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The Morgan City daily review. (Morgan City, La.) 1916-1920, October 18, 1916, Image 3

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in An Automobile or a Di
The Review Popular Voting
In Prizes For Hie Winne* ;*. Read Careluliv the
Absolutely Free
Is Just Starting.
Rules of the Contest and Then Fail no Ihe Review,
ired Dollar Diamond *>r om* <;1
jtber handsome prizes absolu« i\
out cost.
ie cantate wcunr.jr the ^
,umber of votes in Hk •
iSÄ S"
rd Automobile,
Value $395.00
The candidate receivin
end highest number of v«
ceive a
This Diamond will be set in Rll W
if pin Setting, to please the w inner.
te'iSrawAi"' jewelry'™ o>v
n exhibition at the Jewelry Store,
value is guaranteed by them.
The candidate receiving the third
ighest number of votes will receive
9-Piece Oak
Dining Set
The candidate receiving the Fifth
highest number of votes w ;i! v -
$30 Made-To
Measure Suit
This splendid prize is given by
MORGAN CITY, and its v .. i
guaranteed by them.
The candidate receiving tin :• th
highest number of votes v. in t
his or her choice in patt« r. 1 a
beautiful 9x112
$25 Axffiinsler Rug
This prize is given bv ALBERT'S
■value is guaranteed bv then:. AL
BERT'S STORE has the « .elusive
The candidate receiving the 7th
highest number of votes will re
ceive a 4 burner
Bon Ami Oil Stove
This splendid prize is given bv the
MORGAN CITY, and is now on ex
hibition at their store. DYER
LEHMAN are not only agents for
the fine Oil Stove, which would be
welcome in any home, but they
pride themselves on having one of
the finest and best stocked GRO
CERIES in South Louisiana.
To the candidate securing the
highest number of votes during each
month of the contest will be given a
'«Jas ,ffan+£c4
191R, and
:s will h ■
■«.' th,«. ,"or, dit:
Each per.
given a number and tin
name and comber will be
it be charged dur
No special votirp
traduced in additioi
h : in set forth,
nominated will b
this splendid prize is given by
naiutee its value to be $85.00.
lie set consists of a Polished Top
Buffet with French Bevel Mirror,,
u Moot Extension Dining Table
with large pedestal, a Beautiful
Ckas Closet, Five Handsome Dining
Chain and One Arm Chair covered
m Chase Leather. This prize is now
•a exhibition at their store.
26-Piece Silver Set,
value $25
He candidate receiving the 4th
hjlcat number of votes will re
$35 Wardrobe Trunk
Tib elegant prize is given by
MEGAN CITY, and is now on ex
hibition at their store. Call and see
»» prize. THE HENRY LOEB
COMPANY are distributors of the
VAUX CLOTHING for men and
young men.
This Wn. A. Rogers Silver Set
will be given to the contestant who
brings in the largest number of votes
for the months ending November 1st,
December 1st, January 1st, Febru
ary 1st, and March 1st
In addition to the large list of
valuable prizes mentioned in the
above list. The Morgan City Daily
and Weekly Review will pay five per
cent commission to each contestant
in the race, with the exception of the
three contestants who win the first
three prizes. These three contestants
will not receive the cash commission.
The commission will be paid on all
subscriptions made on the Daily Re
view, The Weekly Review and the
famous 14k Gold Point Barnett
Fountain Pens.
Dont delay writing or calling on
the Manager of the Morgan City Re
view for any further information
you may want in regard to this big
iy entered in The Review contest
Only the number of each cont«\s
tant or candidate will be published
until the close of the contest.
When a contestant is once nomi
nated and a number assigned that
contestant can not withdraw and
turn the votes already ent red to his
or her credit over to another con
testant. However, a contestant may
withdraw from the contest at any
time and turn his or her votes and
his <>r her number over to any per
son who is not a contestant.
Every contestant is required to
make a weekly report of the votes
to which he or she is entitled. That
is, each contestant must render an
account at least once a week of all
subscription orders received in order
to get the proper vote credits for
such orders.
Votes will only be credited on ac
tual cash subscriptions, cash-on-deli
very commercial printing, and for
cash received for each $2.00 Fount
ain Pen.
Votes will be given on all money
collected on subscriptions to the
Morgan City Daily Review and the
Morgan City Weekly Review, and on
all money paid on commercial
printing, and on the Guaranteed
Fountain Pens. No votes will be giv
en for advertising.
The skedule of votes is given un
der the heading of "VOTES," HOW
A perfect record will be kept by
the Review of the entire transaction
of the contest and these records will
be audited by a competent set of
judges at the close of the contest.
Votes How sS : ; !
Tc Get them i 1 :
thane « <>: ■ . : ,.«».• .,« •u. big
prize;- t ' }••• :: D the •! of til"
V« llt. st
Arrangement« l.ov« h ,n made La. li r> : ' ' w t be viv«!:t«-d
with the distributor« «■!' the Famou« ' witn 'OfO \«.t. s wh -, n.«n mated
Guaranteed 1 Ik Gold Fount- For • teh paid-w-adenm-e -.-.b
.in Pen to introduce thi- pen into «cripti**n •«• Th- Morvan City !>:, 1>
our contest. Votes will not be given Review at $4.«'0 per year. t-.■ (.t —
for th«* sale of Fountain Pens uni« « tant taking order for -am« " 1
such «ale is made ir. connection with iredited with ....... i ".<'«•
an order taken for subscription. For each half-.v-ar'« paid in-a-1
The Guaranteed Fountain Pen« value subscription t. Th. ?! . a,
will be supplied to each .out- -tan' City Dai'y Review at >':* «"*. .nt«
who desires to sell them in «ml.T t«« tant taking oder for um«- will
increase* his or her vot. cr.ilit« credited with ........ J .«Mm t •
No contestant will be permitt.d t«> For .-a h three-moiith« •>.-. >! in a«!
-'•! one of these famous Barnett vant-e sub.- ription to M.-reao
Fountain Pens unies« persons buy- Daily Review will be r !.: ! witI;
ing same sub«* ribe for either the ................. |.tu • vote..
Daily or Weekly Review at the same For each paid-in-advance sui -crip
time. tt**n to the Morgan City Weekly Re
Subscriptions to th- Daily or view at si.bo per year, ent.'stant
Weekly Review may be taken and taking ord«-r will be m-ditc with
votes for the same credited without .............. , 1 , 7.00 vot« «
the sale of the Fountain Pen. F >r each paid-in-advance yearly
The Morgan City Daily Review >ubscripti< n ;*> the Daily Review anil
and The Morgan City Weekly Re- ,, m . 30.00 Guaranteed Fountain Pen.
view will publish a bulletin at least candidate taking order for same will
once a month giving the number and he credited with...... 125.000 votes
standing of each contestant. For six months to the Daily Re
The receipt books, which will be view and Guaranteed Fountain Pen,
furnished free of charge to each contestant taking order for same will
contestent, will afford a perfect r. - he credited with...... 10,000 vote«
cord of the votes to which each con- For three Months to the Daily Re
testant is entitled. view and Guaranteed Fountain Pen,
Each candidate, with the cxcep- contestant taking order for same will
tion of the three candidates winning be credited with .......5,000 votes
the three largest prizes will be paid For One Year to Weekly Review
a cash commission on all subscrip- and Guaranteed Fountain Pen, con
tion orders, orders for commercial testant taking order for same will be
printing and sales of Fountain Pens. credited with ........ 10,000 votes
The three contestants winning the For every dollar paid on commer
first three prizes will not receive a cial printing, contestant taking order
cash commission. for same will be credited with
A 26-piece set of Wm. A. Rodgers .....................5,000 votes
Silver Ware valued at $25.00, given In case of a tie vote for any prize
to the contestant who is credited offered the value of the prize will be
with the highest number of votes divided equally between the tieing
each month during the contest. contestants.
Nomination Blank
Morgan City Daily and Weekly Review,
Morgan City, Louisiana
I herewith nominate .........................................
of ................................ as a candidate in your Popular
Votiag Content to begin October 10th and close March 1st 1917.
(Be certain to write the name and address plainly and prefix the
name with Mrs., Miss or Mr.)
You do not need to sign the nomination blank. Just fill in the name
of the person you want to nominate and mail it in at once. Nominations
should be made now. Do not wait until the contest is started.
rDedde to Increase
by naking weekly deposits with the People's
State and Savings Bank. It will bo a great
source of satisfaction to you to refer to your
Money, Accounts are invited, including yours
e solicit accounts of tirms, corporations and
PjWJte individuals, assuring them of every
ortesyand consideration compatible with sound
«»nltinjf principles.
le's State and Savings Bank
., °r the past
_ wrors have been of
frfr ffo n *° growin F' crops
Ifor the storm. Buy a
, * re 6 ®veral sizes at
b *« number of laborers
the past few dav«
I __i n harv
CTJ* 9 *» which work
j The Steamer New Daniel was in
J port Tuesday.
j Coal steadily advancing in price.
Dyer-Lehman will sell at the same
price for ten days longer.
J. B. Latham of Dallas, Texas,
vas a visitor here today.
Jere Dyer returned from Lafay
ette Tuesday.
Fine Stationery Boxes, Writing
Tablets, Pens. Pencils, etc., at Bel
anger Drug Co.
Mr. Dan Rosenweg of Lafayette,
was a visitor here Tuesday.
I Mr. J. P. Watson of Houston,
Texas, is in the city today.
1 Mr. W. J. Lowrance returned to
day from a three day visit down on
the oyster reef.
Datenut butter at Dyer-Lehman*?
Something new.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruder visited
Lafayette, La. Sunday.
Hair Erushes, Toilet Soaps, Face
Cream, Face Powders. Everything
first quality at Belanger Drug Co.
Miss Johnson has accepted a posi
tion with the Henry Loeb Co., of this
Chas. Dyer returned from New
Orleans on No. 7 this afternoon.
In view of the approaching hurri
cane on the Atlantic coast, the Cot
ton Market, it is learned, today took
another jump of practically $5.00
per bale or 100 points. December
cotton reaching 18.25 in New Or
leans or 18 1-4 cents per pound.
Buist's Fresh Garden and Flower
seeds just received at Belanger Drug
Mr. Alonzo Gilmore of Berwick,
has been confined to his room since
Ju«t arrived at Pioneer Grocery
Apple Butter, and Heinz Chili Sauce.
Have you nominated a friend, to
enter the Morgan City Review con
test. You should do so today. It is
worth while.
Vr F. !i. Messick of Foster. La.,
«vas a • sitor in tov.n today. «
Mr. Harry Davis, who is to man
age the new moving picture theatre
to open here, has just returned from
a trip to New Orleans where he
spent several days in the interest of
I his new undertaking. While in New
Orleans, Mr. Davis secured for his
theatre the fine, leather upholstered
Tulane opera chairs. These insure
his patrons solid comfort while view
ing his film entertainment.
Work on the new home for movies
is progressing rapidly under the dir
ection of Contractor Ghirardi and
when completed the building will
present, a most attractive appear
ance. A splendid feature of the ar
rangement outlined by Mgr. Davis
is the seating and screen arrange
ment. All chairs will face the main
entrance and the projecting mach
ine will be always at the fartherest
point from the entrances and exits.
This is a "safety first" plan that
practically eliminates all danger to
the audience from fire Manager
Davis states that ho has already se
cured film features ami picture ser
vice that will prove .««von«! to none
He evidently believes that his pat
rons are entitled to only the best in
pictures and it will be his endeavor
to supply them with what they want
Try a bottle of Bay Horse Radisl
Dressing. The very best ever in Mor
gan City at Pioneer Grocery.
Store residence on R. R. Ave. in
Berwick for rent or sale cheap—one
block from depot. Good location.
Apply to Dr. J. C. Berwick.
Louisiana has entered the ranks
of those states, which will earnestly
endeavor by concerted action, to
stamp out tuberculosis. It is scienti
fically known that consumption, ter
med the great white scourge, can be
stamped out of the world in twenty
years if the knowledge of its preven
tion and cure is placed in the poss
ession of the people.
If our government was one of
compulsion it would be comparative
ly simple to enforce the laws for its
extermination, but as we must de
pend for our laws and their enforce
ment upon intelligent public opinion,
it becomes everyone's duty to join
in this health crusade, which proper
ly conducted, will mean that con
sumption in Louisiana can be
brought under the control within ten
Each week there will appear some
little article dealing with consump
tion, its prevention and its cure.
In this lesson we beg to call atten
tion to the fact that
spitting is the greatest .
fection and if we can tc
spitting means no
<me-half of the battle i
Rcnders of th artic:
promis« u««u
when inter-;
tel and .vi'
lit, y to
t the health
ru : -, to t
join their
parish ■ a
*se are now
in process of
organi- j
ion. and wh
ore not eff-ct
ed. in- 1
formation can be obtained by ad
dressing Anti-Tuberculosis Head
quarters. 417 Camp St., New Or
Have you tried Dyer-Lehman'
new Pimento and Pinea'^Oh' cheese'
In Cue matter of music ns In the
matter of exhibits, races, aviation
stunts and other attractions, the
Louisiana State Fair, Xov. 1 to l>. will
offer its visitors the very best obtain
able. \. K. Thaviu's Russian Band
all performers of tin* very highest
class. There are also three vocalist.«
AB of these artists entertained large
audiences, with tremendous satisfac
tion. during the Shreveport Chautau
qua the past summer, and It will also
be recalled jy? having furnished the
concerts at the Tunisians Fair two
years ago. Thaviu's band played the
Chautauqua circuit, and opened and
closed the Panama Exposition In San
Frau'-isco. where Thaviu earned a
gold medal for excellence in direct
lng. t
Each evening during the State Fair!
Thaviu's hand will giv«'' a concert o'!
great musical excellence in the Colli
setim. and each afternoon there villj
be concert by tit*« same muslcint « in!
th«- grandstand
For catalogue, premium lists, etc
apply to «j. « retan !.. V Brueggerhoff
With a ■ iew of i (inducing mor*
lit.« !)'••(«-! •! a k.c on farms of Txi-ii.-'.
P---I i.d tv ;*r!iboring torr'orv. th«
«•',*: ;• n tit of the Lout i.tna -'at*
: ' r ha - ai ;r* : g.-menl - tor th re*
la* «old
jfj the- ,
y , -
.is nr**]
will 1
D- pr'*v; 1
For catalogue. etc.. ay«! y to Star
Fair Secret try !.. V Ut ;gg( rh ..T

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