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gjt Ctrarniaber.
Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editor.
Entered as second class master April 5, 1910
at the post oie at Franklinton ., er
the Act of Congress of March a, 1879.
Advert1ising Rates on Application
Address all Communications to
ErF.Leader, Franklinton, La.
Advertisements and subscriptions
will be continued a regular rates un
nil all pu ndebtedness is paid up
FrSlnklnton, Ls., Feb. S1. 1913
ADhJN~r aT~B ~ jchains to t
TRUS S. onehundre
TRUSTbeing al
DtU S AND TI1BEl 1-)
fi. W. 1-4
S I.NC `AB1NI, gAOKrr :HEDS W 1 4
DA-W -OD AB I u jGiS. Snip tour
DI NPA S L `Tk"2LT) eastl i
,D_ it a Pted one-hundr
SWASH filer, Bankrupt. served an
In as Unite e tr e District l~OUr ginning s
o 10e EPle" stats ouiana k 50-100)
for the East Pu c Asdo in B corner of
Will be .sold at . 1-4)
tree an lear ACH 5th, 1913, a . 1-4)
EDNSDAY.t the Court House at range, all
1r W to e isL 1 l r isc one-hal(
iR et lly hoa Washington F art hi
LorA e virtue and in uirSane - (s) chainf
of a lorueia. o 1 bY tha e 1 onorabe e
ot111rm an ooer U a ~iReferee in Bank- andifty
William A. Bel ' n y 15th. 1913, and thence 0
ruptcY. dated J rinr represent' i46 1-2)
directed totheoner Andrew G. Gugeo Lhence s
in e tnh iin r west nile
trustee, vi' lands and improve- 0-100) c
thereo , onme (1-) in seto outhwe
meats b ereo Treon. ane r e(1 ntht(N
set. All f Townsh your (4) South aection
Hal,( ,Townehnrh- nt, South 1vest alo
Rigat Ta o t e lV iN t. nd rea a undredia
Northern of  f thencg Fifteen (1a) f begil
Acres more or less as acquired 14 ixt-on
corded in Con. Book14, page ý atcres; al
Apest it
146r.2rd. Beginnong at the Northead* Ship foh
*n S . the Griff in adrigh 12) ear
corner of the Saeven (37) in townshiap .8 50-1'
Four at . 0Th of Range Eaeven (1), half (N.
at. (n4 Nuibtl oiftY-two (r2) in one-hu.
To and os N South of Range of the
owns I n tn r unnin South west
Twelvre (1 ) D We5t along west
TwentY five (orid east i8g) thirtYa townshi
the East lne o Thr Yetbre One-hunire b
seven(30 37-100) Crainr and thence iegreeu
drath (37t he3ie .6) Degrees W est .- aundre
hof etonehuldredth r 31t 0 i
hain to thet. 1-2) i jne-ha
and west one-half i. tw1-) t on-a
aid dreht; thence north tweny' Lhirty
give (25) degrees east, thirty- e v said si
thirty-three one-hundredths sai he-ad point
hais to the north line of sa head- one-hu
nvesi o tynfivet(66)
right; thence sotuth, o iai (3) act
sreet east along the north line of said a
hioesght. twentY-six and and seventy- U67 pal
nine and one-ha one-hundredts ER
t corner of - id Headrlght cos taie and p
east o hundred (100) acres m or0 wise
less, as acquired in ConV. book 14, dors y
;rd, The n r east e q ha
P Th8e0. ' e northeast quarter (N. l. of Loi
1-4) o the northeast quarter sanin¬ . hirty'
1-4) of section twelve (12) contarineg d hetr
forty- three ad sxtyone-hudret outh
forty-thr acres more or less, the numb
(43 !0.100) quarter (S. E 1-4) our
fraction southeast quarter (S. W. 1-4) at i
oa td. oon a
of the southwest quarter 1
of section ne ()1 chundreds thirty- e25)
on red p he nreds lb(31
one and ninety-one - fifty-sevn 1ne aearnd
10) f c ht irten atd on thee south
hundr d ter3 A-10S e r) of the the e
s outhense quar ter o r
hd re ota1rter) sectio h)ndi
onei (1) and fourteen'd fifty
of n aecl t(i 52-100) acre in lot xty
.two h ý or s e .ton twelve (12) and six at
eie1 follows nd towit: Be- hundi
anin at the northeaSt corner oE .ne
. fractional or uthest quarter (S. . one-i
1t4 of the o ou esquer ( W. ght
)of teiono 1) thence south i25)
hthe e aeest twenty-three shirt:
q(2 on ndr ( hair
1i~ Bior a fet stob o rn on eun
etw t onon- he () andtwelve
katwa4 pol a and adninety-seven 100)
`"tat a 8ti 100) chains north o on t
one- d degrees and fifty-five more
) n frm here said old lint
sornO on te sam e Irwin Hedrig
nnmher forty.nine (49); thence soutb Al
hlrtthre (33) degrees east, seven 1-4)
and twenty-four one.hundredl (7s 2 1-)
100) chains to set s•bb, thence south (7)
scenyty-siX and one-half (76 1-2) d- he
grees west, fourteen and seventy one- and
hundreds 14 0-100) chains .to the 1-4)
southeast corner of said Headright; five
thence on the old line north forty-flv dt
(46) degrees -west thirteen and forty- si
seven one.hundreds (13 47-100) chains hun
s where said sectlon lines corners on u
arid He1gbht. Yariation of needle des
sjai nd one-half (6 1-) degrees east nin
asinud de by T. E pigott, urveyor, on lot
N6.m3ber 29th 1904. d
Al of the above described lands sit- n
hated in township four (4) south of iu
goa eleven (11) east containing one Ire
LundIred and three and sixty one-hun- neo
dlds (l1e 60-100 acres, more or less, i•
p tnd treserving from the above All
soibed ansa strip of land two t
undred (200) feet in width over, upon ,we
*Aad across the above described lands, f
to the Greenlw lnumber Co,
. di td. for railroad purposes. and more
Sll deribed n a deed from John .
ad o Luther Holland to said .ar
.. reenlw Ltumber Co., Ltd.; on January i
lug 'twelve and seventy one-hundreds 'or
4 tO0) cresth All of that part of lot two (2) h
', @ ,sG ection twelve (12) in township four ici
of leven (11) east, not
i in)south on e fret im D. ES Sherridan 401
to John J. Rupp and Luther Holland on
JanuarY o th, 190p . containing forty- r0i
S four and forty-seven one-hundrods (44 'h,
47.100) acres more O* lesS.
S 5t. The north one-halfl (N 1-2) ofira
the southwest quarter (S. W 1-4) and 4
the southwest quarter (S. W. 1-4) of hi
S "ts northwest quarter (N. W 1-4) of (4)
:-:,''.section six-46) in township four (4) co
soth of a twelve (12) east, con
ratning orne iundred and twenty-one
and two one.hundreds f 121 2-10.0) acres
more or leo ss.
6th. The west half (W 1-2) of thc"
north east quarter (N. E. 1-4) and the 3
northwest quarter (N. W. 1-4) of the 0
southeast quarter (S. E. 1-4) and lot '
three (3) in section seven (7) township 0
.hfour (4) south of rsnge twelve (12) .
" ast, except seven and sixty-six one- 2
 hundredS (7 66-100) acres described a-"
follows: l:eginning at the southwest
' ortlar of said lot three (3) thence north i'
nine (9) chains to a set stob; thence
south seventy-four (74) degrees east,
Ot n and fifty-nine one-hundreds (10
i 9-o100) chains to a set stob; thence
.. out six andt eleven one-hundreds (Ii
1l-is,)) chains to a set stob, thence west
ten And fifteen one-hundreds (10 16
i 100) chains to the point of beginning, -
ontainlng one hundred and fifty-two
r nd sevunty-nine one'hundreds (162
S79-00) a-res. And all of lot two (2)
seetiol, seven (7) township four (4)
'outh of range twelve (12) east, ex
.;pt eight and eighty one-hundreds
i( - S2.00) acres on the northern part
mfi1 lot described as follows: Be
-in=" at the northwest corner of said
t niaaaber two (2) and running east
tn~t ,2i) chains to the northeast
*.,z"r of said lot; thence south-four
9¢,~~pfa,rty-one humna!reds (4 40-10f.
f',~% ln5; thence west twenty (20) chains;
Sforth for and forty one-hun
[email protected]) chains to point of be
c. containilng thirty (30) acres,
/ ' and" eserving from the
t o,lif", r (N. W., 1-4) of the
K c:ati, r (S E. 1-4) and lot
" ee ,,e 1.) of section seven
)-fod (4) south of range
e). east, a stlli of land ttwo
i)feet i;nwidth Over., Upon
the atv*.s: ercribed land
*h lribs G::iWU)# 3mr Co,,:
Ltd.,or ecoad pOe and more 1-4) of the
aLtd. for teallroad pur o 14 an d the
fully deed In a deed from John 1-4
J. UMeP and Luther Holland saii sgi-4) of the s
Uc, etiOn sere
nreenaw Lumber Co.,e Lt contatind souJ ai
1907, said right hof way co i (1 taiing eigl
eleven and fift one- undreds (11 50- a a red ig in
z - • -100) acres Alo ihte an eih des q
one-100) hundreds (8 8-100)e acres . 14) of land asqut i
in the southwest quarter (S. W. 1-4) of sa2th. T wiE
theo southeast quarter (S. B. 1-4) i on-thun dred
section seven h7) and in the north oner Cnores
10 wetquarter (N. WV. 1-4) of the north: more orgles
wr east quarter (N. E. 1-4) of section u. organ
e g on 1) townshfP four (4) sout eight (48) t
ragee (1) ast leand described range elevel
- as folows to-wit: Beginning at tne ds r ollows
- astl l(llO0-100 •hn nouthio nwefs torecommo
n1northwet 'corner of the s hwes n er oneian
qa northwes cr. nr 1-o ofr the southeast hirty-seven
Sot etquarter (S . W. 1-4) si etofute
quarter (S. E,. 1-4) of section seven said townsh
7) thence east e(ight and eighty-eignht twentY-four
th ) townce e injantdut a tminutes wh
one-hundreds (18 8-100) chains to amiue
set stob on the west bank of Miller:, six one-hun
creek; south fourteen (14) degrees east a slob wh
seven (7) chains; thence south four uhs )inches
d (4) degrees east three anrd tnrty-S c. aind one-hal
oetHundreds (3o 37-100) ans; the nceon nty-eeight(
s " forty-etire and one-fou rth (45 1-4) inches in (
degrees west ten (10) ch thence thiree-fourt(
io rteen (14) (egrees west eight (8) twenty-sei
autins; thence south sevelntytwo and sixt-a five
one-half (72 1-2) degrees west, one and chains toa
1g0hity-eight one-hundreds (1 88-100( th(1e2) inc he n
o chains to the w oundar of the one and o
northwest qeuarter (N. W. 1-4) of the east, twent
northeast qua rter N. B. 1-4) of section inches in d
ightee 100 ); thence north twenty-five fourths (d
nd irtn ehudreds (2 0-100) nine links
n o t sirty ofi %e,('") ,egre d one-half, onee for)
chains to the point of beginning. oie (2)n
And, also sixty-eight and forty-nine forty-six
one-hundreds (6 49-100) acres of lanu chains to a
:eing all of the southwest quarter (S. a pine fif
wV. 1-4) of the northwest quarter north frt1)
LysvNW. 1-4) and the northwest quarter egrees eina"
tN. .r 1-4) of the southwest quarter south sixtI
Ls.: XV" 1-4)" of section eight (8) town- (8) chains
St-ipfour (4) south of irange twelve quired ine
 12) east except eleven.and sixty-one 127. Expi
S e iundreds 411 61-100) acres re- 13th. 'T
served and described as follows: Be- southeast
, inning seven and fifty one-hundr four 4)
a, t50-100) chains east of the southwest east, on
Scorner of the northwest quarter (N. the land
on V. 1-4) of the southwest quarter (S. in Conve3
at ". 1-4) siad section, township and Expires S
at range and running north twelve ant. 14th. 5
rish, one-half (12 1-2) degrees east eight of the so
a (s) chains; thence north sixty-one and sectiqouti
.ble one-half (61 1-2) degrees east seven (3) ou
ri and fifty one-hundreds (7 50-100 chains. conta nin
td Y one-halles ai o t h be nin Cones
andthence south forty-six and one-hal in Cre
et 46 1-2) degrees east B fiv.e ( ..c s Expires
nb hence south thirty-three (33) degrees 15th.
west nine and fifty one-hpundreds (I northwes
ve- 0100) chains to the south line of said ohirty-te
r cnt-n 1n 5 ere ea) of the 10
h northwest quarter (N. W. 1-4) of the south of
1k o, southwest quarter (S. W. 1-4) of said taming
h of section, town ship and range; thence dreds (7
w 1,est aiong said line six and fifty one- ConveYal
t eat undreds (6 t0-100) chains to the poaint pires AU
(15) uf beginnig l containing eight and
d re- sixty-one one-hundreds (8 61-100 corner o
4 tiacres; also -begilini at a point on the number
nest line of section eight (8) town. four (4
N. 1-2 of I n (P~rhain ) town.ces
heagh ship four (4) south of range twelve east, at
a1s) of t eight and fifty one-hundred s towen i
S t85-100) chain(s north of the one- sev
) lnhalf (N. 1-2) corner or eight and fift twenty.
an onehundreds (8 r50-10) chains north one anic
SS ano e of the southwest corner of the south- 26-100)
o west quarter (S. W 1-4) of the north- south
along west quarter (N. W'1-4) said section, tourteel
hirty- township and range, and running east dreds
i-hun- one (1) chain; thence south fifteen thence
thence legrees (15) east ten and fifty one-as t
West undred (10 50-100)n n chains; thenc hundre
I one- outh thirty two (32) degrees west tw ob; I
2400 emd ftfty one-hundreds (4 2 50-100) c egree
o east hhains; thence north eight-seven and three
-2) 0 one-half (8" 1-2) degrees west two and ta st
enty- hirty onehudreds (2 30-100) chains ( e
en an to the section line; thence nor n se
13400) said section line twelve and thirteen (26 9
head- one-hundreds (12 13-100) chains to the oinnii
15) de- point of beginning, containing three acres.
It said (3) acres, acquired in Conveyance Book 14, pal
ent- 16, page 371-2-3. 14
iredths 7th. ALSO ALL TIMBER, TOGETH- 17th.
north- ER WITH ALL RIGHTS, appurtenances corner
ntain- and privileges thereunto and in any fur be
re or wise belonging as now owned by -fve o
eoh 14, dors on the following described lands eat, t
situated in Washington Parish, State (2a) d
(N. E. of Louisiana, to-wit: Starting at the line t1
(N. E. northeast corner of Headright number hundrt
taiin hirty-seven (37) In township four (4) thence
redthC souith of range eleven (11) east and east t
u the number fifty-two (52) In township 6-100)
E. 1-4) four (4) south of range twelve (121 ginnii
V, 1-4) oast and running south twenty-five six (2
thirty- ,25) degrees west thirty-seven and west
(19-thirty-three one- hundreds (37 33-100) tec
'e ne hains to the point of beginnilng; thence es
in the south twenty-five degrees west along hund?
of the the east line of headright thirty-seven stob
ton n thirty-three ne.hundreds (37 33 t
Solt0 to0) chains; thence running (north thec E
lot sixty-five (65) degrees west twenty- degre
and six and seventy-nine and one-half one- forty
hundreds (26 79-1-2-100) chains to the rutii
rner oi line dividing the west and the east west
r (S. E. one-half (W. & E. 1-2) of said head
(S. W. right; thence running north twenty-five Acqul
esouth 125) degrees east thirty-seven and 190-1
hrhrty-three one-hundreds (37 3-100) t
(2 6 hins; thence south sixty-five (65) de-th
'odhin re s es twenty-Six and seventy-nine Ha
twli nd one-half one.hundres (26 9--- town
tyOeen10) chains to the point of beginning. (1
asnrt ontaining one hundred (100) acres nn
ift-iemore or less, acquired in ConveyanceIsa
ol ieBook 14. page 79, expires August 13th. nn
c19s1t.All of the northwest quarter (N. W.ru
itsee1-4) of the northwest quarter (N. I' ig
*'(724 14)an lt ne (1) section seven 10
cesoth7) lying north of the right, of wayoRig
1-)d-the N. 0. and G~reat Northern R..... _ -fl
nton-and al'l of the northeast quarter (N. B ne
*t h -4) of the northwest quarter (N. W. oi
edit;14) of section seven (7) except a strip ge
rot7fv fie() chains..- wide off of the easi un
odfry ide thereof; als ix an sixty onhe- l ion
)chiShundreds. (6 60-100.) acres in= vthe lo G
rnronnumber two (2) of section seve (7 sai
fnededescribed as folloWest to-wit Begin- 75)
'reSestrng at the northwetconrfsad ne
veootot and running south four and fortY sv
,no-hunldreds (4 40-100) chains; thence ;e
lad st unning east. fifteen (15) chains, thencr u
sot o unnin~g north four and forty one-hun- nr
inn n reds (4 40-100) chains, thence running te
on-u-west fifteen (15) chains along the to
e rles orthi line of said lot to the beginning.le
th bv ll of the above property being Indr
ladtotownship four (4) south of rsnge e
svr uo welve (12) east, acquired in convey-(3
Slnd~s tceBootkh it14P.page 93-94. Expireson
an mr 8th. Beginning'at a set stob on the at
mjh.'ine of Isaac Irwin Headright number h
to si rty-niine (49) township four (4).south e
n auay? range eleven (11) east, said stob be- n
v otin- rg sitnated eight (8) chains north ee
..udrd orty-fi've (45) degrees east of thEE 0
toutheast corner f the. said Headrlght no
tto2 .hence running south sixty-three (63) e
tsipfulegrees west, eleven and geventeen one- o
)es, nt jndreds (11 17-100) chains; thence 6
Shridnouth sixty-one (61) degrees west"h
:Ilan nwenity-six (26) chains; thence sixty- i
.ng ort-utr (64) degrees west thirteen (13) h
ades 4 halns; thence north three (3) degrees
cost eight and twenty-five one-hun- (
'N -)o rcds (8 25-100) chains, to a set stob> c
1-4))and "hen :e north forty (40) degrees east :l
V. 1-1-) of hree (.3') chains; thence south seventy
W. 1-4) of .wo an0~ one-half (72 1-.2) degrees eas: a
for(4 even and seventy-five one hundredS 7
four44) 7 75-1d00) chains; thence north sev- t
east, on- oehl 7 -)dgeS t
wetyon ty-tWo and oehl 7 -)dge.
•~ny~n ast twv~o and fitty one-hundreds (2 50- a
(0)ace .00) chains: thence north nineteen anti
--2) of the me-half (19 1-2) degrees east threr 
.4) and the 3) chains; thence north tWO and three
1-4)of t he 'ourths (2 3-4) degrees east four (4 ;
.4) and lot .halos: thence north sixty-One'and one- i
r) township Our~th (61 1-4) degrees east twenty- ~
,welve (12) .ight and seventy-six one-hundredE i
t-ion-28 76-100) chains to the east line 0o
csesrriee as "aid Ikcadrighlt thence south forty-flY,
southwwest IS) degrees east along said Headrigh i
hence north Inc eight rind ten one-hundredS (8 In~
:ob;then e :) chains to the point of beg~nin;-ii" L
tobes thence ontaining thirty-four and ninety-one ~
drerees1 ;eat -hundre'dS (3.4 91-100) acres more 01
irds(0 -:; criuir'dl in Conveyance Book 1I
tob;tthnce :,c V and 96. Expires AflgliMt 1th f
thence west 918.
ed 109thl. Lot number three (3) in sec
beinin, ion twvelve (11 township four~ 41 4
dbeginning. mouth of range eleven (11) east, con
drs(12aining twenty-nine and thirty one- I
lot two1(2) tUndureels 1n9 8~lO ce oeo e
2) east,(e)- 4 and 95. Expires August 15th, 1918
ne-ohundreds 101th ,Beginnuing at the southeast
arhr at'orne'r of the Isaac Irwin Headr'igtl
olollows:Be- ,umber forty-nine (19) township ro:m'
,re fsi ) irouthi of range elevwn '11) east
r-unring east hence running north forty-five' 14.
menortheast e-zrees west eight iS) chains; thence,
ssouth-four outh sixty-three. (63) degree's west
(44- cven and seventeen one-hundreds (1
(20) chains; '7-100) chains: thence south sixty-otm .
trtv one-hun- 61) degrees west twenty-Six (26
-ointoffbe- hains; thence due south eleven (11
•on 'hains to the south line of said Head'
(3fromathes aht; thence north fifty-nfrie (59) do-
i-4)4)oofthe ,.,a and forty-five (45) minutes east
4-4) and lot , *r said I-eadrigtht line to the south
,ihsee ast corner 'of said Headrlght to_.the
eetiosectvon cl-it of beginning, containing, thirty
f lad rto n"e :erTe? more or'less. Acquired i
h.0,er u~ Oflan tw 1r:,'.'anee Book, 14. nage 96-97. Ex
xs¢lsbribdhlnd ,i'". August l.ath. 191k.
Lumber ,,, 11th, The 8outheaet quarter (s, u,
e 1-4) of the northeast uater ~N. L. one-hundrleds
1-4) and the northeast u r(. . orth twenty
14oftesoutheast quarter (4 . to n it
d4) of -- o (7) township four ( chains to con
U, sertion sevenl twele (11)p east, can- wtin Curke rn
b south of range and eighty one-huh- along said C
. taining e 00 acre more or less; nty (T70) d
It dreds (.0 .-100) ce Book 14, plIl fourteen on
d asquired in Conveyanceuust th 191. . cins to ca
ti y-a.- Expires ut-hree and fifty-1lS right; thence
n12th n wenrd ) ' 100) acres of la,' 'reo's ast tw
. one-hundreds (2 the Jan6 "1"a r U ltl one-hu' redt
n i. orr less i nadright number forty- cti
n Gorgaht 4) township four (4) south u seventy-onc
Srange eleven (11)() to east, and describe- rees east,
Srasge. eleveBegining 'at the old cor- d,,ds (' ,0
et s tollows: o o section twelve t' .inning, -xt
:t nee common 3t) agild forty-eight (, fold, d;scrii
St thirty-seven ( ) ane1;~ld, duscri'
n tsairty-sevehip and range; thence 0atl 0 on the (ion
StwdntY-fOUr (24) degrees fifty (" lals (if Mein
a minutes weYrst wenty-nine anid forty kein, four H
six oneshundreds (29 46-100) chains t, to west side
s, a sitob whence. a black-gums sixteen runningr no
or 16) inc hes in diameter nofth sevelnti i;st six and
and one-half (70 1-2) degrees west sev- I I-hairs
cc2 endy-nghl 8(7) links a lpine twelve (t" ' degreri
ce nty-eight 7diameter north eleven an. hu ndreds (
inches ienf"ItS ill 3-4) degrees West north si-yen
c tree-nourts (l7) links, thence north 1-2) degree!
) twenty-seven ( degrees west eight ( one-huunidre(
nd cixt-nsi to a slob. whence a pine twelve .outhli five a
) (12) inches int a diameter south fitY" east eleven
:he one a onefourthi (t1 1-4) dgrec, (11 70-10(i)
nhe e and oe 20) -inks, a pine ten (1t' enty-seven
, aht: tw enty ('- ) : ' oie an h ee- es
on inches in diameter north one and three- grees west
le fourths (6. 1 3-4) degrees west eight) north thirt
00) nine links (89) thence north twenriy e ands, the
five (25) degreeses t ii a hal t
me forty-six e rst (2'Jl-l0 half (2fty
nne hais to an-tb on the old line whence and fifty
( cha pins to a ste (1) inchs in diaetetr chains to p
'te( noith frty-two an d one-fourth (42 I-4 in Conveys
nter noreh f ast ewolve (12) links, thencet l*xpirn s SC
ter degrees east ew.iv (6) degrees eatst eight 21st. TS
rter south bixtyofive (6n) od.beg innin_, ac- ()e 1-2)
l8) chains to point of begdn t - a-)
-e q)rcad in Conveyance Book 14, pR'e iW. 1-2) o
n e quired in Cons eptember ath, 1918f t the southi
one i27. Expires ePtealm 8.13)o tli'- section on
re- 13th. The south l (1) township section
Be- southeast section one (1) townshi ixty one
red: four (4) south of range eleven (11) b,,iný the
four (4) t side o0 (S. 1,. 1-4)
west east, on the north tiandat . Acquire' lands heinl
(N. the land now inc 14c l nage 181'of range
(S. in Conveynlce ok1,pge1 1 3S44 ofrangeo
and Expires stptembe r 4t 1918. l 1-4) , lage ttle o
ant 14th. Southeast qurter (; 1-4)
ight of the southwest quarter (.hip t - 1919.
-ih4tre 2ý;rrd. T
and sectioJI thirty-two 3)twelve (1) cit, uated in I
eveD (3) south of range tweve (a u 1 ecr (1
ains, containing fortyBook 140) age 143, 144. four (i)
-hall in Conveyance Book 14, pag18e I s)
ains; Expires September 11th, 1 -)18. astof th e
trees 15th. The north ha lf (N. 1-2) seof tiOh it talnO
is (9 northwest quarter (n. hi three (o iN" thir
said thirty-two (32) ownshp thr2) easte con-( I same thired
t the south of range twen and ten one- hundredsini
said taining seventyineand es Acquired hu sot sixi
hence dreds (79 10-100) 15, page 336. Ex- .crn ands i
one- Conveyance Book 1919 e ins ta o
point pires August 7th, 1919. he northwes hains deto
and 16th. Beginning a thel Griffin eadrihves te
-10U corner of the Samuel Gri) in atownsdrig iest (2(
n the number thirty-seven () .toW (11. hence (
town. tour (4) south of ran geeytwo n (2)i tne ou
welve east, and num er sifty- th of (52ran) i reds (fo1
idreds township four (4) south Inwes 1
one- Twelve (12) east,e and runningw sou t n west
I fifty twenty-five (25) degrees wes tenty t n si
north one and twenty-st stobll; thene (w y2-1t
south- 26-100) chains to a s detrees west -ing
north- south twenty-five t(2) deg oee-hunt orein inc
etion, fourteen and ains to - set stub oen ci
g east dreds (14 97-100) chain" to a set stob. the cony,
fifteen thence south sixty-five (65) degree Parish.
n east twenty-eig ht and seventeen one- 1919: he
n east twentye (28 17-100) chains to a se this day
stet unwre sob thencen th twenty-five (2. W'. H. H
50-100) Jegrees east thirty-six and twenty -ct of s
0 and three one-hundreds (36 23-100) ch-in linger,
o andto a set stoub; thence north sixty-five Parish,
chains(6) degrees west twenty-six and nine- eing t
halong ty-seven and one-half one-hundredr made b
irteel (26 9-1-2-100) chains to point of be- dors on
to the einning, containing one hundred (1") May. 19
three acres. Acquired in Conveyance Book ee ; Gaye
SBook 14, pae 144145. Expires October 1st. . a ish.
1914,ge 14414r
ETH 17th. Beginning at the northwest at pure
enances corner of the Samuel Griffin Headrigh rernan
n any nurmber thirty-seven (39) townshi; Purci
by en- four (4) south of range eleven (111 1913 ox
d lands eart, thence running south twenty~-five udieiti
State (2a,) degrees west along said headright A del
t the line thirty-ix and twenty-three one- chase
number hundreds (36 23-100) chains to stob, jtrdcat
ouir (4) thence south sixty-five (6-j) legr:' ,Iber
ast and east fourteen and six one-hundreds (14 ANDR
•wnship 6-100) chains to stob the point of be- oAt
ye (12, ginning; thence running south twenty- Note
y-five six (26) degrees eighteen (18) minutes subject
n and west forty (40) chains to a set sto the PO
3-100) thence sout.h sixty-five (6') degree< Jai
thence east fourteen and seventy-five one
it along hndeds (14 75-100) chains to a set
tyeen stob odren conditional line between lands
7 33- of Wetenhall Jones and B. R. Jones; I
nrhthence j-unninlg north twenty-five.. 25', l t
twety degrees east on said conditional nve
t oene- fortey (40) chains to set stob; thence
i to the running north sixty-five (65) degrids
the east west fourteen and six one
id head- (14 6-100) chains to point of, beginningr In tih
enad1011. Expires October 1st, 1919.
-ve Ac uir inth. S eventh (70) acres of land inae
(6)d-the northeast corner of the Isaac Irwin
it-inCHeadright number forty-nine (49) By
6 --township f sor ( suth of range elv rn .
ennn.(11) east, and outlined as follows:' Re
cs nnng at the northeast cornser of said lptc
nvdyantt esaa y-Irwin Headight number forty- e
uhnine (49) townshi four (4) southeof
range eleven (11) east, and from thenerrcterC
r (n. run south seventy (70) degrees west
ro(n noreighty and sixty 'one-hundreds (8) 60- urda
onoseven 100) chains along north line of Head- boor
right to River road; thence south thir
rnRang .efive (35) degrees east five and sixty doo
to e (N. n ie-hundreds (5 60-100) chains hlong
. rExp.rW. rod: thence south sixteen (16) de- t
t t a tri grees east five and twlnty-six one- f o raop
e eds (5 26.100) chains' to condi
ixty on-h uton ione between Josiah Green an'1 Wasi
adtheto lo beo Brumfields lands; thence alo . chld
sevnr7g ai con dit iose nal line north se enty-hene 80y
th Begin-73) degrees east five and fiftyreight folio
s h of sone.hundreds (5 58-1e0) chains p1rth
ansore5venty-thlree and one-half (73 1-2) de- lf W
ree thne hrees east four and seenty-five one- wit:
ins thnehnrd 4 75-100) Chains; then('e
one-hun- north sixty-three (63)l.gees ast-Fdegreesr ,
r eerunning teenc and twenfoty onen hundred 6 l 0 the
begining. ;egrees east nine and thirty one-url- " 46
ben ndredsee(9 30-100) chalins: thence oarthhi'
of s ang e * 9venty-three (73) degSres thh)-ty-thro e a
iConvey- murte east six and forty-throf of n i
Expirves-1 minehrutres (6 43-100) chains'; thenic
north fifty-one (31) degrees east thre' east
lob on the and eleven on-hunldreds (3 11-i00) i.
'hInumber ins to west line of land of TIhomas't
(4t ).nu r suateo .... thence north 5ixty-six 22c
destou b bend one-haf (66 1-2) oegl-ets .east
r in forth eleven and ninety anid hulnined l9th ca
sI of the tOO) chains, along said lie thn. 'ca
-aarrght; north seventy and one-tourth (70 1-4'
-tthre (63) legrees cast five (3) chrans then o
g •usti15eh-fourhh1"
(nten one- rorth sixty-five and t.ree-fouth.
iss; thnce ,6 34) degrees e-ats twenty-Iwo. andIh
rees west .ntrty-se'en o ne-_lundi ei 2 Ieadl'ht '
aneasixtY- -hairis to east l2ine ose I an
irteen (13) hence north forty-five t45) degrel:' Th
(3) degrees -.,.. .i'hht .enn reit,,tP,'n one-ilunh','l.ii"ci
-.e one-hun- (S l9lO0yrchaias to point of bcginnhi,;
assetstob> rcequireeo in Cunveyaincte l.ookP," pla,.
irees ea s est:i,-2;i. d xpirs .a}shy th ', 1 "_.
thnse vety- 19th. South half . 1-2) of h suutt1 s
egrees eas] as t quartet (S. E. 1-4) section sevenlso
AchuudredS '7) township four (4) south of rangte
north se- twelve (12) 'east except that part th ere
nothse-2 tegeW fsold Johin .i. ituppl ,ud.!'uther Hlv-l0111"
rededs((250- and as pe r- title recordeda in con ..-
nenee een ae knce book number nine (9) pages 27(- -
es te thren s77 of the-. conveyanco recora., ofneth
d thr- ngton Parish Louisiatna, de- a
ands tfoure( ;c-iheias follows: 'fleginnhng at tlb
nie 'and o n e - io r'tlw est cor e' r o f t i "i r h e
st sety tWmltYnrlter iS. NV-. 1-4) of the r:outl'east M
nehnrd uarter (5. E. 1-4) of section s(\eve
lehudeast e1t7) township four (4) south of r'anie--;te
hfforty-ly' welve (12) east, airnlligest e-lgWh
el Head righ md eighty-eighone h" '~d (8'4
tired. (8 IO -Ii chainis, thnce south fitlr.tetn (li.t'i
begegnninl-: Legrees east seven (7) chain.s; ti'etine
nineeyy-o li 4ourth frur ni) degrees east three anti6.
rermor mor 01hirtY-5t('Cen r.:,,-hnurdreds ('2' .7-1rir ;
ce Boo ice Bo i (rains; thencetoj,)ith fortyv-fi\'e n'.I oil,'
0gristgust.1th fourth (45 1-4) deg'i'eos wi-,el t,.n ,I,.(i
haanrSl thentce south I o'ti, i i It 1 ! )
(3(3)hinse- -'t, ccs west elgh~t ri,. chuirs; then,-c
four (41 south seventy-two and onc--htdf (72 1i-2.
east, con- legrees west one annl eig..y.Ci, r on - g a
thirty one- llutndreds (1 88-100) cihainis; then:'
more or less. .i-. l twenty-five and] thir-ty onhe-hullI i
oo 4 aereds (23 30-l1t)) chains to point C-f
t 115th. 918 ,"... gifln. A "tlc i ,-rwynP 1
souteasl-oh 15,i page 211. Expidrs .hUnre 2.,th
InHeadri-i,;t 1919.
wnswns f lp oe-20th. One hunrud"~ and si :'.; ii
n 11) east icr-es 1.rinu and lhieing ini the so~uthea
-t-fve(4aner'of the William t-,i:.th'TO 'hina7i
lt'irains:tthce lalht number fifty UO0 township ft.- W
greegeeswwst ,t south of range elev'en (i1) east.i
handreds {1 'i .td described as folilows: Beginnair,'- I
th shxsy-ty-ont itlhe southeast corner of the ;-,
jty-ty-slx((61 teadright and firom Uleniec run sOut"
,ieleven1 (Ii event:: (70) degrees wvest, eighty a,, ''I
Hesadaed- ixt)' one-hundredS (8") (0-100) chain.e
inminutes east vest bOtindary of sat'd Linds; thence in
to the south- and a-long said '1-e-vl "ou'th for).
rigightttotte "1 i,,grecs earst oun- I e1hah.'s: the:-ri *
iining thirty "c'rth four-teen and one-half (14 1-2 e
AcquiAcduiren ;,-g.i-eco wust four (1) chains: thenc -
ee 96-9. .x- o orth eight (8)'.,degree's seat nine i', 9
ahainso thence north ten and c m"-hv!
,alitrt r ,5, U,(10 1,-2) degree* west eight s~d flfty' 8~
.one-hundreds (S 50-100) chains; thence
north twenty-seven (27) degrees west
' two and fifty one-hundredse (2 50-100)
Sc(hains to conditional line between Ed
_ win Corkern and Munnie Penton, thence
- along said conditional line north sev
enty (T70) degrees east fifty-six and
Sfourteen one-hundreds (56 14-100)
|chains to cast line of the said Head
right; thtne south forty-five (45) de
:rees ast twenty-three and thirty-four
one-hundrcds (23 34-100) chains to west
_ line of section one (1); thence south
seventy-ona and one-half (71 1-2) de
Srees east, eight and ninety one-hun
r- (.ires (5 ,.0-10))) chains to point of be
- inning, except thirty (30) acres in
field, described as follows: Beginning O
t on the conditional line between the
liaits of Minnie P!enton and Edwin Cor
n kern, four 14) chains from Irwins Creek t
Vn WIest side of the River road; thence
t" running north seventy (70) degrees dal
it east six and thirty one-hundreds (6 30
V 1)10) chains; thence south twenty-one ph
º-! (21) degrees east eight and fifty one- lI
.n hu1dre(s i S ;,0-100) chains; thence
e north s.eventy-three and one-half (73
rt 1-2) degrees east sixteen and twenty
Sonlhuhreds (1 20-100) chains, thence
i'e south five and one-half (51-s2) degrees
1 cast eleven and seventy one-hundreds
. (11 70-100) chains, thence south sev
e' enty-seven and one-half (77 1-2) de
deg-ec- west twenty (20) chains: thence oi
as , j thdega r ees' wes rt we '
htt north thirty-two (32) degrees . t-- g
ty ent and eighty one-hund(reds 1(7 c-10
a chains, thence north twenty-two and Day
)one-half (22 1-2) degrees west twelve Nos
1C and fifty onc-hundr'eds (12 0 -100)
te chains to point of beginning. Acquired east
14 in Convedane' look 1 , page 422. nOtl
1ne Expires September 1st, 1919.
gl 21st. Tw.nty-eight and one-half e
ac- (S 1-2) acres being the west half
a (-%r 1-2) of the west half (W. 1-2) of 56
th southwest quarter h (.,'o1-4)e
t -lt section one (1) and twentyfour and west
cship sixty one-udreds (24 60-100) acres .1
(11) hein g the fractional southeast quarter
ed ,inoutne sixtyive--- (6 ... rt (46.) al l
01 S, 1-4) ofr section -two '(2) all said 6
ire ds eing in township four (4) south west
-149. of range eileven Ill) east. acquired as
per title of record in Conveya ce Book e. t
S1. page 345-346. E rxpires August 11th.,
1-4) 199
I9rec 21,9,1. Thhrty (30) acres of land sit
east , ttd in the l~amuel Griffin Headright
uir e d iun llr j i ner t ,y . ...~f 37 ) In to w n sh ip
l uml' thirty-sevoth of range eleven "'(11p)
"ast d,.rirlbed as folloWS: Beginn.ng an t
e th it the nith west corner of said heal- id L
ctio ri'ght and running south on west of
(. e saf t~ hirtY -six an dl tw enty -three one- j
n h unded -0 (36 23-100) chains to point of
c pin nolie  r ub Ae
-hun- ,.innoir; and from this point run
d i south osixty-five (65) degrees east four
Ex- ,e n and stix one-hundreds (14 t6ft0 22,
in a tin s tob; thenne south twenty-srx
h aes :b) deir thes eighteen (gS) minutes
igh vest toentv and ninety-two one-hun- o
nsi. eds (20 92-100) chains to set stob: b
S thencs nToi'th" sixty-five (65) degrees
2) il est fourteen and fifty-six one-hun
rang-, bets (1.1 56-160) chains to est stob
sout on west line of Headright: thence northt
yenty- ,long said west line tof Hedright of•1
Is (' twenty and nlnety-two one-hunreds
thenc (20 9-100) chains to the point of be- 10
west ,-inning. Acquirued as per title of recs -
-hun- ord in conveyance book 1 page 337
t stob. the conveyance records of Washington
legre [ Parish. Louisiana; expires August 7th
n one- 1919: being the same property , c re is,
a se: this day by Mortgage from R. BATSON. Al
e (25 W. H HATTON and M. P. HATTON. by
wenty lt of sale passed before B. Elmo _bI- 25
chain linger, Notary Public, o St. Tamimaly
tP-fl"' Parish, State of Louisiana. said sale
dnine- being the completion of the contract ,g0
indredr made by this mortgage with said veO'
of be- dors on the TWENTY-FIFTH ay
d (160 May. 1911. as executed before Herman
e Book F. Gaver. Notary Public in Washington
ber 1st. Parish, State of Louisiana.
TE1RMS OF SALE-CASH. Act of sale
rthwes( it purchaser's expense before Gabriel bi
.adrigh Fernandez. Jr., Notary Public. o
,wsh; purchase'r t'o assumae the t'axes o
en 9l31r11 over and above the price of ad- A
ty-five iudieintion.
!a dright A deposit of ten per cent of the pur- bi
e one- chase price exacted at moment of ad
:o stob: iudication.
d egree Albert Paul. Auctioneer. representing, 01
reds (14 ANDREW G. GI'GEL. TRUSTEE. 41
twenty- Note-The sale of the above property A
minrte, subject to the turpentine lease held by
Jan. 30. Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27. 1913.0
No. 1692. block
In the matter of Daniel E. Sheridan, 5.26 a
Bankrupt. acres
of ble
In the U. S. District Court for the east I
Eastern District of Louiaiaan. quire
By virture of an order issued by the and
n on. Wmin. A Bell, Referee in Bank- ne I
d ruptcy, in the above entitled matter, rang
i dated Jan. 31st, 1913. and to me di. 18 a
rected, I will preeeed to sell on Sat- Dora
urday, March 15,1913, during the legal as pt
hours of sale at the principal front ance
L door of the Court House at Franklin
ton. Washington Parish, Lonisiana. Bros
through T. J. Simmons. Sheriff of Tg
Washington Parish, Louisiana, the ll
duly appointed auctioneer herein, the sout
ht following described property, situated or iI
in Washington Parish, Louisiana, to- the
e- wit: soul
if- First, a five-eights interest iri and to A
the following described lands: lans
n 46.46 acres described as beginning 10 t
*. chains west of the western boundary ing
of hld. No. 42 tp. 1 south, range 11 Be,
east, St. Helena Meridian, and on the 45
tp line, thence run north 297, west nor
s't 22 ch.ins, thence north 431° east 18 30o
chains: Thence north 331-2° east 8 91
-' chains, thence east 2.40 chains, thence The
nct south 9.54 chains to the north line of lin
the hd, thence south 801° west 5.61 ea
"1 chains to the nw. corner of said hd, of
Thence south 90 45 min. east 34.16 W a
chains to creek; Thence along creek all
a,: north 80° west 3.75 chains; Thence do
,t. south 780 west 4.25 chains, thence m
`-" south 50° west.50 chains, thence leav- it
n ing the creek north 270 west 5.13 ful
': chains to point of beginning. tu
Second. 135.77 acres being lots 3 and tir
4 and east half of the nwt of section pe
t,11 tpl south, range ll east, St. Hel. an
l Meridan, except 8.55 acres described sb
as follows: beginning at the sw. cor- yr
i ner of the nel of the nwj of said seec- of
(lio )11n, tp. and range, thence run east pi
" 6.71 chains, thence nortn 13 chains, je
.he snce south 85 1-2= west6.14 chains, 1
t (.hele+ s oliuh 12.50 chains to point of
Third, 67 acres describedas beginning g
oen;. at the be corner of the Orlton Day
htn lid under Chas Roberts, Now. 37 and al
lnt, 12 t.ns. 1 and 2 :ouith range 11 east, b
St. Helena Meri.lian, thence north
(' 9.450 west 17.14 cihaiI, Thence north
Ias :700 west 17 chlailns, thence sount 3°
r.; west 14 chains, thence south 820 west
i 19, chains, thence south 350 west,
ou 189.06 chains to thi e .uth lie of hd,
l, 'Tlhence north S0ý 30 min. east 19.54
h, chaidns t, point of beginning. It be
,*nef ing under. ,"it.d thiit I acre ii the se.
,- corner of the above hd. is not includ
12 ed in this sal,. it benrg previous5l
he," sold to the ti usteas of the Hurricane
f:it school.
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• flai i i Iliiow
Fourth, 96.86 acres described as be- Theref
ginning at ne. corner of the Orlton while we
Day hd. under Chas. Roberts nds. the Divi
Nos. 37 and 42 tp. 1 south range 11 that He[
east St. Helena Meridian; Thence run that we;
north 8010 east 35.15 chains, thences. of Broth
80 east 17.17 chains, thence south lost a va
r56° west 15 chains, thence south 32° ber, Tht
west 5 chains, thence south 26° west faith ful
r 8.16 chains, thence south 63 1.-2 west State at':
S6 chains to branch; Thence north 69° citizen,
Swest 5.50 chains, thence south 40" a kind "
k west 3 chains to hd. line. thence north father.
i9.45° west 34.16 chains to point of Be it
ji beginning. Frankli
i An undivided two-ninth interest in A. M. t
g an to the following blocks and lots was tot
in the I,. B. Pierce Addition to Bogs- membe
lusa, Washington Parish, La.. to-wit: expres
n All of block No. 1, except 1, 2, 3 and his wol
S2, 18 lota. All of blocks No. 2,3, and 4, memor
rx 66 lots. All of block No. 5, except Be it
n- lot 19,20, 21 and 22, 18 lots. All of his wic
b. block No. 6, except lots 1, 2, 38, 4, 19, extend
n- 20, 1 and 22. All of block No. 7, 22 thy, in
lots. All of block No. 8, 11 lots. All tend, i
;d of block No. 9, 2.66 acres. All of block brisi.ht
ee- 10, 11, 12, 13. 14, and 15, 3.70 acres the re
co each. All of block 15, 4.56 acres. All Be i
on of block 17, 4.77 acres. All of blocks the th
tei 18, 10, 20, 22, and 23, 24 lots each. warde
)N. All of block 24, 12 lots. All of block which
t1- 25, 12 lots. All of blocks 26 and 28, sad di
af 24 lots each. Lots 2, 3,, 4, 5, 6, 18, 19, over
act ~O, 21, , 23 and 24 in block 29. 12 Gayei
eof lots. All of block 30, except lots 1, 2, Be
nan 2 and 24, 20 lots. Allof block 31, ex
cept lots S and 24, 22 lots. All of aside
rel block 32, 4.99 acres. All of block 33, resol
5.20acres. Allof block 34, 3.70 acres. sent 1
ad- All of block 35, 3.70 acres. All of ed, to
pur- block 87, 3.70 acres. All of block 38, Tenn
ad- 3.70. All of block 39, 6.40 acres, All the 1o
tln of block 40, 6.11 acres. All of block
T 42, 3.70 acres. All of block 43, 8.70 a.
,ertv All of block 44, 3.70 acres. All of
Sby block 46. 5.50 acres. All of block 47,
5.86 acres. All of block 48, 3.70 acres,
All of block 50, 3.70 acres. All of
block 51, 3.70 acres. All of block 53,
dan, 5.26 acres. All of block 54, except 2 w
acres off the south side.65.45 acres. All
of block 56, except 3 acres off to the
the east side of the block, 7.34 acres. Ac
L. quired of i3bington Itros. Ltd. of an
An undivided one-third interest in out o
r the and to the south half of ne I and the of Lo
ank- ne I of the ase 1, section 28. tp. 3 south Panr
tter, range 13, east St. Helena Meridian, sell
D dil 123 acres, less that part sold to Mrs. highi
Sat- Dora Brumffeld, and Emmett Pigott,
legal as per title of record in the convey- at t
front ance books of Washington Parish, La. cour
eklin- acres. Acquired of Bablngton, tweet
slans Bros. Ltd. salet
if of The halft of the south half of the Al
i, the William Williams hd. No. 40 tp. 3 or b
n, the south range 12 east, 160, acres more Ban]
uated or los. 8w. I of the nw.) and nwl of mor
, to- the sw I of section or bd. No. 39 tp. 2 east
south, range 12, 80 acres more or less. all
andto All the pine timber on 00, acres of stun
land in the Jacob Miller hd. No. 45 TE
ling 10 tp. 8 south range 12, said property bI- prl
indary ing more fully described as follows: TI
Rg 11 Beginning at a point on said hd. No.
on the 4, 22.12 chains west of the ne. cor
, west ner of said hld., thence south 1-20 e.
St 18 30 chains to set stob: Thence south
east 8 901-.2 west, 20 chains to set stob:
thence Thence 1.20 west 80 chains to north
ine of line of said hd. Thence north 891-20 N
t 5.61 east 0 chains along hl. line to point o
id hd, of beginning. together with right of of
t 34.1 way for railroad or tram-road, and for Pai
reek all other purposes over the above au
Thence described land, with the right to re- ll
thence move at any time all improvements,
e leav- if any, placed thereon and with the
St 6.13 further right to enter upon sid land
for the purpose of removing said thi
t 3 and timber and with right to extract tur- the
section pentine and rosin. The right to use *1
. Hel. and remove the timber as herein
3scribed stated shallexpire at the end ot 12 m
w. cor- years from Feb.22nd, 1912. Acqired h
id sec- of A. MIcAvoy. The above dscribed er
tn east property is to be sold for Cash, sub- e
chains, ject to the appraisement made in this et
Bchain, ankruptcy. El
oint of Acts of tele are to be p.ssed by c
Lindsay W. McDouga!, Notary Pub- CC
ginninn lie for Washington Parish, Louisiana. m
ton Day All expenses of the acts of sale and 0
37 anl all taxes Lor the year 1912 are to be bi
i east, borne by the purchaser. el
e north bIas February loth. A. D. 1913.
'e north IW. J. Dcbson, tl
sout 3* Trustee, p
120 west n
50 west, lIe utilliolls of Respect.
of hd, _ _
Wst 1.54 Whereas it has pleased Al- I
It be- mighty God, in His Infinite wis V
th se. dom, to r*pmove from our mnidst
t includ Brother Adolphl Gayer, and t(
revious~x transfer his sphetre of duty to the p
lurricane Gand ldge in the Celestial City
of the New Jeruselem.
Therefore be it resolved; That
while we bow in submission to
t the Divine decree and realize
I that He doeth all things well,
that we yet feel that in the death
I. of Brother Gayer the lodge has
h lost avaluable and earnest mem
ber, The Masonic Fraternity a
it faithful and zealous worker, the
4t State an upright and honorable
citizen, and his immediate family
a kind and loving husband and
;h father.
of Be it further resolved, That
Franklinton Lodge No. 101 F. and
in A. M. of which Brother Gayer
ts was for many years a faithful
a- member, takes this method of
It: expressing its appreciation of
nd his worth and of venerating his
S4, memory.
Dpt Be it further resolved. That to
of his widow and children the lodge
19, extends all that human sympa
22 thy, in time of trouble, can ex
All tend, and points them to that
ck briLthter and better home where
res the re-union will be eternal.
All Be it further resolved, That
eks the thanks of the Lodge be for
ich. warded to the Lodge at Memphis,
ock which so kindly performed the
2!, sad duties of Masonic friendship
19, over the remains of Brother
12 Gayer.
i1 2, Be it further resolved, That a
ex- page in our minute book be set
I of aside for the recording of these
' resolutions, and that a copy be
sent to the family of the deceas
I of ed, to the Lodge in Memphis,
*' Tenn., and a copy be furnished
All the local paper for publication.
lock Respectfully submitte,
to0 a. Prentiss B. Carter,
Sof T. M. M. Babington,
R. H. Bateman,
ores, Committee,
11 of - - -
: 53, Sheriff Sale.-No. 2166.
apt 2 W. C. Rodgers Lumber Co.
*, All Versus
Acthe E .1. Stockstill.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of seizure and sale, issued
st in out of the 26th Judicial District Court
id the of Louisiana. in and for Washington
south Parish,in the above entitled cause,
and to me directed, I will proceed to
idian, sell at nublic auction to the last and
Mrs. highest bidder, on
Sgott, Saturday, April 5, 1918
lvey- at the principal front door of the
h, La. court house at Franklinton, La., be
gton, tween the legal sale hours for judicial
ton, sales, the following described proper
ty, to-wit:
f the All the pine timber standing, lying
tp. 3 or being upon all the land of W. P.
more Bankston, consisting of 300 acres,
nwlof more or less. in the Nathaniel Peters
p. 2 Headright, twp. 3south, of range 18
S2 east, the said timber mortgage, being
r less. all the timber from eight inches at the
roe of stump on up.
Jo. 45 Terms of sale: Cash without ap
aty ba- praisement.
ullows: This 26th day of February, 1913.
i No. T. J. Simmons, Sherif
B. cor- Sherif Sale.-No. 2167.
Se. W. C, Rodgers Lumber Co.
south Versus
north E. J. Stockstill.
89 1.20 Notice is hereby given thatby virtue
o poin f an order of seiozure and sale, issued
out ot the 26th Judicial District Court
ight ot of Louisiana, In and for Washington
and for Parish, in the above entitled cause,
above and to me directed, I will proceed to
to re- sell at public auction to the last and
highest bidder, on
ith te, Saturday, April 5, 1918
id land at the principal front door of the court
house, at Franklinton, La., !between
ng said the legal sale hours for judicalc sales,
Let tur- the billowing described property, to
to use iri
herein All and singular; all the saw mill
Sot machiner vy, consisting of saw mill,
building, two-story boilers and engine,
kequired shafting, pulleys, etA. The said boil
eneribel ers being a 60x16 tubular boiler, to
i, sub- gether with stack and all fittings; the
Si tiengine being an Adams center crank
engine, with all fittings; one Southern
Engine and Boiler Works carriage,
ssd Iby complete; one No. 2 Soule steoatn I ed,
ry Pub- complete; one. Reope drum attacih
S ment, complete; three circular saws;
ousiana. e saw hush, mandrel and boxes;
sale and one Wheeling edger, together with all
re to be belting, slafting and pulleys, gearing,
1Al.Ao one lease upon the property.
9 n the original of uhicl is appexed to
)con, the original mortgage flied in this
T rustee, parish and state, and al: ',' which said
machinery, etc., being made a part
and parcel of the said leased land for
c. the purpose of this mortgage herein
foreclosedl as provided for ulder the -
sed Al- laws of tho state of Louisiana, pro
i* vided for machinery. C('., to be made
i part and parcel of land tor the pur
Spose of mortgage.
and t, Terms of sale: Cash withont ap
ty tothe praiseement.
tial City This 26th day ot February, 1918.
T. J. Simmons, Sheril.

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