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FORECAST Tonight and Saturday, cold and cloudy.
onrex» states
(ttitn Sail«
VoL 3
No. 14 7
far-Saving Stamps
a «hat w the War-Savings Plan?
^ It i* » P lan by whlch y ° U Can
—.n savings to your Govern
4 per cent interest, com
A Bo* may this be done.
L If purchasing W ar-Savings ^
V/jnd Thrift Stamps. !
Vfbat is Wax-Savings Stamps?
Ï It is a stamp for which the ;
•fcieniBent will pay you $5 on Jan-,
gta 1, 1923.
a «bat does it cost. I
L Between $4.12 and $4.23 dur- ;
1118, depending upon the month
tV bkh purchased
Q. What is a Thrift Stamp?
i. It is a stamp costing 25 cents,
* to applied j n payment for a War
Stamp. It does not earn in
Tbe purpose of its issue is
lit people to accumulate in
$nu the amount necessary to
l m 1sr a War-Savings Stamm
Where can I buy them.
A At postoffices, banks or eu
litjxed agencies.
( Why should I buy them?
i iWy dollar loaned to the
JlMB«ent helps to save the lives
gm ema *t the front and to win
Plan. What is the first
;to lo?
gt toak or any other agent, bir,
till Watch
Iwy ttoupiec# carried by ev
•y Mimed man connected with
il|nat S. P. system in this ter.
d*T b brought to us at regular
totals for examination, regu
btbn aad repair.
If THEY knew that we can do
•Id sal good enough for
<U, isn't that recommendation
tosagb to justify YOU ht bring.
|«|Mr watch to ns
I? r ile sum expert attention is
to repairing broken pins,
"«■i whkn yon coma here
ns yon come
, the largest and best
g-L »L
foe 46
and Certificates. ;
to begin to save on the
i'ftke $4.12 to the postoffice |
* keep and protect your valuable paper* and
These boxa* ara mada of stool. Vault larg
•ty deposit vault in this Parish.
SURPLUS $52,500.00
RESOURCES $420,000.00
/"\ Caller
a War-Savings Stamp and ask for
a War-Savings Certificate.
Q. What is a War-Savings Cer
A. It is a pocket-size folder con
taining twenty spaces upon which
to affix War-Savings Stamps.
Q. Is the War-Savings Certificate
a Government obligation?
A. It becomes an obligation as
soon as one or more War-Savings
Stamps are affixed to it.
Q. Can I get a War-Savings Cer
tificate without buying a stamp?
A. No.
Q. Does the War-Savings Certifi
cate cost anything?
A. No. The agent from whom
; you purchase the stamps will write
I your name and address on the ccrti
ficate and will furnish you an en
velope in which to keep it.
Q. What do I do after that?
A. Affix the War-Savings Stamp
on your certificate in space No. 1
and take good care of it.
Q. What do I do next?
A. You have now become a war
saver. Continue to buy War-Sav
ings Stamps every week or month
.md put the-" on your certificate
ntil you h" filled all of the
twenty srj. When this is done
you can / another War-Savings
Stamp, a i you will receive free of
Q. When I have filled the
do with it
A. Keep the certificate until Jan
uary 1, 1923, and the Government
will pay you $100 for it.
Q. How many War-Savings Cer
tificates can I fill.
A. Ten. The law allows each per
son to own $1000 worth of War
Savings Certificates.
Q. What is the lergest quantity
jthat I can purchase at any one time.
A. $100 worth, or twenty stamps.
Price of War Savings Stamps.
1. Does the price of War-Savings
Stamps always remain the same?
2. No. The price for each month
appears on the face of each stamp.
Never pay either more or less than
the amount shown for the month in
which you make the purchase. The
price is $4.12 in December 1917,
and January, 1918, and increases 1
cent each month after January,
1918, until December, T918, when
the price is $4.23.
1. What is the price of War-Sav
ings Stamps for each fonth of 1918.
2. January, $4.12 February,
$4.13; March, $4.14; April, $4.15;
May, $4.16; June, $4.17; July,
$4.18, August, $4.19; September,
$4.20; October, $4.21; November,
$4.22; December, $4.23.
1. Why is the price higher each
2. Because the stamps are earning
Thrift Stamp* and Thrift Cards.
1. If I do not have enough money
saved up to buy a War-Savings
Stamp and can only save in small
amounts, what should I do?
2. Buy a 25-cent Thrift Stamp at
a post-office, bank or other author
ized agency and ask for a Thrift
Card, to which you can attach your
Thrift Stamp.
1. Is there any charge for a Thrift
2. No. It is given you to hold
Thrift Stamps, and contains a place
for your name and address.
1. How many Thrift Stamps will
this card hold?
2. Sixteen stamps, which repre
sent a value of $4.
; cost another certificate to which you
can attach new stamps as you buy
| spaces on my certificate what do I
'\V '
i i% I
1—Landing supplies on the Palestine coast for the British forces. 2—Wc
refugees by the invading Teutons. 3—Patrick Henry Furman of Albany, X.
layers that are being trained at San Antonio, Tex., for service abroad.
men and children of northern Italy made
Y., who is in charge of a thousand brick
They're not Boches, though at first glance one might be led to that belief.
Beally they are mighty efficient Tommie«, who man the motor machine guns,
having a jolly good time wearing Teuton spiked helmets that formed part of
the spoils they won from the Boches la a recent engagement.
the Thrift
Exchanging Cards for
1. When I have filled
Cards what do I do?
Take it to a postoffice, bank, or
other authorized agency, surrender
the card and pay with cash the few
cents difference between the $4
voith of Thrift Stamps lAui the
pi ice of a War-Savings Stamp for
the month in whicn the exchange
i- made.
1. What do I do next?
2. You take the War-Savings
Stamp given you in exchange for
your Thrift Card, ask for a War
Savings Certificate, if you haven't
one already, and attach the stamp
to the certificate.
1. Should I continue to buy Thrift
2. Yes. Ask for a new Thrift
Card and begin again.
1. Do Thrift Stamps bear inter
2. No.
1. Then why are the issued?
2. To make it convenient for you
tJ save in small amounts that you
can purchase a war-savings scamp,
which does bear interest.
1. May I exchange Thrift
Stamps for War-Savings Stamps at
any time?
2. No. Only on or before Decem
ber 31, 1918.
Loading to tho Government.
1. What security is behind the
War-Saving Stam
r United
urîmliss 1 t.:y
f:r ej;h' sV .y.p '
on January 1, 1913. This promise
is backed by the faith and honor of
the United States and by the taxing
power of this country, which is the
richest nation in the world.
1. Why does the United States
borrow this money?
2. To pay expenses of the war.
1. When I lend my money to the
Government, would it be safer to
buy a government bond rather than
these War-Savings Stamps?
2. When a War-Saving Stamp is
attached to a War-Savings Certifi
cate it becomes a government obli
gation with the same security as the
Liberty Bonds, now held by more
than ten million Americans.
1. Is the 4 per cent interest, com
pounded quarterly, on War-Savings
Certificates paid in the same way as
the interest on Liberty Bonds.
2. No. The Liberty Bond inter
est paid every six months, but the
interest on the War-Savings Certifi
cate accumulates and is paid to you
in one sum on January 1, 1923.
1. Why isn't the interest paid in
the same manner on both War-Sav
ings Certificates and Liberty Bonds.
2. It would be very complicated
and expensive to pay interest every
six months on $5 stamps and forthat
reason the United States Govern
ment retains the interest until Jan
uary 1, 1913, at which time it pays j
you the compound interest and the j
j pdUfcipa! amounting to $5, the face j
value of the War-Savings Stamp. j
' ?. Sh'!! I sell Liberty Bonds
buy War-Savings Stamps?
2. No. The 'security behind Li
berty Bonds and War-Savings Cer
tificates is the same. Keep your
Liberty Bonds, but buy War-Savings
Stamps also.
1. Is the money received from
War-Savings Stamps and Thrift
Stamps used for the same purpose
as the money received from Liberty
2. Yes.
1. Should I take money out of the
bank to buy War-Saving Stamps.
2. No. You should save as much
as you can every day and buy Thrift
Stamps and War-Savings Stamps
with these savings.
1. How did Congress authorize
these War-Savings Certificates?
2. By act approved September 24,
1. How large an amount of War
Saving Certificates can be issued un
der the present law?
2. $2,000,000,000.
(To be continued tomorrow)
Meeting of Shipyard
Ladies Called For
The ladies of the shipyard areiu- '
vited and urged to be present at a I
meeting to be held in the parlors of !
the Elks Home Monday afternoon at ;
3 o'clock. The purpose of the meet- 1
ing is to discuss plans for a dance i
and a card party to be given for the
benefit of the Morgan City Unit of
the Red Cross.
Morgan City Daily Review deliv
ered at your home 40c a month.
The First National Bank
Capital and Sophs $100,000.
Banking In all of its branchas
Receives deposits on accounts subject to check; loans money on
commercial paper and approved collateral.
Christmas Savings Club, Liberty Loan Bond Club, 3 1-2 per cent,
interest paid on Certificates of Deposit.
We sell Foreign Exchange, Traveler's Checks, Rent Safe Deposit
Boxes $1.00 and up per year.
Any Thing in Banking We Have It
We invite your account large or small
Herbert M. Cotten, President
E. A. Pharr, Vice-Pres. K. R. Hood, Cashier,
M. E. Norman, Vice-Pres. C. P. Lynch, Asst. Cashier.
Morgan City's Strongest Financial Institution.
To The Boys and Girls
With the coming of Spring comes
better opportunities for boys and
girls to earn Thrift Stamps for their
Thrift Cards. The yards have been
more or less neglected during the
real cold weather. The leaves need
to be raked and burned, pot plants
need repotting, garden plots need
spading. Windows and paint need
scrubbing—in fact dozens of jobs
will present themselves to the am
bitious boy or girl who is eager to
earn the stamps.
The Civic League of Patterson is
giving the children a splendid oppor
tunity of earning Thrift Stamps by
having them assist in the clean-up
campaign planned for February. No
doubt clubs in other towns will use
this or similar means to help the
young folks earn Thrift Stamps. Ev
ery quarter earned and spent for a
stamp is a silent but mighty power
against an arrogant Monarch who
threatens to sh ?kle the world in
slavery. Wake p your minds boys
and girls to look for ways and means
to earn quart*v and save those
quarters by investing in Thrift
Stamps. Fill your Thrift Cards as
rapidly as possible then convert
them into War Savings Stamps.
They are such substantial possessions
and aside from what they mean to
you as a business investment, you
have the satisfaction of knowing
that you are serving our Country—
are actually a part of the fight for
Freedom, Liberty and Peace, the
Trinity of Democracy, whose very
righteousness is bound to overcome
Satan's twin—the Kaiser.
The Income Tax Officer is still
stationed at the City Hall here to
assist all citizens with the filling out
of their income statements. All
single persons with an annual rev
enue of $1000 and over, and all
married persons with a revenue of
$2000 and over, must make reports.
Any little wouno or abrasion of
a bad sore and is difficult to heal.
MENT at once when such accidents
happen. The wound heals promptly
the flesh occuring in cold weather
that is not promptly treated becomes
and soon does away with the annoy
ance of a bandage. Price 25c, 50c
and $1.00 per bottle. For sale by
We Have Secured the
Dodge Agency
And are able to make
Immediate Delivery.
Dodge Tonring Car
$980 Delivered
St Mary Garage
Machine Shop
Franklin, La.

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