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Mrs. Courtney Tells How She
Was Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Okaloosa, Iowa.—" For ;aara I was
«imply in misery from a weakness and
awful pains—and
nothing seemed to
do me any good. A
friend advised ma
to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege
table Compound. I
did so ana got re«
lief right away. I
can certainly re«
commend this valu«
able medicine to
other women who
suffer, for it has
done such good
work for me and I know it will help
others if they will give it a fair trial/'
—Mrs. Lizzie Courtney, 108 8tb Ava.,
West, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 0
Why will women drag along from day
to day, year in and year out, suffering
such misery as did Mrs. Courtnev, when
such letters as this are continually being
lublished. Every woman who suffers
rom displacements, irregularities, in
flammation, ulceration, backache, ner
vousness, or who is passing through the
Change of Life should give this famous
root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink
ham's V egetable Compound, a trial. For
special advice write Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. " The result
of its long experience is at your service.
Good for Malaria, constipation
biliousness —a fine tonic
Guaranteed or money back
A*k your dealer
Behrens Co..Waco.Tex.
Red Triangle Secretary Not Absolutely
Satisfied With His Experience
Under Barrage Fire.
Fair, fnt and-past forty is this secre
tary of the Red Triangle. He has the
smile that won't come off. Every
doughboy within miles around the hut
knows him and likes his cheery person
ality. That is why, perhaps, the op
portunity came Pudgy's way last week
to spend a night In a front line dugout.
While he was there a deafening bar
rage rained around the dugout for a
full half hour.
Everyone wanted to know afterward
how Pudgy liked It. . .
"I fear," he confessed, and the ever
lasting smile broadened ns he spoke,
•thut I'm no braver now than before.
Maybe I'd better go up front some
more and get sort of used to it."—Ex
His View.
"Wives are sold in the Fiji islands
for $5 each."
"Shame, isn't It?"
"yes," growled the grouchy bache
lor ; "more profiteering."—Louisville
Australia's manufacture of motorcar
bodies has received enormous Impetus
from the war.
making is the big
' *eason for
A delicious food
rich in the vital
No Waste. You
eat and enjoy it
to the last atom.
Health making,
- :
* *

C dWSOT £ fVllft
Director General McAdoo has selected this flag to be flown by ull the
vessels operated by the United States railroad administration. The letters are
In bine on n 'bite field with a red border.
Washington. — Five fully equipped
American armies in Europe is the as
tonishing prospect disclosed to the
House military committee by Gen.
March, chief of the United States
army staff.
The greater part of these armies
will go to France, hut It is pointed
out at the War Department that if
Austria, Turkey and Germany should
determine to die in the trenches, some
of the American field armies will be
found on the Italo-Austrian and the
Macedonian front
Secretary of War Baker, speaking
some time ago about the desire to
help Italy, stated that there-would be
no limit to the assistance as soon as
the circumstances warranted the dis
path of forces to her consistent with
her demands»
Specflically Gen. March stated that
there would be in existence by July I,
1919, an army of 4,800,000 men, aud
he has, therefore, stated that a field
army consists of approximately 1,000,
000 men. There are, he said, 3,200.000
men "under arms," of which nearly
one and three-quarters millions are in
Gen. March's plan is to have called
to the colors between now ana next
July 2,700,000 men, which, added to
the 3,200,000 now under arms, will
make a grand total, with all allow
ances for casualties and rejections, of
4,800,000. It is believed by officers
that with the constantly increasing
monthly figures of laying down the
troops in Europe the whole number
of the draft necessary to raise the
2,700,000 will be in Europe on various
fronts by the middle of July. The tre
mendous number of Americans to be
under arms in Europe will make it
necesary to further classify the total
into "groups of field armies," which
is the next and highest possible clas
Simultaneously with Gen. March's
statements to the House committee
the War Department issued a state
ment which calls for a great expan
sion in the air service. The magnifi
cent programme of Gen. March is evi
dently based on the proper equipment
of every arm of the service and an.
unlimited number of planes of all
binds is necessary to complete the ef
fectiveness of the American troops in
the field. It was doubtless due to the
needs of the colossal army to cross
the seas by July 1 or next year that
the air service has made arrange
ments to fill its ranks with men from
all classes of the draft
Bishop To France.
Boston. — The Rev. Dr. Edwin H.
Hughes, resident bishop of the Meth
odist Episcopal church, left here ior
an Atlantic port and will sail for
France within a few days. He will
establish headquarters in Paris and
will have direct charge of Metnodist
chaplains at the front.
Mere Colleges Selected.
Washington. — Twenty-two addi
tional colleges have been authorised
by the War Department to organise
units of the Students' Army Training
Corps in October. Among them are:
Southwest Texas State Normal
School, Texas; Union University.
Tennessee; Oklahoma A. A M. Coî
Aviater Is Cremated.
Toronto. — When his machine
caught fire while flying more than 10,
000 feet in the air near Leaside camp.
Cadet Henry C. Saunders was burned
to death.
Mere Nurses Needed.
Washington. — Denial of recently
published reports that the nursing
needs of the army had been met was
made by Brigadier General Charles
Richard, acting surgeon general, who
said that 26,000 nurses must be ob
tained before the end of the year.
Ship Fired On.
That a Spanish steamer
m. I
London. — The British have gained
ground in the neighborhood of Holuo.a
village, north of St. Quentin, accord
ing to Field Marshal Haig's report.
A German post west of La Bassec
was captured. New posts were estab
lished northeast of Neuve Chapelle
and in the neighborhood of Ploeg
Another small but important bulge'
of the Ypres salient into German ter
ritory was forced by the British
troops when they attacked on a front
of 2,000 yards along the Menin road
and drove back the Germans for a
distance of 600 yards. This advance
carried Field Marshal Haig's men
within a mile of Hooge,' which figured
In many fierce conflicts in previous
fighting. Further south the British
at the same time pushed northeast
ward of Ploegsteert and established
posts 200 yards in advance of the ci 2
line which they had occupied before
the German drive began in March.
This was the third consecutive day
of fine weather and the battlefields
are rapidly drying out
British troops m the past 24 hours
have ceptured 1,301 Germans. There
is plenty of evidence that the enemy
is expecting further concerted attacks
at various places. A captured order
points out that the allies must now
be expected to strike heavy blows and
bewails the lack of assault troops as
rendering any prospect of successful
counter-attacks or effective resistance
Prisoners recently captured say that
every effort hah been made to sup
press all news of tbr American suc
cess at St. Mihiel, concerning which
alarming rumors prevail. The gen
eral impression seems to be that the
American victory has been so over
whelming that the German army com
mand does not dare admits the facts.
The text of the statement reads:
"Our troops made progress in the
direction of Le Verguier, nortnwest
of SL Quentin.
"We improved our positions slight
ly and during the night northwest of
Hulluch (between Lens and La Bas
see) and northwest of Neuve Cha
pelle (Flanders front).''
Recognized By Japan.
Washington. — Recognition of the
Czecho-Slovak forces as an allied and
belligerent army against Germany
and AustrisrHnngary and of the
Czechoslovak National Council as the
authority having control over the
army, has been accorded by the Jap
anese government This action is
similar to that taken by France, Great
BriUflb and the United States.
Meets Death Fighting.
St Louis.—Forest D. Sebastian, £1
years old, of East St Louis, one of
the soldiers «bo was pardoned by
President Wilson, May 4, after having
been sentenced to death by court-mar
tial for sleeping on duty in France,
was killed in action July 20, accord
ing to an official telegram received by
his father.
To Clothe the Belgians.
Washington. — A second campaign
for clothing for the 10,000,000 man,
women and children in occupied parts
of Belgium and France will be con
ducted by the American Red Cross
during the eights days, beginning Sep
tember 21.
View U. 8. Senator.
Washington. — Irving R. Drew,
Republican, of New Hampshire, ap
pointed to succeed the late Senator
Gal linger.
Must Conserve Paper.
.Washington. — Fifteen per cent re
duction in the consumption of print
paper by agricultural periodicals, be
ginning October 1, has been ordered
by the Pulp and Paper Section of the
War Industrien Board.
26 Ships Launched.
Washington. — Twenty-six ships,
with a dead weight tonnage of 1*7,
520, were delivered to the Shipping
All Employes of Federal Government
Who Can Be Spared From Work
To Be Given Holiday—To Stim
ulate Bond Sales.
Washington. —■ President Wilson
has proclaimed Saturday, October 12.
the four hundred and twenty-sixth an
niversary of the discovery of Ameri
ca, as Liberty Day, and called upon
all citizens to celebrate it to stimu
late a generous response to the
Fourth Liberty Loan.
Every city, town and countryside is
asked by the president to arrange
commemorative addresses, pageants,
I harvest home festivals or other dem
| onstrations, and he directs that a'l
! federal employes whose services can
be spared be given holiday,
j The president's proclamation fol
"Every day the great principles for
which we are fighting take fresh hold
upon our thought and purpose and
make it clearer what the end must bo
and what we must do to achieve it
We now know more certainly than
we ever knew before why free men
brought the great nation and govern
ment we love into existence, because
it grows clearer and clearer what su
preme service it is to be America's
privilege to render to the world. Tho
anniversary of the discovery of Amer
ica must therefore have for us In
(his fateful year a peculiar and thrill
ing significance. We shoujd make it
a day of ardent rededication to the
ideals upon which our government >s
founded and by which our present he
roic tasks are inspired.
"Now, therefore, 1, Woodrow Wil
son, president of the United States,
do appoint Saturday, the 12th day of
October, 1918, as Liberty Day. On
that day I request the citizens of ev
ery community of the United States,
city, town and countryside, to cele
brate the discovery of our country
in order to stimulate a generous re
sponse to the Fourth Liberty Load.
Commemorative addresses, pageants,
harvest home festivals or other dem
onstrations should be arranged for in
every neighborhood under the gener
al direction of the secretary of tho
treasury and the immediate direction
of the Liberty Loan committee, in co
operation with the United States bu
reau of education and the public
school authorities. Let the people's
response to the Fourth Liberty Loan
epress the measure of their devotion
to the ideals which have guided the
country from its discovery until now,
and of their determined purpose to
defend them and guarantee their
! "For the purpose of participating in
Liberty Day celebrations, all employes
, of the federal government Throughout
the country whose services can be
spared may be excused on Saturday,
the 12th day of October, for the entire
"In witness whereof, I have hereun
to set my hand and caused the seal
of the United States to be affixed.
"Done in the District of Columbia
this 19th day of September, in the
year of our Lord one thousand nine
hundred and eighteen, and of the In
dependence of the United States of
America the one hundred and forty
"By the president:
"Secretary of State."
Buys Cuban Sugar Crop.
Washington. — The Sugar Equaliza
tion Board announced it has closed
a contract with the Cuban minister
for the purchase of -the new Cuban
sugar crop at a price of about $5.50 a
hundred poundB, free on board, at Cu
ban ports. The purchase was made
on behalf of the American, ' British,
French and Italian governments.
Protest Prohibition.
Washington. — France in a com
munication transmitted by Ambassa
dor Jusserand, through the State De
partment to the Senate Foreign Re
lations Committee Joined Italy, Spain
and Portugal in protesting against the
provision in the war prohibition bill to
forbid the importation of wines,
Soldier« Returned.
Washington. — burgeon General
Gorgas announced that 447 sick and
wounded soldiers from the American
expeditionary forces were returned to
the United States during the week
ending September 6.
perhaps Not Killed.
Rome.— The Vatican does not be
jj eve that the former Russian em
preS3 j s dead, for it is considered
p ro bable it would have been in
f orme( j jf there were confirmation of
the report
Dr. Porras To Panama.
Washington. — Dr. Don Belisario
, Porras, Panama, minister to the Unit
j ed States, will leave
1 noon tç ms
office as president of
Calomel Users! Listen To Me!
I Guarantee Dodson's Liver Tone
Your druggist gives back your money if it doesn't
liven your liver and bowels and straighten
you up without making you sick.
Ugh! Calomel makes you sick. It's
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drug tonight and tomorrow you may
lose a day's work.
''Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the beues.
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile, crashes into it, breaking
it up. This is when you feel that awful
nausea and cramping. If you are slug
gish and "all knocked out," if your
liver is torpid and bowels constipated
or you have headache, dizziness, coat
ed tongue, if breath is bad or stomach
sour, just try a spoonful of harmless
Dodson's Liver Tone tonight.
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drug store and get a bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone for a few cents. Take
£> OH/ y
Fall Run of Distemper
ftCDAHN'Ç 99 A **mall outlay of money brings very great
JrUllii J result*. It Is a sure cure and a preventive If
you use It as per directions. Simple, safe and sure. The large slz®
Is twice the quantity and an ounce more than the small eize. Get
your horses iu test condition for late fall and winter. All drug
gists, haintfis dealen or manufacturers.
Goshen, IndL, U. S. A.
Spohn Medical Co.
Old English Holidays.
In the list of oid English holidays
Cnndelmas was February 2, the date
on which we now look for the ground
hog tö forecast the weather, and Old
Candlemas, February 14, which is now
observed as St. Valentine's day.
All country stores should stock Vaeher
Balm because it gives satisfaction, and
pleased customers nre your best adver
tisers. It also saves your capital by
taking the place of many other reme
dies. Samples free. E. W. Vacher, Inc.,
New Orleans, La.—Adv.
Boston barbers now charge r>0 cents
for a haircut.
When you're fifty, your body begins
li...... .....
creak a little at the hinges. Motion
more slow and deliberate. "Not so young
as I used to be" is a frequent and unwel
come thought. Certain bodily functions
upon which good health and good spirits
so much depend, are impaired. The weak
spot is generally the bladder. Unpleasant
symptoms show themselves. Painful, and
annoying complications in other organs
arise. This is particularly true with
derly people. If you only know how, this
trouble can be obviated.
For over 200 years GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil has been relieving the in
convenience and pain due to advancing
years. It is a standard, old-time home
remedy, and needs no introduction. It
now put up in odorless, tasteless capsules.
These are easier and more pleasant to take
than the oil in bottles.
Each capsule contains about one dose
five drops. Take them just like you would
any pill, with a small swallow of water.
They soak into the system and throw off
the poisons which are making you old be
fore your time. . They will quickly relieve
As Age Advances the liver Requires
occasional «light stimulation.
• ITTljl
Small RH Small
Dose, Small
Price But
Great in
it* Good
Colorless or Pale Faces ÄÄ ,, * e *?T' 0 '
a condition which will be greatly helpedby Carter Sir OH Pill»
Don't Get Hung Up
With an Acid Stomach
) À prm t/bodj
f iMct of them :
t$ttldde&Bylter\ It's Just Acidity
That Makes Millions
Sick and Suffer
It's true. There are millions of
people all over the land who are weak,
nervous, all tired and dragged out,
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also EAT and EAT—but fall to get anywhere
near the full amount of rtrength and nourUb
ment out ot their food. WhyT Simply became
of too much acid In the stomach—mperacidlty.
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all right—iurt give it a chance to work easily
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ery called
In No
acid out ofjroürato;nach and bowels.
! form ot plcasant-taatlng
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store and «ee how qi
mediate effect# ot m
heartburn, belching,
tlon.ietc.~and then sec
So again
are ailing get
i we teD Von
et a big box E
lay. The eo*t
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atlng, lad I gca
ur general health
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One Sure Thing.
"Who is h«ck of this show?"
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I know the sheriff is in front."
Pliers have been patented by an Illi
nois inventor to split Insulation and re
move It from wires neatly.
W. N. U., LITTLE ROCK. NO. 39-1918.
those stiffened joints, that backache, rhea»
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gravel, "brick dust," etc. They are aa
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' "ei
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If you are troubled with soreness aero»
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