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Mrs. J. VOL NOGCK, iltor.
fired u seoond clas ratter April 5. 1910
at the poet oece at Franklinton, La., under
ahe A e of Congren of March 3. 1819.
Advertising Rates on Application
Address all Communications to
Era-Leader, Franklinton, La.
-dvprtisements and subseriptions
-il be continued at regular rates un
M all past indebtedness is paid up.
:i . ehlol.. Le., Sept. 26. 1912
The Era.-eader is authorized to
mask the following anouncements of
caadldates, subject to the action of
the totMs in the coming Democratic
P"r man, 8th Oongresieona
Louis L. Morgan
otr Amsoolate Justice of the Supreme
.Judge Robert R. Reed
1organ Growing 8tronger In P
East Baton Rouge.
Baton Rouge, La., Sept, 21.
The situation in the congressional
race has livened up considerably
during the past week. Around
-dthe headquarteas et Hon. Louis
SMosgan, the leading candidate
oro Congress, there has been a
' * marked degree of activity during
the past few days. The workers
interested in Mr. Morgan's sue
eqss in East Baton Rouge have'
been industriously circulating
petition for membership in the
Morgan Club, which is being
formed in this parish.
Already several hundred sig
na tares have been secured, in
cluding among them names of
many of the most prominent
citisans of both the city of Baton
Bouge and its outlying country.
'The -gentlemen in charge of the 1
organisalion of this club have se- I
ced- rooms on the second iloor ]
of the Elks' theater building, I
which are filled up for the pur
poseof discussing the campaign
in this parish.
ilmmediately after the 'first
plIPry the friends of Mr. Clai
•bas made the claim that they
wouldcarry the parish of East
Baton Rouge by a large majority,
but if the signs do not fail it can
be reasonably said that the race
in East Baton Rouge will be ex
treme y close, with a strong lia
bllty of Mr. Morgan emnerging
Fs`i the, prlaary with a sub
tial lead over Mr. Claiborne.
ds of Mr Morgan in
lsh are working night
rand the prediction is
ade that with a hard and
Ight being waged here
upporters of Mr. Morgan
ty probable that. he will
this parish.
r'Moraan is spending to-day
h parlsh o St. Helena. and
the reports which reached
ity, to-day he is steadidly
sit ground in that parish.
Avlnston4 where Mr. More
spent the. asnt two days,, re*
obme that all factions have
f uon him there. and the
fthat parish, considering
to be the strongest candi
te rallyinag to his support.
tn parish will go over
ly for the St. Tam
1igtyBattering reports are
ed athis headquarters
s of Tagipahoa
ahington, and so strong
1l orusnnestimentin thoe
tat they will both
hapndsomne majorities in
-The Hutter's
Ieouisiana lealth; Triia still
Further dispatches from Dr, a tc
Dowling, on board the Louisiana has
health train now on its wayt to hod
Washington for the meeting of Z
the International Congress of ton
Hygiene and Demography, des- wit
cribe the continued great inter- or ,
est the public is taking in the He,
exhibits at each stop, The last hui
dispatch received was sent Wed- ter
nesday night from Spartanburg, or
S. C,, where the train stopped thi
for several hours that day. 7
The doctor said that large doi
crowds visited the cars and that l
an openair meeting, at which Dr.
Dowling gave a lecture, was at- in$
tended by several thousand per.
[sons. Dr. Dowling and others le
f on the train were entertained by l
I the County Medical Association Mi
C and Health League.
- The doctor stated that he will
go ahead of the train to Wash- to
mgton to deliver an address be- t
fore the American Public Health
Association, which is meeting
there from September 18 to 30.
. He will then meet the health train
at Lynchburg, Va., and accom*
pany it into Washington, where
it is due to arrive Septemaber 21.
a Morgan Club in St. Ta ny ay
Is Growing in Streagth
Daily. °
us Covington, La., Sept. 20.-The n
te Morgan Club is in a most lour- I
ishing condition. Report from f'
all over the district are very 14
gratifying. The membership
will soon reach' one thousand. 1i
V T. E. Brewster, president and v
he J. Louis Smith, secretary and a
1e treasurer, are highly elated over i
the progress of the club and the
prospects of Mr. Morgan for the 1
second primary.
Dr. Aswell To Take Stump t
For Wilson. •
J. Natchitoches, La., Sept. 20.-
he Dr. Jas. 8. Aswell, the nominee
soe for Congress from the Eighth
or District, will stump the Seld in
mg, the interest of the candidaey of
ir- Wilson and Marshall. Dr. As
in well will leave for Little Rock
Oct. e1st, where he will begin 1
rt his campaign in the interest of
ai- the national Democratic ticket.
iey suooesuon of Marion L Eoge. D-I
mat caueg6.
ijun he S dls Distric Coort il
ca nd for WSahlgton Parb, I~.
l9otiam Larabl tvYn that Dy O.r
01of tia above deo r n ned in the
li- above matter, to me dirted. ,and
hng dute of Kept.~ iii5. is l
"Sproc u sltont the hIg~eat Itokier
b- at the front door of the ourt Hoom s
t.Fnklnt, Wahllngton Pbarish,
n saturday, Oceber t, 11t
ih between the lahours ftor ml, th
i following dmeIobd prlowtmo4tolt:
ad one old bggy, audi lot of hoio d
'an dt.IIB4and lo ]io In Washington
ll Puarish, Ia., to-wit:
i meres of la, more or hs,
boaud norath by lead of Pordney
brnett Co., auth by knof Mrs.
day Albert Umbsa, emit U kbel and
and stbyteladsof t asIbt of 3.
'ab. super dee d Inboo .o 10
de of the tod. .
the apprulsemsnt.
Wig WK. L: MYeUU, Admilntratot.
Port. S.Lf b le.
Sam W. Smitl
am ersae.,
o roder setT oultl web
aoater dam Louln In ad f etri Vuor of
hoa PRibo Ii trs bol id ltlgsd ma,
sad tom dbrted, S wll umeed to
e3K pstA ap S to the lasat ad
Sthe do
in court hous)aL 1**
themen, bua g th e hs
1*~ iirCz ?*i~;:
Mt. Herman.
We have been having just a
a touch of autumn weather, which
has put a better feeling on every
The boll weevil has got the oot.
ton crop and everybody is happy
with nothing to do and no money
or credit to do it with. The Mt.
Herman gin has ginned about a
hundred bales of cotton from a
territory that once supplied five
or six gins. Some crops through
this section are very good.
The K. & E. R, R, has put on
double trains and our town looks
like a big railroad center with the
passenger and freight trains pass
ing through.
Nearly all the young folks have
left Mt. Herman, Stanley Ott
has gone to Urbano, Ill., to school,
Miss Lucile and Nelson Schilling
to Meridian, Lucile to spend a
while with her uncle and Nelson
" to go to school, Misses Louella
Painter and Helen Merritt left
last Saturday to attend the state
normal. Misses Bessie Ott and
Dannie Tate went to teach, Mise
Ott at Clifton and Miss Tate at
Mike. Percy Ot is teaching at
Hackley and Roy Tate left Tatur
day for his second year at the L.
8. U. Misses Marie Tynes and
h Minnie Ott will begin teaching
next Monday at Oak Grove and
and Miss Carrie Schilling to teach
he near Kentwood, so yq~ see we
r. will be about cleaned up of young
a folks, and it makes a country
ry lonesome.
ip The protracted meeting began
d. last Sunday at the M, E. church
id with Rev. MoLane of Bogalusa
d assisting the Rev. J. W. Harper ]
er in his service.
he The Sunny Hill school opened
he last Monday with very flattering i
prospects, with Prof. Weakly as
prinoial and Miss Andrey For*
eU tinberry, assistant. A large
crowd was at the opening and the
interest manifested by the pat.
rons, teachers and pupils denote
a very successful year. Ninety'
in s pupils were enrolled the first
day, which has increased to 125.
Miss Mabel Varnado, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Varnado,
has been quite sick, but is much
better now.
We are expecting the Mt. Her
man scohool to open some time.
*'Thire seeme to be a cry of a
shortage of money to run the
n public school and also a greater
ory of increased taxes. Where is
rsr the hole? The election for a five
the mill sohool tax which was held in
Mt. Herman more than a week
er, ago, for the Mt. Herman and
SSunny Hill distriots, was carried,
Mt., Herman by a close vote and
Sunny Hill unanimously,
Sheri Sale--No. 20O0.
ldBank of Framklinton
bon Vs.
epS, Daliel E. Sheridan.
ne* Noel bs hereby given thatby virtue
Or,* oita order of Selare and Sale issuned
ad out of the 6th Judicia Distriot Court
* .of Loulslsan.n and for Washington
le alalsh, in the above entitled .ause
and to me directed, iwmil proceed to
ef [email protected] to the list and
mSe igist M ider, on
i .. Saturday. october 12, 1912
at the pridaal front door of the
the ort oeause at rankllnton, . be
le. Sween te legal ale hours for judleolsl
It of sales. te folbwliiig desoribed proper
O. ' esbtslf of the wi, the west
hij of theset, snd the iso of the se_
of te John Miehel headht No, 89.
twp. Isou.thalaes 18 e!,t. iHelena
rmdhi,, hd hfrthor desribed as
m l ire, more or less, bound north,
east and wem by laIds of Poltivent &
hive limberl o. sad south by lands
t Iolt. Southern L m ber m o,, and be.
i plrt of same section or head'
-acqu1irpd b Wa. H. Adams,
, owfdeesd osef u Mitchel on
SL. Grub. a tlb Siheriff's sale on April
i Io,i_ 1 1iaby mortgagor of T. L.
-- [email protected], recorded n con
t veme book No. e of the omitl
Slieil Walhg.ton Parish, La.
the lo the sop half of the ete, se.
,1 _.twp Smouth, rnIe 18 east, st,
uIal  : , oontmalnln so acres.
Tt us ofsilo: Cah with benedt of
the . T. J. S~immons, Sheriff.
Am for Dlcpse Marble and
"Q)mIs Works, of Humbolt,
i sa. Thoewrishing anything In
thu li.e, Apply to
H. . 4OJ
"k: _ .,tom - T")
Bank of Franklinton
Grows so fast is because
The record of the past success in business, and the financial
circumstances of the officers and directors insure the public
This Institution is a Safe One
It charges its customers nothing for taking care of their
surplus money, but
Pays Them Interest on Time Deposits.
The officers and employees are courteous to every customer
t whether his business with us
Aggregates $10 or $10,000.
And because every one connected with it
Hlustles in a Gentlemanly Way
t For the interests of the institution.
Now in Our Ninth Year.
iH. B. Magee, Pr.a Robert Babington. Cashier
W. W. Babiasto , Vic.Pres. W. C. Hamilton, Ast. Cashier
Ig W. W. Babington D. E. Branch W. P. BUlloh J. C. Green
d T. M. Jones H. B. Mages Cas Taley J. P. Wood
Rio Notes.
Mr. I. H . Smith of Covington
was a guest at L. P. Pierce's g
last week.
Mrs. L. Stewart of New Or
lens has been visiting relatives,
in Rio for the past two weeks. t
Miss Rosa Richardson of the I
Rio faculty spent Saturday and
Sunday with homefolks at Gor I1
Mrs. J. Leon Pounds has been
quite ill this week.
Mr. W, Loftin is 'visiting his
parents here for a few days.
The ten days revival held here
by Rev. W. F. McGehee was
a great success, twenty-three
converts during the week.
Floyd Ryrd spent Saturday
and Sunday with friends in Miss.
L, P. Pierce was a business
visitor to Franklinton Friday.
Turpintine Inspector, Blessy
of New Orleans was attending to
that business here last week.
Misses Ida and Geneva Ken
dall and Horatio Mitchell attend.
I ed the Woodman Unveiling at the
Pounds Cemetery Sunday.
Julius Moody formerly of Rio,
now of New Orleans, has entered
the State University.
The young people.of Rio have
organized aB. Y. P. U. We
trust all will do their best to
make it a success.
Sheriff Sale.-No. 20 I.
Burris UBrS., Ltd.
S Veuos
M. I. Varnldo.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of seizure and sale issued
out of the 26th Judicial Distriot Court
of Louisiana. in and for Washington
Parish,in the above entitled ause,
and to me directed, I will proceed to
sell at public auction to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday, Iwember 3, IIS
st the principal front door of the
court house at Franklinton, La., be
tween the legal sale hours for judicial
sales, the following described prqper
ty, to-witt
An undivided one*half lateest ta
the Iwi of set setlion 2, towo hip 1,
south, range O1 east, St. Helena Mer'
Terms of sale: Cash with benelt of
This 6Mth dayof September, 1912.
T, J. Simmotr, Sherif.
Naile. for PblleMtim.
Department ol-fh Iatid _ ,
U., .rand OfIo e at Batuon lo , .I
Sof Is. o, o!
pNotices Thereby given that Weley.
oJan 1 ..rma, oin . B.
No. o000, for Lo No. 4 Set[onU,
S 1 ". Pu d of In
tention to ashe ive Year oofto
estab lsh at tohe abhve
dbeObeforpe the of rkat t,
1at li a oa., 1 the M b
oimansnt amses as walbesem: M.*
I M"n Br, Nffru, lesier.a
Wear kit[ La
Special Sale Sept 14th to Sept. 28th.
We are celebrating our 7th anniversary in the business life of
Slidell with a sale that marks an epooh In merchandising in this
We propose to make a new record for low prices and for the
amount of goods sold. Already the people from surrounding
towns are availing themselves of the bargains offered and goods
are moving st a rapid rate.
A great opportunity to buy shoes at half price and less. 800
pairs women's and children's shoes must be sold during this sale.
Men's shoes at greatly reduced prices. Straw hats, linen pants,
summer underwear, etc., sacrificed to make room for our big fall
We believe it will pay us to sell at some price, for cash, allour
stock of summer goods rather than to carry them over for another
season, hence these offers.
Prices seduced on e-yerything during the sale. Farm wagons
(one horse) complete with spring seat, selling for $80.00 and $81.75.
Write for pice list on groceries, etc. Best lour on the market at
$6,25. A splendid value for even money, t6,00,
We are prepared to make prompt shipments, and respectfully
solicit your business. .75c car fare refunded to every purchaser
of 525.00 worih of goods at our store.
We are making many shipments to satisfied customers and
saving themn money. Give us a trial and let as convince you that
we can do the same for you, We sell everythinw "your money
back if not satisfied," so all you have to do is to return the goods
at our expense.
Our motto: "Every deal a square deal," is making friends
for us, and our business is growing so fast we are able to make
closer figunes than ever, Cash dealing makes friends that stick,
that's why we believe in it. We will appreciate a call or E letter
from you.
Neuhauser Brothers,
Shippers and furnishers of everything for the home and farm.
Oening and Sale
O -. 5,1912
I wig have on display:
a autiful line of
Patern Hats, White
Felty, Veils and Chil
* dren* Headwear; also
A Cehop Line of Ready
T mmed Hats.
;!3 ro , i.y

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