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Sheriff Sale.-No. 2744. the said
.with sai
Citizens Bank of Columbia, wibath rnes,
Vs. kind v
Bellamy Lumber Compny. L.
Notice is hereby given that by vir
tue of an order of seizure and sale
issued out of the 26th Judicial
District Court of La., in and for Wash- SCH
ington Parish, in above entitled cause,
and to me directed, I will proceed to
sell at public auction to the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday, February 12, 191( By il
at the principal front door of the court At
house at Franklinton, La., between en
the legal sale hours for judicial sales,
the following described property. to- Sti
wit: tol
All the interest of the said Bellamy
Lumbea Co., in the following timber T,
and lands to-wit: In township 1
South, Range 12 East: w4 of swl of nor
section 14; nwi of nwi section 23: ne' of se]
of set and sel of net of section 24; ish is
swl of nel of section 24; s4 of the nwl; evide
net of the swl and the nwl of the set and
of secsion 24;nwl of swi; sW.I of swl, field
less 9.99 acres to be described as per
records, and 9.97 of the sel of swi of and I
section 24; Beginning at nw. corner ter a
of said tract and run east 9.51 chains, ting
thence south 10.51 chains, thence west in thi
9.61 chains, thence north 10.51 chains tas
to a point of beginning.
El of sel of se 1 of section 24, net of that
net of section 25, sel of nel of section from
25 and nwl of net of section 27. M1
In township 1 South, Range 13 East: folio
w4 of nwl section 4; e4 of nwt section
5; nwl of nwl section 5. as follows:
Beginning at the first mound on the To S
State line, between sections 12 and 13 te
and retracing old line of survey east
16.88 chains to point of beginning,
thence south 12 chains, thence east Oct
15.65 chains, thence north to a stob on 19,
State line, thence west along State the
line to point ofbeginning, containing Par
18 acres. .0
Lot 1 or nwl of nwl of section8; nel
of section 9; wI of "ection 16; wI of the
set of section 17; Lots 1 and 2 being the
w4 of nwl and 9 acres off the north 368
side of lot 3 which is the nwil of swl arik
of section 17; nel of sw.l of section 21; Tb
and 142 acres in swl of headright 38
as follows: Beginning at se. corner sch
of saidsection,thence ni degrees west ent
32.99 chains, thence south 721 degrees abc
west, parallel with old line 33.63 chains per
thence north I degree east 6.55 chains.,
thence south 721 degrees west, paral
lel with old line 7.86 chains, thence WO
South 4 degree east 39.541 chains, i rol
thence north 721 degrees east 41.48 ba
chains to a point of beginning. any
370 acres of land in headright 39,
as follows: On north and east bound
ed by hd. line of said Headright, on i
South by Pushpatappa creek; Also of
n1 of not of nwl of headright 41 or av
section 20. oe
Also all the rights and interest of the th
said Bellamy Lumber Company in the
timber situated on the following 6ý
lands. to-wit: ed
All timber lying, standing or being Gi
on lands in 'fowrship 1 South, Range ted
13 East.. s
WI of nel and el of nwi of section 4;
.1 and of swl and sh of s4 of ni sw c
of section 5;jne4 and swl of se: of sd
section 5; nel of nw4 less 4 acres in nc
sw. corner, of section 8, nwl of seA of te
section 5, less cultivated field; n1 of 1a
sel of ulw and lot 3 and 2.40 acres on
south side of nel of neA section 6.
20.18 acres in lots 2 and 3 of section
8, as follows: Start at ne. corner of in
set nwl, thence south 89i degrees th
west 11.06 chains to stob near Pop- Si
larville road, the south 791 degrees
east 11.14 chains, thence north a de- W
gree west 21 chains.
K 75.62 acres in section 8, being all of
lot 4 and a part of lot 3 as follows: a
Start at quarter stob between sections
8 and 17, thence north I degree west
81 chains, thence north 85 degrees west Y
2163 chains to headright line to p6int b
of beginning,*thence 3q.90 north c
on old line of sw. corner of section 8: a
307 acres in David Buchanan head
right no 37, as follows: Start at ne.
"c' corner of said headright and run swi I
; to north line 38.36 chains. thence e
th 78.17 chains to corner Of south
of hqmadright, thence ne. 38.36
along soutg line to se. corner
right, thence norte 78.82 chains
g east line of headright to point
ning. '
.W.t and awl of swl section 21; nI
Sn(iheadright 40 lying east of Monroe
Vteek; 84 of headright 40.
2.20 in headright 38 as follows: Be
gin at se. corner of section 8 and run
north to old line 26.77 chains; thence
mouth 724 degrees west 2.86 chains;
thence south 33 mnnutes east to point
' beginning.
B1 of lot 2 of section 31, township 1
South, Range 14 East, containing
20,26 acres.
S. WV. of swi of section 16,
township 1 south. Range 15 east.
Also one circular saw mill com
plete, consisting of wheel and edger,
arrrlage, live rolls, cut-off rig, nig
ger steam feed, log stop, and roiler
engiaes, tnree, and four boilers, tools
furniture, belting etc., All of which
Wes made and is now a part and par
get' of the land above described. both
Sby the terms of said lot and by use
ndestnast*o. Also all other shatt
,Oonnections, and machinery
wlilevPr situated upon
~~ .A
the said lands or used in connection PluniuW
with said mill, and also chl houses,f Richir
Barnes, and hinmrov ntea of every aio.
kind v tatsoveyr upon said premises. Racky I
Ii~i 3rd day of J1l. 1916. un
'ir- T. J. Simtnls, Sheriff. Stony I
By lncreased Enrollment and
)urt AttendaFnlc-SuperintiL. ebl
S ent D.eH. Stringc eld Makes:
to- Strong Plea For Washing
ton Parish.
b on I That leitherin te enrollment [
off nor the attendance of the chiildii ni A
net of school age in Washington 1'ino
24; ish is as much as it should be, ih
iwi, evidenced by the followinug repor t
and figures from Supt. String
prfield, and it, behooves teaceiirs
n oef and parents to look ito the mat a
rnerg ter and concentrate forces in get
norting better results in every school
wens in the parish, that the children of
Washingtoni parish nmay get all
et of Ithat they could possibly claim
ctioln from the public schools.
n r. Stringfield's letter is as' East:
etion follows:
lows: Frankminton. La., Feb. 4.- l
the To School Board Members, Th us
rid 13 tees. Principals and Others:
tning, For the month beginning
east Oct. 25, 1915, and ending Nov.
hob on 19, 1915, during which tioe all of'!
State othe white schools of Washington
inung Nrish were in session except the
8; nel Cooper and South West School,
w4 of the total enrollment wz s 4,12.1 and M
being othe average attendance was 3,
northwi368,5 The total teachers' sal
ariee for this month was 6, 3i .23.
on 21; The number of white children of
corner school age as shown oy the last
s west enumeration is 5,123. From the
,egress above we figure that the tuitionl
thains I per month per child based on the
piaal-s number of educable children
thence would be i 1.21; based on the en
chains nrollmmet, it would be $1.51; and
41.4e based on the average attend
rner an it would be st hs ao
houde e The enrollment for this nonth
t opi80 par cent of the total number
Also of educable` chi; ipen, and the
41 orl average atyeoduce is 81 per
cent of the total enrhulicnt. But
ngalof the ntn aihbyscr
fothesthe average anolen'3andc t i only
e ti n the
llowV1ii'g 65 pe cent of the total numnber ofi
*e edual hiitnth aih
boeping Grentn efothai the nmbter ofse
Rngerteaherin 15 sbfenttto givrae itnd
etion 4: trcetionstal the educc scbles
In he childreno in wl f the Prhwenarell
r ft1o atendaet35c.t n a~dl
setun Thl enta average attendance dur
rhnce of c i cholgo the ree month i bv
besot savedl frhe Publc Schol of
follorsnalrgrerrol 1e3i andbetera
wechist yorharyc- prt on an
notAurioga..better.... avrg atn
to tpont 8:aneik them..public... schcol . 1
inhed Belo... you...ill. fin the enroll
rnn1 swi wentaludavs a ge., attendance16 for 0
tMnoe eachguschools for..thismonth .0
I Adan's Coree.......... 40 3'.;1
>w . orer Branic............... 315 by;.
An urorait ............. 4 (2 1.3
t; point lc haran...ree.... .... 3 32 8.10
'Beans Flls .............. 3 29 050 -
on2;nGogman.u.a.......... 15 101745 0
Monroep BoguckeyLo ....Cr...... 4 1 1 113.00
onta Be- Hen'scaord.........4.. 63 34.951
Bsaneh.............. IS . 9.9
i; thnc B6 Jh Smith..............29 104.
cans; cm Leem's Creek...... 01.. 68 96.
tpont edg r, t.Pinkt.............. 39 3316.00~
r Corgmht.Eal.............. j 7243.34
)wdnroipe 41. Hlekc............1.311 112A.3
oentonlts Huricne...Des......... 4341.5~
ofwichabel.....oa...... .. 9 51 2.8
t taon 16,- Johnro' Smih........ 29 241.95
east. Kot ight Brane..h....... 2 10 5.85
nd b sedr, t Point..............72 DB 8.0
md hat Poier Ridi. er m........ 15 10 l3.37
Idcbynuse Pine......5......... 982 8~.75
umachner Pn Rindge .... ... 2 3 18.25
plummuner-Tinight. . 23 21.2
Itic1imol~ln BI'anch.. . 2
7 s 5V 11:)
j ) . ..c k i i. . . . . . . . . . . .
' Hl . . .2a . liii] 1l I ; 145. 4_'
'Sto yV P'oint.. . . 1 4
\ ainad...... ............ :)011I+
lil l'Ilill ) ... iI· ··. 1 . 5 2.11
a'ill'1'l'l'll~n .. . ........ i-ru-to11 n L
1'ThIll l . .. . . . . 11) )3.')"
YoU's Vk'I'ý truly,
SI) 11. ýtrjngtd, upt .
N otic - I lll! 11)Ilý'117; 1)1'
3 l yd ll
_ Tom \'n111111'rl.
Are You a Woman II
a e
The Woman's Tonic
11 M. MARX Columbia St.
S For Everybody
- The Best At
1- Lowest Prices
. Dry Goods, Shoes:
e A clean stock of ready-to
er w(iar for eve'ry member' of
ut the family.
o Building Material
of I tyou cultI O }plate erect -
ing a building of any kin:;
doe or. making repairis, you . ill
find it to your intere,' to
te investigate the stcol;, qual
t- ity and service that this
l- store renders.
es Sash, Doors, Tran
20 sonms, Brick, Lime,
ir- Cement, Oils; Paints
ve Roofing, Glass, Etc.
e Furniture:
an The most complete stock
of to sect from at lowest
g I~iii c;.
ot' Farm Implements:
Jnd A full line always on hand
it, Agents for the famous
rdl- John Deer Plows.
for Elctrie & l'luimbii. Sup
plic s, lirw Ie ". m pt
At- attention to mal oirders.,
u. We have it, will get it or
1 it is not made.
Sheriff -Sae.No.2734.
First State Ban 3
Vs, r
' f
Sol Dacus
Notice is hereby given that by virtue 1
of a writ of seizure a11i sa:Ie issued out
of the t2ith Jutdieial I)st ricet ourt r t :
Lonislana, ;in and for Washington,"
Parish, in the above entitled cause,
and to me directed. I will proceed to
sell at public auction to the last and
highest bidder, opn
Saturday, Fety. 26, 11o.
at the principal front door of the court
house at Franklinton, La, between
legal sale hours for judicial sales, the
following described property to-wit.
All that certain portion of lot 17 ii
block 14 facing Florance Avenue, and
described as follows, to-wit:- Starting
at South-east corer of lot 17, block 14,
thence in a norti cly direction on
East line of said lot 10) fees:- Thence
in a Westerly direction oin North lune
of said lot 363 feet: Thenice in a
Southerly direction on West line of
e IeeeeeeiQeIee9ee...,....e, Ifl
*,S Saved Girl's Life I
"I want to tell you what wonderful benefit I have re
ceived from the use of ,Theiford's Black-Draught," writes
Mrs. Sylvania WVoods, of Cilto MAiills, Ky.
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liver and stomach troubles. I firmly believe Black-Draught
saved my little girl's life. When she had the measles,
they went in on her, but one good dose of Thedford's
Black-Draught made thetn break out, and she has had no
S more trouble. I shall never be without
i U
in my home." For constipation, indigestion, headache, dizzi- 0
ness, malaria, chills and fever, biliousness, and all similar
Sailments, Thedford's Black-Draught has proved itself a safe, *
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Special accommodations for ladies. Personal instruction.
No misrepresentatiqf to secure patronage. Graduates in general demand
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Eague Chitto Stock Farm*
Isabel, La.
* In order to encourage the live stock indus
try in this section of the country
We have in service registered Jack, Percheron
Stallion, registered Herford Bulls, and registered
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SA limited number of Duroc-Jersey pigs, boars and *
f gilts. Th we pigs are descendants of the GREAT
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* For information address:
fffffff ffffffffffff***f**
said lot 20 feet: Thence in an East
erly direction parallel with North line
317,8 feet: Thence in an easterly di
rection on South linl of said lot 11 -2
feet to the point of beginning as per
plat of lands of East I'ierce addition
to logalusa, Louisiana, headright ;)o.
39: township) 3 sout h, raigo 1::. iBL.
St. Ilelena Mlerilian, together F ithi all
the improvements thereon or in any
wise 1 elonging thereto. The above
property ccrluir-d by Sol Ducas from
L. A. Pierce as per dleed recorded
Sept. 4th, 1912, Col veyance Book 20,
Folio 93.
Terms of sale: Cash with benefit
of appraisement.
This 20th of day Jan. 19116.
T. J. Simmons. SheritT.
Japan's Handicap Last Year.
Japan is such a mountainous coun
try that it has to resort to intensive
cultivation in order to raise enough
rice. Last year it iaed fertilizers to
the value of more than $104,000,000,
You people who till the
soil or otherwise, you that
need repair work of any
wagon, buggy and wheel
work of any kind, prompt
i ly done and in workman
like ma"ner, cash prices,
t reasonable, satisfaction
guaranteed. I want your
work and will treat you
right. Try mc, am located
at the old Felber Stand.
SH. M. Fleming
Iorseshoeing a specidaty
Potiatoes A1e to I' XoptIi
i~r r
Ftb lii n; ta !I g }' ! t St 'I i a
11)1 1 Ilid s i 11
ll l ('iii St ';ici !'t:,:1 f rla' ~1'
In t tI F' ;) i1 , to
loells a1 la nd ntl
enco i'l.an d I 1 I..
the three ((crp is iS ?
I good returns. 'hi '"I WI" is
"W:ashiinui)t1, Tian. .1 - i
ually small stocksc olf pot(ttatu t,
mlainedi Iilt Ilthends, if r
in tht' 1'i1) Pt ant pr I "a.I
states .Jiiu I' 1, 1 m a i, i tr \d VII º
Iunusually I;.ir ,) 'ttic.s a o Ir
Sago, itgi r in 1A pi )i ti ti -
Sniiht h' tlilt .Vcudlttlrald 1)
partmn t 'iw .j:ii. 1 iticks in
1; N\orth-e'rn iut which pte liir ol
ced 16 1)1'1 1"'il 1)! thet t'ropi 1V(!'(
l100,:)1;.000li t, l,, l" 'i7 1 r etnt
s leI ir tti I Ii Pt ijar-, 1 1)
p)'r in'iit isil tliii 11i t yeatis
A Year a !(, I sali a depa.rte
enet stateinte, 'Itck Were
unusually uage, and Southern
growers who c mnpo-te a~ tile
spring mo0tlis with stock car
Stied over in the Nurther, states
fwere warned t expecti thi l1\
"prices that urevaibl last spriing.
* The figures indit to that Sutiit
f i en groer 0 C 'eti nt fea' a i)ii I
densome compiietitio i AI Nor
,hern stock; th!;: tiprin;.'
New Orleans Great Northern
fDaily Service
Franklintonf, La.
f New Orleans. La
Jackson, Miss.
f Columbia, Miss.
4 Tylertown, Miss.
Folsom, La.
Reduced Roundi Trip Week-en I
ca T- I ts + Sale.
~nt5 North-Bound. South-Boiid
NO. 32-1(1:20 a. mn. No.31-2:35 p. mn.
and No. 84-7.34 p. m. No. 33-5::36 a. mn
No. 38-9:24 p. m. No. 37-6.11 a.mn
No. ;36-11:09 a. mn. No.35*4:40 p. mn
For further information, iipplV
to Tpicket Agent,
Ml .j. McMahor. . 3. P. A.
G. B. AUnURTIm, A.G.P.A.,
905 Whitney-Central Bldg.
New Olrans La:
New Orleans
New Orleans
Great Northern
SUNDAY EXCJ IO;10.. e.-n r
. mudav We-k
,u aa' \Ve·t k
Front F End
T l t I, i It' I $·(1 1.2:3
.ý a;l'lllc'l (1,tl .. . ....... ,., 3. 8
( lifti;, t ..... .... ... .. i L 67
Frank!.lintont..... ..... 51+ 3.
Z: ºtt.t ........... . .. .. 3.11
. . · :.~) I'S
Iio . . ....... ..... i.'3:, "'.5
WPrPik itiI fatcs rIU t above points
to Ne' ()rle;In ; and return, going
aturrlay or Sotunday returning Mon
nor further part iculars call on agents
write- Ml. J. M1(Ka1hon, G. P. A.,
New Orleanp.
Dr. O. D Varnado
Over S. Ii. Burris Building
Your patronage will be
"Franklinton, - ; Louisiana,

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