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ýIJe tra=3leabet.
Mrs. J. VOL BROCK, Editor.
'nocered as second class matter April 5, 1910
yt the postomce at Franidinton, La., under
the Act of Congress of March 3. 1879.
Ad ertisin1g Rates on Application
.Address all Communications to
The Era-Leader, Franklinton, La.
One Year...........$1.50 in advance.
Six Months ................75 Cents.
Four Months ............50 Cents.
Single Copies ................ 5 Cents.
franklinton, La., Feb. 26, 1920.
Cardinal Gibbons Asks Aid
For Starving Armenians
This is the
message from
James (('rdi
n a 1) Gi(lions
read at the
big meeting in
Washington in
aid of the
Near East Re
lief. The ven
erable primate
of the Catholic
Church in
America is in
tensely inter
(® International.) ested in the
ardinal Gibbons, appeal which
S - the Near East
lef will make to the country ln
brury for funds to support its
work among the starving peoples of
that stricken land. To the Wash
angton meeting he wrote:
"Advices and information coming
from the Near East cannot be doubt
ed. There is great actual suffering
and famine. These people, recently
become independent and rele-1,d
from bitter thraldom, cannot sup
port themselves. And the Christian
and common instincts of humanity
which have prompted the people of
the United States during the last
two years to relieve the distress
and needs, especially of the Near
East, must not be allowed to grow
'old and be diminished.
"I hope we shall all unite in this
resent emergency and be able to
liect sufficient funds to enable
ese peoples to live and work until
t summer brings them perma
at relief and subsistence. I call
n all to respond gnerously to
e appeal now being made and
st that the committee will be
tified with the results."
Cleveland H. Dodge Shows What
Near East Relief Can Do in
Efficient Purchasing.
Buying in wholesale lots and under
the most favorable market conditions,
ear East Relief of 1 Madison avenue,
{1 w York city, with representatives in
ery state of the Union, has been able
to baffle the high cost of living so far
V as relief supplies for the suffering mil.
lions of the Near East are concerned.
Cleveland H. Dodge, treasurer, in a
statement shows that the committee is
able to provide food for the suffering
people of the Near East at prices much
lower than the average charge here.
A donation of $5 per month will pro.
vide food for one orphan, $10 pet
month provides not only food, but also
clothes and shelter for one orphan.
Sand for $15 per month attendance at
school is assured to each orphan in ad.
Sdition to food, clothing and shelter.
In the appeal for funds to save the
starving remnants of the Armeniant
and other western Asia peoples, Neat
East Relief is inviting the American
public to "adopt" an orphan at the
rates given here. Over 250,000 home
less children are in need of help in the
'Near East. Women's organizations,
lodges, churches and social clubs are
'responding to the appeal by adopting
Squotas of orphans for support over a
: defnite period.
Town taxes for year 1919 have
ben delinquent since January
at Pay now before any more
terest charges accumulate.
Also annual street tax, $8.00
Sdue and will become delin
ent Marceb 1st.
J. Adolph Pierce,
-' City Clerk and Treasurer.
eryoe is interested in an
of local news. If .you know
y local happening that is
etally known, commuani
~i~. Q ttW. QRA
l [I h
-c~~ $Ii ;. '
ý..'c, /i ;. Eo
Chicago, I
Sfor ts organization against Capitalism.
' The older unionism was based on the craft divisions of small industry,
-dayeproduced by permission actuallew York Tribune, Copyright, 191merging
Revolutionary Pamphlet, Found in U. S. Department of
Justice Investigations t th, Gives Message of Com
munists in Chicago to Russian Headquarters.
Extracts from Manof power, by meesto and Program-Con. Mass acttitutioion n-Report tonen
the Communist international" by the Communist Party of America,
Commutrates andism does not propose to'capture' the borgeoise d arlind amentarzed
state but to conquer and destroy It. As long as the bourgeoise state prevails,zations
the capitalist class can baffle the will of the proletariat l
In those countries in which historical development has furnished the
spportunity, the working class has utilized the regime of political democracy i
for its organization against Capitalism.ess of revolution and the revolution
The older unionism was based on the craft divisions of small industry. r
The unions consisted primarily of skilled workers whose skill is itself a form I
of property. The unions were not organs of the militant class struggle. To.
day the dominant unionism Is actually a bulwar of Capitalism merging to the con
Imperialism and accepting State Capitalism.
the proletarian revolution comes at the moment of crisis in Capitalism,
of a collapse of the old order. Under the impulse of tie crisis, the proletariat
acts for the conquest of power, by means of mass action. Maexpress action concenm
trates and mobilizes the forces of the proletariat, organized and revolutnorganizeonary;
it acts eqnally against the bourgeois state and the cs.servative organizations
of the working class. Strikes of protest develop into general political st brikes t
and the workers a consclutiousnary mass aof their oppressi onquest of the mpowerssibility of ithe
staproving their conditions under capolitical in purpose whism. ThleCommunist Party directs then
form; this struggle, culminating in the mass ac process of revolution anof the revolution itself in operation.
The Communist Party shall make the conscious expreat ssion of the class struggle of the
the workering class ts majorgainst campaigns, in orderaim is to direvelop an understandingruggle to the conf
quthe strike ofn relatincal power, the overthrow of capitalism and the destruction o.
the(a) The communist Party shall particpate in mass strikes, not only te.
achieve Cothe immunediate Party purposares of the strike, but to develop the revolution in the measure
t it dempelops a program ica immediate actions of, expressng the mass stgrike.
gle(b) Mass of the proletarikates are vital factors musin th be insprocess out of which revolutionaryops
the workers' understanding and purposes.tion for the conquest of power.
The Communist Party ikes under condameitions of concentrated capitalism there sto
talent the tendworkers a consciousness ofncy toward the general mappress strikeon, which takes on a possibility of ical
proving these general masconditions stunder capitalism the Communist Party shall emphasizets the
workerusually discharged by the capitalismts and the velopinstitg fuller formtions of capitalism. Thin
thisand astggressive, culminpreparing inthe workers for the complete ass aumption of industhe revolution.
SThe Communist Party shall make the great olndustrial struggles of the
S(a) Every loal and district organization of to the overthrow of capitalism.he Party shall establish
e contact wieve th immendustriate purposenitsof the striketory, but to develop the revolutionar
direct implicts agitations of the mass strikengly.
S(b) MaShop Committees strikhsr vitall be factors ganized whe prever possible out of which developsu.
Sthose of Commrkers' underst agitation in a partion culafor the conquestry by the workersr.
1(c) employed there. Thrikes under conditions of concentrated with each other and wistl
talent the Communist Party, so thatrd the general mass strike; which takes ontact wpoiticah the
wcharater and manobiizests them for action against capiar proletalism.an dcttorshp.
SIn these general mass strikes the Communist Party must engage actively in the struggll emphasize theo revolution
hi neessity of maintaimuningst Party propagandiz the takindustg over of social unionism and industrial
Unionismsually dischargeds not simply the apitalists anfor the ineveryday stitruggle against capitalism. Th;
l andts ultimatessie, purpose s reparvolutionary, mpying the norkers for the complete assumptionty of endusing the
Scapitrialist parlocia cmentary state. Industrial Unionism ol.s a factor n the final
n(a) Evestrial admind district orgnation of the Communist Commonwealth.all estblish
(a contact with industrial Communist Party recogniestory, thte shops. mills and mreactionar
and a bulwark of capagitation accordinglyism.
(b) Shop Councis qf workerttees shall be organized in therever possible for the purs
allow, for the purpose of carrygtation ing on the industrial union dustruggle inby the workersld
nf employed therein a These committees shall be united with each other and with
(a the Commun) It shall be a major task of the Communist Party sll have acto agicontate forwith the
e construction of a general indrty mustrial union organization, eracing the L W. Wuton
eW. L L. t.e inde pendent and secessions against the unionism of the American Federation. F. of
IsL, and the union organization, emphasizing their revolbasis of the revoutionary classimplications Indstrial
SUnionlsm is not simply a means for the everyday struggle against capitalism;
lt ultimate Communrpose ist Party shall eniquramplying the necessity of the workers ndin the
cahops seeking to realize workers' condustroial Unionism is a factor ing the irnal
limitass actions under th conqueapitalism; conretelywer, any mill ovement analogous tote the basis for tip
indbureaucracy) should be related to the Communist Commonwealth.
(a)costitute the bulk of the working class The Comnmunist Party shall directlyrecognizes that the F of L. is reactoary
and systllomatwl for the pagitatrpose of carryiamong on ther awkn them to industrial union struggle in te old
W.I. L U., independent and secession unions, mli tant unions of the A '- of
•lraotno 0~ .slo .·'-·Ir·r· ·r· lllLC·(·TjII '-·
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Love Bros., Inc.
W Phone 47. Franklinton, La.
Interchurch World Movement Holds Great Gathering in Atlanta
The First Part Of March.
All evangelical ministers of tl1is
county have been invited to join pas
tors of all the Protestant churches of
Louisiana in a monster conference
which is to be held in New Orleans
March 15-17. This is the first time in
the history of the Christian churches
of the state that such a gathei'ng has
been held and great good to the
churches is expected to result from the
meeting together of denominational
leaders from all the various churches.
The conference will be in session
for three days, during this time every
available moment being taken up with
intensive consideration of church
problems, both as they affect Georgia
and the entire Christian field through
out the world. It will mnet at 2 o'clock
of the first day, and remain in session
with conferences morning, afternoon
and evening, until the late afternoon
of the third day.
One of the most vital matters which
will be brought up for consideration
will be the results of the religious sur
vey of the state, which will be present
ed through the medium of graphic
charts, maps and picture slides. Al
though the. survey will not be complet
ed at that time, there will be a large
number of the counties of the state
ready for exhibition, and these will
form the basis of consideration.
The results of the surveys are said
to be very startling in their revelation
of church weakness thrpugliout rural
districts, and they will show many op
portunities for concentrated action on
the part of the churches in this state.
The Interchurch World Movement, in
making its surveys, simply discover!
the facts which exist, and then refers
the findings to the churches of each
county and state for whatever action
is deemed necessary by the churches.
Present at the meeting will be some
of the great Christian leaders of the
South and of the nation. Some of the
strongest men in the southern
churches will be in attendande as
speakers. There will also be one or
more of the directing heads of the
Interchurch World Movement among
the speakers to speak with authority
on Whatever features of the movement
The conference will open with a
fifteen-minute devotional exercise at 2
c,'& ocok of the first day. This will be
may be investigated by the ministers
followed by an address on the pur'
poses and scope of the Interchurch
World Movement. The remainder of
the afternoon will then be devoted to
the foreign survey, during which. the
actual facts as they now exist in the
missionary fields of the world will be
placed before the delegates. The eve
ning session will be devoted to the
home survey, both in this state and in
the rest of America.
The second days' session will open
at 9 o'clock in the morning with a de
votional exercise. The proceedings of
the day will be divided into intervals
of fifteen and forty-five minutes for
the consideration of many important
subjects. First will come discussions
of religious education, then hq~pitals
and homes and industrial relkons.
Fifteen minutes will be given to the
literature of the movement and also
a financial exhibit of the movement's
affairs. American education will be
allotted a prominent plate.
In the afternoon, the subjects will
include evangelism, the field program,
financial organization and the educa
tional group. The evening will be de
voted to a general discussion of the
need for such a co-operative movement
as the Interchurch among the Protest
ant forces of America, especially in
their, relation to home affairs and
world conditions.
The final day will deal with organ
ization and the findings of the various
committees which will have been ap
pointed for investigation during thd
course of the conference.
One of the most important proceed
ings of the meetiag will be the smaller
conferences of ministers from each
denomination during the course of the
main conference. There will be time
provided for such meetings in order
that the denominations may determine
upon denominational policies and uni
form campaigns covering the entire
state, and may take such action re
garding co-operating with other de
nominational bodies as may seem ad
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Bogalusa, Louisiana.
M. MARX, Prop'r.
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