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Ibe (ra Itabtr.
S Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editar.
' teresd a second elaos attrerAIr, 1910
.. tm tpoat ose at lhas liaton, La., under
e - Aet of Coress of March 8. 1879.
Advebrtsink Rates on Application
Address all Communications to
grs.Leader, Franklinton, La.
Advertisements and subscriptions
will be continued at regular rates un
til all past indebtedness is paid up.
. Fr, inton, La., eOct. 3. 1912
The Era-Leader is authorized to
make the following announcements of
candidates, subject to the aotion of.
the voters In the coming Democratic
` Primriies:
Fo C erssman, 6th Congressional
Louis L. Morgan
Pe~ . Por AsoooIate Justice of the Supreme
 Judge Robert R. Reed
of the ownership. manaslement, eto,,
of the Eran-Leader, publisbhed weekly
at Franklnton, Ia., required by the
ditor-- . . 191l Brook, Frank
lianton, La.
- M g_ Editor--Mrs. J. Vol
Brook, PrAnL unton, IU.
. i. B nes Manager-Mrs. J. Vol
Brock FranLklinton, La.
: l Publsher.-Mrs. J. Vol Brook,
Owner-J. Vol Brook, Franklinton,
' uown ~bondholders, mor gees
: ad other security holders, hol d 1
per oent or more of total amount of
bonds, mortgages or other securities:
Maes J. VOL BocOK,
Sworn to and subearibed before me
this 0th1 day of Depmber 1916.
(Seail) D1o0s6. IaUNON.
ýý: .. 'mmiildooý ~~~~ Od
organ Gettisg stronger
S Amise City, Ls., Oct. 1--Qn
l beevi ot the second coagres
primary, politics with ref.
renmeao to the contest in this dis
ti'rIt between Lewis L. Morgan.
oft 8, Tammany, and Foerd C.
`i rU"laClborue, the Point Coupee can
didast , are waxing warm.
inca Mr. Morgan's tour of
Sprish, just completed, there
become evident a manifest
S; ! atn of the Claiborne senti
i4 s quarter. -'The Clai,
ý ablb organised immediate
n the heels of the rst pri-,
-m with a membershipof sixty
ha sinade the advent 'of the
STammany candidate in Tangi.
had its ranks thinned con
rably. Many of, Ulaiborne's
ardent adherents have, atf
spature deliberation, an
id their intention of sup
ai the man nearest to them
r inaterests.
rts from the railroad
fad contiguous territory
that an epidemic of Mor
timent is sweeping the
sad the contagion is
dlly.. The most opti.
f t e Calborne: support
 that if they are able
r's jaority
po to 500 they will
ta Victory.
w that Mr.
tis visit aof the
ed consider
the act that a
w ho had
t$ him, were
'sad so
that open
:; OSid ,.g to his
Pt~ t ;a d more
FS ever
ob n p Ithe
in some bd
j 1 dC.41st
I,d this ad. to us with
$9.00 before Oot. 25th
We Will Send You Any Two Magazines
in list below for ONE YEAR,
Everybody's Plotorlal Roqiew Woman's Home Companion
Dellneatnr Modern Prisoollla God ousekooeepin
Designer Cosmopolitan Amerloed Boy
MaCluro's Hearst Ladle World
Other good oners in our catalog. It's free. Write for one to-day.
(Louisiana Subscription Agency) t
et a ldow ,ip in a
ad a1s Your hotse an
Sgood i bmh or aicket
Anar wd NroO Cje stlb ahsd
msdAsl t hedal e vg sor ieaens ro wad iA
mour bid aupshsmuor hga o as r.
T-om s Ipeps hel wIv pm Ndld dBek n do
Aies*Umle MeIstalls Co.
Mt. Herman.
We are having rain and autumn
all mixed and we also have plenty
rip, pears and persimmons and
when the possum gets fat we will
have meast to mix,
Mt. Herman is beginning to
show sgns of conveleseence from
the boll weevil pest, but not by
raising cotton, other farm pro
ducts are being raised to sell,
and people are making all man
nerof shifts to get the where
with all.
Hon. Ferd Claiborne was look
ed to speak in Mt, Herman one
day last week, but did not show
up. We don't know why. Last'
Tuesday morning Mrs. C. H.
Martin of New Roads was here
canvassing for Mr. Claiborne,
She was sent out by the Woman's
Clalborne Club. When a man
ets so bard pushed as to have
to send out ladies to gat votes he
had better withdraw from the
race. We never were in favor of
women politicians and there are
two things I never want to see
our Southern Women do and that
is to vote and ride astride.
The protracted meeting which
began at the M. . Church a week
ago closed yesterday with one
accession and the church revised.
Rev. L. McCain did the preach*
ing and his sermons were strong
and diredt.
Hon. W. L, Smith, Chas. Jen
kin, B. Corkern nd W, E. Ban*
later, who went to Indians sev
eral days ago returned last Fri
day. Their trip was strictly busi.
ness. They gave a glowing sac
count of the beauty and wealth
of the country thley passed thru.
Louis Schilling has been quite
s.bk is now improving.
ebster Schilling has a new
SMiss Lillian Snell gave a rei
I tal in Osyka last Saturday night
which wu pronounced by those
Swho attended to be ine. Lillian
waslways gifted that way and
had training by the best
; Irsiner in New O?4Sans.
tfh .6.Idarnado
Si ~~N~I3 T  •
Rio Notes.
Miss Agnes Wood was a week
end guest of relatives at Rio.
Charlie Patton of Sandy Hook
was attending to business here
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Miss Ida Kendall has returned
from a week's visit to Bogalusa.
Mrs. R. H. Stewart of Varnado
is a guest of Mrs. J, L. Pounds
this week.
Miss Inez Pounds was a New
Orleans visitor Saturday.
L. P. Pierce attended to busi
ness in the Crescent City Satur
Misses Geneva Kendall and
Ida Mae Hattaway were Stein
visitors Sunday.
Horatio Mitchell attended the
Pitfth Sunday Meeting in Rich
ardsontown last Sunday.
Simple Devise That Has en Found
ef Immense Value In Selee
on Warshlps.
The fact that the ear of gunners
are frequently seriously injured by
the detonations of great guns, the
tympanum of the ear being often
raptured, has led to the invention by
Karlotti of a simple but effective de
via which prevents these injurious
eleuts without diminishing the
el7rp sof hearag. .
sh prottor consists of a solid
mass of glass of such form as to At
asarately the external ear, into
which it is lnarted. It is traversed
horitltly by a perforation, the in
ner e of which almost touches the
tympanum. Theouter end of this
beorisontal passe dies not quite
reach the nter ead of h murss of
glass, but maeots with a vertical
pase whisch communicates freldy
with the atmosphere above add "e
low. The violent distubausc of the
air caused by the artillery dihrg
produces an aspiration in the ho*r
atsedw between the tympanum and
the glass protester.
By resonaa of this urefaltier the
force of the aerial vibration trea
mitted to the tympam is very
I y reduaced. The ef d-i s pre
ad y d ly violet qetp-eslype
of atospher Wo that tt. se.
itiaus of the eai for erdinariy
uoqpisls net dlmlnieh.aA S ....'
Bank of Franklinton
Grows so fast is because
The record of the past success in business, and the financial
circumstances of the officers and directors insure the public
This Institution is a Safe One
It charges its customers nothing for taking care of their
surplus money, but
Pays Them Interest on Time Deposits.
The officers and employees are courteous to every customer
whether his business with us
Aggregates $10 or $10,000.
And because every one connected with it
Hustleslin a Gentlemanly Way
For the interests of the institution.
Now in Our Ninth Year.
H. B. Magee, Pres. Robert Babington, Cashier
W. W. Babington, Vice.Pres. W. C. Hamilton, Asst. Cashier
W. W. Babington D. E. Branch W. P. iullooh J. C. Green
T. M. Jones H. B. Magea Caz Talley J. P. Wood
MV "4
Washingtn Physloian Il Divoreed and
Married Again in One
Within 24 hours after a Philadel.
phis court granted a dirome to Mrs.
atharine Saeger Bovee,.. her eb
while husband, Dr. J. Wesley Boves,
a well-known Washinton physician,
married at Auburn, N. Y., Mrs. Car- 1
oline Copley Wemple. The news of
Dr. Bovee's second marriage was a
surprise, but the granting of a' di
yorte to Mrs. Bovee was n osurprise,
as she and Dr. Bovee had been elpa
rated sice 1901.
She brought suit for divorce ina.
thq District of Columbia a .upremd
court, declaring Dr. Bovee had ex
eluddal her from iia home, and that
during their, epasratio ., b dload
her monthly allowmace frm P0Q. to
$1u5. Dr. Bovee, through his attor,
nes, stated that when the fact were
known right thinking people woull
absolve him from all blame."
Mn. Borve failed to obtain jidge
meat in' the Distriet of Columbia,
and later began action' in' Philade
phia, where an absolute divorce was
granted sand the papIeria the case
ordrd ilampo.unded. .. ..
Cy Greenway-Give, me a con r1
Cy Greenway-No; I go rnol .
cabbage around where Icmb'ro. .
A Georgia man tells of a minister
Sia town of that state who rseeive
s afl ero a lag sa wethy
Ah ith sort .ý yIn.
with fthef ua usto, the
man reuested timor for
eoslAderatlp. t at r t wo eipe&i'
A friaend, haming to meet thl
yoP get s e. te iMre .4+a. of
somewhat wp tsu,- a.hm&:
"Wdissea'yll trWP will
Por g.oo.d .t hRi.~t, .j i
Pai fii , but ir
1sofudp ami~j6e·~ibii
~i~i~c ~J'.
Our Great Anniversary
Sale Closed Sept. 28th.
It was indeed gratifying to us to receive so many orders from
other towns and we wish to thank every one who patronized us
during the sale and to assure you we are improving our facilities
every month, make you cash prices on your needs that cannot help
bud, appeal to you because you get more goods for same money and
same goods for less money. Our cash prices this week:
Arbitrator flour, the best...$6.25
Southern Belle, good..... ..6.00
Meal or Grits, per lb. ....2 3-4c
Standard Granulated Sugar,
.per lb..,-..... ,.. ....512c
BrOw.n Sugar, per lb.v,.... 4 3-4c
Green Coffee.,.. 17c, 20c. 22 1-2c
Rice; best head, per lb..6c to 7c
Cracked Rice, per lb...... 5c
Lard per lb, ............. 10c
Lard, per 60 lb. tub....... 9c
Wrapped B _ao i.. ... ,.15 1-2c
Tb~co., all b~nds ,,or.. 256
Baking Powders. all kinds,
10c sizes, 2 for.......... 15
Milk, VanCamp's, tall, 3 for 25c
Milk, Libby's, per can..... 10c
per doz............... $1.15
Blue Ridge Corn, per can.. 10c
3 for ................... 25e
Big R. Tomatoes, 2-lb cans
2 for................. 15c
Octagon Soap, 6 bars for... 25c,
Lenox Soap, 7 bars........ 25c
Salt, 6 pkts for............ 25c
Matcbes, 6 pkgs for........ 25e
, MI l ourr orders. Shipments made the same
day orders ar received,
i h Big Square Deal Cash Store.
Furnishers and Shippers of ..
Everything for the Home and Farm.
.. ain All Over
t are weome," says Mrs. Nor Ouffey, of Brokn .
AtWo* Okla, "to use my letter in any way you want toy
Ifit wil induicesomesutferng woman to try CarduL I had.
Sai over, and suffered wit an abscess. Three phy
icianS ttiled ito relieve me. Since taking Cardui, I am in
better hhalth than ever before, and that means much to me,,
because I suified many years with wonanly troubles, of
dlfferent'kinds' What other tratmentls I tried, ~lpd me
for a fe days only." '
'TAK ~The
oA'twalt,u ntil you ire taken down sick before tak
ing care of yourself1 The small aches and pains, and other
symploms of womanly weakness and disease, always mean
worse to follow, unless given quick treatment
You would always keep Cardul handy, if you knew
wht qui c and perpae ent relief it gives, where weakness
and li ,of tlh ,omnanly system makes life seem hard
rti ,i ard au has helped over a million women Try it
' ,.41W*' A4, lo ' 'a. . ... ... . . IsIg
n!saln comn donw
" ',.a · o ' "
6tbwr, tI, bed
. "Economizing?"
"a Iam. Igo to the market nd
buy my trout or quail instead of go.
ihng insig or shooting."-Wshing
teo Star.

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