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grg W. D. Roussel of Patterson
^ a visitor here yesterday.
The many friends of Miss Zue J
Bourgeois is ill in the St. Mray
jggitarium in Patterson.
Kiss Inez Brizzard the popular
jjjket seller at the Evangeline
gggjxe is reported ill at her home.
Genevieve Grevemberg will
•ere among the visitors for the Red
Cross Lecture here last
Born on May 8th, to
^,8. Louis A. O'Brien a ten
t half pound boy.
and I
and !
jtforri home in two weeks from col
jge gt Marion Alabama.
K-a Edward McGinnis was a vis
Jr Patterson Tuesday.
*•* I
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Saint motor
jd here from Franklin yesterday
evening- :
Mrs Clarence Lawless and a
"■•rty of friends of Garden City
P*'* —
, _ , .,, , , ,
Joe and Theo. Schmidt have tak-|
the agency for the Chalmette.
«dry. P ° ne ' ° u e . J
her Nunnally's j
the best, j
Morgan City Daily Review deliver
e ,| o your 'ome for •I'V* per inonir..
When you give
Candy you have selected
Phone 6 Peoples Drug Co
2 years experience In hospital.
Droires call either day or
Terms reasonable. Apply to
Mae Hogan. Phone 167.
WANTED —4 unfurnished rooms
fat light housekeeping. Must have
■odern conveniences; be near town
•Bh good family. Address P. O.
BOX 26, Morgan City, La.
The King' Daughters will hold a
Hommage Sale in the Shannon
Bgflding at corner of First and
tverett Street on May 18th. The
fanerai public is requested to make !
j - .. . . . .... I
donations of articles to go into the 1
August Soumeillan
Charles Delas
Arcade Theatre
Home of the Best in Photoplays. Railroad Avenue
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"Marriage A La Carte ,,
And The Famous
''GRANT" the Police Reporter
William A. Brady Presents
Carlyle Blackwell and June Elvidge in
"The Social Leper"
A thrilling Drama in five reels
Fifth Episode of
"Hie Secret Kingdom"
Carriage CaD No. 101
Also Selig News Weekly and CoL NUTT
Admission 5 and 10 cents
Mr.W. J. Leppert Lect
ures ou Red Cross
(By Leslie;
I want to see St. Mary with an
Ambulance Corps said Mr. W. J.
Leppert, Director of the Gulf Divi
sion of the American Red Cross,
who addressed a most representative
gathering of ladies and gentlemen
^ '^ ary Parish at the City Hall
ast ni ^ ht -." St - Mary can it and
I I m counting on her. She has been
a banner parish in Red Cross work,
and no target is too high for that
: great parish of wealth to shoot at."
Such were the remarks of Mr. Lep
P ert > who made a most interesting
talk, upon the work accomplished by
! this great American organization in
the past few years. During his dis
course, he went into d-'tails of just
what had been done by the Red
i Cross, what may be expected of the
j organization, etc. He stated that in
1898 the organization had 48,000
members in the United tSates, to
day there are enrolled upon their
books 800,000 members and by Dec
ember 25th there would be a round
miUion members in the States .
Mr Leppert; stated that the Gulf
J ç oas j. division was counting strong
j ly upon the Ambulance corps from
j St. Mary Parish. This corps costs ten
thousand dollars to install, and em
ploys ninety-one people all of whom
would be St. Mary people, the salar
ies of these ninety-one people, in the
first three months would aggregate
three thousand one hundred dollars,
or in one year the salaries would
amount to over twelve thousand
five hundred dollars, therefore, he
argued, that the institution of an
ambulance corps in the parish would
be a paying investment, inasmuch,
as all the monies that is paid in, re
turns to home people. This ambu
lance corps would remain here, sub
ject to call however, to perform
duties of a human nature.
Mr. Leppert stated that within the
next two weeks five ambulance
corps would be sent from some
where in America to France, which
want to say this, said Mr. Leppert,
! "* *•**_."
I would be the first expedition
"The Parish of St. aMry stands out
most prominent in my division, four
thousand and one hundred dollars,
was secured in the great drive of
the Red Cross in your parish. You
have an approximately population
of 15,000 white or possibly a few
more. New Orleans has a popula
tion of four hundred thousand, and
the entire Parish of St. Marv, I
can truly say has done more in
proportion to their population, than
has New Orleans. Mr. Leppert
stated further that Buffalo, N. Y.
who has a population slightly over
400,000 has a membership of 200,
000 members of Red Cross. He ex
pressed a hope that S'. Mary would
try for the goal of fifty per cent of
her population. Continuing Mr. Lep
pert said: "The American Red Cross
is a chartered organization. It is
the only voluntary agency for re
lief, commissioned by the Congress
of the United States."
You know what the Red Cross is,
you are familiar with some of its
activities, its achievements with the
organized helpfulness heroism and
self-sacrifice of its men and women
amid the horrors of war devasta
ing plagues, and epidemic, and in
the great calamities, such as the San
Francisco fire, the Ohio flood (In
this instance alone the Red Cross
spent nearly five million dollars)
the Titanic, and Eastland disasters,
and other catastrophes involving
loss of life and suffering." "Many
do not know, said Mr. Leppert,
"That our great President of the
United States, is the President of
the American Red Cross, and that
ex-President Howrad Taft, is Vice
President Mr. Wadsworth, acting
director of the organization, at
Washington, recently reiniquished,
a most high position in the world of
finance, and volunteered three years
of his life to serve this great organ
ization. The Red Cross reports to
Congress, its accounts are audited ;
by the war department, all that it
does is open to public scrutiny.
Since 1905 the American Red Cross
has rendered valuable aid in 86 dis
asters, it has received and expended
more than fifteen millions of dollars
in money and relief supplies. Thtfus- !
and of families have been helped
and kept together, suffering has
been relieved, and greater misery
has been prevented. Its work also in
cludes preventive and educational !
measures. No other agency provides
so practical an opportunity for help- j
ing humanity in times of great
crisis, when relief is urgent, and the i
measures for relief must be prompt
and adequate. The country needs
you ; if you are a "stay at home" it,
need you more so. You can be of aid
in many branches of its work, j
"Have your soldiers who are station- j
ed in your park" everything that is j
need for their comfort? Are the
tents floored? Have they reading
matter? Do you welcome them when j
you see them on the streets Have
I they ample mosquito bars, to pro- j
; tect them from the mosquitoes this
jsummer that usually infest this sec
jtion? All of these things are among
! those that come to the notice of
j workers of Red Cross Society. See
; that these boys have every comfort
I while in your city, guarding your j
j bridges, harbor and railroads. It is
your duty. Look about your home,
send them reading matter that will
i help them pass pleasant evenings. I
I know St. Mary Parish has wonder
! ful material for Red Cross service.
! You have 1200 members, I want to ;
j see at least three of four times that
I number. Your officers and members j
in this parish, are in the work heart
and soul. Go after new members,
; the membership fee is small, their j
aid will be great in this wonderful
cause. There are so many things
that are to be done by this organi
zation. To support its field and base
hospitals, its doctors, and nurses,
to provide the necessities of military
and civilian relief, calls for at least
1,000,000 members, America can do
what other nations have done. Re
member no field service is required
of members.
Mr. Leppert was greeted by many
of the members after he concluded
his most interesting discourse, and
was assured by Mesdames E. E
Moberly Jr., and E. A. Pharr, and
several Lieutenants and members,
that St. Mary Parish could be re
lied upon to muster up to their full
strength in the work of the Ameri- ]
can Red Cross Society. Mrs. Mober- j
ly, President of the St. Mary Chap
ted will have some interesting an
nouncements from time to time, ;
concerning the work in St. Mary. f
There were quite a number of vis- :
itors from Franklin and Patterson j
and intermediate points, who ; at
tended the meting.
If you are not a member of this
great organization put in your ap
plication today. Every American is
wanted upon the rolls.
Joe and Theo. Schmidt have tak
en the agency for the Chalmette
Laundry. Phone 353. 'Nuff ed. 3t
This bank will be pleased to receive
subscriptions to the 3 1-2 per cent
Liberty Loan, up to June 15, at no
expense to the subscriber,
Woundine will relieve pain when
wounded. Phone 6 Peoples Drug Co.
Do your own tube » epairing. Use
Monkey Grip for punctures and blow
W. F. Bowman,
lwk. Berwick.
The new toilet preparations "Or
chard White" at Belanger Drug
Co., The Rexall Store.
To the members of Doric Lodge,
No. 205, F. & A. M. and all regular
masons. There will be a special
meeting of this lodge Wednesday
evening, May 16th, 1917, at 8
o'clock, at which Bro. M. A. Potten
ger will lecture to the craft. A large
attendance is requested.
3t I. W. Paddock, W. M.
Gas Boat 26 feet long with bat
tery box in center found sunk in
Bayou Schaffer—Apply to Albert
or Willie Smith, Morgan City, La.
lmo. '
Joe and Theo. Schmidt have tak
en the agency for the Chalmette
Laundry. Phone 353. 'Nuff ed. 3t
A state of war is existing between
OUR COUNTRY and Germany
Our Government is asking for
volunteers to serve in the army
and navy. Fearless, loyal volun
teers carrying the grave but glor
ious responsibility of acting as
deputies of the nation to defend
the republic and to punish the
violators of her national
rights, integrity and honor
The Government Needs You Now
Don't pnt off offering yourself
through any mistaken idea that
the situation is to be lightly re
garded. Grasp the seriousness of
it all
Join Some Branch of the * Service
Select the branch you feel you can be most helpful to. Enlist in the
Infantry Corps
Aviation Corps
Medical Corps
Go to Postmaster Hebert or to the recruiting offices at New
Orleans for instruction as to how to join your preferred branch
If you want tobe a 'volunteer and not a conscript join the army for
the term of the war
Commencement Invitations
Announcement Cards
At Home Cards
Visiting Cards
Correspondence Cards
Individual Stationery
Baby Announcement Cards
Printed Beautifully
Engraved or
Individual, Class, Club and
Lodge Monogram or
Initial Designs Furnished
Phone 276
_ » _For Prices___
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