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Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
Drink Kills One: Other I
Monroe, La., Jan. 16.--Em
ployes of the lockls and dam hoe- a
low the city to dlay made a l rue- I'
some discovery when they caught S
an old houseboat floating down C
the river. In the boat was the )
dead body of1 John D)aLy, and ti
clase by him lay Tuon 4 'Neal; in o
a stupor fron liquor. Tlie boat A
was towed in and fastened, l
and the sheriff and coroner noti- fr
fied. Coroner C. P. Gray and )(
Deputy Sheritff Tom .Jones went hi
down to investigate. O'Neal was
aroused from his drunken stupor re
and told a rambling story to the, 0O
coroner's jury. There were no of
marks of violence on Daley's er
body, but the jury recommended fa
that O'Neal be held until he is a:
able to tell a clearer story. le"
The boat was tied at the foot
of Pine Street, and either broke TI
from it moorings or was cut be
loose early last night. It drifted at
all night, until picke:l up at the ho
locks. O'Neal stated that Daley di5
died yesterday afternoon at 4 Cr
o'clock, but Coroner Gray thinks cr'
that death was early to-day, as of
there was still some warmth in ci
the man's back. It is believed ini
that death was due to excessive we
drinking and exposure. Both C.
were fishermen. the
Dormitory Burns At M1illsaps aml
College. ang
Jackson, Miss., Jan., 16.-One wa
of the dormitaries of Millsaps de
College was destroyed by fire
at 3 o'clock to-night, caused, it
is said, by defective wiring.
The run for the fire department
was about a mile and the struc
tore was doomed when the en-. C
gines arrived. This building zen
was purchased a few years ago arr(
from Jackson College, a negro 000
institution, supported by North- late,
ern subscriptions. It was a
three-story brick, costin g per- Cou
haps $5000. The Millsaps boys of t
who roomed in the building are p
said to have lost most of their the
effects. rar-*
Louisiana Cauliflower Ahead.
G. L. Tiebout, who is one of
the most successful truck gar
deners in Louisiana, and who has
been sending cauliflowers to a
big dealer in New York City, is
in receipt of a letter from the
commission house, in which it is
stated that the Louisiana product
is so superior to anything of the
kind on kale in New York City
that the time is at hand when the
Louisiana product will crowd the
California and Florida cauliflow
ers out of the market of the
great metropolis.
While other cauliflowers were
bringing $1.25 and $1.50 per crate
on the New York market those e
'trgm Louisiana were selling at
$2.00 per crate.
The commision merchant men- v
t~ned above goes on to state a
the cauliflowers shipped p
r. Tiebout were at least 100 if
cnt better than the Cali
a cauliflowers.
-It has long been contended
that Louisiana vegetable and
fruit products are superior in
practically every respect to simi- r
lar California and Florida pro- k
duots, and the letter above quot- b
ed is "proof of the pudding."
Times-Democrat. b
rMDIOINE as wellas a GOOD ANTI
SEPTIO. Its greater strength gives it
'~ORBATER POWER to ease pain. in- b
lNde or outside, man or beast; also
It_ . Pfurther, and therefore
ONEY. Pleasat, clean. safe. lOc,
S0,c.. Money back It not ustis-i
O)ther Illinois Central Train
Wrecked at Brookhaven.
-Em- Two lives were snuffed out and
1 be- an injured list of twonty- one
•rue- resulted at lrookhavtven. M11is..
aught Sunday niuht when the lllinonis
down Central's fast Cticiago-to-tNew
the Orleans Limited collided headi
and first with a freighit train. An
al; in open switch was responsible.
boat According to toelegraphic infor
ened, mation last night, Selby, the
noti- freight train brakeman paid the
and penalty for his negligecce with
\went 1his own life.
1 was Eleven p)assengers were rep
bupor resented among the injured.
º the Only one, Miss Lucille Quarles, E
"e no of Charleston, Miss., is consid
Lley's ered seriously hurt. With her
nded father, she was an occupant of
e is a Pullman en route to New Or
foot The wreck occured at 7:25.
broke The limited, running two hours
cut behind time, hit the open switch t
ifted at a speed of twenty miles an
the hour. The engineer, F. C. For
Ialey dish, jumped and escaped injury.
It 4 Cravick and Selby, of the freight,
inks crew, were standing in the (:ahl,
as of the freight engine when tlhi
h in clash came. They had no warn- p
evcd ing, and failed to jump. Botht
ive were instantly killed. Engineer t(
30th C. bunch, who had his hand on S
the throttle and had just set the
engine in motion, escaped with
minor bruises. Both Cravick
and Selby were mashed iby fall- a.
ing coal and scalded with hot at
water and steam. They were
dead when medical aid Peached
fire the scene twenty minutes later.
it Citizens' Bank of Woodville
ng. dl
ent CIosses Doors.
Uc- Woodville, Miss., Jan 19.--D. at
n- C. Mcleod, cashier of tihe Citi- i
zens' Bank, of this place, was
arrested to-day for being $40, cr
ro 000 short in his accounts. He p1
th later acknowledged the accusa
a tion, and is being held in the
r County Jail to await the action th
ys of the grand jury..
are President J. M. Sessions, of sc
ietr the bank went to New Orleans ha
recently, where he investigated 1)b
through the Hibernia Bank and ch
ad. Trust Company the affairs of his ch
of institution, but had not any in- wi
timation of the shortage until the wi
probe was concluded. i
When McLeod was taken into m:
Scustody to-day he readily con- ot]
the fessed having embzzled the $40, tie
000 of the bank's funds and fur- ed
ther stated that he had squaln- lt
the dered most of it speculating in p
cotton futures.
the Pending a comnlete investiga- is
the tion of the affairs of the institu- st
tiun the bank has been ordered su
suspended. to
Mr. McLeod has resided here st
with his family for the past ten
ere or fifteen years, during which th
ae period he was held in the highest J
ose esteem by the citizens of this m
at place and vicinity, an
Just five months ago Wood- ft
an- ville's other bank' hit the wal; in g
ate a financial diff(eulty, and the sus- all
ed pension of the Citizens' Bank ut
100 leaves this town without any now. in
Boy Kills Schoolfellow WVith D
led Blow From Fist. a
in Marksville, La., Jan. 16,--0c,to
.i. Normand, aged fourteen, was. e
*o. killed accidentally this afternoon n
t by a blow from the tist of Guy t
IBordelon, aged fifteen. The er
boys were engaged in a playful
tussle during recess at the
Marksville rTi'h School where
IN both were pupils, when Normand
T- fell to the -ground,folowing a blow
in. below the heart. He died in ten Pl
1o minutes. p
n Norm and's father, E. B. Nur- 8o
o, m ind, is a popular merchent. bt
BordeLon is a farmer's son. et.
IBy IPlrowlIucts Frnom Cotton.
CH. -----------
On the same principle that ba
and Iles are hatched in incubators,
One so says .I. 1. Hall. head of the
5 l. . lal Cotton iceelamnation Comrn.
nois pany, of Philadelphia, cotton can
ew be hatchedl in a barn in a space
ca Of fa few hors and in turn be
An made only a byprodluct of the
ble. plant. From the boll, stalk and
for- roots MIr. Hall proposes to make
the gunpowder of the highest possi
thie ble efficiency, rubber of the best
cith grade, paper, sugar, starch and
practically any commodity that
'el- there might be an inconvenience
ed. about growing or manufacturing
les, at the present time.
id- That is not all. Mr. Hall is
ier ready to ,jrmve his assertion and
of has machinf s and chemicals in
his possession to carry out the
contention. Last night at the
'' Grunewald he called on Governor
Irs Hall, while he was stopping in
the city, and succeeded in con
an vincing him of his seriousness,
so much so that Governor Hall
'. conditionally agreed to attend a
cht c(rnforence to be held in Phila.
aL c'lphifl about Feb. 1, when ex
lI;'rts fl'rom the Department of
'- Agriculture and practically all
th the governors and prominent cot
Cer ton and commercial men of the
on South will be present.
he The Hall Cotton Reclamation
ck Company was formed some time
ago, and includes Rockefellers
and Beekers on the hoard of 0
trustees; also J. Ellwood Lee.
ed It is the purnose of the company
which is caplitalized at $100,000,
to entertain numerous Southern
Farmers, whose principal pro- 01
duct is cotton, and rent them ihl
machines and furnish chemicals he
at a 35 per cent royalty. In this co:
manner, by using his methods, lo.
declares Mr. Hall, a rotation of
crops in rapid order can take ba
e lace in rapid fire manner, mak- Wi
ing the farmer the aristocrat and ani
e incidentally the moneyed man of he
the United States. the
The cotton feature of the be]
of scheme is that the bolls will be Th
is harvested while immature in the
;d bolls and placed in a shed, where
d chemicals will be applied, and in thi
is the space of a few hours the bolls at
. will be opened by the process re4
e with fully-matured bolls and we
fiber ready for ginning. In this
o manner time will be saved; an
- other crop can be planted in the
, tields; the stalks can be harvest
.- ed as cane and transformed into
n. almost any commodity from gun
in powder to whiskey. wil
A pleasing feature of tihe idea on
a- is that thle boll weevil will be 19
* starved out before it has had
d sufficient time to affect the cot
ton, making iJt ultimately die of
re starvation.
n "Our experts are strongly of Die
h the opinion," writes Secretary I
st James Wilson, of the Depart
is ment of Agriculture, following I
an examjlation, "that injuries C
I from tihe boll weevil will be E
in greatly diminished or obviated C
s- altogether if the cotton stalks or
ik unripe bolls were removed early c
R. in the fall." in
Mr. Hall accompanied by Fred the
D. Maisch, also of Philadelphia,
arrived yesterday from Mont- li
to gomery, Ala., where they had
, explained the project to Gover- ns
nor Emmit O'Neal. Last night
they had a conference with Gov- tio
ernor Hall and will leave soon for
Texas, where they are slated to ma
iresent their claims to Governor w
J., B. Colquitt. ss
F r cough, croup, whooping-congh. in
Pn lea sant, prompt, safe. Contains no Jai
opin m. Makes expectoration easy. [
Has good anticeptic properties. It
i- soot: ies and heals the inflamed mem
bran e. Fine for the voice Keep it
Son I and. 25c. Money back it not
atists ttor'.
Robert Babington, Limited, Franklinton, La.
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ly Barn and Stock Burn.
Mt. Herman, La., Jan. 16.
Oliver Breeland's barn contain
ing two head of horses, nine
Is head of cattle and 100 barrels of a
is corn, burned last night. The I
loss is estimated to be about 'i
3f $1000, with no insurance. The a
e barn had an alley through it, b
jwith two big doors at each end, ,
d and Mr. Breeland said that when f
d-he discovered the fire he noticed y
the door next to his dwelling t
propped open, which lead him to 0
e believe that it was set on tire. (
e This is the third fire that has
e occured within three miles of
e each other in less time than ti
three weeks. Bickham's store,
s at Warnerton, and H. G. Alford's
residence burned just a few
weeks ago. People in the sur
rounding neighborhood are fl
wrought up over it. h
Notice. I
The next regular examination d
for white and colored teachers h
will beheld at the court houselti
a on January 30 and 31 and Feb. 1, n
e 1913. D. H. Stringfield, b
d Parish Sunt. P
if No. 1692 In Bankruptcy. b
Petition For Discharge.
United States of Ameriea, Eastern
District of Louisiana, as.
In the United States District Court
in and for said district.
New Orleans Division. te
In the matter of Daniel Edward u
Sheridan, bankrupt.
s Order of notice thereon. n
Eastern District of Louisiana, par- tI
ish of Orleans. as:
d On his7th day of January, A. D.
r 191, on reading the foregoing peti
tion it Ls
Y Ordered by the Court, that a hear
ing be had upon the rame on the 7th
day of February. A. D. 1918, before
d the said court, at New Orleans, La., in m
said district, at 11 o'look in the fore-*
noon; and that notice thereof be pub- ai
lished in the Era-eader, a newspaper b
d printed in iid district, and that all p
nown creditors and other persons in
r. interest may appear at the said time ir
and place and show carse, i an they 8
t have, why the prayer of ti said pet- p
- tioner should not be granted. _
And it is further ordered by the A
r court, that the clerk shall send by el
o mail to all known creditors, opies of I.
said petition and this order, d
r to them at their places of residence as d,
Witness the Honorable Rufus E. p
Foster, Judge of the said court, and
the seal thereof, at New Orleans, Ia.,
,. in said district, on the 7th day of 1t
o Jasuary, A. D, 1913. tI
Attest: (Signed) H. J. Carter
(el) By Hy. J. Loel,
it (Deputy Clerk.
A A true copy. H. J. Carter, Clerk.
By Hy. J. Loisel, Deputy Clerk.
Fonea Ranch.
Lampton Realty Co., has be
n gun to stock the Fonca Ranch,
enear Varnado. and shipped two
cars of Hereford cattle from
1e Alexandria, La., this week.
It There is 7,000 acres in this ranch
1e and they expect to carry 1500
t1 head of cattle, and about 100
mares. They will raise all their
"n feed and put in silos to cure the
d feed for winter. When this en
d terprise is completed it will be
a one of the most modern stock
farms in the Sonth.
Royaline Tetter Ointment will stop
that itching or your money back. 60c.
A Card of Thanks.
I desire to thank my many
'e friends and neighbors for their
help during my late misfortune.
On December the 25th. 1912,
I had the misfortune to get my
,n dwelling, kitchen and smoke
s house, together with almost en
;e tire contents burned. My
1, neighbors and friiends while my
buildings were burning, began
planning and arranging for an
other home for me and work was
begun the next day and in two
weeks had another near enough
completed that me and my fami
rt ly could stay at home. I want
to say to all that language fails
me when I attempt to express
my gratitude and appreciation of
their efforts for our relief.
B. F. Alford,
re The following notes. owned by
n Mrs. Courtney Welch, wife of A. L.
i' Welch. have been paid by B. I. Magee
I- and delivered to the said B. I. Magee,
or have been lost. First note for o00,
I payable December 1, 1909, with in
n terest at the rate of seven per cent
1e from maturity and note No. 2, for
y 00, payable ec. 1, 1910, with seven T
I[ per cent interest from date. Each of
said notes being dated 20th day o0
ie August, 1909, and paraphed "Ne Vari
7 etur," of even date therewith, by M. 31
)f I. Varnado, notary public, to identify sc
d same with the act of sale with voen f
0s dor's lien and privilege retained, said
sct being passed before said notary
9. public, recorded in mortgage book , W
id page 788, of the- official"records of cl
, Washington parish, La., and the pab-. d
f lie is warned against negotiating for 7(
the above notes, same having been pl
paid in full, and this notice is given 14
k. for the purpose of cancelling the
same on the records of said parish
and state. of
. Mrs. Courtney Welch.
3. 38-43 B. I. Magee.
Why This Pen
Won't Leak
Laok at d feed hsue of yur
f.unaitu pea. If it scw=ed-lte
d utParke-thepen won't leak
r EhjM 2 o taboe m shma ai
"pen adop ssoon su
p bodty heb the pea.
TllPurat LdyCrv Feb d Tue
fIu bderk Tfim wseicmgCapL
.AImmi.elt.. a dd makout a
lids IltuaMr..yr p.m. r
'tl s why Pais won't lin.
Stnab2dand OlaeOi.0se.aepm.l
weQStI ear pedi ieM-w .i ""
rm"Pcke .a tmie ee. i dw.
CePumr a il. Ifrr. s. seidy
d-l we waludmsreiasgicti. So
*bdd MHess akttmflaeiapinege
pwes bianss bveuis a Pubm bde
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Drug Store.
Mardi Gras Rates
From all Stations on
New Orleans
Great Northern
To New Orleans and return.
Tickets on sale January 28, 29, 30,
31, February 1,2, 3 and for trains
scheduled to arrive New Orleans be
fore midnight February 4th, 1913.
Return Limit-February 14, 1913,
with privilege of extension to and in
eluding March 3, 1913, by personally
. depositing ticket with Special Agent
r 708 Common St., New Orleans. and
t payment of $1.00 not later than Feb.
L 14, 1918.
i For further particulars call on agent
or write G. B. AunulrTm,
M. J. MCMAaoN, A. G. P. A.,
G. P. A., New Orleans.
J. J. 1iragsm, C. A.. Jackson, Miss,

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