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Sims Honored Abroad, Reprimanded at Home
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"*"\£ÎL V V -''
The Prince of Wales, Admiral W. S. Sims, Ü. S. N.. and other notable persons, are here seen entering the sen
«te house, Cambridge university, where the admiral was given an honorary degree. Inset is a photograph of Ad
s' mirai Sims made as he was about to report to Secretary Denby, who publicly reprimanded him for his antl-Slnn
Fein speech tn London.
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Friday, July 8.The big rain last
< night did our crops a wonderful lot of
good and we were all much pleased to
have Old Jup shed his tears upon our
humble community- Most of the fel
lows are working around the saw mill
and tearing down the big shed. Fred
Waters and Collingwood have found
an asphalt mine and are now hauling
the goods in by the barrels full ; so
f we expect to paint our roofs black, i
I refuse to tell you just how the story
leaked out, but the dope was discov
ered after it had leaked out of awreck
| id car on the R. R.. Well, we should
worry; if we get the leaks in our roofs
stopped. The cçme is being hoed, pro
bably for the last time this summer,
and Carlson is plowing it, also. Ole
and I drove out past the dairy and
and carlson is plowing it, also. Ole
s Ford ranches to look over some timber,
and we also took a long look at the
20 acres of sweet potatoes that Schar
rer is tending. They are looking fine
and Leonard was cultivating them as
an assistance to stimulate growth and
help the fellows to keep the weeds
down- Teachers' meeting was held as
usual this evening and later we all
went to the choral practice at the ho
tel. Comrade Winter has taken over
all the singing and near-singing clubs
and is now expecting to boil us over
arid create some new and valuable
song birds. Well, if he doesn t, it s
not his fault; he is a good teacher and
likes the job and with the good talent
and near-talent we have, there is going
to be something doing in the vocal
* * * *
Saturday, July9.—We are having
excellent weather to insure good late
crops and if we can get our buildings
put up we will be in a position to take
in several more families : our next
problem is to house our people ;we
have nearly every house filled and sev
eral families ready to come. So build
we must, and at once. Brick masons
we must have, and soon; a letter to
day informs me that another set of
plans are on the way for our inspec
tion, for the prospective hotel build
ing. Comrade Hastings is also draw
About Your Vacation
Mr. Leesville.
Mr. Leesville, you have been working
steadily during the cool months of the year,
and you are now longing for your fishing
poles hanging on the porch, and want "to
go fishing."
Well, sir, vacation time is here.
Have you the cash? Many of you have
•been here weekly and deposited your spare
money regularly, so that you can draw on
your funds and "hike out."
Our best wishes are with you.
If you are one of those who has "spent
up" each week, leaving nothing to put by,
then we want to suggest that your vacation
should remind you that this bank will glad
ly take care of your spare dollars each week
and when next summer rolls around you will
have the cash to make your vacation worth
For Service, Safety, and Convenience,
Bank with us—
West Louisiana Bank
S. T. Ward, President. G. Ed. Wehrt, Active Vice-Pres.
Wiimer Cain, Cashier.
ing up plans for our future industrial
plant, all to be built of brick, made
right here in Newllano. We sold an
other cor load of brick to-day and
started loading it this p.m. Saturday
seems like the childrens' day here,
; and to-day they have been working
' all morning and have eaten their lunch
at the school house, and then away we
go to the swimming pool for the rest
of the afternoon. Do they enjoy it?
Well, just come and see. Every
youngster who has been with us one
year swims like a duck and you would
enjoy watching them play "water tag"
' or ""follow the leader" or wrestle each
other off the spring board- Boys and
girls all play together; no one gets
mad or grouchy; they just have a real
good time of it and these good times
! will develop them into co-operators
who will refuse to take advantage of
each other in their future dealings.
Mrs. Tackett has again taken up her
work at the laundry and now the ho
tel, sewing room, apd laundry seem to
be well-supplied with help. The dance
' to-night had the largest attendance of
' the season, and we will soon have to
get our roof garden built or move into
the out-door style of dancing. Sev
' eral visitors were present and were
much pleased to see our new dances
, and their greatest pleasure was ex
pressed in the fact that our small chil
dren are so excellent performers on the
dance floor. Myrtle Kemp serves ice
cream, candy, peanuts, and cold drinks
at a stand each evening and is well
patronized. Morris Gallo is her right
hand assistant and they have a fine
business and afford all an opportunity
for refreshments. As our dances are
I free to all, an evening of real enter
tainment and education is looked for
ward to by our neighbors as well as
by our own people.
f # * #
Sunday, July 10—To-day it is rain
ing and outside'of a few chores and
some work being done in the shops,
like getting machines ready for work
to-morrow, we are all enjoying a rest.
Yes, it is rest to change one's occupa
tion or thinking. I am thinking of a
problem that the world must solve and
I wonder if it will take more war and
fightihg; blood and tears; distress and
death to solve it. In Russia the aver
'age student used to have to work hard
and deny himself much in order to be
able to carry on his studies. He took
it as a matter of course and looked
upon it =»s a necessity. Now, under
the new regime, food, clothing, and
shelter are furnished him and he is a
\ real grumbler. Why? Here in the
Colony we have met the same condi
, tions for years, and most new-comers
(not all) find some trivial thing to
, complain of, and in some instances
become so up-set that they go back to
capitalism and then cry out against
the world for the mistake they made.
Why? Here in the Colony your econ
omic problem is solved; we have
enough good wholesome food for all
and each has the same right to use it.
I dare say no community in the world
is better fed than we are (with good
wholesome food, but few tempters to
false appetites). It is not altogether
just what we want, but, by our labors,
we can make it what we need- We
wear what clothes we have; we have
few silks, satins or broadcloth, but we
do not need or wish for them. We are
a bunch of working people and feel;
that we should not spend our wealth
in foolish dress when good plain
clothes are to be had. Our people are
clean almost to the limit. Their clothes
do not limit them, but their cleanli
ness does, and no shallow-brained man
or woman can fool this bunch by paint
I and pwder, silk or broadcloth ; so why
I not be satisfied with nice clean clothes
1 made to suit yourself, instead of styles
i that look well upon some but hideous
I on others. Well, our homes are far
from what we want, but we can build
them; we have the material, and by
applying the labor the job is done.
All these we have without need of
money, and more, there is a security
of the future here for all with the
wealth of the community behind us,
and yet we have the same conditions
prevailing as in the case of the Rus
sian students. It proves to me, with
out a doubt, that our problem is not
an economic one; it is psychological.
Here we can have what we make; and
as labor makes everything, why can't
we have everything we wish to have?
Outside, you get only a small portion
of what you produce and are satisfied
to have a job (and you are lucky, too,
if you have one). Now, why does the
Russian student kick at the people
who solve the economic problem and
why does our new-comer kick because
his economic worries are taken from
his back here? It is psychological
and he is unable to see the better con
dition, and this is caused through sus
picion, jealousy or greed. You must
let these three traits shed from you
when you come here, or they will
drive you out- There is no place for
them in this community. If you have
them, we will help you to free your
self, if you will try; but really it is
your job and we have lots of work of
our own. Are you free from them, or
are you big enough to handle the job
alone? The mental science class will
help you if you will attend it, and it
meets every Sunday night, as it did
to-night. After the class, we went to
the theater and enjoyed an excellent
program; Mrs. Winter is getting up the
entertainments and Comrade Winter
handles them and we are indeed glad
the two Winters are here, after all.
Monday, July II.—Miss Venita Thur
man, daughter of Dr. Thurman, arriv
ed in the Colony last evening and has
started to work and to school to-day
Most of the farm crew is helping at
the big shed, where they are fixing the
roof over the saw tnill and wood-work
ing department: after this is done, the
drying shed for bricks will be fixed.
A large influx of people to the Colony
has caused us to order a car loarLçf
mattresses which will come in by
in « day oi two.
It is astonishing how Pedagogy
sticks to its old ways of doing things
while giving lip-service to ideas and
principles completely at variance with
the practice. Some of the most rigid
traditionalists m the field of education
are administrators or normal-school
teachers who cannot praise too highly
the works of John Dewey! The
schools of America have lately been
celebrating the birthday of Johann
Emos Comenius. Four centuries ago,
Comenius was giving utterance to
truths which to us still seem strangely
new. Such as:
"To instruct the young is not to beat
into them by repetition a mass of
word, phrases, sentences, and opinions
gathered out of authors; but it is to
open their understanding through
"We must offer to the young, not
the shaddows of things, but the things
themselves, which impress the senses
and the imagination. Instruction must
commence with a real observation of
things and not with a verbal descrip
tion of them."
Of course, there are numerous ways
in which our present methods of edu
cation are wrong. Their improvement
cannot be left wholly to the profession
al çducator- What says Comenius?
"For though a man may be naturally
unsuited to be a schoolmaster, or may
be fully engaged by his duties as a
Nash was in Houston and finished the
deal and visited his children at the
same time. Comrade Snyder and wife
and Mr. Carter ,and I drove out in
the country to look over some land.
Comrade Snyder is taking 40 acres to
help us along. He has many friends
up in Kansas whom he expects to in
vest in land also. If we can get enough
of you to take up the 4000 acres we
are to handle this year and next
spring, it will relieve us greatly and
permit us to devote all our energies to
putting up permanent homes and clear
ing land. We shipped a car load of 4
brick to-day, and sold four wagon
loads to another man; so the brick
business seems to be picking up. The
new kiln is fine and those who want
brick can get them here to the advan
tage of themselves and the whole com
munity; for the buying of home pro
ducts keeps the cash at home, and
there is no reason why we should not
furnish the brick for this whole Parish.
Pete Caron is having a hard time keep
ing himself busy at the laundry; he
fills in extra time sawing wood for
1 general use- 'Pete always was a par
ticular cuss and now growls because
he hasn't enough work to keep him
busy. Women, I want to talk to you
' as a comrade. First, I want to know
. what your ideal and aim in life is. Do
' you wish to take your place in the
I world alongside of men, or do you still
wish to be his slave or inferior, and
' scrub and cook, clean up and dress up
' to please your lord and master, and
let him support you? Do you not
know that your capacity for enjoying
life is measured by what you know
and can do? If you don't know it, I
want you now to realize it. The ren
dering of service is the only way to
bring happiness; and just get the idea
that there are other people in the
world besides your own folk. We are
social beings and owe our first duty
to society as a whole. There are bet
ter things in the world than fine cloth
es, pretty faces, painted and colored
to match all different kinds of scenery.
Stripped of your false feathers, you
all look alike, unless you have the
gray matter under your hair puffs and
really know how to use it. Why all
this tirade? Because, if you come
here, dress will not make you popular;
you will not be favored because you
have a pretty face or can peddle gos
sip. The things you do will place you
in your proper place and give you the
happiness we all want. You don't
'need a man to support you here; you
'can be free and independent and mar
' ry for love if you desire it, but never
'as a necessity- If you come to the
Colony, shun those who. try to peddle
word poison, join hands with the con
structors and lend a hand that will
truly make women the equal of men
in service and brain power. Nothing
is so inspiring as to come into an ac
! quaintance with a woman who has real
human ideals and is willing to do her
part in working out their attainment;
and nothing is quite so disappointing
as a woman who wishes to be a para
site and sell her self as a thing to be
kept. Let us get rid of the customs
of savagery and quit trying to fool
people with false colors; let us be gen
uine and useful and receive the re
ward of true service to humanity. Men
are to blame for the position women
now hold and they will keep you there
if they can. But here in the Colony
the change is in your power, and we
will help you to unfasten the shackles
and keep them off. Llano Colony
Id be your landing point, if you
Here is what the American worker
was doing in 1919 while he was being
abused and slandered by his enemies:
He created manufactures valued at
$62,500,000,000, two and a half times
more than he produced in 1914, be
fore the war
He took as his share of this enor
mous wealth less than $ 10,000,000,»
000, about 15 per cent of the value
he created.
He was not a slacker, and he was
not a profiteer.
His increased wage of 100 per cent
compares favorably with the 200 per
clergyman, a politician, or a physician,
he makes a great mistake if he thinks
he is on that account exempt from the
common task of school reform."
—The American Child?
As a candidate for the democratic
nomination for Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court, I solicit your vote and
support. I wish I could see each of
you and talk with you face to face,
but the shortness of the campaign will
deny me the pleasure of seeing but
few of you. Hence, I must resort to
this method of presenting my appeal.
The people of the twelfth judicial
district, where I have three times been
elected judge and twice without oppo
sition, are overwhelmingly for me- The
bars of Sabine and Vernon are unan
imously for me. Other able lawyers
are for me. I am known here through
20 years of service at the bar and on
the bench. As intelligent farmers, law
yers, merchants, manufacturers, and
others as the state affords are support
ing me.
If you can see your way clear to go
to the polls on August 23rd, 1921, and
vote for me, you will vote for a man
of small means, but one whose neigh
bors account worthy of the high posi
tion to which he aspires, and a prov
en friend to the people. In speaking
of my record and the fact that those
who know me are for me, I do so in
no boastful spirit.
My reasons for entering this cam
paign art: (1) that I love judicial
work and no one could more appreci
ate the honor of occupying a place on
the highest court of his native state
than I; (2) that I believe that I am
We offer for Fall delivery of 1921 a general line of nursery stock, including all the
leading varieties of Fruit and Nut Trees. Grape Vines, Berry Plants, Ornamental Flowerina
Shrubs, Vines, Roses, Hedge Plants, Etc.
All the items we list and sell will be guaranteed clean, healthy stock covered by cer-
tificate showing government inspection, large thrifty trees and plants, true to name. If yoir
do not know varieties best for your locality leave the selection to us, we will send you
kinds that will produce heavy crops of fine fruit, kinds best for your locality and soil.
Write for our prices and order early, pay when you get the order. We can save
you money on anything you want to plant. Stock suited for commercial orchard planting
a specialty. If we do not have a representative in your locality write us at once; we
want a responsible and ambitious representative in every county.—SHAHAN BROS., Nursery
men, Winchester, Tenn. '
See J. W. Cain
Before you Buy Your
Household Furniture
Llano Peanut Butter
Made from Spanish Peanuts only with the natural oils retained and only
a little salt added for seasoning. The purest peanut butter made.
Nature's Meat for Children
>ne pound of Llano Peanut Butter equals three pounds of steak in food
value and is more digestible and especially good for children
Put up in neat One-Pound Carton for mailing at 25c each
Mail your order to—
Llano Co-operative Colony, Leesville, La.
cent taken by those who supplied the
materials, and the 122 per cent taken
by the manufacturer as his profit.
That is the census story of what was
happening in 1919. Doubtless when
we have the records for 1920, a sim
ilar situation will be disclosed. Dur
ing the war and after the American
worker gave the best that was in him,
and gave it cheerfully, in spite of and
not because of the heartless abuse to
which he was subjected.
Eventually the public will realize
the shameful wrong that was done a
great body of useful citizens, when
greedy profiteers were shouting "Stop
thief!" to cover their own dubious
Said Abraham Lincoln in 1858: "A
slave society is one in which one class
says to another class, 'You work and
toil and earn bread and we will eat
it-' "
well qualified for the position, in
point of age, ability, and willingness
to work, temperament, experience, and
training; (3) that the people seldom
have, and ought always to have, an
opportunity to vote for a man of small
means for high position; and (4) that
I have a family to support and four
children now at the most expensive
stage of education, which would give
me an opportunity to use the salary
to a good and worthy purpose
If you have not registered in 1921,
you must register at least 30 days be
fore the primary, August 23, 1921, in
order to vote. Both men and women
may pay their poll taxes now for 1920
and this will be the only poll tax re
seipt necessary in order to vote this
year. However, you will have to have
your poll tax receipts for 1920 and
1921 in order to vote in 1922. I ask
you to prepare to vote.
On my record as an humble servant
of the people, as I think their endorse
ment shows, and as a man who stands
firmly for equal and impartial justice
to all alike, I come now and solicit the
vote and support of every citizen of
the second supreme court district, and
assure one and all that I shall appre
ciate same to the fullest, and always,
and if elected I shall dilligently em
ploy my best efforts and ability to the
end that no one shall have occasion
to regret it- Sincerely yours,

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