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Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
VOUM I.: ?ANNWBA.muunU RNLNOL. HRDY AC 3_91 ____
Police Jury Proceedings. tr
Franklinton,La., March 6,1911. 8
The Police Jury in and for the T
Parish of Washington, met in S
regular session, at the court C
house in the town of Franklinton, C
on the above date, with all mem- C
bers present. 9
The meeting was called to F
order by President R. E. Keaton, A
and the following business trans- F
On motion of W. L. Smith, sec
onded by J. W. Owens, the fol
lowing elaims were approved and
F A Bond,reparing bridge$ 25 00
Joe Alford,building bridge 16 40
L V Bannister, reparing J
Silver Creek bridge.... 7 00 1
P G Spring,feeding prison- I
ners, Feb. 1, to March 1, 206 60 I
P G Spring, feeding road
hands, Feb. 13,to March t
5..................... 130 60
M C Poole, reparing river
bridge ............ 21 54
CA Jenkins, 1 pair mules 510 00
Joe N Magee, conveying
conviote to penitentary. 130 20
Woods & Poole, building
stables for mules...... 16 00
Dr. W C Wood, extracting
tooth for prisoner...... 50
L: H Bankston, building
Corbons ereek bridge.. 87 07
Drs Wilson & Cole,treating a
emall pox patients..... 132 00 c
DrJ L Brook, medical ser* a
vices to prisoners..... 20 00
John Ulmer, lumber for
stable .............. 284 c
TB Erwin & Son, mdse.
for prisoners.......... 12 40
On motion by J. W. Knight,
seconded by J. W. Owens, and
carried, that the Lawrence and
-ackley- road be discontinued
from Lawrence to the crossing
of the Spring Hill and Frank
linton road.
On motion the following ordi
Snances were unanimously adopt
Be it ordained by the Police
SJury oftbeparish of. Washington
in regular session assembled:
That the excess of revenues of c
the.said patish ofWashington for I
the year 1911, after first paying I
I .alltatutory charges, all charges
Sfor services rendered annually on
i, . time contracts,; and all necessary I
and. i u .ual charges provided tor by I
.p !ianoes andresolutions, or so
f as may be neces
ap:rolated and- dedicated, to
p'a. pu ~satisfy- two eertain eert~
, ath 6~t:fi -indebiednees to be.
. :4issued tfavor of the First State
letgalsa, for the aggre*
n of Five Thousand Two
%uK.O .) dollars, the
i is bleing issuead to
~#i pqrto zof the expense and
Co Eat~ tt g public roads
. . r pesion of the
fth 'irst tate .Bnkk
k4p -out o th:
: -ot*.rv tt of theyar
tures of the Parish of Washington, p1
for the year 1911, to wig: cr
Salary of Sheriff.......$ 500 00 or
Tax Col's. commission.. 2500 00 ti
Stationery and Books... 300 00 ca
Clerk of Police Jury.... 300 00
Coroner and Cor. Jury.. 2000 00 gi
Grand and Petit Jury... 3000 00 y(
•Witnesses in cnm. cases.. 2000 00 at
Feeding prisoners...... 1500 00 gl
Assessor's commission... 2000 00 a,
Bridges, building and w
repairing ....... 8000 00
Treasurer's salary ..... 175 00 ni
Court House certificates.. 3100 00 az
Police Jury ........... 500 00 w
Court Stenographer .... 125 00 of
Coveying prisoners and ce
interdicts to peniten
tiary and asylum.... 1000 00 m
Jail certificates ......... 3900 00
Road fund ............ 5000 00 ti
Public Schools........ 12500 00
Incidentals .. ,...... 2000 00 g'
On motion the board adjourned
to meet March 8, 1911.
Franklinton, La., March 8, '11.
The Police Jury reassembled
on this date with all members
present. de
On motion by C. A. Jenkins, a
seconded by J. W. Knight, and
carried, that J. E. Bateman be t
reccommended to the Sheriff as tl
Jailer. s
On motion by C. A. Jenkins. as
seconded by J. W. Owens, and
carried, that the board purchase
a No. I road grader from the J.
I. Case Threshing Machine Co.
On motion, duly seconded, and I
carried, the following ordinance
was adopted:
Be it ordained by the Police 3
Jury of Washington parish, that
there be and is hereby levied,
for the year 1911, a tax of ten
mills on the dollar on all taxable
uroperty within the bounds of
Washington Parish, Louisians,
for the purpose of defraying the 1
expenses of said parish- both 1
currentand outstanding interest- 1
bearing certificates of indebted- 1
ness, for which the funds of 1911 1
are .pledged; said funds to be 1
divided as follows: for Public 1
Schools, 2 1-2 mills; CourtHouse 1
certificates, 1 mill: Bridges, 1.2 1
mill; Jail, 3.4 mill; Road fund, 2 1
mills, General fund, 3 34 mills. 2
It was further ordained by the 2
Police Jury, that, there be and is 2
hereby levied, for 1911, a liensei 2
itax on all trades or professions,
) within theParish of Washington, 1
Ssubject to a state license, and in 2
Samountequalto saide sitate license, i
Sias levied and made due and col
Slectable at the same time said
Sstate license, is collected and in'
e the same- manner and for--.
SOn motion, board adjourned t
olmeet April 8rd, 111.
e RE. l KATnoN,
o W. E. BAmNrsTKs, President.
- Clerk.
, Notice to Trwck Gr owers:
,Folsom, La.; March, 14, 1911.
r. Mr. K. Johlnson,'
U Franklinton, La.
SMy Dear Sir:-Yours of the
t th, received andeoptents notd
- In reply to sme wilf sasyd no
tI tiiyeorbensatatll. IMevery
'9 -You wanted ,my prices on
@ kteS. I wiill make von thel
ates fo8 8.4 . eacj, deliver
a y r restation. Teris cash.
.i+t+i + Y~iP
placing your first order for 01
crates. Then you can always
order a little along as you need
there, and not thave any left to Ju
carry over for another season. all
If you good people see fit to al
give me an order.which I am sure de
you will if a matter of price is be
any inducement. 1 would be un
glad if you will let me have same co
as soon as possible, in order that Ai
we may have them all in on time. CO
Now, see that your people do de
not work their beans while they sh
are wet with dew or rain, and th
while it is so dry have the middle Pe
of the rows stirred often with er
cultivator or harrow to keep the of
moisture in the land. co
I think I have succeded in get- ro
ting buyers for your crop. VI
Trusting you all will make a at
good crop, . di
I am yours truly, fr
Please note the above letter, Al
figure the number of crates you th
will need, and let me have your 81
orders with the price at once. I
don't think we can do better than s1
as offered above for crates.
At the same time please report td
tome the acerage in beans and al
the prospects, so that I can use to
same in finding proper market it
and buyers. 1
Jury Venire.
No. Name. Ward. I
1 Dewitt Alford 5 tl
2 Wiley Pierce 83
3 Ernest Williams 4 P
4 W. L. Stafford 2 al
5, A. D. Mets 1 .d
6 Harvey McElveen, Jr. 5
7 A. Brock 2
8 Wm. V. Burch 2 s
9 Eugene Breland 3 C
10 J. Oscar Crow 1 da
11 A. J. Pierce 5 a
12 Loums Bickham 2 f
13 J. N. Tynes 5 J'
14 John F. Faust 1 ti
15 A. J. Davis . 1
16 John Myles I c
17 H.B. Mlagee 3 P
18 Charlie Bannister 2
19 F, L. Brumfield 5
20 L. E.Jenkins 4
21 C. F. Dickey 4
22 Emile Jones 4 d
28 BHenry Bankston, Jr 2 P
24 A. M. Shiliing 2
25 Oscar MoMillian 5
' CM. M.Svlvest 1
27 L, A. Simm'ons 1
128 Lane Talily 4'
,29 H. E. Crain 5 1
80 I Iermnon Byrd 4
I hereby certify that the above a
aad foregoing is true and cOr- i
rect list ot Jtrors drawn for ser-.
vice at the-·regplr March Jury [
0term of the 26th. Juodicial Dis. I
trict Court of- Loulsiani, for (
Washington Parish.
'This March id, 1911.
Clerk of Court.
S .,,== -- =.
.i $100 Reward, $100.
.h Tel mad aitim DIIs stet weIdm to sesaM I
mamL M. suus a bre o as n
~ir- " C . - Tdhi a t Iner he bih
in Notice t0o tirePublic.
a. that t pa a sbopfor
i.r the . aUlooks
at a J erhe People's
MlId s&-ii ruj~ ~ihes."i
~' ·j~=30is. -~~s~~
Ordinances of Police Jury.
Be is ordained by the Police
Jury of Washington parish, that
all parish male convicts, over the
age of eighteen (18) years and un.
der the age of fifty-four (54) shall
be worked upon the public roads
under the provisions and in ac
cordance with the regulations of
Act No. 204 of 1908; That such
convicts as are serving terms upon
default of payment of cost or fines
shall be paid for their services,
the sum of Eight ($8.00) Dollars
per month, which shall be
credited towards the liquidation
of such costs or fines. That each
convict so worked upon the public
road who renders efficient ser
vices and complies with the rules
and regulations adopted for their
discipline shall have deducted
from his term of imprisonment,
whether such term shall be for
default of payment of costs or
fines or otherwise, One-sixth
thereof. That ten honrs of labor
shall constitute a days work.
Be it further ordained that
such convicts who shall fail to
comply with the requirements of
the person in charge or who shall
attempt to escape shall be forced
to wear spurs of steel or bars of
iron chained to their legs or be
subjected to such other reason
able humane penalties as the
exigencies of the case may re
Be it ordained by the Police
Jnry of Washington parish, that
the proposition of John Ulmer to
to guard, overeer and work the
parish convicts on the public roads
at a salary of Ninety ($90.00)
dollars per month for the first
month and at One hnndred
($100.00) per month thereafter,
should his services be satisfac
tory, be accepted, and the presi
dent of the Police Jury is hereby
authorized to enter into contract.
for said services.- That the said
John Ulmer shall have full con
trol [over said convicts and en
force such regulations and dis
ciplmne as may be adopted by the !
Police Jury.
Be it resolved that the presi
dent of the- olice Jury-shall ap
point from this body a committee
of two, of which he shall be a
member, whose duty it shall be to
direct the overseer of the convicts
to be worked on the puclio roads
as to what roads he shall work.
Said committee shall meet at
S stated inteivals, not lese often
than every ten days, to give the
said overseer such instructions as
. may be neoFssary, to inspect, con
r demn or receive the work sooom*
Be it resolved, that the presi
dent of the Polio Jury be, and he
is hereby, authorised to purohase
the following live stock, vehicles
a and tools: 2 dos. ong-handle
r spades, 6 Black Diamond spades,
S8 steel scrapers, 1 4.hors plow.
 12 pick mattocks, 6 mattooks, 24
Smatt0ok handles, 6 axes, 12 axe
Shandles, 2o sets of hirnees, 1
wagon, 1 pair of snaking tongues,
lipulling chain. 2 double trees
single trees, and 2 mules,
. w . BANISTER, Pres,
r 1s t t rll ow
ap ibrt
irdti; a·PSi i~
Insurance Agency
1 Life, P4
"' Aecident, ']
" ' Health,
oso Fire, Lo
E and
We represent several strong i
and reliable companies
Summer Time, Fly Tim,:
Screening Tine
Now is the time to do your screening. Before the alei
get into your house and you can't get them out,' We have .a
big stock of these goods which we are selling as follows:
Screen Door Sets, consisting of one pair steel sprmnil,
hingers that you cant break, one fancy brass handle, and one
door latch all for 25 cents.
Screen Doors, size 2-6zx66 for $1.20 each
" " 2.8x68 " 1.30 "
" 2.-l6.10 " 1.40 "
3x7 " 1.60 "
Dont think because we are selling these goods so low
they are not a rood grade, we guarantee them to Wbe
the best on the market. If you so desire we will pu : ~
your doors for the sum of FIFTY CENTS added to
above price per door.
The Home Insurance Com
of Nw York, N. Y.
OneHadred-and-lfiftlt SIei-A nual -
Cashin Banks and Trust Companies......... SW
Real Estate.............. .......... 1,150,00
United States Bonds.......... 885,000 00 482
Ste and City Bonds.. .... 5,858,888 88 5,727
Rail Road Bonds............ 6,808,00000 6,498
Miscellaneous Bonds. .....'. 750.00000 600
Rail Road Stocks........ 6880000 00 8.57
Miscellneous tocks......... 1,870,000 00 1,71
Bank an'd Trust Co. Stocks... 160,000 00oo
Roands and Mortgages, (1st lien on Real Estate) 46 _06
Premiums uncollected, in course of transmis.
sion and in hands of Agents......... - 2
Tota ... a. a..
Cash Capital............. ........ ,000
Reserve Premium Fund.. ...:.........'... 11.645,873
Reserve for Losses ...... ...... 1,815
Reserve for Re-Insurance, andother claims 285,111
Reserve for Miscellaneous hAounqts due and
unpaid . ............. . .....·
Reserve for T e......... ... ..
Reserve as a Conagratio S plus..
Surplus over co ibgucies Urllar Ites/
incUdi 'aital .. ..... ..*...
Surplus as rLgards poloymlder
. . ~.,- . . .- %
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