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Program For
New Theatre
November 24
World Film Corporation Presents Miss Ethel Clayton, Carlyle
BlaekwelUin the Lixe Masterpiece "His Brother's Wife"
Also a roaring comedy, "Baseball You Know Me All," Big
League Stuff featuring Hans Wagner short
stop of Pittsburgh National
Also another comedy, "A Friends in Need" featuring Beatrice
Van and John Sheehan
With its everv day matinees, its two line picture
machines and its comfortable chair and excellent ser
vice, The New Theatre is equipped to furnish un
equalled motion picture entertainment.
Come and See For Yourself
Never befoe has there been a sea
son when the principal planting in
terest of this state have fared sc
well as they are doing this year
Were it not for the shortage oi
yield in the cotton fields, though
this is more than compensated by the
extra high price of the snowy staple
there woul be nothing to complain
of on any hand. Even with this, how
ever, Louisiana's 1916 cotton pro
duction is to exceed that of last
For the past two months, the rice
planters have been conducting their
harvest, and the yield has been
averaging distinctly better than nor
mal. In consequence, the 1916 rice
production is attaining higher fi
gures than ever registered in the
past. While it is true prices are not
all they should be, still the gain in
yield has resulted in the industry as
a whole faring very handsomely in
average per acre profits. One reason
for this, aside from high yield, has
been the wonderful weather enjoy
ed for the harvest, no rice whatever
lost as a result of early fall rains
or windstorm, as is so often the case.
The 1916 rice yield is estimated at
15,200,000 bushels, against 13,714,
000 in 1915.
As the rice crap removal was get
ting toward its close, the sugar har
vest was inaugurated shortly after
the middle of October, and reports
received by Modern Farming from
various parts of the sugar belt are
uniformly favorable. The tonnage of
the stubble or second year cane, al
ways the first cane to be cut for the
mill, is turning out better than ex
pected, and there are high hopes for
large returns from the plant cane of
first year crop. From the crop remo
val and manufacturing viewpoints,
there is nothing to be desired, for
the weather has proven admirable
for the opening of the campaign, be
ing the sort that is calculated to
"put plenty of sugar in the cane."
We learn of sugar yields per ton of
cane being found distinctly higher
than usual at the outset of sugar
making, in fact, the mills securing
the latter days of October as much
sugar per ton of cane as is ordinarily
obtained at the close of the season,
when the cane is normally sweeter.
Should there be the usual augmen
tation in saccharine percentage of
the cane juice during the next four
,to six weeks of the grinding season,
we can expect some exceptional fac
tory results this season.
No one will be found willing to
deny the sugar man his inning, for
he indeed has had a long wait for
crop and market conditions as favor
able as they are now. Should prices
hold as high as they were during
November and December as they
were in October, or even approxi
matly so, at around the six cents
mark, the Louisiana sugar industry
Will enter the new year 'in a wonder
fully prosperous condition. Practi
tically every cane planter and sugar
manufacturer, thanks to good yields
and prices, can .be expected to work
clean under the burden of debt that
has sorely pressed him for some
years past.
Aside from the world's deficit... in
iiisugar, created by the war, the rea
son for the market having strength
ened last month and holding so firm,
is the car shortage situation, which
is sorely hampering the marketing
of the big United States beet sugar
crop, the largest on record. It has
been feared in Louisiana sugar cir
cles. that when the beet crop began
to move during October, prices
quickly fall. Here is where the car
situation at least is proving of local
benefit. It is estimated that the
Louisiana sugar crop this year
shouuld produce not' less than 250,
000 long tons of sogar, against
which the 1915 production was 128,
000 long tons.
Louisiana's other principal crop/
corn, while slightly smaller in out
turn than last year, placed at 44,
600,000 bushels, against 45,100,000
bushels in 1915, is yet worth more
money thanks to higher values, and
our planters and farmers are cash
ing in nicely on that which they are
willing to sell.
From the above, and knowing
that greater quantities of food and
feed crops were raised on Louisiana
farms this year than usual, likewise
that our farmers have registered en
couraging advance in live stock hus
bandry, it is clearly evident that
the various farming interests
Louisiana have never been in better
financial shape than they now find
themselves. All of this means, in
conjunction with farm loans easier
to make than in the past, that we
are due to see much advancement in
farming pursuits and improvement
of farms wrought within the coming
year.—Modern Farming.
The Barnett Fountain Pen has a
Guaranteed 14k Gold Point. It is
a perfect pen and sells for $2.00 the
world over. Ask a Review Contestant
to show you one of them.
News Flashes From
Fraoi far and Near
The forces of the Teutonic allies
continued their steady progress a
cross the plains of Rumania.
An internal explosion destroyed
the new Russian Dreadnought Imper
atrista Maria, with heavy loss of life.
The Greek government refused to
the demands of the Entente allies
for the Surrender of part of its sup
plies of arms and ammunition.
Arrangements for the solemn
ceremony that will mark the funeral
of Emperor Francis Joseph were be
gun in Vienna.
Villa was said to have been re
pulsed after a series of desperate
attacks upon Chihuahua City.
President Wilson's message to
Congress was said to point to rail
road legislation as the most pressing
problem confronting. the country.
Attorney General Gregory and
counsel for the railroads reached an
agreement to expedite the test of the
Adamson law.
A resolution introduced in the
West Virginia Legislature charged
a wholesale attempt to corrupt mem
bers. «
The new efficiency committee *of
the American Railway Association
instructed all railways to return
coal cars, whether empty or loaded.
Following the testimony regarding
the accused man's condition and ac
tions following the murder of Judge
Lawler, the state rested in the Over
ton trial.
More than a score of the wealth
iest patrons of fashionable Palm
Beath, Florida, appear in the early
chapters of "Gloria's Romance," the
new motion picture novel from the
pen of Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Hughes,
in which Billie Burke is being
featured. The unusual opportunity
of both appearing in a motion pic
pure production and acting as a
supporting cast for so famous a star
as Billie Burke, appealed to the
millionaire colony at Palm Beach as
a great lark; The film will be the
feature at the New Theatre soon.
If you want to win one of the big
prizes in the Review Voting Contest
you have only to make a small ef
fort to do so. There are seven big
prizes to go to the winners and
every candidate will be rewarded in
proportion to the results obtained.
Start it now.
The Review Doll and Toy Fund For the Poor Children
Is Growing Fast
The following little letters are
sufficient in themselves to show the
manner of interest that has been
aroused in the Review Doll and Toy
Fund. The two organizations repre
sented by the writers of these letters
are comprised of children of from
seven to fifteen years of age Their
unselfish and genorous offering
contributed to the Doll and Toy
Fund means that many of them have
divided their Christmas with the
little poor children of Morgan City
and want to do every thing in their
power to insure their less fortu
nate little neighbors a merry, merry
Morgan City, La.
Nov. 20th, 1916.
King's Daughters' Circle:
My dear madame President: In
closed please find our check for $3
for which we beg you to accept as
our contribution toward the Doll and
Toy Fund for your annual Christmas
Tree. We hope that some little girl
and boy will be made as happy in
receiving as we are in giving.
"Little Women"
Per Gertie Lee Conner,
Dear Mrs. Pharr:
We want to be among the first to
help the Doll and Toy Fund, so we
have collected the sum of $4.25 from
our Club and we send you our check.
Horace Vinton, thirty years ago a
Broadway idol, and always a capa
ble actor, has the part of Prince
Escalus, the dignified and noble rul
er of Verona at the time of the feud
between the houses of Montague and
Capulet. Mr. Vinton has appeared in
scores of notable Broadway produc
tions, and only recently made his
debut in the silent drama.
W. Lawson Butt has the role of
Tybalt. He has appeared with Sir
Beerbohm Tree, Lewis Waller and
F. R Benson, playing well known
Shakespearian leading roles. He
will be remembered by the theatre
goers for a capital performance of
the renegade monk in "The Garden
of Allah." Mr. Butt was in Grace
George's production of "Much Ado
About Nothing," and he played
Bill Skyes in a recent all-star cast
of "Olivier Twist."
Helen Dunbar, the "grand dame"
of motion pictures, and long a mem
ber of the Bushman-Bayne company,
has the most important role of Lady
Capulet. Miss Dunbar has enjoyed a
long and enviable position on both
the speaking stage and the screen,
and for five years it has been her
ambition to play in this role in a
screen production of "Romeo and
Juliet," with Mr. Bushman and Miss
Adella Barker, a delightful char
acter actress, is seen in the promin
Long Time
Farm Loans
We are ready right now to lend up to 50 per cent
of the value of your Fan) or Plantation on terms of
Under our 5 to 10 year repayment plan whereby
the loan is diminished a give^ amount each year.
Our Service is Prompt and Efficient
No Excessive Charges—No Unnecessary Delays
Bankers' Loan & Securities Co.,
jAt. L_. Wright, president
Capital $1,500,000.00
Loan Wanted $.............for...... ........years
Security Offered .................................
Name ..........................................
Address ........................................
Tie Marfan City Daily Rrvitw
We hope that you will receive
many bigger ones than ours.
"The Children's Hour.
Elizabeth O'Brien, See.
All funds contributed to The Re
view Doll and Toy Fund will be dis
bursed by The King's Daughters of
this city. The Peoples State and Sav
ings Bank is the place of deposit for
the Fund but contributions will be
accepted by the banks of Morgan
City and by a number of the busi
ness men. Be certain that your name
and the correct amount you contri
bute appear in the colums of this
King's Daughters ..........$30.00
Morgan City Review ........ 5.00
Ba;;(' of Morgan City ....... 2.00
F. D. Winchester ........ HO
K. S. Foster .............. 1.00
Peoples State and Saving Rank. 2.00
Quincey Smith ..............25
Mildred Foster .............
Merbdith Foster.............50
Cornie Foster...............50
Lewis J. Bass.............. 1.00
Children's Hour ............ 4.25
Little Women .............. 3.00
C. R. Brownell ............. 2.00
Total to date..... $52.50
ent part of Juliet's nurse. She was
last seen on Broadway in the char
acter of Mrs. McGuire, in "Young
America." She has had a varied
career, playing such parts as Coralie
in "Papa Wife," with Anna Held, to
the negress ip Thomas Dixon's
"The Traitor." Earlier in her career
she was identified with the Gilbert
and Sullivan operas.
Lionel Belmore, who staged some
of Sir Henry Irving's most elaborate
productions, plays a small but impor
tant role in this big feature. Mr.
Belmore was formerly a member of
the directing force with Mr. Bush
man and Miss Bayne, and produced
"A Virginia Romance," in which
they were starred on the Metro pro
Many prominent actors and act
resses, appreciating that this was to
be an epoch-making production,
volunteered to accept small parts
"just to be in the picture." among
some of these actors are John Burke,
Eric Hudson, Edmund Elton, Lewis
Sealy, Elwyn Eaton, E. P. Sullivan,
Morgan Thrope, Bary Macollum,
Norman Macdonald and many
Stop coughing! you rack the lungs
and worry the body. BALLARD'S
tation, heals the lungs and restores
comfortable breathing. Price 25c,
50c, and $1.00 per bottle. Belanger
Drug Co.
No. 6801
Report of Condition of the
•e of g
At Morgan City, in the state of Louisiana, at the clos
on November 17, 1916.
11 .
Loans and discounts.............
Notes and Bills rediscounted ......
Overdrafts .....................
United States Bonds—
U. S. Bonds deposited to secure circula
tion (par value) ..............
U. S. Bonds pledged to secure U. S.
deposits (par value) ...........
U. S. Bonds pledged to secure postal
savings deposits (par value)......
I . S. Bonds owned and unpledged.....
Premiums on U. S. Bonds........
Securities other than U. S. Bonds
(not including stock) owned and
unpledged ..................
Stock of Federal Reserve Bank, 5C
per cent of subscription .......
Value of Banking House (if unen
cumbered) ..................
Furniture and Fixtures ..........
Real Estate owned other than Bank
ing House ...................
Net amount due from approved re
serve agents in New York,
Chicago, and St. Louis...........
Net amount due from approved re
serve agents in other reserve
cities .........................
Net amount due from Banks and
Bankers (other than included in
10 or 18) ...................
Outside checks and other cash items
Fractional currency, nickels, and
* 3l a, 893.22
' 0 , 000.00
t .000.0(1
1 , 000.00
3,000. Oj
4,77 5.00
Notes of other National Banks ....
Federal Reserve bank notes ......
Lawful reserve in vault and with
Federal Reserve Bank .........
Redemption Fund with U. S.
Treasurer and due from U. S.
Treasurer ..................
3Ç 443,75
Capital stock paid in............
Surplus fund ..................
Undivided profits...............
Less current expense, interest
and taxes paid ...............
Amount reserved for taxes accured..
Circulating notes outstanding
Net amount due to banks and bank
ers (other than included in 29 or 30)
Dividends unpaid ...............
Individual deposits subject to check.
Certificates of deposits due in less
than 30 days.................
Cashier's checks outstanding......
United States Deposits...........
Postal saving deposit?...........
Total demand deposits, Items 33, 34,
35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40......
Other time deposits.............
50.000. 00
50.000. 00
Total .....................................
State of Louisiana, Parish of St. Mary, ss:
I, K. R. Hood, cashier of the above bank, do solemnly swear
that the
above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
K. R. HOOD, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23rd day of November 1916.
WALTER T. GILMORE, Notary Public.
Correct—Attest: H. M. Cotten, J. F. Prohaska, M. E. Norman, Director!.
Dr. M. F. Meyer
Physician and Surgeon
Office: Terrebonne's Pharmacy.
Residence: Costello Hotel
Berwick Office Broussard's Drug
Store. Hours: 1 to 2 p. m.
Dr. J. Clarence Berwick
Physician and Surgeon
Office hours 91 a. m.; 4-6 p.
Office at Peoples Drua Co. Opposite New
Depot. Calls answered day or nltrht. Phone
H6 office: Residence 3*1. Montan City. La.
Berwick clients call Berwick Phone IS at
all hours.
Avoid damage suits by employing a
builder who carries a Workman's
Compensation Policy. The policy I
hold frees you from responsibility.
General Contractor
3. Qîf
notary public
First National Bank Bldg. - Phone 9
Practice in Federal and State Courts.
Senefle 1 Maddox
Cigars, etc
Phone 192. Morgan City, La.
Houmi for Rent
With electric lights, water and
sewer connection.
J. E. Bass
Phone 2.
Octave J.
Fresh Meats
You can send your children to
my market and get full weight
and best quality. My aim is to
treat my customers the same is
I would like to be treated.
Phone No. 11. Morgan City
We wish to announce to the
on Second Street, just across
lie that the Bill Mule Saloon loc.t*JI
Railroad from the P°st° f f ice '
pass into the hand of . ian ^1
„„ January 1st. 10».
ace will be »PP"'"*"' .
Ditch's Butcher Boy Sal*
. y
9 9
1 sut
Choicest - cuts
in Town
Displayed ■
freshes 1,
Phones: Market 147.
Rea. 1 53

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