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Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
¶ , . ., I 1'l .I .. . 1 .
Items of General Interest Occur
ring Since Our Last Press Day.
Mrs. Dickey Freed by
Magnolia Jury.
Magnolia, Miss., Nov. 9.-The
most sensational case ever tried
in this county came to an- end
this morning when the jury :
which heard the evidence and
argument of attorneys for and ]
against Mrs. Callie Dickey, the n
Osykawoman charged withkilling !
her husband, returned a verdict
of noo guilty. a
Mrs. Dickey was indicted at d
this term for the murder of her f
husband, Walter Dickey. a prom- o
inent citizen of New Orleans, i'
whose death under mysterious b
circumstances last summer led T
to the suspicion that he had ft
been poisoned. The fact that R
S Dickey sad his wife were practi- w
CalJy separated on account of W
another, caused her to be sus- a
pected of the crime from the c
outset, and when Dickey's broth- Yi
or, who was with him when he
died, told the officers that the cii
dgng ma had said his wife had the
poisoned him with strychnine bu
uid the state chemist had made do
an alsis of his stomach, And. in
i'g therein over two grains of any
tryobnaine, Mrs. Dickley was
laced under arrest. She was M
addmitted to bond, waived pre- re
liminary invesatgtion and up to had
the time she was indicted, two giv
weeks ago. when she was placed tha
in Jail, had remained quietly at den
her home in New Orleans.
,.ý ; District Attorney Wall and was
County Attorney Holden were son,
asisted in the prosecution by was
Ar B. W. Cutrer, of Osykal the
Adendant was represented rel.
by Price d& Priceand E.J. Sim
Sof the local bar, and the her
Straalegal battle. disc
hi snate relied mainly for TI
: u: ictimonon the dying declara- d
l t DiUkey as told by his he a
.iior Dickey and the he h
týlve was predict, a bla
Sslicit relations had 1
re S syoung man of color
r :laddition, the state befoi
b1wM t rhepr nce of strych- Wi
ach. A no that 1
`oiib' t11 ;f :Penitentiary a
S tha 'had been hired by bgo
F a with Mrs, Dickey's short
ti sd consent to shoot ler
Spl beiis to create hO
S eslor's which
bilusei torud to their I
he the- nepo was k
. hIdst It was prove ad a
.r was mhade sand of
Ai barou him from dU ~
I) ' r Iaseanersl f fir
o iftlleamld.they
4eehodaIn lot in
oed by he·
~b~;~· Iwere]
-~a Dbsfi
zw :: rId~-h
Robertson Sobers up Behind
Jury. Prison Walls After Killing
Best Friend..
.r tried Baton Rouge, La., Nov. 6.-Ed
an- end Robertson to-day made the state.
le jury ment that the shooting of Joe
ce and Young was entirely unintentional
or and He says that his friendship was 1
ey, the such that he would as soon have t
hkilling shot a brother.
verdict "Mr. Robertson was drunk
and did not know what he was e
eted at doing at the time," said one E
of her friend who is close to the young
prom- man charged with murder. "He j
rleans, is sorry for what he has done
erious broken-hearted over the tragedy. e
ar led The two men were the closest of tI
e had friends, and I know that Mr.
t that Robertson did not know what he
racti s sw doing. Neither did he know Si
ut of what he was saying when he m
sus- made the statement to the o.ff- of
a the cers that he had to shoot Mr. na
)roth- Young." di
n he Whether the tragedy was aec. R
b the cidental or a drunken quarrel
B had the oficers were unable to tell, "
hnine but an investigation is being con. re
made ducted into the killing last night
find. in Robertson's room in the Deaf i'
a of and Dumb Institute. ion
was From his cell in the parish jail
was Mr. Robertson sent word to the an
re- reporters before noon that he ba
P to had nothing to say. His silence,
two gives support to the police theory Am
eced that the shooting was not acci- ma4
V at dent$al.
The gun used in the tragedy the
and was not carried by Mr. Robert. and
were son, but was in his room, and taul
by was picked up by him during ho
Os. the quarrel, if there was a quar- knit
ted rel. It was a 41-calber, rusty, vor
lim- and loaded in five of the chain- tar.
the ber. Only one chamber was
discharged. ner
for The statement by Robertson, port
ira- made last night to the police as r
his he was being taken to jail, "that cou
the he had to kill him" coupled wit
ict- a black eye which Mr. Robertson and 1
ma had this morning, gave a4ditional and
iof color to the story of a difficulty fue.
ste befor the shooting. con
h While the report this morning far
that the two men several weeks
ago had disagreed mny prove to or
by be correct, it was evidently of
F short standing, because factsl:
clearly established this morning The
stehow that Mr. Young had taken Ci
h is friend home, with the idea of
i putting him to bed. Mr. Young mon
Stook Robertson hone in a hiack, i
and as the two got out in front b
of the institution Mr. Young d
Ssaid to the driver: la
" ySty hpre until I put him to IO
bed,I m goig to drive back
uptown with you. I' be right i
1 bak.,"
.T hese were the last words rlSa
ano uyone heard Mr. Young utter.
•The hackmanidomd of on his Na
aii knowin noqthing of the *j
h ~llibJrinside te institute until ws
6ag after the shooting, when th
rends wee gaoing into the cn
tuinsdLD. Beale, who was in indoj
cIistibitation with the defendnat adOi
st 5 tbistitute last nilht. be w
I:i*c ~Attorney Holaembs
*ls moringat id the pse win
t hipiaedbefore the grr ijurj;CP'
Tdefense made no eaort to
! ectf a bond to day. et
The remain, of Joe Youne wee
we tme. la.T night ~ fom the ws i
i Dem~anDhirbhIastitute to the twol
.f ridmnciof John Predo doo, n we
1LtZ~ Sttei~y . Th uwrjtOt iL i
Holmes Arralga Women.
. folks on the Country Farms.
ay. The arraignment of the wives
and daughters of the country
lehindcontained in the report of Geo,
ellin K. Holmes, chief of the division
of production and distribution of
the department of agriculture,
6.-Ed presided over by James Wilson
stte. when shown some of the officials
, Joe and delegates to the Farmers'
itional National Congress now in con
p was vention in New Orleans, and also
have to some of the women in 'attend
ance, caused little or no surprise
drunk Friday. Several of the items
a wa embrased in the report of Mr.
i one Holmes wll be discussed at the
young convention which does not ad
"He journ until Monday of next
one- week and it is certain that sey
gedy eral features will be developed
wt of that may surprise the officials at
Mr. Washington.
At he "Country ladies," said A. P.
now Sandles, secretary of the depart
o he ment of agriculture of the state
oM" of Ohio, "have neither forgotten
Mr. nor are they too proud to do the
drudgery work which their
I randmothers had to do' before
hrrel them. They don't have to is the
te, secret, for the ,.country lady is
con, really coming into her own, and
ight is beginning to occupy her place C
Deatin dociety, which rightfully be
longs to her.
jail "Farm life is becoming more $
the and more attractive. Farm e thlif
he has a name, it has music, it has the
Sflowers, it has culture and re Col
ry inement with a soial life, in ta
ci- many instances enviable"
"In some instances, very rare, ber
edy the mothers have a false pride frig
ert and their deanhters are not fro,
ad taught how to cook a meal, or him
ing how to make a cup of coffee, or fors
rknit a sock. In mch cases adi.
ty, vorce case is ahead of the daugh- tins
n- r. tan
S; "Wage pid totrm labor has but
incresed in about the same pro. the
portion as compensation for oth" bugg
or laboi has Incroosed. Of of a
course the lure of the town at- ara
th tracts many om, rural districts was
o and thesocial phaoe of the town trail
,al and y life also had their In. kille
ty fluences on the youth in the splis
country. In some lnstances
farm hands are Pid more than
mon per month be~ue they are
worth more '
f "Properit'", pgid Mr. Sand" re
r le, "ulla=ymUns heapdolla~'s bank
ag The crPaaeper apit of our
a dcrcplafi~ng mtiam has an in" .del
u f uec T' ¶amrsp, when w
ms neywas lesa t4 per ap" with
it, a dll Paroled more den
Slabor uad more com mo dity tpa mn
it doese whre.tbe per, pitj haed 
cylatioius nearing the 840 lark. cOnd
SIn othler pords, it cst more to and
h live now than ever before, but
its worth it" their
The i
Is S eramble fr Job at law
r. Natebtoeeaes lost I
1 Natchitoqhes, Ls, No,. 7-*The
eletion of Wipp and Maraba ueb
* candid4ts for *e g jtappetert aI
sbip, the on'lt le !'til d
saith i
"blo wll contnu e.
* .Det wol au. i~u '
,a wepa "n4 Iop Ks
ýRobert Babington, Ltd.
Collosal Season's
and will continue a short time.
Hurry for the Bargains.
Everything n the Great Store at
a Genuine Bargain Sale Price.
e. Thrown From Buggy.
McComb, Miss., Nov. 7.-As
H. L. White was leaving his home
= this morning at 5 o'clock to catch
Sthe Merry Widow, en route to
Solumbia, where he is superin
-- tending the erection of a big
sawmill plant of J.J. White Lum
, hber Company, his horse became
Le frightened and threw Mr: White
It from the buggy and so stunned
r him that it was some minutes be
ir fore he regained consciousness.
-- , The frightened animal con
tinoed its journey for some dis.
tance to the railroad crossing,
s but reaching there turned down
the track and continued with the
Sbuggy for about three-quavters
of a mile,to a bridge, where the
emamal became entangled and
was run over by the passenger
- train. The horse was instantly
killed. The bugy was torn to
Wite of Banker Held
as Accomplice.
Chicago, Nov. 8.-Mrs. Mar
garet Kirby. wife of the private
banker whose business was taken
over by a receiver after he was
deolared mentally incompetent
was arrested to-day and charged
with-having "operated a confi
dene game."
The specific charge is that she
had knowledge of the insolvent
condition of her husband's bank
and yet made no effort to pre
vent depositors from Dlacing
their money in Kirby's, care
The warrant was obtained by a
lawyer who deposited $100 and
losit. /
waY Do YoU sCRACc -
oillteTeer Ointment will stop .
that Cias or your money back. 10s.
YIW lWll Fare Free.
Cit th out and present It within
1sz djs at Dreanghon's Practical
Uinslei Golegdo an, ubtoZ~ , pay
la pena for a mdloted scholarship
Sanbe CdOlge wilm rend your rai
road ae. If the fes exceeds $10,
ywupillget*10, rebat and 10 per
ent ?the e ; u thefare is le
iss Sl, 0 o10 DIeOUNT wlmt be al
lowed yesnoo Ima uiroad fare. UI
CA oP e trr winthin *Is days,
r, meantoe isholeral1p, good to,
i a u oleuges at anytUme and we
w le ssac yosookteplgo r short,
S asit fUB. Draughon's
S wllEdls~oeyourr stay ad
st ollege o per ment. By
ab p as w oel by Uasethje
D iv
-4u4w. & .*:
r I4t$4.
aying Tools .
the ecull rats obti.sd f"rom ya Deisi me
rakes, staders sad tlddr They ars relale maiass.
and will do the une wrk for yo tht hake me l
and so s albot a Doitag rai timet a rtei
sto yoer headmqarmrs whlm aur a toa sit - do
sire. Ask for a Dseriag muI whasselasas
better than we ca..
wI t tn ws cn,
Get what
you pay for.
t Every blnew mn, uepaly tthe farmes aid i
tphone mvie h tht tadebquate t meat all tht
mot enteuIve ooanegio naloalioma,
When youe use the Oumbeiand Tl pb " ;
you have what is caled unlveialJ savia>. i
able, erve the Pompt bae Prtoe
data method for ondulnag bulnmaa laim I
tg o tephone rela '-o, aeepod fg-
CunUMIAEL VISE u TEai N Vupi. V i,
*K)K~r~ KK)K( *E**
Pire, Life, Aielt s
Plate Glass, Liability
Th Olmdesttu
.6 G
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r y- ". It
{ bý'Ai s ý ; "
.^. . v - '4 .: rte ý

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