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■% -
The torpedo ' boat destroyers;
Sterett, Lamson and Mogmghan will
a arrive in Lutcher on FyURray 7th. |
Tfhey will leave Lutcher on Febm-j
A 'btj* 8t»., and arrive at Morgan City
, " La., on February 22nd> »Reaving :
the* on February 27th. !
The.object of this cruise is to af
ford^the public an oppdftunity to j
see and visit these vessdfe. In this j
way they can see for themselves :
what their navy is doing and thej"
condition under which the Naval !
Service works and lives.
anger Drug Co.
The new steamer John D. Grace
owned by the Bradford Transporta*
tion Company of New Orleans will
be seen in Morgan City for the 'first
time on Friday of this week. She
leaves Nejp Orleans today taking the
place of the Dixie.
The John D. Grace was just re
cently completed and is said to be
one of the finest boats that plys out
of the Crescent City.
Î ld, bfern#tor severe cut heals
f neglected. The family that
***** * Hg 1 * of BALLARD'S
SNOW UNIMENT On hand fc al
ways prepared for such accidents.
Ffefcè 25e, 50c, and *1.00 per bottle.
8oM by Belanger Drug Co.
The ships will be open to visitors j
dails and any information desired
by the public wiR be cheerfully giv
en , !
ese boats will examine and en
Ylst men so if you have any appli-'
cants (or the Navy they will have
an opportunity to go aboard the
boats for examination. If you send ;
any men aboard these boats do not
forget to notify the Commanding
Officer and put in your claim for
your fee.— Thibodaux Cadette.
* A child that has intestinal worms
is handicapped in its growth. A few
doses of WHITE'S CREAM VER-j
MIFUGE destroys and expels
worms; the c&ld immediately im- 1
proves and thrRres wonderfully.
Price 23c per bottle. Sold by Bel
Wednesday, January 31,1917
Episode of tj}d
trie Williams &
lie young
U. f, Clqk'tfcve ■« enjoyable
| Alice at thf Citp H a ll last
Thffre was about fifteen co
prient and da n ci ng lasted
aflbut l :S0 this mcMting.
Music was fuhnÄd for the
dance Ipy tibe Schrie ver Band which
consisted of seven pieces,
- ~
New York, Jan. 29.—The
Morgan City, February 4 th* Ser
vices at 7:30 p. m. "The man left to
starve in his old age." will be Dr.
Mackenzie's subject.
This will be a Pension Fund Ser
mon, and will be preached at the re
quest of the church coupeiL
Sunday school and Bible claas at
'J0:0ö a. m.
This is to notify all persons whom
it may concern, that B. Mule of
Morgan City, La., has purchased the
stock of groceries and. liquors from
D. Egle A Sons of Morgan City, La.,
which stock.was and if located in
the store building known as A.
Boudreaux's store situated on Lot
Four (4) in Square Seventeen (17)
of Morgan City, La., this 1st day of
January, À. D. 1917. lip
D. Eglè * Sons.
B. Mule.
Review will help some
Subscribe today.
ment recently made bp Mr. McKqHf
na that the wealth of the Christian |
world today is, roughly, 87 billion
pounds (435 million dollars) con
veys Uttle impression of its vastness
to the mind.
We get, however, some idea of it
when we learn that the gold repre
sented by these colossal figures
would be so heavy that it*would re
quire two thousand strong locomo
tives to transport it, and that it
would outweigh the combined popu
lation of Australia, New Zealand
Canada. * "ir*. . '
It represents as much geld as all
the mines in the world could yield in
nine centuries at their present rate
of output. ' ' ''*'*!
Every little subscription to ..the
or the
Kanawas packed' last,
Æpthe general opinion
flre reel Paramountry
Players, "Under Cover"
r Mfi feature picture of the
Therê was special ferry service
and many Berwick people attended
the show on this side.
Mr. Ed. L. Saucier of Franklin is
________ ,
thief, learns of this and plans
Mr. N. C.~Ffctton of New Orleans
is transacting business here today.
Los Angelos or Palm Beach never
boasted a- finer climate than Morgan
City people enjoyed ÿestdrday.
| « visitor in Morgan City, today
^Wealthy Peter
All net
12:00 o'clol
or publication in the
office by
»S^bn the day of
fertising copy must
be in this office*4?y ™ ne o'clock.
S 'y *.
Maritz commis
sions his nephew, Ean Van Court
landt, to get for him a valuable dia
mond which has been cyt and is in
Amsterdam. Tom Astley a jewel
have, the .stone. Van Cortlandt hires
Race and hi»-Scarlet Runner on t +
pretense.,of making a pleasure .totir
on the continent. He gets 'the stone,
unknown to Race, then call» the
trip off and returns to England, He
is to meet old Jacobs, a trusted ser
vant and Mi# Warren, éach of
whom will carry a package similar
to his own, 'one of whch contains
tile diamond. Old Jacobs is caught'
and dragged. Astley takes his jripce.
disguised and mefbts the o
England. They all set out
in t*é
Scarlet Runner. Astley àrottses tus
pjcion by his actions and Van* dur
ing a decade caused by the disguised
crooks hides his package in the car.
They are held up by Astiey's ac
complices clad as a policemen . anff
placed under arrest. Race 1 esl a p p ,
mid sends back some tosi
police tothe rescue, He speeds to
an address which Van shouted as he
tan away and which he recognised
f* ^ ** Betmr Maritz. The latter
is suspicious when he finds that no
is brought by Christopher.
A search fails to reveal tile package
iß racks. Van and Miss ^Warren ar
rives on the scelle end explain V%n
produces the package containing dike
diamond from its hiding place anid
1 'the affair ends happily, for all save
tiie unlucky crooks. %
When you think of anything in a
Aug store, think of Belanger Drag
Co./ '
IT PAYS 111 ' Nil
/.The Se% Red Seal eff«
temptation of Admn" with Eatfe
Williams to rale was
picture of
and hot
tosg*' 4
■ 0 * a —
« *.• .9 W 9 « DL
......•• m.
■tâfVx. mm 3 Uns. Rupert;
Novelized from the Motion
Picture Play of the same
name by George Kleine.
wU * a«** * «ot
her task with an analytical mind. She
read in the morning paper that Frank
Muiry, the partner of the late Rich
ard Freneau, had decided to incoriter
ate the firm under the name of Frank
Muiry, Inc. It made her angry to
think of this businesslike haste. . But
> she realized that, after all, she knew
nothing of Muiry and that he must
know a great deal about her poor
Freneau. He was the first man to
visit She was happy in this deter
mination. Her brother David flippped
in to say : "Lois and I had a little mis
understanding, but we have made up.
We're going to the country house for
a new honeymoon. Come along, you
two, and have some skating and ski
ing and toboggan work."
Gloria shook her head. She had oth
er work to do. Her father urged her
to make the change of scene. She
said she would think it over, but she
did not intend to go, as she planned
to spend her wits on Frank Muiry. As
soon as she could get rid of her father
toor and not* at all polite.
Sealed her wounds a little. It ia
and brother she ordered her owig car
out for (he long voyage downtowns»
Frapk Mnlry was not at Ms office
*"*. a « V V . X W___ «nM
when she arrived. He had been sum
moned to Doctor Boyce's office by tel
ephone. Thinking that Bovce prbb
ably wanted a tip on the Biwïet, and
for a nçw 4 Customer,
»JffiRiy lostno tijne In obe;
mons. He found Boyce
-Mr. Muiry," Royce began, every
arord as sharp as a surgeon's knife,
^yw know more about Richard Fren
640% affairs than yon woo# like to
toll to the open court. Miss Stafford
14 suspicions of everybody who ever
knew Freneau. I Imagine that she will
you up. It is the wish of her A
tiier and of myself that she shall
not find out what a scoundrel the mag
watgfWe want to spare her, at least
grows mach stronger and time
to your interest, as modi as oars to
keep her in the dark. You know how
those letters were mailed and those
telegrams sent. You know why
Freneau played that horrible trick #0
the poor girl he was engaged id I
merely wish to warn you (hat If you
gee Miss Gloria Stafford corning your
way, you get out of her sight, no mat
ter how or when. If you don't you'll
He mixed up in a murder trial that
may prove disastrous to you and your
business." % ,
Muiry's usual smile was twisted ,'*irto
• look of terror.' He riôAraore.w-sons
Outs», -«on Boyce snsp^ew** lor wish
" "ig to keep' tk^mjifchllghts of the
ss and the police ont of his office.
"He was uncertain of the manner of
Freneau's death, bat the published
hints of suicide for financial reasons
had put Mnlry Into new financial dlffl
cutties. He had used the money
Freneau had borrowed of Gloria's fa
ther to save himself from a crash.
He was afraid that Stafford would de
mand It back at any moment, and he
net face such a demand.
.Furthermore, his part In the writing
and the sending of them
. .4,,_______ ^__
,? LT2ZÏ
that he could not pleas
He could think of no
, and the last person on
led to meet was Gloria
tor him, he was at
'when Gloria arrived at
received by an Imperil*
ipher who seemed
from her gam
«ppratMl ef Gloria's
to Impart any use*
would like to leave
Mnlry. The stenog
to a table whereon lay
Gloria lit down to
to eofl upon her.
fi«» an lm*
whole futtoe and
lay In the
•f^ttors tint Freneau had
prom|Mi-to return tojier- She was
«me, tiUti Äey were um oa hls body,
tor had toe? been found the newspa
•t the Bretorin
w to police would
wae qow Bar prime pur*
./«to. -v ..
thought of Mulry in the one
BMy to he In possession of
l so ehe called en
nevs« dreaming that Frenee«
MlM efaer own lnterferencs
Feil Gloria, or tiiat Mm _
With Fredean in his elab^
erito ; ncheme to trick both worn
LraM ef an did Loin dream that
would he at MUry's of
The stenographer was more bn
pw n ssi b y Loto 4riothen than by hei
attemhto to be oaeoal In her inquiry
to Jffitfry and "the papers of poor
stenogr aph« mnrmnred to the
É tott mO < dtiMi camp
, Molryes toril tbe sgme toy.!
Somethin's goin'
on here that ain't
letters he dictates
gettin' into
to me."
So she did not tell Lois of Gloria's
presence, and Lois went away in a
turmoil of anxiety as great as that in
Gloria's mind when she heard Lois
ask about "poor Mr. Freneau." A
knife of jealousy went into Gloria's
heart and a hideous intuition that her
beloved Dick might have bewitched
Lois as he had bewitched herself.
Those eyes of his had been perhaps a
little too winning.
She rebuked herself for allowing
the suspicion even to Hit through her
bruin and began her note to Muiry.
Her eye fell on the letterhead. The
branch offices of the brokerage firm
were listed in an upper corner: Al
bany, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chi
cago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh. A new
suspicion stabbed Gloria. The tele
grams and letters in Dick's writing
had been sent from just those cities
in just that order Yet he had been
dead when they were sent.
j Jfie earliest explanation was the
! trqp one, and Gloria guessed It imme
I !• 1 -1 TI. - ..U Unnn nAfl 4 »Vl OTtl (-/A
diately. He could have sent them to
the branch offices in advance to be
sent to her in order or he could have
intrusted them to someone traveling
the round of offices. Her intuition
hit on the truth, without knowing it
The very ease of the trick disgusted
her. She felt herself in the shadow
of some hateful conspiracy. She be
gan to doubt her own memory as to
the letters and telegrams.
Crumpling the letter she had began
and thrusting it into her handbag, she
left the office, telling the stenographer
that she would telephone to Mr. Mol
ly. The elevator seemed to drop out
beneath her as her whole trust In man
«d low b.<l ,.11« tram oo** her.
A Knife of Jealousy Went Into Gloria'o
She necked her motor and told the
driver to make haste for heme.
The crowded traffic, with its delays,
maddened her, and when ehe reached
her house at last ehe wan In a frenzy.
She ran op to her desk, took from
the strong box the letters and toe
grams of her lover, and compared
them with the letterhead, laying them
ont date by date. There they were,
the «une towns In the same order,
like a loathsome timetable of deceit
Her love revolted at the very picture
of Freneau. She lost all self-control
and cried at It:
"Whoever killed you and whatever
his reason was, yon lied to me. Ditto
You never loved me, and I don't love
you any more! I won't wear mourn
ing for you any more."
She rang her bell furiously and or
dered her startled maid to bring her
the brightest gown in her wardrobe.
She caught It from the maid's hands
and drove the girl oat then flinging
the riotous colors about her Mack
gown like a scarf, she broke Into a
dance, flinging her lithe body Into pos
tures of joy «od crying out that she
was happy and that her heart would
never be the fool of love again.
But she was not strong and her
hysteria wore ont speedily. Her heart
swung back to Its love again and Che
Ml across the divan sobbing:
"Forgive me, Pick. I believe you In
spit* of the world. I love you In spite
of everything and TO find ont the
trnth—the truth—the truth!"
AM now tt weald have been hard to
say whether Gloria's motive was one
of ldyalty to Freneau or of suspicion
of Mm. She had to acquit him of
worse than murder before the court
of her own heart as mach ns to avenge
him. ßt he was the victim of some
conspiracy, she was the victim of his.
The riddle manned her with Its un
i**: •':$>
! certainties.
That visit of Lois to Muiry's ofücaL
! seemed to involve her in Freneau's do.
I plicity. Lois had con' —d to the
photograph of Freneau. She had said
that site planned to hu\.* a ininiatur*
made for Gloria. Rut tills seemed noir
to be only a hasty excuse, a desperate
lie to hide a discovered theft. 8he '
decided to question Lois further. Bdtjj?'
Lois was going to her country home.
Gloria had decided not to go. Now-'
she decided that she would. She west
to Lois' house to tell her so.
To her umazement Doctor Rojoi' 1
To be ConMnned
IT FATS TO fclflf Al.]
Baton Rouge, La., Jan. 30.—Teel
grocerymen arrested for violating
the Sunday'law pleaded quilty in
district court yesterday morning.
They were given the minimum pen
alty by Judge Brunot, a fine of (21
or 20 days in jail.
Dr. M. F. Meyer
Physician and Surgeon
Office: Terrebonne's Pharmacy..
Residence: Costello Hotel
Berwick Office Broussard's Drug \
Store. Hours: 1 to 2 p.
Dr. J. Clarence Berwick
Physician and Surgeon
Office hours 9-1 a. m.; 4-6 p.
Office at the Peoples Drug Co. Op- * *
posite New Depot. Calls answend
day or night. Office phone No. L,
Residence 321, Morgan City, La.
Senette & Maddox
Cigars, etc
Phone 192.
Morgan City, La Cl
^MViltcv 9>. ©it
Pint National Bank Bldg. - Phone 9
Practice in Federal and State Court!
Morgan citY.la.
....Lines .
No Dust No Cinders
and Wonders
Thru a country of flwiance
and varied scenes
Daily trains afford comfort
and luxury without
extra fare
The Way of the Fam^
ous Sunset Limited
Louisiana, Texas. Arizona,
New Mexico, California
Stop over and take the mar
velous auto side trip over the
Attache Trail '
of Arizona. Write for Apache
Trail book.
Jos- Hellen
General Passénger Agent
New Orleans, La.

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