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cater f parl ta -
and used for locomotion over
is roads, in, their respective .4r
es; which license ehall be gradu
The provision of this article
e e to the per capita tax, shall
not be operative in incorporated
towns and cities that ma:ntain their
own streets.
To carry into effect the provisions
of this Article the Police Juries may
enact such ordinances of a civil na
ture as may be neccessary to enforce
the property and licons, tax, and of
a criminal nature to enfor.-. tlhe ,1r
capita tax.
Police Juries and mrninc; a'. orpo
rations in the several pa-isli s c;f this.
State may levy other taxes fcr the
construction and maintenance of pub
lic roads and bridges within the !trri
torial lims of said parishes, and may
incur debt and issue negotiable bonds
therefor in the manner and to ex
tend authorized under provisions of
Articles 232 and 281 of the Constitu
tion and the Statutes adopted to car
ry them into effect. Other taxes may
be levied by the Police Juries for
road and bridge purposes not to ex
ceed five mills for five years on the
(1 Property of the Parish, or any ward
thereof, whether the rate of taxation
and the purpose thereof shall have
been submitted to the property tax
payers of the said ward or parish en
titled to vote under the election laws
of the State, and a majority thereof
in number and value of those vot
ing at said election shall have voted
In favor thereof. That this article
shall be self operative.
Section 2. Be it' further resolved,
etc., That this proposed amendment
shall be submitted to qualified voters
of this State for adoption or rejection
at the Congressional election to be;
in November, 1912, and, if adopted, 1
the same shall take effect immediate
ly thereafter.
Section 3. Be it further resolved, i
etc., That on the official ballots to be 1
issued at said election there shall be i
Placed the words "For the proposed
amendment to Article Two Hundred I
and Ninety-One of the Constitution
of Louisiana" and the words "Against t
the proposed amendment to Article
Two Hundred and Ninety-One of the f
Constitution of Louisiana," and each,
elector shall indicate, as provided in I
the general election laws of the State a
which of the propositions, "For" or I
"Against," be votes. t
Speaker of the House of Represen
tatives. e
Lieutenant Governor and President s
of the Senate. L
sApproved: July 11th, 1912. i
Governor of the State of Louisiana. t
A trus copy: 'I
Sedretary of State.
ACT NO. 4. ti
:i Senate Bill No. 2.By Mr. Voegtle.
SSubmitting to the people of the State t:
of Louisiana an amendment to a
the Consetitution authorizing par
ashes and self-taxing municipali- w
ties to exempt new Industrial en- ti
terprises and alsoim1roved value, t
inclsive of structures added to
t improved leads by Immigrantsn
: ito the State, who oocupy said n
Klands as homeatads f rom local t
taxation for a period not to eU- It
e sd ten (10) yearm. U
settles i. Be itresolved by the bl
L MSeral Assemblay of ate State of e'
-lma htwothirds r all the sea. he
i{bm electse to each hoaue coacur
ii the followsig amendment to
Coatitutlan ot the State of Loeg LI
1be ar the suabes AInheby su.
i to the quailitie ea~ct~oml ·o
*s Stat at the mienso!o elc-eo- SI
t i t~ Jsed the fhaot htaebd a
the oifiht yearA 1 f1 the oeat: A]
Sshall hav, the $fit to ea- A
Indas itrinl eaterpuises and
improved vaue Maded to on
lames, Including all struc-i
therhien, by immigrants into the
whe oecapy said lands as home
from local taxs for a period
to eused tei (10) years by the go
orf twotbirls In number of all
a 1wspati , who are qualified elec
lacldeing esMieut women' tax
s, holdtains it least two-thirds of Pr
psreorty wabjeet to local taxation
the taidng locality at a spec
eletion called for that purpose, at
specal election mnemabers of
ps, aeoefatlons and heirs
Os:iitateotherwise qualified, shall
eto vote their respectlve Ge
t eata of the assessed valnation of
pastnerahlpsh associations or es
- 310ch enterprise so exempted be
1bb situalbe wtdin athe &aites of riz
dainnpting authority and be' to
after. the exemption iu sl
* t . lfieit ierresoled, of
Sist~ there shall he pgrinte~d on Sfee
~asiots to be useui at eaM ele- to
lthe Wmis~r: "Fot.sogenetiton- t
satheelsng padrhes
a4znt nlepeities to ex
aew lmd stria1 euteririses d 1
~pip1ved velue, Inclusive of tia
ad#it to nimiprored g
ibytaum~rwan into 'the Sitate
nf teaes for a perfod aottto usI
S(1) years," 'and ?-galat ed
~to -xua~ aiw liimtral e
au asoliu~o~Evalue, em
a~Ito t* jai
~a ~~tamI~ra period
-~ ~ E~te~keherhed
the sr·:iiIaid the
~~ii~i~~;ziiasj~b~n~ae a s'
i t8i;prandt~~,l ?ruden L:
.~t~eirrt~-:~ Ll-I'~ - -
ACT NO. 6.
- Seate Bill No. . By Mr.Burke.
ed Submitting to the people of Louisiana
eir an amendment to the Constitution
s exempting from taxation for twer.
ay ty (20) years corporations organ
la ized to lend money on nmortgages
ce on country property at not more
of than six E6) per cent int-rest,
net to the bor: ower, with Io ever
to negotiate bonds and srcur ieS
is of local taxing districts.
he Section 1. Be it rcsolved by the
b- General Assembly of the State of
rLouisiana, two-thirds of all the merlun
ds hers elected to each house concur
,x- ring, That the following amendment
of to the Constitution of the State of
U' Louisiana be and the same is here
ay by submitted to the qualified elec
or tors of the State at the Congression
x- al election to be held on the first
e Tuesday after the first Monday in
n the month of November of the year
r?1912, to-wit:
x The capital, surplus and personal
n- estate of every corporation hereafter
f organized in this State for the sole
t- purpose of lending money on mort
d gages on country property situated in
le Louisiana at a rate .of interest not
d, to exceed six (6) per cent net to 1
dt the borrower, with power to negoti- i
ate and handle bonds and securities I
n issued by the various parishes and lo- i
cal districts and municipalities of he 1
eState of Louisiana shall be exempt I
from taxation for twenty (20) years t
e-from the date of the organization of t
each of said companies, provided t
Ithat each of said companies shall (
)e have a full paid cash capital stock of c
ie not less than $250,000.00, and provid- t
d ed further that in case any such cor- I
d pDration shall on any loan charge the .
,n borrower more. than six per cent in
st terest, whether by way of commis- i
Le sion, discount, or otherwise, it shall
e forfeit the entire exemption herein i
h granted, and be subject to taxation I
n from the time it makes such loan;
e and any such corporation handling or I c
Snegotiating any securities other than i
those hereinabove mentioned shall in- r
cur a like forfeiture.
-' No such corporation shall have pow- 1
er to receive any money on deposit t
I or to do a banking business of any t
ta sort, but all such corporations shall a
be under the control and supervis- I
ion of the State Bank Examiner,
whose duty it shall be to report to t
- the Attorney General and the State t
Tax Commission any violation of t'he Id
condition of this exemption. e
Section 2. Be it further resolved, Ii
etc., That there shall be printed in i a
the ballots to be used at said elec
tion the words "For the amendment IL
to the Constitution exempting from'I
'taxation Tor twenty (20) years corpo
rations organized'for the sole purpose S
of lending money on country real es
State situated in Louisiana at not A
> more than six (6) per cent to the
borrower, with power to negotiate G
'and handle local securities," and the A
words "Against Lthe amendment to
Sthe Constitution exempting trom
taxation for twenty (20) years corpo
rations organized for the solip pur
pose of lendinga money on country
real estate situated .n Loluisiana at
not. more than six (6) per cent net 8
to the borrower, with ,power to ne
totiate and handle local securities,"
sad each elector shall indicate on his a
ballot, as provided by the general
election laws of the State whether
he votes for orainst the said
Leu~enant 1Governor and President
Sof the' Senate.
Speaker of the Hease of Represen
- tatlvu.6
Approvg : Augs t 2t 1912.
Governor of . the State a Louislana.
A true copy:
Secretary of State.
ACT NO. 7. L*
Senate Bil No. 4. By Mr. Pavrot. ril
Proposing an amendment to the Con- as
stitution of the State of Louisi- th
ann relative to .the exemption ti
from taxation of money in hand af
or on deposit.. of
c86tIon 1. Be it resolved by the
General Assembly of the State of 17
Louisiana, two-thirds of all the mem- ad
bers elected to each house concur- gu
ring, That the following amendment sa
to the Constitution of the State be d
submitted to the qualified electors
of the State for their adoption ar re. or
jection at the Congressional election to'
to be held on the first Tueaday at- of
ter the first Monday in the month on
dt November, 1,12, as follows:
There shall be exempt from taxa- pa
tion all money in hand or on d(eposit, ez
Section 2. Be I further resolved, C
tc., That the official ballot to be clii
used at said electlon shall hare print- all
ed thereon the words: "For the pro- PeS
posed amendment to the Ooantitu- pIr
tion of the Stite of Loutiiana o- ith
*emptiug from taxation all money In. liw
hand or o- deposit," and the words thb
"Agaaibtt ropnseil Am dm to
the C6aititatioa ot the State of Lou- n
tianae empting f rom taxatleor all tia
aloney Inhland he ot 4epostt. And to
each elecgtr ahal londiacte, as piovld- ere
d6 by the general election law of aish
the State, whether he otes for or lea
against the-Mppsad assemement. lag
Lluteaant Goyr nor and President to
"*d&iB: THOMAS, ~
Speaker 4ofthe House of Represen sti
M toate s. t to
L. B. HAIL, jine
a~tii e B. ta ofDEo?, tIGb
..'·I Ys't A~ f it . ,bC
1-4 1
f/ ACT NO. 8.
e. Senate Bill No. 5. By Mr. Weil.
na Proposing an amendment to the Con
on stitution of the State of Louisi
r- ana. relative to authorizing par
n-. ishes and municipalities by a ref
Fs erendun to their respective qual
re ified eljcto:s to exempt from
S taxation an amount not to exceed
er $2.0':'.(0u to be deducted from the
a value of dwellings exclusively 0-o_
cupied by bona fide owners for
S residential purposes only, and to
of withdraw such exemption by a
u similar referendum.
r- Section 1. Be it resolved by the
It General Assembly of the State of
of iLouisiana, two-thirds of the members
e- elected to each house concurring,
c- That the following amendment to the
a- Constitution of 1898 be submitted to
st the qualified electors of the State for
in their adoption dt rejection at the
tr Congressional election to be held on
the first Tuesday after the first Mon
a11 day in the month of November, 1912,
:r! as follows:
e That every parish or municipality,
tthrough its Police Jury or govern
n ing authority shall have the right to,
Aand upon the petition of one-fourth of
o the qualified electors residing with
i- in its jurisdiction shall, submit to
Sthe qualified electors in said par
ish or municipality, at an election to
e be called and held for that purpose,
t after thirty days published notice,
s the question as to whether or not
if there shall be exempted from taxa
d tion an amount not to exceed $2,
il 000.00 to be deducted from the value
f of all buildings exclusively occupied
- ;by bona fide owhers for residential
Spurposes only; provided that any ex
e emption may be withdrawn in the
i- same manner in which it may be
- granted.
1 No such exemption, voted by a par
a ish, shall operate -to grant any tax-4
aj payer owning and occupying a home 1
Swithin a municipality the right to de
r duct the exempted amount from the ,
a improvement value of his property in
i- respect to municipal taxation.
Section 2. Be it further resolved,l
'- That there shall be printed on the 1
t ballots to be used at the said elec-I I
r tion the words: '"For the proposed
1 amendment authorizing exemption of
-homes from taxation," and the words !
"Against the proposed amendment au-;
'thorizing exemption of homes from t
taxation," and each elector shall in
Idicate, as provided in the general 3
lelection laws of the State whether
, he votes for or against the proposed
1amendment. (
t Lieutenant Governor and President 1
1 of the Senate.
e Speaker of the House of Represen- I
t Approved: August 24th, 1912. E
Governor of the State of Louisiana. I
A true copy:,1
Secretary of State. a
ACT NO.. / 1
Senate :11 No. 6. By Mr. Barrow. I
Submittlng to the people of Louisl. ~
ana an amendment to the Con- ,
stitution providinr for referen- t
dum to the- people of each par- 0
ish to detefi~ne whether cities r
and incorporiated tows and vi
lages or any one or more ofttbem 0
shal be free from taxes'and li- U
censes levied by parochial au
_thorities for parochial purposes, t
subject to the obligation to make e
certain contributions to the par- I
Sectlot 1. Be it resolved by the ,
General Assimblgy 'd the Stite of o
Louisiana, two-thirds of all the mean- 4
bers elected to each house concour
ring, That the following amendment g
to the Constitution of the State of ti
Louisiana be and the same Li hereby. ac
submitted to the qualified electpos of I
the State at the Congretslonal elec- n
tion to-be held on the first Tuesday A
after the first Monday In the month p1
of November of the year 1912, to-wit: o0
Every pariah through its Police Ju- o0
ry shall have the right to submit and,
upon the petition of one-fourth of
the qullified electors therein shall
submit to the qualified electors of
said parish, at an election to be call- Si
ed and held for that purpose after
thirty days published notice, the ques- Al
tion of whether or not all or any one
or more of the cities, incorporated G~
towns and villages within the limits A
of the parishes' (unless already ex
empt) shall be free and exempt
from all taxes and leenses levied by
parochial authority for parochial pur
poses, provided that whenever such
exemption Is granted, each city, in
corporatod town and village so cx- Se
empted shall contribute to the paro
chial authorities its fitr proportion cf
al parochial bhrdens, debts and ex- pr
penses common -to both. Such pro
portion to be eaduated between the
Poliee Jury and the aimale4aSl author
itite, and In case of disag'eement
such apportionment to be made by
the State Tax Commiasson.
Section 2. Be it further .resolved,
etc., That there ahall be prtated on
the besots to be used at tbeuisd elec- Ge
tion theiwOrds TPor the ameadment La
to the Comititiuton estathishing a ret
ereadam to the people of each par
ish to determine whether of rot cit- ria
iessa. ad l iftOtleoI'ated -todtes and vil- to
lages shall b released from pa o l
chial tabation sad lienges, subject the
to the oandition of contributing to
parish ex'lu/ san- the words tio
"'Malnat tameadment to the Coa- te
stituton ia referendun the
to the each Iarish to de
termlue- or 'nut cities and
inwcBlporatesibt'iwn aa4yr vqllagesid~hal '1
be6 ru~losed . icrma paroiiDcbleJ t~ zatia at
sad lionss, subjctit the condi- aw
tionof C $bntthg o parish expen- tl
seei and E~achs elmer 51i4'e f~Iae'
j~~· ~$ ·~11I ; ·
on his ballot, as provided by the
general election laws of the State,
?il. whether he.aotes for or against the
said amendment.
Lieutenant Governor and President
>n- of the Senate.
si- L. E. THOMAS,
Ar. Speaker of the House of Represen
- tatives.
aApproved: August 24th, 1912.
al- L. E. HALL.
,m Governor of the State of Louisiana.
ed A true copy:
Secretary of State.
or ACT NO. 10.
a Senate e eBil No.. By MIr. Shaffer.
of Submitting to the people of the State
rs ! of Louisiana, at the Congression
g al election to be held in Novem
le l her, 1912, an amendment to the
to Constitution of the State exempt
01' ing from taxation for ten (10)
le years from the date of comple
)n tion the capital stock, franchi,
n- and certain aroperty of all corpo
2, rations constructing, owning and
operating within the State a com
y, bined system of irrieation, navi
n- gation and hydro-electric power,
o, using fresh water streams and
of water sheds, Provided that each
h- system be completed and in op
Seration within five (5) years from
to January 1st, 1911, and providing
e, further that not less than five
e, mpillion dollars shall have been
aexpended in the construction of
- each system.
e Whereas, the State of Louisiana i
d has large areas comprising millions
11 of acres of land that can be reclaim
K- ed and brought into cultivation by ir
e rigation, whereby large additions will
ie be made to the population and, the
assessed value of the State; and,
r- Whereas, canals can be construct
s- ed so as to provide irrigation, navj
e gation and power, and it is the States
e- duty to encourage and promote the'
ýe organization of such concerns:
n Section 1. Be it resolved by the
General Assembly of the State of
1, Louisiana, two-thirds of all the mem
e bers elected to each house concur
-ring, That the following amendment
d to the Constitution be submitted to
)f the qualified electors of the State
s for their adoption or rejection at the
I- Congressional election to be hed o14
n the first Tuesday after the first
1- Monday in the month of November,
L11 1912, as follows:
r There shall be exempt from taxa
d tion for ten (10) years from the date
of completion, the capital stock, fran
chises and property of all corpora.
t tions constructing, owning and oper
ating within the State a combined
system of irrigation, navigation and
r. hydro-electric power, using frash
water of Louisiana streanms, and wat
er-sheds, provided that each system
shall be completed and in operation
. within five (5) years from January
1st, 1913, and provided further that
not less than five million dollars
shall have been expended in the con
struction of each arstem. No real or
corporeal property shall be covered
by this exemption except that whtich
q necessarily connectied with and ap'
paurtenant to each canal system and
forming part thereot-; nor shall this
ezemption extend- to the assessed
value that much real estate hk at
the time it may bp eairked b the 1
-company; provided that tIe rigt of
* the State to rejulate the d*sor
- of Its Pubite waters from their nita
* ral beds aaal' not be Waived by this
melment. -
Section 2. Be it further resolved,
I et., That'the offtcial barlot to be
. t at sald .lectioa shall have print.
- edthereon thp worus: "For the pro
posed amendment to the ConstaSt,
Ucthe of the State ofLouislana ex
emptins from taxation for tea (10)
years from the date of cowpletiorn
cerfata new canals for irrigation, iav
iatio. and power purposes to be
coipieted withim five years with a
aepital of ino leasi than five million
dollars" Alad the words: "Aganfst
- the amendment to theqionstftution
of the State of Loutsians exempting
from taxation for ten 10,,years from ,
the date of c~npletion certain new
canals for irist~DU, navigation, and ,
power purposest. be.completed with- ,
in five (5) years with a capitali of -
not less than five million do ri.'s
And each electot shall indicate as a
provided in the general 'election laws
of the State whether he votes for a
or against the proposed amendment.
Lieutenant Governor and President
of the Senate. .
L. E. 2,HOtAS. C
Speaker of 'the House of Represen- "
tatives. n
Approved: August 24th, 1912.
L, E. THALL, '
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy.
Secretary 'of State. d
ACT 1NO. 11. el
Senate Bill No. 8. By Mr. Voegtle.
Propostng an azmendtint t& tl, Con- re
Sttution of the" 'State of Louisi- o
ana exempting from taxation the
Iegal reserve of life insurance to
companies org anzed under the er
thes of this State. a
Section One> iOe t resolved by the ax
General Assembly of the State of Ju
Loanisiaa, twthiods of all the mem- be
bers .elected to each house concur- ra
raig, That the following amendment
to the Constitution ofl the State be cu
submitted to the qualified electors of sh
the State for their adoption or rejec- nU
tion at the Cougrbelsonal election to a]
te held on jhe tirst Tuesday after ba
the fiM Monday in the month of No- pr
'ember, 1912, as fAllows: - o0
There shall be exempt from all tax- h
ation the l eg& ro; rve ofi lid in
5s12iM e o ao i sea oaganized tnder ba
the -isv ofw this tate. ed
Se·flont ?v#Re it furthe- reso' id, tc
the etc., That the official ballot to be
Lte, used at said election shall have print
the ed thereon the words: "For the pro
posed amendment to the Constitu
tion of the State of Louisiana ex
mt empting from all taxation the legal
reserve of life insurance companies
organized under the laws of this
en- State." and the words "Against the
proposed amendment to the Coastitu
tion of ,he State of Louisiana exempt
ing from all taxation the legal re
aa. serve o_ life insurance companies or
ganizeti under the laws of this
State." And each elector shall in
dicate, as provided by the general
election lawins of the State, 1wheth
er hP 10<,6 for or against tih pro
posed aalulndmnent.
r. LieuteEaa: Governor and I'resident
of tlh Senate.t
Lte Speaker of the House of ltelpresen
. tatives.
- Approved: August 24th, 11l2.
he Governor of the State of Louisiana.
pt- A true copy:
S Secretary of State.
ACT NO. 12.
ad House Bill No. 2. By Mr. Roberts. F
'r, Submitting to the people of Louisi
id ana an amendment to the Con- r
:h stitution reorganizing and re- ,
-p. modeling the State's system of c
m assessment and taxation. s
g Section 1. Be it resolved by the
ce General Assembly- of the State of
A1 Lcuisiana, two-thirds of all the u1x:m- t
of bers elected to each House concur- o
ring, That the following amendment e
a to the Constitution of the State of c
* Louisiana be and the same is hereby o
1' submitted to the qualified electors
i of the State at the Congressional
le election to be held on the first Tues- P
day after the first Monday in the f
.month of November, in the year 1912, i
te Article I.
1. The taxing power shall be exer- d
i cised by the State and by its sub
o. divisions for public purposes only. i
r- 2. The taxing power shall never be t
nt surrendered, suspended, given, com- t
to muted or contracted away; but where a
te parishes or municipal corporations i
.4 shall grant exemptions from parisha
at or municipal taxes for a period not
'r, to exceed ten years from date ofo
completion to encourage the estab.
a- lishment of industrial enterprises, or t
te a similar exemption to immigrants
T- of the value added by them to vacant
a- property owned- and occupied as a
r-- homestead, such exemptions shall not
A be withdrawn either as to enter- t
d prises established or substantially be
g gun in gbod faith, ofas to mmigrants e
It- who have actually acquired and im- 1
m proved or In good faith begun to im
xi prove their homesteads, since the I
7 granting ofthe exemption. The Gen- t
at eral Assembly on behalf of the State,
ra and the governing authorities of all
- subdivisions of the State on behalt
r o otsuch subdivision, may deter for
d not more than three years the col
h lection of taxes In localities subject
Ped 4 to overflow or other public ca
Id lamity.
3. The Generad Assembly shall have
ower to elasi(7 all property for tax- p
atlon, and to 'adopt different rules
and r fes for differebt cdases, but t
such ales ahd rates shall be equal d
and unitorm on aR sublects of the )
same class throtaghout the territorial I
Anits of the aauthordty levying the 6
tr, palSoch clailfeatlons shall be i
as ba.i the chuipateraltic of the .
property itself or its use, and 1ev- g
er on persans or ownership.
O 4. Exeept in case of foreign lnva- *
ksoe or domestie revolutIon, the Gen- t
jral Assembly shall not have power s
~ to lt any ad v paoea property tax p
- in enceas of four per cent; but the 1
' General Assembly shall not exceed
' the rate of two and one-half per cent. t
except by a vote of two-thirds of all i
" the members elected to each house ti
d thereof.
Article II. .
i 1. The sources of State and local Jti
revenue shall be segregated and, ex- hi
cept as hereinafter specified, or as
amay be hereafter permitted by a a
I vote of two-thirds of all the members al
,-eeted to each House of the Gener- ci
at Assembly, each taxing authority an
' shall be restricted in taxation to its cc
a own sources of revenue as Jierein ti(
r assigned. liE
2. Until otherwise provided by a ei
t vote of two-thlrds of all of the mem- in
bers elected to each House of the er
General Assenmbly; the following
shall be the sources of State reve- ta
fnue: F'
1st. The special taxes hereinafter be
provided for. th
2nd. All corporptions, private per- fo:
sons and unincorporated aesociations
that operate any railroad falling un- sp
der the jurisdiction of the Railroad ea
Commission of Louisiana: street rail- the
road; combined street railroad and cei
electric sight and power business:l-51
heating or refrigeration plant, (not $3l
inclusive of cold storage plant); tel- for
ephone line; telegraph line, wheth
er wireless or otherwise; express sec
line, dicing car, sleeping car, oil ear, nie
refrigerating car, or cars for any tho
other purpose operating upon rail- an
roads in this state; steamboat, mot. an.
or boat, steamship, ferry, barge and tioi
tug, or other water craft, where op
erated for hike, canal for transporta- thi
tion or irrigation, and pipe line for nie
oil or gao. When the electric light an
and power business conducted in con- P
junction, with any street railroad can tioc
be practically severed from the street sive
railroad business for purposes of as- p
sessment then such severance shall reli
be made by the Tax Commission and wit,
such electric light and power business '
shall not be a source of State reve- 5irv
nue. con
3rd. All banks, State and Nation- con
a], including savings banks, tmtst per
banks and trust companies, and all fl
private bankers, whether Individuals and
o, partnerships, save that the resa I s
estate of all banks and bankers shal shy
be localy.assessed and taxed. The e
assessments of the real estate -t
banks and bankers st551 be equalS. 11*
ed annually by the Tax Commiselo kft
tk the basis estabishcd and in *o. or
4·. ·
be 1 gue in each locality where such real
int- estate is located.
iro- 4th. All insurance companies in
tu- e cluding bonding and surety companies,
ex- foreign or domestic, and all persons
gal and partnerships engaged in insur
les ing persons or property, save that
his all the real estate anJ corporeal
the property of such companies, persons
S or parrncrships shall be locally as
ipt- sessed and taxed.
re 5th. All sugar refineries, rice mills,
Scotton seed oil mills, cotton seed oil
inrelincries and refineries of petroleum
al and its products. A sugar refinery
this hereby defined to be a concern
r_ that buys and refines raw sugar ex
rcusively, or a concern that burs and
refines morte raw sugar thant the ag
gt gregate of the sugar produced by it
from cane grown. and purchascd by
,n. 6th. All mines of sulphur, salt or
other minerals, all oil or gas wells,
all stone quarries, sand, gravel and
shell pits.
la. 3. Only the operative property of
state sources of revenue shall be
segregated to the State. The Gener*
a, Assembly shall define, in a man
ner not inconsistent with any pro
visions of this amendment what the
operative property of each such
source is. Real estate and the im
ts. provements thereon forming part of
any railroad terminal, depot or yard
or warehouse or shop, acquired after
3i. July 1. 1913, even though it may form
part of the operative property of any
n- railroad, shall not be considered a
'e- source of state revenue except by
of constitutional amendment unless
such property had been, prior to said
Sdate, part of a railroad terminal, de
pot, yard, warehouse or shop.
of 4. All other property subject to
n- taxation, except as herein specified,
ir. or except as may hereafter be direct.
nt ed by a vote of two-thirds of all the
members elected to each house of the
of General Assembly, shall be sources
)y of local taxation.
rs Article III.
al The General Assembly shall have
s. power to levy for State purposes the
Sfollowing special taxes:
1. A tax on the transfer of stocks
in corporations not to exceed 2 cents
a share.
2. A tax on the organization of
r- domestic corporations, organized for
profit, excepting banks, fraternal in
surance companies, and building and
loan or homestead associations, not
be to exceed ten dollars flat, plus not
_to exceed one-twentieth of one per
cent of the authorized capital stock
re and surplus, which tax shall be lev
as ied upon increases of capital stock
sh as well as upon original issues.
3. A tax on private corporations,
of organized for profit, for the privilege
b- of exercising corporate functions, not
or to exceed one4wentieth of one per
ocent per annum on the outstanding
at capital stock and surplus, excluding
banks, fraternal and life insurance
ot companies and building and loan or
homestead associations; no such tax
r- to be less than five dollars. On for.
1-eign corporations this tax shall be
levied on such proportions of their
n- capital stock and surplus as is neused
- in this State in intra-satate business.
SIn lieu of the franchise tax on capi.
tal and surplus, life insurance com
; panies, foreign and domestic, not in
Sclhding fraternal insurance assocla
or tions, shall pay annually a flat fee at
o $150.00 plus $2.50 on each $10,000.00
t of premiums collected in Louisiana
a during the preceding year.
4. An annual ad valorem tax on
all automobiles and taxicabs, and al*
re s on al other auto-driven vehlcls
- used for tranaportatlleo ·o pereim eor
as freight for hire, with permlsmipo to
Ut the local government of the uasl
81 deuce of the owner to levy an samaila
be license tax not to eaceed $5.00. .0(*s
a1 half of the proceeds of this State
he tax colected from 'each ownr shala
bs go to the State good roads ftIhd;
he the remaining moiety of such tan
"- shall be paid over by the State to
the governisg authority of the localE
a- ty from which the machine L reggs
a- tered, to be devoted exclusively by
er such, governing authority to the Ia*
" provement of the public highways
ze within its jurisdiction.
Md 5. A tax on cotton future con
Lt. tracts, in lidu of all licenses to fh* 4'~
31 ture brokeiw, of not more than tit
IC teen nor less than ten cents on
each purchase and sale of each 100
bales, to be paid on each transac'
at tion, one-half by the buyer and one
I- halt by the seller.
Is 6. A tax on grain, coffee, rise
a and sugar future contracts, in lieu %
S all licenses to future brokers, of Dot
r- more than one and one-half per dict
y nor less than one per cent on the
.5 commisasons paid on each tranlac
U tion. Each unit contract as estsbm
lished by the rules of the respective
a exchanges sbalU be the basis of the
I- tax, to be paid, one-half by the buy
e er and onehalf by the seller.
g 7. A true, progressive inheritance
* tax for the benefit of the General
Fund, and if such a tax is levied 4l
r beneficiaries shall be divided into
the following maximum exemptions
- for each class:
s First, ascendants, descendants, and
- spouses, with an exemption of $2000
I each, except as to the widow, when
- the exemption shall be $5000, and e~th*i
I cept as to children under the age of B
sixteen, when the exemption shall be ·
t $3500 each. The widow', - maritail
- fourth shall be exempt.
Second, collateral relations of the
second degree, including nephews sad
nieces and their descendant, when
the estate is divided by roots, with
an exemption of $1000 to each root,
and daughtera-lan-law with an exemp
tion of $1000 each.
Third, collateral relations of the
third degree, ezclqdlmg nephews and
nieces and their representatives, with
an exemption of $500 each.
Fourth, all other collateral relS
tions within the sixth degree inclu
sive, with an exemption of $250 each.
Fifth, strangers and all collateral
relations beyond the sixth degree,
with an exemption of $100 each.
The madmum rate of the progres
sive tax shall not exceed eight per
cent for the first class, twelve p
cent for the second class,
per cent for the third class,
five per cent for the foughc
and thirty per cent for the fifth
maxlimum rates to be
shy Inheritance, legsac or
Ieaeeeda' halt million doll
he mi-nim-- - r-tes
taT shall be one per centa
lfrst class, two adr
hr the secogp4 l% %, *ht~ aU ti'm.'
S'r A

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