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Local I
Brief Mention of Local and Personal
i Happenings of The Week.
Miss Lucille Magee spent the
week-end in New Orleans.
NOTICE-I am applying for
pardon. Rodney Magee
Hon. Wmin. Magee is quite ill at
the home of his daughter, Mrs.
J, M. Burris.
J. W. Schilling and Dr. L. W.
Brock of Mt. Herman motored
down Monday.
Miss Joe Powell of Bogalusa,
visited her sister Francis at the
City Hotel Sunday.
dr, and Mrs. C. Ellis Ott, of
Bogaluas, were guests of Mrs.
M. W. Ott Saturday.
Miss Zula Sprinq spent Sun
day-with her mother at the In"
Srmary in New Orleans.
Mrs. T, M. Babington and
sons, Herbert and Tom spent
Saturday in New Orleans,
Mrs, D. C. Wood and kaughter
Agnes attended the -Davidson
Pound wedding, at Rio Tuesday.
Oar sanctum had a pleasant
call from Mrs, Ira Pope and
Miss Knight on Tuesday after-.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Bickham
and children of Bogalusa, were
Sundaygurests of Mrs. J. L.
Brock. I
Mrs. W, C. Magee and Miss
Norms and Robert of Bogalusa,
were guests in the Alford home
Miss Fowler who is teaching t
. at Ilwrenoes Creek, was a week.
end guest of her sister at the
Wood Hotel.
Free reading privilege is given a
to patrons who occupy the tables I
in the refreshment department s
of Peoples Drug Co, a
Willis Corkern left Tuesday
for Hot ;prings where he will r
attend his mother during her
tihatne t for rheumatism.
Potato Crates, Tomato Crates
iand ean Hampers at very low
4priOes. Apply
Covuigton Grocery & Grain Co., a
27-4t Covington, L, a
SMrs. Ada Babington enter.
ltaIed the Bible Classes and' b
o thofe IMetodist ISu«
mhaI several games and sen.
The Noble Queen Chbpte eo.
Isnleaed verd y elabbatel on last
Frijed v nsPag i honor of Mr,
adMrs.J.C. Palmer, aof St.
uPIFt%, who weretwo of the
merslmblers of thidis lodge
w:- bs it or anae la 1905.
T1e irat Teachers Institute g
sessIionu wa heldo is the r
Wlasrwelittla ded by the teach- -
e rthougbont the psrlsh. Some
liv discussion on interesting j
sbats were engaged in, and lh
smse spselaJly helpful work done 3
yth. mlodel school. p
.e oaabokla the rfst Baptistl
9iureh of Rio, was 'soolemnised
SvryetS church wedding g
SMr. Charles Davidson of i
sora d Miss Ines n
PW a BlR. The bride has t
msdrfrds at tlY,
hem bs wishes the
anp ot itb ove be
from which the farmf
derive moire bened4
ateoses th. farmers P
bis thit with me l
Cotton Faoctors. New Orleans, La.
Liberal Advances on Consignments.
Warehouse charges on uncompressed cotton, including drayage.
sampling, weighing and storage, first month, per bale........ 25e
Extra storage each additional thirty days or fraction thereof
per bale.................................................... . .
Insurance first month (basis $60 valuation) per bale, about...... .O
Insurance each additional thirty days or fraction thereof, per
bale, about..........................................
i. Mrs. Lucy Magee is on the
sick list this week.
Misses Rosa and Etta Mizell
d and Myrtle Wood were Sunday
guests of Mrs Knight of Hackley,
, Daily newspapers, magazines
a etc, constantly on sale, and or
ders taken for any publication,
novels rented, and reading priv
ilege extended by,
Peoples Drug Co.
FOR SALE-Hastings ,100
Bushel Oat Seed at $1per bushel.
These oats are on my farm near
Sunny Hill. W. M. Schilling,
Amite City, La.
A. D. McBrydeof New Orleans
insurance adjuster for Farmers
& Merchants Bank, was in town
Tuesday estimating damages
sustained by the bank building
in the recent fire. Repairs will
begin at once now and in a short
time this splendid .building will
be restored to its original beauty.
Mrs. J. L. Magee left for New
Orleans Tuesday, to put little
Katherine under the care of the
pecialists who have been treat
ing her dislocated hip for the
past six months. The little one
now has to be encased in a steel
cast for another half year, when
it is hoped the joint will be en
tirely and permanently replaced.
One very small Fox Terrier dog.
The dog is entirely white except
a black spot around one eye.
Histail has been cut of very
short. He answers to the name
of "Judge Hall" or "'Bump."
Any information leading to his
recovery will be rewarded.
The Era-Leader.
On Monday night, Oct. 28, in
the school auditorium, Edward
Reno, the magician will perform
some wonderful feats in the
magic art to which the public is {
cordially invited to be present.
This the rst of a series of
Afive entertainments which will
be preseted by the Lyceuml
Course duPlea thai  sion of the
Annual Meeting of the Par-,
iah Medical A sseciatio . ,
OnTuesday st l 1 a.m in thl
court-house here. the Parish
Mediceal Asmociation held a very
enthsiuasti meeting, electing
. C. Cola, of BogPuasa, President
and J. L. Brock o FPraidmshton,
ScreteryTreasurer, .'he fol
1oy; unmber. e apresent
PA-W.g their annual duesa of $8
S.E. Laerty, E. A. Pireerc
J. . Pierce, H. C. Cole, of Bogs
l.ss, W. J. Jones, J. 0. Denman,
',. L. Brock, of PraukUlinton, W.
P. Bacot, of Varnado, M. Ba1te
man,. of Ricehardson, H. V. Joi'eo,
Questions promoting the pro
grdss aud fellowship of the pro
feedon were disueassed and a
5ridendid program arranged for
'othe next m~'tif, which will be
heldat Bogaluua, on Wednesday
act so. st whieh meetigt every
Dootor In the parish is urged to
be preseat,
Ihe Association 'wll sa't in
busai.,ssessioa: a* 4:30 p. m. on
Oct. 80th, in that Boauias Bos
pital, with opea didussions on
all business rimatters concerningl
the body,e or pecially disculsing
thefreqoen~ y and prder of tfu
tare meetind a.
A niht..!sion will beheld at
the Great ISouthern Hotel. on
this same aia, with the fohlowing
thwdtan Iea
Jno. B. Elliot or Geo. Bell, of
New Orleans.
Paper on Infant Feeding, by
Dr. L. R. DeBuys New Orleans.
Following this program the
Association will be entertained
at one of the Great Southern's
noted banguets.
Every Doctor in the parish is
earnestly urged to be present at
this meeting. Membership in
the Parish Medical Association
is required before any psysici an
can be eligible to membership in
the State or American Medical
To The Public.
We wish to thank you again
for the kind sympathy and en
couragement given us since our
misfortune. For a while we felt
discouraged and down hearted
but in view of the loyalty of our
customers as well our creditors,
we have decided to resume busi
ness and will be found in the
Franklinton Mere. Co's. ohl
stand next to the Peoples Drug
Our loss will be heavy and in
order for us to get back on our
feet it will be necessary for those
indebted to us to meet their ob
ligations promptly, so that we
may be able to meet ours.
Tharking you kindly for your
patronage in the past and sin
cerely hoping that you will re
member us in the future, we are,
Yours very truly,
Burris ýros, Ltd.
Two Killed, One Fatally
liurtin L. & N. Wreck.
Birmingham, Ala., Oct 12.
Engineer Dave Singleton and
Frank Duncan, negro, fireman,
were killed, and Jere Echols,
passenger, was probably fatally
injured when passenger train
No. 8 on the Louisville and Nash
ville was wrecked at Cunningham
awitch, 12 miles north of Birm
ingham, at 8;80 this afternoon.
A score were more or less in
The engine slit a switch and
every car except ahe diner and
one Pullman was derailed and
turned, over. All passengers
were shaken up.
The injured were brought to
$irmingham in a special relief
t'*in that went out from here.
'he train is a fast one running
between Cincinnati and New
Orleans. It was due here about
4 o'clock and was running a little
One Killed; Four Hart.
, Shreveport, L, Oct. 11.-A
as explosion in a room adjoin.
ing the boiler department of the
Columbia Compress this after
noon caused the death of one man
and the serious injary of four
others. The compress and sev
eral bales of cotton were damar
ed by fte and water.
\ John Peavy, employee of the
Shrveiort as and Electric
Ofght Onpany was burnel so
bakly thli he died about four
hours after the accident.
Wida 6nes, son of John B.
Jones, of the Vicftoria Lumber
Compan, was barned seriously,
and ma not recover. Henry
Aylera; enineear of thecompress
was injueda badly, but probably
will recer. Cy Bradley sad
fallt bu not flly burned.
When i the ~eplesea ocaored
Mr, it i sstated, was at
work oneoa. o fe atib pipes at
the comnrss, H wine workl
in as .4jue hia the
not yet determined, there was
an explosion. It shook that end
of the buildnig, which immedi
ately was enveloped in flames
and was heard for a considerable
distance, causing great excite
ment in the neighborhood.
A strange feature of the oc
currence was that none of the
men, though given a tremendousj
jar and frighttfully burned was
render unconscious. All were
able to move out of the fire .
Two or three of tho men were
almost naked when they got away
from the fire. Their clothes had
blown sad burned off. One or
two had the crowns of their hats
left, the explosion having re
moved the brims.
Constable Sale..
Louis Benh
Mafnre MeElveem.
Notlee is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of semimre and arole ssued
out of the Third Ward Justice Court,
In and for Washington Parish, in the
above entitled cause and to me direct
ed for execution, I will proceed to sell
at publi sauction to the last and high
eat bidder, on
Saturday, November a, ISls
at Cumnook, La.. between the legal
sale hours, the following described
One army tent, 1 oal fork, 1 oil
cran 1 bcket, 1 dishpan, 1 lamp.1
milk pan, 8 Ames shovels, I cros-.cut
saw, I a, 80 sacks of coal.
Oeo. W. Smith, Constable.
Sheriff Sale.-No. 1068.
Great Southern Lumber Co.
A. J, Denham.
Notiee is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of seizure sad le, ssued
out of the 98th Judlcial District Court
ofLouislana, in and for Washington
parish, in the above entitled cause
and to me direted. I will proceed to
sell at publo action to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday. November 16, 1912
at the principal front door of the court
house at Pranklinto, La., between
the l sale hours for judicial sales,
the fofowlag described property, to
Lots Nos. 8, sad 10 of the A. J.
Denham Addition to 8 W. W.oglues,
aoordtopbtthereofon a le in
th Clerk's olce.
Terms of sale: Cash with bene.t of
-Tis Oth day of October, 191.
T. J. Simmons, Sheri.
Sheriff Sale-No. 20$.
Great Southern Lumber Co.
Edward Nelison.
Notiee I hereby given thatby virtue
of anorder of Seisure ad aiie ised
out of the th Judicial Distrilt Cooa
ofLoulslaa in and for Washlgton
Parish, in the above ntitled as
hi .sti.der, on
SaturdS,. November 10, 1912
it thaP wrt .oor of the
'eot 18 of the A.. IDenbm Ad.
ie tbais Wf : i na ts eOo
a~tweo Crbi ulerk'
bsfs: alyt1~~o
th;$ >t
Take Notice!
We have been tested by Panic,
Boll Weevil and Fire, and still
doing business in the same old
stand, corner Main and Pearl
Our business is increasing,
and we are growing STRONGER
day by day.
When in town, make our
building your headquarters. Will
be glad to see you, whether on
business or not.
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Shaker Preparations positively cures rheu
matism by going direct to the cause of the disease:
removes the cause and stops the effect. Rheuma
tism is a blood disease caused by an excess of uric
acid in the blood, which clogs the kidneys, pre
venting them from filtering properly the uric acid
settles around the joints. Pam follows. Fever
sets in and you hate rheumatism. Shaker medi
cines neutralize the uric acid, purifies the blood
and corrects the kidneys, assisting nature to cast
out the impuritjes in a natural manner, through
the proper channels. Take Haas Shaker Tonice
and Oil according to directions, rub where the pain"
is with the Shaker Oil, take the Tonic internally
and we will guarantee to cure your rheumatism.
Remember the name:
For sale by
Robert Babington, Ltd.
D. E. BRANCH, Agent.
Fire, Life, Accident and Health, Burglarly,
Plate Glass, Liability and Bonds.
The Oldest Insurance Agency in Washin
ton Parish. Assests of Companies
Represented Over One Hun
dred Million Dollars.
****1% * E*)E'I,
\ ._ x.  v~~*..
Letter From Rev, Corkern.
Hot Springs, Ark., Oct. 11.
Dear Editor.-
Wife and 1 are
here wife being treated for rheu*
matism. I am staying with her
to carry her to and from the
bath house as she cannot walk.
I think she is improving already.
Hot Springs is a wonderful
place, it being between the
mountains and where there is" a
valley thereis a street. Some of
the springs are so hot you ban
hardly drink the water and others
cold. There is a public spring
'~Tbe Waverly," and you can see
peopleatall times f'day going
to and fromn that sping with
ta.# rt d 4 It
It reminds me of Jacob's w
where Jesus met the Samari
woman and gave her the wa
of everlasting life.
Wha I ase the ladies comla
the springs with vessels it
me think of Abraham's as
at the well, where he fouidna
becca, and she became
wife. Some of the.
built upon the sides
tains. They digaiap
the side of
build on thek
reminds ne of
Tbe wia*e
a rook. It s apgb
ihre. Imi '
1_ . ... , `-

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