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Offincial Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
VOLUME 3. ,.',N,ý"." . .,I .TAI,,Uh ..IMAM. FRANKLINTON, LA., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1912.R 25
Items of General Interest Occur
ring Since Our Last Press Day.
Mrs. Alrmstrong Killed in
Ilendersonville N. C. Sept. 13,
-The summer colony at Flat
Rock is much shocked at the
tragic fate of Mrs. Lela Arm
strong, widow of Charles E. Arm
strong, long a prominent cotton
merchant of Vicksburg, Miss.,
who was instantly killed in a
runaway Thursday,near the
home of her sister, Mrs. II. De
Lcey Vincent, of New Orleans,
whose guest she was. Mrs.
Mrs Armstrong was thrown from
a carriage, the horse of which
had become frightened by a train
and dashed her out, the unfortu
nate woman's head being crushed
against a pile of crossties when
the carriage overturned. A
heroic effort to save his miother
was made by Mrs. Armstrong's
.son, Subin, who caught the bri
die of the frightened .animals
and succeeded in stopping them,
but only after he had been dragg.
ed for 100 yards and the carriage
overturned. The one-year-old
child of Attorney J. E, Shipman
had a miraculous escape from in
jury when the gocart in which
she was being trundled was
struck and demolished by the
frightened horses.
Rosenthal's Murders Caught.
New York, Sept. 14,--Harry
Horowitz, alias 'Gyp the Blood"
and Louis Rosenberg, called
"Lefty Louie," wanted for the
murder of Herman Rosenthal on
July 16, in front of the Metra*
pole Hotel, were arrested to
night in a dingy little flat at No.
755 Woodward Avenue, Brooklyn
in the Brownsville or Grotto dis
trict of that borough, where they
had been living with their young
wives for more than a month.
They had just set up house,
opening on the installment plan,
and although they had been
sourbt by the police in all the
cities of the east and aboard ev
ery outgoing steamship, they had
come and gone pretty much as
they wished for five or six weeks.
The four were sitting at tea
when Commissioner Dougherty
and his men burst open the door
of their apartment. and with re
volvers drawn ordered them to
throw up their hands. Neither
of the men made any show of re.
Thede arrests ale the most. im
portant in the murder of the
gambler, and they are now in
prison awaiting trial.
Aeronaunt Wins Fight for Life.
*; Toledo, O., Sept 12.-Hund
S reds of terrorized spectators on
the county:fair grounds to-day
breathlessly watched:the des
perate fight against death made
by Frank Armstrong, an aero
S naut, when he was carried 2000
feet into the air by a blazing bal
Armstrong, whose home is
in Celina. 0., was preparing to
make an ascension, and was
sratightenirg out his parachute
rigging when the balloon caught
fire and his startled helpers let
go. Fighting like a madman to
release his parachute, the aero
nuut was carried up up in a
tingle of ropes.
He succeeded in cutting loose
e mom'ent before the flames
i-reahed the parachute, and the
blaming balloon collapsed. Arm
"strqp~ mare a successful drop,
Sidna Allen and NephLew
Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 14
Sidna Allen, leader of the Allen
clan, which shot up the Carroll
County courthouse at Hillsdale,
Va., March 14, killing Judge
Massie and others, and his
nephew, Wesley Edwards, are
manacled in cells in the city jail
as a result of a love affair which
led detectives to them. Both
have announced their willingness
to return to Virginia without
PFdwards, for the love of whom
Miss Maud Iroler, of Mount
Airy, N. C., had innocently led
detectives to Des Moines, was
captured to-night as he was re
turning to his boarding house
after having worked all day with
a' paving gang.
The arrest of Sidna Allen was
effected earlier in the day.
A visit by Edwards to Miss
Iroler in her Virginia home about
a month ago and the accidental
loss of a letter put the detectives
on the trail. The. tugitives had
been in Des Moines since April
28. Allen, under the name of
Tom Sawyre, worked as a car
penter, and Edwards, under the
name of Joe Jackson, was em
ployed with a city paving firm.
Al Boyce Killed by J. B, Snead
Amarillo, Texas, Sept. 14.
John Beal Snead, millionaire
banker and cattleman,, this af
ternoon shot and killed Albert
G. Boyce Jr., who last winter
figured in a sensational flight
from Texas to Winnipeg, Canada
in company with Snead's wife.
Boyce's father was last winter
killed by Snead in the lobby of a
Fort Worth hotel.
Snead fired three charges from
an automatic shotgun at Boyce
to-day in front of the Methodist
church here and in the presence
of the pastor of the church.
Standing at short range from
his victim, 'Snead is said to have
fired all the shots without look
ing in the direction of Boyce.
The latter.fell to the ground at
the first shot, and two others
were fired in quick succession,
all taking effect,
Thirty buckshot struck Boyce
in the right side. Boyce's aged
mother and his two brothers
were on the scene in ·a few min
Snead immediately surrender
ed to the police, handing over
two automatic revolvers and an
automatic shotgun, He.proceed
ed at once to the county jail
without waiting to ascertain
whether Boyce was dead. When
he arrived at the jail he asked
whether Boyce was dead, and
being answered in the affirma
tive, made no response, He de
clined to make any statement.
Churchill Bitter Denouncing
Dundee, Scotland, Sept. 12.
Snffragetts did their best to
break up a meeting to-day at
Loche, a suburb, where Winston
Spencer Churchill, first lord of
the admiralty, was speaking.
After many persons had been
ejected Mr. Churchill said that
the political status of women
would not be won "by such un
civilized antics" as had "just been
I hereby notify the public
that I am applying fora pardon.
t,- .. Ed Burnet,
high School Girl Sleeps Three
Boston Mass., Sept. 12-Sleep
ing apparently naturally, Miss
Agnes Hea, daughter of Arthur
J. tlea, ofMedford, and a senior
in the high school, has been
slumbering in a perfectly un
concious condition for three
weeks, and physicians who are
constantly in attendance are un
able to diagnose her case.
A fit of hysteria, which came
upon her while she was at a
summer hotel at Bar Harbor,
Me., is believed to have brought
on the mysterious malady. She
was stricken with the sleeping
habit in the hotel in Maine and
was brought to her home at 85
Summer Street, Medford.
Pricking the sole of her bare
feet with pins and other such
harsh expedients have been tried
without avail by the physicians.
Hlas Dr. Dowling Resigned
An apparently authentic rem
port that Dr. Oscar Dowling had
resigned as president of the
State Board of Health was put
into circulation here Friday.
When seen at the Board ' of
Health offices Dr. Dowling would
not discnss the report, except to
"I have no statement to make."
There has for some,time been
an undercurrent report going
the rounds that, although Dr.
Dowling has won the commenda
tion of people in various parts: of
the State, that he had also arous
ed the enmity of many influential
people who were not satisfied
with some features of his sani
tary campaign.
No suggestion has yet been
made as to the doctor's probable
successor, although the name of
Dr,tLedbetter, now, president of
the ouisiana state Medical So
cietk, has several times been con
nect d with the office.
DA Dowling was appointed by
Goveknor Sanders about two
year go. He gave up a lucra
tive p ctice in Shreveport to ac
cept ae appointment, and has
been garded all over the :State
as thenost 'active helth officer
that uisiana has had in many
Dr. pwling's term of office
would expire under ordinary
circun tances on Oct. 6.
Dr. owlinghas sent in his
resign ion subject to the action
of Gov nor Hall. effective, if his
excelle y so wishes, at the end
of the rm.--Daily States.
New earns Great Northern
ily Service
Fr klinton, La.
Ne rieans, La.
3 kson, Miss.
Co mbia, Miss.
Ty rtown, Miss.
olsom, La.
Cheap R I Trip Washe-d
- lehls oe Sale
APIUL 21, 1912.
North nd. South Bound
No. 32- 10 a. m. No. 31-S:27 p.m.
t No. 34-. p. m. No. 3-5345 a. m.
e No. 38- 2 p. m. No. 37-7.10 a.m.
For rther information, apply
to loo Ticket Agent, or to
J. McMahon, 0. P. A.
Ce 905 Whitney-Central Bldg.
*. New OrleanLa..
SDisJtanoe Phone Nak
An Appeal to Boys.
Your firstduty in life is to
ward your afterself. So live
that your afterself--the man you
ought to be-may in his time be
possible and actual.
Far away in the years he is
waiting his turn. [lis body, his
brain, his soul, are in your boy
ish hands. He cannot help him
What will yeu leave for him?
Will it be a brain unspoiled by
lust or dissipation, a mind train
ed to think and act, a nervous
system true as a dial in its re
sponse to the truth about you?
Will you, Boy, let him come as a
man among men in his time? Or
will you throw away his inheri
tance before he has had the
chance to touch it? Will you
turn over to him a brain distort
ed, a mind diseased? A will un
trained to action? A spinal cord
grown through and through with
the devil grass of that vile har
vest we call wild oats.
Will you let him come, taking
your place, gaining through your
experiences, hallowed through
your joys; building on them his
Or will you fling his hope away,
decreeing wanton-like that the
man you might have been shall
never be?
This is your problem in life;
the problem of more importance
to you than any or all others.
How will you meet it, as a man or
as a fool?
When you answer this, we shall
know what use the world can
make of you.-David Starr Jor
dan, of Leland Stanford, Jr.,
Succession of Marion L. Magee, De
In the 26th Judicial District. Court in
and for Washington Parish, La.
Notice is hereby given that ay order
of the above court, rendered in the
above matter, to me directed, and
bearing date of Sept. 15, 1912 I will
proceed to sell to the highest bidder,
at the front door of the court House
at Franklinton, Washington Parish,
Louisiana, on
Saturday, October S6, 1912
between the legal hours for sales, the
following described property, to-wit:
One horse, two cows. one old wagon,
one old buggy, and 1 lot of household
Also the following described land,
situated and located in Washington
Parish, La., to-wit:
160 acres of land, more or less,
bound north by lands of Fordney
Passett Co., south ly lands of Mrs.
Albert Baham, east Ethel Magee and
west by the lands of the estate of J.
C, Biaham, all of the said land being
in H. R. No. 42, in twp. 2 south, range
10 east, St. Helena Meridian, acquired
of Mrs. G. M. Collins by M. L. agee
as per deed recorded in bookt No. 10,
page 704 of the conveyance records of
Washington Parish, La.
The said property is sold to pay the
debts of the deceased, M. L. Magee.
Terms of sale: Cash with benefit of
Wx. L: MAGEe, Administrator.
Sheriff Sale.-No. 2059.
Bank of Frankllinton
Daniel E. Sheridan.
Notice l hereby given that by virtue
of an order of seisure and sale, issued
out of the 26th Judicial District Court
of Louisiana, in and for Washington
parish, in the above entitled cause
and to me directed. I will proceed to
sol at public aunction to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday. October 12, 1912
at the principal front door of the court
house at Franklinton, La., between
the legal sale hours for judicial sales,
the following described property, to
South bhalf of the set of section 31,
in township 2 south, range 13 east.
Also east half of swi, and all of the
set lying south of Mitchells Creek, of
Headright No. 39, twp. 2 south, range
13 east.
Termsof sale: Cash with bene.it of
this 4th day of September, 1912.
T. J. Simmons, Sheriff.
Agent for Eclipse Marble and
Granite Works, of Humbolt,
Tenn. Those wishing anything in
this line, Apply to
FrantkloatS. La.
Haying Tools
,Dcring Ideal mower
The way to get full value for your hay crop is to use
Deering hay tools. Thousands of farmers can testify to
the excellent results obtained from using Deering mowers,
rakes, stackers and tedders. They are reliable machines.
and will do the same work for you that they have done for
other farmers we have sold in your community. Come in
and see us about a Deering machine next time you are in
town. You don't have to buy, but you may learn some*
thing of value to you about raising hay. You can make our
store your headquarters when you are in town if you de
sire. Ask for a Deering catalogue which explains details
better than we can.
r ý ý t _
Pains All Overt
"You are welcome," says Mrs. Nora GOffey, of Broken
Arrow, Okla., "to use my letter in any way you want to
if it will induce some suffering woman to try CarduL I had
pains all over, and suffered with an abscess Three phy
sicians failed to relieve me. Since taking Cardui, I am an
better health than ever before, and that means much to me,
because I suffered many years with womanly troubles, of
different kinds. What other treatments I tried, he.ed a1
for a few days only.",
Don't wait, until you are taken down sick, before tak
ing care of yourselL The small aches and pains, and other
symptoms of womanly *eakness and disease, always mean
worse to follow, unless given quick treatment
You would always keep Cardui handy, if you Jmew
what quick and permanent relief it gives, where weakness
and disease of the womanly system makes life seem bud
to bear. Cardui has helped over a million iomen. Try it
el b: Imiuser A eI Dep. cIrmh2.Mgdme  .. CIdhiSWll.
arw bels rrl altses t. "HmeltlWdw-"et s
Shold be die thebea'traula to p,
atre thea or sncce un bemUlseaN.
Personal Instrctioe. tee smptlo,
meat Deartment. Complete CoteN
Dank. Colle. Store anaro leeale
ieo mlaeepretatoaas ti, mseas utV.
dents. Throgh the se cess of lt.
28000 former tudeuta, boule Collet
Srecognlsedl, envpwhere a. a W e
(en.fOl Schoo l.
OZO. SUJ*t *t SOU.
D. E. BRANCH, Agent. w
T7 Fire, Life, Accident and Health, Burglarly,
Plate Class, Liability and, Bonds.
\ The Oldest Insurance Agency in Washing.
ton Parish. Assests of Companies
Represented Over One Hun
dred Million Dollars.
ýj m .
iiýýý ii iiý il~i~i+ iii7iý7ii~iýýýiýºr
Notioe for IPubliatlon.
Department of the Interior,
U. 8. Land Omce at Bhton Rouge, La.
bSept. 10, 1913.
Notice is hereb given that Wesley
Peters, of Angie, Is., who oa
Jane 6, 1907, made Adjoining . L B.
No. 0057, for Lot No. 4· eotiom ,
T utoabip 18., Rare 14 , 8t. E,
ens Meridimn, bu leas4 l "4U of in.
tesgon to mike F'veYear ", to
estaablish cam to the lids bsy.
dacried, beforet, Clerk of 0mb,
at Fruntlintn, Is., on tbUhefihd
of October, I.J:
a 1iamee as ejitpeub eg: °14.

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