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W -~"o . t '. r\
Washington Parish Fair ,
AtFranklinton, Louisiana . '
October 17, 18, 19, 1912
"Olcial Journal of Washlangton Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
.. . . . . .. _ _ - -. - - - I
Reform Amendment Benefits Him Most Because. He
Has Suffered Most From Present Tax System.
By I. . MOUaS.
The farmer and other small
tax payers benefit most by the
proposed tax reform because
they have suffered most from
the inequalities and abuses of the
present system, which has made
Louisiana a paradise for tax dodg
ing corporations and other con.
earns that can conceal their
wealth or the true value of their
property, The farmer cannot
conceal his property. He is
therefore taxed on it all, whether
assessments in his parish be high
or low. The present inequality
between one man and another in
the same parish, which in some
cases has resulted on one man
paying twice the taxes of an.
other'on property of the same
vale, will be wined out by the
provisions of the amendment.
[he situation created by the tax ;
reform amendment is admirable i
from the point of view of the
fri r, 'both personally and as
the beneficiary of the services
performed by the parish and
state governments. These as- j
sortions are easily proved from j
the facts without any complicated,
argument. Most of the parishes t
levy the full 10 mills permitted t
by the constitution. The state i
ta. onae six mills, is now five
mills. Fund ax is one-filth t
mill. As the other special taxes i
are not m any way affected by K
the tax reform amendments, g
they na6ed not be considered. j
The farmer as therefore paying a v
totaDn taxes affected by the t
amendmnent of 159.20 mills. ,
This is pf course, less in the
srlbe$ that levy lessdhan 10
The new tax for the Comfed- r
crate Pension Fund raises their
a frog lfth to a whole mill a
' is: the slightet doubt ,
ieIwid a.y reasonable a
perseajbat Louisiana will vote ,
this one mill tsa for the old
soldlers. It is therefore certain i
thrt if I.te tax reform amend. ,
amt beddested and the Coa- p
feeratq$ Pensions tax added to b
the ers ' present teaes, he b
wlfl pip tbor-ftbs of a mill 1
Thaw8t aik ake a total of sixteen q
ad oar th mills, a
"itJ 4ierefore plainly evident b
tbpt uieen Iand one fourth mills
i'~lrl ei farmer' taxes, not .
aprd: isg lbs special psaish A
tuxe.*r roadi sad schools. ete
I  b foirom amendment m
prastil the pisshes to levy tbhei p
Mdar .*dullslx. mills sip;te
% ab'rterwa so"nesm The I
.ylsb 9 ar'therefore allowed a
..mlls o their own ut
' 1ayh otbelevie4t i-t
s t a ll sa - i
IIthe state tax one and one-hals
e mills mentioned above) remain
e the'same. They will be collected
Sas at present on the properts
taken for state tsixtion and ma
e be voted and levied on all prop
- erty, just as they are now, in the
future. It is thus evident that
Sthe roads will be better taken
rcare of than they are to-day.
The schools are guarmnted $1,
020,000 as a minimum yearl ap
propriation from the state. This
i amount is the same as provided
in the appropriation bill passed
'by the last session of the legl
Slature, but under the present
tax system it will probably be
less as assessments in the over
flowed sections will be ldwered
It is five per cent more than the
money the schools aually got
last yar. Yet tj, tq reform
-amendment guarantees it as the
minimug sad thj es aste of
what the scbools will a under
the new ;system is $1,250,000 a
year. None of the special shool
taxes are affected. They will be
levied as at present and ma -be
voted in the future on all proper
ty both the property segregated
to the state and left to the par
It might be asked: What: hap
pens to the veterass' pension
fund? The one mill tax amend
ment provides that it shall not
give their fund over $550,Q00.
-The tax reform amendment pror'
vides that they shall not ge Ip lI
than $50,o000. They gt en 8a
break either way. I
Another impprts.t consira
tion for the farmer iseth amep
anean permittqgj sb~ Wishes t
remove the taxes to thse eqa of
$0001n value from his buoa.
and buildings. This ihould be
-pt , iIfP itli sIIe
vote frlit, the eampt&osW be
Theare not all the argameptt
in favor el the adoption of the
amendments submitted to. the
people for the deotoj Neosu
beor it, Ita $ag Br l f
tnres that sbould appeal prt
arly to the harmers, who sFe
garter pi. S g better
and roas and sa bave tSl f
building + epm4a i f they
uood feastre ofa*s tpz rrs . Ii
The aeasdmubt ordiss Rhe
assessors to print maps qt ilhe
sirshe·ssa4 geu oneachp9pes m
they .vale thel..amand theis
at which they value the lpaqve'
Its. They r them ordepet
v *. ad thIs ap Prmtag apist
bmlaete are madb
mey rlsth~ ' lower their
) son why the two were separated.
In addition to the benefts
noted aboe, all the parish govern
ment but three, Webeser, Jef
ferson and-St. Bernard, make a
fe profit on the change. The state
is obligated to pay them whot
they lose. A certain complipa*
tion caused by some towna pqy.
lig parish taxes and other towns
not paying them will be ssttled
Sin a fair way by the same ie*
a Imboureement. Plrst, the par
Ish re*Imburses the towns tnat
pay parish taxes. They do this
! oetof their profits. It it shoyld
wipe the profits out, the stte
makes sood to the parlsbie. In
the state makes good to the
towns, This arrangement is
made clear in Article Eight of
I, the amendment.
The many other benetts of the
tax reform amendment canpot
Sbediscussed in this article for
Slack of space. Later artices
will fully explain them. I the
meantime, any person nota siqb
Sscnber to a paper that h . pript
Ilu the asem dments g obtain
a copy of the tax reform amepd.
ImenSiby sending his name and
address on a postal card. to hbe
SGovernor's o Ie atBason Roue.
Cashie's Wi ltsa Deaily
Adel, G., Oct. 1--, M. 'A.
SCrosby, cashier of .thq ak of
Adel, I ,ot and kiled dujg
last night by his wife, at thir
home here, and Mrs Crosby then
comrtttesd suicide. Th e bodies
were found early to-day by their
6.year-old son..
Croby'bod llE io bed, the
bullet whbic caase4 his depth
Iamedis t fter the disco,.
ery of the atragedy the coroner
hemd an lnqe 1
. ! ,,
watphatl pthboI ib .Mir
'1 juad L pglit on the c
part Of the *o. was.respo rl i
beI tlr e rag4lpbe thoy I
$yopqgjby intimate friends.
sail W i.pea ItN t Asts a
... W..s ** I r A**
. r, h .~O4 14i- t
i l4a mateistap qsa, sat/
Rarq Gigs., E Of ic ,
ThM it.brilW mdrin
by Dt.l M ObCptIWuoos es*
spedwl walf nan irylar
edled while in lorida in trac
log up'the man's first wife, and
the witnesss to the airiage.
silot wfhom expressed their wail
il*gpea tqoaome to Louisiana to
testity but when Shedman was
acqugiated with these facts he
dqerded tO admit his guilt, and
the district attorney wired the
witnesses in Florida that their
prssece would not be necessary.
Not only did Shedman's frst
Wife spress her belief that he
was married twice, but she aus
pbted that be had beat imarried
three tlmee, tleast, it is said.
Y hltiaFm Fmi
OsVhi ost sad preen it witban
l* days at Draghos's. Praseali
aiums oeG . ~rMm, sml., pay.
lag ash for sa aallMbsd KbolarMp
samdthe onse will rsfund your rail
si. kam. It th asmse [email protected] 110,
s w gea Ol0 rubae sad 10 per
etof th. s; if *oSe 1s less
talu $10, a .10 blooa w llbe m a
l ayed os slaeofrlrsdtare. It
yoa easot eoter within rsly days,
semd .si for a boholsehlp, goood to
I;4pel pIm srt reaq isand we
will ish ya~Boubeeplag or Sho.
bya by sUl MB. Drsgmho's
Boem St drwllhrdaoeyor .sy sad
eapeas at ollegs Oper oitnt. By
tas rageon la d aesthod yoe
, teur sewal bty aslaatooloDp.
1arl ýr Imformaton and for
?ýýCAL susiNEss COL
Will You Spend ONE D
to Elect Wilson Presiddt?
How deep is your conviction that this gmrmet' t to
How much are you in favor of a clean slats from WiLo sad Maq q d,,1I
th. ine to the very smallest offices layout locality?
he Democratic National Commaittee has ee reason to beli ve tst ..v
gressive voter is wiing to spend a dollar to elect Wiloe and Marshall and
And that thousands are anxious to contribot to the Wilson Campsr.i t.
amoua of- , , 0 ,land . d
To such we make our appeal To such we must look for vtoe .
Tiue An Important Factor
TIh b sother cas where tdse is mosey.
keM_ have their famds--uppled Ieatatly by
WI aWotiyaftr da yoad contribudoes t be ede
dv, must be revedlma onoce.
Thern hMeo of the money of the ole el
a bletoetemy of the Trus.
S a sssgreater even i volume ad wll u osd l
Irird4 telliig ways.,
fai te eete It must be received sad used wils
ulie Is aboltely eessary. Let as have your
or th list yes ake ap from yuear heads a(
aosee today I possble, tomorrow enwe
Hao Y our n barer ha s
Se sto talk'abo biuse.
bike h vr usd spectacular methodito -bs bilsef
Sgeass work has hbee dome withoute ostashl, I.
the sspedios diassed mmase
sW aomse d voetrs do not baoy what a rsay
-j.s wilss lr do e ma t aow hl
'.di `amees the
as s ale yewr dollars is Just ibis way-..
. w.t a py ered way hr a
m e have csmdeseo we wl do Itis tl.aLd
WL the D41qat Cor
teiwass IYe " theI
he Goversesat oml a oi SeIUpslM
whevtheir ya is as,
ws ta s eo me cama evess
Sneess im3 cS vii am
.ine _ mlu a eiwm e,
Is . u v bi !p " ..
- ,! ,~u . f
"i"a.........."-. .... .-. ,
.. .
I. r. D.............. e. ................ .....
r0. D. VMaado
w: o sirt
3a "`S'\ _ ,3"W(4 .=nF·F., ' d.,l: .!
ru: UAT4 ' -
uhhI rruw. ML!M 'I
law -'
R~aj$~g Tools '
! =
4~ - I
" 107 _ _ " _ * t S, 1
A' 2 ýA
" j~ijjflL _ _j

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