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O fficial Journal of W ash ington P arish an d th e T ow n of F ran k lin ton . . O O U E 1 A U L N O E D R ~ ~ o1 0 R N L N O , L ~ T U S A , M R H 1 , 9 1
Rally Day A Big Success.
The Crowd in Attendance Was One of
the Largest Ever Assembled here.
Special Train Run from Angie Brought Hundreds of Pupils
From Various Schools. Much Rivalry Shown in the
Many Contests. F.C. I. Wins Championship Banner.
The Second Annual Rally Day si
for the schools of Washington
parish was held in Franklinton, 1
Saturday, March 11, and proved a
a most gratifying and .unprece. ti
dented success from start to c
finish. The exercises were held a
at the Franklinton Central In- f
stitute; the auditorium of the 9
schbool being used for the soelling bt
and literary contests, while the v
campus proved well adapted for v
the athletic events. t
Never before in the history of a
the town. has such a concourse of t
people, hailing from all parts of c
the parish, ever been gathered c
ere, it being estimated that the e
crowd numbered nearly three l1
Long before the hour set for
the opening exercises, pupils,
together with teachers and
patrons of the various schools
throughout the parish, began to
arrive, and by 9 o'clock the audi
toiium and class rooms' were
toed to their utmost capacity.
A special trahi was run from
Angie to Franklinton by the N.
Oa G. N. Railroad, which reached
here at 8:90 a. m:, bringing
about 700 pupils, teachers and
patrons from Angie, Varnado,
4B au1sa,. Lee's Creek, Rio,
I el and other schools along
it route.. pon tneir arrival the
,t.y ofotmed into ranks and
minrhed to the P. C. I. grounds. i
Foliowing .the announcement
ofhe events for the day by 4
.i.t JW. Bateman, the Spelling j
cn eat was begusPparticipated
g um " ae presentativ ot alm ost
hool in the parish and
onujimed the bettbr part of the
mipg. tie contest of the
gra were held in
t~tornm, while that of the
:and Primary
r held Iclass roojus
- 'i obr. SolargeWas the
thsaionehalf not be
ij. - admittance to the
ios, tht it was found
ay .:use other parts
eh apt tean
tberesults were as
Shool "dwelling:-Hines
. 1,fr$ 'place;
f M issb
so~~Iti0Ci~~'nd: , plao
served by the Mothers' Club. in
The Athletic contest began at(
1.30 o'clock and continued until le
after 5 o'clock, during which L
time many exciting and closely 9
contested events took place,
proving by far the most success- 6(
ful event of its kind ever held in ,
Washington pariah. Much in- H
terest and enthusiasm was dis
played by those in attendance, 8
while between the contestants
there was much rivalry; each $
athlete doing his best to outclass
the other. Much delay was
caused by the crowd continually E
congregating on the field, The
events and winners are as fol*
100-yd. Dash-Hubert Graves.t
F. C. I., first place, 10 seconds; a
Roy Tate, Mt. Hermon School,
seconil place; Martin Jones, Zona
School, third place.
75-yd Dash-Wilbur Pope, F. t4
C. I., first place, 7 3.4 seconds; p
Adelin Breland,Bogaluasa School, C
second place ;Jessie Adame,Angie a
school, third place.
Potato Race (Girls)-Elmo 1s
Corkern, Zone scohool, first place;
Bertha Simmons, F. C. I., second a
place; Aneta Richardson,Gorman t
school, third place.
Running Broad Jump over 66
inches.-Earl Griffin, Bogalusa
school, 20 feet, 3 inches; Hubert
Graves, F.C. 1., 19 feet, 11 inches;
R. Staftord, Gormon, 18 feet, 6
inches. t
Running Broad Jump, under.
66 inches-Wilbur Pope, F. C. 1.,
17 feet, 111-2 inches; Dan Graves,
Mike school, 17 feet, 6 inches;
Adelia Breland, Bogalusa school,
16 feet, 11 inches..
Running road Jiump, under 54
Inihes-HBob Jones, F. (, I., 18
feet, 6 inches, .first place; Hobson
Brook, Warner'tton School, second
place; Joh6 Wheeles,. dliea 1
school, third place.
220-yd Dash-George Mason, 1
ogplues school, first place; Levy
' igimons, F. C I, second place;
WiIe Magee, F. C. I., : third
50-yd: Dashi under 54 inches
Bob Jones, F. C. I., first place,
.6seconds; Jewel Porter, Mt. Her.
mon school,secod place; James
; Anderson, Zone, scool, third
place, r
Hasmer Thror-Reed Plgitt,
M ·olusa school, first plade;
SShiamie Graves, F C. I., second
[; place; - Hiley, Mike sclQie,
I, third. place.
Shot PutCl Ott, Mt4. Her
a~44~dIas~ oiii Psole,
.~.L $aeitintt. rles.
~ id; EsqToasHcky
scbool~do: plaqe
r jsbAlI ihrw.Wrta
Bogalusa school, first place, di(
Newton Burris, F. C. I., second on
place. su
Pole Vault-Tom Graves, Mike qu
school, 9 feet; Wilton Magee, F. di4
C. I., 8 feet, 9 inches. he
Hop, Skip and Jump-Curtis an
Tynes, State Line School, 37 feet, wE
5 inchee; Emment Breland,Boga- th
lusa school, 36 feet 5 inches; Van be
Jones, Zona school, 36 feet. all
Standiug Broad Jump, over 66 pr
inches-Fred Bateman, F. C. I., ha
10 feet 3-4 inches; Emment Bre- ag
land, Bogalusa school, 10 feet; TI
Leroy Sylvest, Gormon echool, ha
9 feet, 3 inches. ve
Standing Broad Jump, under le;
66 inches-Dan Graves, Mike w,
school, 9 feet 2 inmohes; Clyde sc
Hamilton, F. C. I., 8 feet, 10 ",
inches; Jesse Adams,' Angie st
school, 8 feet, 2 inches. n(
Relay Race-Bogalusa school of
first place; F. C. I., second place. to
The following served as field ti
judges, oafficers, timers, etc: J. W. bi
Bateman, field judge; J. E. Ut
Weakly, field marshall; Dr M. pi
Bateman and Robt. Stewart,
timers; I. J.GreenfH. C. Buohers 8
and T. M. MoLamore, judges of ec
field sport; D. H. James starter; ai
K. I. Bean, secretary. is
Eight o'clock found the audi- ti
torium again taxed to its ea- hb
pacity, this time to witness the sl
closing exercises-Declamation ol
and Oratorical contests and ia
Choruses. The crowd was so el
large that many had to be con- le
tented with remaining down- o01
stairs. In order to" facilitate g
Itatters ii was decided to hold of
the Oratorical contest in the E
Baptist churchb, anti in this way
provide an attaction for those
who could not get into the audi*
The winners of the DIcla *- J
tion contest were: a
High 8School.-Miss Ethel a
Magee, Varnado school, first d
place; Miss Ota Magee, Zona b
school, second; MI'ss Allie Ruhl
man, Bugaluass school, third. c
Intermediate-Miss Rutie Ruh- j
man, Bogalasa school first place; c
Miss Willie Mae JonesP. C. 1.,
secodd place; and Miss Eva MW
lMilhian, Varnad( school, third,
The Chorus banner was won
by F. C. I., Mt. Berman coming (
second, while Qorman got third
High Sbcool Oration was won
by Martin Jones, of Zona: T. C. (
- Sheridea, of . 'C.. 1, comring
neit,. The Intermediate Oration
,**as won by Ovid Magee, of
g Angla'
Aftikr the decision of the
judges were rendered, prizes atnd
medals were presented to those
individuals .who won first place.
~ Franklintot Central Institute
having won the gieatest nuiber
of poitS, was presented,
.through its principal, the chain
plionship banner of fYashinatonr
Pollowuin is tbe number of
* points scored by the Sdierent
scbaois out of a olssble 700
polnst F. (I.I. % Bogalusa,
188; I 68; K8 ~ an, e;
1tAne 84; Vatnsdo, 30; stonyv
bl't, 20; Paekley,'20; Gonman,
~ ; l k, 18 labl 10; ~Stacte
'.3- ~8d
4-1L ; A-hr ~u~
Aswell for Governor.
It is now an open secret that
Hon. J, B. Aswell, of Natchito
caes, will soon be an announced
candidate for Governor, at the
next election. His friends are
enthusiastic in his behalf,and pre
dict that he will be elected. With
out committing ourselves to his
support, we must say that all the
qualities that go to make a splen
did public official, He is capable,
he is public spirited. he is honest
and patriotic. What more do you
want in a public official? The fact
that he would be a candidate has
been evident for some weeks, for
all the sinecure office holders re
presenting the Ring Politicians
have been chirping in unision
against him for about that time.
They evidently got the word, and
have been repeating the little_
versesentout from the New Or
leans gang, to the effect that "As
well is the candidate of the public
school clique," that he wants to
"ride into power on the public
school hobby horse" and all such
nonsense. The gang of sinecure
office holders, has not the brains
to originate an idea,but they sing
the song sent out to them by the
bosses, and that is all they do for
the money they draw out of the
public treasury.
Mr. Aswell pushed the Public
Schools with all the power he
could,while State superintendent
as it was his duty to do, and if he
is elected Governor, he will exert
the same energy and ability in he
half of the State. He will make a
splendid governor, but there are
others,andconsidering the humil
iating mistake we made at the last
election we must be careful in se
lecting the man next time. Trot
out your men, the first entry is a
good one, but we want the pick
of the field this time,-Mansfield
Ordinances of Police Jury.
Be is ordained by the Police I
Jury of Washington parish, that .
all parish male convicts, over the I
I age of eighteen (18) years and on. I
der the age of fifty-four (54) shall
be worked upon the publio roads
under the provisions and in ac
cordance with the regulations . f
* Aot No. 204 of 1908; That such .
cI onvicts as are serving terms uprn <
* default ofpayment ofp oost or fines
- shall be paid for their services,
I the eninaof Eight ($8.00) Dollars
per month, whioh shall be
It redited towarde the liquidation
I of 'luch costs or, nes. That each
I convict so worked upon the publio
road who renders efficient .er
' vices and complies with the rules
L and regulations adopted for their
K disoipline shall have deducted
i from his term of imprisonment,
f whether such term shall be for
default of payment of coats or
e fnes or' otherwise, One-sixth
d thereof. That ten honrs of labor
a shall condtitute a days works
. e it Eurther ordained that
'asich convicts who shall fail to
couply with 4be requirements of
i' the person in charge or who shall
I attimpt to esoape shall be forced
oirergowerprs-of steel or bars of
iron chained ito their legs or be
on bentd to stich other reason.
SAble hinmane peinalties as th
0 exigeneA of the ose may re
Be i ordained bythe Police
0the proposition of Jonk Tfaimpt
to , overeet abd 'wot1kte
jlhcto on theub s
pa iloiara pbtmonth t Lr tW
na~ WOG fO .e ?nerat
pZa ~ ~ 4s~fo
authorized to enter into contract
for said services. That the said
John Ulmer shall have fall con- I
trol over said convicts and en
force such regulations and dis
ciphne as may be adopted by the
IPolice Jury.
Be it resolved that the presi
ident of the Police Jury shall ap*
I point from this body a committee
o;of two, of wbhls he shall be a
c member,.whose duty it ehall be to
direct the overseer of the convicts
jto be worked on the puolol roads
aas to what roadg he shall woik:
3Said committee shall meet at
Mtated. Intervals, not less often
ithan every ten days, to give the
r said overseer such instructions as
Smay be necessary, to inspect, con
demn or receive the work aoeom
r plished. .
r Be it resolved, that the presl*
Ident of the Polio Jury be, and he
r is hereby, authorized to purchase
the following live stook, vehicles
t and tools: :2 dos. long-handle
Sespades, 6 Black Diamond spades,
I a8 teel scrapers, i 4.horse plow.
L 12 pick mattocks, 6 mattocks, 24
i matstook handles, 68 axes, 12 ae
f handles, 2 sets of harues, 1
e wagon, 1 pair of mnaking togues,
Spulinag 'chain. 2 double teesý
04 Nligle trees, and 2 mules.
I'Lost, Strayed or Stoelen.
e From my place Uo, La,,
l'on Feb. 20, 6one s h mare
~)with left eve p c # a
t very poor alone. da
' iley4 abput 8 -,
)- tion
rT -I-
Insurance Agency
.g Life, a4
; 2o Accident, 1
" 0 PHealth, 0*
on m eaFir e, - a
S Tornado t
We represent several strong
and reliable companies
Summer Time, Fly Time
No Screeningt Time
Now is the time to do your screening. Before the
get into your house and you an't get them out, we have
big stock of these goods which we are selling as follows:
Screen Door Sets, consisting of one pair steel sp
hingers that you cant break, one fancy brass handle, and
door latch all for 25 cents.
Screen Doors, size 2*6x66 for $1.20 each
" " " 2.8xz8-8 " 1.30 "
S " " 2.10x6.10 " 1.40 "
4 $ 3x7 " I.60 1
Dont think because we are selling these goods so low that
they are not a good grade, we guarantee them to
the best on the market. If you so desire we.will pa.
your doors for the sum of FIFTY CENTS added to
above price per door.
No. Name.
1 Dewitt Alford
2 Wiley Pierce
8 Ernest Williams
4 W. L 8tstaford
5 A.D. Metas
6 Harvey McElveen, Jr.
7 A, Brock
8 Wm. V. Burch
9 "Eugene Breland
10 J. Oscar Crow
it A..J. Pierce
12 Luts Blckham
18 J. N. Tynes
14 John P. Fiust
15 A. J. Davisa
1 John Mailes
17 H.B. Magee
18 Churlie Bannister
19 7, L 8B4ugeld
0 L . r Jenkins
21 0. F. Dickey
*2 emile Jones
28 Henry Bankston,
24 A..M.Shiling~ -.
ts 6.16 C C"""""'Mraa
m C. MJdlveat
27 L, A . cons 4
28 e
$d 8iro r. , O
190 H~Ltesn r
and aeI
viceab pa#f
term t
,2nd, 1911.ti'
you bu*
-w sad.
'plUg t :k

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