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We will win this war —
Nothing ehe really matters until we do!
The Flavor Lasts
If you paid a Specialist $25.00 for
«'Prescription, you would not get any
thing that would give quicker relief
for Croup, Colds, .Catarrh, or Sore
Throat, than VacheriKalm, which only
qosts 25c. Beware of Imitations.—Adv.
Identifying Her.
'•Which on.e of those girls is it you
dislike so, Stella ¥'
"gh ! ^lie'll hear you. I'll kiss her
first." —Loulsvi 11 e Comrier-Jf ou rual.
New \ 3 ork judge rules tenants must
pay runt whether contract heat ma
legalizes or not.
. • Englffirfi makes . school children
sneeze* t(r*p^{*vent adenoids.
Aviators Have Superstitions.
Aviators have their own supersti
tions. Joseph B. Lierre, just eommis
sioned it first lieutenant in the air serv
ice,..although he has been flying for
nine' years, and is perhaps the best
y.äniin »reronautics in America, never
foes up unless he wears a cap made
»f the top of a sill: stocking..
"It Is my sweetheart's," Lieuten
ant Llevre explains. "If I don't wear
It I can't fly."—New York World.,
* * A
Indigestion, Bloat,
Heartburn, Caused
' feCES
53 !
What Is the cause of indiwsHon, dys
■psi*. Ulort. U*Öbiuro. food tepeatjns.
■Idling, gassy, »our stomach, and so
iny atoraacli miseries? Jim this— iiqid
tomart—-superaeldlty as the doctors
caU It. 0 roU of, their full
Strength. Y1 ratify HfiJ the power to enjoy
life—to it* real men and- women.
It Is weU known that an acid month
enamel and causes the teeth to decay.
This Is fair warning of what «ct-ss acid
lty win do t* the d> lica*e owaulrail'm
of the stomach: is t m^t.-r of faet, < x
ceas addtty not offly ftodnctj a
man» painful and disagreeable symp
toms that we generally anme , Stom-ch
troubles." but 11 ts the creator of a long ,
train of »cry serions ai mants. Art« »
stomach hlterferos with .the digr.-oIon
and causes the fixai to fopaent. A
mass of sour, fermented food J anses Into
the intestines. wl.ire H l>Wi«
breeding place, for, g«-tms- gpd to'ile
nuisons which, lu turn are atiso. oea
Into the blood and distributed thioivgb
' erew-i'sg',»! rtetlihs. of
.iQMiictr»™ people who, whit* Dot
'tv down side are alleys
no appetite, ffwd «hr«" t .dtgdrt.
beidtlng •« th- time. eonUmii.Rv com
daiuiag of being weak and tired ' "■«
takes the pep and pun-b out of them,
leaves little or no vitality.
strike at the very cause of all this
trouble nud clean this excess odd out
of the stomach. This will give the stom
ach a chajiçc to digest the food properly;
nature will do the rest.
A wonderful new remedy removes ex
cess acid without the slightest dlscom
forf. It Is i-aUed KATON10. nuule 1»
the form of tablets- they are goodto vet
—Just like a bit of candy. KATONIO
literally absorbs the injurions excess
acid and carries It away through tie in
testlaes. It drives tbc bloat oat of the
body—you can fairly féal H work.
Try EAT9.VI0 and bow quickly
ft banishes bloat, hear bnm. belching,
foodrepeallng, lodlgeMion, etc. See
too. how quickly your general health
Improves — how muob more of your
fund la digested—how nen'om-ness and
Irritability disappear. beam bow easy
ît Is to get back youlr physical awl men
tal punch. Have the power and energy
to Work with vim. Enjoy the good
things of life. Learn what tt means to
fairly bubble over with health.
«o get a box of EATOMC from Tour
druggist today. We authorise him to
gu«:»nte« EATONb: to please you and
you can trust yimr druggist to make
this gnsrantee Bond. If tt fall* In any
way. take It back—lie will refund your
Stop K'cr you never ean Vepweit. Jf Vou.wak. wlth^ bad^astejn the
I« no betîcr remedy tor U'csf_£isordr
Try them just once and be eternally
tb-sedi^rderrthan DR. TUTT'S LIVER PILLS.
Tm them iimt nnra ar.d be eternally convinced. For aale all druggists.
Dr. Tuttk Liver Pills
Shades of Scotland's Pride.
Francis Disney of Albany, secretary
of the upstate public service commis
sion, was a guest at a dinner at which
pociry and Burns ware discussed.
"Well,' said Mr. Disney, turning to
an absent-minded physician who was
at the table, "what is your opinion of
Burns, doctor?"
"What's that? Burns?" asked the
doctor. "Of course I couldn't say off
hand, but as a rule the hospital is the
proper place for anyone suffering from
burns."—New York Mail.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of|
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoriu
in Both Ways.
Molly—Were you much upset by the
bank failure?
Cholly—Yes, I lost my balance.
Los Angeles destroyed 4,300 cats
this year in the interests of food con
liontion.—-Germany's reply to Pres
ident Wilson reached London too la* :
for any authoritative comment, it
was bound to come, however, into an
atmosphere charged with suspicion,
and the opinion is still held in ail
quarters that the reply would be v,
good gauge of the degree of Cor
many's military distress. An arr :. -
tice is the old familiar ruse for a di.
tressed army.
Apparently the reply gives on '
statement of news. It associates
Austria-Hungary, but not Turkey,
■with the German government. The
implication seems to be that unie; -
the German secretary for foreign af
fairs has written the message with
unusual haste, Turkey is no longer
Germany's ally. In all previous im
portant diplomatic documents Ger
many has scrupulously mentioned all
her allies.
The phrase. "To agree upon practi
cal details of the application of tlieso
terms is on its face a straight reply to
President Wilson. It was not unex
pected here, but is likely to be re
garded with suspicion. English pa
pers have said that a conference bas
ed on such a formula may be consid
ered by the Germans to mean an ex
tended debate.
Some of the most important Ger
man pepers, in latest quotations ca
bled from Holland, persist in u.iihg
the word "compromise" with ret r
t-nce to the application of the presi
dent's priniples. But the feeling n
London is that it will be hard for the
allied armies to hold their hand in
the hour of seeming victory.
"Unconditional surrender" is the
v. atchword ranch more appealing 10
the British people in this hour than
anj commission to arrange for evacu
ation. Events in the past week, par
tit ularly the sinking of the Leinster,
have steeled British hearts against a
There is a strong belief here, voic
ed even by the "compromising" pa
pers, that there are yet two powere
n Germany—one power of the new
government, the other of the arm; —
and that it is not yet decided which
is supreme.
Germany's acceptance of President
Wilson's terms in no wise means that
her acceptance will be met by Great
Britain and France. The restoration
of "ship for ship" from the German
.mercantile marine for all submarine
losses is a British principle which ap
parently is accepted by all the British
Commenting on the reply, the Sun
day Observer says:
"The first issue for us is the mari
time question. We ought to insist
that the German submarine campaign
should be marked out tor special
treatment in immediate connection,
with any peace preliminary. If any
military armistice is accompanied by
concrete guarantees so must a naval
irmistice. We ought to insist, before
there can be any suspension of hos
tilities, that the German submarines
hall be surrendered to the allies and
News of the World says: "Any ces
: at ion of military operations at this
stage would compromise all our mili
tary success. They will not enjoy
riKth a respite. Foch and his gallant
armies, now hot in pursuit of the ene
my, are not to be thus easily cheated
of the fruits of their splendid victo
Germany's Acceptance of President s
Terms in No Wise Means Her Ac
ceptance Will 3c Met By Great
Britain and France.
Increase in Tobacco Rates.
Washington. — Increase of 25 per
cent in rates on manufactured tobac
co from points in North Carolina,
South Carolina and Virginia to Cen
tn*! Freight Association territory are
asked by the railroads operating
therein in cp application to the In
terstate Commerce Commission.
Bigger Balloon Corps.
Washington.—The balloon corps of
the American army is to be trebled
in size immediately to meet increas
ing demands from the forces in
Another phase of the battle co::*.
n need at 4:30 o'clock, and yet an
other phase when tiie first gray dawn
was filtering into the dull sky. which
jresenltly fulfilled its threat lo rain.
A New Solution. ,
Vachère- What is the meaning o>
The Kid—I folget.
'Vacher— -Ii tight of yvycr
-re visiting you and you 1 &<! oni
« apple for them whnf would you
The Kid—Walt till they'd go.te horn
ii "at it myself.
\n attachment been patented If
• k together a r.K King chair babj
ach, the iTiDtionc of the former isafc
jg the Utter eerxv as a ciadw.
Of the 699 American Soldiers on
Board 310 Were Landed—17 Were
Rescued Alive at Islay, Leaving
372 Unaccounted For.
A British Port.—Pioimbly 372 Amer
ican soldiers have been lost as the
result of the sinking of the trans- I
port Otranto in the north channel oo-1
tween the Scottish and Irish coasts ]
in a collision with the steamer KasL
The Otranto, after the collision, j
was dashed to pieces on the rocks|
off the south Ccottish coast. Three
hundred and one men were taken to
Belfast by the British destroyer j
Mounsey, the only vessel which mad-; i
an attempt at rescue in the terrific
gale when the Kashmir, another ves
sel jn the convoy, with the Otranto,
rammed the Otranto amidships. Sev
enteen men were picked up alive on
the Scottish coast.
Of the 699 American soldiers on
board the Otranto, 310 were landed.
Seventeen were rescued alive at Is
lay, leaving 372 unaccounted for.
The Otranto and the other vessels
of the convoy were battling with the
heavy seas and high winds Sunday,
morning. The storm was so severe j
and the visibility so bad that the ;
Kashmir, a former Peninsular and
Oriental liner, crashed into the Otran
to squarely amidships.
The Kashmir backed away badly j
damaged, but was able to make port. ;
As the bows of the Kashmir were
pulled from the great hole in the
side of the Otranto, the water rushed
in, but for a time it did not stop the
engines. The Otranto tried to pro
ceed, but made no headway against
the gale in her crippled condition.
Within a short time the water put
out her fires and the Otranto drifted
helplessly toward the rocky coast of
Islay Island, where most of the Tus
cania victims met their deaths.
The Otranto struck the rocks Sun
day night south of Saligo Bay, Islay
IsianS, an uninhabited section, where
the coast line in many places rises
straight out of the water to the rocky
peaks many feet above.
As the destroyer neared; the side
of the Otranto the men began to jump
from 30 to 40 feet from her decks.
The more experienced sailors of the
crew of the steamer had better auc
cess than the soldiers, many of whom
had never seen the sea until thk.
As the destroyer steered toward the
steamer, many of the men leaped too
quickly and dropped between the
boats. Some of these dropped in the
water, but others of them were caught
and crushed to death between the
boats and the lifeboats which had
been lowered to act as buffers. The
destroyer was badly battered.
Warns Italian Soldiers.
Washington.—General Diaz, com
mander in chief of the Italian army,
has issued a general order reminding
his soldiers that the enemy still is on i
Italian. French and Belgian soil, and
calling on them not to be weakened by
flattering hopes of peace, but to hold
themselves in readiness to completely
crush the enemy if his peace offers
prove to be "a fresh form of the old
New Laurels For Fonck.
Paris. — Lieut. Rene Fonck, ac
cording to an announcement here, has
brought down four German airplanes
within 20 minutes on the same day.
Fonck now is credited with 70 offi
cial victories and has actually brought
rtown 109 German machines.
Marshall Sells Bonds.
Washington. — Vice President Mar
shall sold Liberty bonds in front of
the capitol. His customers included
Senator Walsh of Montana, Watson of
Indiana, Harding of Ohio and Gora
of Oklahoma.
To Stop Vote Buying.
Washington. — Final action was
taken by Congress on the bill making
! vote buying at congressional elec
tions a federal offense. The Senats
agreed to amendments to a bill passed
by the House and sent the measure
to the president.
100 Vessels Completed.
Washington. — One hundred seago
ing vessels, 46 steel and 54 wood, ag
gregating 301,433 gross tons, were
completed in American shipyards dur
ing September.
To Increase Holdings.
Washington. — A Senate bill de
: signed to permit homesteaders to
; enlarge their land holdings to 640
ares by obtaining noncontiguous
lands, was passed by the House and
now goe 3 to the president.
Murdock Confirmed.
Washington. — The nomination of
Victor Murdock for another term as a-j
j member of the Federal Trade Com- j
, mission was confirmed by the Senate j
1 without opposition.
Ugh! Calomel Sickens; Saiii/ate
Please Try Dodson's Liver Tone
I am sincere! My medicine does not upset liver
and bowels so you lose a day's work.
You're bilious! Your liver is slug
gish ! You feel lazy, dizzy uud all
knocked out. Your head is dull, your
tongue is coated : breath bad ; stomach
sour and bowels constipated. But
don't take salivating calomel. It makes
you sick ; you may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver,
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes into sour bile like
dynamite, breaking it up. That's when
you feel that awful nausea and cramp
If you want to enjoy the nicest, gen
tlest liver and bowel cleansing you
ever experienced just take a spoonful
of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone to
night. Your druggist or dealer sells
you a bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone
for a few cents under my persoual
money-back guarantee that each spoon
His Mother's Keepsake.
la the midst of a battle one young
lieutenant, running into a pal of his,
showed him under the flap of his pock
et a little gold brooch.
"If anything should happen to me,"
lie said, "try to get hold of this pin.
will you, and when you get time ship
it back to my mother."
The other promised, and the lieu
tenant went on ills way. He had not
gone 20 feet, when he was struck by a
shell and killed instantly. The pin is
on its way to the United States.
Makes clothes whiter than snow. De
lights the housewife. Large packaga
5 cents at all good grocers.—Adv.
New York requires military drill for
all school children.
Los Angeles is exterminating eats.
Ice Boxes on Wheels
Refrigerator cars for carrying meat are ice
boxes traveling on wheels.
Most people in America wotdd have to go
without fresh meat, or would have to pay
more for what they could get, if it were not
for these traveling ice boxes.
Gustavus F. Swift, the first Swift in the
packing industry, saw the need of these
traveling ice boxes before others.
He asked the railroads to build them. The
railroads refused. They were equipped, and
preferred to haul cattle rather than dressed beef.
So Gustavus F. Swift had to make the cars
himself. The first one was a box car rigged
up to hold ice. Now there are 7,OCX) Swift
refrigerator cars. Each one is as fine an ice
box as you have in your home.
Day and night, fair weather and foul,
through heat and cold, these 7,000 cars go
rolling up and down the country, keeping meat
just right, on its way to you.
Thus another phase of Swift & Company's
activities has grown to meet a need no one
else could or would supply, in way that
matched Swift & Company ideas of being
When you see one of these Swift & Company
cars in a train, or on a siding, you will be
reminded of what is being done for you as tbir>
fruit of experience and a desire to serve.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Lend the Way
They Fight
Buy liberty Bonds
ful will clean your sluggish liver bet
ter than a dose of nasty calomel and
that it won't make you sick.
Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver
medicine. You'll know it next morn
ing because you will wake up feeling
fine, your liver will lie working, your
headache and dizziness gone, your
stomach will be sweet and your bowels
regular. You will feel tike working;
you'll be cheerful ; full of vigor and
Dodson's Liver Tone is entirely
vegetable, therefore harmless and can
not salivate. Give it to your children.
Millions of people are using Dodson's
Liver Tone instead of dangerous calo
mel now. Your druggist will tell you
that the sale of calomel is almost
stopped entirely here.—Adv.
'Twas Ever Thus.
Grandpa (at movie, in 1910)—
Humph ! There aren't any real actors
nowadays. You just ought to have
seen the original company that pro
duced that photoplay in 1911!—Buffalo
Bud Colds, Pneumonia, and Croup
may be prevented by using Vacher
Baltn in time. Everyone should keep it
in the house. Beware of imitations. Ad.
Easier Way.
"When Jims saw the burglar com
ig did he bolt the door?"
"No ; he bolted himself."
When Baby is Teething
GROVH'9 B AH Y BUW HL MHliIClNM will cor'»«»
the Stuniach and Buwel troubles. Perfectly harm
less. See directions on the bottle.
Philadelphia expects to lose 200 pool
rooms owing to war taxes.

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