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Tbe bra= eaber.
Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editor.
artered a' c,'ond c'la matter .\Ae il i5, 1)I,
at the 1u-it ouhlce at 'ral;,;ii.tuon, La., under
the Act of Cou,,resof 1al i,' 3 .1h79.
AdvertisinV 1latCu on .\l,plication
Address all ConIInuIications to
Era-Leader, Franklinton, La.
Adv(:rtisements and S~ubscriptions
will be continued at recular rates un
tii all pa.t indebltedne.. is paid utp.
Franklinton, La., Oct. 22, 1914
Election P'rochlailit ion. Is ,1)l
Notice is hereby given that by a
proclamation of lion. Luther E. Hall,
Governor, there will be held an elec
tion at all the plolling p)laces in \\ash
ington Parish, La., on Tuesday, Nov. is Lot
;Ird, 1914, for the following oflices, to- most
Member of Congress for Sixth Con- Uniorl
gressional District. tlesti
Member I ailroad ('ormmission of
Louisiana for 2nd Railroad Columis
sion D)istrict. tive It
Judge, Court of Appeals, 3rd Dis- cern
trict, 1st Circuit.
Member IBoard of Equalizers for millio
6th Congressional District. the b
Member of Board of School Direct
ors to succeed members elected in
1912 for two years, in Wards 2 and 4. Alab:
City Judge for the City of Bogalusa, ''O
Constable for 4th Ward.
Police Juror, Member School Board,
,Justic'e of Peace and Constable for age 1
6th Ward. Morm
The following commissioners and
clerks are hereby appointed to hold lt'
said election, to-wit: bank
Ward 1, irccinct 1. Bloutwell-Com'rs, W. W.
Walters, Win. Wascon, F. D. lBrumllicd; clerk, O
A. Fricke Jr. as to
Ward 1, precinct 2, Burkhalter & Magee's
Mill--Com'rs, James Stafford, J. R. Moak, ban
Newton Miller; clerk, L. L. Richardson. ,
Ward 2, precinct 1, White's .Mill-Conm'rs, T. the
II. Roberts, C. M. Miller, S. W. W\ilks Jr.;
clerk, C. IB. Bankston. WOUl
Ward 2, precinct 2, Mit. IlermoL-Comn'rs, (ma
M. ate. 'te . T', Ott, W. E, Porter; clerk, 0. E.
Brock. lean
Ward 3, precinct 1, Franklinton-C'omI,rs, A.
C. Pool, H, C. Richardson, T. D. Foil; clerk, J. even
Q. Lillard.
Ward 3, precinct 2, ia(ckley-Com'rs. J. ,. and
T'oney. Chas. Thomas, Andrew Neilson; clerk, that
R. D. Love.
Ward 3, precinct 3, Warnerton Com'rs, John -
W. Smith, Eli Warner, G(. M. Roberts; clerk,
Clean Pierce. 1000
Ward 4, precinct I. Bogalusa-Com'rs, D. W.
Richardson, L. A. Pierce, F. J. Adams; clerk, In t
E, W. Starnes.
Ward 4, precinct 2. Rio- c'om'rs, L. P. Byrd, of a
H. R, Mitchell, W. K. Mizell; clerk, R. E. Tal
W;;rd 5, precinct 1, Varnado-('om'rs, L. Mc- C'il'C1
Millan, Joe Rester, G. W. Seal; clerk, W.
Green. Lon
Ward 5, precinct 2, Popecille-Com'rs, J. J.
Crain, P, B. Kemp, C. W. Tynes; clerk. L. L. kno
Ward 5. precinct 3, Angie-Com'rs, S. W. COl
Wilkes Mr., I. J. Ball, G. E Adams; clerk, W
J. Kemp,
Ward 5, precinct 4, Sheridan-Comn'rs,. M. M. th
Simmons, J. L. Iennesy, Albert Lung; clerk,
J. S. Knight. f t
Ward 6, precinct. 1. Enon-Com'rs, J. T.
Magee, W. A. Corkern, E. D, Sheridan; clerk, avo
G. W. Knight.
This September 29th, 1911. 11101
Magee W. Ott,
T. M. Babington, and
M. A. Thigpen,
Supervisors of Election. an8
--_--- ---- the
Tell us what you.think of the not
1914 Washington Parish Fair! Ian
Was it a success? tici
Tell us what particular points I
and features you think were Lo
worthy of commendation. tiol
Was it in any part a failure? on
Tell us in a kindly spirit what ati'
features you think could be im- ma
proved upon and iffer sugges- an
tions for making them better. c
Get to thinking about it all o
right now in its every 'letail and an
knuckle down with a determina- ab
tion and a vim to do all you pos. an
sisly can towards making a
GLOWIN(; SCCCESS of the entireti
fair for 1915. And this means
YOU, if you live within thle bor- ba
ders of Washington Parish. in
An Addi'ess Whichlr el
Meant Something. in
One of the most enjoyable fea
tures of the Fair was thile speech
on Saturday made by Hon. W. U.
Sullivan, of Bogalusa. Mr. Sul- a
livan is always anll interesting b
talker but even surpassed him. te
self on this occassion when his 31
natural wit and even flow of hu- g
mor livened u) hiis common- u
sense apl)eal to the people as in- N
dividuals, to do all possible for 1
thle development of the various a
interests of our parish.
The lines of thought suggested,
if followed ulp, will tind us even k
in a single year, gr'eitly in ad-l
vance of our present standard, a
but it requires some of thile en- V
thusiasm and grit that has been
so notalbly manifested by our
friendly speaker, to accompl--h
the smu ,-, vhiclI we can win a
year by eiar if only we will to
I Mr, Srallivan made himself so I
well understood that his attitude
of friendliness and good will to
trd tihe whole arlis outside
, I';ogalusa was fully rccognwizd
1I greatly aII)pre-iated by hi,.
are 'ls --1mne1 and \women froml
r .ery section and coltinunity of
!.lc fair Washington.
n We believe now that we can -
- do sometling and don't want to
sit and wait to see what the
other fellow is going to do, but
s begin right away at this, the
close of the year. to start some
thing for another year that will
prove bigger, and better and
more worth while than anything
Is ,ollisiana's l'ax il Moaloey
a Profitable?
11,l ?
SMany a man has asked "Why
v. is Louisiana not the richest and
0 most Prosperous State in the
)n- Union?" I have asked that
of iquestion many times. Here is
the answer I got from the execu
tive head of a New Orleans con
s- cern which draws more than five
for million dollars annually from
the busines it does in Louisiana,
Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and
d 4. Alabama.
isa, "Our cashier, every business
in the year, receives on an aver
for age more than S10, which under
normal conditions, would be de
old 1posited in some New Orleans
bank, But, because the law
' i of Louisiana can be so construed
ees as to impose a tax on money on C
1oak. hand and on deposit, which, in
rs,T. the very nature of the case,
would be prohibitive, we do not
.: '.: make our deposits in New Or
leans banks, but each and every
r, J evening send all the checks,drafts
J. E. and other forms of cash received
that day, to a bank in a northern
clerk, city in a State which does not lax
mI) money on hand and on deposit,
clerk, In this way we avoid the danger
Byrd, of a prohibitive tax. It is the
only thing we can do under the
t circumstances. It's tough on
Lonisiana though, because I
L. L. know of about forty other large
s. w, concerns which do the same
thing. This means that more
lr; than $100,(1:.,,000 are spent out
J. T. of the Sta:t' annually in order to jl
clerk, avoid prohibitive taxation. Thi
money would remain in Louisiana g
and be used to finance Louisi
on. ana industries and comme'rce if
the tax law were changed to con
Sform to the tax laws of other states
and countries. I am told almost
the nobody pays tie tax on money,
and that the state receives prac.
tically no revenue from it."
o In November tldie people of
were Louisiana will v't uo a c,nstitu
tional amendmemi to free money
re. on hand and on deposit fromn tax
what ation, and leading bankers esti
e im- mate that the adoption of that
gges- amendment will result in an in
r. crease, from home sourlces alonel,
it all of more than 81000,000 in the
i1 and amount of money annually avail
ina- able for the financing of tarmer
pos and merchant in Louisiana.
ng a As matters now stand fully
entire that amount of money annually
bens passes out of the State and into g
Sbor banks of other States, thus help-j
ing the farmers and merchants
elsewhere at the expense of the C
i. industries of Louisiana.
e ea- A New alle Law.
p pee ch 1-- - -
W . I. Book agents and Collier's )lag
r. Sul- azine solicitors anti collectors m;y
esting be killed front October 1 to Sep
him. tember 1, -pring poets froi
en his March 1 to JLunie 1, scandal mon
of hu- gers from April 1 to February 1,
nmon- umbrella borrower., August 2 to
as in- November 1, and trom Februry
le for 1 to May 1, while every man who
arious accepts a paper two y'ears but
when the bill is presented says
ested, "I never ordered it," may be
s e ven killed on sight without reserve or
in ad - relief from valuation or appraise
udard, ment laws, and buried face down- a
ie en- wna.id without benefit of clergy.
.s b been
y our Best and Cheape.t. I
m plie - For Constipation, Biliousness, Head- 1
ache, Royaline Liver Regulator is best
nw and cheapest. 15e. Money back plan.I
will to I
Notice--I am applying for a
plt so pardon. Quitmau Galloway.
Sold at Babington's Drug Store.
A South Carolina farmer had a large number
was so warm that killing was out of the question.
nHe went to his telephone, called a dealer in
I1 tw
office and arranged for shipment.
You can have one on your farm at small cost.re
aer See the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or
send a postal for our free booklet.
I tl
ly si
oldCumberland Telepho Telephone
He went to his telephone, called a dealer in
- can have one on y farmPOR at small costED.
der See the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or
de- Lend apstal for our free booklet. a
'a Cumberland Telephone (
ofIcet and Telegraph Company 0
The following Cars are on hand,
in excellent condition, and at bar=
gain prices:
5-Passenger Ford $175,oo
Ford Roadster 190,00
u Maxwell Roadster 150,00
ti- Brush Roadster 40,00
Ily I guarantee these cars to be in
'to8 good condition-==All worn parts have
ý' been replaced with new, and each
e car is to be fitted with new tires.
ep Franklinton, Louisiana
ýo Representing Russell Motor Car Company, State
o Distributors for "Fords."
l ~ ~ ~ 1 I a nII• mm alH il i l ii1il
$200.00 REWARD! u
$100 by Sheriff of Shreveport and $100 by J. T. Walton e
Killed white foreman ot (Tood Roads Gngu at I(Keithviill, La..
1- at 2:00 P. M JuneI 11, 1914. Clumhus Stokl,,--.mal bak n. gri;
very blac!, 1)0 years rold; heigtl, ,-3 feet, 4 or inch,.s; ,t: 1,l- e er .; t
weight 120 or 125 t)unds; mrlIIl moustache; i)r.(od white tee1 h; Mle.
gums, teeth oI ut on ul)pper ri I'l ji4w; wore' laick so'i,.ll ed eit,, Ibtm1
d- ton shoes, cut full of holes to ;,llnit air; blue over ail,, blue .,lir,;; ;
st has .38 calibre mgy-barrel gun; thin or ' hatchl cd-faced." I will
give above reward for this negro, DEAD OR ALIVE.
a Notify J. P. FLOURNOY, Sheriff, Shreveport, La.
Model Kitchiels at stte F air.
A special feature of the exhibit
from the home economics depart
ment at the State Fair will be
two model kitchens. The kitchens.
will be up-to-date in very re
spect, having been planned with
reference to perfect sanitation,
convenience and beauty. The AY
finish of the walls, floor and 01
furnishings will be such that all
the cleaning may he done by G
simply turning on I, hotse.
It dosn't matter ,'ne her one is
3 well-to-do or illn ln, rate eircum
stances he may g.t at tlhe State
Fair all the informati,,n and
guidance needed to h.ve in the
home a kitchen that is sanitary
from floor to ceiling, as co.,veient
as careful planning can make Ii,
and as good to look at as t oe
rooms in which friends are enter
tained. Dark corners and musty
cupboards will be done away with
and fresh air and sunshine
nature's own purifying agents
will be brought in. It will be
urged, too, that the one who pre
pares the food must matc.h the
kitchen itself in wholesome neat
ness and cleanliness.
Very few kitchens are conven
iently arranged as very little
thought is given to that matter
or to the numerous devices for
saving time and labor. There
are four main requisites of all
kitchens; storage place for sup
plies; a work table on which to and
prepare the food; proper ar- shii
rangements for cooking; and the rea
water supply, including facilities
for dish washing and cleaning up.
The following arrangement is Rel
suggested: Group 1. Ice box,
preparing table, stove, serving
table. Group 2. Sink table, 0O
d sink drain, chilia and dish closets.
If the above are in the right
L*= relation to each other the prepa- eX(
ration and serving of a meal is we
accomplished with the least pos
sible number of steps, motion ]
and fatigue. These are the SU:
problems of every home-maker any
whether rich or poor; whether
she has many servants or none.
. __the
Judicial Advertisement.
Stock of general merchandise store
ouilding, open accounts and 1665
esosstles at auction Friday, Oct. 30th, 10`
between the hours of 12 M. and One ad
P. MI., on premises at Pine, La. In
the matter of Wilson E. Crain, Bank
rupt, No. 1924 in Bankruptcy of the
United States District Court, Eastern
District of Louisiana, pursuant to an SC
order of the Honorable William A
BeliReferee, pated and signed New fr
Orleans. La., Sept. 28th, 19'4, direct
ed to me, auctioneer, will be sold at yo
public outcry, subject to the inventory
and the rules of said court,
Terms, cash on the spot and im- a
mediate delivery.
E. Pilsbury, Trustee.
Harry W, Fitzpatrick. Auctioneer.
in (Oct. 22-29.)
LVe Estray Notice. co
hh Fifth Ward Justice Court, State of
Louisiana. Parish of Washington.
Notice ishereby given that there
has been strayed before me the un
dereigned authority, W. F. Ford, a
freehold citizen of said ward, parish
and State, and who being by me
first duly sworn accord'ng to law.
deposes and says, that for more thai
six months last past, there has been
roaming at large at and near the resal
dience of aflant the following stock.
Two barrows of the hog kind, one
red with white spots, about
three years old, marked with split
and under-bit in one ear, and split
ie and upper-bit in the other ear: aind
one black and white spotted about
two years old marked with under
Ssquare and upper bit in one ear, and
upper-square and under-bit in the
Sother ear.
Also onered cow with white spo
in face, about three and one-hall
years old, marked with upper-square
dton in one ear and a split in the other
ear, no brand with red helter calf.
Said stock to be sold at the resi
dence of the said W. F. Ford in the
L, ra.. Third Ward, Washington Parish, La.,
S,";,,,'vine, r),.wlmo r 24, 1914.
'l at 11 ,'clock a. m , unll)-s reclaihned
*.reot by tlHe owwer. andl all costs paid.
; lue Terms o,,' .iaI. ll ' ,sts 10to be paid
tin cashn on day ,f sd:lt. the isilance ,on
SII iX imonlth.: relil,, the purchaser to
llir'; furnish his liote with approved ee
I wcurity payable to terish treasurer of
' S ashiington Parish, La.
This 3rd day of October 1914.
YF. N. K. Adams,
a. .Justice of Peace.I,
4 Get
,p Make the school dresses
to and suits of Renfrew-Devon
ar- shire cloth and you will get
the real service from them.
up. It will pay you to buy the
is Renfrew-Devonshire Cloth,:
Xn because it means real econ
ble, omy in the end.
ight This cloth is known for i
pa- exceptional durability-oit
is wears Galatea.
tion Every color is guarantee
the Sun Proof and Tub Proof
aker and we are authorized t
one. give you new goods free i
the colors run or fade.
tore The width--32 inches, al
Slows you to cut the goods t
on, advantage.
ht See our window display o
to an school clothes made of Re
ew frew-Devonshire cloth, an
d st you'll see what pretty an
tory practical dresses and sui
d im- can be made for little mone
S Renfrew-Devonshire clot
is carried by us in the plai
colors and neat stripes.
Ite of
o. Price 20e per yard.
S Better Goods
Better Prices
Botter Service
shout At
Sthe Our Stor
Rn the
e paid
.er of Incorporated
'. anklinton,

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