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M~e (fraltaber.
Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editor.
LEntered as second elas nmatter .\ 1ri :.
at the post office at Iranklin ton, f l a., utdt
the Act of Congrcss of larch . 1-3.
Advertisin, Rates on Applicatiou
Address all Communications to
Era-Leader, Franklinton, La.
Advertisements and subscriptions
will be continued at ret ular rates un
til all past indebtedness is paid up.
Franklinton, La., Jan. 14, 1915.
Prog're'ss of Falrm er Mliarkted
Willie 3ulloch, 1a propo rous a nd
progressive farmer of the Firist
Ward, has purchased an auto
truck ,f the Ford Agency here so
that he can put his produce in
closer and better payin: touch
with the marlkets. Mr. Bulloch
is in the trucking and dairying
business and his prospects for
"Big Business" seems promis
Election Proclamatioin.
Notice is hereby given that by
proclamation of Hon. Luther E. Hall,
Governor, bearing date Dec. 1'tli,
1914, there will be held a special elec
tion at Enon in the 6th Ward of
Washington Parish, on Tuesday,
January 26th, 1915, for the purpose of
electing a member of Police Jury in
and for said Ward 6.
The following Commissioners and
Clerks are hereby appointed to hold
said election, to-wit: L. E. Jenkins,
Whit Jones and J, P. Parker, Com
missioners; E. P. Knight, Clerk.
This December 14th, 1914.
Magee W. Ott,
T. M. Babington,
M. A. Thigpen,
Supervisors of Elections.
Sheriff's Statement.
Office of Sheriff and Tay Collector.
Franklinton, La., Jan. 4, 1915.
Statement of collections for month
of December, 1914:
State tax collected Dec.....$17,579 31
Confederate Veterantax.... 3,515 86
State good road tax........ 879 66
State License 1914........... 12 50
Hunters license 1914-'15...... 47 00
Total collected State........$22,034 33
Less commissions............ 925 92
Remitted to auditor.........$21,034 33
Taxes col'd. Dec.........35,158 62
Add overpayment school,
July................ 4 10 1
Parish license, 1914........ 10 00
Per capita road tax......... 616 00 1
Two mill road tax............ 3.901 56
Total collections, parish.3....$39,690 28 1
Less commissions........... 1,789 22,
Less 3 mills, school........$ 10,020 21
$11,809 43 j
Remitted to Parish treasurer$28,880 85
Fines......... ....... ...$ 35 00
8 mill tax net from i'arish... 10,020,21
Polls collected........... . 1,883 CO
Bells........................ 44 19
Pirst ward................. 270 98
Gorman.................... 120 90
Oak Grove................. 173 25
Mt. Hermon.............. 172 50
South-West................. 121 64
Fourth ward............4,255 36
No. 20......,............... 156 04
No. 21.... ................ 734 69
Fifth ward...............2,382 09 C
Franklinton high school.... 355 51 8
No. 19...................296 98
Angie....................... 802 03at
Faliah ...................... 681 55 ,
Isabel.... ................. 297 70 t
Sunny Hill......... ....... 100 15 c
Stony Point ............ ..3 D 90
Third ward................ 591 50
No. 23.................... 496 94 y
Total Collections schools $24,095 11
Less commissions ........... 97 65
Less overpayment, .TnJly...... 4 10
8101.75 I
Remitted to Treasurer... ..233,993 36
Total net col's, Dec. '14, $73,908 54 )
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
pyo btalned in all countries OR NO FEE.
RA.MARKS Caveats and Copyrights regis
SbzW Send h etch. Model or Photo, for
FREE REPORT on patentablty. Patentpract
iceezclaalvlIy. UANK RaEFER E.
Bend S centa In etampe for Invaluable Iwok
hhih ones will pot how to rl :i fartnlr,
la and othelr valuable tnoormiattou.
bwat SL, W
TriteD ot(ehmoat 4 Otne
Of' 'eeto )Q ih st nCo vtil U' e
m n ý ospainr nJe '
)t. Ii'ab(ic- ,~ ,lit -1:al,'~ 4 '-xn
je J 100H tilk s . ¬ e1g, rtil) 5 II t
and~. so VI 'll, <11; v.'lmO 111!.v" i-, on
tile Force of 1 t I i rani svil is
- se.nt us a. uiilmk~oi ('O)IV' 1)t tlmn:t
IS I) log I a- nd Q 1 (Injte'l sti St. ,
F1I'aJl!'isviliJ) slo et aI('Iier ;1 no- I
Stice of the rec-nt ul;s. (1
the 1)follinet. quetnire
A (lIeJst i(1f~l181'Jl '':!'(lt
- ( nt to the l e di._ t orsi t ( 1', al
(~I Iit('t S 12te-( me'simlth ill tiLO
seleOction ) ;;' 11ti 1( He 8:"lll 1
min of m). coun try newspapers
a lnon gth bust. UtlI Ti aI e
Demuorat of St. nracnisvillte is
Sawmon the best.
h rilie following d1 festiol niiiI
was sent to the editors of iit -
lug St utesl:h;i II neo v-at! )en's
anti schools (I l). wlahislo.,
May \v. asie iOU ti) toil us
whait, inl Your Opinion, or in 1 hat
of your- c lhange ('(1(101', is ile,
bes5t ('ouIntrV 1a)lr)Ci thme 1,1)11';
y States'. '1,015 p., not1 CoI il~g (01i
I, t st: it is suB p),y a Ivj I for'
~,a Ivic'e. \\e %wish to 1io ov'ie Ilk:
me:nt with the Jest p)Ueo(t:Jtiui ~S
> of this kind that the country at
n fords, and (\\e are .i ; C
opinion of one( Or mlore rep
tative nlexyspapel Jmlen in (51 i of
the 48 states.
lBy 'country plaper' I (0 ni t
mean the small city daily, thoJ)JJ
some dalies night comen within
the definition. We meanl the
intimate neighborhood p()l'8 .
giving all the news of the home
folks, an d keeping at all times
close to the grassroots. It
should be a successful paper,
and should hold the lffections or
i at least the lasting interest of
its local community."'
St. Francisville is the smallest I
I town on the list to receive the
distinction of being the home of
D one of the "-2 best country
p newspapers i a the United States.'
Card 01' Than ks. t
We very irreatiy appreciate (
the nu mirous kindnesses shown (
us and all the assistance given
by the good people of Franklin- I
ton during tile recent severe ill- 1
ness of Mrs. Murray and also at t
the time of oer moving out cf .
town. Tfle young p00o)10 of the; r
Phieithia and Ilaracca classes t
especially do v* e than l. for the I
splendid pounti i m given u sL1
just before our departure. God a
bless you all.
Rev. W. A. \urriy. c
Many of the tioubles of lI Ce, I
such as headache, mnhigestlon, C
constipation and lack of energy it
are due to inactive livers.
Grigsby's Liv:Ver-Lax io a na- d
tural, vegetable remnedv that wili
get the liver right and make these "
troubles (.isalppear. It has none V
of the dangers or disagreeable a.
altem' effects of~calomel. u
Get a S0e QV 61l bottle of this
splendid remedy troiz yoni- d rug
gist today. Every bottle bears
the likeness of L. K. Grig-sby,
who guarantees it through lDo
remus Ph:.rmmne y. Frank linfon, m
Laand Iol i eky 1 )rog C t.,
Ilackley, LII.
Free New- Vemr Tre'(af (II
For Our Readers. C
We are pleased to announce ol
that anmy of our ieaders oan ob- a
tain a nice 1915 pocket Diary,
chuck full of practical informa
tiomi for every (lay use, by send- d
ing the postuge tiherefur, 2? cents Ic
lii stamps, to D. Swift & Co., ~
Patent Attorneys, Washington,
1). C. F1or 8 cents will send a il
aim-c wall culanda!-. size l0xi1 in.
Scad 5 eents in (fl cent stamps F
and get tle pocket (liary and wall
oalendar. pr
Ua iliihii ,' IR esttored 1i1 Nev
S'legi s.
~Kv t ' i' 't con-:~
IIIiud in h ni ii Iin
Ii:(' I: r~t I' '+ rt
(h4 i e 0 . ' tC!' of11 t' t'
ti.L + 1 41 re aiVe , the
, i i l u i ' ' ( I l
1110( linL +i r11' fronit rankls
t 1 t* l ' i ' i ;i t" ".; +1 the
7111 '_` 0 t. t+( ' 10i r iin m(lul'l
111 , alfi('1 .im t' ; .1J ýf <eit en
'p ll', th:lt in, 1, ."" t hin1 K IM )
op * (Soi eiteI'cd thu racetracii in
,c Opure on the ')j0 )I i d:y.
S "Sassiety" was there in full
force; the elect of the business
C cltiininy it w\erbe t 'er; Leven his
Honor Martin Behnrman paid his
e respects by his .pIresence; ,ov
e.nor 110 l sent a Wt* of (i0'_ 1t
grae' over 111: I1inality\ ''") the
p 111: lit'lt ut, f tb, li:iau iiral
t i '; t r t"; \VlI1.V 15( 1 '1 1 Ž '.L 0'
(,the; lE"1urpt'an war 1.5 of ti',,condary
.l 1on1 CieraItio n to the races in Ntw
Or(i'ans. and Malreay the daily
papers love rt'l,.::attd the M; 1
t frns and tllth liy st dup' ; t)
s thei chances of Nt ust 1_' to
be4n'r, homne in front of higi-elmas
e field.
- Utcionr noliunki:~kingi' obi
d:'Ii) (:IV. NA " :<akJl .,l he t~l0
Sill hip Dili 1'1 aprel;) ai ~l at bo)tk
o mking vo\'U not he all wi,'0
0 but it a fI'll+_';O wanted to risk his
SmnCV Vi with a itha )nket thi-i a
4e0140ul tiinU.(Ii in. then the low
would not be violated. And Lib
s is th'' Vey '-aV iua tha be tting his
Vit'm' corniet on, At. i1.: early
stage of the game til (jrain
I .Ivry of ()irlean is parish I at e in
f vested the bookmnakin'g methods,
but like the probe into the ('addo
t lyvehin"; a j batel of whitewanl
was used.
S "]lacing will be conducted on
a high plate." sags the Business
Men's Club in its preamble pray.
ing for the races to be restored in
tie fairest city south. "Patrons
of the track will be afforded
1 every protection, by the presenCe
of sufficient police. 1nugmneuteo by
-Pinkerton (let' LiveS'' 1Foi tho
01ur ofMike 'Viy 0; it II' ((Ž0 i'
L to have police and deteeti vs
f present if the programune is cam
n ved out as pCi tue sLtat*nnont of
Sthe Business M1en's ('lob? Is it
Spossible that a bu 'ell I(f 11101
Shlan''Prs-() an ptckp('ciets r
allowed to infeea the mace truck?
We must admnit tint the advi
cates of racintr assumed on en
lightened 1)mlpagaitda 01 retoiing
patrons and de1votexs I the urn -
abotut the aftet-efl'ects of the mill
when mui Iertous (Ibo4141ge-i ii the
accounits of t;usted emplox (es
wviii be tuneat'tlhe', as a direct re
sult of horsec-racing in Now Ci'.
The restoring oh racing in New
Orleans'is nothing short of r. stor
ing gamblii'., in one u 01 v.re
forma. This so-caille' POlli C ar
dcii, with a capital I , i-i n' thing
mioic Ithan a gommilitig reithe
VO o-, xviuoef rule0 r y ni :tv 'tego te
arid bet itS itt the oluern day s, thu
und'sr modified forimi
Racing in New Oi-leons nay
prove beneficial to the big hotels
aiid boarding houses, and to the
t'iolloeis of the tu :f, 1 ot Ij 'unisi
111101151 witol will 110 1t-'bft In'
eerit li' lth ii' l' gamb in i ae. In
the other han' itnaly haid-eam-ned
dlollar will float into the Crescent
City to be placed on the chances
of some 'doped long-shot" whose
alluring odds 1' oia like a ballhln c
The harvest time is fleart at
hand. Within a fe'* woek he f
dniuly press will cornmensee
icdling the shortage of bad 1 rks *
store-keepers, and stote erks.
WVhy?. As a r4-sult of 1i 0 rae
in'g iin New Orleans.
Wyt cl eur' Ir tiletion!.LThe
Florida Pat'ishs.F
Bring us your order gr job tcI
P· ; - 4' ii s
C (2
E *. . ,.. :
\t (ur F : :u i- (
Fur? III'8 2iu
Qualitw (;I S, )Lmeflt Iabii and nu'.ror
rc were esary -o tO cunmiand this tade.
Giiv us a trial during 1915 and allow us to de
tial elements, andi we will prove to your entire sat
isfaction that we are versed in the sCWAnce of com-il
pounding. sr Share with yout friends i 1 this
S ,satisf n T' Sharein with youro ilthr
..%c "/ Stray Store...
º of W alnt n , ;w n rf, ';i.l
sesion i I the t hit, luse in IN,
S tow; of F'ran!;in'"u :n 111 ;11)w,'
date llh all is p" .
by the pr 11''lident anld mlinultl'.- w
the irevionus Imooting was read
and approtve.
First b1lusiness in order (. was
the aIoil\inld 5i1ii*.i4, axd 111)11
IJOoi (1 :on '('lOn (V a 1 n i Ir
ri C', the follown bills bil, were ;l
Paid , )1 i st l .tal e !ac i k ('1
Iilt.......i.................42;12 ,s'
Paid on enurlit houe- coo tin l2 l' :1 11:1
1)1' J. F. I'i' . ail ::''C 1,)1 -lth
q uarte rI' 19114............... _;'" 00
1)ixit C Ir" ( nletal (o ..... 2 40
C1. W. Ala'ec e.\ .oI'susalatry -1I' 42
C. J. Millolk 1I ary and i uard
l cing cse of syinal illI itis 15 00
S iBuri.el, os. in is foitir jail... 22 40
. J. E. Bateman's salary....... 50 00
J. N. Siamons salary as con
stable ......... ... ...... 1) u0
A. G. 1atee bridte )uildin'. 48 94
1. C. Pool wori k on briti e... .:1 5
T'. 1. Sfinllnons I)ct. .ll.... 'US 00
1 RI.1erri ti t ctinicl a]i .hli it
N. ,1 1'+ 11 ; 1,n 1 i,1nc i .s . 25 o l
X1..1. T1ai~ in-n e t it' 10 `;s
J. Vol rok; .\tttIc'v f:y s. I1O ")
1;. F. ,11 º.le i' fodun, prisonc; s :360 "_.
- loo1 E.telwtit- Liehlt Ci,.. light
f D ill....................... 10 ((1
F. 'N. K. .Adams saIlary .III
tice of l'e e............. (l.O
1l. B'o. ione sala ii. ini i cona 'le 5
". 1); Magee conlissio et .. i 0(1
On motion by R. E. Keaton du
ly seclnded by ;J. W.. lnil t
and I ctried, the cinll illitteen al
p0ointe I to work with the TownIw
Counil t i hal e the nect s ary
re; 1rs ol t' i5' sewC'ragei' 4l1 l
public square, and until the next
reli/r meetin to 15.kup upopq
IThe 1e tion masking, fr ai 1 put.
.lic road near Zona was I E f'ired
until I fter the eIO(tioC I in the
Sixth Ward and the police juror
from said ward q nali ties.
On motion by R. E. Keati
duly cooedl !y ,J. '.'. Klight,
and Cl tieC I c letliti 11 of the
citizes t 1 lce's Creek asking
that a puolic 1".,I be grante on
the West side oi ike N. (. U. N.
U. R. was deferred for further
On mlotion 01 l Z. H. Sp Cing,
seconded ( Il) C. A. Jenkil;s, ,Ind
carried the salary of the coronel'
and juil ph111icin was climriinateml
andl Ih It 'is he OllowiK li' lilt
vi ed by I le slatut as of the
state of Louisiana.
On motion by R. H. Slpring,
secondeil by J. XX. Kmiglit and
carnied the tinanii eii coniditions
of the Psrish is such that the
board would not giant an al).
propriation fir the Louisiauad
State exhiibit at the San Francis. ~
co exposition. a
On motion by .1. XV. Knight,
duly seconded by IL IP. Keaton (II
ani carried the Iiirin.g ol a fRoadl w
Sapervisor wvas dh:fered 'ntill the a
Feibruarv meeting for I urther
Oru motion by C. A, Jonkimns, tt
iliti ('ai'l It(1 it w;as 1.1 huh111i0051 V
I ;uI
it' r olve thilit : r('., the Ii Idr
Sin aornt of tie a1inl fund and Ii
15 n t, o u t lof e 1 ea lt Itnbl.
t' 10, 5. r Ic iti eu t no fr tiiie t ' 1), i
hell and prodnl: e I by Wasing-I11
tflS !tank Trust Co., thy holetr
ic) aNotice is herefb given ta.t ble
2 procl outi of lthe road fund andll,
1ov(rnor, , ou'1n1g u ate of eembl funr
11 1Th, 914, aed bi; the furthorit )esti
8-ness board ati jou reed to :Lett
1- Feb. ,1t)15.
W. L. Stis omitte, th, Pre s., ill held
\V. F. 1. anister1, Sueek.V
1); emocratic Election
O roclanatioa Primary n.letioi in te Sith Wrd
of Washing~tonl Parish, L~a., a D~emo
r10 Nticre Pris hereby given that byEnon on
12 proclamation of lion. Luther E. Milli
Governor, bearing (late of December
)0 12th, 1914, and by the authority vested
,p in this commnittee, there will be held
01 a Primary Election in the Sixth War(]
of Washington Parish, La., a Pemo
º0 ratie Primary Ellection at. Enon. on
J nuary 12th, 1915. for the purpose of
nominating a candidiwe for member
of Police Jnry from the said Sixth
SWard. and two members of the Parish
SExecuntive Coinlmittee fromn the sa '
\Ward,. and in case it should he neces
sary fo'r a second primary, the said
second primary is called to be held on
) Friday, January 15th, 1915.
This December 26th, 1914.
SD. E. Branch, Chairman.
N1\. J. Dobson, See'ty.
I)0 - * -
Best Ever.
t This Section Blieievied to Be
Ideal for Poultryand ''arming.
nI - --
V 11r 1111(1 .Mir. J. \lc'(raw. of
aTuscaloosa, Al., two prosi'-w
t Sive and "nore i ic I) pospohN' r·s.
came to onr town !is, wvo, in
search +f the host lecatimn to he
found for establishing a poultry
farm, and to the dleserved honor
r of Washington Parish and Frank
linton be it said, found right here
the ideal slpot.
Mr. nd \IJrs, McGraw bad
searchei thru Alaibalnl and
Mississippi, 'texas and Louisiana
for tilhe 'Ocatili they coniis'dlered
suiited t') poultry raisina and
marketing, and after being
shown several pilaces here on the
market, selected 2: :ocreo of Mr.
R. L. LBurris about three miles
north o(f Pm riiN3i toll and Iavo
already estai)lished 1thlieiiselvos
forward the' xvorl.k miaking reads'
for an early sTpirinl olening.
Just what Mr. and Mrs. Mc- 2lJ
Graw have found, others can
tind here al.9o, fir nowhere we
believe are conditions more fi
vorable for poultry raising, .
dairying, and trucking than in
this section wheroe ie soi yields
abundantly and 11 growth is
Far mors tell thlie people thin
our columins frouii wotk to xviek
\Vlat is 50'cia IV iprloienipi
and rmogressive in V our neigh- tat
ho~hood and let us together con 'q
vince ourselves and slow to the
world thai Washington Parish is t
the best spgt on earth,
n to the
i '; j t, ' ii' -,
l I I :it:t. ti ' l ii i t
,.. " t, '. " 1.',t' ...:` ..:;.j t; ; to thet'
' .t "\ '' p u'o I:.'t' 1('leek
N . :Ir", 1 ,i . 2.
Mu`ti.( Ii, :I, o I ' al l o: .l' ['' fII t'aeti j~ltali
"it tt Ii I tr jui ci'' ali tles
[oilthll l , i' i i ' i(tr !' l (,;ie tor'h
th ''vof ted t Ito e to-th
AP. , th 1 t i Wash
'i' I I.-i i. l i iI, nda i(1. he te ti
\i ;t 1 1 : \i t'ýin 11 ,11 :1i it 1 l' " ,
h 1" lii Itti t .t
t I(11 N, < im Ill flit N\1'j lt!I~ t the s t
t'f `1 t ons v. .. : ot h,· range 11
Pa t:th- nil .1 :w n !. \a o1. 1, 14
. Ill lilt t i. :1 (1 ti l' t01 the
il\ -, ub' n t 'tr );C Tip. 2, sculd , Hiange
11 (-a-t: all that pairt of the William
ýiminu,;ll hr. Ni;. :,!l cast fromt the
1C'Ir\\ :lt s ta' lint' of L~awrnil 1 i [[eek,
in 1et'( i or 1ir. No. :;1, Tw1p. 2
south, R~ange 11 east: all (it fractional
Seto ,and all that p rt of the
i. t "t n i east
iltf11 ~fl 1t ýp·lllil i llt ('
re m ' n ek i n , Tity .
t h i o h · co e : t . d the
uI of I N ow OrTe.
south, Ia 11 a h t the
sI th V of the ,\N- I c of the
i d , If )( 1111 j ' lo, ::, and i i 1, section
. rý u ,1 , Io - , rt:l an 1 " en t.
T'rne of sa lealB i wi ha beneft
ut ap. . < i 1tu t.
' h 1 ew Orf Deans: her, 9La.
lay, Js- n. 17th.
V1 A.,Ndc t
d Societies
sl-Or Till'
of New Orleans
fi Great N~orthern
b Y
\'ekNew Orleans, La.
aSunday, Jani1eth.
of VIA
Arrie New Orleas......10:0 a. .
Leave Terminal Station.... 6:00 p. on
le h r full hecr hi io'nimat ion see Ticket
Wee-en >rand nsaE ion
FGreat N tai hern
~U~'DAY ExcUrifO:J a*! Wt'ek-End Fares.
fon a ( ni~l~
................ . ... .......2 a'. m
Lea.. T a................... :0 m
I i I.
Phor furthecr prtk'ulais calloo agents
rte M. JM abon, G. P.A.i
eew OrOrlan

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