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Do you love our land?
Want to Serve it -then
Buy war saving stamp
Buy all you can afford
The Big Drive i3 getting results,
and our w orkers will do all they
can to help Our Country win the
war. To the lady in the Glenmora
District selling the most stamps by
Dec. 31, goes $25 in W. S. S.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Rapides:
Be it, known and remembered
thatonthis 25of JuueA.D.l91âbe
fore me John W. Britt Notary
Public duly commissioned and
qualified according to law in a. d
for the Parish of Rapides, State
of Louisiana, and in the presence
bf the witnesses herein after, na
tned and signed, personally came
and appeared before me, the sev
eral persons whose names »re
hereto subscribed who severely
declared unto me, said Notary be
fore the said witnesses that a-,
vailing themselves of the l a ' vs
of t.he State of Louisiana, relative
to the organization of corporation
and in particular act 276 of 3914,
they have covenanted and agreed
and do by these presents, coven
ant and agree and bind them
aslves, as well as all other per
sons who may hereafter become
associated with them, to form
and organize a corporation and a
body politic in law for the objects
and purposes and stipulations
here in after set forth, which
they hereby adopt as the charter
of the said corporation.
The name aud style of this
corporation hereby formed is do*
dared to bo the Glenmora Pot
ato Company Incorporated, and
its domicile is hereby fixed at
Glenmora, Rapides Parish Lou
isiana, by which uame it shall en
joy corporate succession for
ninety nine years from above
date unless sooner dissolved ac
cording to the laws of the state
of Louisiana at time of dissolution.
Under said uame aud style,
the said corporation shall have
the power to contract, sue and
be sued, to make and enforce
such by laws for its government
and operation as it may choose
, .
not contrary to existmg laws, to!
employ and fix compensation of
such officers, employes and a
gent? aif.tbe interest ef this cor
poration may require or suggest
tp own, buy, sell, lease, pledge,
hypothecate or otherwise alien
ate, property real or personal,
movable or immovable, and gen
erally to do and perform any s«t
necessary for the succesful ope
ration of the business outlined
at the objects and purposes of
the corporation, to issue ware
house receipt for commodities in
its curing or storage plants, to
adquàtely bond such officers or
employes in the performance of
their duties.
The ob jests and purposes of
th^ corporation aie to buy sell, 4
Choice cut-over lands suitable for Homes, Farms,
and Cattle Ranches; in tracts of 10 acres and up
wards; in the neighborhood of Glenmora, La.
For further particulars apply to,
John Evans, P. O. Box, 68, Alexandria, La.
Andries' Confectionery
Cold Drinks Cigars Candy
Tobacco Ice Cream
F. A. Andries, Proprietor
fK ,t;
jcultivate, store and cure and qt-,
j herwise acquired or dispose of
'sweet and Irish potatoes, to lease
own or acquire and operate pot-1
>to curing plants and. farms
the promotion of the growth
1 dol!ars($3,C'00 00) to be known as
prti{e , rct i stoc k to be divided in
* c 50l) sliares of ten dollars each
a-, provided that the corpora
the sweet and Irish potatoes.
The capital stock of this corp
oration is fixed at five thousand
. f
01 ■
1 ion becomes a going
an ^ b e gi ns t 0 transact business
as soon as fif . y perce nt of the
^pjtai stock is paid for in c ash
j except that the same may be
p a j<j for hi property or services
rendered said corporation. The
c - ap jt;il stock may be increased to
ten thousand($10,000.00) if tho
board of directors so desire, but
m case oI i ncrease the additional
stock will be known as common
stock,and îhe original stock pre
f ere d stock. Theprefered. stock
shall receive 19%,dividend before
any dividends lire paid on the com
mon stock.
All corporate powers of this
corporation are hereby invested
in its board of directors which
said board shall be composed of
three stockholders of the com
pany. The first board of direct
ors shall be composed of the fol
Joe Babb, Glenmora, La. Pres.
F, G. Châtelain, Glenmora, La.
Secretary and Treasurer.
Ei P.Ferguson, Glenmora, La.
Vice President
The annual meeting of thestock
holders of this corporation for the
election of directors shall be held
1 on the third Tuesdav of January
, , J
of Oüpn venr Mnrino't.hi> pyist.oiM>a
of each year during the existence
of this corporation beginning with
the thirdTuesday in Jan uary 1919.
No stockholder of this corpora
tion shall never be held liable or
responsible for the faults or con
tracts of this eorjioration in any
further sum than the unpaid bal
ance,if any,due upon his shares
subscribed by him. Nor will any
mere informality in this charter
or organization here-of have the
efiect of rendering the charter
n«h and void or of exposing any
stockholder to any 'liability be
yond the unpaid balance,if any,of
his stock subscription.
The incorporators here-of are
Jon Babb subscribes 1 share.
E. P. Ferguson subscribes 2
shares. M. Quick subscribes 1
shares. M. F. Baham subscribes
20 shares. W. \V. Perry subscri
bes 2 shares J W Britt Jr. sub
scribes 20 shares. L. E. P.>e ^ub
scribes 4Û.«hares. L. B. Phillips
subscribes 1 share F. (?; €hatq r
lain subscribes 213 share*
ARTICLE 9. f ->
rins coaporation sluul enjoy
^ L. j
all the corporate powers grurrted.
to corporations by the laws of
the state Louisiana and in pnrti
cular Act 267 of 1914 of the Gen
, , , ,
any amendment there ot that mav
, ,, , J
be added.
ei al Assembly of Louisiana and
Thus done read, signed at my
office in tho town of Glenmora,
Parishof Rapides, State of Louis
iana, on the day and date first
written in the presence of me
Notary, and the two competent!
undersigned witnesses,
Joe Babb me share, by F, G.
E P. Ferguson two shares by
F. G. Châtelain.
F. G. Châtelain two hundred
thirteen shares.
L. E Poe forty shares.
J. W. Britt Jr. twenty shares.
M. Quick one share..
M. F. Baham twenty shares.
L. B. Phillips one share.
W. W. Perry two shares.
Witnesses, A. G. Pringle, D B
Notary Public Jno W. Britt.
cleaaing away the debris prepar
atory to rebuilding, and will soon
At 2 A. M. Wednesday morn
ing the inhabitants of MeNar,
were rudely awakened by tin
fire whistle and upon looking
out found the block of buildings
which contained the comqiissary
post-office, picture snow and
ware house enveloped in flames
It was so dry that tho flames
spread very rapidly and, excepi
the mail which was saved mad»
a clean sweep.
The loss is very heavy, probat
ly $100,000; but partiall covere«
by insurance.
We regret to chronicle this de
Struction, as every thing tha
was destroyed was needed an<
will be hard to replace, if indeec.
some of it can be repiaced at all.
Several, conjectures are put
forthas to the origin of the fir«
but the one that seems to pr<
vail among the leaders, is that i
was the work of an incendiary.
The men in charge with thei
characteristic energy are atwoi4i
have things in running order,
T. L. McNiccol family.
Miss Blanche Pryor was in
town this week, the guest of the
beats buying them. Steve Hoov
er, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, writes,
"Commenced feeding my herd of
about 100 hogs B. A. Thomas
Hog Powder over two months a
go Fifty were sick and off fed.
Nearby herds had choiera. I did
not lose one -they are well and
growing fast.
In the summer flies worry an
animal. Get a bottle of Farris'
Healing Remedy—costs but 50cts
makes a pint worth $2.00. Apply
it to the wound. Flies will not bo
ther it. Get it today. Yoo may
need it tomorrow. We sell it.
Glenmora Drug C'o.
>:% läs» Tà
Mrs. Burns Letter.
Here is a letter that is certain
to prove of interest to*people in
this vicinity, as cases of this
sort occur in almost every neigh
borlioud, and people should know
what to do in like circumstances.
Savannah Mo., Oct. 12, 1910
I used a bottle of U ham be-
iain's Colic aud Diarrhoea Rem
edy about nine vears ago and it
-, . . , T
çuiredmeof flux(dysentery). I
* k>, , , , tf'-î - ,-v.
ïïàd-rmbth« - of Huk. saüie
complaint some three or four
years ago and a few doses of this
remedy cured me. I have recotn
mended Chamberlain's Colic and
rv , „ , . , ,
Diarrhoea Remedy to dozens of
, T .. . .. ,,
people since I first used it.
The terms "slacker and slack
erisra" are commonly .heard a
raong us and apply to men and
women who do not stand loyally
by the government in this world
It has made many people push
up to do something worthy to
save themselves from tho odium
of such terms and estimation.
But what sort of slaokerism is
that which fails to attend church
and support its ordinances? Do
we think that we are strong by
rush and hurry? by big money
and loud talk? If so we are sadly
mistaken. We are strong only in
that degree that we are moral
ud spiritual and if we deny our
•Ives the source of this stiength
t is only a question of a little
ime till we are weak, hopeless
ind helpless.
While grateful for physical
strength with which to work
money with which to carry on all
,ur enterprises; let us still be
more grateful that God is access
able at all times; and when we
ire in right relation to him, the
Sundays do not seem lonesome,
nor does the call to worship seem
Our men are called upon to
1 ce this question fairly. How do
you expect for churches, Sunday
schools and other religious work
to go on with success and power
when you absent yourselves
from such services? Slackerism
here will ruin the morale of our
civil population. Wake up fellow
citizens and cut ont this evil a
uong us.
Misses l.ula Mae Atkins an
Gussie Harris of Athens Louisi
ana are the charming guests of
W. E. Barksdale and family.
Miss Atkins left Friday, but
Miss Harris, Mrs. Barksdale's
sister will remain a few days
Miss Eulalee McNiccol who has
been with M iss Pryor the past
five weeks is at home again.
Fraternal and Religious
The Columbian Woodmen, Household N/)
ÎC3 meets - the Urst Thursday in each month
at 8 p.m, Dr. Geo. M, MohrOk.
Worthy Consul.
Bbwiï Orr, Worthy Clerk.
CainP No. 180 meets
the first Saturday
In each mo tti at S
p. m,
.P. Kergcsox,
•/. W, Britt,
Glenmora Dodge No.
366 meets third Satur
day in each month at
7 :B 0 p, m
J.r. nmaorov
W. M.
J. w, Britt.
Sec «darr
(Successor to Lecompte Drummer-American.)
Published Every Friday
\ i
.»ne Year One-Dollar-and-Fifty Cents
^1—P°stoffice at Glenmora, La., as second class matter
Pringle & Jennings
Auto Transfer
Accessories and Repair
Work. All Work
• 'g.
By trading at Glenmora's square
Deal store. Strictly cash only.
W. W. Johnson, Prep.
s. Authorized
ïTWy.v yiaii/ud.
ford cars
And Real Ford Accessories
Auto Transférant! Repair Work a-Specialty
Anything you want for yonr car, we have it; if not, we
will get it for you. Before retireiug, see us for casings
and inner tubes—we have 'em. The GOOD onea-Good
Year, Fisk, United States and Firestono.
Did you ever think about it, putting shock absorbers on
your Ford? We have 'em, four styles to pick from.
Why don't you put supports on your Radius Rods?
We have 'em. How about bumpers for your car? Save
a big bill from a big bump. We have 'em—(Bumpers)
Don't throw that casing away-letus vulcanize it for you.
If it can be done, we can do it.
"We to serve."
J Phone 75 GLENMORA, LA g
Taberlet's Restaurant
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies Baked and Delivered
Every Day. Patronize the Home Man
In the Restaura. :
We are prepared to serve «>n short order many of the g<xxl
thing to eat. Our service is the best. Our pric»?s are
very reasonable. Get in the habit of eating at Tabarlet
You will grow fat and save enough to start a bank account.
Try our Home Parched, Special Dripped Coffee.
Pies, the kind mother use to make
A. R. TABARLET, : : : Proprietor
Real Estate Agent
Notary Public
Justic of Peace.
All kinds of Insurance- Rental Agent.
Taxes paid«
L . -t
-One objection. It seems to me.
against being a great man.' said tbe
person who hcbituaîij does his think
ing along erratic lines, "is that after
a statesman has made footprint* on
tbe sands of .tin.*- u it m i hin buoy
trying to ofcuter —^nch.
How Atout HT
It m«7 Also be true that the roil
ing moss gathers no rock».
Insurance Agency
Fire, Life, Windstorm
and Casualty Insurance
G. A. Petrie
Alexandria, La.
back of Savoy's Barber Shot*
W<xi«cn in Business.
Women are now engaged in ail bar
two of the 303 gainful occupations of
the men of this country.

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