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Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
Morgan Home tor a Few Days.
Congressman Lewis L. Morgan
arrived in Covington Monday
evening having been called from
Washington on important mat
ters connected with the suit of
the parish involving the right to
collect taxes on the Shore Line
of the New Orleans Great North
ern Railroad Company. amount
ing to the sum of $30,000. The
fact that Mr. Morgan was at
torney for the parish before he
was elected to Congress put him
in possession of important infor
mation that made his presence
desirable. This information
has made plain certain points un
der discussion, and the parish is
now ready to proceed with the
case at once, and after the trans
action of some business in hand
Mr. Morgan will leave for Wash
ington, probably on Monday.
where he will pay tribute to the
memory of the late Hon. Robert
C. Wickliffe, February 23, in
an address before the House.
Mr. Morgan has made many
friends while in Washing
ton, and bids fair to become ong
of the members of the House`
He has been made a member of
several important committees
and is interesting himself in leg
islation that will benefit the peo
ple. Among the bills that he hast
in preparation is one for the es
tabligbment of a bureau of mar
kets in the Department of Agri
culture. This measure is one of
great importance to the farmer
and would make it much easier
for him to market his produce
and to realize a fair profit, as iti
would cut out a lot of middle-men. b
One of the secrets of Mr Mor
gan's popularity is his scrupu- a
lousshonesbty and fairness, and r
this trait of his character has
called forth favorable comment in a
Collier's Weekly, in regard to r
his recent vote in seating a mem
ber of congress. in which he h
sacrificed his natural inclination
to party support, to his sense of
justice and right. It is this
trait of honesty that has won him
so many friends here in hishome
parish, and people here were so
glad to see hin that it was almost
impossible to get a few momencs
conversation with him.-St.Tam
many Farmer.
Why Do You Scratcht
Boyaline Totter Ointment will stop f'
that ihohing or your money back. 50c. 60e.
Sberiff Sale.-No. 2124.
W. D. Thompson & Co. d
G. W. Smith.
Ilotice is herebyiven that by virtue
of an order of Feri Facias, issued
out of the 26th Judical District Court t
of Louaslana, in and for Washington t
Parish, in the above entitled cese,
and to me directed, I win proceed to
soll at public auction to the last and o
highest bidder, mo
Saturday, March I, 1913 t
at the principal front door of the court Ii
house, at Fnkhton, La. between
the leg sale hours for judieial sales,
elowlng desoribed property, to- 2
wit: f
87 aores of lad, more or less, sita
ated in the parish of Washington. c
state of Louisin, the same being a
part of Lee Youngblood Hd. entry
of Twp. 1 R. 10 E., St. Helena mer
Idisa, emid homestead originally con- o
slstJng of about 127 acree, and the
above described 87 acres is on the t
soath side of said homestead, and is j(
bound on the north bh lands ofMariah
Vernon, widow of Peter Vernon de- t
ceased, east by lands of Quinmy Brom- z
field, Oliver Tate and estate of J. P.
Bulloch, deceased. south and uest by
lands of estate of Geo. Crow, deceased.
Terms of sale: Cash with beneft of
This 18th day of Jannary, 1918. A
T. J. 8immons, Sherif. b
New Blacksmith Shop.
The Lossett Blacksmith Shop o
has been purchased by W. P. t
Dunlap and all kinds of work will y
'be done at moderate prices. a
Horseshoeing and gunwork a r
specialty. AU work guaranteed.
rion/zl spol ach c delivery.
s. Gormani Oil Conmpany
y The Gorman Oil Co. expect to
in resume active operations about
.t- March 5th, and push the well at
>f)t Gorman to completion. The out
to look seems good for results.
re The new board of directors are
-as follows: F. M. Brown, Pres.;
t- D, H. McCreary, Vice-Pres.; S.
e R. Lippincott, Sec'y and General
- Manager; M. A. Thigpen, Treas.:
e W. W. Babington, Dr. W. J.
I Jones and J. E. Sylvest.
r- Attorneys-Hernman E. Gayer
,e and Lindsay W. McDougall.
n Finance Committee-Frank M.
1- 3rown, M. A. Thigpen and S. P.
s Lippincott.
- Timber Striker Ordered to
d Leave.
Lake Charles. La., Feb. 18.
The development to-day at Mer
t ryville, while not of a sensational
n nature, were of such a charac
ter as to make it plain that the
citizens of that place intended to
take things in their own hands.
The union headquarters were
Svery quietly visited this morning
f shortly after 11:30 o'clock, the
effects of the Brotherhood of
Timber Workers being gotten
together and carefully packed
and shipped to DeRidder, with
the message that the business
men and citizens of that place
did not propose to stand for any
more labor disturbances, intimi
dation of men and coercion in an
effort to shut down the big plant
of the American Lumber Com
pany, which refuses to unionize
its forces by recognizing the
brotherhood. H. 0. Lawrence
and John Hill, two men who have t
recently appeared at Merryville,
were told to leave town immedi
ately and not to return. Law
rence has been conducting the
soup kitchenl which the strikers
have been maintaining in a tent
for a number of months. There H
wag no violence. The thirty or a
forty men who took part in the t
movement were the leading citi- e
zens of Merryville. They acted °
quietly and orderly, but firmly, 2
and with a fixed determinination s
to put a stop to the conditions a
which have demoralized business
in that section for a number of *
months. Every piece of the tent I
and all the contents were care- I:
fully handled, and nota nickel's g
worth of damage done. When I
the stuff was gotten together it v
was billed to its owner at De Rid- s
der, where Hill and Lawrence a
are reported to have gone, A a
telephone message from Merry
ville to-night was to the effect (
that all was quiet, and that no ~
further trouble was expected. E
A special from DeRidder says: (
"Intense feeling exists h~ere over
the attitude of the citizens of '
Merryville in making certain )
union men leave the city. Over "
200 men have recently come here v
from Ludington, owing to the
closing of the big mill at that 2
place. It is said that some of 2
the members of the Brotherhood I
of Timber Workers have been "
trying to get a number of men to a
join a crowd to go to Merryville V
to resent the actiozn of the citi- 1
zens' committee." it
You Can Do It Per 35..
A tow doses ORO guaranteed bo care
Chills and Fever. Dead shot for solds
and Grip. Fine Tonia. No poisons. '
Acts on Liver and Bowels. 25ec. Money ,,
back plan. h
TAKEN UP-At my place on
February 21, 1913, 13 miles east -
of Franklinton, one white and
blue striped cow, about seven
years old. Owner can recover
same by proving property and
paying for this advertisement.
J. J. Reeves,
Sheridan, La.
In the matter of Daniel E. Sheridan, bankrupt.
* No. 1092.
United States District Court.
Ea;tern Di)strict of Louisiana.
0 In blaokruptey.
'i'hlie foreciiing petition having been duly
t tiled and having come for hearing before me.
of which! hloaring ten diays notice was given by
mail to i :e creditors of said bankrupt and ail
parties in interest. now after diue hearing no
I adverse interest beieu;. represented or opposi
tion having been made thereto, it is ordered
that V, J-Dobson. trustee of this estate, be
authorized to sell, after due and legal adver:
e tisement in the kEra-Leader. a weekly news
paper published in the town of Franklinton,
W ashirngton parish. Louisiana, the following
d(escrihel property, being a portion of the
Sbankrupt's estate, at auction for cash free of
all encumbrances: said auction to take place
at the front door of the court house at Frank
linton. Wash!ncton parish. Louisiana. during
the legai sale hours: and that T, J, Simmons.
sheriff of Washington Dparish. Louisiana, he
and he is hereby appointed auctioneer.
1st-an undivided one-half interest in Lot 5
in section 19, township 2. south, range 14 east.
containing 30.96 acres of land, being the same
P property acquired by D, E. Sheridan froM C
Z. Williams as pIer deed recorded in the con
veyance recirds of Washington parish, La,, in
book 11, ºlae 2.0.
* ndl-sw quarter and north half of se quarter.
( ;r. of se qr. of section 16, township 4
ra , Yrange 1:1 east, containing 573.40 acres.
lbeilS: the same property acquired by D. E.
aher dan from D. N. Magee, parish treasurer,
;,s e:r deed recorded in conveyance records
of a :hingtonparish, Louisiana, in book 12,
ei , t seq.
,lird-2.ri.i acres of land in the Philip Magee
he: rit ht31, township 4 south, range 12 east,
de.e ri cd as follows: Beginning at the se
co ncr of :aid headright and running nortboh 860,
w 5"I I:.; chains, thence north 3 3-40, east
1t.1 I mnhaus. thence north 5°, west 10,10 chns..
tih "ice ,,,nth 34°, west 8 chains, thence south
,,' cast 4.07 chains, thence north 70°
iwe ., chains. thence north 61-20, West 10.55
el ': . t e."ce north 853-40, west 13.59 chns.,
"u4vo: 1-^ '. west 20.05 chains, thence north
it I-1 . wi i 4.82 chains to west boundary line
of i endriht. thence north 33-40. east 60.33
ch l;i'. die ., south 82.230, east 18.60 chains,
thance south 71 1-20, east 3.63 chains, thence
sozth I ,3.1',. east 4.53 chains, thence south
1863-4 . east 4.:, chains, thence south 860, east
8.87 clamns. thence north 50, east 9,55 chains,
the:;ce wuth mis 1-40, east 2.37 chains, thence
south 8ca. east 20.10 chains, thence south 33.40
west t.30 .hain to point of beginning, being
the inwe p'operly acquired by D. E, Sheridan
fronm .tandard .:ad Co. Ltd., as per deed of
recorl in ibooki li.. tage 458 of the conveyance
rrco.':i if .:'-ni'mgton parish. La.
The ti nt r having been previously sold is
not in "mad l in this sale.
4th-:n tid'lviideil one.half interest in 76,t12
acres i.i ti :'h!lilp Magee headrighti 43, town
ship 3, soithn, rirt'e 1:1 east, described as fol
lows: ie. uetsil at the ne corner of sa.d
headrightl: n run!r i north 860 west along
old line Hi n.i n :s L.i 'et stob, thence south
80 1-2° e ,5 .:. il eh ii s to set stob, thence
south 11-4' eat :,cha ns toset stobon east
side of brtre'h. thech south 28 1.40, west
along east h;m': if Ibriteh, 16.27 a ains to set
stob, thence i ,ta 1-. cast 32.56 chains to set
stobon east iii ' "f seetimn. thence north8340
east along ol., I: , " .li halis to point of be.
Kinning. beind :e sua e property acquired by
D, E. Therihl .i 'r ,r. Stitling Jones as per
deed recordied i tie conveyance records of
Washington ,artmri. ',., in ;1,ok 15, page 459,
The timber havH< ,i ".""iherctofor disposedof
the land only is be;r:g s)ld.
5th-40 acres of :anl. mire or less, described
as follows, Beg:.ie:n: at the se corner of sec.
tion 35, townsh p 2. -,uth, range 9, east. and
run north 2° east on old line 7 chains, thence
west 12 chains, thence north 420. west 8.38
bhains, thence north 190 30 min,, west 12.25
chains, west 8 chains, thence south 13°, west
17 chains, thence sauth 120, east 5 chains,
thence north 78o 30 min., east 11.25 chains,
thence south 480, east 8.31 chains, thence east
15.02 ohains to point of beginning , being the
same property acquired by D. E. Sheridan
faom Standard Land Co. Ltd.. as per deed re.
corded inthe conveyance records of Wash
ington parish, Louisiana, in book 20, page 406,
6th-squares 211. 223 and 228 of the towh of
Franklinton, Louisiana, as per plat and survey
made by George C. Hoskins, now on file in thej
office of the Clerk at the court house at Frank
linton, Louisiana, less a certain amount of
land off lots I and 2 in square 221 that is neces.
sary to make astreet of town conf orm with
what is known as 'Mile branebroad,,' being W
the same property acpuired by D. E. Sheridan
from BabingtonBros. Ltd., as per deed record- to
ed in hook 12, page 591 of the conveyance rec.
ords of Washington parlsh, La. ai
7th-lots 3, 4 and 5 in square lOin the town
of Franklinton as per plat and survey made by
Geotge C. Hoskins, surveyor, now on file in the
clerk's office in the court house in Franklinton,
La., being the same property acquired by D. E,
Sheridan from V. L. Brumfield as per deed re- Si
dorded in the conveyance records of Washing- *
ton pariah, La., in book *, page - l
8th-14 acres in a square of land out of the n(
se corner of a tract of 120 acres, boundee
north by J. I, Crain, east and south by specu. Y
lators* and west by Joe Bulloch. being the
same property asquircd by D. E. Sheridan R.
from the sheriff of Washington parish, La., as
per deed recorded in conveyance records of bi
Washingn pgrish, La., in book 20, page 404,
9th-all of the right, title and interest of D. W
E. Sheridan I and to fractional lot 5, square
310, in the town of Frmnklinton, La., as per le
plat and survey made by George C. Hoskins,
surteyor, now on file In the clerk's offce at til
Franklinton, La. together with the improve.
ments thereon, and being the same property
acquired by D. E. Sheridan from Babington
tiros. Ltd., as per deed recorded in the convey, in
ance records of Washington parish, La,, in
book 17, page 381. g)
10th-lets 3 tn4 4 in sqnare 213 of the town of
Franklinton' as per jlat ino survey made by ty
George C. Hoskins, surveyor, now on file In the
clerk's offce at Franklinton, La., together N
with all the buildings and improvements there
on. and being the same property acquired by b
D. E. Seeridan from' A. iI. Greenlaw. as per
deed recorded in the convcyance records of
Washlhbton parish, Louisiana. In book 12, page
This sale is to be made subject to the home.
stead exemption rights in favor of the bank
rupt, Daniel E. Sherican, to the extent of two m
thousand dollars.and to the laborers'ibond ofM.
P. Peterson, to the extent of two hundred and 10
fifty dollars.
All of the ten above described pieces of fl
property are located in Washington parish,
Lou:siana Of
Ilth--allof the timber on the sw or. 'of me
or., sec. 31, twp, 1, north, range 13, east, In
Marion eoanty, Mississippi' acquired by D. E
Sheridan from C. W. Tnes. The right to cut
and remove timber from said property shall
expire at the end of twelve years from Janu. te
art 1. 1912. with right of way over and across
said land for railroad, etc., for the purpose of Lb
cutting and removing said Limber.
The above property is sold subject to the as
appraisement made in this bankruptcy and
the acts of sale are to be passed before L.
W. McDougall, notary public, for Washington
Parish, Louisians.
All expenses of the act of sale and all taxes et
for the year 1913 to be borne py the pyur
chaser. Signed bt
WE. A. BELL, Referee.
New Orleans, La., Jauuary 20. 1913, W
A true copy.
WE. A. BULL, Referee. Sil
Now in pursuance to the above order, I will
through the auctioneer appearing in above ed
order. proceed to sell all of the above de
scribed droperty at the front door of the court I(
house at Franklinton. Louisiana, during the
legal sale hours, on Saturday, March 1, a
1913. W. J. Dousox, Trustee,
This January 22, 1913. ag
Dr. 0. D. Varnado
Office I Bank of Franknato.
Frankilates. Lat.
Robert Babington, Ltd.
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All Your Country Produce
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your needs at right prices?
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You can supply ALL YOUR WANTS under one roof.
Robert Babington, Limited, FrankfiteLa;
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News of the Mississippi River
With fair and dry weather,
with the river falling nearly down
to Vicksburg and rapidly above,
and with a fall in the overflow
water at Beulah. an optimistic
view is now taken of the river
situation. No immediate addi
tional treshet is looked for and
no other break. At Beulah the
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley
Railroad is Preparing to close the
break as soon as the river is
within its banks again, and a new
levee may be ready there by the
time the late rise comes.
But becouse the situation has
imoroved is no reason why there
should be any cessation of activi;
ty or any delay in the work done.
Not a man should be taken from
the levees, but the work should
be rushed to completion and pro
tection, whether the river talls
now or not. We realize that
much of the recent trouble and
losses was due to delay, if not
neglect carelessness, to a policy
of procrastination, to not keeping
the work well ahead of the flood.
It is small excuse in such disas
ters to explain afterwards that
the high water was not expected
as early as it came. A second
mistake of this kind would be a
crime. When the presentfresh
et first started down the Ohio
but little attention was paid to it.
When the water rose in the Mis
sissippi higher than was expect
ed, and especially when the
Beulah break accured, there was
a rush for the levees, feverish
activity prevailed and a large
force of men was put at work.
They should be kept at work un
til. the levees are completed,
whatever the flood prospects
ahead may be.
A $1.00 Bucket Fine Coffee for
75 cents.
Robert Babington, Ltd.
Mrs. Robert C. Wickliffe to Be
Entertained by Mrs. Champ
Mrs. Robert C. Wickliffe, who
made a hurried trip to Baton
Rouge the first of the week to
visit her daughter, Brent, left
Tuesday for Washington to be
the guest of Mrs. Champ Clark,
wife of the speaker, until aftel
As a result of her visit to Bat
on Rouge Mrs. Wicklife's friends
are active in her behalf for the
the position of head of the child
ren's Bureau, for which Mrs.
Wickliffe is an applicant.
Franklinton Camp No. 254
W, O. W. will unveil the moni.
ment erected to the grave of the
late Sov. W. T. Alford in the
Ellis Cemetery at Franklinton,
on the First Sunday in March, at
1 p. min., jointly with Pine Camp
who will unveil the monument of
the late Sov. Daniel P. Jenkins.
All Woodmen are requested to
meet at the W. 0. W. Hall at
12:30 p. min. And public is invited,
W. C. Wood, Clerk.
Sheriffl Sale-No. 2083.
Citizens Bank of Poplarville.
F. L. Ford & Co.
Notiel is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of Seizure and Sale issued
out of the 26th Judicial District Court
of Louisiana. In and for Washington
Pariah, in the above entitled cause
and to me directed, I will proceed to
sell at Public auction to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday, March 15, 1913.
at the principal front door of the
court house at Franklinton, la., be
tween the legal sale hours for joudicial
sales. the following described proper
ty to-wit:
ot Sixty-nine (69) and Seventy
(70) in block six (68) and Forty-three
(43) in block eight (8) in the town of
Angle, IL.
Terms of sale: Cash with benefit of I
apThaisnd. da o February, 1918,
T, J. Slmoas, ShuilL.
C·41 .~
Sheriff Sale.-No. 2134.
Commercial Bank
E. T. Mitchell.
RBy virtue of an order of Seri faea Is
sued out of the Nth judicial district court of
Louisiana, in and for Washnlton ars, i
the above entitled cause, will proeed tsell
at public auction, to the last ad highest bid
der, on
Saturday, March 1, 1918
at tbhe epri al frot door of the courthouse at
Frank nton, La., between the a1 bole hsr
for JndcalBe the foloawgesorlbed prop.
erty, to- it;
Lots Noe. 18 and 14 of block No. 5
of the Stephen E. Rcads tion
to Bogalusa, as per plat of addii
ton on file in the clerk's of thie
parlsh and state.
Terms 4 sale: Cash, without ap
This 18th day of January, 1918.
T. J. Simmons, Sherif.
We can supply all your wants
in Fertilizer,
Robert Babington, Ltd.
NOTICE is hereby given that
a certain mortgage note, date
Oct. 14th, 1918, for the sum o(
$440, due and payable to the
Farmers & Merchants Bank on
Oct. 14th, 1909, and secured by
mortgage recorded in Mortgage
record No. 6, page 43, Washing
ton Parish, has been lost or mis
laid and the public is warned
against the purchase of said note.
Wash. Par. Ware-House Co. Ltd.,
J. R. Schilling, Pres.
At Warnerton, I&.
1 Saw Mill, complete, with
Slab Conveyor.
Ont-of saw.
12z14 Atlas Engine,
45 H. P. Boiler.
At Franklinton, la.
1180 H. P. Boiler.
1 Erle City Engine, 35 H. P.
I 60oaw Gallet dGln.
Condensers Feed.,s El.va
tors and geed Carriers.
1 Cotton Prees, Gillitt's.
1 small Engine. ;
1 J. A. Pay Planer.
1 Portable Engine andDBoiler.
A:Ontrer's SwitOh
Half Interest in 1 Engine.
Half ainterest in 1 baoler.
h iln ainIM
ý .I

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