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I i
Morgan fflitn Satin Srutrui
/ol 2
No 296
Bgh! Billion Is War
Budget For Present
Jm Ask $5^278,636,000
Alwc, and Other Depart
■eats Want A
Washngton, July 26.— The new
«er budget to carry the government
tfcroogh to next July and to cover
additional credits to the Allies pro
pt«»« now to far exceed $8,000,
0g$ ( 000 and may amount to $10,
War Department estimates sent
£ Congress today call for new ap-
yup ri rtinim of $5,278,636,000 for
ftat branch of the military estab-
IWaient alone. Estimates totaling
Lg Otf $1,000,000,000 or more are
tomorrow when the other
itents report and in addition
etary McAddo has indicated
before the year is out Congress
be asked for $2,000,000,000 to
the funds available for
"Civilization," a motion picture
Nation of vast scope and possibili-
for the coveted bringing about
f that Elysian period which we are
D looking forward to when Wprld
lace will be a reality, is to be {tre-
ated by its producers, Mr. Thos.
es at the Opera House August 3.
"Civilisation," comes with the
ictropolHJm endorsement of the
Me clergy and the theatre-
public as the most vital and
live offering of that great
motion picture. Not to see it
yourself a rare and ex- .
: treat
1*0. v.........9:29 a. m
l*o. .......... 8:13 p. m
t Lve............1:58 a. m
11 I#e...........11:03 p. m
*1 Air........... 6:24 p. a
.„Re. 12 Lve. ........ 3:32 a. m
No. 8 Lve.. .....4:48 a. a,
He. 2 Air......>,... 7:47 a. m
t*o. .......... 7:57 a. m.
Bh. • Arr........... 1:12 p. m
Î* ...........1:22 p. m
Mn $• Lve........... 3:46 p. m
Hi .4 *■»*«•*
I ed
a ba s as to rent. Me
win do it for you. i
E. W,
The Bank ot Morgan Gty
How You Can Help Your Country
4-, . LEND----What Yob Cm
00810 °t iwr money to the United States by in
r Toottag in n Liberty bond, and help our country win
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flhscription. You can invest ta a $50.00^ or $100.00
Bond, ind we will assist you in case yob can not pay
M cash.
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X tH
Legislature's Extra Ses
Ends Yesterday At
5:40 PJL
Nn MTaiWiD Be Require«
Of Men Serving Flag While
War Lasts
Baton Rouge, La., July 26.—The
extraordinary session of the Gen
eral Assembly passed into history
cA 5:40 o'clock this afternoon when
both branches adjourned sine die.
The moratorium bill extending the
time for the payment of debts of sol
dien and sailors until the close of
the war, perished on the calendar of
the Senate. By shrewd parliamei
tary maneuvering the opponents of
the bill prevented consideration
Senator Fields' bill regulating Me
taking of testimony of absent wit
nesses was indefinitely postponed by
the Senate.
The Senate adopted a resolution
introduced by Senator Schwing, of
Iberville, directing the Board of
State Affairs to investigate all of
the levee boards in the state with
the view of consolidating into one
The house had only one bill on fi
nal passage, that of Senator Thoele
proposing an amendment to the Con
stitution exempting soldiers and
sailors from the payment of poll tax
during the war. The bill went
through by a vote of 80 yeas and 12
nays. Seventy-nine votes are neces
sarvy to pass a constitutional
amendment and the bill got through
with one vote to spare.
Peking China, July 1.—Hark!—
ye diners of palatial hotels and
travelers of leisure, Hath! and listen
,to a tale of far-away China, the
land of mystery, which incidentally
revolutionizes the ' much touted
"high cost of living." *
Again the U. S. Marine are heard
from but this time in regard to
"eats!" Let it be suffice to say that
they are living good for eggs are
now selling here for thirty cents
When Me baby is suffering Me
double affliction of hot weaMer and
bowel disorders, Me remedy need
reduces Me feverish condition, cor
rects Me stomach and checks Me
Ioomum of ta» bowels. Price *25
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for Dnf Cfc Yjjf|
Lewa Paaaed at Extra Saaaioa «I
General Aaaeaahly Are Lia ted
Baton Rouge, La., July 26.—The
following is a list of the bills and
concurrent resolutions passed at the
extraorninary session of the General
Act No. 1.—Concurrent resolu
tions commending the course of Gov
ernor R. G. Pleasant in supporting
the federal government in the war
with Germany.
Act No. 2.—Appropriating $27,
000 to defray the expenses of the
extra session of the General As
Act No. 3. Memoralizing the fed
eral government to construct a can
al from the Atchafalaya river thru
the rice district of Southwest Louis
Act No. 4.—Pledging the support
of the state to the federal govern
ment in the war with Germany
Act No. 5. Appropriating $143,-t£
684.26 to reimburse Me fiscal
agency banks for money borrowed
by Me State Board of Liquidation.
Act No. 6.—Prohibiting depreda
tions on Me oyster water bottoms of
Me state.
Act No. 7.—Creating a State
Council of Defense and making an
appropriation Merefor.
Act No. 8.—Creating a state mili
tary reserve force or constabulary
and making an appropriation to de
fray any necessary expenses.
Act. No. 9.—Regulating Me as
sessment and taxation of foreign
firms and corporations operating
rolling stock in this state.
Act No. 10.—Making it unlawful
to interfere with enlistments in Me
army and navy.
Act No. 11.—Prohibiting inter
ference with water supplies of
Act No. 12.—Prohibiting alica
enemies from having firearms or ex
plosives^ m Meir possession.
Act No. 13.—Directing Me gov
ernor to assist Me federal govern
ment in Me war wiM Germany.
Act No. 14.—Regulating Me taxa
tion and assessment of national
Act No. 15.—Providing for tne
assessment and taxation of foreign
firms and corporations doing busi
ness in Louisiana.
APt. No. 16.—Authorizing police
juries to expropriate property for
the construction of Me canals.
Act No. 17.—Amending Section
3252 of Me Civil Code, in regard to
the widow's dowry.
Act No. 18.'—Validating Me acts
of police juries and road supervisors
in concurring debts and issuing
Act No. 19. —Making it a crime to
damage or destroy fences.
Act No. 20.—Requiring the re
gistration of aliéna.
Act No. 21.—Empowering the
tw Orleans commission council to
dose a tout for Me benefit of
Teure Infirmary.
Act Ne. 22.—-AuMorismg drain
e district boards to anticipate
Meir fwvenaca. •
Act Ne. 23.—Providing for Ma
recordation on Ml am o rtizati on
plan. '
Act No. 24.— Pr o hibitin g iasur
ration and sedition.
"> Act No. 25.—Providing far Me
eradication of eattle ticks.
Act No 26.—AuMorixing Mo gov
ernor to reconvey Me let occupied
by Me Bogakma armory to Mo Groat
SouMern Lumber Company.
Act No. 27.—Indorsing the Cham
berlain national highway bill, now
pending before Congress.
Act No. 28.—Inviting other states
to send delegatee to Me National
Prison Congress at New Orleans.
Act No. 29.—To facilitate the*
trial of ordinary causes in Me
jpreme Court.
Act No. 30.—Placing road con
struction work under Me control of
police juries.
Act No. 31.—Providing penalties
for damaging bridges to be used by
Act No. 82.—An amendment to
Me Constitution exempting soldiers
from Me payment of poll tax.
Act No. 33.—Indorsing T. Sam
bola Jones for a position in Me di
plomatic service.
Act No. 34.—Permitting soldiers
to vote in elections. . i
Sp- :
Act No. -85.—Creating n com
sion to hivestignte Me question
|p, y £or women who fm the Uces of
en in offlcial positions.
establishing a training institute for
Act No. 36.—Providing for
joint committee to investigate Me
State Training Institute at Monroe.
Act No. 37.—Penalising persons
for interfering wiM electric light
plants, telegraph lines, etc.
Act No. 38.—To prevent specula
tion in food.
Act No. 39.—Providing for the
expropriation of property for mili
tary purposes.
Act No. 40.—Providing for Me
transfer of motor vehicle taxes in
certain parishes to the State High
way Department.
Act No. 41.—Autrorizing the
State Highway Department to anti
cipate revenues from motor vehicle
Act No. 42.—Authorizing levee
boards to co-operate wiM Me feder
al government in flood control work.
Act No. 43.—Regulating Me exe
cution of criminals.
Act No. 44.—Providing for equal
Paris, July 10.—Paul J. Osborne
of Montclair, New Jersey, a member
of Me American Red Cross, Section
of Transportation, died of wounds
received on the French front June
22, was buried today wiM military
honors. General Baratier, Me
Fashoda's hero, was representing the
Secretary of War and made Me
following allocution before Me mor
tal remains of Osborne.
"In Me name of Me 134M divi
sion of Me French Army I salute
you soldier Osborne, who since Me
beginning of Me war came to help
os to combat for Me right, Me liber
ty and Me justice.
"In your personality, I salute Me
United States Army who fight wiM
us. The same ideal inspire boM of
US snd lead us forward. Soldier Os
borne, my Moughts are with your
parents, on Me oMer side of Me
Ocean, when Mey will learn of your
„"I know Mat no words can as
suage the sufferings of a mother,
but I also know Mat if the ideal Mat
she planted in the heart of her son
ean't dried her tears it will transform
them, because by Mose tears Me
tears of all Me mothers and wo
men victory will come, victory Mat
will insure for ever a world's peace
This victory will be theirs having
gained it wiM Meir heart.
Soldier Osborne, sleep in peace
among your French compagnons
who have gloriously fallen like you.
Sleep entwined in Me folds of Me
Star Spangled Banner and in Me
Shadow of Me French Tricolor."
After Mis allocution General
Baratier pat upon Me coffin Me
War Cross, and Me mortal remains
of Osborne were consigned to Me
tomb. « v
of Me
By Caroline Tieknor
Behold Thy tons, oh Lord!
We give Mem back to Thee,
WiM o u tatretebod arms and
iag howto.
On b ended knee.
Worught in Thy image, nurtured in
The brave, Me strong, all-glorioas in
Guard Mia our priceless gift, in
strife and strew,
Oh Lord of Righteousness!
Our noblest sons, oh Lord !
We give Mem back to Thee.
A ranspm for Me free.
Ye as me. give Thee back Thine own
On bended, knee wiM fervent hearts
we pray,
Guard Thou our valiant sons on land
and tea,
Oh Lord of Liberty!
A bad taste in the mouth comes
from a disordered stomach, and
back of Mat usually is a torpid liv
er:—A condition which invites' dis
ease. HERBINÈ is Me remedy need
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* i ?* # *' •
Russians Fleeing The
Enemy Are Cannoned
By Comrades
Russia Rout Pare The Way
For Austro - Germans To
Recover Bukowina
The Russian government's policy
of "blood and iron" is to be carried
out along the lines which bodes ill
for the seditious troops along the
eastern front and those persons
within the country who are trying
to nullify the good work that
has followed the wake of the revolu
Cap'tol punishment, abolished
wiM the advent of the new govern
ment, again has been put in force on
Me demand of Me military com
manders at Me fornt, who now skill
be able to assemble field courts and
put to deaM summarily traitors in
Me army. General Korniloff, com
mander of the forces in Galicia
whose disaffections and desertions
have wrought havoc in Me Russian
morale, was Me most insistent of the
military chiefs in calling for a free
hand to check Me refractory troops,
declaring Mat Me deaM penalty was
Me only means of saving the army.
Prior to Me acquiescence of Me
government. General Korniloff is re
ported to have taken drastic steps of
having a division of fleeing cowarda
of Me ElevenM army shot to pieces
by artillery directed by Meir faiM
ful former brothers-in-arms.
Again Me Germans have made a
vicious Mrust at Me French line in
Me Aisne region of France, and
again Mey have paid dearly in men
killed or wounded for a slight gain
over a front of two miles, from
Hurtebise to La Bovelle, but only to
Me souM of Ailles was Me crown
prince's army able to penetrate the
French first line trenches. In Cham
pagne the French have captured
German trenches. ,
Over a forty-mile front from the
coast in Flanders to the River Lys
Me terrific artillery duel between
Me British and Me Germans con
tinues, but as yet no attempt has
been made by eiMer side to throw
Me infantry into Me fighting.. The
Germans are said to be suffering
from "nerves" and are aiming shells
on every point along Me British
Would it be any satisfaction to you in these
times if you could out some of your money into the
great national fund held by the Fédéral Reserve Bank
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the business interests of the country ?
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us, as we in turn keep part of it on deposit with our
Federal reserve bank, where it wilt be ready for you
wjjen needed.
In this way. without cost, you can
strengthen the system and secure
for yourself its protection.
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y -• . n 11 . 1 . .. .....
U. S. Senate Will Vote
On National Prohibi
tion Next Wednesday
Be Required of States In
side of Six Years
Washington, July 26.—National
prohibition will be voted on by Me
women were permitted to take work
firmative vote of 65 to 66 it was
agreed tonight to take up Monday,
Senator Sheppard's resolution for a
national prohibition amendment to
the constitution, and to dispose of it
by Wednesday night.
The vote in the Senate probably
will be extremely close. Adoption
would require a two-thirds vote of
t^e senators present. Senator Shep
pard predicted tonight an affirmative
vote of 65 to 66 votes—just enough
to approve Me resolution which
would Men go to Me House sub
ject to a similar two-thirds vote.
Ratification of Me action of the
amendment would require affirma
tive action by three-fourths of the
forty-eight states..
The resolution provides that:
"The manufacture, sale or transpor
tation of intoxicating liquors, wiM
in, the importation Mereof into, or
the exportation Mereof from the
United Stages and all territory sub
ject to the jurisdiction Mereof for
beverage purposes are hereby prohi
bited. The Congress shall have pow
er to enforce Mis article by appro*
priate legislation.
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stooping postiion puts a stitch m Me
back Mat is painful. If the muscles
have become strained you can't get
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cause it is the very Ming you need.
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front where movements outside rou
tine are observed.
German steamers attempting to
ply in the North sea are meeting
with short shift from patrolling
British torpedo boat destroyers. Two
more vessels have been sunk by de*»
troyers and two others captured and
taken into Tin English port.

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