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Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
Dr. Friedman Wi Arives
Dr. Freder of the surgeon general, a
the Berlin physysician whoof the United Stateims
Marine Hospital Service, Dr.
Milto have disovstered, was serumnt to
meet twhich is a positive cure for tu
brcian on his arrivedal at New York
At the request ofard the stgovern-amship1
Kron Princessin Cecillie, having
merit surgeon, Dr. Friedmann
consen to thisturn over a quanti
tation of his bacilli to be tested by, a
the government ankerd twho demonpes
strate the ephysician will be able tohis cure
beforeis son-in-lawns of the diHosease.l
Service. He agreed to meet ag
laboraThe United States government
ment in New York Thursday tod
tookarrange for a demonistration of Dr.
Dr. Friedmann's claim when by or
remedy is not a secret, and that i
der of the surgeon general, a"to
all physician ofrld" the Unimethod byStates
Marine Hospital Service, Dr.
whMilton H. Fosterch it was created and theo
meet the young German physi- a
mcianner in which it is ardminis-ival at New York. ,
At the requed. It consist of bacillithe govern
ment surgeon, Dr. Friedmann
cotaknsented from a turtlen over a quanti
tuberculary of his bacilli frto be tested byhuman
being has been injected, he ex
plained. 6
"I hae govern been working upand to demon
strate the efficacy of his cure i
the cufore forphysicians of the Hospitalnd t
Service. Hthe last two angreed toa half yeet as
I have treated from 2500 to 3000
patients," he asserted. "How d
many I have absolutely cured I A
cannot estimate, but of their numgoven- a
mer has run into the hundreds.day d
arrange for a demonstration.
Dr. Friedmann declares his d
The remedy cresis not all secret, and thatof
tuberpuloses'to mak exept such e"toses
as arhe world" quite hopeless-thodat is
.on the point wasof dcreated andh. The pro
manner in which it is ad minis- 0]
tered. It consis a slow one, but the first
taken from are turo btle seen two orwhich t(
tubercular bacilli from a human
three weekhas afteren injectd, he ex-ion.
"I have bewhen workian absolutepon
care can be said to be effected is
a matter of months. The method
of administering is 50 per cent
of the cure for four years, and' in t
the"I wish all mankind toa half years at
by my iscovery. I have al-treated from 2500 to 3000
ready turned over some of my
patielli to the asserman governd. "How dient
and I am very glad to tely curedn it
cannot estimate, but thhe Americanum- fr
ment." o
Dr. Friedmann denied he had
ber has run inoftoered $100,000 bythe hundreds.
TheFinla if he wouldmedy cures all forms of at
vtubercult of 100 patients in th Ses at
as acountry. Hquite admithopeless-that is
to receive a "'substantial compen- S
.tion" in eve point of death. The pro-ed the
banker's son-in-law, Ray Paris, 8
of New York.
"I am not mercenary," he
cess is a slow one, but the first
eat reward to enable meen to or dem-T
three weeks after inoculation.
otrate tim e when an absoluted.
cuDr. Friedm cann, be said twho wabe effected is Ra
companied by an assistant and aD
priva matte seretaryhs. Thwas met at theod
pier by Mr. Linlay.
Goests Dine Qrietly as Flames c
on 14th Fcoor Peril Gurne
wald Hotel.
*" A stubborn fire which threat
ened the $200,0o0 Grunewald Ho
te mwas discovered at 8 o'clock
Seita rday night by three of the
hotel's portersinth e elevator ma
adinery room, just above thu
thirteenth flood. The blaze was
covquered by tremen after a
Dr. Fiedmoarn denid wokhe ha n
eamage will not exceed $8,000.
The water pressure of the city D
setod well its erst real test in a
baner's so .in-lawRa Parsn
No. 13, one of the largest in t Ic
service, was able to cope withl
n' the situation alone, and kept ;a
as stream on the damaged room n
In til 10 o'clock. Five tire p)UUpl):
Uk in the building were not called
k into service. The large water
P tank on the roof of the hotel
c.iuld not be used because the
flames licked the standpipes.
a Although the streets suround
ing the buildihg were jammed
re with people who watched the
flames and smoke leaping from
it the windows 150 feet above the
' sidewalk, the guests of the hotel
dined quietly or strolled leisurely
a about the lobby and parlors.
The clerks continued to register(
r. guests and service was not inti.r
SrI0pted for a minute. The holl
I orchestra continued play:;
w while the firemen fighting ti, 1i
' flames and water was dripping
n down the elevator shafts and
• The flames, as they shot sky
' ward from the top of the build
e ine made a spectacular blaze
I' that could be clearly discerned
a for miles around and it looked
as though the big hostelry was
doomed to destruction.
The origin of the fire was not
s discovered. The blaze started
t in the workroom just over the
0 top of the elevator shaft nearest
University Place, and about fifty S
feet from the wireless station
on the roof. A few minutes af- 8
ter it was discovered the eleva
tor mechanism was out of order. B
Assistant Chief Lefaux led the T
advance guard of firemen with L
600 feet of hose and attempted R
to take it up by elevator when
the mechanism of the convey- Ti
ance went wrong. Ir
There was nothi',g to do but L
drag the hose up the fourteen
flights of stairs. The distance IA
from the ground to the top of L
the building is exactly 150 feet.
and the stairway a circuitous
and a much longer distance.
'hree reels of hose, measur
, The Farmers & Merchants Bank T
Located At Franklinton, Louisiana ky
Washington Parish F
i --- FI
Report furnished to the State Exami- I
d ner of banks, at the close of M
it business on Feb. 25,1913. A
Demand Loans ...........$ 49,396.34 Il
Loans secured by mortgage 95,822.84 Pi
Other loans and discounts... 85,637.96
Y Overdrafts secured and on
At secured ................. 7,533.61 j
it Advances on lumber....... 992.96 L
Louisiana state bonds....... 25.000.00 R
Other stocks, bonds, securi
ties, etc................... 3,184.19
d Banking house,furniture and
fixtures........... . 26,439.54 .
r. Other real estateowned.... 32,176.94
7 Due from banks and bankers 47,147.36
is Checks and other cash items 491.94
Gold coin .................. 737.50
. Silver, nickeland copper coin 1,702.44
National Bank notes and all
1e issues U. S. Govt....... 7,259.00 si
S, Suspense account........... 297.39 di
Total.......... 9883,819.31 ti
Capital stock paid in....... 30,000.00 f
. Surplus ................ 2,000.00
Undivided Profit, less al
expenses and taxes paid 20,562.99 o0
* Due other banks and bankers 30,682,19 L
a Dividends unpaid........... 4.00 R
Individual savings deposits.. 12,419.62
Individual deposits, subject is
to check ...........107,649.52 a
Time certificates of deposit.. 38,180.19 o
Demand certificates of deposit 1,556.00 V
e" Certificates of deposit for 9
borrowed money........ 79,155.01 ,
Certified checks ............ 16.07 C
Cashier's checks outstanding 2,593.72
Bills payable.............. 34,000.00 tI
Borrowed bonds.............. 25,000.00 s
Total........... 883,819.1 1
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Washington b
14 I, F. M. Brown,Vice-Pres. and I, J. 8.
as Brock, Jr., Cashier of the above named
Bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of G
my knowledge and belief. a
0. Subscribed and sworn to before me u
by this 3rd day of March, 1913.
a .DELOs R. Jomnsox,
Notary Public.
- in-, one thousand feet, were nei
I, essary to reach the blaze.
;L The Grunewali Hotel fire winl
a1g downinto history as a con
vincing proof that the Americiu
d is only disposed to be panicky
r when his bank account is threat
1 ened.
Pioneer of X-Ray Loses
Right Hand.
Kansas City, Feb. 27.-Dr. J.
N. Scott, one of the pioneers in
the introduction of the X-ray in
to America, to-day parted with
his right hand as a result of his
early experiments. The hand
was affected by exposure to the
rays and was amputated above
the wrist.
. Physicians say that nine of the
pionleers in X-ray work have died
from the effects of the early
st ag(esof experimentation withlit.
a"Now, I'm all right, I fancy,"
'said Dr. Scott to-day after the
operation. "(ertainly I shall
contirue to operate the ray, or
at least to direct its use. Since
we have learned to use it there is
only small (langer in its use."
ot Sheriff's Statement.
id Franklinton, La., March 1. 1913.
Statement of collections for month
ie of February, 19!13:
y State tax............... $ 709 30
Interest oi taxes c(ollected.. 11 82
'n Confecdiratc veteran tax...... 27 94
8* State g6od road tx.......... 34 97
Ilmt. on vý:erans a~cd roads.... 1 04
State lien~-e ................ 520 00
r. Hunters iiciese............... 30 50
e Total colletrioas. state......$ 1,335 57
h Less comnmi. iu..... ...... 65 35
Remitted to auditor.........6 1,270 22
r" Taxes collect .............6 1,418 60
Interest on co tions...... 23 80
License, 191f. collected..... 460 00
t License returned school bd.. 502 98
Total collections...... 92,405 38
e Less commission ........... 95 12
f Less 8 mills for schools...... 411 08
S506 20
Remitted toParish treasurer.$ 1,899 IS
3 mils tax from "'arish, net.. $ 411 08
First ward..... ........... 7 68
Stony Point................ 7 30
K Second ward................ 13 02
Third ward ............... 71 25
Fourth ward................. 336 84
Fifth ward...... ............ 67 03
Franklinton high school...... 2657 65
Faliah ........................ 4 80
" Gorman ..................... 28 80
Mt. Herman.................. 67 55
Angle......................... 41 58w
Isabel ......................1. 2 12
Sunny Hill .................. 24 71
i4 Interest collected on taxes.... 10 01
Pol tax....................... 107 00
1 Fines.......... .. ............ 8355 00
Total................ 1,8138 42
1Less commission. ............ 41 385
16 Less license refunded........ 502 98
)0 Remitted to Treasurer
Parish School Board:....... 1,279 09
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
Sheriff Sale.--No. 2124.
.36 th
, W. B. Thompson & Co.
.so Versus
.44 G. W. Smith
By virtue of an order of seizure and
.00 sale, issued out of the 26th judicial
,39 district court, state of Louisiana, par
- ish of Washington, in the above en
.31 titled cause, and to me directed, I
prooe ded to seize and did offer for
sale on Saturday, August 31, 1912, the
0 following described property, to-wit:
87 acres of land, more or less, situ
ated in the palish of WashingtOn, state
.99 of Louisiana,, the same being a part of
,19 Lee Youngblood Hd. entry of twp. I
.00 R. 10 E., St. Helena Mer., said home
stead originally consisting of about 127
acres, and the above described 87 acres
is on the south side of said homestead
.52 and is boned on the north by lands of
.19 of Mariahi Vernon, widow of Peter
.00 Vernon, deceased, east by lands of C
Quincy Brumfleld, Oliver Tate and es
tate of J. P. Bulloch, deceased south
.01 and west by lands of estate of George
.07 Crow, deceased.
.72 There being no bids amounting to
.00 two-thirds of the appraised value as
i.00 fixed by the experts appointed and N
sworn, the property was not sold. N
).31 Under the provisions established by N
law, I will again proceed to offer for
sale at public auction, to the last and
highest bidder, during the legal sale N
.8. hours, on N
ied Saturday, March 22, 1918
the at the principal front door of the
of court house, at Franklinton, Ia., the t
above described property, :Terms of
me sale: Twelve months credit, secured
by bond of purchaser, conditioned as
the law directs.
This 6th day of March, 1918
ST. J. immons, shMr4.
Robert Babington, Ltd.
Easter comes earlier this year than it has in 25
Are you getting ready for it?
Mr. Customer: We are thinking about you and
we are going to have the goods you will need in
which to properly celebrate this great annual event.
We are stocking up with Dry Goods, Shoes and
such things as one will need to dress up in to enjoy
It goes without saying that we carry a full line of things, such as
Grocerles, Hardware and Feed Stuff, Furniture and a complete stock of
We buy and sell all kinds of country produce.
Call on the OLD RELIABLE
Robert Babington, Limited, Franklinton, La,
Should be given the best training to pre.
pare them for success in business.
MAR Personal Instruction. Free Emploj.
ment Dej artment. Complete College
Bank. College Store and Wholesale
No misrepresentations to secure sta
dents. Through the success o f it t s
22000 former students, Soule College
is recognised everywhere as a Wide
Awake, Practical, Popular and Suc.
Sessful School
O0O. OUne8 & SONS.
IS Texas Hlail Stones
SNine Inchies Around.
o Dallas, Tex, Feb. 27.-Remark.
25 able stories of immense hail
4 stones all over east Texas last I
Snight were telegraphed bere to
80 day. At Thornton it is claimed I
M the hail measured nine inches in
58 circumference. At Marlin cor
1 respondents claim the bail stones
01 resembled baseballs. San An- i
D tonlo reports several thousand a
- dollary hail damage. Troup. r
STex., reports $50.000 hail dam- c
8 age to orchards in the fruit belt, t
09 and other points report a few c
thousand dollars damage each. r
Why Do You Scratch? a
Royaline Tetter Ointment will stop
,that itching or your money back. 50c.
low Orleans Great Northern
d Daily Service
I Franklinton, La.
New Orleans, La. H
Jackson, Miss.
Columbia, Miss.
Tylertown, Miss. d
SFolsom, La.
SCheap lRued Trip Week-end
Tickets on Sale.
e 01
d North Bound. South Bound
l. No. 32-10:20 a. m. No. 31-2:25 p. m. E
Y No. 34-7:35 p. m. No. 33-5"40 a. m. hi
le No. 38-9:25 p. in. No. 35-6.55 a.m. al
No. 86-11:20 a.m. No.37,4:25 p. m. C(
For further information, apply N
Sto local Ticket Agent, or to
M. J. McMabon, G. P. A.
905 Whitney-Central Bldg.
Naw Orleans,'La. a
Lag Distace Phone M .ain 4l,
C. 0. D. Parcel Post To Be
Started July 1.
Washington, Feb. 27.-On July
1 1 next the collect on the delivery
feature, will be added to the par
cel post service. An ot'der put- '
ting this into effect was to-day t
signed by Postmaster General
Hitchcock. b
Under the approved regulations ti
a parcel bearing the required E
amount of parcel post stamps
may be sent anywhere in the
country and the amount due from A
the purchaser collected and re
mitted by the Postoftice Depart. t
ment. The regulations provide '
that the parcel must bear the ti
amount due from the addressee U
and the collection will be made, t
providing the amount is not in
exces of $100. 91he fee will be
10 cents, to be affixed by the
sender in parcel post stamps. C
This also will insure the parcel A
to an amount not to exceed $50. b
Why He Knows It.
Mr. P. K. Emmons, Mineral La.,
says: "I have SOLD AND u SEDE
ROYALINE OIL four years and con
sider it the BEST ANTISE pTIC I ever
used." A trial always convinces.
That's why he knows it. It will pay
you to try it. You will then use
nothing else. That's the way they all
do. 10c, 25c. 50c. Money back plan.
Sheriff Sale No. 21083.
Citizens Bank of lPoplarviile.
F. L. Pord & Co.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of Seizure and Sale issued
out of the 26th Judicial District Court
of Louisiana. in and for Washington
Pariph, in the above entitled cause
and to me directed, I will proceed to
sell at Public auction to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday, March 15, 191;.
at the principal front door of the
court house at Franklinton, La. be
tween the legal sale hours tor juicl
sales, the following described proper
ty to-wit:
Lot Sixty-nine (69) and Seventy
(70) in block six (6) and Forty.three
(43) in block eight (8) in the town of
Angie, La.
Terms of sale: Cash with benefit of
This 3rd. day of February. 1913.
T. J. iamoa, Sherinf.
Passes Bill Over Veto
Washington, Feb, 2_.-The
Webb liquor bill, prohibiting the
shipment of liquor into "dry"
States, was repassed in the Sen
ate to-day over President LTaft's
veto, within two hours from the
time the President's message of
disapproval had been laid before
t~hat body.
A short debate, in which the
advocates of the bill voted down
a motion to postpone action until
to-morrow, and in which they re
affirmed their belief that the
measure is constitutional, ended
with the repassage of the bill by
the large majority of 63 to 21.
The Webb bill passed both
houses of Congress and went to
the President ten days ago.
His veto message reached the
Senate about 3 o'clock to-day, ac
companied by an opinion from
Attorney general Wickersham.
Basing his decision upon the At
torney-general's findings, the
President expressed the belief
that the measure was clearly
unconstitutional because it gave
the States the right to interfere
with interstate commerce.
You Can Do It For 25c.
A few doses ORO guaranteed to cure
Chills and Fever. Dead shot for colds
and Grip. Fine Tonic. No poisons.
Acts on Liver and Bowels. 25c. Money
back plan.
At Warnerton, La.
1 Saw Mill, complete, with
Slab Conveyor.
Cut-off Saw.
12x14 Atlas Engine,
45 H. P. Boiler.
At Franklinton, La.
1 50 H. P. Boiler.
1 Erie City Engine, 35 H. P.
1 60-saw Gullett Gin.
Condensers, Feeders, Eleva
tors and Seed Carriers.
1 Cotton Press, Gillett's.
I small Engine. I
I J. A. Fay Planer.
I Portable Engine and Boiler.
At Cutrer's Switch-
Half interest in I Engine.
Half interest in I boiler.
Babintgon Bros. Litd,

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