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The patriot. (Glenmora, La.) 1918-1955, June 27, 1919, Morning, Image 10

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Having remodeled the inside of my Store I am
now ready to serve the public with dispatch and courtesy
Rev. N. H. Oliver will preaeh
at thb Methodist Church Sunday
The pastor will be out of town.
Savings accounts will bear 4
per cent interest from July 1st
if opened as late u.4 July 15th, at |
the Glenruora Bank.
Brimming full of that confid
ence which brings success, and
that active energy which creates
success, the Ford Motor Com
pany are establishing assembl
ing plants in Copenhagen, Den
mark, and in Cadiz, Spain.
The Ford Motor Company be
lieves the war is over, that a new
dispensation lias been establish
ed,and that the sooner American
manufacturers can align them
selves to the new conditions and
Teach out to meet the great de
mands of the world. Why, the
quicker the havoc wrought by
the war will have been effaced,
the quicker we can get interna
tional business at work,the soon
er will the horrors of war disap
pear and the earlier we can
reach out our hand of trade to
h Ip the earher will be the dis
a »pearanee of hate and enmity
between people.
The Ford Motor Company be.
lleves if you want the foreign
market, go to it. Don't wait for
it. to come to 3-011. Take what
you have to sell to the market,
and there show its advantages to
the people who visit that market
and to the people who buy in
that market. If you wish for
eign trade, become an active, In -
mg part of the red blood of that
tr.ide. „ The whole world is a
uni t.ct today for American en
terprise. and who realize this
truth and make honest efforts to
get that trade, will have it.
T<> succeed .you must save.
K .ve and earn 4 per cent on your
savings by starting an account
with the Glenmora Bank. - *
0 .JidlljlHUli
pj&w .C~ -Mr ft ISgÄI ~ \
The Cheapest Thing in
the World
It is poor economy to ruin good tires by
neglecting to keep them properly inflated.
The pneumatic tire is planned so you can
ride on air. The inner tube holds the air,
while the casing protects the inner tube.
So keep your tires properly inflated. Ride
on air and save your tires and your money.
Let us «ve you a chart published by The
Federal RtFbber Co., showing the right amount
of air for each size tire. Ask for one. It will
save you money.
Phone 75--Glenmora, La.
The Square Deal Store
has a full supply of family
Groceries, kept in the most
sanitary way known to
modern merchants,at prices
to suit all.
W. W. Johnson, Propr.
"I Didn't Know
That My Eyes
Were So Weak''
That.'« what most people say
when they have been prop
erly fltted in glasses,and see
the big improvement in their
vision. One's eyes weaken
so gradually that they scar
cely realise to' what extent
they have become impaired.
If there is any indication
that your eyes are not as
strong as they were at one
time—or if you are suffering
from headaches or nervous
ness which is usually caused
by weak eyes* .you h.Tl bet
ter drop in and let W. N.
Optometry, examine your
Mrs. G. C. Phillips and child
Ten were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Crowder this week
To succeed you must save.
Rave and earn 4 per cent on your
savings by starting an account
at the Glenmora Bank. .
Rev. and Mrs. W. W Perry
and son .lohn Walter were visitors
to Oakdale last Friday.
N. P. Carruth of Bunkie was
greeting his many friends here
Thursday and Friday.
Glenmora Bank pays 4 per
cent interest on savingsnccounts
back of Savoy's Barber Shop.
Tuesday evening at 9:30, Miss
Maggie Greenhaw and Mr. Ixmis
Etheridge were united in mar
riage at the bride's home.
ivliss Greenhaw is a popular
member of the younger social
circles and has a host of friends
in this and neighbori?<g com
Mr. Etheridge is a native son
and very popular with all who
know him. He is an employe of
the A. G Pringle store. He and
his wife will be at home to their
friends at the A. V. Atkinson re
sidence. Many wish them all
the joys and successes of life.
Do You Eu joy Life
A man in good physical cond
ition is almost certain to enjoy
life, while the bilious and dispep
tic are despondent do not enjoy
their meals and feel miser:-,be a
good share of the time. This ill
feeling is nearly always unneces
sary. A few doses of Chamber
lain's Tablets to tone up the sto
mach, improve the digestion and
regulate the bowels is all that
is needed. Try it.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Cady and
children attended the
,, . .... . . 0 . ;
Cox marriage at Alexanana Sat-;
urday. |
Glenmora Bank pays4percent
interest on savings accounts.
Mrs. L. M. Hachai returned
from El Phso, Texas, Friday to
spend the summer with relatives
and friends.
J. E. Smith was quite ill recen
Cause of Headache
By knowing the cause a disease
may often be avoided* This is
particularly true of headache.
The most common cause of head-1
ache is a disorted stomach or
constipation which may be cor
rected by taking a few doses of
I Chamberlains Tablets.' Try it.
; Mahy others have obtained per
manent relief hy taking tbeser
Tablets. Ther aye ersy to take
and mild and gentle in affect.
Eustice Pringle is home from
àrmy service. He has had rather
a tough time of it on account of
much illness.
drenched hoases for colid. That
was the old way which Was un
certain and unsafe. Farris* Colic
Remedy does away with drench
ing is applied on the hohses ton
gue with a,dropper which comes
packed m eaph bgttle. Get it to
day. We guarantee it. For sale
by A. G. Pringle, Maxwell &; Prin
gle and Glenmora Drug Co.
Sam Lisso is having as his
guest, Mrs. Lisso, a near kins
Notice to the Public?
I will not be responsible for a
ny debts nMrfe by my son, Sim
ey Willis, from now on.
A. J. Wil lis
Savings accounts will bear 4-'
per cent-interest from July 1st
if opened as late as July 15th, at
the Gïenœora Bank.
Wanted, in Glenmora: more
It diggers.
ii&äiär' '
Fraternal and Religious
CamP'No. no meets
the flrst Smurdoy
In earti nio th at 8
p. m, .
C. C.
t w. Britt,
Glenmora I/itljçe No.
356 meets third Satur
day In cacti month at
7 :3up, m
J. F. BKNNlsnroN (
j. W. Bhttt,
r„ O. Q. F
iNGS AT T:S0 p.-m.
Ben GnarM. N. G.
James KbgaR.Sect y .
Visiting brethren welcome
Services at the Baptist church
Sunday. f
Sunday School 10 a. m
Preaching 11 a.m. and 8:30p.m.
P. VV. Lofton.
Preaching, each Sunday
II a. iu. and 8:30 p, m.
Sundayschool 10 a. m
Prayer meeting Thurs. 7 p. in.
W. W. Perry, Pastor
Conklin-;bhicks. These parasitica sap
; the very life blood out of them.
I)ust tl f e hon n5?lït wit . h A .
| Thomas'Louse Killer and your
troubles are ended. It also kills
bugs on cuparn ber, tomatq, and
squash vines. We sell it to and if
it does not make good, we will.
For sale by A. G. Pringle, Max
well & Pringle and Glenmora
Drug Company.
To succeed yon must save
Save and earu 4 per cent on your
savings by starting an account
at the Glenmora Bank.
About Rhuematism;
Rhuematism causée more pain
and suffering than any other
disease for the rqason that it is
the most commpn of all ills, and
it is certainly gr^tffyieg to suf
ferers to know that there is re
lief çmnd make rest and <• leep,
pcvsbÿç. It is. called Chamberlain
Theeditor was privileged to
walk over the farm of Mr, J. W.
May last Friday and there he
saw sort^ cotton in fine condit
ion, corn in roasting ear, sweet
potatoes very »promising and
water melon vines as pretty as
will be seen any where about
this neighborhood. Twas good
tS see aqd we would like to see
several hundrd more like it.
For a Sprained Ankle
As soon as possible after the
injury i s relieved get a bottle of
Chamberlains Lintment and fol
low the plain printed directions
which accompany the bottle. -
Tho Patriot thinks the town
could arrange a hitching post on
one of the vacant lots and thus a
void having horses and vehicles
in front of the stores.
Mayor A. G. Pringle has been
using lately the road grading
outfit to clean out the ditches and
grade the streets in the business
section of the town.
Memory is a dear thing when a
life is spent in well doing, but is
a terror to him whose life is giv
en to wrong doing.
(Successor to Lecompte Drummer-American.)
Published Every Friday _
VV. W. PERRY .... Publisher
-me Year One-Dollar-and-Fifty Cents
Entered at the postoffice at Glenmora, La., as second class matter
There's the same economy in using the
one-ion Ford truck that there is in using
the Ford car—only the larger carrying
power of the truck commends it partic
ularly to farmers, and other
TheTruck business men. The famous
model T motor assures ra
That liable power, and lots of ( it;
the manganese bronze
TrilCkS woim drive makes certain
the use of all that power;
the three-point suspension
gives flexibility, and vanadium steel
strength. Price, without body,1550,f.o.b.
'We to serve.
Phone 75
Taberlet's Restaurant
........ . AND BAKERY
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies Baked and Delivered
Every Day. Patronize the Home Man
In the Restaurant
We are prepared to serve on short order many of the good
thing to eat. Our service is the best. Our prices are
very reasonable. Get in the habit of eating at Tabarlet
You will grow fat and save enough to start a bank account.
Try our Home Parched, Special Dripped Coffee.
Pies, the kind mother use to make
A. R. TABARLET, : : Proprietor
Real Estate Agent
Notary Public
Justic of Peace.
0A11 kinds of Insurance- Rental Agent. Taxes paid for
A Non residents.
For reliable blacksmith work, or
buggy and wagon repairs, horse,
shoeing, go to J. M. Partin
Good Clothing
MADE and DEdf^^feED Y
See me before you place your ne?t order
36 ,
W. H. Harrison,
Box 82 Glenmora, La,

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