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Utbet Cra=,eaber.
Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editor.
Entered as second class matter April 5, 1910
at the post oice at Franklinton, La.. under
the Act of Congress of March 3. 1879.
Advertising Rates on Application
. Address all Communications to
. a:-- , -Leader, Franklinton, La.
S.. Advertisements and subscriptions
@ll be continued at regular rates un
, sallpaspt indebtedness is paid up.
Phrsnklnton, La., Oct. 10. 1912
of the ownership. management, etc,,
of the Erm-Leader. published weekly
at Frankllnton, La., required by the
A.Sof AuE!5t 24, 1912.
AEdltor--M. J'. Vol Brock, Frank
liton. La.
-~nging Editor-Mrs. J. Vol
;Brocnk, SIFiFklf~lf, La.
Business Manager-Mrs. J. Vol
,rakllinton, La.
-rs J. Vol Brock,
. Vol Brook, Franklinton,
bondholders, mortgagees,
hSer security holders, holding 1
~itt or more of total amount of
,mortgages or other securities:
Mas. J. VOL BRocK,
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this ath day of September 1912.
(Seal) DuLos B. JOHxso1.
My oommiisson expires May, 1916.
Uggaf Deleats Clborne
By ig Majority.
. O'Neil Defeats Judge
- :Reed for Place on Sn
preme Bench.
Baton Rouge, La., Oct. 9.
le definite returns are not in
4VOn most parishes, election
iresults here now make it certain
S:it Lewis L. Morgan has de
feetedFerd C. Claiborne for Con
igrs In the Sixth District by
i roxmately 1,500 votes, Judge
iRobert R, Ried is defeated over
` wiw mingly for the Supreme
irt by Judge O'Neal.
The majorities in the Congres
aao fight are.
borne-Ascension286, Iber
le 101: West Baton Rouge 804,
ti Coopee 847, East Baton
186, Feliciana 145, total
organ-St, Tammany 1,515,
shington 841, Tangipahoa 550,
Z gston 224, St. Helena 118,
Pau llciana 124; total 2,872,
< &lor'ty_ for Morgan 1,508.
oarga got 282 votes in Clai
eishome parish. Claiborne
. votes in Morgan's home
h._sh __ _
otlc is hereby given as re
iced.by Act No, 224 of the
se Amembly of the State
islana of 1910. That on the
of June, 1912, I pur
at tax sale the following
property, situated in
n Parish, Louisiana.
and 28 in block No.
le Louisiana.
property having been as
toJ. LStrahanand sold
S unpaid taxes under paid
t for the year 1911, A
,iwas -a d to me for
d1 I te atheroe on the
t ue 1.912, and duly
Yi: e lance Book 20,
B. 0. Blsckwell.
,' .t , ione
bii~~4 a sbout
91"M on
for ret rtod
sh help
:,. i:. aa FIn-;
Send this ad. to us with
$2.00 before Oct. 25th
We Will Send You Any Two Magazines
in list below for ONE YEAR,
Everybody's Pictorial Review Woman's Home Companion
Delineator Modern Priscilla Good Housekeeping
Designer Cosmopolitan American Boy
McClure's Hearst Ladies World
Other good offers in our catalog. It's free. Write for one to-day.
(Louisiana Subscription Agency)
Official Returns of Washington Parish in Primary
Election October 8, 1912.
Ulaiborne, First Term................. 1816 2626 86 21119 6 5 6 723 7
Morgan, First Term...................... 14 3115 69 95 4 2153 29 15 49 84 211
Claiborne, Second Term................. 1817 26216 87 11:20 6l 52 6 7 21 8
Morgan, Second Termn..................1331 1570 04 47 19:51 291624932 2016
Onel.................................. 8112 32 5521731 4 86 1813 6
Reed........................... ........ 1418129683132 0114:39 3112638 2813816
Claiborne first term. total........308.
Morgan, first term, total........648.
Claiborne. second term, total.... 301.
Morgan, second term, total .....638.
Onell, total .....................338.
Reed....... .............6268.
Don't Suffer!
"I had been troubled, a little, for nearly 7 years," writes
Mrs. L Fincher, in a letter from Peavy, Ala., "but I was
not taken down, until March, when I went to bed and had
to have a doctor. He did all he could for me, but I got no
better. I hurt all over, and I could not rest. At last, I tried
Cardui, and soon I began to improve. Now I am in very
good health, and able to do all my housework.l"
C DU wAKE o The
You may wonder why Cardul is so successful, after
other remedies have failed. The answer is that Cardul Is
successful, because it is composed of scientific ingredients,
that act curatively on the womanly system. It is a medicine
for women, and for women only. It builds, strengthens, and
restores weak and ailing women, to health and happiness.
If you suffer like Mrs. Pincher did, take CarduL It
will surely do for you, what it did for her. At all druggists.
Wrai : LueAdnÂșir Dept.. Chtnaoboap Medidam C, ChaU.mop Tam..
- a I efuog..aa .... baok "Ho.meh.at buT lrn't w Msosintee. I S
Washington Parish Fair,
Trades Day; Saturday, Oct. 19th.
Will It pay to go to the Fair? Yes. Here is the
reason. The following will sell at cost on trade day:
Robt. Babington Ltd., Buggies.
Boston Store, Calico.
Peoples Drug Co., Tablets.
D. N. Magee, Hose.
Mrs. L. H. Wagee, Special line of Hats.
T. B. Erwin & Son Ltd., Stock Feed.
W. H. Magee, Rugs and Art Squares.
McCreary Mercantile Co., Outings.
Hfram had jist returned from a
trip to the city, and was telling of
the wonderful sights he hkd wit
nesed at the theater. He had avred
the stab of his ticket for a sovenir
of the grat occasion.
His fa r picked up the piece of
cadboira and, after looking it it
Closely, urelimed: ILand sh
Hiram what ai you say youe mp
for this tist!"
"Oae dior, pawTMmy, Hifram;
"an' its *sswoth it."
u Mi, -- . i -h
.0.· i$.VEid
~ DI-i TJS
Fashionable Modiste.
Ladies' costumes designed on
the latest styles and made to
measure. Fit guaranteed. Sam
ples and prices forwarded en
application. Prices, including
material and work, $10 and up.
Long Beach, Mis s
New Blacksmith Shop.
The Lossett Blacksmith Shop
has been purchased by W. P.
Dunlap and all kinds of work will
be done at moderate prices.
Horsesboeing and gunwork a
specialty. All work guaranteed.
Price spot cash on delivery.
FOR SALE-Forty acres of
l pt outside corporation on
Mile the. Has.house, barn,
Widen, it and a few acres
ia cuitivMo Can easily be
SBank of Franklinton
Grows so fast is because
The record of the past success in business, and the financial
circumstances of the officers and directors insure the public
This Institution is a Safe One
It charges its customers nothing for taking care of their
surplus money, but
Pays Them Interest on Time Deposits.
The officers and employees are courteous to every customer
whether his business with us
Aggregates $10 or $10,000.
And because every one connected with it
Hustles In a Gentlemanly Way
For the interests of the institution.
Now in Our Ninth Year.
H. & M , Pres. Robert Babington, Cashier
W. W. Babington, Vice.Pres. W. C. Hamilton, Asst. Cashier
W. W. Babington D. E. Branch W. P. Bulloch J. C. Green
T. M. Jones H. B. Mages Caz Talley J. P. Wood
Rio Notes.
Miss Rosa Richardson visited
her sister at Zona Sunday.
Joe Pace, of Talisheek, was a
Sunday visitor.
Mrs. M. A. Morris, of Hattis
burg, is visiting relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Waller re
turned Friday from a three :
thousand mile automobile tour.
they toured through Mississippi,
Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and:
South Carolina.
Mr. Steve Stafford of Zona,
was a business visitor Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Pierce
were Sunday visitors,
J. G. Moore was a New Or
leans visitor Monday.
Sheriff Sale-No. 2086.
Great Southern Lumber Co.
A. J. Denham.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of seisure and sale, issued
out of the 26th Judicial District Court
of Louisiana in and for Washington
Parish, in the above entitled cause.
and to me directed. I will proceed to
sell at public auotion to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday, November 16, 1912
at the principal front door of the court
house at Franklinton, La., between
the legal sale hours for judical sales,
the following described property. to.
Lots Nos. 14, 17 19, 21 and 22 of the
A. J. Denham addition to South-west
Bogalus, according to a plat thereof
on file in the Clerk's ofice.
Terms of sale: Cash with benefit of
This 9th day of October, 1919.
T. J. Simmons, Sheriff.
Sheriff Sale.-No. 08l?.
Great Southern Lumber Co.
A. J. Denham.
By virtue of a order of seumre ad sale .
ouil out of the lath judicial distric omt d
Louisiana, In a wd for Waahidl io n
the above oentitled cauns, Iliu see to's U
at public suction, to the last sd ilhest bid.
der, on
Saturday, November 16, 1912
at the prlncipal front door of the courthouse at
Fnr lntous, .between the leal ae hIars
for judial t, me following decribed prop.
crty, to-wit;
LotsNos. 5,and 1I of the A. J.
Denham Addition to S. W. Boplusa,
according to plat thereof on file 'in
the Clerk's omfie.
Terms of sale: Cash, with benefit
of appraisement.
oThis th day of October, 101s.
T... Smmons, Sheriff.
Noto for PMHleetliU.
Department of the Interior,
. S. Lead Office at Bats Ion s, Ia.
Sept. 10,112.
Notiee is hereby von that Wesly
.Peters of , who on
June, 9 mldJonlPoh. E.
No. , Lo No. 4 eon 3,
Townipi 1 8. Ranos 14"B.: BSt Hel
ena Mouilini a fiSed notice of In
tentions to mnake Fl. Tear jroof,to.
establish olim to th li above
dcrimbedsbefethe a Clek of C *ort
at, iait , on the th -,
Ft0 Wary ato Anier Ia.
Our Great Anniversary
Sale Closed Sept. 28th.
It was indeed gratifying to us to receive so many orders from
other towns and we wish to thank every one who patronized ur
during the sale and to assure you we are improving our facilities
every month, make you cash prices on your needs that cannot help
but appeal to you because you get more goods for same money and
same goods for less money. Our cash prices this week:
Arbitrator flour, the best...$6.25 Baking Powders. all kinds,
Southern Belle, good........ 6.00 10c sizes, 2 for.......... 15c
Meal or Grits, per lb......2 3-4c Milk, VanCamp's, tall, 3 for 25e
Standard Granulated Sugar, Milk, Libby's, per can..... 10c
per lb............ .....512c per dos. .... ........ $1.15
Brown Sugar, per lb......4 3-4c Blue Ridge Corn, per can.. 10c
Green Coffee....17c, 20c. 22 1-2c 3 for... ............. 2
Rice, best head, per lb..6c to 7c Big R. Tomatoes, 2-lb cans
Cracked Rich, per lb........ 5c 2 for.................... 15e
Lard per lb. ............ 10c Octagon Soap, 6 bars for.. 25
Lard, per 60 lb. tub....... 9c Lenox Soap, 7 bars........ 25e
Wrapped Bacon.. .... 15 1-2c Salt, 6 pkts for............. 2t
Tobacco, all brands, 6 for.. 25c Matches, 6 pkgs for........ 25c
Mall us your orders. Shipments made the same
day-orders are received.
The Big Square Deal Cash Store.
Furnishers and Shippers~of
Everything for the Home and Farm.
A meeting of the stockholders of
the Gorman Oil Company will be
held at the Court House in Frank
linton, La., on Tuesday October 15th,
at 11 o'clock a. m.
Every landholder and citizen of
Washington Parish that is interest
ed in the completion of the test well
near the Gorman school is invited to
attend. Come yourself and bring
your neighbor. This is important.
Do not leave it to the other fellow,
but COME yourself.
W. N. BURCH. Sec. and Treas.,
S. R. LPPINCOT. Fld Mgr.

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