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Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
Send the Children to Us
For School Supplies.
Your children can buy as safely ;tt our store as you can.
Our line of school supplies is the best in this cormmuntity,
and the assortment enables children to cet just what is best
and what is needed. We can assist them in selecting the
right kind of supplies, for we are familiar with the require
ments of the schools.
Pens, Pencils, Tablets, Inks, Crayons,
and all other school supplies can be found here. Our prices
are never higher than elsewhere, but frequently they are
Send us for school supplies
or send the children.
Franklinton, La.
High School Dots.
The Franklinton high school
opened up on Monday. Sept. 8,
with an enrollment of 269 pupils.
A great number of these are
from the distant communities,
and are being kindly welcomed
by teachers. school mates and
the good people of Franklinton.
Judging from the general
movements, we have every rea
son to believe that the school
year 1913-14 shall bring better
results than have ever been real
ized before. Too much credit
caninot be given our new faculty
for the interest taken in the pu
pils and every line of work.
It seems that the new side
lines, Agriculture and Domestic
Science are more attractive in
the eyes of the pupils, than the
Literary course. There are only
two in the ninth, two in the 10th
and four in the 11th grade who
are taking the Latin course.
Some of our teachers are trying
to persuade more of the pupils
to take up the Latin, also Draw
ing and Singing. We have lis
tened to their urging and appre
ciate the value they see in each
subject, still we say we have not
the time for extras. However,
quite a number have agreed to
join the singing and Drawing
The Barbarian and Indian so
cieties proved so successful last
year, that the society work has
been resumed under the same
names for another session. The
first programme will be render
ed by the Indian society in the
auditorium the last Friday in
this month.
Barbarian Committee,
Marie Magee,
Myrtle Wood,
Ezra Corkern.
Save Half Your Money
by using ORO for Chills and Fever,
Bilious Fever, Malaria, Colds and
Grippe. A 25c bottle contains exactly
as many doses as the usual 50c bottle
which is twice as large. Does qnicker
and better work. It acts on liver and
bowels. Cleans out the system, stops
Chills and Fever. Builds up strength.
No pills or calomel needed with it.
Contains no poisons. 25c. Money
back plan.
Notice to Hunters.
The license for the year 1913
1914 for hunting is now ready to
be issued. Parties can hunt in
their own wards without a li
cense, but if they bunt in another
ward than the ward they live in,
the license for residents inside
the parish is 50c. State license
for residents $3.00. License for
non-residents $15.00. Statewide
trappers and market hunters
license for residents of state
only, $10.00. The license only
entitles you to kill game in the
season set out by the conserva
tion commission.
22-4t T. J. Simmons, Sheriff,
Dissolution Notice.
Franklinton, La., Aug. 1, 1913.
The firm of Pearson & Var
nado has this day been dissolved,
J. F. Pearson taking over all as
.2ts and assuming all debts. -
J. F. Pearson,
8-7--0-11 D. A. Varnado.
"Summer Complaint."
This remedy should be in ev
ery home-not only for the little
ones but for the older members
of the family as well.
In cases of Cholera Morbus.
Colic, Diarrhea, or any bowel
Blackberry Carminative
is so certain in its action and re
lieves in so short a time that you
cannot afford to be without it.
It relieves all irritation of the
intestines, is slightly astringent,
cleanses the bowels before they
are checked, and is thoroughly
, antiseptic.
It is without doubt the best
remedy of its kind we know of
and is equally good for children
and adults.
There are two slies--Uo
and Mo the bottle.
When we asd a chance to get the ex
clusiveselhag agency for Nyal's Fam
ily remedies we jumped at it. They
a re known among all druggists as the
highest quality line- on the market,
ý and are prepared by "a great firm of
. manufacturing chemists, famous for
SSfty years. •
Ideal Drug Store,
Yw lq L Wood, Prop.
From Main Line Stations on
New Orleans
Great Northern
From Wanilla, Miss., and in
termediate points to
New Orleans
and return, account Special Ex
Sept 23, 19 13
Round trip fare from Angie
and Varnado is $1.75. , From
Bogalusa, Leesccreek, Rio, Sun
and Bush $1.50. Train leaves
Rio 3:80 p. m. -
Returning-Train leaves New
Orleans Thursday. Sept. 26, at
6:00 P. M.
Tickets good on special train
Don't miss this opportunity to
visit New Orleans and see its
many attractions.
" For trther rteaa genats
or writs M. J. M loMsho, . V. A.,
Legisliture.l HIts Shortest
Session in State's Annals.
Baton Rouge, La., Sept. 12.
Establishing a record as the
shortest session in Louisiana's
history and the most harmonious
in many years, the legislature
adjourned sine die shortly before
noon today, bringing to a close
the second extraordinary meet
ing of the present General As
sembly. While legally the legis
lature sat for live days, actually
the length of the session lacked
a few minutes of being four days.
The two houses were called to
order a few minutes after the
noon hour on Monday and ad
journed finally a few minutes be
fore the noon hour on Friday.
Harmony and good feeling was
the predominating note. Oppo
sition was voiced to only one of
the six measures proposed by
the administration, and that op
position amounted to only eight
adverse votes in the House and
two in the Senate. None of the
bills were amended in any sub
stantial respect. Such amend
ments as were adopted were
minor in character and were
aimed to cure defects and over
In concluding the work of the
session in five legislative days,
the members of the legislature
saved the state several thousand
dollars. Every additional day
would have meant an additional
cost of nearly $1,000. This dis
position to dispose of the busi
ness on hand in record time and
hold down the expense of the
session to a minimum prevailed
from the first day and proved a
great help to the program.
Stops Pain, Heals Wounds.
Royaline Oil is STRONGER THAN
PAIN, inside or outside, man or beast.
Also makes it go further and give
That's why it wins everywhere over
everything, when people try it. It is
praised loudest by people who have
used it longest. It's diferent. You'll
like it better. Try it now. 10o, toc,
oO. Money back plan.
School Notes.
The final results of the teach
ers' examination for Washington
Parish is much better than was
first reported. Twelve out of 44
have secured, certifica'tes. Nine
of the twelve are high school
graduates-five from Franklin
ton, one from Bogalusa and one
from Baton Rouge. Below is
given the number of the appli
cants securing certificates and
the gradeof certificates granted.
No. 2, 1st grade certificate.
No. 23, 3rd igrade certificates.
No. 26,2nd grade certificate.
) No. 2, 2nd grade certificate.
Nos. 84, 37, 38, 39, 40, 43, 44
and 45,1st grade certificate.
The grade made on each sub
ject is on file in the superintend
ent's office! -
Calomel! calomel! You cannot
. stay. for LIV-VER-LAX has
shown us an easier way. Ask
Peoples Drug Store, Franklintonl
La., and Hackley Drug Store,
Hackley, La.
Sheriff Sale-No. 2045.
Magnolia Bank
SJasper E. and D. D, Varnado
Notiee is hereby given that by vir
tae of an order of Serl s, is-*
e sued out of the 26th. Judical stric
I of Lou ii n aId for Wauh
in ington Prish, In thie boove entitled
Scause, and to me direoted, I will pro
s ceedto sell at public auootion to thme
last and highest bidder, on
w Saturday, September 27,, 1913
st Iat the prinlpsal front door of the coUrt
house at Prsaklinton. IL., between
the legal ae hour. for judal sales, I,
S[the foowing described property to
to The easthalf of the set and the
ts ea halft of the net. section 0, twp. I
s., range eaUt.
Tn..m of Sale. Cash with bemet
tL oflrjm~eaL £q . .
-,, , 1. slim mhll. UhulU.
Robert Babington, Ltd.
Friday and Saturday, Sept. 26th and 27th
We are going to put on a
by our Firm, and we want all the Ladies in the
Parish to be present and see what these wonderful
Stoves will do for you in the way of baking and
We have a store brimming full of goods at the
Come, and you can supply all your wants.
We buy and sell all kinds of country produce.
Call on the OLD RELIABLE
Robert Babington, Limited, Franklinton, La,
White Mountain Freezers
Genuine Blue Grass Refrigerators ý
A Few Fruit Jars
Several Lengths of Lawn Hose ý
We will sell the above at Cost as long as they last. a
1 Greenlaw Hardware & Auto Co. a
Shouaibe lvesthLbettraIsladtoýper
Sare themotor eeeu Is bores.
er sonl I.strctio. toree smpto
No muireweautattolu to _ae.ne t
dent s. lrouh the suceses of its
oo000 former s, ests Seals ollege
I.~k~ rnognised e0rywher as a W0uG
iwakeractecal. lopouw. sad Sue
S Oufl Shool.
@30 01.30t & S)ONS
October 4th, 1913
A specialty of the famous Elzey
Hat, fresh from the St.
Louis market.
A beautiful line of Towels, Aprons,
Morning Caps, Table Runners. Sopha
Pillows and Laundry Bags. Make
them up now. Christmas will soon
be here, and everyone likes a home
made present.
I Mrs. L H. Magee, F_'it"h
Li-Ver-Lax For
Sick Headache.
It Is Your Inactive Liver and Clog
ged Bowels. LIv.Ver-Lax Is theo
Paneosa for all Liver Troubles
and Constipation.
You are bilious, your 30 feet of
bowels becomes clogged up. poi -
onous gasses are generated in the
system, your head aches, you
have chills and fever, you are
nervous and ill tempered, your
system is full of bile not properly
passed off. Your disordered atom.
aob and biliousness cannot be
regulated until you remove the
cause. It is not your stomach's
fault. Your stomach is as good
as any.
Try Liv.Ver-Lax; It is purely
vegetable. Do not resort to hareh
physics and calomel, which ruins
the system and softens the bone.
Liv-Ver.Laz acts gently, yet
positively, on the liver. stomach
and bowels, is pleasant to take
and does not gripe or sicken. It
is recommended for grown-ups
and babies all alike.
You will be surprised at the
amount of bile a bottle of Liv*
Ver-Lax will clean out of your
system. Buy a regular 50o or $1
bottle from Peoples Drug Co.,
Franklinton, La., or Hackley
Drugstore,, Hackley, La., on our
guarantee and be convinced.
The Lebanon Co.Operative Med.
ioine Co.. Lebanon, Tenn. None
genuine without the likeness and
signature of L. L Gripbr.

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