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FORECAST—Tonight and Wednesday, fair and warm.
iforgan (Etttj Bath}
4T V4
Vol. 3
N'o. 233
jcuuve tom
District Well Over
Ike Top
of Ex
Üt ee Frais. 3 tpie
fork Accomplished
Ijal Committees.
Atlanta. Ga.
lill be several
May 13.—Although
«(til returns arc m L '"" 1 1
-ties of the Sixth re a ».-•
* j, evident that t,
[totals, amount;:
) Wi ll be maintained, ;i not sur
ntil the official figures are oe
' the Liberty Loan Executive
BBittee, it will be impossible to
mine those counties m Georgia,
Alabama which have won the
offered by patriotic bankers
those states to the county over
ling its quota by the largest
, Georgia, it is shown that Towns
is 600 percent over, while
County is well above abO p-r
Chambers County. Alabama,
the excellent percentage of '»00
* favor. Just when awards will
node, however, is still problema
. , , . ,, i
of îcia , mue ° ® I
ent of his co-workers that
strict would go over the top j
try one of itg 427 counties.
lit before the close of the cam
the statement was inîide by
the final results showed this
s a feet, the gratification of the
Loan comittee knew no
Morgan City« La. May 15.
America's IN JOY NIGHT
tJapanese Romance
Special Costumes and Selections From Leading Operas
ER G E A N T W 0 L
Music and Drama
Paramount Entertainers
Active Member-Lecturer of the Chicago Police F
Program-Boih Vocal and Instrumental
Many Other Bright and Entertaining
Mets If Bought Adults $2.00
The Op ening Day Children $1.00
Wean do not include the 10 per cent War Tax which will be
f Br Government at the gate.
The wonderful work which the,
hundreds of local committees have j
done throughout the district was,
the especial subject of comment by
vV. C. Wurdlaw, chairman of the
Liberty Loan Executive Committee, j
"It has taken hard, consistent work j
on the part of the men and woman j
v;:o have had the welfare of the
Loan in t barge in order for every
county in the district to go over
; he top," he s .id. "It has been
i trui:;: . hurt of marvelous the way
so me counties were able to do it.
Ylr.it it has been done is the testimo
nial of the werk of the community
■■■' c a,: nv '■ an 1 ; l :l f. '
w worker;
m orner.» ot the i
been allowed 1
me Liberty Loan
d bv the wide
\\ hi eh
mr '
will be felt not on!
but in every Lib«
that is to come."
;o i. . by '.w .h ■ '
stunt bein' »ui
-awak - m< n i'
Its of their labor
: in this campaig:
rtv Loan driv
Tonight Is The Night
Mr. Sam Blum is predicting great !
doings at the Elk's benefit to be
held tonight at the Opera House, j
He states that all who like to receive
presents will be especially pleased.
That ought to include everybody.
Fishermen who have any confidence .
hi their abilities along that line, will j
be given a chance to indulge in j
their favorite sport, at a handsome 1
profit. All others, if there is any j
who do not come under the two
above groups, can put their lucky
piece in their pocket, and they will
E madç happy
Tickets for the Chatauaua, open
ing May 13th 1918, will be on sale
Tuesday. The season tickets will be
$2.00 each.
Out of the Trenches for a Breathing Space
w . . . , , •• •' •
1*7 r »! ; i 1 C» *
St " «-»1 '-*> < jj
;!' j- J fi ; ! ■ 1 "-I 'i ■!. |,.,!|!j '-,,
' I" ii. . -' a, ' ,4,1
in u
f .
-.-I-'; k
8 c ' '
' .A . f V L . n ' V ;v * ■ 7'
VV V; "if ///
V , ' 1 /> i
w ,7 -.7 a xI'K;.: A °f « v n ■■ ,
VA. V : '
!r . .. c*:: ...'-Vr:-*-- - ■. iàêii ^ ltA - "Lf ,'b. '
- i h tSéhïSÉM ii. t : ! { : :
■ \ H- sj£ <
\ d: r - '• -
<VjVw- b'',
U 1 - I ' '
... \\
! ill
dill 'i iill?
Contributed by jaint-a lion;ginnery i - luga
ot, *^71
2 .
Ars Our Boys; Get
Ready, Everyone, for a Mush!
The long train of freight cars whined
and grumbled as It strove to stop. In
the doorway of a great low building a
white capped and gowned woman re
leased a sunny smile and, turning so
her voice carried Into the-building,
called out. "They are ours; flet ready
for a rush."
Just how she could tell they were
"ours" would be hard to explain, for
at the moment she spoke hundreds of
the dirtiest, grizzliest men a woman
ever saw came fairly tumbling out of
the freight cars. A moment more she
was welcoming this muddy rabble with
a laugh and cheering words.
Just How the GoodfieMs—
The Stingiest Couple in Town—
Helped the Red Cross
Of the Vigilantes.
of britches but once in eight .wars, !
and when his old sister that lived with i
em says one day she was hound to!
see what the inside the pitcher show
theater looked iike just once before
she died, why, old Coodfield ami '-is|
wife says that was the last s raw, and |
thev fixed up and li;:■ 1 her hauled '»if
"Speaking of money," said my sea
faring friend of the Muine coast, 'we
used to have an old man here named
GoodÜeld. When lie was young lie
used to sing In the church choir that
didn't cost nothin'—and inurried one
of the Emberses, hut didn't iiuve only
one child, and it died, and time he got
to be about sixty-eight years old he'd
saved up and was hirin' out his mon
ey at about as high a p' veut, as any
body. Made it all Just tradin and
bein' careful what he spent. 'Care
ful?' He wouldn't buy hisself u pair
to live <>ii the
Just the same ;
"Weil, along
tfee hard win
Uoodlicld twa
I unity. Hi;
him, too.
about the
•r. three
irk. and hi
- wife fob
thought it I
the neighbors they both thought it I
' p ; e t i v good tiling, cornin' on '
hi'm in the cold weather that way, be
•ause fuel was so high and a person!
in bed don't need to use any. I'hey i
wouldn't hear of callin' in the doctor, ■
and for two or three weeks the neigh
bors and old friends, most of 'em. was
sure he was goin' to die. Hut then
he begun to look so well there didn t
hardly seem to be much hope.
Old Goodfield Walks In.
"He got to goin' out and shamblin'
around again, and for awhile there
wasn't nobody noticed anything much
different. I reckon I was the first,
and it come about mighty queer. It
was like this: I was workin' in my
shack one night pretty late, tryin' to
spell out what was the matter with a
carburetor I'd brought up from my
boat, when there come a tap on the
door, and old Goodfield walks ln. I
was kind o' surprised to see hlm, but I
didn't say nothin' 'cept 'Good evenin','
and all of a sudden he says, 'Do you
know how much money rm wort hy
Inside the building there were more
women, all spick and span in white,
with faces Beaming, handing out good
"home cooked" food over spotless tiled
counters. Some of the boys fairly ran
for the food ; others went into the long
batteries of baths, throwing out their
vermin ridden clothes to be sterilized
while they scrubbed their bodies back
to a healthy glow.
What luxury it all was—food, tables,
chairs, things to read, games to play,
paper for writing, a burlier shop, a
movie theater and good, dean beds!
No one ever thought that these hap
Of the Vigilantes.
"He suid it just like that—nothin'
before It— und 1 said, 'For the Lord's
sake, Mr. Good field, what's the mat
ter?" He looked kind of funny to me.
" Tin worth a hundred and twenty
four thousand three hundred and six
ty-three dollars uud tifty-one cenis,'
he says.
" 'Well, by Orry !' 1 says.
"Well, sir, he begun to pant like
he'd been runnin' up a hill ; he got to
heavin' like a wiuded horse ; then he
begun to cry and sob like a woman
th4ts all excited when some one's just
died. 'Well, by Orry!' I says. 'You
better set down and quiet yourself,' I
sa y S- 'What's the matter?'
" *i got to die,' he says. '1 been
sic k/ he says. 'I been sick and I got
to die !'
"'Well,' I says, 'we all got to die.
"He kep straight on cryin and
pantin and sobbin
'' 'Yes.' lie says, 'tint 1 never knowed
1 had to! I never knowed it before 1
was sick. I kind o' thought i wouldn't
reeiy huf to, when it come right down
to it.
"'We're all fixed that way,' I says.!
*\\- e a p ™„t to have some sickness we
won't get over.'
"Well, sir, lie let out a yell that just
about rose my hair. The rest of you
;l i n ' t g<)t a hundred and twenty-four!
thousand three
hundred and sixty
three dollars and fifty-one cents!' he
hollers. 'And I got to die!' he says;
and he kep' on kind of shoutin' it. T
got to die! I got to die! I got to
die!' And then he pitches over before
1 could catch him ami fell down on a
couple o' busted lobster traps.
"Ole Cap. Whitcomb, he woke up In
his shack next door and put on some
clo'es and come in, lookin' scared to
death. Him and me picked Good-i
field up off the traps and got him
home, half carry in' him. and him kind
of whimperin' and slobberin' right on
to when we left hint doubled up on a
rickety chair at his own house.
"Next day lie was around, just
about the same as ever, and never
sald nothin' about nothin', and the
week after that he took Fred Oweas*^dead
py, smiling women might he tired, nor
were they tired then, even though all
day long they hnd been serving train
after train of French and English
troops, literally thousands' of them.
Yet what did that matter? For these
boys that came at the end of a long
day—these boys are "ours."
If your hoy is in France you may he
sure he has a song of praise for the
line women at work in the railway
canteens of our own Ited Cross, for at
every Important railway junction ther*
is one of our Ited Cross canteens and
at each canteen there are 18 women
real, trud American women.
boat In for a debt, and you couldn't
told there was anythin' the matter
with him. What I mean, you couldn't
told nothin' on him in daytime, but
after dark he'd go shamblin' all
around the village, and then when it
got late, If he see a light somewhere*,
he'd go in there and have a spell just
the same he had with me. Scared
people wit^ them spells, he did.
The Last of Gcodfield's Money.
" 'Long about September his wife up
and supprised everybody, because she
went to all the expense of havin' the
old man declared insane and hauled
off to the asylum. He cut his throat
with a piece of broken bottle up there,
and the funniest thing happened— they
found the old woman dead the same
afternoon in their house here. The
court gave the estate to a trust com
pany, and I guess that was the end of
old Goodfieid's hundred and twenty
four thousand three hundred and six
ty-three dollars and lifty-one cents.
"Well, sir, you know all that about
old Mr. and Mrs. Goodfield made a
kind of a sensation, as you might call
it, and there was quite a good deal of
thinkin' and talkin' about it here in
the village. 'liiere was some that
claimed they figgered out how if all
was meant to mean somethin',
"Anyway, when the call come from
Halifax last December we sent off
mighty near ^ialf a carload of first
rate clothin' right in a few hours, and
there was two hundred and severity
odd dollars susscribed just in the vil
läge, and you know there wasn't hard
ly any of us real sure we could see
; the winter through ourselves.
"Yes. I'll put my name down for the
Red Cross, and I'll shell out. I guess
you won't have much trouble giftin'
susscriptions from the rest, either,
; Ve got a good many boys from here
over there now, and we wouldn't like
to think of 'em shot and lavin' out in
the fields twistin' around and nobody
to tend 'em because us at home hadn't
found out yet that It's a mistake to
think we're still goin' to have our sav
iu's right glee and with us when wa're
I" — ---
babies Bay, May 28.
On May 28, th>' women of Morgan
City will be a>ked to cooperate in a
movement that is very vital <o vit
al that the Go vorn. nent has pi ceil its
endorsement of th ■ im.ln ia .n . and
ha.-, urged every mother or -uavdian
. v ■■ vi hed to the appeal. The
>v entent is in reference to the
o, the ellii-il'etl w.il be done on this
of the nhysieial ireim-th of the fu
tare i ■ : ne voim-ti "i tl.'. eoun
try. will be but the beginnin; of
erenter and far more reachieg ac
tivity for the betterment of the
ehikiret; which will be don - under
the au - 1 ices of the (b.Yernnient. *
Mr- W. <1. Reid chairman of the
work in Morgan City request.- that
every n: >th- r who has the lest in
terest- (T her children at heart, take
a great interest in this important
work. See that your child is at
the City Hall on May 28, ready for
inspection and remind your friends
and neighbors to do likewise. By
thu- doing you will not only be ren
dering a valuable service to the
Government but information of
great value to you and your child
will be rendered.
fj e g ro Women Commended
The colored auxiliary to the Mor
gan City Branch, St. Mary Chapter,
American Red Cross, under the
splendid supervision of Susie Ed
wards, R. N., finished their second
allotment of pajamas. The work
continues to be first-class and much
credit due them. Others should
show the same patriotic spirit and
not be slackers.
A few days ago, Manager Har
man was given a lew peanuts by
Mr. E. E. Roder, of Berwick. Mr.
Harman was so struck by the size
and fine quality of the goobers that
he sent them to the Beech —Nut
Packing Company, of Cana-Joharie,
N. Y., for their investigation and
A reply was received yesterday,
1 in which they praise the sample sent
them very highly. They stated that
I the samples, after shelling, would
grade up a large percentage of what
is known as extra large No. 1 Vir
ginia Shelled, the best grade of stock
! this company use in their goods.
"If you can grow goods like these in
I your vicinity, we feel confident
there would be a lot of money in
them for the grower, provided he
could mise a good crop," continues
the letter. They advise further that
the Chamber of Commerce get in
touch with peanut jobbers who they
feel sure would be glad to handle
such a quality of goods.
The nuts are grown on a small
plot of ground right in the city of
Berwick and necessarily on a very
small scale. The minimum of cul
tivation has been given the crop and
Mr. Roder stated that for curios
ity he would like to see the results
from ^tensive cultivation such as ts
given tin in by growers in Virginia.
Th»' samples handled by Mr. Harman
were from two t»> three inches long.
Announcement was made this morn
ing that the following hours will be
observed by the Chautauqua per
formances: Story hour in the morn
ing at 8 o'clock, afternoon perform
ance at 3:30 and the evening at
Holders of tickets on Ford Car put
on by Wooster Elm Camp 259 can
have them redeemed by returning
same to C. L. Saunders, Sr., Ber
wick, La. 6t.
"THE SPY" at the Arcade Theatre
Wednesday May IS.

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