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The Great Romance
Louis Jo5oph\Émce oj-Preparedness -
UNDER THE DIRECTION OF WHARTON, JNC. com,tm. stmt co mmtvrr
I ... h
T n t- 7
! «7? , . L,Ima7
' £ re f 111 ft nn il
hotel. If Huroki's planning an eva-;
sion, he evidently means to leave De |
Lima to shift for himself.
Here are the warrants," Ryley
sued, delivering the papers,
a note that came for you just as
D*ur '
and here's I
a nme tuai c-ame xur -- * j
.stopped at the house to ask Anne ;
tt'hppp tn find vnu Thnnpht nerhHDS
where to find you. Thought perhaps
I'd better bring it along."
"Thank you." '
With a word of apology to Patrin,
Donald opened the note. Written ir
Rodney's unsteady band, it read as fol
Dear Don:
I'm frightfully sorry I was such an ass.
I ought to have known better. But I'm
so broken up about Patria and everything I.
' couldn't see straight. As soon as I get over i
i this katzenjammer, I'm going to ask her '
to forgive me. For the present, I must :
■ ask you not only to overlook my boori3h
hess but to help me out of a bad scrape j
I'm in.
It's a woman, and it ian't my fault. I'm i
in wrong—that's alL Only it'll get me in |
bad all round If anything gets into the j
papers. Please don't say anything to I
anybody—Just come secretly to this ad- |
dress as soon as you can.
Respectfully yours,
The address was written Mow the j
signature: "Hotel Baltimore. Ask for !
me by my name." j
Thoughtfully, Donald refolded and
pocketed the note. He was fond of
Rodney, and could not refuse the boy's
request At the same time. Its urgency
complicated matters a trifle. !
Summoning the waiter, he settled his
"Please take Miss Cbannlng back to |
my rooms," he requested Ryley. "Then
go on to Huroki'a. 1*11 Join yon there '
In the course of half an hoar or so. j
Don't do anything pending my ar
rival. ...
The Baltimore was well-known to !
Donald by unsavory repute.
! A sardonic clerk delivered Captain j
Parr to the guidance of n cynic bell
boy, who left him at the door of a
room on the fifth floor. His knock was (
answered by a handsome creature of
some thirty animated years, a woman
whose complete self-possession and al
luring negligee assorted well with the
Implications latent In Rodney's note.
"Captain Parr?"
* Her tones were as professionally
dulcet as her smile was woridlywlae.
Donald bowed coolly.
"I am looking for Mr. Wrenn."
"He la expecting yon. Won't yon
please come in?" j
Donald entered. The woman closed
the door and paused momentarily with
back to It. He swung around sharply,
suspecting that she had turned the key
and withdrawn it—for the first time
suspecting that Rodney's note might
have been n forgery.
"Where is Mr. Wrenn?" he de
"He was called away unexpectedly,
bat will be back at any moment
Please sit down."
"Thank yon—no."
Donald moved quickly to the door.
The woman sought to Interpose herself
between him and It but he waa too
quick. A twist of the handle confirmed
his s i t mis e; ha was locked in with this
dangerous animaL
"Be good enough," he said brusquely,
"to open without delay;"
"Bat sorely you can watt—'*
1 hm no (taw to «mata Do as
I my!"
Am Im
to mo
; withe
Tarta tight, it to*
to get yon
an iw i Ng a
*®e na heart" ha
to aid Mm to break
A stand qf
the chimney-piece offered a
Hal hnaa poker. Mslag this, he
for tha door. Behind his hack.
! Hrip! A
as leekafi In hws!"
fly the that aba had «aid that araeh.
Ma ranch.
IB his
white hurriedly
I attisa, la
cate a
h w qsevnoa was luunuxenai. At eue
i 8am « Instant a th ™ à " <* heavy blows
J sounded on the door, and it yielded to
a P^key, admitting three sturdy and
wilnng re
They made for Donald in a concert
' pd rush * but on,y to brin S U P with Iift *
I t>d .hands at the point of his pistol,
"Easy !" he ordered. "Steady ! Into
* j that room there-all of you. Step
; , ively and don . t crowd! Y too P
Mrs. Mayne!"
Herding the quartette into the ad
io'ning bedchamber, he locked its door,
and tossed the key out of the open
U'indexv an instant before three police
men entered. At sight of these Don
aid quietly showed the badge of j
special officer of the New York polic>
"You'll find the people you want ii
there," he said, jerking his thumb to
ward the bedchamber door. "Take thi
Be Quiet, You Young MM."
four of them to the station-house anc
don't let them go till you've put th<
fear of the law into their hearts."
He walked'out, summoned the ele
vator, and paused on his way throng!
the lobby long enough to communicatf
confidentially with the sardonic clerk
"Just one more bresik like that, rnj
friend," he said, smiling sweetly, "and
you'll lose your license. Remember 1
have warned you."
Without waiting for response, Don
ald left the hotel.
Aa be did so, a taxicab drew up at
the carriage block and Rodney Wrenr
jumped out and turned to help Patria
who uttered a little cry of pleasure at
sight of. her betrothed—a cry that,
drawing Rodney's attention to Donald
struck the former limp with surpris«
"Why, Don! I didn't expect to find
yon hero! Rodney persuaded mo tn
come with Mm tn mo Mother Wn
I herald family
"Do I
yen toM Puma
tapota* et this
that ha
9** ft* *****
Sat MawiM pot you up to tMa trick,
thd yea M p ea jht Patria hers ta sea me
tod moar Bads» arra
thB bey rated sell
bswsd la
wt Donald knew
ehrawdiy at the
Dsaald said to Patrlq,
1 to reenter tha cab.
Within ten minutes they jotw
Byley at toe corimr of that quiet street
to tha Mwag Mill quarter.
"Teals Jest la time;" ha Informed
"the trap la randy to spring;
sot since Hnroki re*
tamed aver an how ago; hot Da Lias
has jut goas la."
*Dld ha asa you, or saopoct—r
"A totok act; tody one thing a»
■tea as; Ba need a passkey to open
ton Bat dear after rlagteg the boll
BtoattHUMb Vhd getting no answer."
"G* nw am together. Well waste
op half a
of Patrie*» private
they aoved toward
Utile irai dears In tha
ef tha block.
T flft re at hud , Donald, asareh»
■ytey'e whistle
toes that
sat f
heart of It
ef Da
mm mm
and stooped to apply it to
ftmaltaasoualr a frightful
tlon thundered within the building. It
rocked npon Its fauadatioas. The
glass panels of the door broke and fell
outwards; shattered by the force of the
When Donald's party was able to en
ter, the entire Interior of the house
was found to be in rains, completely
demolished by dynamite.
Near the front door the body of De
Lima lay, pinned between two great
timbers, his back broken; the man's
death had been mercifully instantan
Further investigation established the
I fact that Huroki and his creatures,
! making their escape by way of a secret
! passage to a house on the downtown
\ side of the block, had planted an in
! fernal machine at the mouth of the
passage, so wired that the first at
tempt to follow would bring about the
: explosion.
De Lima, arriving too late to accom
pany the fugitives, and seeking to es
cape the police, had thus been left to
Pring about his own annihilation.
Forty-four Enlistment* Have Been
Secured By Local Postmaster
While Postmaster J. P. Hebert
states that the patriotic spirit of the
young men of Morgan City and vic
inity is responsible for the large en
listment which he has sent in to the
recruiting office at New Orleans, his
activities and assistance in the mat
ter have been recognized by the War
Department in a letter from the Ad
jutant General, Robert C. Davis.
The Adjutant General says in part,
"I wish to inform you that the ma
terial assistance you have rendered
the recruiting service is deeply ap
preciated by the Department."
In speaking of the communication
from the War Department, Post
master Hebert claims that he is de
serving of no credit in the matter
but that the patriotic fewer of his
young friends has made it possible
for him to assist them in their wish
es to answer the call of their coun
try. The citizens of the community
feel that credit is due both the vol
unteers for their patriotism and to
Mr. Hebert for his interest and ac
tivity which directed and made post,
sible the fulfillment of the wishes
of his loyal young friends.
Daily Review 40 cen*n per month
"Drive" for $100,000,000 Opens
Throughout Country.
New York and Chicago Will Give at
Least $40,000,000—Every Region
Must Be Generous Now.
Uncle Sam is calling for a Red Cross
fund of $100,000,000 to enable the Red
Cross to give the proper care to the j
side and wounded, the homeless and
the desolate when his men get into
the fighting in earnest. New York dty
has promptly pledged Itself to "raise
one-fourth of whatever sum Is needed,"
and la now collecting the money. Chi
cago will be asked for something be
tween $3,000460 and $16,000,000, tha
levy based on population and credit
Mr. to M. Town» has been a p p o in te d
by Washington as dkoelor of the Bod
tonna ww toad catBrtBn, tor tha cea
«Md drilrioa, and will agon s driva
for toe money la nine status an floea
ns It has been determined fait how
much he needs.
The money win be raised hy sab
scriptiott «meng to* vartona chapters,
and It has barn weanged Hat neck
chapter toll have eoatonrth <f what
ever ana it rateea. Mr. Towns hopes
that tha country will raise enough to
ftve the national organisation Ate fall
$100,000^)00 over and above what tot
!* «[ *»» ■ retain.
The Red Cross Is couponed to raise
Ita fund from the people becaune tthas
so eawfli an endow m en t to ad h as tom
$2,000,906—white Japan, tor instnac*
has more tosa $1*00*000 tn her fand,
toe tonnas Irate which pays «11 tx
Tbe money Is necessary to
te»avpltoa«Bd sqnipaeot of tha bast
hospitals, and for relief week In ww.
In all of tha American Rad Cross
hosptais and American ambolaaco sta
tions In Trflnee are to ho found In
genious contrivances to save toe Uvea
and timba of badly maimed sotillerm.
One onto apparatus, apparently a tan
gle of wrighte and pulleys and robber
bolls up tha togs of n patient
tower timba have been broken
Ip three or four places hy shall expie*
which mats ok
Mr dritte ftps»
Oaks tonal.
(From the Gulf Marine Register)
Janse 3rotliers and 3oomer and
Howe, large contractors of New Or
leans, have secured assurance from
Charles N. Crowell, assistant fo the
United States Shipping Board, that
the government will give them con
tracts for the construction of several
wooden, and also a few steel ships as
soon as "he arrangements can be
This firm has completed practical
ly all plans for a gigantic shipyard
which will be located at Berwick!
j aero
j work
' ation
5 from this city and, already,
has been started on the found
> and other details. It will cover
acres. This will be one of the
largest plai ts in this section of the
country and will employ more than
2000 men when operating at full
force. This will mean a great busi
ness boom in this city. There will be
working machniery, steel shops and
fitting out docks. Immediately after
securing the assurance from Mr.
Crowell, the contractors and official
of the new company, which will be
known as the Atchafalaya Shipyard,
contracted with many firms for ma
terial for the construction of the
plant and also supplies that will be
needed for the laying of the keels.
This will be a twelve way plant
and will be equipped with the handl
ing of steel vessels, as well as wood
en ships, for the government fleet.
It is considered an ideal location and
the prospects for successful ship
building is assured. The plant will
be on the proposed route of the ln
tercoastal canal and is close to the
base from which all the supplies,
such as cypress and pine lumber and
oil, will be secured. All of the mater
•ai "ill be delivered to the company
by water.
The company expects to build
twenty completely finished wooden
steamers dur ng the first year.
Another splendid shipbuilding en
terprise which is proposed for Mor
gan City is that of the Union Bridge
and Construction Company, of Kan
sas City, who recently leased twenty
three acres fronting the river here
and have announced .*nal they «ill
erect a five-way plant which will
give employment, in double shifts,
to more than 1,500 men. The com
pany have announced that they have
tentative contracts for several
wooden vessels for the government,
to be completed within eighteen
months. This plant will be modern
in every respect.
The Government is worried overt
hoarding of food supplies by individ- :
uals. So run the despatches from •
„ .. * .. .
Washington. Can it be that we are
j po j n g witness the same disgrace
ful exhibition of selfish folly
that marked the opening days of the
war in England? Have we learned
nothing from the bitter experiences
of oar Allies?
I hate to believe that our country
men are so dull or so heartless; hot
selfishness like patriotism know no
country, and ft may be necessary to
shame the self-centered into decent
behavior here, as was done In Eng
land in August, 1914. Just to wake
up those who act in teere thought
lessness it may be pertinent to men
tion the experience of an American
couple in toe first days after Eng
land entered toe war.
They were living in n tiny village
twenty-four miles north of London,
and their food supplies came tip
daily by motor truck from Harcods,
one of London's large department
stores. Rumors tost there might he a
scarcity had penetrated even to thsir
back-water retreat, bat they declla
ed to be raffled thereby. The Har
roda shops supplied many thousands
in London and toe suburbs daily
with poultry, meat, game, fish, eggs,
fresh and canned vegetables. They'
even shipped by e x pr ea and parcel
post to Ireland, Scotland and tha
Englhft provinces. It was absurd to
suppose that they would toil a regu
lar customer In an emergency.
So the order for toe morrow wont
to Harrods as nsaal, only somewhat
larger than ordinary, as it was for
toe week-end and guests were ex
pected. It included fish and meat
and a variety of fnxit and vegetables
as well as soma canned goods. Tha
following day the big track rolled up
to the door at the usual hour and
discharged—a package of washing
soda and some dothas pins!
The motonaan wan apologetic*
it 'Harrods had to adtett Usent
hasten. The day hefora tkorOt eft
panic-stricken Londoners had
ed in motor eats aid lad
fed Gras Bafl to be at Qy
HaB Tonight. Instead of at
Soldiers Mess Hall. The
Entire Public is Invited
The Soldiers Ball for the benefit
of the Red Cross which has been
widly advertised to take place at
the Company "C" Mess Hall tonight
at 8 o'clock will be given at the City
Hal instead. This news will be wel
comed by all dance .fans as the floor j
in upper chamber of the City Hall
is excellent for dancing and it is be
lieved that even the much larger
space here provided will he taxed to
care for the crowd which will attend.
Everyone is invited to this public
dance and no admission will be
charged. However, for those who
dance, a charge of 5c per dance will
be made. The Red Cross ladies will
also serve refreshments. This part of
the Red Cross Week program is in
the hands of Mrs. T. W. Schmidt. :
The dance will, follow the big Sham
Battle to be staged at the Base Ball |
Park by Company "C".
Due to the advance cost of mater
ial in every department of our busi
ness, and the added cost of the nec
essities of life, we the undersigned
Barbers of Morgan City, have made
tiie following advances, w'hich will
become effective July 1, 1917.
Hair-cut ..... 35c
Shave ..................... 15c
Children, Haircut ........... 25c
Children, Haircut on Saturday.. 35c
Massage ............. 35c
Shampoo .................. 25c
Beard Trimmed ............. 25c
Moustache trimmed.......... 10c
All Hair Tonics............. 15c
John Fahrenholt, W. A. Robich
aux, A. Picou, R. M. McHpsband.
S Used 40 fare *
$ Hm Mmft Taoic {
ft. , g
(ft Sold Everywhere Jft
same experience.
... .. .
swept clean the counters, shelves j
and reserve bins of that huge shop. :
The other.shops had met with the j
All the greedy ones had acted as
with one impulse. It was as though
London was already beseiged and
the enemy had it in his grip. First
come first fed appeared to be the j
slogan of those with money to buy
and no regard for their fellows.
They behaved like manidcs. One
woman carried away triumphantly
in her limousine a hundred pounds
of tea. Another, who habitually pur
chased her bread and pawtry from «
baker, filled her car with bags of
The senseless fright was short
lived. The newspapers bald up to
scorn both the hoarders and tot
merchants «Am had catered to them.
The Governarant took a hand and
threatened penalties.
Within a week toe woman with
the tea wanted to return her sur
plus; as did the lady of the floor,,
finding her cook ready to quit if
called npon to do it. The shopkeep
ers, however, stung by toe almost
universal confemnstion Visited ap
on them, took their revenge hy
refusing to take back anything.
Many of too perishable foodstuffs
spoiled on the hands of the purchas
ers. The flavor departed from others
long before they could be used.
There was some poetic justice, after
Bat there was also a darker side
to the incident Prices of food had
jumped overnight and those of slen
der parse were the sufferers. Anx
ious housewives found themsOlvos
with empty larders and lacking
means to replenish them. There was
much hardship and nobody—not
even the guilty ones—a gainer.
If there is ene proposition which
cannot be gainsaid, it is that -hand
ing always has only one result—to
to rre n t prices and make scarce toe
articles hoarded. TF everybody win
be sensible and purchase whac is re
quired for immediate use there will
be ae th e r aearcky nor inflated
Southern Pacific
No Dust No Cinders
Road With a Thous
and Wonders
Summer Excursion Tickets
Galveston, Texas ..........$13.2®
Kingsland, Texas ......... $20.40
Comfort, Texas .......... $22.7$
Alpine, Texas ............ $35.88
Marfa, Texas ............ $36.60
Limit 90 days, not to exceed Oc
tober 31, 1917.
Tickets will be on sale daily to Sept.
30, inclusive. Limit October 31, 1917
Plan Your Vacation Now
For particulars and literature a7 }
any Southern Pacific Lines Agenk
or write,
J. T. MONROE, Gen. Pass. AgenL
Naw Orleans, f-+
Lmoyr and Notary
Office in Pint National BtmhBUg
Morgan City, La.
A Few Specials
2 1-2 lb. Can Van Camp Beets 10e
2 1-2 lb. Can Delmonte Spinach 15«
2 1-2 lb.
toes ..
Can High Grade Toms
2 1-2 lb. Can Graded Pineapples 10c
2 1-2 lb. Can. Rose Brand Peadi
88 ■* .....................20c
2 lb. Can Red Kidney Beans 12 Mot
2 1-4 Can Asparagus ........20e
1 qt. Jar Queen Olives ....... 25«
Drink Bass' Special Coffee
Ground While You .Wait
30c a pound
Yours to please,
First National Bank Bldg.
notary public
Piioae 9.
Practice in Federal and State Courts
Morgan City» La.
Br. 1 Ounce Benrick
Drag Ce.
day or
«Hr. La
TW Misäg link
Between Morgan
Gty and Houma
Mason R Calcote
General Packet Carrier, leaven
Morgan City Fridays, Leavao
Houma Mondays
Prompt, economic and reliable
Freight service. Homeaddrogn
Morgan City La.
mi Morgan CMy
NOW- is the time to have
or building dona. Drop mo a Bas n&
1 riffl famish an estimate an •»
dam of inside or outride
taMh| or dor orating

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