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.Morgan City IBatly ^e&ietn
Published Daily Except Sunday
C. E. KING, Manager. '
1 Year in advance ........$4.00
6 Months in advance .......2.00
3 Months in advance ...... 1.00
1 Month ...................40
1 Week ...................10
Rates of Readers, Notices, Cards
if Thanks, Obituaries, etc:
Per line first issue ........... 5c
Subsequent issues .......... 2%c
Rates on display advertisements,
Ring Manager's Office, 278.
Entered as second class mail mat
ter at the Postoffice of Morgan City,
A child can't get strong and robust
while intestinal worms eat away it?
vitality. To give the child a chance to
grow these parasites must be des
troyed and expelled. WHITE'S
teed to remove the worms; it also
puts the vital organs in healthy, vig
orous condition* Price 25c per bottle
Sold by Belanger Drug Co.
We have just received a carload
of sewer pipes, and can make close
prices on your work. We are agents
for "Standard" Portland Cement
and will quote you prices in car lots
and less than car lots at attractive
prices at Dyer-Lehmann Co.
FOR SALE—One milch cow $55.
Apply to this office.
Clothes Hampers and Baskets at
«11 prices and in all sizes at Dyer
Lehmann's. •
Photo Plays of Class
the. class of service we use
Monday's, Blue Birds, Universal Comedies A Animated Weekly.
Tuesday's, Paramount Features. k
Wednesday's, Patbe's, Including the Iron Claw.
Thursday's, Fox Features.
Friday's, Triangle Features and Keystone Komedies. —
Saturday's, Universal.
Sunday's, Paramount Features and Chaplin Komedies.
Engagement Extraordinary
Cmmencing Thursday, November 23
The Harn r Siebert-Smith Co of Dramatic Players
will present the following famous playlets
"Why Men Go Wrong," The Convict and The Warden,"
"The Sour Dough" a playlet of Alaska.
"The Little Stranger."
As played by this Company at Hippodrome, Los Angeles,
May 5, 1915. Uam.merstein's New York, February 2, 1916,
Indiana Theatre, Chicago, May 6,1916, also
2 Big Vaudeville Acts 2
Special Extra Feature Picture Program. Change
of bill each day. Prices during this engagement are
10 and 15 cents, no higher,
CMIdren's Matinee Saturday Evening nt 3 O'cloe
5 Cenis. Matinee Sunday 2 p. m.
One of the greatest of all feature nights—A glorious FOX
You can't afford to misa seeing this. ' 1
No large city in the land is giving its patrons better pictures of
service than the Evangeline is now presenting you.
NOTE—We have a return eng
nr day, November 25th. This is p
to jee.
gement of "CARMEN" for Sat
famous play that you will want
COMING SOON—The greatest of all photo plays "ROMEO and
in Ihe leading roles. It cost the producers of this famous play $250,
000 to perfect it for the screen.
At the Opera House tonight the
Harry Siebert Co., open a four days
engagement. This organization
but One of fourteen similar com
panies operated by the Monith Pub
lishing Company of San Francisco.
They are responsible for such great
successes as "Heart Throbs of a
Great City," Romance of the Bar
bary Coast," "The Underdog,"
"Twenty Minutes in Chinatown,"
"The Hop Head," "Playing the
Game," "The Loan Shark," "Why
Men go Wrong," "The Sourdough,'
"The Convict and the Warden,'
"Vice," "A Night at the Panama
Pacific Exposition," and » many
others. These companies carry from
five to fourteen artists and they are
picked to portray the many difficult
roles assigned them, so it goes with
out saying that they must be perfor
mers of ability.
The present company is the first
to make its appearance here and if
the venture is financially successful
different companies under this man
agement will be brought to Morgan
City every eight weeks.
The Harry Seibert Smith Co., will
present tonight, "Why Men Go
Wrong" in addition to two sterling
Vaudeville acts and as a fitting
climax to this splendid bill, Manager
Loeb has brought Theda Bara—the
world's tnost famous portrayer of
the vampire woman—in a 6-reel
picturization called "The Serpent.'
As a special advertising feature the
price of admission during this four
day engagement will be 10c and 15c.
Regulate the bowels when they
fail to move' properly. HERBINE is
an admirable bowel regulator. It
helps the liver and stomach and res
tores a fine feeling of strength and
buoyancy. Price 50c. Sold by Belan
ger Drug Co.
Daily Review 40c per month.
Henry Loeb's Store News. Morgan City, La., November 23th, 1916
The Good Old Winter
Time Is Here?
Never in the history of our Business has our Stock been more!
complete. New Styles in Ladies' Tailored Suits and
Coats are coming in every day,
A Few Specials For
Friday ^ Saturday and Monday
Ladies Suits in right-up-to-the-minute
style, can't be duplicated any where
for less than $20, your choice for
this sale.....................................................$14.98
Special, a 54 inch, all wöol black over
coat, guaranteed waterproof worth
regularly $12, our price for these
few days, only................. . ...............$5.90
Ladies and Misses sport coats, in
light or dark patterns, specially priced
for Friday, Saturday and Monday
at only.......................................................$3.98
Large size comforters, in good fast
colors, worth on to-day's market at
$2.00, our price as long as they
last, only............................-............98 cents
Extra size all-wool blankets, a
$7.75 value, our price only,
a pair..................................................$4.50
Now is the time for all good men to
buy their overcoats.
We are showing some surprising val
ues in this line.
A big line ol the celebrated Hart
Schaffner & Marx over coats, values
in this lot up to $30, your choice
Saturday only................................ $21.50
Big bargains in men's and boys suits
for Friday and Saturday. Your
choice of over 300 men 's and young
men's all-wool suits, regular $20 and
$18 values, your choice for Friday
and Saturday, only.........$14.<78 a suit
Mothers, why pay $7 to $8 for your
boy's suit, when you can come to us
and get an elegant suit for............$3.98
25 styles of boy's suits in sizes from
4 to 18, these suits retail everywhere
at from $5 to $6, especially priced
this week at..........................................$3.98
Men's fleece underwear good weight
only, a garment...................45 cento
Men's blue work shirts, a 75c value,
our price only ......................4Hc each
Special values in Ladies Boots.
Ladies' 8 inch Havana Brown Boots,
worth $8. our price, a pair,______$4.98
50 styles of ladies shoes in lace or
button worth today $4, still going at
the only price. Your choice only 2,98
In men's shoes we have the exclusive
agency for the three best lines in the
world at the price. Hanan Shoes
6.50, 7.00 and 7.50. Howard & Fos
ter, all grades, 5.00 Beacon, 3.'50
and 4,00.
Judge a store by its advertisements, we are not ashame to tell the public whatj
we have, as we handle only reputable advertised lines, and we are sure if we
can get you started that you will continue to be one of our customers,
Better get in early as these prices can't last
I iinirzrejEmgreiBJET i irajaji iizrer i ijarijiijarenja i ira^^ T i trcmzraziznjzjziz fl fi 1
Marie Booth, who is also seen in
an important role, is the niece of the
famous Edwin Booth. Her uncle
united with John McCullough, the
noted tragedian, in two acts of
"Othello" on the occasion of her de
but. She has since played every lead
ing feminine part in Shakespeare's
plays, with the exception of Lady
Macbeth. The role of "Juliet" has
always been her favorite, and she
has appeared in that part all over
the country.
Emma Kemble, a direct descend
ant of the famous Kemble family of
England, who has appeared in many
notable Shakespearian productions,
also has a prominent .role in "Romeo
and Juliet" Blanche Davenport, of
the great Davenport family, is an
other valuable member of the cast
John B. Hollis, who has an impor
tant role, is a member of the Beres
ford family of England, and Venie
Atherton, \jJ 10 plays a court lady,
belongs to the gifted Atherton fam
ily, which is equally well known in
England and America.
Another important name in the
cast is Violet Hall Caine, who is one
of the Capulet family, and is a niece
of the well-known novelist and play
wright, Hall Caine. The Bishop of
Verona is played by William H. Bur
ton, who was a member of Ford's
company in Washington in the early
days. Mr. Burton played in Paris in
"Romeo and Juliet" with Adelaide
Neilson, thought by many to be the
greatest Juliet that ever lived. He
was the Capulet in Mary Anderson's
first production of the play. He
played Horatio to Edwin Booth's
"Hamlet" and the apothecary to
John Wilkes Booth's Romeo.
The fencing of Olaf Skavlan as
Benvolio and Fritz Leiber as Mer
cutio is one of the interesting fea
tures of the production. Both have
been trained in Robert ManteU's
company, and are as familiar with
stage dueling as with the art of act
ing. Both have played many classical
and romantic roles.
Robert Cummings is the Friar
Laurence of the production. Mr.
Cummings, is well known both on the
speaking stage and on the screen.
He has appeared in more original
productions and created more parts
than any other actor on Broadway.
He has had prominent roles in such
plays as "Cameo Kirby," "The Blue
Bird," "The Great Divide," "Stop
Thief!" and "The Awakening of
Helena Ritchie." He has also played
important stock engagements in
Shakespearian productions. Mr.
Cummings has been associated with
Mr. Bushman and Miss Bayne in
most of the photoplays they have
made on the Metro program.
Alexandre J. Herbert, a young
English actor, has the important
role of Friar John. He has ap
peared all over the world, and since
coming to this country has been with
Nat Goodwin in "Never Say Die,"
"Mrs. Patrick Campbell in "Pygma
lion," Doris Keane in "Romance"

and Lewis Waller
j Beaucaire." ,
j Leonard Grover, the ? ran ®
I man of the stage and screen,
j is more than eighty years old, P
j the role of "an old man of the *P
• let family." As an actor-manager
j an earlier day, Mr. Grover
close friend of Abraham ®
who often attended Grovers ^
in Washington. Mr. Grover w ...
member of the committee ^
erected the mounment to j
peare in Central Park in Apn 1
Civic League Meetiaf
. The meeting of the Civic
which was to have taken P . ,
afternoon has been I
Monday afternoon. ine lli(inrtf i
I Monday is set for the nsua M
will be held in the Conned ""J
of the City

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