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Oficial Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
EE a..........- - - I-
Wm Rockefeller Is Best Dod
gr of Subplloenas In Whole
Wall Streef Bunch.
Doctors Say He Is Too III To Be
Bothered By The United States
At This Time.
The government has just
staged a fine mystery melodrama
in New York. The Pujo money
trust investigation committee
wanted William Rockefeller,
brbther of John D. The investi
gators suspected that he might
know something about high
They had hauled Morgan over
the coals, and raked lessor lights
good and plenty, but they could
not find John D's brother Bill,
though a bunch of subpoena.
servers had been hunting him
for several months.
At last Uncle Sam ¢ot mad
and a whole battalion of detec
tives, deputy sheriffs and as
sorted sizes of sleuths were nut
on Bill's trail. They have be
sieged his swell Fifth avenue
mansion, and thrown guards
around the home of his sons-in- 1
law, and marched a few compan
les to Bill's Tarrytown estate.
Bill's doctors have intimated 1
that he was too sick to be both- 1
ered by the United States gov- 1
ernment. One of them explained
that the patient was suffering I
with chronic swelling of the e
larynyx, and couldn't talk.
The Pujo committee believes
that Bill can talk, but won't. F
This is why they are so set p
on having the junior Rockefeller F
brother on the stand. S
Since 1865 William Rockefeller L
has been the New Yor k head of
the oil trust..
He has represented the oil 0
money in the Vanderbilt rail
roads, some 40,000 miles, and T
knows better than John D. does T
how Standard Oil dollars were a
joined with Vanderbilt dollars d.
and other bie dollars under the 8(
guiding hand of that skilled
combiner J. Pierpont Morgan.
Bill connects the Rockefeller a,
pocketbook with the Copper E:
Trust, the New York Gas Trust, Li
the Union Pacific, New York A
Central, Lacawanna, St. Paul,
New Uaven and smaller railway
lines, and Morgan's bunch of M
William Rockefeller is in his T4
seventy-second year, and has
during the last yelor two been o
tuninpg his inancial burden over
to his son, William G. He has
been in the business since he
left the Cleveland public school m
at the age of 17 to work in a mill.
William with his brother,form- oc
ed the William Rocketeller & Co.
oil concern, in 1864, and began
bellilng"8tmndard" oil. A year
later William, having married qi
Miss Almira Goodsell, moved de
last and became president of ui
the newly organized Standard
Oil Co. of New York. Now itb s
takes nine figSres to write his jo
fortupe. 4,
William, unlike his older broth
er, has given no millions to uni
versities or anything else. He
ousted the natives from 52,000
acres in the Adirondacks, and e0
created a magnificent park, And 0o
be'dranged an old civil war vet. Ja
iran through all New York to
courts just to fine him 18 cents wl
for steppingon his park. til
At T'arrytdWw, too, he bought th
a 'ilderpess, and spent several let
diaillons on it. Ht
i ~ill has the family reverence
fllioB, and is regular wor
,idi1ratthe Baptist church.
Sgui doegn't golf as well as
r Joha, but he plays the
lsecb better, and raises 'B
Bl~srawb efries and peaches,
od. Parish School Board Meeting.
ole January 7, 1913.
On the above date the follow
ing members constituting the
New Board of Directors of the
Be Public Schools of the Parish of
Washington, met and qualified:
J. D. Sylvest. Ist ward, 0. E.
ist Morris, second ward; F. B, Bate
na man, third ward; C Ellis Ott,
ey fourth ward; and J. A. Moore,
gee fifth ward. The Board proceed
;r, ed to organize with F. B. Bate
ti. man temporary chairman. On
ht motion of C, Ellis Ott, seconded
;h by J. D, Svlvest and carried, F.
B. Bateman was elected Presi- I
er dent. On motion of C. Ellis Ott,
ts duly seconded and carried J. D.
Id Sylvest was elected Vice-Presi z
II, dent. In accord with section 5 1
a* of Act No. 214 of 1912 the follow
m lng resolution on motion of C. i
Ellis Ott, seconded by J. D. Sy- 1
id lvest, was carried unanimously;
- That wards two and four consti- t
* tute group No. 1 aadj to serve J
it two years; wards one and five c
e- constitute group No. 2 and to t
e serve for four years; and ward
as three constitute group No. 3 and t
L* to serve six years. c
i- On motion duly'seconded and
carried the reading of the min- r
d utes of last meeting was post- iý
poned until next meeting of the q
I The Treasurer submitted the b
r following report for the quarter a
ending December 81, 1912.
Bal. on hand Oct. 1, 1912.....018478 90 a
Current school fund.......... 1509 26s
Poll tax............... 368 85
t Police jury appropriation.... 607 93 r
Fines and forfeitures........ 596 00
Special school taxes........ 1291 17
License...................... 88 00
State high school app........ 434 78
Balance and receipts.........918314 89
0. D. Bai. close of quarter... 49001
Total. ......... .............616 804 90
meDeVsshaIwr Ii
Teachers' salaries............017350 27 t
Supt's salary................. 40000 cl
Janitors' salaries......... 147 00
School ouildingse be
Construstion............... 15 80 c
Maintenance and repairs... 197 02 ju
Furnishing houses............ 141 84 R
Board members,perdlem.... 27 20 TI
Expense Bupt's office........ 92 43
Libraries....... ......... 831
Agricultural farms bE
Impts. and supplies....... 39 50 tih
Seed....................100 at
labor................ ..... 437 V.
Miscellaneous...........3 41 58
Total...................1.....8e 4oo th
Oredit bal............... 8810 76 M
Less outstanding checks..... 8800 77 w:
0. D. balance............. 49001 of
Treasurer of school funds.
We, the undersigned nance com- A'
mittee. have examined the above re- er
port sad cheeked the canoeled vouch- $1
sis and fnd same satisfactory and ,
correct. J. D. Sylvest,
J. A. Moore,
0. B. Morris, to
Several very iniportant school
questions were discussed, but no M
definite action will be taken
until next meeting to
The Bdard on motion duly m
seconded and carried stood ad- w
journed to meet Tuesday, Feb- $1
4, 1913. . di
F. B. Bateman, Pres.
D. H. Stringfeld, Sec'y. em
NOTICE-The next regular of
examinittion for the white aid
colored teachers will be held at
Jan. 30, 81 and peb, 1, 1918. All th
teachers or prospective teachers a
who do sot; hold recognized cer* w1
tiflcates kill be required to take Cc
this ext umination. The following to
letter from State Supt. 'T. B.
Harris is self *explanatory. a
D. H. Stringseld,
Parish Supt. ,
Baton Rouge, Jan. 8 1913. g
Des! Superintendent:
The State L
gxamining Committee is now re*
porting the results of the August g
1~aD Iti of teachers to '
," the various parish superintend
ents. This report probably
shows that some of your teachers
o- who took the examination and
le have been employed in your
le schools, or teachers who were
)f examined in other parishes but
1: have been teaching in your par
:. ish on provisional certificates.
3- failed to pass the examination
b, If you have teachers who have
, been teaching on provisional ýer
- tificates and who failed to pass
the August examination, in order
n to square with the laws of the
3 State it will be necessary for
'. you to follow one of the follow
- ing plans:
1. Dismiss those teachers'
. who have failed to pass the ex-'
" amination and who have been 1
i teaching under authority of pro
visional certificates, do not per
.mit them to teach again until
-they can present certificates
;signed by the State Superin
tendent and the Chairman of the
:Examining Committee, and
close the schools for the rest of
the session.
2. Employ teachers qualified
lunder the law to fill the vacan
cies. 1
3. Employ teachers who have E
not been teaching under provis
ional certi ficates, who are not i
qualified under the law, but who
will take the examination to be
held January 30, 31 and 1ebrau.
ary 1.
In other words teachers who
failed to passed the August ex
amination cannot legally teachc
in the public schools for the C
rest of the session. f
With best wishes for the year,
Yours sincerely, C
T. H. Harris,
Weber Facing Two Forgery ti
Counts. s
Baton Rouge, La., Jan. 10.- a
Indictments charging forgery of n
the name of Martha V. Lyne to a g
check for $158, and for the em- ci
beuslement of $100. were return- ai
ed against Dudley L. Weber. city p
judge of Baton Rouge, by the ii
grand jury at its late session
Thursday. N
There were several witnesses
before the grand jury in connec
tion with this investigation,
among them being Mrs. Martha Ci
V. Lyne and Garnet Howell, of C
St. Francisville. It is alleged 1E
that Mrs. Howell, at that time ti
Mrs. Newsome, had on deposit
with Mr. Weber the balance left
of 8200 which had been forward- '
ed here to buy some stock in the of
Avery Oil Company. Mr. Web- Ip
er, it is alleged had purchased
8100 worth of stock, and so ad.
vised Mrs. Newsome. It is al. i
leged that Mr. Weber reported at
to Mrs. Newsome that Mrs.
Lyne wanted to borrow $358, that C
Mrs. Newsome sent Mr. Weber
a check for $153 made payable of
to Martin Lyne, for the indorse- W
ment of which check Mr. Weber
was indicted for forgery, The c
$100 balance Mr. Weber is in
dicted for embeaulimg.
The accused was released on
each count on a $2000 bond,
signed by John Allen Dougherty
of this city. w
Weber, who is an attorney and
notary, was elected olty judge at vi
the last city election in October, ~
and the alleged ofences for p
which he has been indicted were Pc
committed prior to his election Ai
to the judgeship. et
Seware of Ointments for Catarrb d
that Contain Mercury, pm
and completal h whol 13 &W h
satering it tbelouhePUge m
erUdes ahoold never he um smot . WeehiplC
Stone feeom repatable phmmg m h ia
will d ims efold tolbs iwi wes pLIiv d tb
div from them. EalliaOy emanuo wlw P
by?. P.. Chiey r &Op. . oles SOI a ro
kIWESW Canmnb Cm i hl 511
d- Thief Shoots an Alabama
ly Woman.
id Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 10-A
itr negro, who entered the horse
*e of Dr. E. T. Fields, a prominent
ýt physician at Ensley, deliberately
r- shot and probably fatally wound
Sdd Mrs. Fields at 1 a. m., Friday.
. Bloodhounds were taken to the
e scene, but could find no scent.
SThe negro could not be described.
When Mrs. Fields heard a
r noise and was awakened she saw
e a bright light in the room, the
r intruder having placed a piece of
- paper over the fire and this had
blazed up. The negro grasped
$a pistol on the mantle and fired
. directly at Mrs. Fields, the ball s
n passing through her right breast
rand penetrating a lung. Mrs.
.Fields will probably not survive.
1 Dr. Fields made an effort to
s catch the negro, but was unsuc
a An hour later two white men a
1 wereattacked on Nineteenth i
[ street by a negro, who attempted s
to shoot them, but no cartridges
I were in the weapon. The whites
knocked the negro down and
took the pistol from him, but be
, escaped. The pistol was found
. to be'the property of Dr. Fields,"
t used in the shooting. d
Acres Covered by Flood Wat- I
ers Ilake:Record Rice Crop. I
New Roads, La., Jan. 10.- tl
Messrs. Treague and Scheineym d
der, of Pointe Coupee, La., who
cultivated 210 acres of rice in this
parish, which they planted im- g
mediately after the flood had re- t,
'ceded, made 3,460 sacks of rice, n
which makes an average of about ti
16 1-2 sacks per acre. The en- s
tire crop was made from 72 tj
sacks of seed. They sold the en- s
tire rice crop of 8,460 at an o
averageof $4 per sack, which y
netted them over $18,000. This A
good crop and wonderful suc- v
cess should be of great encour- n
agement to the people of this p
parish and the neighboring par- s
Nashville Facing Flood Stage
of Great Height. w
Nashville, Tena., Jan. 9.-Nash- tl
ville is facing a flood stage in the P'
Cumberland River that may
reach ftty feet, the highest in d
thirty years, as the result of the gI
tirritic rainfall. A thirty-degree fu
fall in temperature ended the
rain this morning. The crest
of the food is reported to have )
pased Burnside. J1]
On the western division of the s0
Tennessee Central Railroad traf- on
fc between Ashland City and at
Clarkisville is stopped by trouble
at two points. The track may
be cleared by night. On the
Chesapeake and Nashville branch W
of the Louisville and Nashville a
wash*out at Westmoreland to.ed
day cut off the Scottsville ac*
commodation. to
RoyaBa Tetr Olten t w~Ci stp
hat obtag or year money back. S09,
Notles. es
The following notes, owned by
Mrs. Courtney Welch wife of A. L. bel
Welch. have been phidby B. I. Mape TP
and delivered to the u . . Magee, r
have been Ios. First note for a00 ,
payable December 1, 1909, with in- tli
teres atthe rate of seven per cent sa
fromniattrity and note No. 2, for W
00, payable ee. 1,1910e with seven c
per cent Interest from date. Each of di
sad notes being dated 20th day oj N.
August, 1109, atn paraphed "N Varl- Im
etur," of even date therewith, by M. l
I. Varado, notary public, to identify gI
same withthhe at of sale with ven* Ml
dor's lien and privilege retained, mid an
act being passed before aid notary en
publio recorded In mortgage bookS8 N.
page 8Ic, of the oficisa records oi do
WshhLa., and the p
leids waned- against ngtaigfrS
the above notes, same having been les
paid n fal, an thbi notice I given 65,
for the purpose of cancelling the dei
snme on the records of said parish Wi
and state, of
Mrs. Courtney Welch. De
85-45 B. I. Nape.I
a Largest Liner Will Come
Hamburg, Jan. 9.-The Ham
e burg-American Company's new
liner imperator will sail on May
7th, on her maiden voyage to
New York. The Imperator is
t the largest liner in the world
e She is an eleven-story floating
palace, 915 feet long, with en
gines of X0,000 horsepower. Her
a displacement is 60,000 tons, and
she can accommodate 5000 pas
Among other luxuries the Im
perator is fitted with three elec
tric elevators, a winter garden,
Ssummer houses, a theater, a
t gymnasium, a Ritz restaurant,
swimming baths, a ballroom,
telephones and a cottage cafe.
The swimming bath is a copy
of one unearthed atPompeii,with
mosaic pavements that are re
productions of those discovered
1 at Treves. The first-class din
t ing saloon is in the Louis XVI
1 style. It is 300 feet long.
3 "First Ladles of U.S." to
I Dine at White House.
I Washington, Jan, 10.-Three
"first ladies of the land" will
dine at the White Honse Satur
day, when Mrs. Taft entertains
SMrs. Grover Cleveland and Mrs.
SBenjamin Harrison. White House
attaches say no record shows
the wives of three presidents
dining together there before.
Mr. Aswell was not elected
Sgovernor, but he has moved up
' to a commanding position in
Snotional affairs. He canvassed
Sthe northwest for President Wil
son, and was heralded as one of
the greatest orators on either
side of the campaign. And an
other peculiar incident is that
Wilson carried every state where
Aswell put up a fight. Any one
who imagines that he will have
nothing to say about Federal ap
pointmnents in this state and the
south, have another little think
coming to them. Aswell and
Wilson are personal friends, be
sides are'riding in the same band
wagon. Others may have some-,
thing to say, of cours but no ap
pointment will be made in Louis.
iana without his approval. His
defeat for one offce made him
greater in a larger field of use
fulness.-Franklin Watchman .
For cough, croup, whooplug-cough. i
Plea sant, prompt, safe. Contains no
opin m. Makes expectoration easy
ias good anticeptic properties. It 3
soothes and heals the inflamed mem
brane. Fine for the voice. Keep it
on hand. 25c. Money back if not S
atisfactory. c
Commissioner's Sale. -No. 2094. s
W. B. Thompson & Co. t
Versus a
Willie and Hettie Fortinberry. V
Notie, is hereby given that by vir- J
tue of an order of commission, direct
ed to me as sheriff, issed out of the h
26th Judicial District Coort, State of 2
Louisiana, Pkrish of Washington and
to me directed for execution,, I will
ofer for uale and uel to the lat and
highest bidder at the princlpal front
door of the court house on
Saturday .Tanuary 18, 1913,
between the legal ale hours for judi
cial sales the following property towit:
o0 acres of land, more or less ase
being a part of Andrew Smith i. 85 w
Tp. IS. Range OB. and lot No. 9 and
Pat of lot No. 1 5. of Fortenberry 01
Branch in See. 3, and about one half of 1l
the N. W. I of See. Sin 8. W. part of
said I, the same beginning at the N.
W. corner of See. 2 and run down the
channel of a hollow in s Southeasterly
direction of the S. E. corner to said
N. W. t of N. W. W of Sec. 2, and all
improvements. The part in the said a
Hd. R. beingabout26 acree and be- O
gins at a point on East boundary of
same about 660 yds. 8. of State Line $
and rans from thence is a Northwest- F
erly direction about 180 yds. thence
N. to Fortenberry Branch thence O
down the channel of the said Branch
Westerly about 60 yards. thence N. to IE
State line, except 10 aeres more or r4
less bei in the Andrew Smith Br. t
55, sid Tp. and flane. The above
describedproierty being situtedI lia
Washington Asris, L~ouiarar. Terms
of sale: Cash. This 11th, day of
December 1912. a
T. J. Simmons, Sherilt.
e %
Why Thii Pen
- WonILak
Lookatthe feed tube your
Sfountain pen. If it'scurved-ike
s the Parker-.thepen won't leak
Sor aweat.
, Ordinary fooainpwen haverah
feudtube, iwhichinkavn evenwham
peui pointup. Epandinairfores
r ti ink out onto end open aa oon as
your body beats the pen.
TheiParker Lucky Curve Feed Tube
tbauhuhtstdof born!, cawing Cap
lyAttaction. T1idrnwaaolinkoiio
feed tube the indant you turn pea up.
risk and befoe expnding aaer .
lnTi's why Pares wona't leak.
ba eie and oamegMaion.
tvwon'tlesk in any position-eyn upside
dmow abouwmpoch. $2iO up.
Therew Parke Diauwmrrg Clipuari
[ yurapoctiE 6nok.awpimg tade b!t di sap
ras t ib. hdel wias ys wnke.
GCt a PueaatniJl. IVpe'aeatmaind
.Mle. w. w aedyea uee.. jie,. So
wrbddsar, .Hsaeslambinean s..
) pmockeemorr, by tsi a Phot tedJ
For Sale at
; Drug Store.
List No. 2, for second week be
ginning Jan 20. 1913.
No. Name Ward.
1. Andrew Seal....... 5.
2. M.A. Alford... ...... 5
3. Geo. A. Anderson ... 4,
4. Noel Magee .......... 1.
5. Luther Alford ....... 2.
6. D. J. Schilling ..... 5.
7. C. S. Seal.............
r 8. J.D.Corkern. ....... 4.
t 9. W. S. Stringfield .... 3.
10. A, C. Williams .......4.
11. H.B. Crow.. ....... J
12. N. E. Pigott.......... 5.
13. Charlie Jenkins........ 1.
14. A. T.Husser. ......... i.
'15. E. M. Baham.......... 2.
S16. Escoe Knight.......... 4.
17. S. B. Sheridan....... 4.
18. E,C. Harvey......... 1.
19. J.L. Hennesy.......... 1.
20. John McNeese ....... 4.
21. T. N. Byrd .......... 4.
22. Robert Ball.......... 4.
28. We.. Crain......... .. 3.
24. W. R. Thigpen....... 4.
25. W. H. Thomas........ 3,
26. W. J. Carpenter......, 1.
27. 8. J. Glaze.......... 1,
28. A. J. Davis........... 1.
29. McCauley Bateman.... 3,
30. J.P. Breland........ 5,
I hereby certify thut the
above and foregoing are true and
correct lists of jurors drawn fnr
service at the stecial January
term of the 26th. Judicial Dis
trict Court of Louisiana, for
Washington Parish, beginning
Jan. 13, 1913. Given under my
hand and sealofficially, This Dec.
28, 1913.
M. A. Thigpen.
Clerk of Cou t.
The next regular examination
for white and colored teachers
will be held at the court house
on January 30 and 31 and Feb. 1,
1913. D. H. Strmnfield,
Parish Supt.
NOTICE is hereby given that
a certain mortgage note, (late
Oct. 14th, 1918, for the soul of
$440, due and payable to the
Farmers & Merchants Bank on
Oct. 14th, 1909, and secured by
mortgage recorded in Mortgage
record No. 6, page 43, Washing
ton Parish, has been lost ordinis
laid and the public is warnied
against the purchase of said note.
Wash. Par.!Ware.House Co. Ltd.,
J. R. Schilling, Pres.

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