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No. 35
8, 1918
Business is going on in the same
* Af THE
•f* -4 <■ ..... *•, . i.
Glenmora, La.
Sa tup
Be sure to redeem your W. S
8 . pledge.
Hon J. W. Britt was $
.^ndsia on lqgç^busine)
Misses Annie Mae and Neva
Lewis were Alexandrir visitors
last week.
Mr. and Mrs A. M. Crowder
of Oakdale were visitors to the
J**W. May home Sunday.
Misses Dimple Dean and Mag
gie Hogan of Forest Hill were
here witn friends last week.
Mrs. J. M. Partin returned
Saturday from an extended
visit to relatives in Mississippi,
Alabama and Florida.
Mrs. E. P. Ferguson and dau
ghter Ima are enjoying a few
days visit with relatives out of
L. W. Pearson and family of
Alexandria motored here Sun
day afternoon to visit the J. J.
brooks family.
Quart&Jy ^Conference °f the
SL E. CHnrcb, Sophb here ne$t
Saturday. ' : > \ i
There will be Sunday schoss
at all our Churches next Sunday
Let »11 the people come out and
liuip tliis gooô 'wprk
'flie babe of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Dillon died Saturday and was
buried here Suuday afternoon.'
Miss Ida Blackman returned
Sunday to her home in Alexand
ria. V '
One of the most common cau
ses of insomnia and restlessness
is indigestion. Take one of Cham
berlain's gablets immediately
ffter supper and see if yon do
not rest better and sleep better.'
They only cost a quater.
Have you bought your quota of
War Savings Stamps.
Subscribe for the Patriot.
but is alright now.
Is our motto
We desire your trade
on the basis of Quality
and Service
< , -1 i
I Campbell-Penny Company
Free delivery
We have had funerals here
each Sunday the past four Sab
M. L. Monroe spent an hour
or two with us Saturday.
Mr. Ewton of Dallas, Texas,
representing in interest of the
Great Southern Preserving
Company of the same place, spe
nt several days here. He bought
the plant of the Glenmora Pota
to Company.
Miss Clothilde Johnson accom
panied her Unclé Mr. John Clark
to Pollock Sunday.
Miss Florence Maxie is visit
ing her sister in Elton this week.
Mr. and Mrs, T. C. Kirkpat
rick of Melder were in town
Mr. Ç. A. Car ruth was in Lake
Charles the early part oi' the
The Louisiana Annual Confer
ence has been posponed from the
18th of this month to the 27th. It
will meet with thé First Meth
odist Ci^rch in Ne#jOrleans
Jerryv^ay of Tioga was a vis
itor Sl$MÊ®.y to the Fred Daniel
home./ ■
Trade at the drug stores re
sumed in the good old way.
Mr. McDonough is the succ.
essor of B. F. Lewis as manager
of the Louisiana saw; mill. He is
married and has twochiidren. We
are glad to have this family in
our midst.
The Patriot will do your job
work neatly and at reasonable
prices. Try us With your next
R. T. Colquette is spending a
few; days in Clark La. as the
guest of his brother.
Lewis Melder tried to sound a
creek lately much against his will
as a bridge he was crossing fell
in and carried him down with the
crash. He was bruised somewhat
but is alright now.
The War Charities Caimpaign
will he on Nov. 11—18. Our
prsident has asked for 200,000,000
to carry on the work of the sevtn
bodies engaged in ministering to
our soldiers at home and abroad.
We trust that our people will
anser this call to the full amount
asked of them.
The Home Service Section of
the Red Cross has charge of the
preparation of soldiers boxes,
If the soldier abroad has sent
his'label to his family or to some
friend, a box may bepitepared
and sent ;to him; but if no label
is on band f rom the soldier, no
box will go to him, as only boxes
bearing such lab' Is will be per
mitted to be mailed. All boxes
must be examined thoroughly
by representatives of the Red
Cross and be ready for the mail
not 'ater than the 20 th inst.
Dont fail to go to Sunday
ool next Sunday.
Preaching services at McNary
next Sunday morning and'texefli
ing. The public is cordially invit
ed to attend these services.
P. F. Collier and son do a good
business in this section both with
their weekly and with their books
Good literature is always help
The traveling fraternity is
much in evidence since the flu
ban has been lifted.
Help the Red Cross save sold
iers by saving nut pits and shells
with which to make antidotes for
German gas.
I have opened a garage in
the Mizell building. Repair
work given speÄal attention*
% D. N. Gorman.
Card of Thanks.
I take this method to thank all
my brethren and friends for their
great kindness tome and family
duaing the illness, and lifter the
death qî my dear wife.
Especially do I appreciate the
beautiful floral gifts presented
at the funeral servit»«.
« Frank Daniel.
________ j
Sgt. G. B. Keller is lmme on
a five day fnrlough. .
Mrs. Lydia Phillips is visiting ;
her sister Mrs A. M. Crowder, !
at Oakdale. , j
Mrs B. F. Byemer and child
ren are visiting friends and
atives iu De Bidder. • . ■ 1
Several of our men appeared
before the local military board'
this week.
J. S. Siugley is back
. ,
rel '
, ... . ,
town and will open a jewelry bus j
»ness tu the McGuire building.
At the present rate of new bus
iness openings beye, it will not be
long until every business house
in town-will be in use. This is a
goqd sign of healthy growth in
the community and we shall be
glad to see success attend every
enterprise undertaken, here. ?
The Mt. Olive Association will
meet Thursday 21 st. day of Nov.
at Aimable church five miles
west of GlenmortL Make your
plans to go. ♦ v ..
The Catholic ladies will gives
bazaar Saturday the 16 th.
Two'lovers w«re sitting sjde by side
in Battery park, New Tort, one eve
ding. "I wonder," he whimpered no he
glanced out across the beautiful bay
«Ni* saw the Statue of Liberty la the
shadowy gloom, "why they have Its
light so small." "Perhaps," replied
the girl as« she blushed end tried to
slip from his embrace, "the sm a l l er the
the greater me liberty,"
j Greatly Benefited by Chamber
: lain« Tablets.
j „lam,thankful for the, good I
j have received by using Chamber
; loins Tablets. About two years a
go w ben I began taking them \
was suffering à great deal from
' digress after eating, and from
i headache and a tired languid feel
iing dudf to indigestion and a tor
»pidlivee. Chamber lain 9 s Tablets
ebrr^feted these disorders in a
On 8ftturday morning the 2nd
iust the spirit of Mrs. Frank
Daniel left its tensment of clay
for the fairer world above.
She had been poor in health for
several years, and when influenza
became an epidemic, shè contact
ed the dieease wrich developed
into pnemonia, with fatal results.
To know her was to love her,
for she was geutle, kind and
She was a devout member of
the MLjEL Church, South and died
in the triumphs of Christian
Mrs. Daniel leaves a broken
hearted hurband, two brothers,
other relatives am! a host of '
friends to sorrow over departure.
The memory of a good life is the
legacy she leaves to them. ^
The floral offerings were the
most numerous and as beautiful
as any we have seen on such an
occasion in this place.
Internment was in the local
cemetary and was conducted by
hdr pastor, Rev. W. W Perry,
assissted by Revs. P. W. Lofton
and N. H. Oliver.
Why not in the early part of
our school organize a Parent
Teachers Association for the wel
fare of our school?
So many things could be done
to help needy children; cultivate
regular attendance; develop the
social and education spirit among
the school patrons, that we feel
that such neglect on our part to
organize and do such work is lit
tle short of shameful.
A. Do not let the goy$»become the
éâémy.eftbe bettfran
And, ibordfer to béât t
of neglect, we must
How many of school patrons
would be willing to meet twice
eaco month to help our Capable
faculfy make the school better
and stronger?
Let's wake up and get busy at
once. Cold weather rains and
and other dutiek are heçe, but
j we should no longer hesitate to
'undertake this cooperative sch
^ . ,. Po -
; What say you Mr. and Mrs Pat*
! ron -
OptlmMlc Thought.
, He.that U valiant does Mi
Step and Reflect.
< When we begin to make excases to
oursélves, we may be tolerably, sore
that the act which requires such treat
ment had something wrong about it
somewhere. ' That which is sound
j needg DO omtment.
Hou*o Blessing.
Tb« beauty'of th« house la order;
the bicesing of the house Is content
ment: the glory of the house Is hospi
tality; the crown of the house Is god
• v
Fraternal qnd Retifetô&s
unaWan Woodman -Household Xo i
thefir« Thur»d*yJn^hmonth
f The ..
ra iMto
at* p.m.
Ibwu On, 1
- Consul,
ay Clerk.
came no. uo mart»
the first Saturday
in «ach tuo th at»
|p. m.
. e. raaavaox.
« o.c.
Oteamora Loti*» KP«
8M meet» third Satur
day ia each mon tli afi.
J. T. ramrtxejou
j. W. Bam.'
preparedness I
This is. the slogan of the wig*
man. Stock are continually ex
posed to cuts, wounds, scratches
etc. The man who ia preppred
ban his healiny remeqy on hand
tofitopaH chance* of blood poinoo.
Farria Healing Remedy is Highly
Antiseptie. 1% is economical One
50c bottle makes $2,0O worth of a
oil or ointment. Money
refunded if yon are
prepared to help
I our Country by keeping you in
I health and assisting you to frnan'e
the war. We keep standard med
icines and W. S. S. for sale.
? j
In the Cobb Addition, in West •
Glenmora, near new Mill Site •
Good Surroundings J
Choice lots $50 to $75 > §
On very easy terms J
A. G. Pringle, Agt. •
t^If your children are subject to
croup, or if you have reason to
fear their being attacked by^ that
disease, you should procurera bot
X& qf Chamberlain's C<^gjö'Retnt
ÿôy and study «jhe directions for
^>s e ^so that in case of an Attack
know exactly what cour
se to pursuo. This is. a favorite
and very succesful remedy for
croup, and it is important that
you obperve directions carefully.
Services, at the Baptist church
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Preaching 11 a. m. and 7 p. m
We. are expecting F. C. Flowers
Snpi oi the Baptist Orphauage
to be with us Sunday night*. Will
every body take notice and Gov
ern them selves accordingly.
P. W. Lofton.
i vmfc, ßloh*-Dem<xn-fiV
Daily Thought
Shut not thy parse strings always
Hiioat pointed distress.—-Charles
Le n>h.
Undertaker Invented Phone,
inventors who have new Ideas which
«u-e foreign to their vocations or lines
of business may derive encourage
aient from the fart that the investor
of the first practical system, of. auto
matte telephony was Abaon Ô. Strow
ger of Kansas City* who took out a
patent In W-inventor of the
Strowger system rfka an undertaker
who was in no way connected with
electrical engineering of with a«y
telephone enterprise.
, ^ v .. V 1 1
, >v Ne Real D&Heulty.j
M man whevv insists on paying the
MU for the whole rtttwd can usually
have hie way If bejs ÿerslstenL —St ;
W. W. Johnson says:
I, am sure yon all. want every ; da]
• hrëe square meals or more
Call on the Square Deal Store-.
You won't, only get; the best, ;
But get it. for much less
And always pure and fresh.
Square Deal Storé
Anyone in this section having cattle
Said the obéerri
fellow's mta^ if
ways veaw ayéwuqi
r, Q Qp B .
w fe 0 nolly
a be
Do not imagine, that because
other cough -inecRcines failed to
give you relief that it will be the
same with CUamberhnns Cough
Remedy» Bear in mind that from
a small beginning this remedy
has gained a world wide reputat
ion and immense gale. A medicine
most have exceptional merit to
win esteem wherever it becotfid«
The local school authorities are
expecting orders to open school
hero next Monday.
Early reports seem to indicate
that the woman's suffrage amend
ment carried in the election Tues
day. We trust the s ;hool tax car
ried also.
Potato farmers in this section
are given an opportunity to savo
all their potatoes and to increase
their acreage another ^year by
the Great Southeri Preserving
Company which wifi handle all,
the crops here, if desired.
'When a
he al
AR Should Know the Bible.
,No Bum can be*.wholly uneducated
ss th« Bible, nor eec
Pjflrx truly educated
oin who le Ignorant of it—Exchange
Put Hard Thlaqa (Fir**- * «
The person who puts, the disagree
able duty first in order is the oae who
is pretty sure to succeed/ The im
pulse which leads us to postpone any
thing hard and unpleasant am lo nga«
we can la something whlelj will prove
oar undoing, unless we are on our

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