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I /-- - I
Official Journal of Washington Parish and the Town of Franklinton.
Let US Be
During 1915
-\Ve xwish to ti- cour
i tdrugs this year. hn you
want drugs or anvivw that
drugstores sell. You car make
u r assurance of .SCi1'ifl riht
quality andi Vig'hL sen!iceC-
Dr U g- doubly sure by coming to
. our store, '.' egin traid
gl St ing here with the intention of
remaining a custo ime onl so)
b loig as you receive courteous
treatment; get xhol 1 reli
able goods; find what youi
want and are satisfied with
Piii'pose ot Ii the Farers" IF
Collteie lic~e. l
The purpose of the Farmer's a
Demonstration Conference is to f
extend and intensify the infnrrna
tion of the participants along the s,
lines of breeding and , fediiing
beef cattle, dairy caitle, hogs and t1
poultry; and use of improved f;
farm implements; rotatioI of
crops; preservation of soil ftr
tility; and hastening the solltionll t
of problerms in home rcofloml(s. s
These things mean the making of
Louisiana farming profitable and ,
attractive. Discussions are led
by members of the faculty of the b
College of Agriculture of the t,
State University and other a
eminent specialists. Every one
may participate in the discussions ih
and ask questions. Selected p
specimens of leading breeds of 0;:
poultry, hogs nud cattle will be l1
on the grounds for demonstra. a
tion purposes. There will be no h
tuition charges and no fees of c,
any sort. Simply pay your rail- c
road fare and meet the expenses s
of your own board. Be sure to a
call for a round trip ticket, and if
these are not on sale by your local
agent, buy to a main line point,
taking a receipt for your fare.
All main line points will sell
tickets.for round trips at one and
one-third fare plus twenty-five i
Board and room in Baton I
Rorute will ccyt from +5 to 7 per
week. It is .ineerQ1 hoped hat
every one \iilIl mzake an effort ti
arrange to Spi:u the entirte period
from the 19111 to the 209th and take
the fill course. lluwever, since ac
some caInniot arranlge (10O tha:, W
the raiiroads have a;ireed to sell
thIe tickets so as to allow the
farmers to cosm- either the first
week or the second week and it
will be !iot+,d from the progra mm e
that the lectures will te arranged
so that one may take the second
week lectures without having at
tended the first week's course.
Arrangemen s may be made
by which bpetial workli may be the
taken for more extended practice lik
and instructioin. For instance
parties especially interested may
have the use of apparatus to b
practice in making determinations of
of milk fat, etc. Parties especialo L
ly interested in hog oholera may be
arrange for special work at the
hog ,holera serum plant. On ac- Sc
count of the danger of spreading
cholera, visits to the serum plant
should be made only by special t
arrangement with the Live Stock th
Sanitary Board. r
For further information address
Prof. W. R. Dobson,
Baton Rouge, La. in
~---- fcc
Copying Napoleon's words, the I tr
Japs find many ways for getting
into new territory, but none for C
getting out.
Our Christmas Savings Club a
opens Monday,January 18.
Yon can join now. V Call ata
The Bank for particulars.
Angie; iBogalusa; Franklintonn;
3j Per CentPaid on Savings. 4 Per Cent Paid on Time Certificates
$1.00 Starts An Account With Us.
tflick tU t 't t h a 1 1. 1r
traigle that m.u
IIl ;tn i tt!"il' H I, " a '
hut or man1 a uer asal
2.-[i, ' i,,i, ! i'V l~,t i\
t v It si- ;11 1% 10 f '. I
tIO 1lay lvnhi frtg Vcu -
flmrt Ltianig) e ta.
thei~rpnlial prdutsi payen
Lket ti? cun ot hty store t's astemo
an rter and Scred , thug i n an : lt'
rokeout there: wehoands
oI ;ndon and l'ewer that had
een rnningunbaanced ior'
eneatin. hen the Hettis 11/
oth ii melUrca 1t the eAch
aer : su'dd1: then calle on to; monet
bnt tfha !th r i iii
e t le ad e uigt
isýt 'e t iuy U i~e [e rt . t
a edt th e rthely thref o re uilt
nd trunhnintng io d o its
sick to the o ndirt' Uti of.
15o~unctruie and th pepe hs
Thae average no ereking WerQ
chanel themo a t onre hl reijult y
solid runisng~ul agilfi , some at t
fo)orwaer, cnt'amr iafretirn cub-g
ootics tont credit. han has taken
thei ilocl bprodut in pays lent.W
talike the utrusioe'sysutem o
balr ter age nredit tho h m
chont out mantfere wer han das t
tof otherton corits inhaH b aend t
een ruoning pnande for god ant
kenaotieo .uten thre d etor of i*
,Sothte Amercaus oe Suh Avrnct thsh
barters for mcreditughone a
they owte thre unabe thouespnds
Many op the tounitSrie inamburg 4
b the y ring h un bael a e i for a
were ud eely. Therefon thfney
they were unable toa urvepod wil
taes uhe outries ina whichs
theylived had benuaing their 4ee
heredttofel. Therefwl o reasthey
adopted a moratorium, postpone 16
ing the pavyment ol debts. a
Iwue wil thk e odiioo mtheril 4
contiret and theufpeople whoem 4
goduo rop' ogedit. eko yteam 4
wthe other countriea haesen toke ta
Euryaopes in, ecange s ifor goods a
scanno t bil useld her inthir c rude b
stten belcause we hav notl thewh
facilities fo anuftctbring them.s Ii
Tsyhave gonde tou Eurpe ir
beAue they couldk bie fitt I or
canizd d forti t o hev s. u tafter
doglhid andr formauy. Thfore In
direct and 9 ma nufctr them.
the trade that they now can not Nt
take care of. We cannot get it
and hold it in any other way than
by gold business methods and
honest dealing. Along these As
liiws it is worth making a good, Cat
I hard try for. nu
l --- he
ississipli and LoIIisiana iMen ccl
Honored b1y Southeifln jPine
Association. eff
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 7-Philip se
S. Gardiner of Laurel, Miss., was
ºelected one of the vice presidents i
aund W. II. Sullivan, of Boga- ke
lusa, La., R. M. 1lallowell, of en
Elizabeth, La., C. S. Butterfield, c
of Northfield, Miss., P. S. Gar- th
diner were elected to the board of
directors at the annual meeting mf
l of Southern Pine Association 9
Sheirtoday. Charles S. Keith of th
Ki4ts City, Mio., was elected tli
a pr1ek nt and .1. H. Kirby, of th
t Hoon, Tex., the other vice- a
presi nt, J.E. Rihodes of Chicago, to
now &retary of the National si'
Lumber Association, was chosen ti
secretary and manager. Cci
n Reports that war is making in- to
sane people would ring almost as p
P true the other way. us
;Q We
Greet our friends. It takes faith; it takes courage; it takes energy to rise
from beneath the calamities that have befallen this business since its
founding some fifteen months ago, and we hardly feel sufficient for the
º occa ion, but we are b. fore you, no N, just at the closing of the year 1914,
Sxwith all it. trials, troubles and misfortunes and in the beginning of the
I#new year !195 with its hopeful anticipations of the future, thoughtful f
and thankful for your kindness, encouragement and patronage during
the old year.
" `W"e have had our losses, troubles and sorrows, and you have doubtless had
yours, but lei's come together and forget them, as far as is possible, and strive
to imtake the new year better, brighter and more prosperous than any before it.
fIn a wxay our country and our lives are what we make them. So let's make them
® better and brighter every day that we live. We
tWil Continue
to try. WSILL YOU?
f We have secured the services of Mr. N. D. Stringer, of Osyka, Miss., who
" many of you already know. He and Mrs. Burris will be in active charge of af
Sfairs. We feel sure that a man could not have been secured that could any
n.ea re1, \we believe, take the place of the late Mr. Burris, whom you all loved and
0 honored so highly.
f We shall endeavor to conduct the business upon the same principles on f
f which it was founded-"Buy and sell for spot cash the very best at the lowest
f price possible"-the only hope
In Business
f XWe want also to stick close to our late young manager's motto: "Keep
1our guns trained on the high cost of living," and to help our friends, as far as it
® is possible, to become happy and prosperous.
f Will you help us? Some have, and have profited by it. We can see from
their bright eyes and quick step that they are having better times. Won't you
fdo so, too? You that have, and are satisfied, speak to your neighbor; tell him off
fthe good things you are getting, Another customer added will enable us to do
Sbetter for all of us. Let's get together, stand together and pull together for f
f better and more prosperous times.
SNow, we have told you that we are going to try and keep our guns on the
"High cost of living," and we are, but theire is something for you to do also, andf
f that is KEEP POSTED, know what you are doing before you invest your hard
earned savings.
We have some things that we are going to close out, others that we want
to sell; there wilil be some bargains all along, so don't miss them. Come in and "
Ssee us, inquire, watch our show windows, and by all means-KEEP A KEEN *
f EYE ON THIS SPACE! If you do not you are going to miss fine connection,
f and some other fellow will get the plum.
S. H. BURRIS, Inc. f
New Plan for (Girls' Canning 11
Club Work.
Miss Allice S. Keeler, State
Agent in charge of Louisiana Icl
Canning Clubs, attended the an- pl
nual meeting of State Agents p
held in Washington, D. C.. Dec- ft
camber 14-18. b
As a result of this meetingz, an Iru
effort will be made to place the
work of the canning clubs on a bi
self-supporting basis, wherever al
possible. The country agent eC
will assist the girls to find mar- 13
kets for their products and will jU
encourage them to make the ir
canned packages so attractive in
that they will have a ready sale. al
Man of the products may be h
marketed by parcel post and
special attention will be paid C
this feature of the work. Poul- a
try clubs will be organized and p
1 they are expected to help out
f the financial end of the club
W ork.
The girls will be taught how
Sto make attractive but inexpen- h
Ssive containers for marketing s]
r their canned products. These C
containers will be made of na- y
tivr materials, and in Louisiana, g
oak splits, piue needles, palmet- si
to. etc., will be utilized for that
s purpose. Spanish moss will be
used for packing. I
Markets for Club Members'
I have arranged to sell to a
local grocer all canned tomatoes
put up by the club girls at a good
price per dozen cons. Hereto
fore, girls have been discouraged
by the fact that there was no
market for their canned goods.
Four of the pig club boys have
bought registered pigs, and sever
al more will do so soon. This
community is composed principal
ly of northern settlers who are
just getting well started in farm
ing. The pig club work is prov
ing popular %ith them, as they
are accustomed to having blooded
hogs,and I look for good results.
C. C. Chapman, Demonstration
and Club Agent, Beauregard
H. C. Price, of Wesson, Miss.,
was a visitor last week and from
him we learned that the milk
shipments out of Weeson to New
Orleans now aggregate $55,000 a
year. The milk is sold at 25e a
gallon. One farmer neatqtm *
supports his family on the '.i
lu'ts of nine cows. His nulg
,snes in daily.-Crystal Sp p

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