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hit era'4abtr.
Mrs. J. VOL bROCK, Editor.
btarnd e seconad olas matter AprUl 5. 1910
aS Ith pOl omec at Franklinton, La., under
ae At Coogress of March 8.1879.
Advertising Rites on Application
Address ill Communications to
4raELeader, Franklinton, La.
Advertisements and subscriptions
will be continued at regular rates un
-il all past indebtedness is paid up.
Prmanklnton, La., Nov. 21. 1912
Students Return to A. & M. Corkvesti
College. can be
Starksville, Miss., Nov. 8.- bridge
President Hightower reports On n
that the ;enrollment of students were a
at the Starksville A. & M. Col- W. C. c
leg, the scene of the late rebel- leet S
lion, is recieving marked acces- A. o.
sions and that before the end of snell
theweek there will be 800 or j,
900 students at work, by which nertc
time the machinery of the insti Robt.
tution is expected to be in smooth E.
running order, regardless of last Wood
week's strenuous episodes. C. A.J
This insurrectionhas impress- Dr. J.
ed two or three ideas on the gov- M. I
ernor and on the faculty as noth for
lag else could, though they ap- On
predated the situation before. carri
One of these is that girls have'no nishe
business in an agricultural col- Pete
legs, especially when the state and I
supports an industrial college adve:
,tihreir special benefit, and to same
w eterwhich no boy has ever ap per
pied. It alreadyad been de- catel
,,ided that the girls there now come
Ssould be the last to enter. and
SSimilarly the insurrection has plus
strUck a death blow at the fanci- Or
adpirerogatives of the seniors, carr
'who as a result of - many years' tary
precedent had become to believe cert
themselves the real arbiters of pays
iEcoilegelaw and discipline. This timl
saetiment it said to have been a 0
sitmobling block in the path of car
t: tboiacuity and the students' ed c
rebellon was the thing needed J. I
eradicate it byfa drastic step to f
i s has now been taken. two
= erer Sti lint
__ Writes Police. acr
uf ao, Nov. 17.-The police 0
Iokawanns today received tin
r letter from the confess* '
murderer of little Joseph dal
,i whose: decomposed 1
Swas. taken from a cesspool pd
.fa saloon on the Ridge .
. yerte . Like some of me
other letters and postcards
edby thepolice and Geo.
h father tithe murdered
,thdis ole,!rts that the
ibitr da Intendt surrender. mi
S~ letter Is dated Friday,
. .15, und w s mailed in Bos
S'rda' r'iing. It is
MM writer asserts
~chkawanna police
The police. place
e promise of the
Si voluntarily, and bi
Sng made thrn T
ral channels to
recieved ten
.~ed postcard
* writing, giving
of the murder
ehands of the
V Were written .
ai, although som -
wwhile others i
siewls I disjointed a
In the latter the
bly refers to being g
to day secured I
Sof men em
Police Jury proceedings. presides
Police J
Franklinton, La., Nov. 6.-The There
Police Jury in and for the Par- ness tb
ish of Washington met in regu- meet DE
, lar session at the court-house in
the town of Franklinton, with all W. E.
members present.
Meeting called to order by Floyd a
_ President Smith and the follow
ing business transacted. Richr
The committee relative to the trial we
report on the report on the Allen al
s bridge on Spring Hill road order
ed same to be paid and commit- of Virg
tee discharged. demed
On motion and carried the demed
president appointed a committee nexticial
- composed of R. F. Keaton, J. B.
[, Corkern and C. A. Jenkins to in- court a
vestigate as to what revenues M ii
can be raised to build three steel May o
- bridges. Williar
s On motion the following bills
ts were allowed and ordered paid: Judge
1- W. C. Crain & Son,bridge rep. )52 72 c
1- Fleet Smith, bridge repairs..... 8 convi
E. W. Ott, culvert lumber ...... .1664 teen y
of A. O. Ott, building bridge on A secc
Snell road........... 14 00 forth
or J. W Warner, repairs on War- resul
ch nerton bridge......... 7.... 28 78dr
ti- Robt. Babington, Ltd., mdse.... 54 25 derin
nth J. E. Batemsn services as jan- t i
itor and pumping ............. 5 Mann
st Wood & Bradley, livery bill.... 8 00 execu
0. A. Jenkins, Spring Bill bridge5 00 posed
as-r. J. B. Pieroe, October salry 00
ov- Mrs. P.B. Carter, court rten., peal t
th for third quarter ...... .. 81 25 new
ap- On motion duly seconded and Mond
re. carried, the specifications fur- have
:no nished by A. J. Cowgill for at
col- Peters Lake Bridge was adopted men
bate and the secretary authorised to men,
ege advertise for bids for building To
to same on the following terms; 5 shoo
ap- per cent interest bearing certifi- len c
de- cates in a series of three, to
now come due Jan. 1st., 1914, 1915 of Fl
and 1916, and based on the sur- by
has plus revenues of each year. tion
uci- On motion duly seconded and trial
ors, carried, the president and secre
ars' tary were authorized to sign j lead
lieve certificate of indebtedness in le
s of payment of cost of estimating
This timber to A. G. Bassett.
mn a On motion duly seconded and
h of carried a committee was appoint
ants' ed composed of R. E. Keaton,
eded J. B. Corkern and C. A. Jenkins
step to formulate plans as to building
s. two steel bridges on Bogue
Chitto River, one above Frank
linton and one below, also one
lide. across Pearl River, near Peters
On motion the session con
eived tinued until Nov. 11th., and ad
tess' journed to meet sagain on that
seph date.
posed Franlilintonl, La.,Nov. 1.--The
spool Police Jury met pursuant to ad
Ridge jrment of Nov. 6th, with all
n of members present.
cards Meeting called to order by
Ge. the president and the following 2
ered business transacted:
t the On motion and carried the
r. matter of making donation to ch
'riday, the Gorman Oil Company, was am
SB laid over until the next regular sa
Sis meeting. 3
serts On motion duly seconded and N
imself carried the folowing resolution ge
po lie was adopted: at
place Be it resolved by the Police T
oofthe Jury iu regular session assem ai
L, and bled, that, on and after the first u
Sthra Tuesday in December, the Police
els to Jury will discontinue the water
service to the citisens if the
n citizens fail to come in with the
ettard Police Jury and make the water 
giv ing works self sustaining.
Cirder On motion the following bills
were approved:
o 0the . .sUo4 Barney or. br. M
writ ten B ad.r, publishig eletion
h om no tices.... , ....**.*... . . . . .. 6 00
others Dr. J. 3. PMermeS inquest juri 60 so
mjointed arm party, boryng bodis... 466 g
ter the On mootion duly seconded and I
o beoeln aried. the timbers in the
speeifications for building Peters 1
scred le bridge were changed as
mlCCom- follows, Capsills 10x10 16 feet
m e m- long, stringer 8zx12 16 feet lona,
and nd enods2, i not to be i
tedand thatall lumber on
utdatofar as practicable,
president or secretary of the
Police Jury.
There being no further busi
ness the Board adjourned to
meet December 3, 1912.
W. L Smith, Pres.
W. E. Banister, Sec'y.
Floyd and Claude Allen Must
Richmon, Va., Nov. 18.-A new
trial was Monday refused Floyd
Allen and his son. Cloude Swan
son Allen, by the Supreme Court,
of Virginia. The men are con
e demed to die in the electric chair
e next Friday for the murder of
officials of the Darroll county
- court at Hillsville, March 14.
Fioyd Allen was convicted
1 May 17, specifically for the kill
ing of Commonwealth Attorney
William M. Foster. Allen's son,
tried on the charge of killing
2 Judge Thornton L. Massie, was
20 convicted and sentenced to fif
4 teen years in the penitentiary.
A second trial, on an indictment
00 for the killing of Attorney Foster,
resulted in a conviction for mur
2 der in the first degree July 27.
It is believed that Governor
25 Mann will not interfere with the
00 execution of the sentence im
0 posed by the courts. The ap
peal to the Supreme Court for I
25 new trials, decided adversely
ad Monday, had been pending for
ur- some time, but Virginia officials
for have proceeded with arranges
red ments for the execution of the
to men, believing that no clemency
would be shown.
g The Hillsville courthouse
if shooting in March, when the Al
to len clan resented the conviction i
915 of Floyd Allen on a minor charge
ur by killing five persons- in the
courtroom, is still holding atten
andtion in Virginia because of the
nre trial of Sidna Allen the clan
leader, now underway at wvthe
" ville.
-0--O P. G
New Orleans
From all Stations on the
N, N 0 N, ailroadi
i account visit W
Battleship o
UI Fleet. des
Dates of sale-November 27, the
g 28, 29 and 30, and December 1, kin
2 and 8, 1912.
ie Return Limit-Tickets pur
bo chased on November 27th, 28th
s and 29th, good for return pas..
ir sage, up to and including Nov.
30th. Tickets purchased on
id Nov, 80th and December 1st, I
)l good for return passage up to of
and including December 2nd.
e Tickets purchased December 2nd pu
n* and 8rd, good for return passage A
st up to and including Dec, 4. 1912. hi
be For the Round Trip
She Special Features--Saturday,
er Nov, 80, Land Naval Parade and
Champion Athletic Games.
Sunday, Dec. 1-Triangular a
Track Meet: Army, Navy and
New Orleans Athletes; followed
0oo by a Football Game between
S00 Champion Team of the Navy and
Ia an All-College Team of New Or
mad leans.
the Don,t fail to see the largest
era fleet of modern battleships that
as ever came up the Mississippi a
!eet river.
ut Por are4ber partiOUiars cal on agent
be or wrte . B. ,BAUTI,"'
e. J. McMd aoN, A. f, P. A.,
on .P.A., New Orlens.
ble. J. J. s ,eavs, C. A.. Jackson, Miss.
1or oooghW Up, whoopizg-OOUh.
. in OD m$,. fe, Contiem no
ep mol I
I p.I
S CAPITAL PAID IN $30,000.00.
Don't Be A Knocker.
Hide your little hammer and try to
speak vell of others, no matter how
small you may really know yourself
to be. When a stranger drops In, Jolly
him. Tell him this is the greatest town
on earth-and it is. Don't discourage
him by speaking ill of your neighbors.
Taere's no end of fun minding your
lown business. It makes other people
like you. tobody gets stuck on a
H. . MaBe. President.
r W. W. Babinton, Vice-Prs.
v Robert Babington, Cashier.
e W. C. Hamilton, Asst. Cashier
Rio Notes.
Mrs. W. P. Guidry spent
Wednesday in New Orleans.
L. P. Pierce was a business
visitor to Franklinton, Friday.
L. G. Maae, of [New Orleans,
I was a visitor here Friday. Sal
Mr. Jeff Stewart and family
moved to Picayune this week.
J. I. Waller was 4New Orleans
visitor Monday.
Mrs. Stella O'Neal, of Tyler
town, was the guest of Mrs. W. T
P. Guidry on Monday.
John.Taylor of Rogalusa, spent
Friday here.
Miss Rosa Richardson spent
the week-end with homefolks at
A Card of Thanks.
We desire to thank the good peo
ple of Clifton and Franklinton, EVE
fo" their kindness and sympathy Yoi
shone us during the sudden on
death of our dear husband and
father. And especially do we
7, thank the W. O. W. for their
1, kind protection
Mrs. Rosetta Alford,
and Family.
3th Sherif Sale-No. 1909.
m" Lampton Realty Company
oV. Versus
on IJ. E Wood.
Lst, Notice ishereby i ven that by virtue
to of an order of erl Fiades, Issued
nd.out of the 6th Judilal Disrit Coat
of Louisina, in and for Washington
nd Parish, in the above entitled casse.
and to me directed. I will proceed to
sell at public auction to the last and
12. highest bidder, on
Saturday, December 80. 1912
It the principal frontdoor of the court
house at Franklnton, La., betwen
the leMal sale hours for jud micale,
the following deled property. to
and Lot No. 19, Square e, in the town of
Terms of sale: Cash with benefit of
ilar appraisement.
and This 19th day of November, 1913.
T. J. Simmons, Sheriff.
Peen Bheriff sale.-No. 1910.
and Lampton Realty Company
Or- Versus
Mrs. J. E. Wood,
esnt Notice is hereby en that byvirt
thatof an order of led Fqtes Issued
that of the 96th Judiecal DiMtl Court
oippi of Louian, in and for Washington
parsh, in the above entitled cause
and to me directed. I will proceed to
sell at public auction to the last and
highet bidder, on
A., Saturday, December 80, 1912
house at nlinto, a., between
the legal sae hors or jud t les,
the foiowig deoribed proprty, to
sno Lon28, Squamre 6, in the town of
. of rjle : Oash~with benelt of
mom' app~iiiinu*
A~tb~alO( Jov mber,1.
Sidell's Bi& Mail Order House
Making shipments daily to new and
satisfied customers and
We buy in large lots.
Enjoy a very low freight rate.
t Conveniently located on three railroads.
it No expenses for traveling solicitors.
Cash with order, means no losses account
credit sales.
Every shipment guaranteed satisfactory or your money back.
You can't lose by placing your orders with us. Write for prices
n on Flour, Feed, Groceries, etc., et:.
Furnishers and Shippers of Everything for the Home and Farm.
Steel Lined
t down the lea
--Cut down the
Shoeot d spd ti sad ,
watch ym e ad al av-r
agse clbnb.
T e -s Ee l --- gves te o edwori he powde chre p i6e
Sioa Alow an Niro Club rsel hd Expeu Faeory Lauded Shl fm
,pd pleiH in any ake of shams
Remintgton ArmseUnion MetalliCud
S9 Broadway a

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