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Attorneys For the Defendants Denied
That the Act Was Unconstitutional
and Cited Authorities To Prove
Their Contention.
Judge James Andres, in District
Court, at Alexandria refused the rule
and denied the injunction sought in
a suit brought by the liquor dealers
of Alexandria to restrain the sheriff
and district attorney from attempting
to enforce the provisions of the Coop
er twenty-five mile "dry" zone law,
recently enacted by the Legislature.
The plaintiffs alleged that the act was
unconstitutional, in that it violated
several articles of the Constitution,
that the enforcement of the act would
absolutely destroy the property held
by them, and will take their property
and damage the same, without due
process of law, and for public pur
poses, without adequate compensa
tion, previously paid, in violation of
the Constitution of the state and of
the Fourteenth Amendment to the
Constitution of the United States. At
torneys for the defendant denied that
the act was unconstitutional and cited
authorities to prove their contention.
They also asserted that the act was a
war measure, and for that reason its
operation should not be interfered
Harry Gamble, assistant attorney
general, apeared in the case on behalf
of the state and filed an intervention,
containing a number of contentions,
the third and fourth paragraphs of
which declare that during this time
of war, when young men are called
away from home and removed from
the influence and restraint of the par
ental fireside, and the conventions
and opinions of their neighbors, all
for the purpose of preserving liberty
and protecting the state and govern
ment it becomes a further duty cf
the state to use all legitimate and
constitutional efforts to give them th?
protection that is demanded of them;
that it has been demonstrated dur
ing the course of this war, and is the
opinion of military leaders, that the
most dangerous evil that can approach
a camp is liquor, and that its suppres
sion is a primary necessity. The in
tervention finally prayed for a judg
ment in favor of the defendant and
intervenor and against the plaintiffs,
sustaining and holding as valid and
constitutional Act No. 25 of the Gen
eral Assembly of 1918. and rejecting
the plaintiffs demand at their cost.
The plaintiff^ were represented by
John R. Hunter of Alexandria and
John D. Wilkinson of Shreveport.
The defendant was represented by
District Attorney T. A. Carter, H. H.
White and John C. Blackman.
A unit of the American Protective
League has been established in Pla
quemine by P. £. Coe, division of Ba
ton Rouge, Albert L. Grace being
made captain of the local office. Lieu
tenants and privates will shortly be
named and the local organization well
Hammonds Food Administrator
Frank B. Thomas announces that su
gar will only be sold on the presenta
tion of sugar cards and at the rate of
three pounds per month per capita.
A company has been formed at
Lake Charles to construct and equip
a plant for the rebuilding of stand
ard automobiles, which promises to
be a big Industry since the curtail
ment of new cars.
The final dredge work on the right
of-way between Bayou Terrebonne
and Bayou Blue, a distance of four
miles, was started last Monday and
as soon as this is finished surfacing
will be started.
The Arkansas and Louisiana Mid
land Railway, with headquarters at
Monroe, was one of the short lines re
leased from federal control its offi
cials have learned definitely.
The contract for paving the side
walks and streets of Jonesville, has
been let to R. Scudamore, Jr., of
Natchez, Miss., work to be completed
by January 1, 1919.
Farmers around Pointe a la Hache
6 ve graded and shipped nearly all of
r potato crop. Two cents a pound
New Name for Belleau Wood Will B«
Bols de la Brigade
With the American Army on the
French Front, July 3.—America has a
place on the map of France, One of
the most touching of the many trib
utes of fraternity and good will to the
United States oa this anniversary of
our Independence day will be the
changing of the same of the Bois de
Mr. Monet—Providing manner in
which voluntary associations may be
sued on any obligation for its benefiL
Mr. Sanders—Authorizing police ju
ries of various parishes with excep
tion of parish of Orleans to suppress
and prohibit gambling with cards by
whatsoever name. s
Mr. Stewart—Permitting proof of
.handwriting -by comparison in crimi
nal cases.
Mr. Stewart—Amending Act 31 of
1888 relative to embezzlement and
breach of trust.
Mr. Fortier—Authorizing corpora
tions organized under Louisiana laws
to guarantee titles also to engage in
business of guaranteeing the fidelity
of persons holding private or public
Mr. Sorrell—Requiring locomotives
to be equipped with spark arresters
and ashpans.
Mr Barrett—Regulairng making and
renovating of mattresses, pillows, and
Mr. Wilkinson — Providing for the
proper care of livestock brought in'o,
shipped out of, or transported through
the state.
Mr. Nix—Making it duty of proprie
tor and manager of establishment lo
furnish proper resting and seating ac
commodations for female employes.
Mr. Bennett—Prohibiting any per
son from advertising previous to any
show or exhibiting anything or hold
ing out to public by such advertise
ment that they will show and exhibit
something that they know at time of
such advertisement they cannot and
will not show, and exhibiting the man
ner artd form as set forth by such ad
Mr. Byi ne— Making stealing or ma
licious removal of plumbing, gas or
electric fixtures crime punishable t>y
Mr. Dupre—To authorize registry
and regulate effect of decrees of Ap
pellate Courts in interim between
date of their rendition and date when
they became final.
Mr. Conner—Providing for accept
ance in court of documents sworn to
by persons in military or naval ser
vice in foreign countries before of
ficer of army or navy acting as notary
Mr. McEachern—To prevent spread
of anthrax, charbon and other live
stock diseases.
Mr. Powell—Amending sections
three and four of Act 170 of 1916 pro
viding on what conditions corpora
tions may engage in business of certi
fying to titles.
Mr. Byrne—Relieving Charity and
Insane Hospitals of necessity of mak
ing semi-annual detail statements of
receipts and disbursements.
Mr. LaDdry—Granting municipali
ties right to enforce connection of im
proved property with sewerage pipes
located not more than 300 feet dis
tant and collect the cost from prop
erty owners in five annual install
Mr. Douglas—Prescribing rules for
operation of service cars (jitneys)
upon the public highways beyond
their corporate limits of municipali
ties, requiring the conspicuous dis
playing on side of the car of words
"service car" and fixing a bond to
cover damages; amended in Senate,
reducing bond required to minimum of
$2,000 for four-passenger car, and $500
for each additional passenger capac
ity, and poviding bond shall be paya
ble to clerk of court, and also that. It
shall cover not only injury to persons
but to property as well.
Mr. Schaff —Amending Section 6 of
Act of 1896, giving Board of Commis
sioners of the Port of New Orleans
right to fix salary of superintendent
of docks, position now held by Hay
den W. Wren; bill is designed to per
mit of a division of the present duties
of Mr. Wren and the designating of
superintendents of various depart
ments of the New Orleans docks.
M. Murphy—Authorizing women to
be appointed and qualify as adminis
trators in all probate matters.
Mr. I^eopold—Authorizing Grand
Prairie Levee District to issue $35,000
of twenty-year 6 per cent bonds and
authorizing from proceeds of sale of
these bonds the retirement of bonds
Mr. Stewart—Prohibiting operation
of barber shops Sunday,
Mr. Fortier—Granting right to mort
gage certain movable property and
providing the method of executing
and recording such mortgages.
House Bills On Passage.
Mr. Nix—Permitting employers or
injured employes to have right of ac
tion against third parties. Failed to
pass, yeas 48, nays 14.
Mr. MaiTerro — Amendment to Con
stitution fixing salaries of district
judges at $4,000 a year. Failed to
pass, yeas 69, nays 39.
Mr. Powell — Increasing salaries of
the judges of Supreme Court from
$6,000 to $7,500 a year. Failed to
pass, yeas 54, qaya 53.
Mr. Marrero-^-Amendment to Con
stitution reducing qualifications of
district judges from fine to three
years' practice as lawyers. Failed to
pass, yeas 46 nays 46.
Bcllequ, the little rocky patch of
woods where many young Americans
have abed their blood, t« the Bois de
la Brigade— (deleted) Américaine <
American Brigade wood).
The change on the maps of Franct
will be made on the recommendation
of French generals who were witness
es of the stirring deeds of the second
battle of the Marne. Until caught in
the last wave of the war at the pivotal
point of the kaiser's supreme effort I»
was the bunting preserve of a gae
Instead I took Lydia E. Pink*
ham's Vegetable Compound
and Was Cured.
Baltimore, Md.—"Nearly four years
I suffered from organic troubles, ner
vousness and head
aches and every
month would have to
stay in bed most of
the time. Treat
ments would relieve
me for a time but
my doctor was al
ways urging me to
have an operation.
My sister asked me
. try Lydia E. Pink
fa a m's Vegetable
Compound before
consenting to a a
'operation. I took
five bottles of it and
it has completely
cured me and my
work is a pleasure. I tell all my friends
who have any trouble of this kind what
Lydia É. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has done for me.' —Nellie B.
iRiTTlNGHAM, 609 Cal verton Rd., Balti
more, Md.
It is only natural for any woman to
dread the thought of an operation. So
many women have been restored to
health by this famous remedy, Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, after
an operation nas been advised that it
will pay any woman who suffers from
such ailments to consider trying it be
fore submitting to such a trying ordeaL
Good Model, Anyway.
Myrt—I can't understand why you
care so much for Mr. Rewral. He
seems old-fashioned to me. Imagine
a man coming to see you and going
home at ten o'clock. ,
Gert —Well, he may seem like an old
model, but you got to give him credit
lor having a self-starter.
Drop Freezone on a touchy
corn, then lift that com
off with fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
Freezone on an aching corn, Instantly
that corn stops hurting, then you lift
tt right out. Yes, magic! No humbug!

A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but a
few cents at any drug store, but is suf
ficient to remove every hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toes, and the
calluses, without soreness or irritation.
Freezone is the sensational discov
ery of a Cincinnati genius. It is won
The man who is anxious to acquire
knowledge is never ashamed to con
fess his ignorance.
I Tam AfiA
cooling application
UnWWrOuad talbwHem » 1
25 ?— 509 —$ 1.00
CtearYour Skin
Save Yoyr Hair
■ üuticura
Oink, Talcum
b : -<&££
This valuable and harmless Baby Medicine is composed of the following:
Bismuth is healing to the mucous membrane of the stomach; the Lime neutralizes the acid where there la a
stomach; the Pepsin digests any indigestible food that may be in the stomach, and the Catechu acts as a mild
to control the bowels where there is a disposition to Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Flux or Sick Stomach.
GROVE'S BABY BOWEL MEDICINE is not a patent medicine. We give the ingredients and tell the
each ingredient so that you can judge for yourself.
SPECIAL NOTICE.—This preparation does not contain Morphine or Opium in any form «id we don't
the giving of Opiates unless it is absolutely necessary.
RELIEVES For Dyspeptics who are AIDS
SOUR STOMACH Troubled with Sour Stomach DIGESTION
It Relieves Stomach and Bowel Trouble and is Just as Good for Adults as for Children
We have numerous letters on file from
Dysentery, where everything else had failed
like to take it
claiming that this preparation relieved their babies of Chronic
where they had been troubled in this way for several years.
For sale by all Dealern in Drugs.
Made and recommended to the public by PARIS MEDICINE OOl, Manufacturers of LAXATIVE BROMO

Every mother realizes, after giving !
her children "California Syrup of
Figs," that this is their ideal laxative, j
because they love its pleasant taste
and it thoroughly cleanses the tender
little stomach, liver and bowels with
out griping.
When cross, irritable, feverish, or
breath is bad, stomach sour, look at
the tongue, Mother ! If coated, give
a teaspoonful of this harmless "fruit
laxative," and in a few hours all the
foul, constipated waste, sour bile and
undigested food passes out of the bow
els, and you have a well, playful child
again. When the little system is full of
cold, throat sore, has stomach-ache, di
arrhcea, Indigestion, colic—remember,
a good "inside cleansing" should al
ways be the first treatment given.
Millions of mothers keep "California
Syrup of Figs" handy; they know a
teaspoonful today saves a sick child
to-morrow. Ask your druggist for a
bottle of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which has directions for babies, chil-1
dren of all ages and grown-ups printed
on the bottle. Beware of counterfeits
sold here, so don't be fooled. Get the
genuine, made by "California Fig
Syrup Company."—Adv.
An automobile alarm whistle to be
connected to the cylinders of a car,
can be made to utilize the full force
of their explosions when desired.
Stomach Trouble, end Dysentery
near an open window sboald be checked lmtnedt
i atelr. Get a bottle of OBUTSS BABY BOWBL
lDICINB, a safe and tore remedy for Sommer
Spurgeon's Philosophy.
To get, we must give; to accumu
late, we must scatter; to make our
selves happy, we must make others
happy.—€. H. Spurgeon.
For genuine comfort and lasting pleas
ure use Red Cross Ball Blue on wash day.
All good grocers. Adv.
A British scientist claims to have
discovered a simple and inexpensive
process for converting ordinary peat
into a highly concentrated fertilizer.
The eyes of a South American fish
are divided into two parts, the upper
being adapted for vision in the air,
the lower for use under the water.
No Earthly Chance.
A native of Glasgow was seeing his
prosperous cousin off by the night
train to London.
"Mon, David," he said, as they watt
ed, "wud ye no like to leave me a
shullin' or sae toe drink yer health
an' a safe journey?"
David shook his head regretfully, as
he thrust his hands tight into his pock
"A'm uwfu' sorry, Sandy," he re
plied. "A' the few shullin's I can
spare I send tae ma puir auld moth
"Hoots awa !" retorted Sandy. "An'
jist the ither day yer auld mifher telt
me ye nivir sent her a penny piece!"
"Well, then," said David placidly,
"if I nivir send onything tae that puir
auld soul, whit chance dae ye think
ye stan'?"
Trust Me! Try Dodson's Liver Tone!
Calomel Harms Liver and Bowels
Read my guarantee! Liven your liver and bowels
and get straightened up without taking sicken
ing calomel. Don't lose a day's work!
There's no reason why a person
should take sickening, salivating calo
mel when a few cents buys a large
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone—a per
fect substitute for calomel.
It is a pleasant, vegetable liquid
which will start your liver just as
surely as calomel, but it doesn't make
you sick and can not salivate.
Children and grown folks can take
Dodson's Liver Tone, because it is
perfectly harmless.
Calomel L a dangerous drug. It is
Too Much Thought of Self.
"Sometimes," said Uncle Ehen, "a
man thinks so much about his own
comfort dat he makes hisse'f puffickly
Happy is the home where Red Cross
Ball Blue is used. Sure to please. All
grocers. Adv.
One animated statute is better than
a dozen dead-letter laws.
There's a* great difference between
being good and doing good.
For centuries GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil has been a standard household remedy
for kidney, liver, bladder and stomach
trouble, and all diseases connected with
the urinary organs. The kidneys and blad
der are the most important organs of the
body. They are the filters, the purifiers of
your blood. If the poisons which enter
your system through the blood and stom
ach are not entirely thrown out by the
kidneys and bladder, you are doomed.
Weariness, sleeplessness, nervousness,
despondency, backache, stomach trouble,
headache, pain in loins and lower abdo
men, gall stones, gravel, difficulty when
urinating, cloudy and bloody urine, rheu
matism, sciatica and lumbago, all warn you
to look after your kidneys and bladder.
All these indicate some weakness of the
kidnevs or other organs or that the enemy
microbes which arc always present in your
system have attacked your weak spots.
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are
what you need.
They are not a "patent medicine," nor
a "new discovery." For 200 years they
For MALARIA, CHILLS and FEVER. il *°* r,NC ™ C * IU -
ING TONIC. Sold by All Dm Store«.
Cold Drinks Bad
for Your Stomach
How to Avoid the Digestive Miseries.
That Hot Weather Brings
Cold drinks in hot weather are bad
enongh for any stomach but doubly so,
in fact, dangerous—when the stomach
is out of fix and you suffer from indi
gestion, acidity, food-repeating, heart
burn, Boor-stomach, and that awful
puffed-up, bloated condition after eat
ing. In fact, all stomach and bowel
miseriec are greatly aggravated in hot
weather. You can't be too careful.
Sunstroke can be traced in many cases
to poor digestion. Everyone should
watch their stomach in hot weather.
Keep it sweet and cool. Here is an
easy and pleasant way to correct stom
ach ills. A compound has been dis
covered which sorely takes np the
harmful juices and gases from the stom
mach, leaving it sweet, clean, cool and
comfortable. You won't know you
have a stomach if you take one or two
mercury and attacks your bones. Take
a dose of nasty calomel today and you
will feel weak, sick and nauseated to
morrow. Don't lose a day's tvor A.
Take a spoonful of Dodson's Liver
Tone instead and you will wake up
feeling great. No more biliousness,
constipation, sluggishness, headache,
coated tongue or sour stomach. Your
druggist says if you don't find Dod
son's Liver Tone acts better than hor
rible calomel yoyr money is waiting
for you.—Adv.
Hides, wool, roots, metals, bones, sernp
iron. We pay highest market prices.
Write for them. We also desire ship
pers from every town.
Jonesboro Hide & Fur Co.
Jonesboro, Ark.
I DROPSY TRMTME 3 T. aire, «ntet ret let.
I wiivi w c goon removes swelling: and »hört
Boo/i removes swelling: and short
K breath. Never heard of its equal tor dropsy*
V Try it. Trial treatment sent FREE, by mail.
^ Write to OR. THOMAS E. CREE*)
Baak Bld*, Bu 20, CHATS WORTH, OA.
W. N. U. f LITTLE ROCK, NO. 29-1918.
have been a standard household remedy.
They are the pure, original imported Haar
lem Oil your great-grandmother used, and
are perfectly harmless. The healing, sooth
ing oil soaks into the cells and lining of
the kidneys and through the bladder, driv
ing out the poisonous germs. New life,
fresh strength and health will come as you
continue the treatment. When complete
ly restored to your usual vigor, continue
taking a capsule or two each day; they will
keep you in condition and prevent a re
turn of the disease.
Do not delay a minute. Delays are es
pecially dangerous in kidney and bladder
trouble. All druggists sell GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules. They will refund
the money if not as represented. GOLD
MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are im
ported direct from the laboratories in Hob
land. They are prepared in correct quan
tity and convenient form, are easy to taka
and are positively guaranteed to give
prompt relief. In three sizes, sealed pack
ages. • Ask for the original imported
GOLD MEDAL. Accept no substitutes.-«
EATONIO tablets after your meal, so
fat and pain-free you will feel. . *
ere is not a harmful thing in>
They taste finel
Druggists will
EATONIO tablets
Just like eating candy,
tell you that EATONIO UBera say they
never dreamed anything could give,
such quick and wonderful results; you
can insure yourself a good, cool, sweet
stomach, you can eat what you like,
and always have the appetite to eat it.
EATONIO is absolutely guaranteed»
Get a box from your druggist today.
Use it to get rid of and prevent th»
Ip: ____
stomach and bowel troubles that are
bound to come in hot weather.
EATONIO fails, return to your drug
gist and get yonr fifty cents back. If
yon cannot obtain EATONIO where
yon live drop a card to Eatonic Remedy
Co., Chicago, 111. They will mail yow
a box at once.

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