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Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
I I - __ __ , ,
Police Jury Proceedings.
Franklinton. La., Feb. 4.-The
Police Jury in and for the Parish
of Washington met in regular
session at the court-house in the
town of Franklinton with the fol
lowing members present: J. B.
Corkern. W. L. Smith, C. A.
Jenkins and J. W. Knight; ab.
sent. R. E. Keaton.
Meeting called to order by
President Smith and the minutes
of previous meeting read and
On motion the following bills
L. V. Bankston repairs on Silver
Creek...................... 9 00
W. E. Banister culvert lumber. 4 00
L. T. Simmons, Peters Creek
bridge..................... 109 06
D. A. Self culvert lumber..... 1 16
G. 8. L. Co. culvert lumber.... 3566 75
J. W. Sylvest Franklinton
bridge repairs........... 502
M. M. & E. L. Magee culvert
lumber .................... 15 87
Jno M. Alford protecting bridge
near Plagah............. 15 5
Dorsey Co., stationary ........ 24 10
Underwood Typewriter Co.,
Typewriter for Clerk of Court 92 00
T. J. Simmons' Jan. bill...... 9593
J. P. Parker repairs on bridge 77 74
T. B. Erwin& Son Mdse. for jail 75
P. B. Carter paid for lock ..... 2 25
Mrs. B. Pierce feeding jury.... 43 95
J. B. Bateman Jan. salary.... 50 00
B. PF.Bour feeding prisoners 170 80
D. C. Woodwork on water tank 15 00
HB.. Fuusell work on tank.... 13 50
Isuah Brumfield work on tank 9 10
Warren Misellworkt on tank... 8 95
B. N, Foil work on tank...... Ii 10
On motion duly seconded and
carried, W. L. Smith was con
tinued to negotiate loan for the
On motion duly seconded and t
carried the Board annulled their I
contract with Boyd & Bradshaw Ii
for building small bridges by the a
lineal foot on account of there tl
being insufficient funds.
On motion duly seconded and 8
carried the portion of the Horse a
Shoe road= from Spring Hill b
Chur'h to Pine Cliff was discon- i,
tinued. n
On motion Board adjourned to d
meet Feb. 7, 1918.
tFranklinton L., Feb, 7.-The a
Police Jury met pursuant to ad- t
journment of the 4th. with the a
following members present: J.
B. Corkern, W. 1, Smith,, C. A. d
Jenkins, and J. W. Knight, ab- v
eat R, EKeaton. p
Meeting called to order by o
President Smith and the follow* t
ing business transacted.
On motion duly seconded and
carried the following ordinance e
was adopted. Be it ordained by t
'the Police Jury of Washington c
Parish in regular session assem- c
bled that the following be and is a
hereby adopt6d as the budget of f
expenditurea of the Parish of l
Washington for the year 1918. E
Be it ordained, by the Police
Jury of Washington Parish in
regular session assembled that a
tax of ten mills be and tbe same
is hereby levied against all the
taxableproperty situated in the
said Parish of Washington for
the year of 1918.
* Be it further ordaned thatthe
msaid ten mills so levied shall be '
divided and apportioned as fol-*
low: vi., for the Public Schools
of the pansh, three mills are
hereby appropriated, for the
meeting of the road certificates, C
for the making and mainatining
of the public roads.of the parish, e
two mills are 'hereby appropri
ated, for the payment of the out
standing indebtedness on the
court-house and public bridges
the sum of one balf mill is here. '
by appropriated, for the pur
vose of meeting the statutory
eargesr , usual and necessary
expenses for the current year
of 1918lour andone half mills
.are herebh appropriate d
Be it further ordained that
the budget of estimated expenses
amounting in the apgregate to
the sum of sixty thou.an: dollars
as presented by the budget conm
mittee be and the same is here
by approved and ordered pub
lished according to law,
Be it further ordained, that a
license tax for the year of 1913
be and the same is hereby levied
in an amount equal to that levied
by the state on all trades avoca
tions, business, professions, ard
corporations in the Parish of
Washington that are or may be
subject to State license.
Estimated rev. x60,000 00
Sheriffs' salary ......... 500 00
Assessors com............. 2,000 00
Tax Col. com. .......... 2,500 00
Clerk Police Jury........ 300 00
Coronor and Coronor's
Jury.... ............. 1,500 00
Grand and Petit Jury.... 2,500 00
Witnesses in criminal eases 2,000 00
Feeding prisoners.......... 3,000 00
Bridges and culverts...... 10,500 00
Parish Treasurer.......... 175 00
Court House Certificates 3,100 00
Police Jury ............. 600 00
Court Stenographer...... 125 00
Coveying convictsand In
terdicts to penitentiary 500 00
Road funds ............... 10,000 00
Public Schools........... 13,000 00
Justice of Peace and Con
stables salary......... 500 00
Incidentals ................ 7,200 00
Total 060,000 00
On motion Board adjourned to
meet March 4th. 1913.
L. W. Smith, Pres.,
W. E. Banister, Sec'y.
Dickey's Slayer Hanged.
Gulfport, Miss., Feb. 21.-On
the stroke of 11 Friday 'Vercey
Newkirk, the man who shot and
killed Chief Police Dickey, exactly
one month ago was hanged within
the Harrison County jail. t
Every precaution was taken by t
Sheriff Elmer to keep the hour
and the circumstances of the Ii
banging a secret, and up to:with. F
in a few minutes of the time set o
no one except the sheriff, his it
deputies and the witnesses knew t
when the bhanging would be. The t
scaffold was built about the stairs a
the drop being through the open U
area way.
The sheriff, jailor J. 8. . King,
deputies Patnotte and Ducks- a
worth, the jail physician, a news-i
paper man, a minister an4 one
or two others employed about i
the jail and sheriff's office, wereI
the only witnesses. i
Newkirk since his sentencing'
evincedonly a brutishinditference ;
tohisfate andeach day seemed:
content to loaf in comfort and se
curity of the moment. Friday b
morning he insisted on a break.
fastof pork chops and other c
harty food, which was granted '
him. The sheriff had been im- a
portuned in person and by letter a
by scores of people who.wished ,
to witness the execution. All (
were refused.
Newkirk entered the Rolf See
berg Shap Obandlery store at i
four o'clock on the morning of a
January 21, intent on robbery,
Chief Dickey followed him into e
the stoke half an hour later and /
received a charge of shot in the
face and breast from Newkirk's
pump gun.
Captured after a sieeg of two
bours. Newkirk narrowly es-!
caped lynching and his ind'ct
ment trial and conviction follow
ed in a few bours, the shortest -
time on record in a competent I
Friday's execution, the first in
Harrisoncounty in six years,
was withuot a bitch. Newkirk
went to the scaffold without a
tremor and said be had made his
peace with God.
Why S. Yeu Sersab?
SBg 1tter Ointment will stop
that t or year measy back. Oe.0 I
In the matter of Daniel E. Sheridan. bankrupt.
No. 1692.
United States District Court.
Eastern District of Louisiana.
In bankruptcy
The foregoing petition having been duly
iled and having come for hearing before e.
of which hearing ten days notice was given by
mal to the creditors of said bankrupt and all
parties in interest, now after due hearing no
adverse interest being represented or opposi
tion having been made thereto, it is ordered
that W J-Dobson, trustee of thi% estate, be
authorized to sell, after due and legal adver:
tisement in the mra-Leader, a weekly news
paper pul)lished in the town of Franklinton.
Washngton parish, Louisiana. the following
described property, being a portion of the
bankrupt's estate, at auction for cash free of
all encumbrances: said auction to take place
at the front door of the court house at rank
linton, Washington parish, Louisiana. during
the legal sale hours: and that T. J, Simmons.
sheriff of Washington parish. Louisiana, be
and he is hereby appointed auctioneer.
1st-an undivided one-half interest In Lot 5
in section 19, township 2. south, range 14 east,
containing 30,96 acres of land, being the ame
property acquired by D, E. Sheridan fro C
Z. Williams as per deed recorded in the con
vyance records of Washington parish, La in
book 11, page 270.
d-sw quarter and north half of se quarter.
Sw qr. of se qr. of section 16, township 4
south, range 13 east, containing 573.40 acres.
eg the same property acquired by . .
eridan from D. N. Magee, parish treasurer,
as per deed recorded in conveyance records
of Washington parish, Louisiana, in book 12,
pai , et seq.
3rd-2.3,16 acres of land in the Philip MagIe
c;tr tht 31, township 4 south, range 12 east,
descrbed as follows: Beginning at the se
Sncr of said headright and running north 86
west 1..13 chains, thence north 3 3,east
1. c,:ins. thence north s5, west 10,10cns..
thence south 34°, west 8 chains, thence south
25 .-. west 4.07 chains, thence north 70°
wet a chains, thence north 6 1-. west 0.
chains thence north 85 3-4., west 13.59 chns..
0ut ! " -.' west 20.05 chis thence north
S-'. west 482 chains to west boundary line
of headripit. thence north 8 3-4°. east 60.
chins thet,e south 2.23~. east 18.60 chains,
hthence S 71 i.2, east 3.63 chains, thence
s : -o . east 4.53 chains, thence south
1 ,4 eat 4..': chains, thence south 86, east
Scains, thence north 50, east 9,55 chains,
thence south 9s 1.4, east 2.37 chains, thence
south east 20.10 chains. thence south 3-4
west ;.' chains to point of beginning, being
the a rte :te, ty acquired by D. E, Sheridan
fru tandard Land Co. Ltd., as per deed of
recor in book :. rage 458 of the cnveyance
rrcods of 'a-hgton parish. La.
The :nhr hiving been previously sold is
not in.,ude l in thist sale
4th-an individedl one-half interest in 76,12
acres I he Philip ,lagee headright 43, town
ship 3, sut, ranze 13 east, described as fol
lows: i;e:lnt at the ne corner of sa,d
headright .ani runnit tnorth 156 west along
old line31 c:ain ti, set stob, thence south
e3- t e i. i.chai.s to set stob. thence
Isouth 11- ' ea.t :, cha.ins toset stobon east
Iside of rnh. thu,ce south 28 1-4. west
along east line of Irnch, 16.27c ains to set
sob. thence 4, ni . -. cast 32.56 chains to set
tobon east line of sec, itn, thence north 3.
ast along oil ", to ;. ,2 chaots to point of be
ginning, belu;t tse s:.ta c itoperty acquired
D, Theril , fr rt. 'ttrling Jones as pr
deed recor- t in co' .vyance records of
Washington st .. . ..in aok 15. page 45
The timber hab hm'ariin het etofor disposed of
the land only is bei'i s old.
h-40acres of lin 1. m ire or less. described
as follows, Heginn,;g at the se corner of sec
tion 35, towsh . 1asuth. r'atge 9, east. and
run north 2 est on old line 7 chains, thence
west I chains, t ince north 42. west .36
bhalns, thencenorth 190 30min,, west 12,2
chains, west 8 chains, thence south 130, west
17 chains, thence sauth 12°, east S chains,
thence north 78 30 min., east 11.25 chains,
thence south 480, east 8 31 chains, thence east
15.0 oains to point of beginning . being the
same property acquired by D. E. Sheridan
faom Standard Land Co. Ltd.. as per deed re
corded in the conveyance records of Wash
ington parish, Louisiana, in book 20, page 406,
6th-squares t221, 223 and 228 of the tow of
Franinton. Louisiana, as per plat and survey
made by George C. Hoskins, now on file in the
ofce of the Clerk at the court house at Frank
linton Louisiana, less a certain amount of
land off lots I and 2 in square 221 that is neces
sary to make astreet of town cont orm with
what s known as "Mile branchroad,.' being
the same property acpuired by D. E. Sheridan
from Babinton Bros. Ltd., as per deed record.
d in ook It, page 501 of the conveyance rec
ords of Washington parish, La.
7th-lots 3. 4 and 5 in square 3O0in the town
of Franklinton as per plat and survey mde by
George C. Hoskins, surveyor, now on filein the
clerks office in the court house in Frankliton,
A., being the same property acquired by D. c
ri n from V. L. Brumfeld as per ded re
dordedn the lonveyanse reoords of Washing
on parish, La., in book --, page
h-14 acres in a square of land out of the
as corner of a tract of 190 acres, boundee
north by J. I, Crain, east and south by st
a d west by Joe Bulloch, being
l perty acquirce by D, B. Sher
sheriff of Washington parish, La
p recorded in conveyance reeo
W n perish, La., in book 50, page 404
ll of the right, title and interest o
S an I and to fractional lot 1, sqa
he town of Franklinton a., La
asurvey made by George C. Hos
r, now on fie in the clerk's ofe
rk n.La., together with the Impr
m ereon, and Deing the same opt
i by D. K. Sheridan from Babin
d., os per deedrrecorded in the cone
rords at WaWnigeon pariah, aI
b ,age 351,
lots $ and 4 In sqnare 213 of the tow
aton' as per plat ana survey mad
C. Hoskins, surveyor, now on file h
office at Franklinton, La,, toeb
the buildings and improvements th
being the same Property acquire
eridan from A. B. Greenlaw. as
rorded in the conveyance recor o
a ton parish, Louislaua. in book i2,
ae is to be made subject to the' h
t emption rights in favor of the
,niel E. Sherican, to the extent of
sd dollars~and to the laborers'lbond
.e on, to the extent of two hundrad
the ten above described piece
r are located in Washlngtou pi
ili of the timber on the sw qr. 'o
r 1, twp, 2, north, range 13 eas
r naty. Mississippi' acquired by 1
rafrom C, W. Tiues. The right to
d rve timber from laid property
e t the end of twelve years from J
1. with right of way over and at
s for railroad, etc.. for the purpo
and removing said timber.
T boe property is sold subject to
r sment made in this bankruptcy
t of sale are to be passed befre
cugall, notary public, for Washn
penses of the act of sale and all t
year 1918 to be borne py the
Wu. A. BihL, Refer
N rleans, La., Jauuary 59, 1913,
WE. A. BtLL, Refer
n puruance to the above order, l
the eeutioneer appearing in a
r oeed to sell all of the above
s roperty at the front door of the
h t Franklinton, Lousliana. durinte
l le hours, on Saturday, Mare
W. J. Domaos, Trust
ianary 2, 1913.
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Sheriff Sale-No. 20s3.
Citizens Bank of Poplarville.
F. L. Ford & Co.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of Seizure and Sale issued
out of the 26th Judicial District Court
of Louisiana. In and for Washington
Parish, in the above entitled cause
and to me directed, I will proceed to
sell at Public auction to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday, March 15, 1913.
at the principal front door of the
court house at Franklinton, La., be
tween the legal sale hours for judicial
sales. the following described proper
t *ixtynen (69) and Seventy
70) in bl siz (6) and Forty.three
43) in block eight (8) in the town of
lgie, La.
Terms of sale: Cash with benefit of
This 3rd. day of February. 1918.
T. J. Simmons, 8heriff.
Iv Odleans Great Nortlern
Daily Service
Franklinton, La.
New Orleans, La.
Jackson, Miss.
Columbia, Miss.
Tylertown, Kiss.
Folsom, La.
Chup hlMd Trip Wak-nd
Ticoels o Sale.
North Bound. South Bound
No. 32-10:90 a.m. No. 31-2:25 p. m.
No. 34-7:35 p. m. No. 33-5.40 a. m.
No. 38-9:25 p. m. No. 35-6.55 a.m.
No. 86-11:20 a. m. -No.37*4:25 p. m.
For further information, apply
to local Ticket Agent, or to
M. J. MoMahon, o. P. A.
'105 Whitney-Central Bldg.
New Orleans, La.
Long DWibnboh RLe Mai din.
Franklinton Camu No. 254
W, O. W. will unveil the monu
ment erected to the grave of the
late Soy. W. T. Altord in the
Ellis Cemetery at Franklinton,
on the First Sunday in March, at
1 p. m., jointly with Pine Camp
who will unveil the monument of
the late Sov. Daniel P. Jenkins.
All Woodmen are requested to
meet at the W. O. W. Hall at
12:30 p. m. And public is invited,
W. C. Wood, Clerk.
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Sheriff Sale. -No. 2124.
W. D. Thompson & Co.
G. W. Smith.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of Pieri Facias, issued
out of the 26th Judicial District Court
of Louisiana, in and for Washington
Parish, in the above entitled cause,
and to me directed, I will proceed to
sell at public auction to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday, March I. 1913
at the principal front door of the court
house, at Franklinton, La., between
the legal sale hours for judicial sales,
the following described property, to
87 acres of land, more or less, situ
ated in the parish of Washington.
state of Louisiana, the same being a
part of Lee Yotungblood HId. entry
of Twp. 1, R. 10 E., St. Helena mer
idian, said homestead originallj con.
sisting of about 127 acres, and the
above described 87 acres is on the
south side of said homestead, and is
bound on the north by lands of Mariah
Vernon, widow of Peter Vernon de
ceased, east by lands 4Quincy Brum
field, Oliver Tate and estate of J. P.
Bulloch, deceased, south and west by
lands of estate of Geo. Crow, deceased.
Terms of sale: Cash with benefit of
This 18th day of January, 1918.
T, J. J. Slamons, ShlW.
Turks Massacre 100 Christian
Safia, Bulgaria, Feb., 21--One
hundred Christians were massa
cred by Turkish troops Thurs
day in the v!llage of Kenaminio,
according to dispatches are re
ceived by Bulgarian government
Similar massacres are report
ed throughout the Tchatalja dis
trict, a large portion of which
has been left unprotected by the
partial withdrawal of the Bulga;
rian troops.
You Can Do It For te.
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Chills and Fever. Dead shot for colds
and Grip. Fine Tonic. No poisons.
Acts on Liver and Bowels. 950. Money
back plan.
Sheriff ale.--No. 2184.
Commercial Bank
E. T. Mitchell.
By virtue of an order of Gerl facias is
sued out of the 26th Judicial district court of
Louisiana, In and for washubiton prish, in
the .bove enSttled cauul w wilmsedtc sell
at public auction, tothe lt d highest bid*
der, en
Saturday, March 1, 1913
st the prcipal front door of the counthouse at
Fkrnton, La., between the lel sale hours
for judicial males, the following described prop.
erty, to-wit;
Lots Nos. 18 and 14 of block No. 5
of the Stephen E. Ricrnardson addition
to Bogalusa, as per plat of said addi
tion on file in the clerk's office of this
parish and state.
Terms of sale: Cash, without ap
This 13th day of January, 1913.
T. J. Simmons, Sheriff.
At Warnerton, La.
1 Saw MIn, complete, with
81ab Conveyor.
Out-of Saw.
12x14 Atlas Engine,
46 H. P. Boiler.
At Franklinton, La.
1 50 H. P. Boiler.
1 Erie City Engine, 365 H. P.
1 60-saw Gullett Gin.
Condensers, Feeders, Eleva
tors and Seed Carriers.
1 Cotton Press, (illett's.
1 small Engine.
1 J. A. Fay Planer.
1 Portable Engine and Boiler.
At Cutrer's Switch
Half interest in 1 Engine.
Half interest in I boiler.
Babint on ois.L ,

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