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REUABLE prescription
many years druggists have watched
Wltn much interest the remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver and bladder medi
It ia a physician's prescription.
. Swamp-Root is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidneys, liver and blad
der do the work nature intended they
should do.
Swamp-Root has stood the test of years.
It is sold by all druggists on its merit and
it should help you. No other kidney medi
cine has so many friends.
Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper.—Adv.
Its Complexion.
"Her face is her fortune."
"Is she trying n skin game?"—Balti
more American.
Gkw®' - Tasteless chill Tonic
îfîfwî?.T U \f tT ? ,D '^ ener ® r b r pnrtfTing and en
flcMng the blood. Yon can soon feel Its Strength
ening, InTlKoratlng MfTect. Price 60c. ^
Food saving was at first a fad ; then
a patriotic service; now a habit.
Always sure to please. Red Cross Ball
Blue. All grocers sell it. Adv.
A grateful nation will not be a boast
ful nation.
Women all over the world realize
more and more that their work at home
helped «the men at the Front. It in
volved great sacrifices, hard work and
upusual physical stteagth. Women at
home should study nursing for the
heme. A good way to learn is to
ask your druggist for a copy or
send 50c to publishers of the "Med
ical Adviser," 663 Main St., Buffalo,
N. Y., and get a copy of their 1,000 page
book bound in cloth, with chapters on
First Aid, Taking Care of the Sick or
Wounded, Physiology, Hygiene, Anato
my, Sex Problems, Mother and Babe.
Nobody, man or woman, can do good
Work when health is impaired. If a
woman is nervous or has dizzy spells,
suffers from awful pains at regular or
Irregular intervals she should turn to a
Ionic made up of herbs, and without alcohol,
which makes weak women strong and sick
women well. It is Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. Send Dr. Pierce, Buffalo,
N. Y., 10 cents for trial package.
Federal Peint, Fla.— ' I can hi*hly recommend
Dr. Fierce'« medicine« «nd it i* » ple«sure for me
to do «o. I only used five boxes of the Fsvonte
Prescription* and the 'Golden Medical'Discovery
Tablets* but they certainly helped me. Before
that I suffered with pain m my side, but after I
took these medicine« I haven't had any more
___Ji othin« equ
Favorite Prescription. I will endeavor to en
courage others to ta its it. Dr. Pierce has my most
heartfelt thanks for the great benefit I have
derived from the use of these remedies, also lor
tho kind letter, of advice
& Commissions
Little Rock.Ark
An Ideal Sabetitate for Bran,
composed of Rice Bran, Wheat
Bran and Barley Bran—a dean,
healthful, economical feed!
Guaranteed Analyett: Crude
Protein. 13.00%; Crude Fat,
6.00%; Crude Fiber, 9.50%;
Carbohydrates, 51.00%.
Look for the Label
It means feed ECONOMY to
you! If your dealer cannot sup
ply you, write direct to us today.
Special Car Bate
Flour and meal can be bought
in mixed cars with feed and we
give you the benefit of straight
car lot rate on the flour and
Manufacturer» of High Grad»
Mixed Feted»
$«U fsr W Tsn*. W* HAUKA
A!ss«nxsCsnerslStr«Jthnd»|Twla At AH Bn* ««a
Kill Dandruff
With Cuticura
W. N. U., LITTLE BOCK. NO. 11-1911
' %
When Sows Are Given Best of Feed
and Care This Is Good Way to
Increase Production.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
It is common practice among farm
ers to require their sows to produce
two litters a year. Although the sows
have had good care, they will natural
ly be run down somewhat In condition,
because the greater portion of the feed
consumed has been utilized for the
production of milk.
The sow needs a rest before she Is
bred again, and the time for this Is
between the weaning and breeding pe
riods. Intelligent feeding will bring
the sow from a thin condition Into a
good, strong, vigorous condition In a
short time. When this is done she will
be In proper condition to assume her
duty when breeding time arrives. If
the sow is bred iff a thin, run-down
condition, she must resume work im
mediately, and she will naturally be
weak and subject to the inroads of dis
ease. A little cold contracted in this
condition may cause death, while a
strong, healthy sow will resist such
attacks. It Is the general belief that
sows in good vigorous breeding condi
tion conceive more readily, thus short
ening the farrowing period for the
herd. Alfalfa, rape, clover, or any pas
ture which is palatable to swine, with
some grain In addition, is excellent
feed for bringing the sow back to
breeding condition.
There is no good reason why a sow
should not produce two Utters a year
when properly handled. To accom
plish this the sow should be bred to
farrow, say, for example, in March, and
bred again to farrow the early part
of September. A sow bred about No
vember 15 will farrow about March ff
to 9. The pigs should nurse eight
weeks. The sow should be rebred by
May 20 so as to farrow on or after
September 8. The pigs conld then
nnrse until November 3. The chances
for profitably rearing two crops of pigs
from a sow annually are undoubtedly
far better in regions of mild climate
and short winters than where the win
ters are long and severe.
In Feeding Trials at Wisconsin Station
Produced Larger Gains for Given
Amount of Feed.
(Prepared by thé United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
In feeding trials with sheep at the
Wisconsin station, soy beans produced
larger gains for a given amount of feed
and a heavier clip of wool. In one ex
periment two lots of ten lambs each
Sheep Like Soy-Bean Forage as Much
aa the Meal.
were fed the same roughage. One lot
received shelled corn and whole soy
beans in equal proportions, while the
ether received the same quantities of
shelled com and whole oats. The av
erage gain of each lamb during a pe
riod of 12 weeks was 16.2 pounds when
soy beans constituted a part of the
ration, and but 13.7 pounds when oats
were used. A pound of gain was pro
duced on 6.11 pounds of grain and 7.11
pounds of roughage in the soy-bean ra
tion, while 7.28 pounds of grain and
8.62 pounds of roughage were required
In the oats ration. In another experi
ment the same rations were fed for 12
weeks to two lots of nine lambs each.
The lot receiving the soy-bean ration
gained 119 pounds In weight and pro
duced 95.1 pounds of wool, as com
pared with 71 pounds increase in
weight and a production of 81.3 pounds
of wool for the lot receiving the oats
ration. The second lot also consumed
more feed per pound of gain.
Necessary for Animal to Maintain
Weight an* 4 Spirit and Perform
Maximum of Work.
In order to perform the maximum
of work and still maintain his weight
and spfu the horse should receive a
comparatively large allowance of eas
ily digested grain and a correspond
ingly small proportion of palatable
Roads That Stand Traffic In Normal
Times Now Called Upon to With
stand Motortrucks.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Apparently the point has been
reached where the demands of traffic
have exceeded the strength of the
average road to meet them. High
ways designed to withstand the
pounding of ordinary loads, that have
stood up under imposts they were In
tended to sustain, no longer appear
to be adequate to meet the present
ly conditions. Congestion on our
railways, possibly more acute In some
sections than in others, has put upon
our roads a transportation burden nev
er expected and consequently not pro
vided for by the engineers who design
ed the highway systems of the states.
Roads have been designed with the
same care as given to other structures
and with the same regard for the pur
poses for which they were constructed
and the burdens they were called upon
to bear. Widespread failure is dem
onstrative of the fact that roads can
not carry unlimited loading. Their ca
pacity Is limited. If it is exceeded
habitually and constantly, then they
cannot survive.
The products of our farms and of
our factories must be moved. The
wants of our urban dwellers must be
met. But the needs of our country in
volved in this great conflict are para
mount to the needs of single communi
ties, and thus when avalanches of
freight destined to fill the greater ne
cessity made imperative the partial
closing of our vast system of rail trans
portation to the smaller, the relief ap
peared to be in the motortruck and the
highway. Single light units expanded
!< » , r* i
With Load
Into great fleets, then grew Into heav
ier nnits that, in turn, developed into
long trains. From horse-drawn ve
hicles with concentrated loads of prob
ably three tons at most, traveling at
the rate of four miles an hour, sprung
almost overnight the heavy motortruck
with a concentrated load of from eight
to 12 tons, thundering along at a
speed of 20 miles an hour. The result?
The worn and broken threads that bind
our communities together. The solu
tion? That is the problem that con
fronts the men who will be called up
on to meet the ever-growing demands
upon our highways and to devise reg
ulations fair to those who pay for their
construction and to those who pay for
their use.
Those Needing Surfacing Will Soon
Pay for Themselves in Improved
Marketing Conditions.
It costs something to put roads In
order, to surface those that need sur
facing, but they will pay for them
selves in increased land values and
Improved marketing conditions. The
bad road's cost is never settled. It
Is like a shoddy piece of goods bought
at a high price on installments and
worn out before it is paid for. only to
be replaced by another of the same
sort on the same plan of payment
On a deal of this kind we never catch
up with our losses.
Public Rarely Notices Drainage and
Hidden Features That Tend to
Conserve Roads.
The public appreciates only repairs
to the surface and rareiy notices the
drainage and hidden features that con
serve a road. One heavy load of lum
ber hauled in wet weather will undo
the work of weeks of faithful work on
the part of the repair man.
Plan for Dragging Roads.
It is an easy matter to have an
agreement so each farmer will drag
the road in front of his farm. This
would maintain the road till the regu
lar hands conld be called ont at stated
intervals or till the commissioner conld
make the necessary repairs.
Winter Work for Horses.
Work can be found for the horses
In winter—work they can do on some
what reduced rations. The owner can
get his neighbors to join with him on
'ome much-needed road repairing.
Persecuted Belgian Cardinal Always
Confident That God Would 3ave
the Unhappy Country.
Cardinal Mercier, archbishop of Ma
lines, Belgium, was not actually im
prisoned by the Germans, but his free
dom was restrained. His offense was
the issuing of a pastoral letter to his
people In January, 1915, In which he
said: "I have gone through most of
the places in my diocese which have
been wasted, . . . What I have
seen of the ruins and the ashes passes
anything that, in spite of my most
acute fears, I could ever have imag
ined. . . . Churches, schools, char
itable institutions, hospitals, convents,
to a considerable number, are unfit for
use or are in ruins. Whole villages
have almost disappeared. . . . God
will save Belgium, my brothers, we
cannot doubt it. Let us say, rather,
he Is saving her. Is there a single
patriot who does not feel that glory
has come to Belgium? Which of us
wdnld have the courage to tear out
the last page of our history? Which
of us can look without pride on the
splendor of the glory that our mur
dered country has won?"
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Often the Case.
"That Kaiser Bill was a bad actor."
"Yes," said Mr. Stormington Barnes.
"And like many another bad actor he
was so busy getting his name In S>ig
type on the billboards that he failed
to see the handwriting on the wall."
Cuticura Complexions.
Nothing better than Cuticura Soap
daily and Ointment as needed to make
the complexion clear, scalp clean and
hands soft and white. For free sam
ples address "Cuticura, Dept. X, Bos
ton." Sold by druggists and by mall.
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.—Adv.
"He's very enthusiastic about any
project he thinks of going into."
"Counts his chickens before they are
hatched, eh?"
"Yes, and figures two to a shell.' —
Louisville Courier-Journal.
He Knew Willie.
Uncle Jim (after a visit)—I want to
buy Willie a present that will be use
ful and that he will keep as long as
possible. What would you suggest?
Willie's Dad—A cake of soap.
How's This ?
We offer $100.00 for any case of catarrh
that cannot be cured by ha t.t. 'B
en internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Sold by druggists for over forty year«.
Price 75c. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio.
Man to Be Honored.
"De real patriot," said Uncle Eben,
"is de man dat followed de music of
de band cl'ar over to whur de shw'
nuff flghtin' was."
Are quickly relieved by applying
Vacher-Balm. Try a 25c jar or tube.
If you cannot get It locally write to
E. W. Vacher, Inc., New Orleans, La.
"Jobbs is Itching for reform."*
"I suppose that is why he scratches
the ticket"
When Baby is Teething'
sown, MHDICINM will eoneot
GROVE'S BABY_________
the Stomach and Bowel troabli___
leas See directions on the bottle.
Perfectly hara
Many a man has ruined his eyesight
sitting in a barroom looking for work.
Keep clean inside as well as outside by taking
a gentle laxative at least once a week, such as
doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Adr.
New York has 53,333 September reg
istered enemy aliens.
You Are Dying By Acid
When you have Heartburn, Gas, Bloat, and that Full Feelin
after eating. TAKE ONE
Rids you of the Excess Acid and Overload and you will fairly feel
the GAS driven out of your body—THE BLOAT GOES WITH IT.
Sold by druggists generally—IT your druggist can't supply' you » big box of Eatonlc tor
50c, send us this adr. with your name end address and we will send it to yon—yon can send
Add: ' " "
ua the 50c after you get tt.
dress Eatonlc Bemedy Co., 1018 8. Wabash Are., Chicago, 11).
A Bid Bex
ter SOe
Too Much to Expect
"Do you expect Josh will be able to
speak French when he gets home?"
asked Mrs. Corntossel.
"No," replied her husband. "You
can take it from me that Josh has
been too busy fighting to stop an' learn
any fancy accomplishments."
Nothing gives quicker relief than
Vacher-Balm, it is harmless. 25c in
jars or tubes. Made by E. W. Vacher,
Inc., New Orleans, La. Adv.
Dipping in a solution of alum will
fireproof paper candle or lamp shades.
Do you feel tired and "worn-out?"
Are you nervous and Irritable? Don't
sleep well at night? Have a "dragged
out," unrested feeling when you get
up in the morning? Dizzy spells? Bil
ious? Bad taste in the mouth, back
ache, pain or soreness In the loins,
and abdomen? Severe distress when
urinating, bloody, cloudy urine or sed
iment? All these indicate gravel or
stone in the bladder, or that the poi
sonous microbes, which are always in
your system, have attacked your kid
You should use GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules Immediately.
The oil soaks gently into the walls
and lining of the kidneys, and the lit
tle poisonous animal germs, which are
causing the inflammation, are imme
diately attacked and chased out of
your system without Inconvenience or
p O Hfy
Pots a ...
Stop to all
And prevents others having the disease no matter how
exposed OO cents and $1.15 a bottle, $5.50 and $11.00 a
dozen «bottleH. All good druggists and turf goods houses.
Spohn MedicaJ Co Goshen, Inch, U. S. A.
Was His Own Fault
"Mercy!" exclaimed the presidng
elder, gazing shockedly out of the win
dow. "I believe your children are
trying to kill one of their number,
Brother Johnson ! Ah !—now they
have set upon him with clubs and are
beating him savagely. You can hear
his cries, and—"
"Aw, the one that's doing the yell
ing ain't none of my young 'uns," non
chalantly replied Gap Johnson of Rum
pus Ridge. "He belongs to one of
the neighbors—I can tell that by the
fact that he ain't swearing. Some
thing wrong with that kid, anyhow ;
every time he gets healed up becomes
over yur for another beating."—Kan
sas City Star.
Are quickly relieved by Vacher-Balm.
Every family should keep it In the
house this time of year. If you can
not get it locally send 25c for a tube
to E. W. Yacher, New Orleans, La.Adv.
Where Daddy Was Lucky.
Mary watched interestedly while her
father anchored his flu mask to his
ears and then said : "Isn't it nice,
mother, that daddy has such 'normous
big ears."
Rebecca Winbome, who made the
first Confederate flag, fs dead in Bal
timore at eighty-seven.
Millions of particular women now use
and recommend Red Cross Ball Blue,
grocers. Adv.
Endeavor gives energy; there Is no
tonic like trying.
m' n
OVERALLS—when you buy m
them get your money's worth! jf
Men, ask for Overalls made of Stifd's
Indigo Cloth.
Women, ask for Overalls made of Mbs Stifci Indigo Cloth
These two sturdy, fast-color fabrics are the most serviceable and economical
made. You know, it's the CLOTH In your overalls that aloes the wear.
Look for the BOOT trademark
it's your guarantee
Your dealer can supply you
trademark Mj ^ a aMg i on the back of the cloth—
guarantee of the genuine.
ly you RtaiJ.TWio We are maken of cloth only.
Indigo Dyers and Printen
« Without Real Cause.
"What is premature baldness, pa?"
"Losing your hair before you are
married, my son."
-- I
The place of combat between prize
fighters is called a ring because of the
roond» .
YoUr?ÄJ E Ä:
sure to Sw, Dost and find
■rt mquickly relieved by Rtrfos
JLsrV CS EyeBemedy. No Smarting,
df just Eye Comfort. At
Yoor Druggists or by mail C0c per Bottle.
For leek n the Eye free write ha
Eye Beaedy ü, Chicago.
Don't ignore the "little pains and
aches," especially backaches. They
may be little now but there is no tell
ing how soon a dangerous or fatal dis
ease of which they are the forerun
ners may show itself. Go after the
cause of that backache at once, or you
may find yourself in the grip of an in
curable disease.
Do not delay a minute. Go to your
druggist and insist on his supplying
you with a box of GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules. In 24 hours
you will feel renewed health and vigor.
After you have cured yourself, con
tinue to take one or two Capsules
each day so as to keep In first-class
condition, and ward off the danger of
future attacks. Money refunded if
they do not help you. Ask for the
original imported GOLD MEDAL
brand, and thus be sure of getting the
Being a good fellow is all right ia
Its way, but pay the grocer first.
Spanish. Influenza can
be prevented easier than
it can be cured.
At the first sign of a
shiver or sneeze, take
Standard cold remedy for 20 year*—in tablet
form—safe, sure, no opiates—breaks up a cold
in 24 hours—relieves grip in 3 days. Money
back If it fails. The genuine box has a Red top
with Mr. Hill's picture. At AU Drug Stores.
Men and Women to
Learn Barber Trade
Can make expenses while learnin g an d
positions are waiting for you. LITTLE
Main Street, Little Rock. Arkansas.
Cabbage Plants
Genuine Frostproof, all varieties,immedi
ate and future shipment By express—5001,
$1.25; 1000, $2.00; 5000, $8.75. Parcel Post
Prepaid—100, 35c; 500, $1.50; 1000, $2.50,
Enterprise Co. Inc., Sumter. S. C.
DROPSY treatment, gi»«. quick »im
unvivl - Boon rtmotM swelling nod short
I hm n tih . Vent heard o' 1 Its equal for dropsjb
I Try It. Trial treatment lent IHL by mail.
Write to QM. THOMAS E. OttEKN
I as, - chats woem, aa.
Liberty Bonds Bought
Now that the war is over I will buy Liberty
Bonds. Will pay within /% New Yerk
market. Ship your bonds through Southern
Trust Co. Offer me Arkansas and Arizona.
J. I TOW* ES, 712-714 U. Trot life, UM Rack, Ut
Old Folk's Coughs
be relieved premytljr by Piso's. Stone
, thro *, t î ickle : reli *7** «station. The remedy
tested by more than fifty years of «se is

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