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i Local Items
Brief Mlention of Local and Personal
I appe.iIngs of The Week.
I RANKI INT )N, LA., MAY 2*, '14
l l. U), I .1b lidl on of S ratoga.
visit ,- his1 ag, ed father here the
first, of thel weeki.
Wlk--Over Shoes are walked
in oveli anlli over again.
T'l'h! Histoll Storl'e.
Iunti,,r D)obson !efl Saturday
for Hai1111nond( whore hIr will
spend a lortnight with his aunts
Mrs. Nobles and Miss HIunter.
Biddlies of different ages for
sale, and (eggs incubated on
shares or under contract, by
Dorenmus Poultry Association
Iay Hamilton, after spending
the session hero in school left
Friday for his home in Leper,
Mo., where he will spend the va
After several days spent here
in the honme of thtei r sister, M rs.
M. W. Ott, Mesdames Tisdell
and Story, left Sunda y for their
home in Grand Cane.
When you exchange your mon
ey for a ipair of Walk-Over Shots
you get the best pair of slho,es
your money will buy anywhere.
."'he Boston Store.
Trespass Notice-The lines
aroun d mny land are Established
and I hereby forbid any person
riemoviiig lnytiling from growilng
tree to the fallhen leaves from the;
land or the making or using p1li
vate roads across the land or en
tering my enclosure by climbing
my fence.
Edward Myles.
Prof. Dunn and Miss Nallie
Samuel will both do summer
school instruction work in thli
Hammond Normal, and after a
two week's rest, here will leavI
to take up the work there for a
six weeks term. Lora Poole and
and Neva Wood will accompany
them as students in the su'
mer school.
For Sale-One Ford roadster,
three passenger, in good condi
tion. Gas headlights, oil side
lamps, electric tail light, top,
windshield, electric horn, pump
and complete set of tools. Non
skid tires on rear (new), extra
tire, extra inner tube, vulcanizer,
Will sell cheap. Apply P. O. Box
416. Covington, La.
Iost or Strayed from Boaa
lusa April 25th a yellow sorrel
mare about seven years old,
weight 700 to 800 pounds, withll
brand of T with circle under.
neath, crossways on hip, with
black stripe on back from mane
to tail. Reward for return or
information leading to her re
IR. E. Bankston,
Box 95-Bogalusa, La.
It is
My Desire
To give the public as much in
formation about the Eye and Eye
Troubles as I can in my adver
the trouble to you in nmy ex;m
ination. If there is no trouble I
tell you so.
That is how I hope to build up
a reputation.
The Jeweler and Optician.
At Ideal Drug Store
the 18th of eachbmonth.
I. J. Green of Zona spent
Monday here.
Benton Biclkham of lIackley
sp)ent Tuesday here.
Famous for Ladies and Gents
F'u rnishings.
'The loston Store.
Mliss .lulia McNeil left Monday
for her Iine inl \\Wisconsin.
Rtev. N. Fo)rtinl)erry of Var
nado spent Wednesday heie. ]
M rs. (Cies. BI. Jone. ofa the
Clifton neighborhood is serious
ly ill this week.
V. .J. Dunn left Monday for I
Ainite to attend the gr'adualling
exercises of the High School.
Mrs. Josephine Schilling of
Poplarville, is visiting her aunt,
Mrs. It. M. McElveen this week.
A New Hat for a Nickel! Rex
all Straw Hat Cleaner. For sale
at Babington's Drug Store.
Miss Eula Parker, with her
brothers, Willie and It. J. spent
the week-end in the Conrkeril
Miss Annie McCroskey left
Tuesday for her home in Loudon
Tenn., to spend the summer va
Mrs. D. R. .Johnson had for
dinner guests Tuesday Mr, and
Mrs. M. W. Ott ar,d Miss Sara
William son.
We have a few striped seer
sucker suits for men just the
suit for the hot weather, at $1 a
suit. The Boston Store.
Miss Sarah Williamson left
Wednesday for her home at
Natchitoches, where she will
spelid the summel' vacation.
Mrs. A. Pveo r s. of Boga
lussceaille Wednesday a:tll will
be a gruest several diays iii the
home of her aunt, Mrs. 'I. M.
Misses Bertha and Addie
Simimons of Bogalusa came
over to attend cljn me;ice
mient and remaind thri'u this
week, visiting relatives.
Ladies Take Notice! Get I
w.ise and wear Walk-Over Shoes t
and you will have more spending m
The Boston Store.
Misses Warren and Bilbo with
Messrs Bilbo, Bristerand Gavert
of Hackle.v, motored down Fri
day and attended the graduating
exercises at the F. H. S.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Varnado
and little Willard of Slidell, at
tended the commencement ex
ercises at the Franklinton High
School and remained thru Sun
day with relatives.
Walk-Over Sholies are so good
that folks would rather pay us
CASH for tlhein thani get trusted
The Boston Store.
Miss Vera Reeves of Tyler
town, came Friday to attend the
graduation of her cousin, Wilton
Magee, and afterward remained
for a visit of several dlays with
the Misses Magees.
Notice-This Bank will be
closed Monday and Wednesday
Juno 1st and 3rd account of
Legal Hollidays.
Washington 13a:.rk & Triust Co.
W. S. Hurris, Cashier.
Misses Lou Magee and Vera
Reeves with Messrs. Austin
Bateman and Prentiss Magee at
tended church at Euon Sunday
and spent the afternoon with
relatives there.
Mi's. W. 1. Daniel and little
dlughiter Gl;adys, of Angle, who
have been visiting relatives here,
returned home Thursday accomn
paried by little Mamie IBrock
who will visit them for the next
Household duties with their
aceompanying, strain atid wor
ries will surely weaken you soon
er or later no matter how st r',ng
vour constitution. Guard asainst
a nervous breakdown-kep .y
al's Vegetable Precripti,,n in
the home--the miost dilicate :ys
temrn made disease proof.---ldeAl
Drug Store.
Mrs. L. H. Magee spent Wed.
nesday at Clifton.
Mrs. ,Jas. at(nan n Jr., is
quite sick this week.
Men keel) cool! Get into one
of our Palm Beach Suits. Only
87 at the BIoston Store.
Miss Nallie Samnuel spent Mon
day and Tuesday IU Neiv Orleans
Miss Winnie Wadsworth and
Iddo Wadsworth, of Bogalusa,
spent the week-end here.
Miss Dora Galatas of Osceola,
La., a niece of F'. M. Brown, is
here for an extended visit.
Our line of Ladlies' Walk-Over
Shoes are the classiest line of
Ladies Shoes in Washington Par
ish. Thile Boston Store.
Rev. ond Mrs. J. A. McCor
inick and children left Tuesday'
tolattend the District Conference.
Mrs. W. A, Murry gave her
Sunday School class a delightful
outing on Lawrences Creek on
Mrs. John Babington and son
Max, after a week's visit with
relatives here, returned home
Th u rsday.
Mrs. J. E. ]lateman accom
p)anied her father .J. W. Ball
home and will visit relatives in
Angie for the next fortnighit.
Miss Florence Foil, after clos
ing a successful termi of school
work at Lee's Crek, came home
Friday for the summer vacation.
Mrs. S. M. Williams and two
children of Picayune, Miss.,
were guests the early part of
the week of Ni is. F. M1. Brown.
Dr. 0. 1. D. Varnao left Wed
nesday for i'ayner. Texas, where
he goes p)rospc'ting with a view
to locating in his dental )ractice.
Our Ladie.' Walk-Over Shlo,
in English Fiat, White Nubuck.
Rubber Sole and Heel are goin;
fast, reduced from s1 to S: 5)
The iUostou Store.
Mrs. Josie LaCour and little
Fay, wiho have been visiting at
the home of her mother, Mrs. C.
13ickham, for the past week, re
turned to their home at Colum
bia, Miss., Tuesday evening.
Rev. E. O. Ware, of Alexandria.
Editor of the Baptist Chronicle,
was attending to business her,
the first of the week and pltreach
ed a very much enjoyed sei'm01
in the Baptist church T''uesday
Mrs. Ben Fisher left Wedies
day morning for a visit to, Dr.
and Mrs. Fisher at Lake Charles,
after which she will go on to
Poyner, Texas whlei'e she will
spend the rest of tihe suminmert'
with her son, \1. V. Simmons.
Misses Coilins, Ginn and Siui
mons chapl'ronlled by M rs.''llThomp
son all of Tylert'owi, spoeit F'lri
day.aftelloonr hiere and wilness
ed the game of ball playled Ibe
tween Tylert.own and Fi'iranklhiu
ton in lwhieh tile score was 3 to 1
in favor of thile holtme team.
New Orleans 6reat Northern
Double Daily Service
Franklinton, La.
New Orleans, La.
Jackson, Miss.
Columbia, Miss.
Tylertown, Miss.
Folsom, La.
Cheap Round Trip Week-end
Tickets on Sale.
North-Bound. South-Bound
No. 32-10:25 a. w. No. :'!1-2:25 i . m.
No. 34-7:40 p. m. No. 33-5'09 a. m.
No. 38-9:35 p. m. No. 37-6.25 a.m.
No. 36-11:05 a. m. No.35.4:20 p. m.
For further information, apply
to local Ticket Agent, or to
M. J. McMahon, G. P. A.
G. ,. AUBURTIN, A.o.P. .,
905 Whitney-Central Bldg.
New Orleans, La.
Loog Distance Phone Main 488.
Bartender of Promine Cafe Gives
Customer Recipe for I king Thirst
Quenching T dy.
This is not a golf st' -. A colored
bartender in a promi it cafe wail
serving a customer. ," said M3
Cr:aig, "necd sonmthin to eliminate
the robins from my e - 's. Get me,
Samuel said he got . r. Craig. "Ah
got just the finest drink what evah
pass down a man's froat," said Sam
uel. "Ah done thought it up mahself.
Mah boss nevah starts a day' wivout
he puts in a layer of 'em."
Mr. Craig ordered one of the new
invention. lie leaned listlessly upon
the counter, in sheer ennui, watching
Sam flicking some of this cordial
and some of that in the glass. Then
he frapped it. It tasted to Mr.
Craig's parched gullet as good as it
looked. The recipient at once de
manded the recipe.
"Well, sah," said Sam, "Ah takes
one-half Scotch whisky and one-half
vermouth and one-half sherry-"
Mr. Craig interrupted. "That can't
be right." said he. "There can't be
more than two halves in anything."
"Boss," said the bartender, "the way
Ah mix the drink there's four halves
in it."-San Francisco Argonaut.
De IIamlet-Yes; I had a splendid
part in the new show, but I-er-er
took sick and-"
De Critic--Iluh! You mean you
didn't take well.
Hard Work, Too.
"What (1o you want?" demanded Mr.
Newly-wed as he confronted the tramp
at the door of the bungalow, "break
fast or work?"
"Iloth, sir," replied the wayfarer,
"\\ell, eat that," returned the other
sava,,-!y, handing out a biscuit and a
piece, of " .:k. "and you'll have both."
'\ 'here'pin i,;'s. Newlywed glanced
renroachf 1lly at her husband, for he
Vwa., gRini av.y the first fruits of her
c.ulinary ,:tudies at the cooking school
Comprised Everything.
An English p)hysician, being annoy
ed by the talk of a pedantic, self
conceited bore until he could stand
it no longer. remarked: "My friend,
you and I know all that is to be
'"H-low is 'that?" asked the bore, high
ly pleased.
"Why,." said the doctor, "you know
everything except that you are a
fool, and I know that."
Giving Pa Away.
"Mr. Goodly," said the little boy to
the minister who was visiting his
hone, "I'll bet you don't know where
papa is."
"Oh, hIe's in town," answered the
preaher. "Don't you remember your
!nothe,' told me that when I came in?"
"Shucks! Pa ain't in town. Hie's
hidin' out in the back yard. When he
saw you at the gate he said, 'Here's
where I beat it!'"
Forfeited His Standing.
"Gra-ndfather, you still belong to the
Old Settlers' association, don't you?"
"Yes. but I'm not a member in good
stanting now, Bobby."
"What's the reason?"
"I was making a little talk at a sup
per we had the other night, and I hap
pened to say that I thought circuses
were a good deal better now than they
were when I was a boy."
Different Directions.
FirsttCustomer-I wish to select a
Floo"'valker-Yes, madam. James,
show the lady to the crockery de
Second:Custemer-I wish to select a
Floorwalker-Yes, madam. George,
show the lady to the bric-a-brac de
partment.--New York Weekly.
Good Start.
"Is there to be a fly killing contest
this summer?"
"Haven't heard of any prizes as yet.
Who wantsto know?"
"My kid. He's got a quart of flies
saved overfrom last year."
Wheels in His Head?
"Wot ye goin' to name the baby?"
"'Oss Car? Why not be up to date
an' call 'im Trolley Car?"
(They fight.)
Appealing to Mother.
"Mother," said the bride, "have you
an electrical cookbook?"
"An electrical cookbook?"
"Yes; I want to know how many
volts to give a steak."
S"Do you believe in charms, Miss
\ / ,
This Splendid Tcp buggy
,ith ili t n .,1 .... .$37.5.
w . 41.50
Stylish Panel S at l .......... . . . .......... $36.00
Stick S at ug y . .... ............ ........ .. 36.00
Hoti Genuine Leather Upholstering.
Good Open Buggy, Low Cut Front $35.00.
Neuhauser B os.
Slidell, Louisiana.
Furnishers and Shippers of
Everything for the Home and Farm.
What "Bee Dee" Means
"Bee Dee" on the label means REAL VALUE
inside the pack;.ne, and RESULTS and SATIS- After using the Bee Dee
FACTION after cotents have been used. Remedies genera'iy for
Always ask for "b-ee D)ee" when yo:: buy a stock sometime, we take plea
or poultry remedy. EBee Dee" rer ies are pre- sur i sayinmtthat hy re
giving entire satlac;in.
pared from pure, lmedicinal ingredic in a scien- and we cheerfuiy rtcom
tific way, and are genuine medicines that you can mend them.
depend on. McMIiillen Stock Farm.
B e STOCK POULTRY. Waco. Texas.
ee D ee LITJMiEI--DIP You can get them at
Bee Dee Healing Powder-Bee Dee Colic Remedy your dealer's.
P. R.
. omen Are Martyrs
0allowances for h:'-self.
Sell' sacriticc witi! heri is ),rsistlnt i:. ';:r it isi t l,,rnici;s
1id ascal(.,i t ql l:C( she is sel(i(] both lhealtlly ai.d iip(l y.
Everyone's health must be looked after-all but
her own. In her own mind she
cones last-always.
O() 11attel, 1l:. st) '.li" lI 1 ('l0 .stiI1:li ,h ll:."t (\l sltla'ly
IV\ W ay i tVl.u(o blt e ' f-- ] ( ( i11ax (( U t.'. ,l) (( ll10 I ,( ( !ti ii 0.
(Ca t- ful ;illi " st,'lit ilatteiltioll td ,ltails in tile natt.,r ,)f 1.P0
\\n health are imlna], ;.t-i\-tlh l, d1 (Il ;( t. 'unlctia(o al tolgl. must
erformj tht.ir du(ty \wilh unc(,iil( r(tu L:.lrity, the I IO(;d lmutist be
:p)t ure , it lD .stho, Iuri.-li ('\ I'i tl..sue of hor bjody II1(I lite .crves
''pt )prool f guilli.. 'i li? O .
Cui,.iutril!,c lthat it's onl.y a. matter of a few sc.co1ndI( each
day-three or tour doses of
Nyal's Vegetable Prescription
,'s toltally ulmlectssa ry that e' heiltii sllhould ie( IlUe.( ihlt ir.(i.
N a\ l'., VI , . etalc h 1'rI .crilti( n will iiaike the most delicate
systetmi dicease Iprooi.
It sells at $1.00) the bottle.
A very fine line of rubber ,,oonds, such as ihot water bottles,
Ifoautain sy'ringes, etc., fow in s.,,ck.
E Z 3 Drops
One Bottle is Guaranteed to Cure
any Case of Chills, Fever, Malaria
& LaGrippe, Colds, Pneumonia or
Dealer Refur. Is Your 35c
An Ounce Bot e-20 D)rops per Dose-More
Doses 'Th:in .ny Other 50c Remedy-A
IUMON: e.crn Revolution
An An rctizer and I)igctor
Sanctioned by Ec tors Becaube We List Ingredien:s
Bu. i Pig tt, W a'n .rtol; 1 I al i . '4 ,J . "'.il,ihl , i: lilk' v
,.i .. ilJ l + ; . t ;i I ri r', :. ; , r.. ) i . l t , aif'ilr ilo T" he
Conlisllssary, Bogalusa; The Conuii-. Lees Creek; Everybody, Rio; J. A.
Brinketr, I. F. 1),, Frankliliton.

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