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-Washin-to Parish Fair  ,L Cast Your Ballot on the
AtFranklinton Louisiana '8th Da o
Octobr __17, 8thDyof
Oct,19,1912 For MORGAN.
Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
VOLUME 3. PEANKINTON m.w Ea,,, m.. ma .. - .
' -.NUMBER 27
Morgan Is Willing,
But Claiborne Balks,
Chairman Weber Issues Statement About the Joint
Debate Plan-Always Ready to Arrange Meet
Ings--But Technical Objections Were Raised by
Claiborne's Chairman.
Baton Rouge, La., Sept. 26,
The following statement of C.,C. 1
Weber, campaign manager for
L. L Moogan, candidate for Con- .
gress from the Sixth District, t
Rwa given out by him this morn- I
"The campaign of bluster and t
misrepresentation was being in
dulgbd in by the gentlemen from
Poiate Coupee, Mr. Fred Clai
bonae, has never yet been known
to b productive of good results C
wiei; the real facts are brought a
to higt and the public thoroughly 8:
acquainted with all the details. ft
In this matter of the joint de- ti
bates between Mr. Morgan and I
Mr. laiborne, I want to say s4
that Morgan's manager did not tI
balk at san ofer made by Mr. ac
Claiborne's manager. When I p
rst saw Mr. Lecoq on last Sun- I
day.morning, I stated to him or
thatiI was ready and willing to N
meet him at any time and place an
to 'trage the details for these w,
twoidebates. an
I"t the same time I stated to th
"him that in view of the fact that If
Mr. Claiborne came from the tel
western sideof the district and in
Mr. Morgan from the eastern, I thi
consider it wise and proper that an
he, as'the representative of the ph
western candidate, ought to se- im
r let the place on the west side the
of the river and I would name
the place on the east side of the
rivdri At that time Mr. Lecoq
told me that he would consider by
Sthe propdstiol and obter with Cri
me on the following day. On Mc
- ladadi We did not hold this cona
!freen on account of Mr. Lecoq der
he'ingin appointaent with a gre
9yr i ,,·ad we then fixed the mo
iethr dr yesterday. lim
"IjoinedMr. Lecoq' and to- his
gather we went to the Morgan woi
headquarters, where discussed give
sthe maPer of the places for the an(
i ah o thae e decbates. I re- and
Sii tbeirt e at this:-conerence wit
that I adhered to n 'oriaiial the
Spositfi that I considered it but the
Slf "to ptackh of the candidates the
3 Mist V Claiborne should select the
t º pladion the west side of the ball
id Mr. Morgan the place due
`Mr.Lci flastly refused to clai
xA.s der this proposition, and the
*baamttd to me Mthe counter St.
of my selecting the hay
phue a~.i east side. 'This I pab
iefse to do. I·thenstatted to to t
Mr [Leoq that I would not re- Mr.
froe my propositioc origi* Am
S'proposed, and woeld 4con- spo
with ay principal further, gan
~hitwh I woueld advise him carl
toda gthim thefollowlas yesi
:iatdltIbt gs, I&, Sept. 2'12. prai
adhere to my original rely
yoa to sbleot the lqr
Sthe west side bof the and
I to selec ttheplacs on to o
asMrMargaun desire. Han
engagements in varloqg lean
diqt4strictand does Sati
opncludtheenr tbrz
4arom"""""""' ye
",- "Claiborne Campaigm Commit.
,.C. tee.'
for "Mr. Claiborne's telegram to i
!on- Mr. Morganu was received here ]
ict, this morning. In the absense of
rn- Mr. Morgan I have replied to I
Mr. Claiborne in the following 1
md telegram: .
in- "Baton Rouge, La., Sept .25'12.
om "Mr. Ferd C. Claiborne,
ai- "New Roads, La.
wn "Your night letter from New
Its Orleans just received. In the !
tht absense of Mr. Morgan I am an
aly swering the same. You are re
ils. ferred to the conversation be. D
le- tween your manager and myself.
nd I have to-day wired him which is e:
ay self explanatory. Kindly keep ti
rot the record straight. I deny ab
[r. solutely. sir, that I balked at any
I propositionjjdmmitted by your F
a* manager, but have simply stood 14
nm on what I considered to be Mr. Ut
to Morgan's rightein the premises di
ce and have this day issue a state
se ment of the true facts in the case
and laid it before the voters of Ti
to the Sixth (ongressional District, Si
it If you are desirous, as you pre* hi
le tend to be, to meet Mr. Morgan
Ld in joint debate you will bease TI
I this useless newspaper flctiob th
it and have your manager name the cb
e place on th west side and I wiUl
e- immediatelyname the place on do
e the east side. d
e C. C. Wnes, tb
le "Chairman Campaign Com.b* o0
q "By the interviews 'given out
r by Mr. Claiborne he seeks to ne
I create the impression that Mr.
a Morgan is afraid to'meet him in Tb
joint debate. This I wish to thi
I deny and it is Mr. Morgan's re- th
i gret that he is unable to give
s more time, on account of the be
limited period alloted to make in
his camalgn. Otherwise he chi
i would have been plesed to have sal
I given the people of the district be
a and opportunity to compare him rb
- and his qualifications. face to.face, ial
s with those of Mr. Cliiborns. Let of
I them now get busy and aruisge prt
i these two meetings. Otherwise d
I there will be no time left to hold hit
Ithem. If there has been anybe
a balk or hitch in this matter it is 1DI
1 due to our opponents and not us.
"I have just read the wild
I claims of Mr. Claiborne carrying
I the parishes of Tangipabos and
SSt. BHelen.L I want to say that I
Ihave just returned from Tangi
[ pahoo and find conditions there
tobe in most excellent sbape for 4
Mr. Morgan. In Hammond and oeU
Amite City, where I met and
spoke to a large numbereof Mor. a
pan men, theyrstte that f e will
carr those twmonm by large
majoritiees, ad in Ponchatols, et I
Swhere Mr. MorPgan spet the day:
tyesterday be reports the people al
of tbht thriving little city to be
practically solid. In point of all
fact the situation Generally is
most satisfactory, and we safely
rely on anring thatparish by a
lirge majority, Mr. Claiborne Mu
and his press agent at Hangidn
tooneoftheNew Orleas dclose a
touch with eea otber, for h as
specasl seant t by-him 'lea
Hammond one of the New Opr
lenas evenina papers on laq 1
saturday hesateed that "Chli*
bine weould give Morgan the m
~a4~p M ba htIkdIIBb
"It might be well for them to
get closer together or else the
reading public will get on to their
scheme and by these discrepan- i
cies discover the truth of the I
situation in Tangipahoa parish.
In St. Helena parish, where Mr. c
Morgan spent three days of last a
week, he reports conditions to a
mt bein splendid shape, and he is a
eta reasonably certain that be will t
by carry that parish by a nice ma- a
rority. s
"To sum up the situation as it r
appears to as throughout the s
nit- district we safely rely upon
carrying seven of the twelve par. b
tO ishes of the district, and are per- y
ere fectly confident that with all the b
Sof ssurances of support we have ti
to received from all quarters Mr. h
ing Morgan will be returned an ic
overwhelming victor at the pri- it
'12. mary on Tuesday, Oct. 8." ti
Special School Programs. st
ew tt
the State of Louisiana, Department S
m. of Education.
re- Baton Rouge, Sept. 16, 1912. g]
b. Dear Superintendent: la
lf. . Please arrange for appropriate re
is exercises in all your schools on fe
ep the following dates: '
Lb- 1912.
ny Columbus Day, October 11th, at
or Friday. The law designates Oct. su
od 12th as Columbus Day, but as to
Ir. the 12th falls on Saturday, Fri
a day has been selected. di
e- 1918. th
se Lee Day, January 17, Friday. b)
of The 19th is the proper date, but th
;t, as thisfalls on Sunday, the 17th th
a. has been chbos.en of
m Arbor Day, Feb. 7th, Friday. ,
se Thennual date ih the 9th, but di,
4 the 9th is Sunday, hence the lo
s change to the 7th, IN
S Washineton Day, Feb. 21, Fri. Di
in day. The 22nd is 'the proper of
date'but the change is made to br
the 21st because the 22nd falls wi
on Saturday.
It LouisianaDay, April 80, Wed. As
o nesday. t.H
S. Bird Day, May 9th, Friday. in
SThe sual date is the 10th, but th
a this falls on Saturday, therefore via
. thechamge to the 9th. ay
e These special days should not col
e be made the excuse for dismiss. pI
e ie the 'schools and giving the 1
e children a holiday, but sipple be
e and appropriate exercises should lea
Sbe prepared and the public in*-h*
o vited to hear them. - The mater- the
,, lal found In the special day books the
r of 19101911 and 1911.1912 will Ai
a prove ample for all of the special thr
* day programs, I have a few or
; hundred conies of these and shall Set
lbe glad to furnish them upon E
a pplication. lanl
Yours very truly, ma
1 T. .HAna ls, ma:
SSupt. last
I bshIf slg. nut
Sseam W. Smtbh one
Swisie hThe
I [email protected] e lth nudla sI Dlatrict (out of and
I I sad for .Wmlhgpt
ther i above eWnuod r am w, bc
hImeto w ies, E w el r o loca
ml M amimo to otle Lt ad
sdl. ks, se.b --. SI coI°
I t esid- aside
meett e~a~w st W t. 1 I)
*zhJ ,,ii; :th., ,., ,..lM
jj~~ husk
eMs for Inlpo. 2abh md
Moaf . Wo rks, or fta bbols,
Ts. lThose wishg aso Mhing
thaslhe Applyt.
to Save the Peach Trees.
the -
eir The tirst symptons of scale
in- infectation, on plum as well as
be peach, is the dying of the limbs
h. usually at the tips of the small
r. ones first, the larger branches
Sgt surviving longer. The tree has
to a grayish, scurfy appearance,
in and if the fingernail or knife
ill blade be rubbed over the surface
a* of a badly infested limb, the
scale will be turned over and ihe
it round bodies of the yellow in
he sects will be visible.
)n The egg hatches within' the
,r. body of. the mother scale and the
r- young are very active when first
ie born. They crawi r&n .under
ye the old scale and for the first few
r. hours are very busy ftiding a
m location where the beak can be
i. inserted. When a suitable loca
tion is found, usually not more
than two inches from'the mother
scale, the beak is iniserted.'into
the sap and feeding.beg)p.,.The
It secretions of the body .I dm" .-a
scale over the insect, .:hjch
grows frotm a tiny speck.to be as
large as the head of a pin. The
e females lose their legs.eyes and:
n feelers, never moving fromi the'
first teeding place.
They multiply very rapidly
' and soon literally cover the tree,
t" sucking the sap to such an ex
8 tent that a tree rarely survives.
After many experiments by
different experiment stations,
the "lime-sulphur-wash" bae
been found most satisfactory for
t thispest. Directions for making
i this are given i& Circular -No. 4
of the Crop Peast Commission,
Baton Rouge La. Briefly, the
directions given are about as fol*
lows: Material-Stone lime 21
lbs: sulpher 18 lbs.; water 50 gal.
Directions-Place a few gallons
of water inm an iron kettle and'
bring to a boil. Mix the sulpher
with water and make a thick I
past while the water is heating.
As soon as the water boils, put
the sulphur paste into the boil.
lng water and stir vigorously.
then put in the rock lime and a
violent boiling will begin. Stir
and add enough water, hot or
cold, to make 50 gallons and ap
The lime-sulphur.wash should
be applied this fall as soon as the
leaves fall from the trees, and
should be applied again before
the buds come in the spring .if
the orchard is heavily infested.
A suitable sprayer can be bougaht
throuch the local hardware man
or from the Goulds Mf. Co.,
Seneca, N. Y.
Peaches do well on these sandy
lands, but such pests as these
must be guarded against. The
market for peaches was grood
luast season, but most of those
put on market were consumed at
once, and very few were canned
Thousands of dollars worth of
canned peaches will be imported
into the State from California
and other Statel, when ~a large
part of these could be put on the
local markets and keep the
monev at home. This work
comes at a time when there is
not much else-to do on the farm, '
and the small farmer who gives
his home orchard attention will /I/
be doubly aid for his time, and
have a better living at home be
sides. J. W.. Bateman,
Department RuralEducation.*
Louisiana State Normal School.
STerns of Court.
;rPguttzMondayla inbruary
'ecoad Mondair in May
irat Monday in July -
Frst  "y InmDecemlber *,
Haying Tools
,Deriat Idel mower;
'The way to get fall vaun for your hay crop is to use
Deering hay tools. Thousands of farmers can testify to
the excellent results obtained from using Deering mowers,
rakes, stackers and tedders. They are reftable machines,
and will do the same work for you that they have done for
other.farmers we have sold in your community. COme in
anad.secus about a Deering machine next time you are in
.. own. You dpn't have to buy, but you may learn some
thing of value to you about raising hay. You can make our
store your headquarters when you are in town if you de
.sire. Ask for a Deering catalogue which explains details
better than we can.
Manufactured by Franklinton Bottling Works.
Screea Your Houses Early.
Here Are Our Prices:
Screen Doors, 2 ft. 6 in. by 6 ft. 6 in. $1.31'
Seeen Doors, 2 ft. 8 in. by 6 ft. 8 in. 1.40
ScreennDoors, 2 ft. 10 in. by 6 ft. 10 in. 1.30O
Screen Doors, three feet by seven feet 1.60
Screen Door sets. .2.
Doors fitted, each ... . .50
Don't Overlook These Prices.
They are worthy of attention.
Washinston Parish Lum.I ,, Su p.Co.
Phone 27. Franklinton, LoLlslana
I I1 i
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YU H"S.tIhoal be [Yew theIbeslt:fM ;
M IR * r h .a. n i
22000 fo rmestugreoe at
-i- oi¢oiO - olt
A ware e  P r ae i - - -- " - - ---- -
I 6ml ilOMI •
-., I ,/ x_,_ \ ./\VTF,,/\ \1,,\, \ I,/\I/\I\I/\ 1/
D. E. BRANCH, Agent.
v· == ---------
SFire, Life, Accident and Health, Burglarl,," ji
Plate Glass, Liability and onads.
The Oldest Insurance Agency in Washll".
. ton Parish. Assests o Compgs
RepresentM Over Otn Iag.
SdredIilllpn Dollars.
% dieJ
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