickly reach
every voter in the parish and that
action will prove a bobmerang on
those who fathered such an un
democratic move. When the party
machine-for the committee is
nothing else-attempts to use its
power to benefit one candidate
against the just claims of another
the people will take.an active hana
in condemning such an unwarrant
ed proceeding and elect the man
the committee wishes to crush. 1
The voters who participate in the
primary on August 15 will please
bear in mind what the parish com
mittee did last Tuesday.
On last Sunday in a slow and
uninteresting game the local
team defeated the Abbeville
aggregation by a score of 8 to
3. Opelousas' runs were scor-;
ed in the first agnd second inn
|ng, while Abbeville crossed
the plate once in the second
and twice in the fourth.
The undersigned wish to express
their thanks to those kind friends
who assisted us during .the last
illness of our wife and mother, I
Mrs. Luca Lupo, whose death oc
curred on Friday of last week.
We appreciate the loving attention
of every one who came to our as
sistance during our bereavement.
Mr. Catlett of the Police Jury Will
Act on Lewis Campaign
During the last campaign Mr.
Kemp. T. Catlett of Rosa, member
of the police jury from the fourth
ward, was one of the prominent
supporters of John M. Parker for
governor. Mr. Catlett is an orator
of no mean ability and can ,hold
his own in any debate.
Mr. John W. Lewis, candidate for
district attorney, made a vigorous
and active fight for Col. Pleasant,
the democratic nominee for gover
nor. This fact, it is understood, is
being urged against Mr. Lewis in
his own candidacy now in an en
deavor to prejudice the former
Bull Moose voters against him.
Mr. Catlett, however, always
himself open in his political
fights, admires Mr. Lewis' political
candor and writing to him not only
tenders him his support but says
"I am willing to make an argument
from the stump anywhere in your
interest. I have
'A tale to tell of the pearl-let
Where the wave-whelmed mariner
rocks in sleep.'"
Mr. Catlett is not the only sup
porter of Mr. Lewis who espoused
the cause of John M. Parker last
April, but the virile candidate for
district attorney is receiving flat
tering offers from many Parker
men who, like Mr. Catlett, also ad
mire 'him for his manly and hon
est stand for Col. Pleasant.
Resolution of Sympathy
Willow Camp No. 47, W. O. W.
Opelousas, La., July 27, 1916
Whereas, The angel of death has
Invaded the home of sovereign S. J.
LeBlanc and robbed him of his 1J
loved wife, Kate Edna Himel, daught
er of sovereign P. U. Himel, and
brought sorrow and despair into their
midst; and,
able woman the husband has' been
bereft of his 'guiding star on life's
rugged journey and the companion
ship of an affectionate and devoted
helpmeet, and the community of one
of its most lovable members; there
fore, be it
Resolved, That Willow Camp No. 47,
W. O. W., tender to its ibereaved
Brother Sovereigns its .most profound
sympathy in this their hour of sorrow
and affliction, and commend them to
the care and keeping of the, Great
Sovereign Commander of the Universe
to whose will and decree we must all
bow in humble submission. May they
derive consolation and comfort in the
knoirledge and behalf of a happy and
glorious reunion in the Great Forest
beyond the skies. Be it further
Resolved, That this resolution be
spread upon the minutes of the camp,
a copy be sent to the families of our
Brother Sovereigns, and that a copy
be sent to the local papers for publi
Political "Slackenr"
In the army, the man who sees the
need of his country 'defendng its
rights, yet who is unconcered when
the call to arms is sounded, is termed
a "slacker."
Every community also has its poli
tical "slackers"-men who -stand
around and say so-and-so "is my man,
but I do not believe he can be elected,"
and then goes on to state his'reasons.
While such fellows may be good
citizens at heart, and mean no harm
by taking such a position, neverthe
less, they do much harm to the candi
date they pretend to apport, by ex
pressing continually their doubts.
This is no time for political "slack
ers" in Evangeline and St. Landry par
Those who favor Peyton Sandoz for
district judge and John Lewis for dis
trict attorney ought to go to work if
they are not already at it, and work
'till the last ballot is counted. The op
position's forces are working aud
don't you forget it.
If you are "afraid they can't be
elected" that fright constitutes all the
greater reason why you should "get
Lewis and Sandoz CAN be elected,
they WILL be elected regardless of
political "slackers," but the bigger
their majority the better we will all
"Get. busy" brother and STA'
SBUSY!-Eunce Star,
Popular Contractor To . Enter
Contest for Sheriff - "
Primary To Be Called At Early
Date, And Whirlwind CanC
paign Is Expected
In answer to a demand by
representative citizens from
every section of the Empire
Parish, Charles Thibodeaui
has announced himself as ag
candidate to succeed the late:,'i
M. L. Swords as St. Landry's
Sheriff. He is opposed by D. MI?
Fdontenot, who was defeated
for that office by Mario...:
Swords in the January Pri..
Mr Thibodaux is a seasoned.. _-*
campaigner and has many.
personal followers from onie
end of the parish to the others
His many friends predict ,fo
him an easy victory.
Since his announcement Mr:
Thibodaux has visited dif-» ;
ferent sections of the pariish
and reports that thingsre
in fine shape. All of his lid
friends are working tooth and
toe-nail behind him, he says,-;
and has made many new ones.
In speaking of his candidacy
to a `representative of ,°e
Clarion, Mr. Thibodeaux
in part: "My opponent'sc
didacy was agreeded upon
day of Sheriff Swords' b
by Mr. Charles Chachere,i
Kelly Andrus, Mr. Henry
strapes and Dr. Pavy, is
I have been informed. Th
thus endeavor to reach.
the dead body of our
S'heriff and hand the;peo
of this parish a hand-p!.k
candidate for that office.. T
the people do not seem
relish; they do not seem
take to the idea of lett
few office-holders and
ting politicians tell the.
their Sheriff shall be.;
are upin aa gese
justly so,4-nd ona electio
that plot is going to .
into such threads tht
office-holders or.
will have the audacity.
try such an act."
"And again. It Isea c
rumor, and I have never
it denied, that' Mr. (i
will be give the pisit.on
Chief - Criminal Deputy,
same as held under our
Sheriff. Of course, i
nothing to say again;t
friend Chachere, butth
remains that on. tht fat
Sheriff Swords and two
were shot to pieces; adi ,
least that can be said fi
Chachere is that he does
know how to meet such a:
"And further; Mr. F
has neglected to take the *J
sessment throughout the pixl
but just copied it from the
rolls. This certainly works
the disadvantage of t he
payers. I will give you ap 0.
emple. A man umight .
owned two hundred head ofi
cattle when the last assessmen.ti :
was taken, but in the mean.:
time disposed of same. Dy..+
copying the old rolls the AaLi.
sessor would charge him wit~i
the full amoun.t He would.,
thus pay taxes on something ,: = .'i
he did not have. These rolls:
have been sent to the Board of,
Equalizers it is now to late t..~.
rectify this grave injustice.
"These are some of the rea
sons why the people are up in ii :ri
revolt. The opposition claim:;
that they have all of the office- >i
holders and professionals poolt
ticians with them. Gant,
The difference between my '.'
opponent and me is, he has the
office-holders and politicians
with him and I have the peopP
with me. and the people al-,
ways win".
Mr. Thibodeaux says that he.
is going to make his appeal to a h-n t
all the people, and'not depend,
on the influence of any court,
house ring or professional poll
ticians to give him an officer
that belongs to the people.
Although the primary elec
tion is to be held on the 15 of
this month, there is ample time
for the candidates to visit all
sections of the parish. The
general election for Sheriff's
contest will be held on the 12
of September, the of the Con
i gressional and Judicial Prni-,i
n aries.

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